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  1. banned for not expecting the unexpected
  2. school lectures for 5 hours + work= hysteria >xD jk...alittle ~_~"

  3. banned for havin a harem pic
  4. granted, every time you play something, regardless of what it is, it will be a draw. Like flippin a coin, it will land vertically upwards, which in some folklore is a very bad sign for something xD. So its never too bad or too good. I wish captain planet was real!
  5. Aeon Sumeragi


    lolz, hmmm, sorry for bein lae but congrads!!! *hands over a 3 layer cake wit all the sweet things ya like* WOOT!!
  6. no, I can't!!! if we do the veggie rangers will no longer be!!! xD dat is why it is a not meant to be. Sides, its awesome to rage!!!! >xD BWAHAHAHAH *calls on a Super pony zord and blasts aliens in space* so hows da search for one piece(gold) goin?

  7. =D I don't know anymore!!! hmmm, I think school has made me gone mad, I'm jus confuzzled don't mind me xD

  8. lolz, 22 answer for da ridd. and I"m sorry bout your dog. I"m sure the aliens weakness are veggies, since they always go for da meats!!! *preps a pea gatling gun* no worries da veggie rangers will surely exact vengeance for your pet!!

  9. lolz your pic reminds me of D.N angel for some reason, side from dat its cool. HALO btw, just poppin around don't mind me

  10. O_O wasn't your name in a darker shade of blue? xD lolz dcan't remember anymore....must be old age xD

  11. riddle, what do you get when you put 2 and 2 together?

  12. ah, I se I se cool cool, lolz. same, well sorta but am starting internship by mon. am glad I finished skool xD hopefully yours goes well too's

  13. sapiential (providing wisdom which I do all da time ~_~)
  14. slurpees!!! (There are gas stations with the same name xD)
  15. Banned for copy writing those words xD
  16. Granted, but comes true inside your dreams xD I wish people started goin green (recycling) all around the entire world!~!
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