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  1. San Salvatore

    Rising in Rukognai, ripples in the water . . .

    The Lieutenant would get the map from one of his subordinates, Salvatore would walk closer looking over the map. The officer and his team would be taking the two camps on the lake. The camps were on opposite side, therefore a possible alert to the other was possible. First thought was too split his team into two men group however as the Lieutenant mentioned the lake was large. As long as they took the first with minimum effort they would have no real worry as to alerting the second. In the end San would keep his team together. The four man team including himself had a better chance at resolving the camp that way. As well as allowing the least possible chances of something going wrong if he was with his team. Allowing full control of the situation at hand. The Lieutenant and his team would take the two camps dug into the foot of the hill that led to the lake. His team would also have to move with speed and stealth because they could also alert the lake side camps. However the reports of the camps were minimal bandits so the task at hand was more then likely would go flawlessly. San would motion for his team to gather around, "Ok team we will attack the camps one at a time to ensure nothing goes awry. We will surround the camp, one man on each far side. Myself and Kami will take the middle. We will move in unison. Keep your spiritual pressure concealed. Strike to knockout, not to kill unless provoked. We are doing this to gain further intelligence and to heed the progression of the bandits. Meaning we need to have survivors. Once all within the camp are neutralized we will restrain and move to the next camp, understood. Salvatore's team would all reply in unison "Yes Sir', the Officer nodding in acceptance. "As for the next camp we will use the lake, as means to infiltrate. We will move now in groups of two. Coming from the lake should provide us with surprise, the bandits more then likely not guarding it as it faces there other encampment.As the details were laid out San felt reassured of his team and the plan. He would look to the Veiled Lieutenant. "Ready to move out" Night had begun to take over the sky, the sun had set, the time was upon them. NIGHTFALL" San and his team would move with swiftness, using the forest to close in on the camps along the lake. Once within proximity the team of four would split. One would go to the right, far side of the camp along the lake. The other would position himself within trees on the opposite side. San and Kami would take place dead middle of the camp along the forest line,twenty yards between the two, fifty yards between them and there comrades. Seeing them would almost be impossible unless you knew there exact positions. This allowed them to signal to one another, when the time to strike was upon them. They would remain motionless for some time allowing them to take in the camps features, as well as target or access the bandits within. As reports noted these camps were fairly small but definitely growing. The camp consisted of four tents one seemed to house the bandits, the other supplies and arms. The other two were unknown, more then likely place for more men or planning or even there bandits leaders to meet. Due to it being nightfall multiple fire lanterns were scattered along the "walls" of the camp or what would be walls if they had any. Within the camp was a main fire, were two men were seen eating and conversing. One bandit was seen entering the supply tent and exiting with what appeared to be tent gear. Two other men had been seen entering and exiting the tent of the unknown tent. After some time watching no others bandits were seen but this did not mean that there werent any within the tents. San would motion for his team to move. "Kami you and i take out the ones by the fire... She would nod her head as the attack began. Along the lake was a massive bonfire, not lite, there signal to the other camps. This was something that had to ensure the bandits did not get too. OOC: would of finished but didnt want to hold you up WC:
  2. San Salvatore

    The Harrowing Recess

    The battle for the night continued, it raged on with more an more intensity by the moment. The seated officer watched as his blade covered in smog erupted, however he didn’t account for his comrades getting in close. Sure enough the human named Masato closed in on the devilish lady, just as the cloud erupted causing him as well as the lady to be hit. The seated Officers eyes widened as he felt instantly regret and stupidity. It was a horrible choice he had made, he should of known better to use such an ability In this situation with allies involved.[1]He would therefore deactivate the fog,turning to nothing but reiatsu streams. As for his Shadow its sneak attack led to no outcome, no outcome worth noting. The shadow was easily destroyed by another one of lady Tomoe’s claws of mist attack. The claws shred threw the shadow an disperse the fog back towards his human comrade. The claws would twist around the beast after shredding the shadow an start hurling towards San. The speed at which they moved were incredibly fast, as they were before. [2] San could do nothing but try an block, however they broke right threw his defense easily. The razor sharp mist blades would cut into the Seated Officer along his face, chest, abdomen, and thighs. Resulting in ½ inch wide lacerations along the hit areas. This would happen obscuring Sans view of what happened between her an the human(Masato). Salvatore would be remain in place as the mist blades sliced threw his flesh, he would open his free hand an his zanpaktu the shadow had would manifest within it. An just in time. Wraiths would now appear from the mist eyes would appear in the dozens, no atleast a hundred would now hurl at the three. San would begin to spin his zanpktus at his sides, just as the wraiths went from eyes to talons an an mouths trying to attack the three. San would begin to spin while throwing an retracting and spinning his zapaktus cutting down as many as he could.Meanwhile the Captain would disperse a majority of them and Masato would take a large portion as well. The seated officer was shocked that he was only able to manage to fend off ten before the rest were dealt with. Feeling the pure shock of how “in over his head” he was he had no reason to hold back, he had to use it, even though young an not fully mastered he had no option. As they wraiths were dealt with, Lady Tomoe had returned flying skillfully slightly above the mist towards the group of three.Masato would call to San but only to be interrupted by the women having cleared the distance in such speed.However the fifth seat hopefully had the same idea he did. This time San could not allow the Captain to protect him, had they wanted to end the night, he would be needed to engage the devilish lady. Not be forced to protect the weak, Sans pride an sense of the greater good would not allow it a second time. Should he fall here tonight he could only hope it wasn’t in vain. He would look to the Captain while his spiritual pressure began to rise, his body glowing with pinkish reiatsu, shaking his head to the Captain. Hoping he knew it meant to not help him. Two mist blades would erupt from the charging beast, San would watch as they didn’t act the one she charged at, yet they went around. “ Engulf an Plague the Earth, Yami No O, Shiba No Joo…..Bankai…… As the words left his lips his spiritual pressure exploded in a radius of ten feet around the seated officer[3]. This would blind him to the fact that Masato managed to deflect one of the claws, but would cause the second to slam into the wall of the surging reiatsu that surrounded Salvatore. Dispersing the mist to nothingness. The surging reiatsu from the release would disperse as well on contact from the mist blades into harmless streams of pink an purple energy. San would be revealed in his Bankai form, taking on the resemblance to a living shadow, with golden eyes an golden razor sharp teeth for a smile, the rest was darkness.He now stood almost seven feet tall,almost a foot an half taller then before. However the seated Officer wasted no time, after activating Bankai he rushed Lady Tomoe with his speed at its maximum.He took off as the mist claws an his bankai release clashed. He would glide threw the air like a shadow. He would use flash step to close the gap even faster appearing at her side, opposite of Masato who was in the process of trying to bind her. Salvatore would appear out of flash step on one knee, he wielded two pink energy zanpaktus, both with chains. He would of appeared with one stabbed in the ground an he would instantly leap upwards allowing the chain to loose an extra as he lept upwards.[3] As he leap upwards a shadow would leap from his person onto her torso, like a bear hug.The shadows arms would wrap around her waistline, avoiding the humans placement of his fullbring on her opposite side.His shadow moved as fast as he so hopefully at such close range an Masatos actions it could latch on. What was different about this shadow then before pink barbs covered its entirety, like a cactus. If latched on or touched the lady she would be poisoned again. [4,5] As the shadow leaped into her San delivered two quick, one upwards an instantly back downwards slash as he passed over her shoulders. With the same sword as the other was still imbedded into the ground. The attacks were aimed for cutting into her free from Masatos arm to shoulder an back down,hoping to cleave her arm off, which was highly unexpected. [6] As he passed her head he would spin around an pull tightly on the chain causing it to lasso around her from the knee to her shoulders only making two an half circles. The chain would wrap around her opposite knee of Masatos fullbring to her hip,where the shadow was then up to the shoulder area on the side San was.Hopefully wrapping around the shadow as well adding to the binding effect. With Sans shadow an chain wrapping around as well as Masatos binds she would be temporarily immobile enough for the Captain to strike. Sans action would be completed as he spun an held tightly on the chain, pulling with all his might ,wrapping the chain around his forearm as tight as he could. San actions ended and he was about ten feet above an opposite side of the human ally. OOC: WC:1,142 STATS:
  3. San Salvatore

    Rising in Rukognai, ripples in the water . . .

    It would seem the Lieutenant had wanted to resolve the issue at hand with no casualties.Which was the more diplomatic way,a way to gain more trust in his cause and shinigami.However he was no fool,an in no way put the lives of the bandits over his own or the civilians.The Vice would continue drawing up the question of what sortof fighter he was.He was not looking for "showboating" to say the least.Luckily for him,San wasnt the type anyways.He executed his duties as swift and fast as possible. Not to mention the seated officers Zanpaktus were more assassin based,if anything San strived in stealth. Putting his hand on his Zanpaktus hilt on his hip,he nodded to the Vice Captain."No problem here Lieutenant,my zanpaktus are just right for what you ask."Next would come the details atleast what was known to Yuroshima.The camps they would deal with now, were just branches of a larger camp, one that his scouts were trying to locate. San had hoped he could help with the larger camp, however it would seem the Lieutenant already had a plan to deal with it in place. The seated Officer would help wherever he could. For now these smaller camps were simply it seemed like outposts, in the early stages. As it would seem there were only four men,however possible the camp grew to ten plus,less then 20. This would definitely be on the easier side of Sans missions as of lately. Still even though it seemed easy didnt mean something could go wrong or something unexpected could happen. An it would seem the Vice Captain thought the same as he was putting the squad 9 soilders to use before there departure. "I understand" Next after all talks had concluded another officer was called in, he too wearing a veil to mask his face. At first San was thrown off, but then realized it was for a reason. Possibly to conceal there faces but mainly, possibly to conceal the leader to lessen the risk of assassination. keeping any unwanted eyes from really knowing who was in charge, or quite possibly something San Salvatore did not think of. A few moments later a group of six men would arrive, San would get his choice of three, who would assist him on this mission. The seated officer had his pick. He would look them over, instantly he would notice a tall man, slender with a bald hair. He wore normal reaper attire an wore his zanpaktu strapped to his back. San would choose this man, he would nod an step forward "Shino, zuki at your service" Next San would choose the shortest of the six (5'2), a man who wore his black hair back in a ponytail. He had brown eyes,and again wore normal attire, except for his beaded necklace an bracelet." Wen, Huromi Sir." The two would now have taken one step before the rest, San would glance them over one last time. His third an final choice was a girl, she stood quiet an steady. You could see the ruthlessness in her eyes, the dedication. She had purplish hair with green highlights down to her shoulders. Her eyes were green, she wore normal robes as well however she had lime green stitching ana green belt to match. She even had a green scarf wrapped around at the neck, she wore her zanpaktu on her left hip, it also had green wrapped around it. This would be San's final choice, the 5'5 female, she was thin but athletic build. "Kami, August " She would bow as she stepped forward. The three would then step back."I am Salvatore, i will be your team leader, thank you for tagging along...i will let .....him take over. Salvatore would notion to the Vice in case he had wanted to tell them anything of the mission after all he was the leader of this all. Wc:661
  4. San Salvatore

    The Harrowing Recess

    The fifth seat an the group of what could be known as heros, should things go well had finally reached there destination.The ones that led the group had reached first,San bringing up the rear had arrived with his fellow Shinigami.They were met by a sight that sent the feeling of awe into there beings.The before them stood a raging hurricane-like storm comprised of the mist,unlike any seen before.The raging storm surged with such intensity that the wind along pulled at the group.Any weaker being would of easily been sucked into the raging vortex.The ones that looked into the hurricane could see headstones,fragments and whole,bricks,and pieces of broken swirling within.Truly like a hurricane it was filled with various debris.They would have no choice had they wanted to end this night,they would have to enter its violent torrent.The fifth seat would grip his zanpaktus,tighting the chains around his froearms that linked them to himself.The group would enter,with Ryun an Connor having already.The rest would follow in suit,the Shinigami group would await the order or notion.Once confirmed they would enter. Upon entering all visibility was lost as the winds within the hurricane mist were even stronger.Strong enough that most Shinigami’s night would come to an end.Salvatore would lose sight of his comrades,as he did he could only hear the sound of Ito being hit by an iron gate,his voice echoing as he was consumed by the torrent of mist.The width of this mist barrier wasn’t that great,the exit was close.However continued faint screams could be heard as one by one the officers of the Gotei 13 were dragged away by the roaring mist.San couldn’t believe it,his comrade in arms were all being destroyed by the vortex.He himself would hunker down his weight an continue pressing forward as he heard the last soul reaper calling out as he was hit by rubble sending him twirling threw the mist.This would leave just two soul reapers to remain the fifth seat of squad 7 an the Kido Corps Captain. Upon exiting the other side they were now met by the arena that would be there battle ground.The mist here was only up to there shins,revealing the football size stadium.This area was eerily silent, gravestones,caskets,brocks,iron segments of gates an various other rubble floating threwout.It was then upon scanning the area,San was met by the sight of the one responsible,Tamoe.She was a tall women,wearing a white haori,her soul chain pertruding from her chest to her grave.What was most unique was the halo like thing around her head an her hollow like arm.Truly she was something different,between death an becoming a hollow.A single sakura tree was next to her grave,all of which was conveniently placed in the middle of this soon to be battle ground.She would call out the mist at which point would recess to her being,while she extended her arms towards the survivors. She would then with simply swinging gestures of her hollow-like arm attack,spinning between attacks.San could barely comprehend the speed of the attacks,what was somewhat noticed was claws of mist targeting the two fullbringers.San would grip his zanpaktus tightly,unsure if his capabilities would even prove useful.No matter what the fifth seat would try,an do what he could to help.However before San could try an close in,the clash between the two full bringers an Tamoe had eneded an she was upon him.Her speed far exceeded his,therefore he was caught off guard.Multiple claw like attacks came hurling towards the officer.He couldn’t react.Luckily before he was hit the Kido Corps Captain intervened.Yellow glowing orbs numbered appeared around San,threads of yellow connecting various ones.The attacks that targeted San was blocked. San was thankful for the help more so the protection.He couldn’t help but me amazed at the Captains skill,himself realizing truly what a Captain was capable of. [1]While the attacks were being dismissed Sans shadow was on the move,once entering the area,the shadow entered the mist floating threw it waiting for the moment to strike.[2]As lady Tomoe appeared before San,he was already spinning his one Zanpaktu by its chain,close to his body.The zanpaktu began to be surrounded by a dense fog like reiatsu substance.San knew,clearly knew he was outclassed and basically a burden on the group,still he would try.[3,4]San would release his spinning sword,and leap back ten plus yards.as it did it flew threw the air towards the beast.Once close enough the Zanpaktu would release the death fog,hoping to catch lady Tomoe in it.{5]However even though he attacked this was more of a decoy,his shadow would now would appear rising from the mist leaping upwards from behind her,trying to cut along her back,continuing its momentum into the air above.The shadow would only attack once the cloud engulfed lady Tomoe or after she had moved to avoid it.The death fog after its explosion would begin to instantly drift towards the shadow,forming around its zanpaktu.Therefor others could still attack without worry of the poisonous cloud,hopefully with the clouds radius it would also cause her sight to be throw off momentarily.His shadow all the while probably had been noticed by the Devil of a lady,hopefully she lost track of it long enough or hadn’t realized its presence.For now this is all the officers could do. After throwing his zanpaktu releasing the cloud bomb he pulled back,keeping his zanpaktu tightly spinning next to his person,if she hadn’t grabbed it. wc:892 STATS:
  5. San Salvatore

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    The fifth seat an his two comrades along with the Shadows would continue to hold off the wailers that continued to make there way onto the shrine grounds.There numbers began to increase,soon not if,they would be in too dense of numbers to deal with.The human known as Masato would turn his head towards San as he tended to the injured.It seemed somewhat the man was willing to stay behind alone,something San didnt think wise with the hoarding numbers closing in.Salvatore would nod in return,turning quickly around as he heard the all familiar sound of a wailer closing in.Using flash step he would appear behind the charging wailer cutting it down with a single strike.He would then spin his single zanpaktu by its chain at its side,its speed increasing.He would release allowing it to fly threw the air cutting multiple wailers along there shoulders an torso.He would turn his body counter clockwise an pull on the chain causing the sword to flying horizontally threw the air,cuttingother wailers across there hip areas.Meanwhile the other two shinigami not as skilled,were beginning to find it harder to keep the wailers at bay.They now found themselves fighting two at a time sometimes as many as four,instead of the solo ones here an there.Time on top the hill was drawing closer to an end.Salvatores shadow moved like he,using its speed an the chained zanpaktu to cut down multiple wailers.The human would then ask San if he knew Kaido,now with an opening San could reply."I am sorry i do not know the healing techniques.Squad 4 normally tends to such matters,however most of them have now become these creatures.The fifth seat would say as he looked back to the wailers again charging upwards,he readied himself.Masato would now address the elephant,seeing if San could "Talk sense " to the captain.It wasnt something he was against trying however his words to a captain would only do as much as one of them speaking to the Kido Corpse Commander.I have no real ties with the Captain.My words may not have any sort of impact on his choices.Be it that,i am willing to tryThis current situation which it seemed the humans were truly against,which you couldnt really blame them for.After all the girl the man held was the tengu masked warriors girlfriend,or some sort of relatioship partner from what the fifth gathered.An from what else he understood of the current situation,it seemed that the humans were willing to fight or even maybe kill the shinigami for the Captains action.Such a possible fight between the group banded together to end this night could prove very compromising to there end goal.Which would not just be bad for them who are here an now but for those who would continue to die should this night continue in the coming years. Salvatore could only hope the captain an the two humans who blasted off with such speed came to an understanding.If not,San could only dread that situation.Once the human was done an began to leave,San would instruct his fellow reapers to do the same."You two lets go!"One of the soul reaper turned an flash stepped beginning his leave of the shrine grounds.The other would remain,San would call out again.This time he was met by the head turning around an seeing the face of the now somehow possesed shinigami.It was then he would notice the mans talisman had been somehow casted aside."Damn"The fifth seat thought as group of ten rushed over the sides of the now turned soul reaper.Sans shadow would by now returned to him,merging back into Sans actual shadow,giving the second zanpaktu back.Salvatore would raise one blade towards the group an instantly ten shadow like blades would cut threw the air,piercing the charging group.Turning to now make there leave the group would vanish with there speeds being used to the fullest of there capabilities,atleast San.He needed to know what came of the pending battle,was there anything he could say to the Kido Captain,what to do if fighting broke out,whos side,so many questions ran threw the seated officers mind.He could only hope that they would find somesort of middle ground or already had. As Salvatore traveled the wailers were pretty decently spread apart still,thanks to the Kido corpses kido,as well as the two humans leaving massive destruction an bodies in there wakes.This made traveling easier,as well as dealing with whatever ones did survive or the new ones that howled in the distance appeared.What was good new until San realized it was there were no flaring reiatsu,that was like said,until he realized the mist still distorted unless close enough to one another.He would skae off his thoughts an questions an continue forward,no need to lose focus,when he would arrive he would deal with it.Upon arrival,San had appeared with his one comrade more then likely behind the human.San had realized the officer had fallen behind which San had to slow down to make sure he too would not die.As they arrived it would seem the inner fight of the allied fighters came to a close."Thankfully'San thought as he watched the exchange the female for the human lady.It was then the group would come up with there next move.Which was to defeat the lady,the reason behind the mist,Tamoa.The masked warrior would now give key detail in the groups next plan of actions,the location of the now realized to be or was once a fullbring.It would seem she was in the transition between her fullbring an a hollow or something entirly new.So much had happened since they all entered,an now it seemed the end of the tunnel was near.The fifth seat would grip his zanpaktus tightly.As what the masked warrior would now say,on one side the way to end this night was drawing to a close,on the other end it would seem they had two fights ahead of them.Not only the woman but the man from the shrine grounds,beast was a better name for such a dispicable being.Anger an rage filled San thoughts as he thought of that monster devouring the souls.It was then that a loud shriek of a women echoed threwout.It was the fullbringer or what she had become,Tomoe.She called out,trying to give her thoughts on the "Real enemy" It would seem that she pushed her conviction onto the beast at the shrine grounds,calling his the true enemy not her.Followed by another shriek an her voice this time more devilish an threatening. The group would then make leave there current position an towards the grave of Tomoe.The two humans Connor an Tamura along with Captain of the Kido Corpse would lead the way to say the least,there speeds all of which seemed on par with one another.San was fast,but not like them.He also would remain at the back of the bus so to speak to allow the lower seated officers to maintain a farily close gap to the three leading the charge.Who San at one point seen the masked human swinging his bat with such force it dispersed groups of wailers in an instant.Electricity sparked,here an there more then likely from the being known as Connor.An stikes of various kido eveloped the surrounding areas.Truly it was a massive destructive force,the three of them,laying waste to most with what seemed to be simple actions.It was truly a feat to see such beings of power.However even with there attacks the hordes of wailers were dense,an there actions would only creating a few moments of time.Enough to create a path,but not enough to keep them at bay.As now the wailers seemed to all been foculized on them,coming from all directions an in numbers unlike before. The fifth seat along the path created would deliver finishing blows to wailers who managed to remain,despite the wake of destruction the three had created or the group slightly behind.He wasnt sure if this would help but should they all come following to the grave site,it would be best to have a lesser number to deal with.To inflict more damage Sans shadow would take leave,and pick up arms,grabbing one of Salvatores chained zanpaktus.The two would move like ghouls,San vanishing from sight with use of shunpo.His shadow moving like a ghost floating an slicing,cutting,maiming traveling at speeds that would match San had he utilized his full potential.The shadow beast would float into a group slice,cut,vanish appearing behind the other,performing multiple strikes continuing forward,taking to the air to repeat.Salvatore would do the same but with use of flash strep,appearing cutting as many as he could or that were close enough,vanishing ,however always on the move forward.Two large hordes had just formed running at angle,they would close in rather quickly due to there positioning.San an his shadow would then take a side on either side of the lower ranked officers.The fifth seat would raise his blade infront of him,as his shadow did the same mid stride.The two zanpaktus would begin to glow a vibrant pink,radiating with energy before bursting into dozens of sen-bon like needles that circled both he an his shadow.In a instant both groups of needles that encircled the two shot forth,each one piercing into the mist,an cutting down both groups of wailers.The needles would peirce threw,then another,then circle back cutting an piercing again as they would return swirling around San an his shadow like bees swarming there hive.Salvatore would use these needles to now pierce threw the remaining or injured wailers left from the previous group. Once threw most Sans shadow would reconnect,he would now have both his zanapktus in hand an would leap ten feet into the air while turning to face the wailers that followed.He would draw a circle with his zanpaktus a blackish portal would appear.From it would come multiple shadow like ghost that would clash right into the wailers as they clashed the result would be explosive.This would allow the group to gain more ground an for now keep the following herd disruptive.San would then use his full speed to catch up,hopefully nearing the grave sight. WC: LEFT THREAD:1705 GAINED EQUIPMENT: Talisman Of Vitality ACHIEVEMENTS: [Four Is A PArty][2]:Complete a thread with 3 or more Role Players
  6. San Salvatore

    Rising in Rukognai, ripples in the water . . .

    The meeting between the two new found allies proved to be going well.They both had shared reasoning as well as motives to change the districts for the better.There end goal seemed to be the same,atleast from what they two had discussed.The fifth seat would continue to drag on his cigar,truly forgetting the enjoyment a good cigar could bring.He grinned as he looked at it again before back to the his new found comrade in arms.It seemed Salvatores offer for twenty to fifty men would help,and be gladly appreciated.It brought a sense of accomplisment an pride that San could do his part to help not only the Lieutenant in his goals but also his districts.As when the Vice was able to expand,he would do so.Salvatore would lean forward as the man spoke off his help here an now,with some bandits.The fifth seat would take a final drag of his cigar,still only about half way completed he would put it out.He would somewhat detil the said mission,giving the officer an idea what he would be involved in,something he was used to an ready for.Like always bandit,thugs or whoever would try an reclaim what they thought was theres,even though they would disrespect not only the land but the people,looking only for self gain.A group had begun to sprout up camps along the northern area of an recently occupied Nahgistahd.A town San had heard somewhat about on his way over,a place where a war had recently broke out.To Salvatore the pieces of the puzzle began to fill,more then likely this Vice before him had a hand in that.Therefore maybe it or he wasnt all healing after all an was ready to enact punishment,destruction an death for his cause.Something that would have to be done trying to achieve such a goal,not always but times would arise,such as possibly now."I am happy to oblige you,an lend my services to your....our cause.The fifth seat would say as he looked firmly towards the Vice,his words hoping to show his true full fledge support."Are our intentions to kill,wiping the threat completely,or are we willing to give these men a chance.....The question was one San had to ask,how it was answered would allow him to act occordingly.If it was death San would have no hesistation an would deliver quick strikes,if it was run off scare he would hold back,delivering wounding attacks not death strikes."I am confident you may have some detail as how many men are within?He tired to ask all the nessary questions."Other then that what is the plan Lieutenant? wc:451
  7. San Salvatore

    Rising in Rukognai, ripples in the water . . .

    Salvatore followed a few steps behind the The Vice Captain as they journeyed threw the camp.It was truly larger then first thought when San had been given the information.As they snaked threw the Vice responded with a low laugh,seeming there had been more at play then simple healing.Such a endeavor truly would come at its prices,no way they hadnt run into some sort of goon like bandit group yet.An if so it was only a matter of time.The thugs an such around the various districts already disliked Shinigami but even more so the ones who were invading there "Territory" as they would see it.Anything to keep the masses afraid and under there control.As they snaked threw the maze of tents they finally arrived at one bigger then most,probably the biggest.A large white round tent with a red flag atop an the insignia of the corps stamped on the entrance.Along the way San had taken in what he could as how his squad could help fortify the encampment.The Lieutenant would pause a moment before opening a flap revealing the inside allowing Salvatore to enter.San would nod in reply as he entered.The place had a bed,various small tables and crates most of which had lanterns lit causing the room to be illuminated.In the middle was a larger table,more then likely used for planning.Now both inside the Vice would extend his hospitality offering to rewarm the tea,and possible smoke,noting slow points were rather boring."Ill take a cigar of the tobacco if you dont mind.The fifth seat would say,he wasnt one to smoke really,but he did enjoy one from time to time.Not to mention he did so to cut the formalities an make the meeting more friendly.The fifth also did not wish to continue to refuse the hospitalities as he did with the medical care. Taking a stand on the side of the larger round table he would place his hands on it leaning forward as the Lieutenant began to address the matters at hand.First about the lack of guards/security in agreement with the Fifths notions.But it seemed the guards had just recently began to lack as he the Vice Captain had squad 9 members at his disposal until recently.Which wasnt surprising.After all the squads wouldnt want to continue for too long without a Vice or Captain warranting the idea,as the Vice of squad 4 had.Something next he would hint at,and he was right.Being a fifth seat Salvatore would have a harder time pulling the strings to get such an "Ok" but he was pretty sure he could.After all he was close to the Vice of his squad an already being groomed for the position.Next topic was if or when the acquired the troops the squad 4 camp could expand.AS the topic of bandits arose,as something the Fifth seat had expected.Taking a drag of his cigar he sure by now had been given,he slowly exhales towards the tents roof."You are right,me being a lower seated officer it may prove difficult to warrant the troops.However myself an my Vice Captain Oni Trio have formed a bond an he trust my judgment,Im sure i can get you atleast a troop of 20-30 men at first an more within reasonable timing.Taking another drag he would think for a moment."Eventually i think i can spare fifty men at a time changing troops every three weeks,allowing my squad to continue there duties as well as help here.After which i hope we can press towards my district and others,eventually creating multiple camps,smaller but well equiped like this one in several districts.San would lean back along one of the crates,drawing on his smoke."As for these bandit encampments any pressing concerns as of now i may be able to assist with.Im currently on leave,so i have time to spare.He was on medical leave however San wasnt one to allow his injuries stop him or his goal,even more so if it could help his friends.By the way may iget your name Lieutenant?He would twirl the cigar in his hands,looking at it in pleasure as it was a fine cigar,deeply inhaling an exhaling another large cloud. wc:709
  8. San Salvatore

    Rising in Rukognai, ripples in the water . . .

    It seemed San's hinted notion for a name was mistaken,but more then likely brushed off.No way the man missed Sans intention in the question.This peeked San interest,was he holding the information back,why?The Lieutenant would respond we being happy to see another "visitor" one apart from his daily dealings.As it seemed the group had been out here months.This was surprising seeing as the Gotei 13 liked to keep missions long term or not on a leash of sorts.But also it would be expected of such a venture to take time to complete.Districts were not all the same nor were they the easiest to reform.The two new potential allies would shake hands as the Vice dismissed his officers over reaction he had demonstrated earlier.Confirming Salvatores thoughts on the man,one of true maybe over the top love of his job.The handshake would end an San would continue.In the End the fifth seat was met by a response again raising interest an also somewhat answering why the Vice did not mention his name earlier.He seemed ok an happy about the offer an possible moving his camps into other districts.What tipped San off to why he kept his name withheld was what he said next."Move the Discussion"It would seem that quite possibly the Lieutenant had already been dealing with possible moles,spies,assassins,battles.An had reason to keep his operations next moves in secret as well as his person,hence probably the Veil he wore also was to maintain secrecy.Also these words made San feel somewhat dumb for explaining his motives in and around so many eyes an ears.It was a mistake on Sans part hopefully one not to bad or would come back to bite him in his ass.Then again San was all for secret movments as he was until months ago the unknown vigilante.Since his name an faced been plastered as face of hope an security,he moved somewhat different,not keeping to the shadows as much. "Sorry Lieutenant,forgive my bluntness.Please lead the way..Salvatore would nod slightly bowing,willing to go to the tent.He hoped there the two could get down to hashing out the details,possibly San learning even more of this Vice Captains motives slash end goal."By the way i am truly grateful to see another looking out for these poor souls as i have in my districts.....even thought my help came in the art of killing,defending an yours in treatment...San would say somewhat quietly as he followed behind the Vice towards his tent,this time hinting at what else may the Lieutenant be up to or been up to. WC:438
  9. San Salvatore

    Rising in Rukognai, ripples in the water . . .

    Salvatore would somewhat lean on the crates as he awaited the Vice,As he waited he was gifted his pain medicine as well as approached by a few others asking of his injuries.Truly the squad members here were fully aware of there duties an willing to do them without fuss,or laziness,they were driven.Clearly the man the fifth seat was about to meet was a good leader,an one people respected.Before the healers around San had dispersed the Shinigami of question appeared.Salvatores head rose as he looked towards the man calling his name.His tone was grateful an he gestured with a wave.San would lean forward off the crates an take a more formal posture as he would return with a slight bow of the head,as the man continued his approach.Instantly the Lieutenant Salvatores wounds,his demeanor slightly changing.Clearly the man was about his duties,as well as held his men to a standard.Before the fifth seat could even answer one of the healers,somewhat upset responded.The healer with brown hair truly was upset San had dismissed there offer,even the Vice was taken off guard by his subordinates response.The healing officer like the others around truly enjoyed there work as well as took it to heart,maybe too much.The glasses man would turn the corner fist clenched an began to speak to himself but loud enough San could hear had he choosen to keep listening,but he did not.He felt apologetic he had hurt the mans feelings if anything,and also happy he saw how much the squad cared about performing there tasks.It was something different from the everyday in the Soul Society.This was true passion an compassion. It was quiet for a moment before the man San had come to see broke it,Sans attention turning back to the Lieutenant.At which point San could take in the mans features in better detail.Clothed like most shinigami but had a veil of sorts.He just like the rest went to Salvatores injuries willing to help,he could just grin in response.In this moment was drew the fifths attention was the fact he reached for another blade,another Zanpaktu,rather then the one on his hip.Something possibly the two also had in common,dual zanpaktus as there concern an drive to help fix Rukongai."Its a pleasure to finally meet you Lieutenant....?....He would say as he hinted towards catching a name."Seems me dismissing your officer got under his skin.I meant no disrespect i just thought his time an skills could been used for someone more in need them myself.San would turn his head to look over the camp one more time before back to the Vice."I have come to see if the rumors were true,,,as i see they are.An to meet the one in Charge...He would gesture with a hand towards the Lieutenant."As for my wounds...we can deal with them later....Salvatore said with a grin showing he was in no true pain,pausing for a moment as he touched his bandaged chest.Feeling,recalling the cero that burn his chest."Now the true reason i have come...I was wondering if you may have the personal to expand this into the districts 50-55,possibly 50-60.I have grew in those districts and have earned there loyalties an respect.I can assure you they would be more then glad an willing to accept your help.He would pause a moment before looking around the camp."As i have looked around though i have seen some potential risks.I know you probably dont want to come off as a miitary camp and more an open medical facility.However as you know the Districts are stricken with crime,thugs,criminals corruption as well us Soul Reapers arent to fairly liked.So from What i have seen maybe i can reinforce your camps,provide some extra security to say the least.San would smile at the Vice Captain before taking a more formal stance."Anyway i can be of service to help expand such a cause,do allow me....Salvatore would await the response thinking in his mind of everything he said an possibilities for the future should things go the right way. WC:695
  10. San Salvatore

    Rising in Rukognai, ripples in the water . . .

    Salvatore made his way towards the districts these so called medical facilities had sprung up.Normally he would of used flash step to arrive quickly,however with his wounds that was out of the question.Instead he would walk,walk threw multiple districts an streets.Along the way he was met by many,some with looks of anger an disgust due to his shinigami uniform,others of hope,wonder,excitement etc.The fifth seat wouldnt pay no mind to any,his coston hooded top half f the uniform would stayed drapped over his face as he walked,taking in all the sights.Sights that consisted of thugs,poverty,hunger all things that tormented the districts.However he was also met by sights of joy,happiness,thriving business,all things that should the potential of the districts.Truly they were in a place of constant turmoil,the scale shifting back an forth constantly depending on the district an those who were in charge at the time.San had brought hope an current peace to his districts he governed over,when the times he was around.However even in his absence the tides began to shift yet again,something San couldnt let happen.He truly hoped that these medical facilities would not only bring supplies an care to his home districts but also military presence.Even if they werent military focused,the fact they were shinigami meant they were skilled an also would present a deterring effect to those who wished to start trouble. As the fifth seat made his way place by place he began to gather some information,as he would speak to those who seemed happy at his sight rather then worried.It seemed the personal of these so called medical camps were led by squad 4 members.All who were led by a Vice Captain of squad 4,a person San had yet to meet or even know.However or whoever he was San could only feel compasion in the mans actions as it hit home,but on a bigger scale.San was looking out for his districts,not that he didnt want all of Rukongai to change for the better,his primary focus was his own,for now.However this man,this Vice Captain was trying to better all of rukongai district by district truly making a difference to the whole.No doubt he would be willing to move his facilities into San districts as it would help him reach his goal faster an it would be a hard accepted ideal.As San had already gained the districts trust an loyalty,from his days an current days as vigilante an now protector. Now closer to the areas of operations San had seen first hand the medical camps handiwork.People bandaged,some taking medicine,rations robust,an also less an less death an poverty.Not to mention some shinigami here an there doing there duties,as instructed by there commander.The sun had begun to set causing the sky to turn orangish red by the time Salvatore had made it to the main encampment.It was filled with a maze of tents,civilians entering an leaving various ones,some helped by shinigami some on there own will.Truly a sight to see in the districts normally filled with poverty an do what it takes to survive type attitude.The camp wasnt so heavily guarded or fortified,something that could prove dangerous but again they were shinigami in a fairly large number led by a Vice Captain.He would apporach the gates an be met by two officers who stood guard."Sir?,here for rebandaging?Sans open front of his top uniform showed his bandages so of course they would ask.He would remove his hood his eyes neon pink against his purplish blue skin,black veins instead of normal purple along his arms,as his top half uniform not only was hooded but also sleeveless."O...you dont look so well Sir......The fifths seats skin tone could warrant such a question,like he was plagued by a disease.When in fact it was his Zanpaktus who had caused the change in the mans look,Death an Darkness was something truly dangerous an powerful."No i am here to see your Commander,the Vice Captain,my looks are no more then a cause an effect....San would say as he placed his hand on his swords hilt,with a smile."O...sorry sir....may we ask your name an company?San would nod hearing the mans regret in his voice."No need to apologize i understand....I am the Fifth Seat of Squad 7,San Salvatore. The guards would begin to open the gate while another one was signaled over,informing him to go find the Vice Captain of Salvatores arrival.San would enter the camp an continue to see the doings of the squad more up close an personal.They were quite endowed with resources,crates stacked in droves scattered threwout.Tents for all wounds,medicine an rations all labeled an staffed with dozens if not hundreds of squad members.San would wait amongst a large supply of what seemed to be various equipments inside crates."Sir while you wait would you like us to change your bandages,provide something for the pain?San would not accept the bandages but a few pain relivers would def help the constant pain he still felt in his chest.Again San was wearing a custom hooded,sleeveless top uniform;hood removed, an baggy black kimono pants,Zanpaktu placed on his right hip an a dagger zanpaktu strapped horizontally along his back at his waistline.His eyes neon pink,his skin purplish,veins of black ran up where normally would be ones purplish blue veins. WC:918 OOC:Hope all is ok with post/My image is my character just without mouth being swen an without Haori for now
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    Fate Points: Tutorial and Shop

    Character Name: San Salvatore Fate Point Balance: 3 Achievements: [4] Total: 7-3-4=0 Purchases: * Vizard Path (3) Minor focus Power ------------------------------- |Achievements| LEARNING THE ROPES (1): Use your 'First Release' in a battle against another Role-Player. [VETERAN OF WAR (1): Use your 'Second Release' in a battle against another Role-Player. INITIATION (1): Complete your first PVP battle or battle against a Player Controlled NPC. [THREE IS A CROWD (1): Complete A Thread Role-Playing with 2 other Role-Players.
  12. San Salvatore

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    Alot had happened in the next few moments,shit had truly hit the fan.The group who had seemed to ban together to end this dreadful night all went about there personal investigations.Each one looking for the answers,the answer that would lead them to the cause or person/persons who were responsible.San was communicating with the teenage girls as all hell broke loose.He was given a personal talisman by a member of the social group.Just as he was directed to give thanks to the praying group,he would turn to look at the group.It seemed a man within the group was the first to arrive,he saw amongst them.Thoughts began to run threw the fifth seats head,as he tried to fit the puzzle pieces together.San would place the talisman in his pocket on his right side,near his sheathed Zanpaktu,right before things escalated in such a manner it was overwhelming.Then it began.The masked human who stood in the middle of the room,dropped the female he was carrying along with a letter he was reading.The human moved at such speed that San lost track of him.San regained his location as the door was smashed open,his hand burning with fire.Salvatore instictivly gripped the hilt of his Zanpaltu at the moment the masked human tore the talisman from the doorway,charring it to ash.The mist would instantly pour in,as the human called out "ITS HIM" his gaze fixated on the man amongst the praying group.It began to click in Salvatores mind.However with the mist now not being pushed back by the barrier of the talisman San could only think back on the wailers as they were now known as. Salvatore would begin to unsheath his zanpaktu,however not in the time it took the man to react to being pointed out.As the masked warrior called out the man responsible for all this reacted in a way highly unexpected.A massive blast erupted from the man,his body the epicenter.The blast was energy in the color of magenta that shot outwards in all directions consuming everyone within the buildings,obliterating the building altogether.San taken by surprise was sent hurling outwards tumbling in all directions.Many of the humans inside not apart of the group of "Heros" were killed in the massive blast.Some were lucky to survive most were not.San would regain himself as he pushed rubble off of his person,as slintered wood rained down from what was left of the building.The man would speak,however most of what he said was muffled as Sans ears rang from the intensity of the blast.Souls began to float from there corpses an towards the man as San reached his knees.Truly the beast was powerful beyond anything San had experinced before.The now unmasked human leapt from the rubble letting out a shriek,a shreik that reminded San of what he had to endure to get here.He would feel fear,the man was one of them,one of the wailers now.Still Sans vision was blurred but by the second he regained more an more along with his ability to hear.He could now see clearly an watched as the older man,the creature responsible for the night as the devastation that just erupted gripping the unmasked warrior by his throat,slamming him to the ground.San began to climb to his feet,as the unmasked warrior was pinned down by a massive blow from the man,magenta energy yet again filling the air around his punch and target. He the beast of a man would address the survivors his words somewhat puzzeling.He encouraged the group to continue to find Tamoe,he also said there talisman would help perform the task as well as they,the group was still on his dinner plans.He would make his leave,San unsheathed his zanpaktu,readying for the fight.However the kido corpse captain reacted swiftly firing off a kido only to reveal the place the beast entered was a mirage like barrier,phasing straight threw it.It would seem the group had no choice but to do as he said find the lady then return.So much continued to happen.The wailers began to close in on the shrine grounds an survivors.hundreds if not a thousand.The fifth seats comrades in arms,his fellow Shinigami reacted swiftly grabbing the unmasked warriors woman he carried an began to make there way towards the Vortex.Still somewhat unclear about it all San was left confused being ordered to stay behind an help by the kido Captain.For now San could only agree an accept,still he was unsure of it all.Even more so why take the masked warriors precious cargo,what were they planning was it sure to work?So many questions ran threw Sans mind,however time to think would have to wait.The roar sound of unmasked Wailer echoed threwout the mist as he called for his lady to be given back.The kido Captain already had taken off.San could not make what happened next as the speed of the unmasked Warrior an another human comrade clashed with such force that lightning an fire fused together an shockwaved threwout theshrine grounds.The wave of energy rushed over San causing burns an marks over his arms as he knelt down sliding back a few meters."What the hell"He thought.How were two humans so powerful so fast,again the time to think would have to wait.The other human had begun to search the rubble an also help with the unmasked warrior,trying to free him from the mists will. Salvatore still in shock an awe could only put aside his thoughts for now,as Connor had put the masked warrior on his back an seemed to have dealt with the wailer aspect.San would release his Shikai uttering the names of his zanpaktu quietly.Both swords changed forms into there chained sword state.His Shadow would remove itself from San who would hold out one of his Zanpaktus for the shadow to wield.He would use his shadow to atleast deal with some of the closing in wailer army,hoping to keep some at bay,minut there numbers best the shadow could.Connor would have no taken off in haste speed outside the realms San could comprehend,the other human Masato had begun rifling threw for survivors.San would unsure of what to do would simply engage the wailing army with his now two fellow shinigami as the third was snatched by the departing human/Connor."You two take those positions defend the shrine for now,i will take this side ......Human when ready to move say the word,we will accompany you.......Alot wass till unclear however San wasnt on the side of the Kido Captain taking the unmasked warriors girl,as his intetnions an thoughts were unclear to Salvatore,but he knew the feeling of losing a loved one so he could relate to the masked Warrior as the humans who seemed to be in clear dismay of the soul Reapers choice."I do not know if the Captain made the right choice but im here to help.....one way or another....San an his Shadow would now take the two other sides of the shrine,his fellow shinigami on the other sides dealing with each wailer as they rushed the stairs.It wouldnt be long before there numbers began to increase,soon the shrine grounds would be lost for now they would hold there positions. OOC:Hope all is good here: WC: STATS:
  13. San Salvatore

    The Suppression of Darkness

    As before the fifths seats attacked were futile,they did nothing to the Primera.If anything enticed him.Sans shadow again was destroyed,easily.San was then instead of grabbing the Arrancar was grabbed an pulled in closer.The needles from the second shadow began to rain down on the pair,only to be destroyed by a golden aura radiating from the Espada.San couldnt believe it,his attacks his moves had no effect,he was clearly outclassed an outgunned.The fight was over,he knew it but yet the fifth seat didnt want to give up.His eyes narrowed as he an the Espada were face to face.San opened his free hand to have his Zanpaktu begin to reform as the Primera began to talk.Again shutting down Sans actions in the fight an his possible actions had or would he make anymore.The being was right he was no match for the beast,an it seemed death was inevitable.Luckily what the Primera said next would allow San to keep his life.The beast would give San a message a message to tell the captains,an Commander,a message of war.Truly the Primera meant what he said now like before,his aim was to bring all three realms under his control an kill all those that would oppose him.As the Espada finished his speech he placed his free hand on Sans chest.Glowing with energy the cero began to form,burning Sans chest in the process before it fires.As it does the massive cero engulfs the fifth seat,the Arrancar releases his hold on his amr.Salvatore is engulfed in the ragging ceros energy being sent flying backwards along with the cero.What was left of Sans Bankai the shadows that enveloped his body moved towards the epicenter of the attack,trying to lessen the attack damage.However not to much avail. As San was sent hurling in the beam of dense energy he eventually came falling,tumbling out as the cero began to disapate.The shinigami fell with no way to regain his composer,he felt the pain over his whole body,the heaviness,the burns the bruising.His Zanpaktus had resealed as he fell tumbling downards,a smoke cloud trailing him.As his body hits the ground it craters,blood fills Sans mouth as he coughs.Blood begins to drip from one nostril as his vision begins to blur.He looks towards where the Espada once stood only to see him momentarily as he is walking away.San blinks a few times,only to pass out.Moments later Sans two comrades arrive on scene,both shinigami quickly help the fifth seat to his feet.San began to regain consiouness only for a few moments."Sir take it easy...we got you...One shinigami said as he threw Salvatore over his shoulder.The fifth seat passing out once again."Grab his swords,we need to leave now before they return"The other officer nods picking up the fifth seats zanpaktus they would then make haste entering a senkaimon an leaving the world of the living. WC:490 LEFT THREAD: FP Achivements:
  14. San Salvatore

    The Suppression of Darkness

    The fifth seat Watched as his counter to the cero worked,the fog covered the cero an tore it into energy shreds as it traveled back to its origin with incredible speeds.The Arrancar was caught off guard by the counter an was enveloped by the fog cloud.The dense cero infused cloud was blocked as best as the beast could with his arms/hands,causing the hollow to slide back ripping the gloves on his hands to shreds.It was then San had gotten his answer.A answer he had been wodering who was this being before him,how truly strong was he.The number 1 tattooed on the beasts hand gave a glimpse into these questions,as well as made San understood even more why he was having such difficulty.The Arrancar was an Espada.Not only was he just a Espada he was number 1.These Arrancar were not only said to be highest,or strongest of there Kin but also somewhat leaders.An there numbers represented there strength unlike the Captain court guards.Espada number 1 for instance would be the strongest of the 10,each one stronger then the previous number.San could feel the presence of fear entering his person,his hands tightened there grip,his feet readied themselves. After activating Bankai San attacked,the Primera easily avoided this time,his speed had increased not by too much but more his ability to take in movements it seemed as he moved with such reaction.The Arrancar would attack again with ceros,which was surprising.He continued to fire off these blasts with such power an speed,with no faltering.Knowing who San stood against now it was clear as to why.The blasts consumed the shadow attacks as well as San himself he would flash step out of the blash radius his shadow form smoldering from the blast.What happened next was what Salvatore had been waiting for,also now some what worried for.All Arrancars had a sword release,an it was time the Espada would reveal his own.With a motion his cane came flying to him,instantly shredding to reveal his zanpaktu.He would glance towards his fellow Arrancar brethren who by now San had paid no mind to.The primera would then disrespect Sans power an Bankai,something the shinigami couldnt help but agree,after all he had just learned the tecnique quite recently an this was the first use of it in actual combat.However to push the primera into releasing his Zanpaktu atleast told San he had pushed the immense being to have to not hold back. As the Espada releases his ressurection the skin on his face begins to peel away revealing pure bone,skeleton like face.Laughter evil laughter could be heard echoing threwout as dark red eyes appeared in the eye sockets of the white skull.The spiritual pressure climbed to levels that easily dwarfed the fifth seats.Black energy like substance covered the being.As it did the buildings around began to erode an decay Salvatore could do nothing to stop it,the humans were now casualties or would become casualties of the fight.The beast would then be revealed a skeleton like being with a drk shredded cape like ataire ading more evil an darkness to his already terrifying look.With a raise of its hand a massive energy is felt from above,in the clouds.The energy attack is shaped like a sword tip,an it begins its decent in speeds unseen before.Clearly the Primera Espada was no longer holding back,the speed of attack was so fast San couldnt even comprehend it as it began it descended.At the same moment the primera revealed his true name an also he was more then just Primera he was the self proclaimed Lord/king of Heuco Mundo,soon be king to all,which were bold claims. As the attack comes crashing down San could only act on instinct which was raise his swords to block however it was only able to be partially blocked as the speed of the attack was with such speed San couldnt keep it in his vision.The blade would ting off of Salvatores energy blades as it would cut a nice gash along the ribcage of Salvatore.However this wasnt the true danger of the attack as it tinged off the enrgy blades an cut into San it erupted into a massive explosion,such an explosion that sent a massive shockwave out in all directions an engulfed a top half of a city block destroying all in its wake.The torrent of energy an destruction was highly above the level the primera displayed before.Truly he was holding back before,toying with the soul reaper.As the fifth seat was engulfed an covered with burns an marks he came free falling down towards the ground.His body would slam into the ground with enough force to crater it.Some time would pass as the debri cloud filled the area,before the soul reaper would get back to his feet.He would now not be a pure shadow form anymore,alot of his body would now be revealed as the shadows just covered his back an legs now.The front view of San was he was covered in scratches an burns an he was shirtless his face an forearms matched."So this is the power of an Espada .......cough......Seems i am outclassed here....However i will not lay down my weapon Primera no matter what power you truly hold.San spiritual pressure would flare a mere second clearing the dust revealing himself staring back up at the Arrancar. Sans shadows would reform by now one on each side of the Primera about 20 yards away an dash in,While San would flash step appearing face to face with the beast bringing both swords forward in a cross trying to cut along the Arrancars torso.However one Shadow would have vanished disappearing,reappearing five feet above the Arrancar.Sans left hand zanpaktu would vanish an appear in the hands of the shadow above who tried to impale the creature in his shoulder cavity.While Sans right hands zanpaktu shattered into sen bon needles that vanished into portals.This would leave San with no weapon but still moving forward with his attack,he would try an grab the Arrancars torso an hold him in place atleast for a moment.Sans second shadow along with two others appeared in a traingle formation around the Arrancar,they would not appear ot attack until right after he reacted to the first two moves.These shadows would raise there hands an dozens of those needle would fire out of there portal like bodies hopefully causing a unescapable attack. WC:1,091 TWC:5,076+1,091= 6,167 STATS:
  15. San Salvatore

    The Suppression of Darkness

    Salvatore stabbed his zanpaktu into the portal before him,only to be hit an the surge of the Arrancars spiritual pressure.Again it was immense,clearly the beast was holding back during the fight,an it began to become more clear to San.The beast before him was more then likely still even at this point of the battle gauging the soul reaper,or in worse case playing with him.San could feel his confidence falter momentarily.Even if so,San knew he had abilities to level the playing field atlesst to a point of comfort,atleast he thought.He truly didnt know what the Arrancars true potential was,an what shitty of a situation San had gotten himself into.However being a soul reaper is was part of the job,to face death in its face an either overcome it or embrace it.The fifth seat was no fool,every battle held the possibility for death,an this one seemed to be looking more an more like the one.Still he would not falter,coware,or run he would go head on towards the impending doom,certain death,after all he was San Salvatore. As the hollows immense spiritual pressure flared,it was accompanied by ceros charging an forming in both palms,an mouth.This happened just as San drove his sword into the portal an the shadow underneath appeared grabbing at his feet.San focused his mind an readied himself.The Arrancar fired off all his ceros at once,one in each direction towards shadows,destroying them an there portals,an then one to San.San had been sent sliding back a few yards from the residual explosion of the Arrancars cero to his sword strike shadow.However to use his own portals against him were futile,there were hundreds of shadows scattered threwout the town even in there vicinity above the town,many scattered threwout rooftops.To navigate the portals that were simply Shadows one would have to be able to manipulate them as San could,something that saved him from becoming face to face with a cero.Skidding back a few yards,San was met with the last cero as he skid backwards this one arching towards him."ROT"Salvatore called out placing both Zanpaktus infront of himself in a x shape to block the even faster an stronger cero then before.As the cero hit the purple like fog like aura that encased the shinigamis zanpaktus transfer to the cero an began to tear it to shreds as it clinged to the cero an shot upwards all the way back to the Arrancar,more then likely covering him in a cloud of poison gas. It was after this clash,San would regain himself,his hands trembled from the blast power alone.He could feel fatigue beginning to rear its ugly head.An yet the Arrancar remained quite relaxed,somewhat annoyed.San however was using all his techniques an putting his skills to use,not holding back at all,an yet he was still be overwhelmed an beginning to feel it.The two would exchange words momentarily allowing San to regain himself,but also tell him more on the Arrancar.After all it has said an done in the battle it was clear he was a being of immense power,intelligent,an a ruthless killer,no matter his looks.He was truly a being of destruction death reincarnate."You are truly something Arrancar,i will show you what you ask for....to be honest though it is still in its early stages,young,as you have called me earlier.....Do me one favor Arrancar tell me your name so should i die here today an now,i will know at whos hands it was.....It was then Sans spiritual pressure began to rise,it manifested in a blackish purple energy that swirled like a vortex around his person.Streaks of pink energy cracked like lightning bolts,arching this way an that."Ban...Kai"As the words left his mouth the fifth seat was engulfed in a tornado of energy his eyes flashed bright golden yellow,that pierced threw the energy vortex.Salvatores spiritual pressure would eventually taper off,an calm slowly revealing his new form."Consume an plague the world.....Yami No O,Shiba No Joo" San would say the final phrase of his bankai revealing himself,he now appeared to be a shadow himself,his eyes were golden yellow an his teeth to match,everything else was pure darkness on his person.His two shadow friends,his own an the Arrancars would reappear one on each side of San.There bodies being all black,no eyes no nothing just shadows.Salvatore himself would float like a ghost,he would stand almost 7 feet tall now an he would raise his arms.Instantly two pink blades of energy appeared solidifying into swords,but were still energy.The shadows would blast off,there speed even faster before,San himself would pursue as well.All three would move together floating around one another like ghouls,before they would split.San would arrive first attacking with a quick slash of his zanpaktu,but he would keep flying forward,slash an dash.As he would continue to dash by both of his energy swords shattered into tens of tens of pink bullet like pin needles.The second shadow would arrive right after only for all those tens of tens of pink bullets to come exploding out of every part of the shadow creature,creating a volley like attack.The last Shadow had split off an came from below,what ever the Arrancar would do,this shadow would act accordingly,waiting to fire of another volley of needle like pin missiles of pink energy. The fifth seat would now turn around an two more Zanpaktus of energy would appear,he stood floating like a ghost,hoping such volley of attacks an increases in speed would help bring the two to a more level playing field.Still the poor shinigami did not truly know what or who he faced,maybe the Arrancar would tell him or show him,only time would tell.However with his bankai now activated San felt fatigue leave,atleast momentarily for the boost in all aspects that acoompanied a bankai San was now catching his second wind. WC:1,015 TWC:4,061+1,015= 5,076 STATS: