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    Under where? xD
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    i like anime!! ones like det note, code geass, etc. Ice cream....tea....sweets.......just relaxing, I'm just into simple things n.n and reading manga now
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    Race: Hollow Θ
    Class: Stubborn
    Reiatsu: 47,000
    Hit Points: 37,600
    Power: 3,995
    Speed: 30,550
    Stamina: 37,600

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  1. Happy birthdayyyy!!! :3 *hugs*

  2. banned for not expecting the unexpected
  3. school lectures for 5 hours + work= hysteria >xD jk...alittle ~_~"

  4. banned for havin a harem pic
  5. granted, every time you play something, regardless of what it is, it will be a draw. Like flippin a coin, it will land vertically upwards, which in some folklore is a very bad sign for something xD. So its never too bad or too good. I wish captain planet was real!
  6. Aeon Sumeragi


    lolz, hmmm, sorry for bein lae but congrads!!! *hands over a 3 layer cake wit all the sweet things ya like* WOOT!!
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