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    Faction-Cell 1 Cell-Commander
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    In the hearts and souls of my friends~ ^_^
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    Lesbians >w<
    J-pop and Anime Music
    Xbox and video games.
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    Name: teny
    Gender: Male
    Race: Vaizard
    Division: Faction-Cell 1
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  1. O_O ow? xD it is the power of wisdom, it does not hurt >>

  2. *does da macarana, chicken dance nd a solo salsa then hands over a dozen baby carrots* do u believe dat we(ppl) can turn orange by eatin da same thing for awhile? *pats ur head wit pwer of wisdom*

  3. Happy belated Birthday as well ;D

  4. Happy belated Bday! xD

  5. Waitwaitwait did you join the AF or is that status fee something else :P

  6. It's Glitching for me as well. it says we are boy Cell-Commanders >w<

  7. Heyyyy is the Vaizard commander position glitching on you too or you just giving it to hellholow?

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