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  1. The skirmish had truly began, the war game would feel there first clash with the opposing force. Salvatore would watch as the wagon he kicked crushed threw the ground leaving a trench in its wake. It came to crushing stop causing debri to be flung into the air, as well as reveal two opponents. The Vice Captain would watch as the kido was about to ingnite from there finger tips. His mind focused on the single point, his skill in speed and sight combined would cause the next few moments to happen at such a incredible speed. Salvatore would vanish into an after image mid-stride as he walked to his attackers. He would appear by the side of Iman just as he fired off his destructive spell. The man surely would be taken by surprise, but only for a blink of a second. As San would deliver a massive two strike combination, A kick to Imans leg at the knee, aiming to dislocate it. Followed directly by a straight hook to the mans face, aimed to knock him out. However the man would react, or lucky enough to remain at a ready, Salvatore would vanish from sight leaving another after image in his wake. Again this first attack would happen just as the Hado was fired by Iman, using speed to hopefully remove these two. Turning his gaze now onto Freidrich, the flash step again would be Salvatores choice of movement, relying heavily on his speed to take them by surprise. Appearing behind the retreating Freidrich about five feet Salvatore would attack, " Here" He would say as he rushed in changing from his back pedal along with Freodrich. Attacking with two kicks to the mans back area, or chest had he turned. These next few moments in this clash would not last for a few more seconds. Either way, Salvatore was glad he managed to come across two, he hoped to draw more out. Making himself the main focus, a decoy. NPC: His team were met with good and bad odds, things were seemingly working out as planned however there were some hiccups already. As they reached there first destination they were met by cover from the smoke, but not from the counter action of the opposing force. A blue wave of energy would come rushing violently into the area in which they were currently now standing. Turo would be the hero in this case, he would leap to meet the blast. Protecting his two comrades still in the smoke. Turo would cross his chest and take the attack head on causing his body to refocus its path and allow his team to move. Kale did as so, meeting with two members of the enemies. One would fire a hado directly at her, her being a skilled warrior, one great with zanjetsu. She would cut the hado directly in half, the two now red orbs would hit both sides of the balcony causing two minor explosions and probably damaging some of the balconies structure. Bane would make his own move just as the hado was cut in half, he would appear leaping from the ground firing his own Shakkaho into the women of the two. Kale would rush the one who fired the kido attacking with a sure cut of his sword diagonally. Turo after having blocked the destructive spell would be moving a few moments behind Bane and Kale. However instead of following behind he and the two sharpshooters would make there move. Turo would charge the side of the saloon, appearing to want to run threw it into it's side. His speed increased until he was full speed, his focus not wavering as he wished to charge this wall head on. However as he appeared to be about ten feet from the wall, Shin acted. A red orb of energy came crashing into the wall, causing enough force to create a hole in the side of the house for Turo to enter. He would appear out of the wall at {Q}, his hand glowing red as it bursted into another thick red smoke filling up the saloon very effectively. Gen and Shin would make there moves as well, both made there way to the Saloon side where Shin would now help Turo, entering right behind. Gen would fire off another red fiery ball of energy as he made his way towards the balcony edge. This ball of energy would hit right after Bane would be leaping onto the balcony edge firing off his own.Also aimed at the women. Gen would land right behind Kale making her attack, and Gen preparing another kido. [x] The explosive forces of all the kido, the one that was cut in half and these two however they would be dealt with would allow ken to make his move. Ken staying cloaked would enter the saloon from the doorway into the bedroom and now filled with Sekiton red smoke he would make his way to the u shaped inside balcony {V}. Moves: ACTIONS: . STATS: sorry for late post and bad # fight
  2. With the first move in place, Vice Captain Salvatore and his team readied themselves for the next phase. This phase would come at a possible cost but also hopefully creating a window of opportunity. The Vice himself would remain motionless inside his current wherabouts, Bush [J] until the time was right. NPC: The attack on the Salon was about to commence, Gen and Shin would both be the signal to the others. They both at the same time would open the palm of there hands, while a ball of red condensed energy formed. "Bakudo # twenty One Sekeinton " They would say in unison. Instantly they would look at each other and throw the condensed energy. The dense balls of red energy would land roughly thirty yards from one another. Both kido arts would also land roughly forty yards infront of there current position. As they hit the ground, they exploded into large red smoke clouds, dense enough to hide the presence of any within or behind. Atleast to those within the same level of skill, the Veiled Lieutenant may of been the only one to see movement behind or within. As they clouds bursted they instantly became one large wall of smoke. This was the signal to the others, as well to there leader Salvatore. Who were already in the midst of executing there next phase of the plan. Ken himself would activate Bakudo #26 Kyakko, hiding his presence all together, bending the light to create a perfect camouflage. Ken would take of from within the bush[F], heading directly into the the red smoke, concealing his presence further. NPC: Meanwhile the other three, Bane, Turo , and Kale would make there move from the Bush's closet to the tree line. They would move in unison, Kale and Bane both would use the same Bakudo, Bakudo # Twenty One to create two more large smoke clouds. They would create these clouds about twenty yards from the previous smoke clouds, creating one large massive wall of red smoke. They would position these clouds roughly ten yards between the overturned carts.[C/D] These cloud, now wall of smoke would more then likely consume the Carts locations as well. Allowing the group of three to move in closer, and get a real footing on the Salon for there next phase. The Trio would run in Unison taking cover at the Carts/ Rock when they arrived. When they arrived the Cart[D] and rock [C] were consumed in the smoke cloud. They would more then likely find themselves now face to face with one of the opposing members, Chanchella. Turo the Tenth seat would still be fresh, and aware, he would make first contact with the opposing force, while Bane and Kale got into cover behind the over turned wagon[D]. Turo would arrive at the rock and attack Chanchella, the two hidden within the red smoke would engage. Turo attacking with a large piece of earth, slamming his foot into the ground causing a large piece of earth to rise and he would punch it. The punch would create dozens of smaller projectiles that flew towards Chanchella. San Salvatore as he seen the smoke clouds become one he made his move, darting off from within his location[J[ and taking off towards the Saloon. He had the longest distance between himself and the Saloon, however his speed would make up for the distance. Though he was not trying to truly hide himself, more of draw attention. He would run along the smoke wall and quickly arrive at overturned Wagon [L] He would not even expect anyone to be behind it but would simply kick the Wagon with his full force hopefully sending it crashing into the front of the Salon or into a various large rock[M]. This again was to draw attention and possibly cause those hiding/defending to reveal themselves. Again with all the commotion that had begun, Ken was on the move with his body full camoflagued and concealed thanks to Bakudo Number twenty Six, Kyakko. Ken would dart threw the smoke and leap from the ground landing along the Saloons rooftop.He would remain until the nest signal was delivered. While Kale would leap from within the smoke and onto the balcony being met by two possible combatents.[x] Moves: Actions: STATS: Wc:715
  3. Salvatore and his men awaited in the forest, planning and scheming. He was accompanied by his tenth seat Turo and Turo's selected combatants and now team members. Which consisted of officers Ken Yama, Bane Noname, Shin Denero, Kale Sumbachi, and Gen Yama. Both Gen and Ken were twins, they were roughly in there young twentys, both supporting short buzzed green hair, with lime green eyes. The only thing that stood them apart from one another was that Gen had been serverly burned in a fire and suffered major scaring along half his body that extended upwards to the left side of his face. Bane Noname, which really wasnt his last name, but he was not given one. He was an orphan a castout thrown to the streets as a toddler, only to be saved by a group of unsavory characters. Which gave him his hard exterior he displayed and strong will. The man stood roughly six foot flat and had red hair that flowed freely at shoulder length. Shin was more of a normal soul reaper, grew up slightly privileged but he trained his ass off to get where he is today. He had no hair, bald, shinning in the sunlight. His attire was like most reapers however he always carried with him a staff, strapped along his back. Now Kale was a young women looking as if she was barely of age. Her pretty looks was something to not be fooled by, she was a warrior at heart. She had long blonde hair that for now would be tied back in a pony tail, with crystal blue eyes. Vice Captain Salvatore looked over his team, and then to the map, reassuring himself and his squad. "Keep to the plan, if need be you know what to do should something warrant a counter measure. Again move as a team, act as one, reinforce, remain head strong." The team would nod in unison, ready to begin. A few more moments would pass, and the time would be upon them. "Time to move out" Salvatore and his team would arrive at the forest line and look closer upon the battlefield. The grassless field with overturned with wagons and bushes scattered threwout and there in the distance the shanty town, the saloon barely being able to fully be seen. Salvatore would make his move first, moving by himself he would begin to transverse along the forest line to the other side of the forest line. He would move in quick strides, his speed moving almost at his fullest potential to ensure getting into place. Salvatore would run along the forest line insdie the thick brush to hide his movements, once in place he moves with flash step to bush [J] NPC: The teams would begin there movements. They would split into the two three men group as devised. Ken, Gen and Shin were one team while Bane, Turo, and Kale made up the other team. This was mainly because of skill, Bane, Kale, and Turo were great hand to hand fighters, while Gen, Ken and Shin excelled in kido arts, however Ken was a more overall skilled warrior. Gen and his team would move to bush [F] keeping there heads low and moving at the best of there abilities. Once inside the bush they would split, Ken Remained in bush [F], while Gen moved to bush [E] and Shin to bush [A]. This team would allow cover fire and potential observation. Ken would remain until the time was right to throw himself into the fray. NPC: Team two were also on the move they all entered Bush [H/G] together an remained as the other team got into place. They would be the front assault team, so there positions remaining concealed for now was of the upmost importance. Salvatore would remain as well, his speed would allow him to close in gapes with a flash step or two, and knowing the officers skills, not one besides the opposing Lieutenant could keep track of. OOC :Technically moved 7 times but hope its ok Wc: 675
  4. Salvatore awaited at the gates for a few moments before the large heavy carts begin to slowly open. As they did the new appointed Vice Captain see his ally, Lieutenant of the fourth division. The fourth divison calls to him and his men, San turning to his men and giving a slight nod. The simply gesture was met by his men standing up and grabbing there bags and beginning to flow into the camp. At the same time the Lieutenant almost instantly addressed the promotion of Salvatore. Something that he himself still hadnt gotten used to; wearing the badge and being addressed in such a way. "Thank you Lieutenant, i must say it wasnt on the best of terms." Salvatore replies with a half smile as he holds the badge in his hand momentarily. Reminiscing on his friend. Then after composing his self and his mind he would watch as the tropps began to enter the gate, while both Lieutenants conversed and caught up. San wouldnt go into the traitorous members that caused his promotion and his friends death. That story would be for a later date. "The promotion has come with varying degrees of difficulty due to the nature of my fast advancement. I have finally begun to get things under control and shifted around as i would like. Allowing myself time for myself or such dealing as this." The two would converse on the topic a few moments as his troops were being welcomed and shown tot here living quarters. "Tenth seat Turo Kyobashi, this is my ally Lieutenant of the fourth Division and commander of this campaign. You will follow his orders as directed as if they were my own... The tenth seat walks over he is a tall man six foot five, very muscular with hair tied back in a ponytail. His eyes were greenish blue, while the rest of his attire was that of a normal soul reaper. "Lieutenant this is my acting troop leader of these men. He will follow your commands as will my men. He is appointed to keep oversee and deal with you and i directly, voicing our commands to the troops and one another if need be. Salvatore would nod, dismissing the large man. "I personally have selected and vetted these men my self, they are loyal and devoted. The two's conversation then would take a turn, a turn for the best. The topic was something that San himself had pondered and his men mentally thought. It seemed his ally again wanted to test his capabilities, this time however in a more pressing, battle scenario. Which was just, even more so since San seemed to not have gained the mans trust as of yet, atleast not fully. Not to mention there previous mission was that of simple small bandit camps, nothing pressing on the newly appointed Vice Captains skills. "I must say Lieutenant, i have pondered the idea as well. Not meaning to offend but leaving my men without knowing ones capabilities has drawn up feelings of uneasiness. This "test" will not only prove to you what you wish to know but me and my men as well. Not to mention as i said before i have finally time to myself, and i as you will come to know put training at the forefront of my daily routine. So i accept, i only ask i take the assault side, more my style. "San would grin, then turn to see his tenth seat. "To keep this more level, i suggest no release of our weapons for our troops sake, and one another's." Vice Captain Salvatore said as he touched his sheathed weapon. "Also i would like to take my men on my side, feel free to do the same or even mix. I wish to do so, to test my men, see if they really being embracing my training regiments i have put in place. However the Lieutenant would respond SAn would call back over his tenth seat. "Gather your five best warriors Turo, you six will be joining myself and the Lieutenant here on a mock battle. The large men would smile, clearly he had hoped for such a situation or the fact he was to spar along side his Vice Captain. Looking to the Veil warrior the large man nodded and turned to find the men. Not long went by before the teams were assembled and they would depart towards the abandon little town a few kilometers away. The groups would remain together until once close enough they would split. San and his team would try and take over a saloon while the fourths Lieutenant and his men would defend. Salvatore was given a map, pretty detailed of the landscape even noticeable possible troop placements and various covers. This mock battle, spar, training or test whatever it was called seemed to be well thought out and planned. " See you one the battle field friend...." Salvatore would say as they two parted ways. Salvatore along the way to his teams starting position would begin to formulate his plan with his men. "Men we are going into this a little blind, not really knowing the layout besides this map, and the fourths divisions capabilities and there home front advantage. However we have trained and trained, we should be ready for anything. Nearing the tree line San looks over the area, then to the map, and truly the map was pin point. Ok men at first we will move in teams of three, then as you hit this marker one man splits off, to here. Next movement again split, until the three man group becomes one. We will use this to close in as fast as possible while remaining less likely to draw unwanted attention. As well if yall come into contact by a defending party, three vs one should cause for easy work... I myself will use my speed to close gaps and reenforce as needed.... The team would look over the map as a whole taking in the locations to move, and when to move, while trying to get a better grasp on the situation. "If things go well we should have a nice wall around the town/saloon area, if so i need two men to fire kido off in rapid succession. Hopefully causing minor confusion and allowing the other men and myself to engage more directly. Salvatore and his men would continue to look over the map, until the time was right, which was about twenty more minutes as discussed. In this time some tweeks would be made to the plan and even some second guessing by the newly appointed Vice Captain. WC: 1,120
  5. It had been a couple of weeks since Salvatore had left the Rukongai districts, along with his new ally. In that time the fifth seated officer had went on to become Vice Captain of his squad. However not by the means he had wanted but by corruption and death a friend and leader. That story was for another time. Being the new leader, sub leader of his squad Salvatore had acquired the access to troop movements, financials, recruitment, training regiments, patrol to the name a few. You could say in the time of becoming the Lieutenant the once fifth seat was now thrown into the duties and was overwhelmed at first. Luckily he had his newly appointed third seat Zen to help out with the proceedings. After the weeks had passed the newly appointed Vice was finally caught up and more aware of his new duties. He finally had begun to get back on track with his own training and efforts outside his squad. Such as getting Zeus the young boy from the districts to move into the barracks and begin his training under San. Also begin his efforts to find suitable candidates for the mission he and his ally had begun within the districts. This would of been and easy task to find able body reapers. However such a traitorous outcome befalling the squad, the members were being vetted. A process that took time, and was highly necessary. Which was one of the reasons San had the top twenty ranking officers focused on one varying aspect of the squad that would direct strictly back to him, and him to the Captain. It would remain this way even when all were cleared and passed the various investiagtions that currently were being conducted. The Vice liked the idea of certain ones leading certain roles, it allowed for more structure and keeping him in the loop and more aware of the situations whatever they maybe. Also easier to hold one accountable and see if they were worthy of the top twenty seats which ever one it maybe. Even though alot was happening at his squad he always kept the mission of the districts in his mind. An finally after all, he manged to vet and clear the top twenty ranking officers along with forty good strong, devoted and loyal members. "Tenth Seat Turo Kobayashi, are the troops ready for deployment?" The Vice Captain says as he appears thirty feet from the group of squad members who were selected by himself, and the tenth seat who would be his leader of said troops under the squad four Lieutenant of course. "Sir, the men have just finished packing, and gathering there supplies, and are ready to move out." Tenth seat would reply, San nodding back in acceptance and approval. Salvatore would quickly address his men, before heading out. "As you all know i have selected you all personally for this mission. A mission which will help change the lives and the districts forever. Tenth seat Turo Kobayashi will be your ranking officer on this mission. However squad fours Lieutenant will be your commander. Your jobs will be more of reinforcement and security. For now this deployment will be atleast a month long venture, which in time i will approve another group of members to change out. Allowing you all to return and get some R-n-R. In the end i hope to create a ever exchanging routine of troops, that way not one group is pushed or gone for too long. Now men follow me, time to move out." Salvatore would say with a strong, stern and confident voice. The men would reply in unison, "Yes Sir" Grabbing there duffel bags filled with there various supplies, ranging from extra clothes, personal items, maps, books, even some with rations to help extend there duration and not impede so greatly on squad fours food. In the end they had what they needed to perform the task at hand to the best of there capabilities. The group of forty shinigami would move out slightly past sunrise, they would move in formation. Eight rows of five men each, with the tenth seat closet to there new sub leader. Vice Captain Salvatore would walk alone ahead of the group. As a true leader would. As they passed threw various districts they were met by various looks. Most of shock and confusion, citizens speculating and even worried about why such a troop would be pressing into the districts. This was only to be expected as the districts grew to hate, fear the Reapers when in no way it should be that way. In was something this campaign could change, and bring the soul society more whole then ever before. After all the human world wasnt the Reapers only duties, it also included protection and governing over the souls within the district something that had become lost in time. Becoming a minor focal point, fading in and out. After sometime of travel the troops and there leader would arrive outside the main encampment, by now the it was high noon, the sun blazed high on the cloudless day. Salvatore would stop his movement, his squad members doing the same. He would motion for the Tenth seat to break ranks and go to his side. "Tenth seat Turo, remain here with the troops while i go find the Lieutenant." With a simple nod and "Sir" would turn and motion for the troops. The troops would drop there various supply bags and take a seated position. The Vice Captain would begin walking closer to the gates, which by now was fortified with more guards upon the presence of squad 7. It would be known he was coming, atleast likely. However first glance the squad four members wouldnt realize or recognize the troops at there gate. Atleast not until they would see the blue man, San Salvatore. He wore the same attire as before, normal shinigami wear, all black. With a sleeveless top, and custom hood draped over most of his face. His Vice Captain badge placed along his hip near his sheathed Zanpaktu. Before the squad four members would see him in his full, realizing who he was they had surely informed there Lieutenant. Removing his hood, Salvatore would smile. "Vice Captain San Salvatore, here for the Lieutenant. I have brought the backup as promised...." He would motion towards his men who sat merely twenty yards behind his current position. Some restoration officers would express joy and excitement seeing there new comrades, however none woud move until there commander gave the order. They would allow San in, allowing for the two to meet, if he wasnt already standing behind the makeshift wall/gate. WC:1,119
  6. The mission was now complete. San and his team had bound up the bandit members and had begun there way back towards the Restoration camp. San's team members would remain behind rounding up the bandits and moving them securely to the necessary holding facilities. While also securing and disposing the reiatsu based weapons. The seated officer would travel with just the main bandit leader, and one of his weapons. Along the way he would try and interrogate and learn whatever information the bandit camp leader would be willing to share. In the end it wouldnt be too much, much of nothing but snide remarks. The man had a sense of loyalty and honor, something San could appreciate even with the man on the other side of the conflict. "I can respect your loyalty to your cause but you have to understand we are not like the shingami you have come to hate and distrust. We truly wish for a better life for all the citizens within the districts. Any information you could give or willing to give would help out greatly. Try and put your pride aside and look to the future. These weapons will only cause more chaos and destruction. Not only for the current conflict between us and you but for others, others that would oppose you or us." The fifth seat said as he walked behind the bound man. The man would stop in his tracks and turn around looking at San in his face. "I have nothing to say, your empty promises or "better life" is just lies as always. Those weapons will do nothing but allow us, the citizens to not be afraid or stuck under the Gotei 13 thumb. We will finally have a means to truly combat you... The man would spit to San's feet before turning back and walking. Clearly the man had distrust for soul reapers all together for unknown reasons. To believe that these weapons would bring the districts a way to rise up and become there own, was foolish. The Gotei 13 members were more then just kido users, they were trained like Salvatore himself to be death dealers. Abilities to achieve speeds and power on par with what humans would think of a god. Not to mention there swords, the weapons that can destroy cities, districts, and even monsterous beings with ease. Truly the only thing that would come of these weapons would be devastation and more focus from the soul society, focus like military rule. "You cant be dumb enough to think such a way. All those weapons or fighting us will do is add to our efforts and support. As well as creating more of a reason for the central forty six to press with military action.... The rest of the way remained silent until the walked over the mountain side, a peered into the valley below. There below was the Restoration main camp, and it seemed squad fours Lieutenant had already arrived. Other bandits members were seen bound to a tree, San grinned, the mission seemed to have been successful on both fronts. The camp leader with San turned to the officer we anger in his eyes as he realized the other camps were also taken out. "You see your efforts will be futile, you may have some strong warriors, weapons or numbers, but it only takes a few well placed and dedicated Reapers to ruin your efforts. I ask you once more, please tell me what you know, the less blood shed on either side is my goal. Those weapons will only force our hand to use such effort in our defense." Again the man would shake his head before trying to spin kick, sweeping at Salvatores head. The seated officer lept slightly into the air before driving his own foot to the mans head, knocking him out cold. Moments later San would walk into the gates of the camp, with leader thrown over his shoulder. Squad four medics would approach as before. "He is only knocked out, please place him with the other bandits, but please make sure guards are posted he is quite angry. The medics would nod taking the prisoner, but one remianed behind. He gave a look to the seated officer, one that was returned with a look of confusion. "Um, where is the Lieutenant?" The squad four officer would wave his hand towards the main tent, there in the distance was the Vice Captain. The fifth seat would nod and begin to walk away. "Sir, what about your wound?" San turned around in disbelief as he did he looked down to realize his bandages were now somewhat red. It seemed the strenuous activity had caused his wounds to reopen, not much but enough to stain the white bandages. "Ill come back in a moment....The wounds werent severely just a simply reopen, so talking to the Lieutenant was first priority, next he could re bandage and healed. Walking up the the Lieutenant who was sitting outside his tent, leaning upon a crate. San would nod and wave as he was within a few meters."All go as planned Lieutenant?" Now a few feet away the Seated officer would begin to go over his part of the mission, and findings. He would present the Lieutenant with a map of possible future or current other bandits camps scattered threwout the surrounding area. He would also explain the bandits being transported here now, while also touching base on the two camps seemed to be leader. Not leader in general just of the camps he had dealt with. "Overall the mission was a success, not fatalities on our side or there's. However the head of the camp i encountered is currently here, taking a nap. He is loyal to his cause and would not give much information, maybe you could get something out of him when he awakes. Though what is troubling the most is what i found at the second installation. The officer would pull out the reiatsu gun and place it along the crate next to the Lieutenant. "I have seen a weapon like this before but not in the same manner. These weapons seem to focus the reiatsu from the air/ surroundings like a quincy would. Focusing it into bullets of energy. We uncovered two gates full of various weapons of the sort, which are now being destroyed. Back to what i have seen, i seen versions of these but canon forms created by squad 12 that uses a reapers power to fire kido for training purposes. However it could be these are stolen plans, adapted into a way the bandits could use them, or even worse case a traitor within the squad 12 providing or even creating these weapons. I know someone back in the Soul Society that could point me in the right direction. For now keep aware they are being outfitted by someone with enough intelligence or pull to get such weapons....Besides that all went well on my end, how about you sir? "After the next few exchanges of the conversation San would make his leave back to his district picking Zeus up along the way. While back in his squad begin his investigation as well as pull for the troops that the Lieutenant much needed even more so after the recent findings. Wc:1,224
  7. With the first camp down and the intelligence acquired San and his team began to move towards the next encampment. The team would begin making there way across the large lake, there speed staying in unison with one another. As they neared Shino and Wen would take to higher altitudes. Dressing in bandit attire the two would into the forest from high above onto a patrol route. There they would be met by two bandits on routine patrol. The shinigami would make quick work of the bandits and assume there patrol. They would enter the larger camp, this of which had two large main tents surrounded by various others. It also had two signal bon fires one along the water the other along the tree line, signaling to the camps squad fours Lieutenant were currently dealing with. This lake camp was much bigger then the previous as multiple gaurds stood post scattered in various locations around the camp. As well many bandits were seen moving supplies from one tent to another while others were busy setting up more tents. The bandits were beginning to set or start up a main strong hold, from the looks of things. One bandit stood out from the rest as he was dressed in somewhat formal attire and was giving orders to various bandits as he and two body guards walked threwout the area. There were many different factors and potentials for things to go wrong here. "Kami you go left flank ill go right, strike to immobilize and more with swiftness. We can not allow them to signal the camps within the forest..." The seated officer would say as he and his comrade were beginning to close in on the camp. This wasnt the best play, it was more of a straight forward attack rather then silent. Goal was to use there sheer force to over power and allow Wen and Shino within to catch them off guard. As the two would split, Shino and Wen had infiltrated the camp and begun to survey the locations of bandits and possible threats. The two wouldnt remain unnoticed for long as one bandit began to approach them. "You over there..." He would call out. However this was at the same time San and Kami had made land fall. The two appearing before guards along the lakes bank, striking them down with ease, moving into the camp. It was then the two would let go and move with the intent to draw attention. San would rush into the camp, holding his sheathed weapon. The first bandit he would come across he would slam the butt of it into his gut then upon his head, knocking the man out cold. The grunts and force of the mans body hitting the ground drew attention. The next bandits to appear were dealt with by a spinning low sweep and a follow up kick to the others chest, sending the bandit crashing into a tent causing it to collapse on two bandits within. The force of the low sweep was enough to break the mans ankle but not keep him from calling out. San would stop the man by a quick crack to the mans neck with his sheathed weapon. Kami had also begun to draw attention causing two men to fly threw the air and into crates of supplies. The bandits were alerted and began to pour from the tents like ants defending there home. However as they began to charge towards the two attackers, Shino and WEn had begun to use kido to bind and trap various bandits. Quickly the two forces of banidts were thrown into turmoil as Wen and Shino used the commotion and there disguises to effectively restrain multiple members. The two largers bandits forces were now split among many smaller two three men groups, filled with uncertainly and fear. San and Kami would engage two three men groups before appearing before within the heart of the camp, where the bandit leader/ higher ranking official stood with his two body guards. San would nod to Kami she would vanish from sight to deal with the remaining bandits with Wen and Shino. "Men dispose of this..... Before another word left his lips San appeared before the three, using his full speed there was no way bandit of this caliber could keep up. Both body guards would fall to there knees before face planting the ground before them. "Flash step, Shinigami..... The head bandit said as he reached behind his back with both hands pulling out two pistols. He would instantly begin to fire, however these were unlike pistols of the human world with loud bangs associated with gun fire. instead these guns were somewhat dull in sound, and fired off reiatsu based projectiles, much like a shakkaho but smaller. San would take a few steps back while moving gracefully to avoid the fire. Each condensed ball of energy would zoom past, most would hit a tent or crate leaving a define hole straight threw. The tents that were hit would begin to ember as fire would begin to start. San noticed this and instantly used Bakudo number thirty, the peaks of the traingle slamming into each arm and torso of the leader, pinning him against a light post. He would struggle to get free, but it wouldnt work. San would appear before him delivering a palm strike to his chest and then his jaw, knocking the man out and the guns loose. They were intriguing and viable information. Even at a weaker state these kido type guns would/could prove dangerous. It also posed a viable option for the bandits defending against shinigami or any that opposed them. Kami, Wen and Shino all would deal with what remained, even one went for the bon fire to set it ablaze and signal towards the other camps. However he and the constructed bon-fire would be sent spiraling in the wind as Kami used hado Tenran to destroy it. With it destroyd the bandit had landed into a crate revealing multiple reiatsu based weapons, from pistols to seemingly assault rifles even grenades and what appeared to be rocket launchers. Had the team arrived a few days later it was possible this mission would of ended in bloodshed or a true battle. "Sir we have rounded up and bound the bandits... We also have found weapons, reiatsu based weapons. San nodded before revealing the two pistols he had managed to get off the head bandit. Salvatore would walk over to the crate and see for himself. "This is new, these weapons are reiatsu based much like kido. They are not easily created or obtained, this could prove to be a major problem for the Lieutenant. We must figure out where they are coming from and who is supplying them and creating them. Look around for possible intel or clues, Wen remain here with the captured." San had seen a weapon like this before, Zen's kido Canons however he said squad 12 had helped him create them. An they were dormant until activated by a spiritually aware or enhanced soul. It was possible someone had came across the kido canons specs and altered them or created the idea from sheer intelligence. For now San would keep Zens canons to himself and speak with the man when he returned back to his barracks. WC: 1,234
  8. Character Name: San Salvatore (Vizard ) Fate Point Balance: 2 Achievements: 3 Total: 2+1+2+3=8 Purchases: ------------------------------- |Achievements| NOT EVEN CLOSE, BABY (3): Win a battle against a Role-Player or P-Controlled NPC where you have less than 1500 ND. [Harrowing Recess]  [TWO IS COMPANY (1): Complete A Thread Role-Playing with 1 other Role-Player (Minimum 5 Post). Limited Achievement: Survivor of The Night of Wailing (2 Fate Points): Special Reward for those who completed the Night of Wailing Halloween Event (2019) Trashed Duality and by extension myself: + (4) ------------------------------- Working On: [EXTROVERTED (3): Complete 10 Collaborative Threads Role-Playing with any number of fellow Role-Players (Battles Included). [5/10] [THAT'S CLASSY (2): Successfully Use Your Primary/Secondary Class Perks 10 Times. Over the course of multiple battles. [2/10] [KIND OF A BIG DEAL (2): Take part in, and see the conclusion of 3 Major RP Events/Arcs. [1/3] [BATTLE-HARDENED (4): Participate in 10 Battles against other Role-Players or P-Controlled NPCs. [3/10] ------------------------------- Completed: Resurge:
  9. The infiltration of the four camps had begun. The lieutenant had begun his attack and things had seemed to go right atleast for now. San and his team would at roughly the same time would of began there's. The seated officer and his current subordinate Kami would begin to close in on the group. As they neared the other two team members would await in the trees on opposite sides of the camp. They would be a form of look out, but also infiltrate when San gave the order. As San and the female ninth squad member closed in, they were met by a surprise. As they crept closer an closer a random bandit came stumbling around a large tree. He had just finished draining his bladder, his eyes widened as he saw the two. "He....." He would begin to call out to his buddies, only to be cut short by San using his full speed to strike the man down with a well placed strike to his jaw. The fifth seat would catch the man as he fell, Kami and himself continuing to creep in further. They were now about ten yards from a tent and about twenty from the fire where the two bandits were. However now close enough San could hear the voices of what seemed to be more bandits then expected. Awaiting a moment before continuing San contemplated his next actions. He would signal for Kami to take the left side of the tent, while he moved up the right. When they reached the other side, the side with the entrance and also facing the fire. The two men were still there conversing amongst themselves. Salvatore would motion for Kami to keep by the door side, as he moved for the two by the fire. Meanwhile the other two Shino and Wen began to leap from there perched positions and gracefully fall upon the camp. As they did they were met by bandits eyes, the bandits would look in awe just as the two would land upon them, knocking them out. However Shino was spotted by another, one who had just exited a tent. "Hey ,What The Hell?" The good would call out as he rushed Shino. They were on the side of a tent therefore it didnt alarm all the bandits within the camp, however it did alarm the ones at the fire. San now being mere feet behind the two at the fire, they would drop there drinks an leap up to there comrades call. One would notice San, the fifth seat would deliver a jump kick to the mans chest sending him tumbling threw the fire. While also following up with a back spin low sweep, knocking the other off his feet. Rolling over to him delivering a quick punch, knocking the man unconscious. However due to the man tumbling threw the fire his weeps and grunts stirred up the ones within the tents. Kami waiting on the tents entrance would grab the first bandit by the arm, pulling him close driving his elbow into his abdomen,chest then jaw. He would be followed by another, Kami again quickly dealing with the first by placing her hand on his chest and using Hado Sho. The force was enough to knock the mans wind out and send him tumbling into crates. The third was more ready, he managed to exchange a few blows with Kami before Wen had appeared using Bakudo Sai to bind the man, allowing her to knock him out as well. San while this was happening was met by his own two thugs, after having put the man on fire out by a swift kick and a blanket. The two would rush San, however there speed was lacking compared to the Officers. He would use his speeds force to cause them both to lose there footings and stumble to the ground. Again he would use two swift kicks to there heads to cause them to sleep, possibly minor head trauma. Shino had dealt with his one,that had spooked the others and began to close in on the others. By now the commotion had awoken those within and they began to exit the tent, in which Shino was about to pass. Shino would leap and roll while using a chain bakudo to bound the first. The second came roaring out, attacking with his fist towards Shinos face. Shino would raise his forearm to block , a seki bakudo would appear. The blue condensed orb was struck by the fist,bending before sending the force of the punch an more back to its owner. The bandit would tumble and roll until smacking up against a tree. However the third and fourth to exit mad a sprint for the signal fire, San would use his Bakudo #30 to pin one against a tree . The other had dodged and kept running a torch in his hand. He closed in on his destination only to be met by Kami. She smiled before the goon decided to rush her, the bandit would draw his knife ,knife in one hand torch in the other. He would use the two, both as weapons swinging the torch while slashing with the knife. This would cause Kami to have to wait her chance, dodging and manevuring around each strike. Until she saw the opening, delivering a straight kick to the knee joint, causing it to dislodge. The man would drop to a knee in pain as he threw the torch to the signal fire. Kami was taken by surprise, luckily Salvatore and his speed caught the torch mid launch, snatching it from the air. Kami even no more enraged did a spin kick to the mans face. "Any others?" The fifth seat would call out softly to his team which all now stood around the fire."Seems we have dealt with them all" San would remained positioned for a moment before continuing. "Great job..so far. Now Wen bind the bandits with kido and chains. Shino go into the tents try and gather any intelligence you deem important to this mission or towards the Lieutenants main objective. Kami great fighting, take watch, keep an eye out for any returning bandits. I will help Shino go threw the tents. Stay focused, stay alert we are in enemy territory. The team would split, Wen binding the banidts, Shini and San looking/gathering any important information, Kami stood guard moving from tree top to tree top. Shino would exit one tent with a few rolled up maps of enemy positions and possible future enemy camps. San would exit with a detailed map of the two lake camp sites and there bandit "Officers/patrols/ numbers" "It would seem this was the smaller of the two lake camps. Next if this paper is correct should hold twenty plus men. We will need to act with more swiftness as well as surprise. This time Wen you and Shino, get changed into the bandit gear. You two will infiltrate, remain low key do not draw attention. When Kami and myself begin our attack we should gain there attention enough, so you two can enter the tents take out whatever bandits are within. Hopefully this will ensure better coverage and split the bandits up. After Shino come to my aid, Wen you go to Kami.......again we will use the water to get to the camp. However Wen Shino enter from this part of the forest into there camp,its one of there patrol routes." San would explain as he held a map opened, Wen and Shino would change attire , Kami would await the move out order. The banidts of this camp were all subdued and the camp was ready to be destroyed after the other was dealt with." Ok Lets Move Out." WC:1,301
  10. The Lieutenant would get the map from one of his subordinates, Salvatore would walk closer looking over the map. The officer and his team would be taking the two camps on the lake. The camps were on opposite side, therefore a possible alert to the other was possible. First thought was too split his team into two men group however as the Lieutenant mentioned the lake was large. As long as they took the first with minimum effort they would have no real worry as to alerting the second. In the end San would keep his team together. The four man team including himself had a better chance at resolving the camp that way. As well as allowing the least possible chances of something going wrong if he was with his team. Allowing full control of the situation at hand. The Lieutenant and his team would take the two camps dug into the foot of the hill that led to the lake. His team would also have to move with speed and stealth because they could also alert the lake side camps. However the reports of the camps were minimal bandits so the task at hand was more then likely would go flawlessly. San would motion for his team to gather around, "Ok team we will attack the camps one at a time to ensure nothing goes awry. We will surround the camp, one man on each far side. Myself and Kami will take the middle. We will move in unison. Keep your spiritual pressure concealed. Strike to knockout, not to kill unless provoked. We are doing this to gain further intelligence and to heed the progression of the bandits. Meaning we need to have survivors. Once all within the camp are neutralized we will restrain and move to the next camp, understood. Salvatore's team would all reply in unison "Yes Sir', the Officer nodding in acceptance. "As for the next camp we will use the lake, as means to infiltrate. We will move now in groups of two. Coming from the lake should provide us with surprise, the bandits more then likely not guarding it as it faces there other encampment.As the details were laid out San felt reassured of his team and the plan. He would look to the Veiled Lieutenant. "Ready to move out" Night had begun to take over the sky, the sun had set, the time was upon them. NIGHTFALL" San and his team would move with swiftness, using the forest to close in on the camps along the lake. Once within proximity the team of four would split. One would go to the right, far side of the camp along the lake. The other would position himself within trees on the opposite side. San and Kami would take place dead middle of the camp along the forest line,twenty yards between the two, fifty yards between them and there comrades. Seeing them would almost be impossible unless you knew there exact positions. This allowed them to signal to one another, when the time to strike was upon them. They would remain motionless for some time allowing them to take in the camps features, as well as target or access the bandits within. As reports noted these camps were fairly small but definitely growing. The camp consisted of four tents one seemed to house the bandits, the other supplies and arms. The other two were unknown, more then likely place for more men or planning or even there bandits leaders to meet. Due to it being nightfall multiple fire lanterns were scattered along the "walls" of the camp or what would be walls if they had any. Within the camp was a main fire, were two men were seen eating and conversing. One bandit was seen entering the supply tent and exiting with what appeared to be tent gear. Two other men had been seen entering and exiting the tent of the unknown tent. After some time watching no others bandits were seen but this did not mean that there werent any within the tents. San would motion for his team to move. "Kami you and i take out the ones by the fire... She would nod her head as the attack began. Along the lake was a massive bonfire, not lite, there signal to the other camps. This was something that had to ensure the bandits did not get too. OOC: would of finished but didnt want to hold you up WC: 740
  11. It would seem the Lieutenant had wanted to resolve the issue at hand with no casualties.Which was the more diplomatic way,a way to gain more trust in his cause and shinigami.However he was no fool,an in no way put the lives of the bandits over his own or the civilians.The Vice would continue drawing up the question of what sortof fighter he was.He was not looking for "showboating" to say the least.Luckily for him,San wasnt the type anyways.He executed his duties as swift and fast as possible. Not to mention the seated officers Zanpaktus were more assassin based,if anything San strived in stealth. Putting his hand on his Zanpaktus hilt on his hip,he nodded to the Vice Captain."No problem here Lieutenant,my zanpaktus are just right for what you ask."Next would come the details atleast what was known to Yuroshima.The camps they would deal with now, were just branches of a larger camp, one that his scouts were trying to locate. San had hoped he could help with the larger camp, however it would seem the Lieutenant already had a plan to deal with it in place. The seated Officer would help wherever he could. For now these smaller camps were simply it seemed like outposts, in the early stages. As it would seem there were only four men,however possible the camp grew to ten plus,less then 20. This would definitely be on the easier side of Sans missions as of lately. Still even though it seemed easy didnt mean something could go wrong or something unexpected could happen. An it would seem the Vice Captain thought the same as he was putting the squad 9 soilders to use before there departure. "I understand" Next after all talks had concluded another officer was called in, he too wearing a veil to mask his face. At first San was thrown off, but then realized it was for a reason. Possibly to conceal there faces but mainly, possibly to conceal the leader to lessen the risk of assassination. keeping any unwanted eyes from really knowing who was in charge, or quite possibly something San Salvatore did not think of. A few moments later a group of six men would arrive, San would get his choice of three, who would assist him on this mission. The seated officer had his pick. He would look them over, instantly he would notice a tall man, slender with a bald hair. He wore normal reaper attire an wore his zanpaktu strapped to his back. San would choose this man, he would nod an step forward "Shino, zuki at your service" Next San would choose the shortest of the six (5'2), a man who wore his black hair back in a ponytail. He had brown eyes,and again wore normal attire, except for his beaded necklace an bracelet." Wen, Huromi Sir." The two would now have taken one step before the rest, San would glance them over one last time. His third an final choice was a girl, she stood quiet an steady. You could see the ruthlessness in her eyes, the dedication. She had purplish hair with green highlights down to her shoulders. Her eyes were green, she wore normal robes as well however she had lime green stitching ana green belt to match. She even had a green scarf wrapped around at the neck, she wore her zanpaktu on her left hip, it also had green wrapped around it. This would be San's final choice, the 5'5 female, she was thin but athletic build. "Kami, August " She would bow as she stepped forward. The three would then step back."I am Salvatore, i will be your team leader, thank you for tagging along...i will let .....him take over. Salvatore would notion to the Vice in case he had wanted to tell them anything of the mission after all he was the leader of this all. Wc:661
  12. The meeting between the two new found allies proved to be going well.They both had shared reasoning as well as motives to change the districts for the better.There end goal seemed to be the same,atleast from what they two had discussed.The fifth seat would continue to drag on his cigar,truly forgetting the enjoyment a good cigar could bring.He grinned as he looked at it again before back to the his new found comrade in arms.It seemed Salvatores offer for twenty to fifty men would help,and be gladly appreciated.It brought a sense of accomplisment an pride that San could do his part to help not only the Lieutenant in his goals but also his districts.As when the Vice was able to expand,he would do so.Salvatore would lean forward as the man spoke off his help here an now,with some bandits.The fifth seat would take a final drag of his cigar,still only about half way completed he would put it out.He would somewhat detil the said mission,giving the officer an idea what he would be involved in,something he was used to an ready for.Like always bandit,thugs or whoever would try an reclaim what they thought was theres,even though they would disrespect not only the land but the people,looking only for self gain.A group had begun to sprout up camps along the northern area of an recently occupied Nahgistahd.A town San had heard somewhat about on his way over,a place where a war had recently broke out.To Salvatore the pieces of the puzzle began to fill,more then likely this Vice before him had a hand in that.Therefore maybe it or he wasnt all healing after all an was ready to enact punishment,destruction an death for his cause.Something that would have to be done trying to achieve such a goal,not always but times would arise,such as possibly now."I am happy to oblige you,an lend my services to your....our cause.The fifth seat would say as he looked firmly towards the Vice,his words hoping to show his true full fledge support."Are our intentions to kill,wiping the threat completely,or are we willing to give these men a chance.....The question was one San had to ask,how it was answered would allow him to act occordingly.If it was death San would have no hesistation an would deliver quick strikes,if it was run off scare he would hold back,delivering wounding attacks not death strikes."I am confident you may have some detail as how many men are within?He tired to ask all the nessary questions."Other then that what is the plan Lieutenant? wc:451
  13. Salvatore followed a few steps behind the The Vice Captain as they journeyed threw the camp.It was truly larger then first thought when San had been given the information.As they snaked threw the Vice responded with a low laugh,seeming there had been more at play then simple healing.Such a endeavor truly would come at its prices,no way they hadnt run into some sort of goon like bandit group yet.An if so it was only a matter of time.The thugs an such around the various districts already disliked Shinigami but even more so the ones who were invading there "Territory" as they would see it.Anything to keep the masses afraid and under there control.As they snaked threw the maze of tents they finally arrived at one bigger then most,probably the biggest.A large white round tent with a red flag atop an the insignia of the corps stamped on the entrance.Along the way San had taken in what he could as how his squad could help fortify the encampment.The Lieutenant would pause a moment before opening a flap revealing the inside allowing Salvatore to enter.San would nod in reply as he entered.The place had a bed,various small tables and crates most of which had lanterns lit causing the room to be illuminated.In the middle was a larger table,more then likely used for planning.Now both inside the Vice would extend his hospitality offering to rewarm the tea,and possible smoke,noting slow points were rather boring."Ill take a cigar of the tobacco if you dont mind.The fifth seat would say,he wasnt one to smoke really,but he did enjoy one from time to time.Not to mention he did so to cut the formalities an make the meeting more friendly.The fifth also did not wish to continue to refuse the hospitalities as he did with the medical care. Taking a stand on the side of the larger round table he would place his hands on it leaning forward as the Lieutenant began to address the matters at hand.First about the lack of guards/security in agreement with the Fifths notions.But it seemed the guards had just recently began to lack as he the Vice Captain had squad 9 members at his disposal until recently.Which wasnt surprising.After all the squads wouldnt want to continue for too long without a Vice or Captain warranting the idea,as the Vice of squad 4 had.Something next he would hint at,and he was right.Being a fifth seat Salvatore would have a harder time pulling the strings to get such an "Ok" but he was pretty sure he could.After all he was close to the Vice of his squad an already being groomed for the position.Next topic was if or when the acquired the troops the squad 4 camp could expand.AS the topic of bandits arose,as something the Fifth seat had expected.Taking a drag of his cigar he sure by now had been given,he slowly exhales towards the tents roof."You are right,me being a lower seated officer it may prove difficult to warrant the troops.However myself an my Vice Captain Oni Trio have formed a bond an he trust my judgment,Im sure i can get you atleast a troop of 20-30 men at first an more within reasonable timing.Taking another drag he would think for a moment."Eventually i think i can spare fifty men at a time changing troops every three weeks,allowing my squad to continue there duties as well as help here.After which i hope we can press towards my district and others,eventually creating multiple camps,smaller but well equiped like this one in several districts.San would lean back along one of the crates,drawing on his smoke."As for these bandit encampments any pressing concerns as of now i may be able to assist with.Im currently on leave,so i have time to spare.He was on medical leave however San wasnt one to allow his injuries stop him or his goal,even more so if it could help his friends.By the way may iget your name Lieutenant?He would twirl the cigar in his hands,looking at it in pleasure as it was a fine cigar,deeply inhaling an exhaling another large cloud. wc:709
  14. It seemed San's hinted notion for a name was mistaken,but more then likely brushed off.No way the man missed Sans intention in the question.This peeked San interest,was he holding the information back,why?The Lieutenant would respond we being happy to see another "visitor" one apart from his daily dealings.As it seemed the group had been out here months.This was surprising seeing as the Gotei 13 liked to keep missions long term or not on a leash of sorts.But also it would be expected of such a venture to take time to complete.Districts were not all the same nor were they the easiest to reform.The two new potential allies would shake hands as the Vice dismissed his officers over reaction he had demonstrated earlier.Confirming Salvatores thoughts on the man,one of true maybe over the top love of his job.The handshake would end an San would continue.In the End the fifth seat was met by a response again raising interest an also somewhat answering why the Vice did not mention his name earlier.He seemed ok an happy about the offer an possible moving his camps into other districts.What tipped San off to why he kept his name withheld was what he said next."Move the Discussion"It would seem that quite possibly the Lieutenant had already been dealing with possible moles,spies,assassins,battles.An had reason to keep his operations next moves in secret as well as his person,hence probably the Veil he wore also was to maintain secrecy.Also these words made San feel somewhat dumb for explaining his motives in and around so many eyes an ears.It was a mistake on Sans part hopefully one not to bad or would come back to bite him in his ass.Then again San was all for secret movments as he was until months ago the unknown vigilante.Since his name an faced been plastered as face of hope an security,he moved somewhat different,not keeping to the shadows as much. "Sorry Lieutenant,forgive my bluntness.Please lead the way..Salvatore would nod slightly bowing,willing to go to the tent.He hoped there the two could get down to hashing out the details,possibly San learning even more of this Vice Captains motives slash end goal."By the way i am truly grateful to see another looking out for these poor souls as i have in my districts.....even thought my help came in the art of killing,defending an yours in treatment...San would say somewhat quietly as he followed behind the Vice towards his tent,this time hinting at what else may the Lieutenant be up to or been up to. WC:438
  15. Salvatore would somewhat lean on the crates as he awaited the Vice,As he waited he was gifted his pain medicine as well as approached by a few others asking of his injuries.Truly the squad members here were fully aware of there duties an willing to do them without fuss,or laziness,they were driven.Clearly the man the fifth seat was about to meet was a good leader,an one people respected.Before the healers around San had dispersed the Shinigami of question appeared.Salvatores head rose as he looked towards the man calling his name.His tone was grateful an he gestured with a wave.San would lean forward off the crates an take a more formal posture as he would return with a slight bow of the head,as the man continued his approach.Instantly the Lieutenant Salvatores wounds,his demeanor slightly changing.Clearly the man was about his duties,as well as held his men to a standard.Before the fifth seat could even answer one of the healers,somewhat upset responded.The healer with brown hair truly was upset San had dismissed there offer,even the Vice was taken off guard by his subordinates response.The healing officer like the others around truly enjoyed there work as well as took it to heart,maybe too much.The glasses man would turn the corner fist clenched an began to speak to himself but loud enough San could hear had he choosen to keep listening,but he did not.He felt apologetic he had hurt the mans feelings if anything,and also happy he saw how much the squad cared about performing there tasks.It was something different from the everyday in the Soul Society.This was true passion an compassion. It was quiet for a moment before the man San had come to see broke it,Sans attention turning back to the Lieutenant.At which point San could take in the mans features in better detail.Clothed like most shinigami but had a veil of sorts.He just like the rest went to Salvatores injuries willing to help,he could just grin in response.In this moment was drew the fifths attention was the fact he reached for another blade,another Zanpaktu,rather then the one on his hip.Something possibly the two also had in common,dual zanpaktus as there concern an drive to help fix Rukongai."Its a pleasure to finally meet you Lieutenant....?....He would say as he hinted towards catching a name."Seems me dismissing your officer got under his skin.I meant no disrespect i just thought his time an skills could been used for someone more in need them myself.San would turn his head to look over the camp one more time before back to the Vice."I have come to see if the rumors were true,,,as i see they are.An to meet the one in Charge...He would gesture with a hand towards the Lieutenant."As for my wounds...we can deal with them later....Salvatore said with a grin showing he was in no true pain,pausing for a moment as he touched his bandaged chest.Feeling,recalling the cero that burn his chest."Now the true reason i have come...I was wondering if you may have the personal to expand this into the districts 50-55,possibly 50-60.I have grew in those districts and have earned there loyalties an respect.I can assure you they would be more then glad an willing to accept your help.He would pause a moment before looking around the camp."As i have looked around though i have seen some potential risks.I know you probably dont want to come off as a miitary camp and more an open medical facility.However as you know the Districts are stricken with crime,thugs,criminals corruption as well us Soul Reapers arent to fairly liked.So from What i have seen maybe i can reinforce your camps,provide some extra security to say the least.San would smile at the Vice Captain before taking a more formal stance."Anyway i can be of service to help expand such a cause,do allow me....Salvatore would await the response thinking in his mind of everything he said an possibilities for the future should things go the right way. WC:695
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