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  1. gfab2000

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    The Secret of NIMH
  2. Why you hiding from me??......

  3. 4 days till fun in the sun!!!..last day at coke..WOO

  4. gfab2000

    Hello All

    Welcome to the forums Ryoto!!!!...lol..Yah I have seen you in game.....Glad you like the game, and Keep lvl'ing!!! Last Killed by: gfab2000 Last Attacked by: Ryoto
  5. gfab2000


    Sup ~GA~. I like the siggie..looks like you got some good skillz. and yes, the game is SOO addicting..lol..but you will love it..
  6. gfab2000

    Hey Everyone

    Nice to have you on board maki!!...if you have any questions or concerns about the game, i would be more than willing to help. Hopefully you become as addicted as I am... Just remember the more you play, the faster you lvl..that is all there is to it!!
  7. gfab2000


    every time you fight a stronger hollow, the $ amount does increase, by 1...at least so far for me. And, you will find that later on, you have to do tons and tons and tons of fights to lvl...etc. So yes, it is quite possible to save up your money to buy an element. But you should know, that currently, they do nothing...
  8. ok, I tried again...lol..*crosses fingers*

  9. very fucking strange...I didn't pay with my paypal account...I paid via my bank card, I saw the withdrawl pending for like the last few days, and now it is gone..lol

  10. oi.. did you respond to them? go check yer paypal account and see if they said anything

  11. lol..no problem...crazy huh..same birthdays..

  12. is it your bday today was well. KEWL! Happy BIRTHDAY!

  13. Yo Thanks Dude i appreciate that.