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  1. Hello old lover, how you've been?

    1. Brain


      There is no old lover, once a lover, always a lover. Also good, yourself?

    2. Ruroki


      Hahahaha damn son.. that was.. smooth xD I shoudnt have expected any less tbh haha!

      Aight cool ^^ And yeah I've been doing good too! Just very busy and stressed lately, started a new education so I've been back at the school bench for past few months.. Though it's coming to an end.. Finally haha. So whats been goin' on with you? :3

  2. ORP Reset Announcement!

    Minor things have never required the use of an ability slot. It's when people wanted free attacks or to create other weapons etc, that it become needed to use a slot to make it possible. Normally you can have whatever minor things you want (within reason), so long as it's in the app so it is known to mods at least. It's when free attacks come up that it becomes iffy and probably need a slot, such as firing a lightning bolt from a lightning themed power. It may not have special properties but a free attack it remains, even then, if allowed it wouldn't/shouldn't carry the full effect of ones reiryoku stat, it would be weaker than it. As for creating a sword and shield from blood, that going by all past mentions whether in passing or actual ability, would need 1 slot, as Rash said in his original mention of it. Both aspects in 1, just depends on the mod doing it, whether it would be limited to 1 at a time or not. As for this, we have been allowed to do this. Hell, I used it to make my own things now and then in the past. At some point, it was removed, whether during a reset by mistake or before we were mods and noticed. Either way, it did use to be a thing. Just had to have it listed either in your app(Via update) or in your character page with a link to you learning after a mod had approved it. Like I said, I've done it in the past, perhaps it is time to bring it back.
  3. Why'd You Say/do That

    I stand by my words
  4. Your application to be a Shiba is denied, fuck outa my family, bitch tits.
  5. A Stand, In Other Words...

    Honestly, so much happened and I completely forgot bout this thread. That's my bad, sorry for holding you up, so even though it's late as shit, I don't care bout our fight fading now. If I ever get back into it, then I would like our rematch. Until then, I'll be waiting and trying to rebuild my motivation. Maybe bring back my old as fuck Quincy that I been neglecting. Insert IC shit. blahblah Anson left. I'm outta here, now to turn Div0 into Doge heaven.
  6. Post Funny Shit

  7. Post Funny Shit

  8. Post Funny Shit

    The true reason why Batman was able to block Supermans punch in the BvS trailer
  9. Post Funny Shit

    Liar, this is you, you slut
  10. Although it should be obvious, I'm gonna go out and say it now. There is no Duality retention for the reset, nothing carries over unlike some other past resets we've had over the years where certain things were "grandfathered" in. Also, everyone is given 4 chances to pass any roll they have for only this initial character. So when posting your app, make sure to specify how many you want used on the initial duailty roll, if you are a race that has multiple tests. Otherwise it will be assumed you want all 4 used.

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      Shiba Isshin

      Retention = $100.. make that donation NOW!

    3. Mr. Neppington

      Mr. Neppington

      The one that donates the most also get to start out as a captain or espada. True story. Better spend all your money here. 

  11. Happy birthday dude


    1. Draka


      *Silently stares at gif for a bit* ... Thanks

    2. Mr. Neppington

      Mr. Neppington

      I've been just staring at that gif for at least 5 min now, such a magnificent gif. I lack the words to describe it. And yeah happy birthday Draka.

  12. A Stand, In Other Words...

    A quick maneuver had saved the mans life as he used the old trick of speed the Quincy liked to employ. The impact of their blades causing a shockwave to ring out around them both, Anson's mind already racing ahead for scenarios to use. The saber vanishing as orbs in the surrounding area began to vanish at a heightened rate, Anson quickly twisted his zanpapkuto around so the blade was now pointing downwards as at the same time he drove it downwards. He had done this in the time his opponent removed his own weapon and absorbed the orbs as a new weapon formed. With a spear he would still need to get close to even use it effectively. With his own sword now quickly descending and his opponent having rushed him, his zanpakuto would now be aimed at the mans back. Anson's body now acted on instinct as his damaged left hand reached out as he saw the first hints of the old Quincy propelling technique. His hand gripping the tip of the spear as he used his own speed propellant to move his body out of the way at the same time. As he gripped the tip, his ability instantly kicked in as it used his own reiryoku and all the power within the spear to explode outwards along the length of the weapon. The ability kicked a great portion of the explosive power away from himself but he would still have some effects that he could not foresee at the moment. The eruption blowing outwards mostly away from himself as portions of the blast fired to the left and right of the two men destroying all orbs in the vicinity as other portions of the blast blew towards the Quincy himself as it ran down the length of the spear near instantaneously. Anson himself had his already damaged hand further damaged from the explosion, his sleeve burnt away leaving his left arm red from the heat with burn marks along its length. His opponent would surely take the brunt of the damage but there were no guarantees in fights like these, so he would need to wait to see the results. Using shunpo to reach the snowy ground below, some snow lifting up around him as he landed. His reiryoku seeping out around his feet just in case he needed to use it. OOC: Used my butterfly power, you already know what it does. I'm sick and tired, so this is what I got for now since honestly, I can't properly focus on it; but I kept you waiting long enough already. Any questions then you know how to reach me. Feet thing will be shown if it comes to it.