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    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    It had been almost a year after San had joined a squad,squad 7.He had rose up in the ranks quickly,reaching the 5th seat in his first year.His power an skills have grown quickly,an evolved into something he himself was surprised by.The young(really 30) shinigami had been on a few "outings" to the real world even one that led to the demise of his squads Vice Captain.Even with his new found powers an respect for missions,he was now sent on a real mission.A mission that had been haunting not just the soul society but also an mainly the world of the living.It was known as the Night Of The Wailing,as it had came to be known by.It was a night that seem to fail every year on the same day,the 31st of october.In the past couple of years many shinigami have been sent to investigate,for those years all were lost.The phenomenon ocurred on a cemetery ground.On the grounds a large mist would appear an extend over it,shrouding it from sight as well as reiatsu presence.Once those would enter they would never been seen or felt again,completely vanishing into the void.An with each year that passed that this abnormal mist appeared it grew,substanty.This would lead the Gotei 13 this year to form an produce a large force to encounter an hopefully find the cause of the phenomenon.After all it had claimed many lives,not just humans but soul reapers alike.It was thought to be caused by a powerful hollow,but after the years of no real information it was unclear,an really unknown.Not just was a large force this year assembled for the task but it was also head by the Kido Corps Commander.Along with the fact no limiters would be placed on any shinigami.Truly detailing how severe an troubling the situation was an could be.San was tasked as the 5th seat of his division,the 7th to be there responder to say the least,In reality San once reading the mission an knowing his power he voluntered for the job,would that become a bad choice only time would tell.This was the third Night Of The Wailing. THE NIGHT: It had come,the day.Five groups of four Shinigami had arrived to the cemetery.All had one from the fourth for healing,12th for investigation an analysis,fifth for kido,eleventh for skills in fighting an squad two member to lead the team.However San had replaced a fifth division member,due to the mans untiming sickness,As well as to represent his squad,Squad 7.They would all arrive an instantly be met by the sight of the cemetery.It was blocked off by red brick walls,you could see the age from time on them but still they stood firm.There was si picketed iron gates,that again showed the signs of time,but were still firm an intact.All gates were locked an sealed,but whined with the wind,scratching agianst one another.The cemetery was massive,it stretched as far as one could see with dips an hills,headstones an monuments in the thousands.Overgrown the trees had become in most area,some stayed upkept probably due to ones family members.Most were not an formed a sort of forest like picture,dreadful to say the least. As the sunset,the Night began,a mist appeared an formed out of no where instantly covering the grounds an overflowing the walls an gates into streets besides.The mist was so dense that instantly nothing could be seen,an no spiritual presence could be felt anymore.San was grouped with another team that would enter from the east.Upon entering it all sight was gone,unless in very close proximity of one another.Once inside the group of soul reapers could no loner sense or talk with anyone outside.Even there sense of spiritual presence of one another was thrown off.Instead it was as if the mist itslef was filled with theres an many other signatures,moving like wave in a storm,this way an that.It truly gave them a sense of unease,as well the feeling of being alone an lost.Even one of the group memebers tried to turn back almost instantly after entering,the feeling of fear taking him over.However the soul reaper was lost inside the dense mist never to be seen or felt again.One member was already lost an taken by the fog,San could only help but feel unease an slightly worried.It had been just minutes before a member was lost.Realising this San would not let his guard down nor continue unless close to one another.After all at this moment the sight an ability to sense reiatsu was gone.They could only rely on there minimal sight,an smell,most was touch but in such a wet damp area touch wouldnt help to warn an ready oneself.With every step an move the two groups neeeded to be on guard,an most of all not lost one another. No matter how far they traveled or in any direction the mist was still just as dense,an dreadful,producing an ominous reiatsu signature of hundreds including there own tangled together into one.It wouldnt take long before a real threat over came the two groups.It would appear as a single being,as first noticed by a squad 2 team leader.He raised his hand to stop the group,all instantly taking a defensive stand,drawing there zanpaktus from there sheaths,slowly,quietly.It was then a mere second later a form of a figure could be seen stepping out of the range of sight an into the vision of the group.Quickly to San it resembled a corpse,as it emerged from the fog.His eyes widened trying to make sure he was seeing right,after al the fog was dense as it ever was.It seeme to hone on the group as it took steps towards them limping,appearing to struggle as it walked.Before anyone could act or speak,it let out a roaring howl.Its mouth opening revealing how decayed it was,teeth mostly missing jaw bone showing threw patches of skin.With the roar,the group readied itself to engage the target,after all the shreik was not friendly nor one of pain or in need of help.The 11th member of the squad step forward first to enegae as he did,the attack begun.Instantly loud howling could be heard all around the group of living soul reapers,the howling echoing threw the fog.It had to be atleast a few dozen if not more,again sight was not on there side. In a moments noticed the first lonely one that appeared,step forward,its speed not matching the way it walked,instead it was impressive,insane.It closed the gap between itself an the squad 11 member before the soul reaper knew what happened,it tackeled the man to the ground.At which the dozens of reanimated corpses appeared witht he same speed attacking from every direction.Quickly the two groups were over run,an outnumbered.San had already known there was more to the mist then just a mist,he could feel his body be taxed,but what happened to the 11 division member confirmed it.As he was tackeled to the ground an three others joined pinning him down they all roared,with denser fog/mist pouring out there mouths onto the soul reaper,consuming his body from sight.What happened after the man was lifeless,an his body quickly fell into the invisibility that was the mist.With no end in sight an danger appearing constantly from every direction,San would not hesitate,after all he was here an luckily without a form of a limiter.After being attacked by his first zombie type creature,he would stumble back into a group of four more,while drawing his blade,instantly calling out its name."Yami No O(King Of Darkness)His sword would glow purple changing into its dual sided blade,with chainz that wrapped around his forearm an extra held in his right.He would begin to spin his sword above his head,quickly increasing the length as he cut down the corpses around him,swinging faster an faster.Still they were fast,extremly fast an many in nuber,the continued to hurl forwards,overwhelming San.San would begin to fall to the ground,more appearing around him.At this time his comrades were dealing with the same.Some not be able to release there weapons in time,some falling others standing there ground for now. As San fell being overwhelmed he dipped into his shadow,vanishing from sight,appearing out of anothers corpse cutting it down in three slashes.They were not that strong but there speed an number made this a very dangerous situation.He would begin to spin his sword again,this time a comrade released his sword.A wall of fire erupted around the group trapping them inside along with a dozen creatures,while causing the others not to enter momentairly.This would last long enough for the now four members out of two groups fight off an regained there composer.After so many seconds an howling with breath of the fog exiting there mouths,extingushed the wall of fire,leaving the group to be overwhelmed again."Move out Now!!"the last squad 2 leader called out to the four an so they began to retreat,however they were being chased to no end in sight.Quickly the horde picked off one an left just three,only time would show that there retreat was in vain.Turning back San looked to the horde an could feel his second zanpaktu calling out.Seeing no other way or better chance,San would reach behind his back an pull out his dagger zanpaktu that was horizontally strapped to his back."Shi No Joo"With those words his dagger would change into the same form as his first,a dual blade side sword with chains that wrapped around San forearms.Along with it,both would now have a line or purplish pink coloring that lined both sides of the sharp double sided blades."DECAY"San called out as he did a purplish fog extered from his now spinning swords,that he spun close to his body.The fog would spread out like a wave in every direction hitting an consuming the horde that closed in.The would continue there run but by the time they neared /san an the group of three,there already rotted flesh was worsened an began to fall apart,making them alot easier to kill."Good job San,but nows our chance,you two get out of here,ill hold them back.San shook his head no but the squad 2 leader insisted,knowing his duty as leader,he would bid them time by using his life.San couldnt argue anymore an nodded leaving the area with his last comrade.A second later a giant boom an wave of fire came pouring out catching up towards San an his fleeing comrade.The eruption of fire was much like a volcanic eruption,shooting threw the mist an illuminating everything closely for a mere second or two.This would exterminate the horde atleast those caught in the blast but mainly it did allow the two to escape. However upon the light of the explosion San saw something in the near distance a lrge hill.The two would make there way there,but again they would run into a horde,this time only San lived.After his comrade fell,he began to use his shadows to move threw the mist.However even in his shadows his movement was limited to small gaps an if not he would reemerge in an unknown area.But what was good was he could avoid anymore unwanted interactions for the most part.Luckily after so much time he had made his way luckily close to the hill.Which now he could see what somesort of place,as stairs led up it to what seemed to be a mistless area.It was strikingly different it seemed the mist would not enter the area,nor was distorted by any sort of reiatsu mixture signature.San would run with his full speed to the area which now appeared once close enough a shrine was placed atop of the hill.San felt a feeling of thankfulness he needed a safe haven,atleast for now.As he reached the stairs an exited the fog,he sheathed his weapons anhe moved up the stairs.He looked back for a second hearing the howling an wailing of thousands of mist beings closing in on the position. THE SHRINE: On top the hill was the shrine was a few builidngs,which San didnt really pay any real attention to.After all he had survived,barely,while watching many comrades fall or go missing.He was happy to be alive but felt unassured of his next action.Until he could sense again,he felt others on top the hill,others survived?He thought as he continued to walk up.The mist was still present but not at all as dense or taxing.San would walk over the last stair to meet the sight of a few others,even a group who just walked into the mist willingly,what reason was unknown to San as he just arrived.He even saw a man at a open door welcoming those into the Shrine hall,which to San seemed to untrusting an off,after what just befell upon the groups that entered. San was a 5'9 shinigami thin in build but very toned muscles.He wore a custom sleeveless top,with a hood that covered most of his face,the rest looked like a normal shinigami outfit.He had one zanpaktu on his right hip,while his dagger like Zan strapped horizontally behind his back.His skin was the only thing that truly stood out,it was purple having being succumbed to his Zanpaktus powers his skin toned changed to a off purple,with black veins.His eyes were pink,an would shine in almost any light.He would nod to the group he did not know an continue to his comrades the Shinigami.He was quickly met by the ex Omni Commander,he would slightly bow "Sir,San Salvatore,5th seat of squad 7.last of my group"an continue inside the building where he could feel the Kido corps Commander.He wouldnt really speak to the man at the door besides state his last name"Salvatore" at this point San was on edge about anyone he knew not about.Inside the hall was differetn groups of people an shinigami,all scattered or alone.However he was hear to talk an join the last known superior of the mission.Upon walking up he over heard the Captains final words an like any real soul reaper,he would not go out without a fight."Sir 5th seat of the seventh division,San Salvatore will stand by your side." San called out drawing his znpaktu from its sheath an it sparkled with purple reiatsu while the sharp side of the blade shined with pinkish purple.San wanted to explain his encounter an happenings inside the mist however he knew it wasn’t the time but he would inform the leader so to speak of the mission(for the shinigami) how he was the last one of the two squads alive or not lost in the mist.This would be seen somewhat in the San obvious battered an scared outfit an body,clearly he went threw a struggle inside the mist an his appearance alone would give somewhat insight into the two groups San had accompanied fates.He had finally arrived his body already could feel the taxation leave his body an he could also feel somewhat not aloneEven if this was the first time he truly met the Kido Commander or the former Commander of the Omni . WC:2,465
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    Sans Time At The Academy

    :THE CONCLUSION: The bolts of electricity beamed towards San who at this moment heard his Zanpaktu,one of them.His second one,the dagger that was strapped to his back horizontally remained quiet.His ties with the dagger were still new just forming,he had only heard her speak once.An he never saw any signs of her within his inner realm.After all his Zanpaktus inner home was nothing but darkness,a void of everything but his swords glowing golden yellow eyes an razor sharp teeth to match.So she remained hidden,for now.On the other hand his Zanpaktu which was on his hip as most were,there bond was good an ever growing.He had trained with it,when he could away from the eyes of all,even Chans.With such limited time an space,he had yet to even half way tap into its power."Im not sure if this is the place or time"San thought,this all happening in miliseconds as the nine bolts of electricity continued to scream towards him."Seems you have no choice,other then let the man win.Let him continue to prey upon your friend.After all isnt this why you joined,to get more power,to be able to portect those who are in need.Serve justice to those who seem to be above it,to those who deserve your judgment."San couldnt argue.This was a prime example of Sans reasoning to joining,he needed to further his capabilites.He needed power an skills to defend agaisnt any enemy of himself or the innocent.An at the time he had it,atleast for this bully. "Yami No O" San whispered as he drew his sword.Instantly the air was densed,his spiritual pressure flared,purple energy sparked violently around him.As well as black energy flooded into the world,looking like flowing shadows, engulfing the area.The shadows ran across the ground an then into a wave.The bolts of electricity entered into the shadows,vanishing from sight into the darkness."What...what the hell"The big man called out in distress.San now stood weilding one zanpaktu,looking still pretty normal.However is was a double sided blade an it had black chains that wrapped around Sans empty arm.Purple energy continued to pour off of San like a smoldering fire."Fine time to ste.......The man couldnt finish his sentence before his nine bolts of lightning appeared out of his own shadow.Some zoomed by,but being caught off guard an so close to the attack,he was hit.Three bolts smashed hard into the mans back before two others nicked him an continued.The power of his own attacks hit,an caused him to tumble forward.Meanwhile San stood,beginning to spin his zanpaktu in the air besides himself,energy gathered."Stand down"San called out as his opponent stood up,his shirt falling off being ripped by his own electricity.You could tell the man was enraged as he flexed his power.Instantly reiatsu appeared sparking like electricity.He spun his trident in his hand before letting out a battle cry.He would slam the points of the trident into the ground,causing it to shake an splinter.A second later bolts would come upwards from the earth into San.San leaped trying to avoid,he was knicked by one,before the shadows on the ground moved an consumed all the lightning bolts."Thats some trick but it wont work again"The opponent called out as he entered the air,causing some distance between himself an his shadow.Too bad he was mistaken if he thought he was saved. The lightning bolts appeared out of shadows scattered threwout the field,from other students,obstacles,lights,anything that had a shadow was now a potential barrel for attacks.Nine bolts each one out of a different shadow merged on the man,he was surrounded.The man had no choice but to take the hits atleast partial damage.As he managed to create some sort of lightning shield around his body,just in time to defend against some of the attacks.As the explosion of electricity shot this way an that San landed back on the ground gripping his Zanpaktu tightly.The man grew even more enrarged,seeing that San was holding his own."Fine.......Rain down Thunder Dio"Instantly the sky darkened an roared with the sound of sparking lightning.The black clouds covered just the area above the field,there fight would now draw even more attention.It was only a matter of time before a Teacher would come an stop/punish the two. Looking up San watched as bolt after bolt came cracking down fron the sky above,hitting random areas of the field.Students who were watching began to run trying there best to avoid any an all lightning,some werent so lucky.Once the storm established itself the large man smiled,his energy manifest into swirling sparks of electricity.A with one motion of his trident all the lightning bolts seem to gain aim and a target,San.San had let the man see his ability to divert his attacks back at himself,but his shadow manipulation was far greater then just that simple trick.As the large bolts crashed down upon San by the tens,San seemed to melt into his shadow,vanishing from the area.The large student laughed as the bolts continued to crash upon the spot"Seems you can abosrd this many!!!"He yelled out to San.As the attack subsided San came floating out of the shadow,onto his original position,which was now covered in a large dust cloud.His opponent thought he had landed an attack,in reality he missed everyone.San began to spin his zanpaktu by its chain dispersing the dust cloud.To the mans surprise San was unfathed."Time for this to be over"San said lightly,not loud enough for the man to hear,just himself.In that instant Sans shadow vanished,something the largeman probbaly hadnt noticed due to him being fixated an dumbfounded on how San was untouched."I dont know how you did that but......!!???He called out to San only to feel an presence standing behind him.It sent chills up his spine,as he glance over.Wondering how someone had got so close without notice.He turned to notice a shadow,a being of pure shadows with glowing yellow eyes an mouth to match.Its arm was raised,an before the man could turn around Sans zanpaktu appeared in its hand.The opponent was caught off guard an confused,the shadow figure drew down the sword cutting into the mans flesh from shoulder to hip.It wasnt a death blow,but one that would send the man falling to the ground,his zanpaktu sealing as he fell. In that Same instant Vines an roots came shooting up from the ground wrapping around San,binding him.The man falling was caught by a growing bed of flowers."ENOUGH!!!!..The voice of a teacher rang out echoing threw the field.San knew the fight was over one way or another by the teacher or the factt he man was temporiarly immobile."Both of you will be detained until further investigation.Sans time as a student might come to an abrupt end,thanks to a bully.Luckily after two days in the Academys detainment unit,San was released.He was released on academic probation,while the other man,the bully was expelled for starting the fight an release a zanpaktu on schools grounds without permission.This was a close call for San but the man wasnt so lucky,after all it was his fault.However what San didnt know was the mans expulsion an anger towards San would come back to haunt him in the very near future.In a situation that would change Sans life forever,even the way the man looked. WC: Finished
  5. San Salvatore

    Sans Time At The Academy

    :THE ALTERCATION: It was about a week after midterms that San had his first fight with another student.After midterms alot of tensions flared threwout the Academy.Some students happy,gloating,some unhappy an stressed,it made for a confrontational enviorment.An sure enough it did cause confrontations,students began to have hate for others while others felt so good about themselves,they thought they were better.Yet there were still some who were humble,or ready to train harder,but like all places/schools there were others.San an his friend Chan,the young boy who aced all his test,remained focused in there studies.Once word got out about how good Chan did,some students grew envy an hate towards the young prodigy.San was an average student,passing some classes with flying colors,others skidding by.So we come to the day. Chan was leaving the kido field after doing some extra training,but before he could leave he was met by three students.One large,muscualr average age young man,with his two flakeys.These students werent the best when it came to book smarts,however there skills in the field were exceptional.It didnt take long before Chan was surrounded an being back an forth between the three.Chan being young almost 18,he was timid being faced by average age men,who clearly were far more superior when it came to brute strength.They pushed the young man hard enough his glasses being knocked off,his vision not great at all without.They would take an hold his glasses while they continued to push an shove Chan until he fell."How is some puny like you the best student?,your clearly a weakling." Before things escalated any further San arrived,he was supposed to meet Chan awhile ago,but was held up by a teacher.Instantly San being the man he was,one who stood for respect,an hated those who preyed on the weak,spoke up."Leave him alone"San called out his voice stern an loud.The three men turned there attention to San before walking towards San,kicking Chan one more time."So your his guardian,his boyfriend?"The large man called out as they now stood facing San,San had no reply.He kept his composer an stared them in the eyes,he wasnt about to play with these bullies.The two lackeys began to walk forward,closing the gap."Stand down,ill handle him.He probably is as puny as thiat excuse of a shinigami."The large man said as he pushed threw his friends an now stood face to face with San.Chan by now had gotten up an walked to the sidelines,reading to enter the soon to be battle."Chan ill handle this....as for you....."Before San said another word he was met by a fist to his face,causing his head to turn.He used the momentum to spin kick towards the brutes face.The large man narrowly avoided the kick,before stepping back a few feet."So you can take a punch,this may actually be fun"The large man called out,but before he continue or make another move,San attacked.Using shunpo San appeared to the right of the man drawing the triangle in the air before him,"Bakudo #30 shitosan sansen"The kido fired off with perfect execution,however the big man was no push over in the art of fighting.He turned his head an drew his blade,cutting right threw the kido. "That was a good shot,but your weak like i thought...but you did make me draw my blade.......so let me punish you for that.The lare man said with a smile as he raised his zanpaktu,with it a breeze gusted threw the area.San could feel the mans spiritual pressure began to manifest,an it would show.Seconds later the air would begin to circle the man before streams of yellow energy began to manifest.San was in shock almost,he couldnt believe the man was going to such an extreme.An a moment later was more shocked how far he would go."Electrify an Stun,Thunder Dio!!"It was then the swirling air an yellow energy blended into a small vortex,that surrounded the student.San knew the fight was about to get more serious then he had hoped,as well as more dangerous.The student in the area,now lined on the sidelines an would watch the fight that was about to ensue."Are you serious"San called out,to get no reply.His opponent was surrounded by wind an energy,probably causing him to not hear San or he just ignored him.Before the swirling energy subsided,A bolt of lightning pierced threw the vortex an screamed towards Sn,San was taken by surprise an was hit in the shoulder,knocking him back ten feet.At which time the an appeared,now holding a trident,sparking with electricity at the tips."I told you i would punish you"He said as he vanished an appeared in the air above Sans location,trident pointing at him,the large man floating in the air.This was Sans first time dealing with a released sword.To be honest he held some worry,he was slightly unsure what to do next,he would have to think fast.As the large men waitied no time to rain down three lightning bolts,one from each tip of the trident.San still over taken by what was happening could only roll an leap out of the way,barely avoiding the attacks. San used flash step to gain some room only to be met by the big guy swinging his trident into Sans chest.As it connected his body was electrified,a shock was sent threwout his body.Along with the momentary stun the force of the mans blow sent San flying back,rolling across the ground.He came to a stop as he hit the wall of field.He stood up only to see the man pointing the trident at him,the tips sparking with energy."Electrify "Three bolts screamed out,each one splitting into 3,making nine bolts that were now coming towards San.San was impressed by how much he was being over powered,he could now see why the swords were revered.Knowing he wouldnt avoid them all,he remained motionless unawre of what to do.It was then a voice in his head cslled out,the voice of his Zanpaktu."Call out my name" WC:1,040
  6. San Salvatore

    Sans Time At The Academy

    :NEXT MONTH: Not much had changed in the follow weeks,still much was the same.San continued to study as much as he could while also training when timed allowed.One would have to submit a form to gain access to a field after class hours,so time wasnt so well distributed,rare really.When time did allow San would train,when time didnt sllow an he was tired of reading he would workout.In this time between months,San grew closer to the kid named Chan,being his only real friend st the academy.After all it was his priority to make friends,he was here to train,an learn.He really had no other time for any other kind of activities.An so did Chan,even being barely 18 the young boy was focused,an it showed.He continued to ace his classes an was skilled at Kido arts an flash step,the two things San lacked.However the boy remianed weak in areas of hand to hand,sword arts,where Sane excelled.This counter of each other made them the best training partners to have.One could teach an help where the other lacked,an so they did.An did San need it,as flash step mid terms were coming up an the poor man could still barely use the technique. This is where our day begins,the mid terms of flash step.Students at this point if werent up to par or close enough could be expelled from the school,so alot was riding.However thanks to his friend,chan.San was ready.The two classmates an friends would find themselves of the on the field,with a number of other students.As well as three of the main shunpo instructors who were holding the mid/term grading the exam.It would be up to them who passed an who didnt.Along the field was many obstacles such as hoops,large an small hurdles,even kido-barrier like walls creating a somewhat of a maze.Even the hoops were kido,hoops were in the air,along the ground.There was even a part of the course where beams of kido shot downwards from above.Where three other teachers were floating,they task was to give the students somethng to dodge.Truly all in all the obstacle course was impressive.There was alot more to it Then San had imagined which sort of threw him off,an made his self-reflect an made butterflies fill his stomach.Chan looked to his friend seeing San distress,an even though he was about 12 years younger than San,he tried to make the man feel comfortable.He place an hand a his shoulder on said"you got this"This was enough for San to regain his composer an keep walking,filing into the row an columns of students,before the instructors. "We are here today to judge you on your use an skills of the art of flash step.Those of you who ended up being deemed/not qualify will be escorted off the field.This however isnt the end of your training,in fact it would mean one needed to train harder.We will give those who fail today one more attempt in three weeks.At such time those who show no signs of improvement or pure lack of the skill will be force to rejoin the Academy next year.So again do not worry keep yourself composed,an remember what we all have taught you thus far....One last thing do not worry should you see someone doing great or bad,the choice is up to the three of us who passes an who doesnt,an failure here on this mid term doesnt not exactly qualify one to fail this test.In Fact the three of us know you all an have kept notes,this test really is testing how much you have improved." The instructor called out his voice being echoed also enhanced by the use of kido.This speech caused San to be in a feeling of relief as well as calmness,knowing it wasnt a pass or dont pass.Not to mention knowing that in three weeks he could retake the exam.There were three columns of students,each one consisting of ten students a piece.San an his friend were standing in the same row but not column.This would cause the two to take the exam at two different times,not even close to one another.San being in the second group of 10 students to partake in the test.The first group had Chan in it,who was top of the class when it came to the technique.San was happy he could get a feel for it by watching what he could as most of the obstacles were seperated by large solid walls,ensuring each student took the test without knowing the course.All the students really could see was the first part the part in which omne entered the obstacle course by using shunpo to leap over or under large barrier like kido bars. After so much time had passed it was Sans turn,he was up.Chan had returned,his face covered in sweat beads.Even part of his outfit had a slight burn mark.However Chan had aced it holding the quickest time so far.He looked to San as San awaited the order to begin."Watch the hoops" Chan mouthed ever so silent,San nodded.DIIIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!!! the timer went off,San was up.He began to run forward at a steady pace,entering into a nice jog.The bars of kido would form in different positions,however San was ready.As they formed he would leap above,fall forward rolling under another,an then leap high over the last massive wall.He did this by using not really flash step but hoho the ability to walk on air as the kido wall was thirty feet high well above his level of leaping.After to step on the air he reached the top soaring high over it an into the main course.Things here would get interesting.As he landed gracefully on the ground he looked forward to his new obstacle,which was disappearing an reappearing walls,all in random locations. San composed himself an began to run forward,quickly entering a speed of flash step.His body began to phase in an out.He quickly avoidned each obstacle an moved on to the next.Nect the young shinigami was met with a long stretch,here it was to judge ones speed.He used his flash step to the quickest his ability would let,pushing himself to his limit.Beads of sweat would begin to form as he appeared running full sprint to vanish again an again.Moving threw the one mile stretch.He would stop,looking to the next course,floating hoops,the ones his friend warned him about.These hoops of kido were in rows,one would need to pass threw each one,for the best results.However it wouldnt be easy,the hoops continued to float all over the place.San focused an leaped towards the first one,vanishing an passing threw,the next was to the left,almost under him,again using shunpo he made it.His speed had increased so much he missed the next,his nerves not faulting,he pushed forward.The next couple were passed threw with skill,the last three moved even faster.He was met with one high,he flash stepped threw it,the second even higher.This one he barely reached only to see the last on the ground,he tried his best an almost made it,but he hit the side.As he hit his body was shocked causing him to tumble an roll to a stop.Last was the part of avoiding teachers fring off kido,hado number 4.It wasnt easy but San managed to be hit just twice before passing the finish line. He felt not great about his course,but he was sure he had passed,an he did.Only thanks was to his friend Chan who managed to train him an get him ready.His body was sore an his areas where he was hit bruised,but still his days at the Academy wasnt over yet. Wc:1,326 learmed shunpo
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    Ability Approval Thread

    CHARACTER NAME:San Salavatore Reiatsu: 51k Race:Shinigami RELEASE: Shikai/possibly Bankai LINK: http://bleachsoulevolution.com/forum/index.php?/topic/16179-san-salvatore/
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    Sans Time At The Academy

    TWO MONTHS IN: Sans time at the Academy had begun to fly by,before he knew it he had been there for slightly over two months.His training had went well,maybe even better then he had thought it would of.He spent most of his free time studying books on kido,Zanpaktus,Hakuda an as well ,history of the Gotei 13.He had gained much knowledge in the time he was here.He learned alot.His grades were at the top of his class in most areas,except for one,one that seemed to be elluding his grasp.Shunpo,otherwise known as flash step.The ability to use ones reshi to propels oneself great distances ,as well as walk on air.Still he had only been there two months,an already in most advanced stages of the Academy.However paper tests were something he thrived on but real world situations he still struggled.He was still training in the arts of kido,an had yet to fully master one.So he was doing good,some would say great,but he still lacked in some areas,areas that would prevent one from graduating.Something San hoped to do in the next graduating class,which was about six months away.However if that goal was to be accomplished he still had alot of work to do an put in. On the other hand his Zanpaktu an his relationship had begun to grow more an more.On his free time if not head into a book or working out maintaining his lean,sculpted look.He would train within his own mind.Within the two months of learning his swords name he could ow access its Shikai form as well as some,just one or two abilities.Truly he still had much to improve in this area as well,however he was also ahead of most when it came to there Zanpaktus.Most wouldnt even learn there first release until later down the road once joined into a squad an trained even further,some would never.But even having this accomplished San kept it tightly underwraps.He didnt want to draw attention nor be expected more of.He wish to fly under the radar,an just pass with solid colors.Allowing him recommendation to any gotei 13 squad he wished.Which at the time he didnt even know which one he would join. Lastly his time with his girlfriend had been everything but close.The two had only seen each other twice since he joined.They mainly conversed with one another by 1 letter a week.After all San was stuck,the student didnt have much free time,atleast enough to travel home.On top of it all the more San remained gone the more Lina seemed to extended her gap between the two.It wasnt because she didnt love him but more because it hurt being apart for so long.So instead she would try an ignore her feelings by surpressing them an filling it with work an friends.Still though there love remained an they remained loyal to one another,waiting for time to pass.Waiting till they could be in one anothers arms once again. :KIDO: Today would be the day San learned his first kido.When it came to kido his skills lacked.This being his sixth or seventh class in the field with it he had yet to fully perform/learn a kido.There were many attempts in which he was close,sometimes performing the kido correctly just not in succession or enough to gain the skill as a viable technique.In terms of kido there were four kinds.Hado was destructive kido,as the name suggests it was used for attacking.Bakudo was binding kido,kido used for trapping or shielding oneself.Defensive.Third was kaido or healing kid,this was only taught to squad 4 members.An lastly barriers,which was as the name says a barrier to trap or shield. We would come to see San enter the field with a group of other students,some in the bleachers relaxing from previous class,talking,studying or just hanging out.In the middle of the field was there instructor for the day.The class would line up in a single row infront of the women teacher,before bowing an standing at attention."Hello classthe name is Lang,i will be your teacher for today.I know many of you have been struggling while some excelling.Dont worry this is normal.After completion of the academy many never use kido in the lifes again.However i would not suggest that,i would tell you learn as many as possible.They will come in handy an the more you know the better advantage in a fight you have.So now lets begin.Today we will be learning the highest Bakudo for students.Bakudo #30 shitotsu sansen,or beal piercing triple beam.Again no worries if you are behind.Think of it this way if you can get this one all other Bakudo under 30 should come at a ease after today.So who wants to be my volunteer?"The class grew silent it was quickly learned by students that if a teacher needed a volunteer it normally meant you were to be a test dummy,injuries highly likely.After seconds of no one stepping forward,the teacher picked her own.She would pick a tall man.The two would face one another the man towered her,the teacher only being 5'4 at best.Now watch closely class"She said as she jumped back a few feet an extended one arm forward,pointing towards the man with her index finger.She would focus herself an then begin the kido.Instantly her finger turned yellow,as it did she began to draw a line.Then another,an another.Now a triangle of energy had formed,the triangle was quite large,not a small quick drawing,she actually stretched to form it infront of her.Bakudo #30 Shitotsu sansen"She called out,as she completed the last line into the first,instantly all three points of the triangle solidified into beak like beams.Not to mention the lines between stabilized.As the end of the incantation left her lips so did the three beaks of the triangle,closing the gap fast.Each point hit on the big man,sending him pinned in place.He would struggle to move,but nothing.He was truly pinned. "Now i have set up dummies all along the field,pick a partner an go take turns firing off the kido towards the test dummies."So the class did.San was partnered with what he would call his friend,the young boy with glasses who he had met the first day.Chan.He was one fo the brightest in the academy acing all his classes an excelled in kido arts,however he lacked in the hand to hand,an sword training.After about five tries the boy had managed to fire off a perfect bakudo #30.He would fire of two more before San was up.San took a step forward an thought about everything he had read on the subject as of lately.First was to clear his mind an focus.Focus on what you wanted the kido to do,what you wanted to create.Five minutes would go by an San still struggled with forming the triangle.It was either break before completing it or it would shatter upon completion.Ten more miuntes would pass an San would step back letting th boy to practice his now seemed to be skilled kido.Watching closely San took in every detail.Then he was up again.This time about ten minutes an twenty tries had came an gone,each one failure until now.His last one he managed to complete the triangle,after which he went for it."Bakudo #30 Shitotsu Sansen"He would call out as he drew an finished the triangle.As he did it locked in,the beaks intentesfied an shot forward slamming hard into the dummy.Ten more minutes passed an ten tries,this time he completed seven successful attempts."Ok class those that managed to achieve the ability atleast five times correctly please come forward.You will all now practice on one another.Movement is allowed,but flash step is not,simple dodges.The class would break into partners again,this time San was paired up a young boy who was taller then himself.The two would go at it for a few minutes firing one after another tryin to pinn one another down.First one to be pinned was San,two times back to back.It took about ten minutes before San completed a successful land,pinning his opponent.After thirty minutes of this back an forth the training was over.San landed five while his opponent landed nine. "Well that seems to be it for todays class,thank you all for giving it your best.Those who didnt learn the technique dont be dismot about it,it will come to you.Just keep training.Those of you would did,dont think you have mastered the skill,keep training.Your opponents in real situations wont hold back,they will be using flash step an similar.So everyone keep training and until next time....BYE!!!" The teacher said a she waved the group forwards,off the field.She would then replace herself in the middle an await her next class.San walked off with his fellow student feeling accomplished.He had finally learned a spell,one he could actually use.As the instructor said though it was still far from mastered,but it was now apart of his aresnal. Learned:Bakudo 30 WC:,1,516 WC Needed:650
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    Pokémane Sword & Shield, Who's Getting It?

    I have both games lol me an my family play to be honest I was worried about the hole Dmax modes but besides that I really enjoy it,the graphics an the Pokémon even the new ones So let me know Rash I can send ya my friend code DM
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    It had been about a month since San had begun his relationship with the women he had saved,the two had grown closer then he would like to admit.He even had moved in with the women.In that time San continued his duties as vigilante but luckily for him an his new found love,criminal activates seemed to have came to halt in the district.Most of the gangs or thugs had begun to migrate to other districts.Which for Sans area was nice,good,but for others it was worse.Increased activity in those already stricken by high crime rate got worse an worse,some districts even begun to be soly ran by the criminal enterprises.Hearing the rumors of this as well as knowing them to be fact,San couldnt help but want to further his area of protection.As he would quickly learn some of those areas,he came out to be far out matched as well as outnumbered.Once realising this he began to train more an more,an was eventually led to the conclusion,he needed more training.One that could only be provided by those already skilled an mastered in those area.Not to mention the many techniques he could learn a incorperate into his arsenal,so to speak.The Gotei 13.So we come to the day he begins his journey to the academy.A day his girlfriend wasnt looking forward to much.She had lost a dear friend to the court guards,well not them but his duties as a soul reaper. "So today the day huh,Honey?' Krystalina would call out to San who had now his bag packed.He turned to her with a smile,one that was obviously filled with sadness."Yes......it...is....i am sorry Lina"The two would embrace one another with a long deep passionate hug,as well as a tinder kiss on the lips.The two were leaned back an stare into one another eyes,Tears would form rolling down the females face."Its ok,i understand.....you have a sense to help others,an this will make you more profiicent at it.Please though be careful an please come visit as much as you can"She would say as she gave him another deep hug,weeping in between some phrases.San couldnt help but feel as if he did something wrong,even though knowing he didnt.He grabbed her by her shoulders an smiled with confidence,trying his best to reassure her."You know me well,i will be fine,An ill be home as often as possible.He said,as she could only think about that was the problem,she knew him.He wasnt one to run from a fight nor one to keep his head down.She wouldnt say anything just smile an nod slightly,before hugging him tightly again,before San would begin to leave."How about you walk with me to the edge of the district,im sure Zeus will be wanting to go for the stroll."Zeus the boy from the cafe San once lived above,merely a month ago.He still came to hang out with San whenever he could.Lina would nod an accompany him,before they knew it they were on the edge of the district,on a hill looking towards the Gotei 13,time had come.Sans journey would now begin again,a new frontier. TWO DAYS LATER: San had arrived the first day of the academy to be met with hundreds of new students lining up to get there academy "blacks" so to speak.Along with there Zanpaktu,even though San had already been given one,by the girl,the small ancient curved dagger zanpaktu,he was presented with another.A straight blade about four an half feet in length,looking much like the norm.After gathering his supplies an his dorm number he would enter the massive doors that led to the academy.He was instantly takin off guard by all the students as well as the sheer size of the place.There were multiple buildings scattered threwout the sanctuary.Even two large fields,one for kido arts the other for basic training.He could hear the roars an grunts as well as clouds of explosions coming from both.San instantly watched as some students were grouped up here an there talking,some even running from class to class,as if they were late.He smiled in his head,this reminded him much of police academy .Just as before he would dive deep an excel at it,training to his hearts content,not just his body but his mind as well,reading hours on end,studying everything he could or was allowed.Before he could really motivate himself he was met by a younger man,probably barely 17 in age.He was late for class,running,he tripped an fell before San his books an notes scattering across the the area before him.The boy was frantic grabbing his stuff so fast putting it back in any order he could,his glasses falling of in the process.San knelt down an helped,the boy turned to him an smiled,thanking San before darting off again.San had one day or really the rest of the day to familiar himself with the place,so he would drop his stuff off an go look around. After a day of walking around an getting used to the place San went back to his dorm to shower an prepare for the next day.It was tonight that those same lurking eyes would reappear in his dreams.San would lay down to go to sleep only to awaken in the dark realm again.At first he had the same thought,was he blind.But unlike before he knew something was off,he could instantly feel someone or something.This hadnt been the second time since had had this reocuring nightmare.It had begun to grow more frequently since that first night.He kept it to himself,hoping it was just a phase,tonight he would find out differently. San continued to walk an peer into the darkness,again to no eval,nothingness.Seconds later the sound of a dark demoni voice would overcome his body an soul,sending chills down his spine."Listen.....listen closely"The voice called out.It was this time the first time San could actually hear the voice in perfect sentence.He turned his head towards the left,there about twenty feet away was the golden eyes,an the sickening goldin smile of razor sharp teeth."What is going on?,who are you?"Still sure he was dreaming San reacted an acted as if he wasnt,what hurt could it do.The being now realizing he was being heard,vanished,appearing mere inches from San.Again its tower height dwarfed San its eyes atleast at 8 foot height.The being bent over an leaned in."So you finally can hear me?"The being said his golden teeth shinning in the darkness,illuminating Sans body.San nodded his head,confused an intrigued.The being seemed to effortlessly float around the man,his voice echoing threwout the empty room.His face turning to a wicked smile."What are you?"The being stopped an rushed in even closer then before,vanishing from sight appearing behind San."I am you,or shall i say apart of you."The being vanished again now standing ten feet infront of San.Before San could respond the creature went on."Your no fool,you know exactly what i am......Your inner spirit....your zanpaktu." Instantly it all began to make sense,San was flooded with answers.He wasnt being tormented by a returning nightmare,he wasnt going nuts,he wasnt seeing things.His inner potential had awoken an with it,the spirit."Seems you have realized.You dont know how thankful i am.I have been calling out to you for months,trying to get your attention.But you been so lost."The being said as he closed in again moving like a ghost.Grinning minacing in the face of San."Zanpaktu you say,so your my inner spirit an this is my inner world.Not as apeasing as i thought it would be."San said.As he looked into the eyes of the being,who seem to laugh,leaning back towering above San.After all this was a place of pure darkness an seemed empty in all directions."Not appeasing,this place is perfect.....maybe this will help."The being called out as he raised what probably was his hand an orbs of golden yellow spheres formed an entered the air above the two circling,illuminating not much jus enough for San to see himself an the being.Taking in his details,San wasnt so sure this helped.He could see himself now,but the being remained the same,Covered in a dancing shadow,that was taken to be his body,an just his eyes an teeth glowed golden yellow."So what are you,who are you"San called out.The being moved,you could now see he wasnt just cloaked in a shadow but a shadow himself,arms feet formed momentarily only to merge back into its floating shadow form."Me .....i am darkness...a being whos been around since before the creation of the universe.I am known as Yami No O(King Of Darkness)The being said as he grinned an began to float around effortlessly.The shadows/darkness around San began to move like water before entering the Shadow being.They all were consumed into his body revealing an empty valley of dead trees,grass,an a dark sky,sun no where in sight just a dim thumbnail of a moon.San was in amazement an some fear.Seconds had passed until the shadows came flooding back out engulfing the world completely."So where does this lead us?"San was unsure of what was to come of next.He knew about Zanpaktus but he wasnt sure what to do in this moment,he had no real reference.As well as no teacher."Fool,this leads us to a cross road,one that can be taken in one of two ways.You an i can come together an become one in the same.Or you can fight it,an either be consumed by darkness,or lose this chance forever,the choice is yours!"The Being called out as he appeared next to San looking down upon the man."So what will you choose." San knew this was what he came to the gotei 13 for,so the choice was obvious,he needed more power more abilities to extend hisself an his prideful mission in life."I choose to become one,to accept you as my friend an ally"The being seemed pleased as he smirked an then floated around San.The golden orbs in the sky began to fade into the darkness.Leaving nothing but the beings eyes an teeth yet again illuminating mere steps around itself."You have choose wisely.However we have much to do.For now you know my name an call upon it,when you do our bond as one will become stronger."San began to grow tired,his eyes began to blink alot,trying to stay awake."We will see one another again soon....very soon....an then training will begin."As the king of darkness spoke the word began to collapse,San couldnt tell.The words echoed threw out the place an in his head. In one heavy blink San awoke to his dorm room.Time had barely passed,it was still the middle of the night.He looked over to his dorms roommate ,still sound asleep.San felt worn out his body covered in a light sweat.He would shower an go back to sleep,atleast the best he could,as his mind raced with what just happened. WC:1,867/1500 Gained Shikai(Stage 1) Allowing access to just one zanpaktus abilities: WC total:6,294 THREAD CLOSED
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    Once ready San went downstairs to meet the shop owner,the boys father.The older man greeted San with a hand shake.The boy had already left to go play with his friends.The older man needed Sans help moving out some old equipment an replacing it with new,the shop had been one of the busiest in the districts.Therefore was buisness was good,an the man wasnt afraid to invest in his product,hot Ramen,all types.Once the moving an instaling was complete San began to leave.Before he could the old man called out to him."It seems they found three dead thugs early this morning,not to far from here.Be careful out there Salvatore."San nodded,it was unspoken but the older man knew he was the vigilante.However for whatever reason he did not turn San in,instead gave him a home for the last two years.San never fully knew why nor did he ask,but he could only guess it was because Sans late night dutys was doing good for the neighborhood.After the last year crime had already dropped in the used to be highly dangerous area by half.Seeming to continue to drop by the month,San wasnt proud,but he did feel good adding safety to atleast one district.However he continued to have the urge to do more,he wanted to protect more from the pain an agony that he witnessed here an before.He did not like the thought of joining a military/police like group such as the Gotei 13 but he knew there training an abilities could add to his cause greatly.Maybe even,highly unlikely the court guards were not like that of many police/military like groups except of corruption but that was very unlikely.Most large organizations were filled with or ran by some political corrupt person or filled with personel that was corrupt.Maybe another chance for San to help or for San to leave the court guards if/once joined,only time would tell. After leaving the shop San decided to go pay the women from the night before a visit,something he tended not to do.He rather stay low key keep to himself an keep his face an name away from the vigilante name.He normally tried to act in the shadows an remain in them.Any who saw him normally was thankful enough to keep quiet,an he didnt think she was one to talk.But he did want to see,not to mention it would be nice to have someone to talk to rather then his old friend an his son.By the way keeping his name in the wind was best to keep himself safe an his new family,the boy an father.As he was sure some gangs or leaders did want him dead. Making it to the store on the paper,San looked it over,it was quite cozy,not to big not to small.The name outside read:Hobbies an Trinkits:By the sound of the name it was a store of thigs that people would due in there free time or apparel to fill there homes.Sure enough it was,as he entered the store he was meet by a bell at the top of the door ringing threw out the store.Along with the bell he glanced around,seeing shelves full of items,tables,chairs along with paintings an artwork scattered threw out the walls.Before San could really take in all the items,he heard the voice from the night before."Hello,Welcome......"She instantly stopped as San turned around an the two locked eyes."O...its you......thank you so much for last night,i owe you my life......an thank you for coming.She said in tears of joy as she gave San a tight embracing hug,something he hadnt felt in a long long time.At this moment he took in her features,before was so dark an his focus was on the thugs he gave her looks no mind.He now noticed he beauty.She stood 5'7 an was lean,she had beautiful brownish blonde hair that stretched down to the middle of her back.Her eyes golden like honey,her skin to match."No thank you needed,they were nothing but rabid animals."San said as the women let go of her embrace an signaled for him to follow."Please this way" She would then go behind the counter an stare at San as he now approached the counter."Here this is for you,its been in this shop a long time an nobody ever seems to be interested in it.But after seeing you last night.I thought you could use it,you seemed skilled.An again it has just been collect dust.She would then turn around an grab a curved dagger in its black with purplish pink engravings sheath from upon the shelf wall.She would then present it to San."Again it been here longer then me.No one seems to want a old Zanpaktu,even from an era of the ancient times.So you please take it,it maybe of use,or good luck."She smiled an San continued to look the blade over,intrigued it being a zanpaktu.He would slightly unsheath it an see the blade was still sharp along the curve."If you insist,an Thank you"San then turned to leave an the women called out,turning around San was met with another hug,an her name."Im Lina,short for Krystalina"She smiled an the two began to part ways before San replied,something he tended not to do."San Salvatore,nice to meet you"It was now that there relationship began.An within weeks the two were a couple spending most days off together an most free time together.Love was in the air an even San couldnt resist it no matter how much he tried.The more they learned of one another the more there bond grew. OOC:Gained One Zanpaktu: WC:924
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    Later that morning as San slept he feel into a deep realm of his sub consciouness.He would go to open his eyes to see nothing but darkness,at this moment he was unaware if this was a dream.He began to mildly panic,his vision was gone.It was pure blackness,had he gone blind?He began to rub his eyes an blink repeatedly,hoping to regain his sight.After moments nothing changed,he began to grow more worried.Thinking what his life would now be like,no sight he was useless.Before he started going down the worry train further,he went to go for a glass of water by his bed,remembering he put it there.As he reached out nothing,then he realised he was already standing.He grew confused,he didnt remember getting out of bed nor standing.He rubbed his eyes a few more times before trying to look into the darkness around him,nothing.He then now realizing he wasnt at home began to walk around the darkness,trying to figure out his surrounding.After minutes he found nothing,no walls no doors,nothing he could touch.He grew even more curious of where he could be an why his sight was eluding him,well gone.It was then a sudden chill filled the empty room.Sans eyes would narrow even though his sight was gone he turned around an around,he could feel a presence had entered the vincinty.After a few turns around an around,an then he saw something.The same golden yellow eyes as before peering towards him from about twenty yards away,however that was all he saw,everything else remained black."Hey where am i?"San called out to the eyes,like before no reply.He would then rush towards the eyes,theeyes remained the same distance away,no matter how much he ran .San would stop an look towards the eyes an then poof darkness,they were gone he was left alone in the void alone. "Lis......ten.......clos...ely....." Avoice echoed in his ear,as if standing right beside him.Chills went up his spine,goosebumps covered his body.He turned his head seeing jus darkness until he was met by the glowing eyes now towering above him looking down.The eyes were about 8 foot high an now large,they illuminated Sans upper torse,in which he could now see again.He was felt with fear,along with shock.He didnt know how to react it was then the eyes grew closer,as if the being witht he eyes an bent his head over."Can....""hey wake up....hey San...SALVATORE" The dream or whatever is was ended before the creature could finish his last statement.But before it was interupted an now being face to face witht he eys as the being spoke his mouth was full of the same glowing golden yellow teeth,each one razor sharp it seemed an overlaping,truly frightful. As the other voice called out San opened his eyes to see a young boy,the son of the shop keeper that owned the noodle shop below where he lived.Who also let San stay rent free as long as he helped out.The boy was only about 7 years old an took a quick liking to San,he would always try an hang out with the man.His eyes opened he smiled at the boy"What is it Zeus?"San said as he didnt want to worry the boy but he couldnt stop thinking about the dream,nightmare,or whatever it was.Mainly the being an its crazy eyes an teeth to match.The one thing that made him really wonder was that he knew he saw the same eyes that night watching him,an now they appeared in his dream.Or was he dreaming then too? No he was for sure awake,so did he just have a nightmare?He wasnt one to worry so badly about something or someone to cause him to have a nightmare.He would chalk it up to a bad dream for now."Hey you were sure tossing an turning,bad dream?I have those sometimes....Anyways my dad said to come wake you up he wanted to ask you something.I think he needed your help."San would grin an shake his head no,again not trying to worry the little guy or himself anymore."If it was a bad dream i dont remember it.Tell your dad ill be down in a second,let me get dressed."The boy smiled an nodded before leaving the room running downstairs to his father,meanwhile San got dressed. WC:734
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    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!........he...lp..... A loud females scream echoed threw the dark alley way,under the full moon that shined bright in the sky above.We come to the Rukon district number sixty six,in an ally way,where three men have cornered a young women.Street lights from the street to the right an left barely even enter the long hallway that is the ally.The time is in the we hours of early morning.Time when most are asleep,an very few are beginning to wake up to begin there day.This young women was on her way to her job,as she just became the manager of a small shop.She was needed to be the first to arrive to unlock the doors an take inventory.Not to mention being the over achiever she was,she wanted to go in early to make sure everything was in perstine condition.However on her way in she was met by three men who had been out drinking all night.They were part of one of the many gang like groups that striken the Rukon districts.One man was a tall overweight man,standing 6'5 weight easily 220 lbs,an bald.One of his buddies was a short man 5'5 skinny with long hair tied back in a pony tail.The last man seemed to be the leader of this little group of thugs.He stood medium height at six foot flat,an he seemed to work out on a daily as he was bulked up.His hair drapped over one eye.They all had matching tattoos on there neck of some kind of demon like marking.As well as matching tatrtoos they all carried some kind of weapon.The big guy had a hatchet tucked in his pants while the other two had visible daggers tucked into the front of there pants,the grips shinned in light. These three thugs decided there night of fun was not over when they ran into the women.Instead they bullied her into the ally way,allowing no wondering eyes to see what they were about to do to the women. They were going to rob the pour lady an maybe worse,as there ability to hold back there urges have been throw tot he wind.The alcohol prohibiting the man from controlling themselves.Once into the ally the big man pushed her against the wall of a building,causing the lady to grunt in pain from the force.She dropped her bag pleaing with the men to just take her bag an leave.Normally the men would but again they were under the influence an money wasnt the only thing the men were after.Once the her purse was dropped the short man grabbed it,quickly rifling threw it take anything of value.Meanwhile the leader gave the order to the big man,with a simple gesture on his head.The big man then would grab the lady with both arms an flipped her around and slam her back into the wall,face first.Her head would hit an bounce back causing her to be slightly dazed.As well her chest hit,causing her to choke as the wind was knocked out of her.Meanwhile the big man laughed an scoffed at her pain.By now the short man had threw the purse into the dumpster an joined his fellow criminals.He took his place along the big man an ripped the womens shirt from the back in half.Her being dazed it fell off before she could really comprehend.When she regained full consciousness she realized what the men had begun to do an planned to do.She then would let the scream out that we heard echoed threw the ally an into the streets.However she stopped when the big man grabbed her by the shoulders an pinned her against the wall,as the short man showed her his weapon had been drawn.The dagger was put against her neck,sharp to the touch it cut ever so slightly into her neck,causing blood to trickle down her neck.She was afraid,scared,she didnt know what to do.If she would scream or struggle she could end up more then violated,she could end up dead.She hoped someone had heard her scream but being the district she was in,even if they did no one would confront the goon. There along a street to the east was the man our store would revolve around.He was man at medium height,some would call short.5'9.His hair was black an shaved to a buzz fade that was tight against his head.He also bore a tight full beard that was also tightly shaven,slightly darker then a 5'0 clock shadow.He wore baggy sweat type black pants that were rolled up just under the knee cap.The man also wore a black tank top showing off his toned arms,giving the impression the man did not slack in training,an he did not.The man was no hulk,no gym junkie but he made sure to maintain a strong core body,toned from shoulders down to calf's.His name was San Salvatore.He was known in the districts as something of a vigliante,some even called a hero.Just like in his previous life he made it his duty to protect those who were weak/no able to defend themselves.He did this not from himself but something pushed him to do so.In his human life it was the murder of his family that pushed the man to become a cop.He however didnt remain a cop for too long he progressed the ranks quick to detective.It wasnt to many years into it he found the justice systems was flawed an even corrupt at times.This led the man to take matters into his own hands,therefore he did the same now.He was no police no soul reaper,he was just a man willing to do what needed to protect those who were in need.This isnt to say joining the ranks of the goeti 13 wasnt out of his mind.He recently gave it much thought knowing how much more he could learn as well as how much more he could do,not just for those in the after life but also the living world.Where even those no lives were worth more then another,the ones alive still had a life to live.While on the other hand the ones that passed on an ended up here in the soul society no longer had there life.But they did not need to be mistreated as many were,after all this was the after life,supposed to be at peace,finally.An yet many ones still seemed to not grasp that concept. San walks down the dim lit streets a few blocks over from where the attack was taking place.The man simply is jogging,enjoying the nice night,as it has been a slow week.Not to many goons had stirred up problems atleast in his neck of the woods.Not to mention the night was growing to close,sun rise merely couple hours away.He thought to himself maybe his presence had begun to shift tempers with the thugs around here.That was until the loud scream,which was now faint echoed threw a ally way as he passed by it.His running came to an instant stop,as he waitied for another sound,maybe another scream,but nothing.His ears did not play tricks on him he was sure it was a females scream.He looked to the shop to his right,outside were stacked barrels of some sort of feed.He quickly leaped unto them an then the awning,climbing up to the roof.There he would begin to run towards where he thought the scream came.As he traveled there was still no other sound,his mind was puzzled,his eyes narrow.He continued to run jumping roof top to roof top,then he stopped.Muffled grunts began to enter his ear,along with that of men laughing.San stopped,creeping to the edge of the roof top.He looked down to see the men,rage began to build.By now they had removed the females bra,cut the strap so it did basically nothing for her.The big man continued pinning her against the wall,while shorty took his knife an cut her belt.The leader seemed to be gearing up for the unspeakable as he went to reach for his zipper of his pants.It was at this time San entered. San leaped from the rooftop,landing gracefully about ten feet from the wanna be men.'So you call yourself's men?"He spoke loud an confident,instantly gaining there attention.They stopped what they were doing an turned quickly towards the voice.They were met by San purplish eyes glistening in what light was in the ally from the moon above."This is of no concern of yours,scam before you get the attention!"The leader called out.San simply grinned."Pathetic excuse for men.Normally i would allow you three to leave,but in this case,its not an option."When dealing with criminals San didnt always engage in battle,sometimes the crime didnt fit that punishment,sometimes payment or returning items were the correct course.This time however it did.The men would be luckily to leave with there lives."So we got a tough guy,ok boys,Terry keep that girl pinned up this wont take long,jerry get him."The leader called out to his "buddies" The big man(terry) spun the girl around grabbing her by her neck an pinning her hard against the wall.Jerry the short man,flipped his dagger like knife in his hand,an nodded to his boss,before charging towards San.The leader now zipped his pants back up an began to draw out his dagger."Weapons huh,to think you all couldnt get worse of excuses for men."Three on one seemed to already have there odds on the goons side,but yet San couldnt believe they went quick to there weapons.San however was unarmed. Jerry rushed in,running an trying to stab directly into Sans chest.San being somewhat gifted an well trained,watched the attack come in like slow motion.He leaned back taking a step to the right,then another quick back pedal.He was now on the side of the mans extended arm,he grabbed it with both hands an spun quickly throwing the short man to the ground an back to his group.He rolled to a stop as he hit the feet of his leader,dropping his blade in the tumble."Get up Jerry"The leader said to his man,While San now began to walk on foot at a time towards the goons.Jerry quickly got to his feet an grabbed his dagger an rushed in again.This time slicing back an forth horizontally an diagonally.San again watched his moves,making quick reactions to each movement.San would wait until the man threw a cut to hard an gave him an opening,in this moment he would attack.He delivered three blows to the mans ribcage an kidney causing great pain.Meanwhile his free hand grabbed the mans dagger wielding knife arm.When the man was hit the thrid time he dropped his dagger,an San let go of his arm.Jerry spun turning with a haymaker hook,only to be avoided by San ducking an rolling to the dagger.He would grab it an leap upwards driving the blade into Jerrys stomach.Jerry let out a choking gurgle,as blood filled his mouth an he slumped to his knees then ground.San left the dagger there,embed in the mans stomach,the wound may have been fatal,more then likely not."Jerry!!!!!,Terry lets get him"The leader called out as he watched his ally fall to the ground.The big man terry had already witnessed it an his hold on the female had loosened enough for her to wiggle out an begin to run down the ally way,tears running down her face."Your going to pay for that tiny man" The big man called out to San,before he charged in. Being so large the man was slow,slower then even his short friend who now laid bleeding on the ground besides his feet.San would take two steps to meet the large man charging him.He would watch as the mans arms opened,revealing his wide open chest.Delivering a quick spin kick that connected into the mans chest cavity,causing him to stumble back a few feet.While the leader had delivered a punch that landed square into Sans Cheek bone.Sans head turned blood spitting out,a grin appeared.As he was hit he used the momentum to drop low an deliver a sweeping kick,knocking the leader of his feet an onto the ground.Terry had regained balance an charged back in grabbing San with his massive arms"Now your time is up"He began to squeeze Sans bod,while the leader jumped to his feet.San wasnt going to be best by these fools."Im going to cut you up real nice" The leader called out as he neared San.The pinned man,focused himself an thought quickly.He waited until close enough an delievered a headbutt to Terry causing him to let him go,then he reached for the leaders dagger as he tried to stab him.He would spin an kick the mans back forcing him to drive the dagger into his buddies chest.The leaders eyes widened as he watched the big man feel death beginning to take over."I told you,this was an unforgivable act,one that would cost you all your lives"The leader roared in anger as he spun around only to be met by Sans crushing fist upon his face,then a reverse elbow to the front side,breaking the mans nose.His eyes watered causing his vision to blur,San stepped in closer,grabbing the leaders arm an open palm stricking the joins breaking it at the joins of his elbow.The thug screamed in pain,As San didnt let go an delivered multiple crushing fist upon his face.The mans face quickly became bruised an bloody,Sans fist red with not just blood but from the sheer force of hos attacks.The man would fall tot he ground as San released his grip on his broken arm."Ple....ase.....dont.....ill pay.....ahhh."The pathetic goon called out as San picked the leaders dagger off the ground.He couldn't believe the thugs morals."How much more pathetic can you be?,Atleast die with some Honor"San said as he drove the blade into the mans neck,an shoulder cavity. San stood there looking at the mess before hearing footsteps to his back,he turned quickly to see the female,now covering her top with a sheet."Thank you so much.....please do not worry about this,i will inform the police.....But are you the one of the rumors the man who is said to be a protector of the Rukon district.San now at ease took a step back an grinned."I am no protector nor hero as some would call me.Im just a man doing a civil duty,helping a fellow soul in need."San would nod then turn to leave the scene before he did he heard footsteps an then a arm on his shoulder,hers."Your my hero,Please stop by my shop i may have something for you,to thank you."The man nodded an took the peice of paper she had wrote down her shops where abouts.He wouldnt argue the hero name as people would an could feel as they like,he knew in his mind he wasnt.San nodded again an then took tot he roof tops trying to put distance between himself an the scene."Please dont forget to come by"She called out.While San left not acknowledging her again, After a minute or two he got about half a mile away an lept back to the streets.He landing next to a water well/fountain.The sun was beginning to rise but still darkness was ever present.He began to wash his hands clean of the blood,while doing so,he felt a chill.He looked to a empty loading dock that was still covered in darkness.He sensed something watching him.He began to walk towards it,as he did yellow eyes peered out of the darkness into his own.San readied himself."Whos there?Come out?'The man called out to the darkness.Seconds later nothing,an the eyes seemed to fade.Few seconds more an the sun now entered the loading dock area an revealed no one,nothing.San was puzzled an also worried.Was he being followed?Who was watching?WAs he seeing things?Questions ran threw the mans head,before he quickly ruled out the last.He wasnt being paranoid he didnt mistake it,he knew what he saw was real,atleast hopefully. He would then return to his home a small shack above a ramen shop,shower an sleep,thinking hard on the eyes he may or may have not seen. :Finished: Wc:2,769
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