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  1. If Fantasy LCS is here for Summer Split, im down to run a fantasy setup with a few people.
  2. Vesrin


    TBH, I'll probably disappear again, but for now im playing the game, so here's the status of today's raid. A new one is already scheduled so join up or whatever. USAnarchist did 7489893112895 damage. The group of hollow have -7484893112895 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. USAnarchist has 118920900572060 left. grimichi did 1132467866629900 damage. The group of hollow have -1.1399527597428E+15 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. grimichi has 20667538920096000 left. Congratulations, your group defeated the Hollows!
  3. Happy Birthday EM, It's been awhile hasn't it?

  4. Vesrin

    Naruto Rp

    Hey, does anyone know a good Naruto RP website? I've found a couple, but they were small scale and the admins/mods weren't active at all. Does anyone know of a good sized Naruto RP site?
  5. Vesrin

    Squad 5 Bio's

    Name: Arashi Moonscar Appearance: Personality: Arashi was once a warm, kind, and loving person who was open to all. However, when he returned to the Soul Society after his disappearance, he had become a cold, and ruthless person. Caring for no one but himself and those close to him, who were few and far between. Bio: Long time Captain of the 5th Division, Arashi is on of the eldest Shinigami within the soul society. Having worked his way through the ranks of the 9th Division, with the previous Captain Commander, Emmell, as his mentor, he learned quickly. Arashi became the Captain of the 5th division a few years after his promotion to Lieutenant. About a Year ago, he dissapeared with no warning, only to return a new person. The only thing the same was his spiritual pressure, which was denser, and felt far more sinister. His now crystal blue eyes mirrored the unspeakable tragedy he had witnessed in his hiatus. Shikai: -Yet to reveal new Shikai- Bankai: -Yet to reveal new Bankai- Fun Fact: Arashi like Bacon. Likes: Fighting Dislikes: Sappy moments
  6. Vesrin

    Squad 5 Bio's

    OOC- XDDD No need to worry, My sister took the cat with her to college. No animals in my apartment now
  7. Vesrin

    Squad 5 Bio's

    OOC- Yo Yuro, aKeith, Long time no see. Do y'all mind if I join back to Squad 5? P.S. Sorry about dissapearing durin our last battle Yuro, my computer got fried when my cat decided it had to take a piss on my keyboard, and I've been out of a comp since.
  8. Happy birthday Koten!! :)

  9. Happy Birthday Dude. Cool we were born on the exact same day. I wonder who is older though.

  10. Vesrin

    Captaincy Battle

    OOC- You used the Explosion, I used a full power Sokatsui. Call it even?
  11. Vesrin

    Captaincy Battle

    Arashi grins as Yuro walks right into the center of his trap. Idiot. You never accomplished anything. You're revolutionary division lost that war. Arashi reaches his hand up, feigning fear of the sword, as he swiftly commands the shadows to travel up Yuro's body, wrapping around him and taking his movement away. Shadow Seal. Jumping back, He admires his handiwork. I warned you at the start of this, to not underestimate me. With your arrogance of a full frontal attack you stepped above the very cracks i had made seconds before. Cracks filled with darkness mere inches from your body. No one would have been fast enough to dodge it. Arashi's eyes narrowed as he rose his hand clearly preparing to use Kido Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws. HadÅ #33. SÅkatsui!
  12. Vesrin

    Captaincy Battle

    OOC- Yeah.... Hia Kayc
  13. Vesrin

    Captaincy Battle

    Arashi smiled dully, looking around the battlefield. Stepping out of the shadows, he stands observing the scene. You've blown trees apart, scattering their remains. You've set the remaining trees on fire. Interesting idea, but it won't be enough. Arashi began twirling his sword in a circular fashion over his head. So you see, These pieces of trees cast shadows. as do the flames you've set alight. Arashi was done goofing around. he had taken the time to observe Yuro's powers and had formed his plan. This battle was over. Scatter shadows over the brightened earth, Ryuu No Cage. The twirling sword changed shape slightly, extending and growing a wicked blade at one end, slamming the pummel off the scythe into the ground, several large cracks appeared sprawling across the clearing, providing more darkness. How do you think I managed to survive so long in the Wandenreich as a spy? Because those who became suspicious were found dead. Arashi spoke with a deadly tone to his voice You are stronger than me in outright combat, this I do not question. However, Tactically, you're outclassed. Arashi stood, awaiting for Yuro's response. Now that he had shadows to work with, his plan was coming into action. He awaited Yuro's attack, his stance leisure, as if he weren't paying attention.
  14. Vesrin

    Captaincy Battle

    I Chuckle softly Openings all around. Arashi flashsteps backwards, pulling himself into the edge of the Forrest. Something about not being in the forest? Arashi asks cockily, as he fades into the shadows, his voice echoing across the battlefield I warn you Yuro, I haven't absently sat on the sidelines for the past 9 years. Arashi, traveling through the shadows, materializes at the other side of the clearing, well hidden within the forest. Now Come, I'm not foolish enough to fight you outright, in the middle of your own power. While Arashi speaks he sends out a vicious looking spike, that flies through the air but shrivels into dust about 4 feet away from the floating man. OOC- I'm treating the 9 months i was gone as one year a piece, so thats what the 9 years is referring to
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