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  1. Kaz

    My Own Way

    Kikyō sat along a tree branch with a smile on her face, her legs swinging back and forth. Her strawberry blonde hair gently flowed in the wind as she stares out at the blue sky above her. A piercing ringing sound could be heard as she digs in her pocket and pulls out a bright pink phone. “What’s up Jin? You want me to do what? How much we talking? Deal. I’ll find him.” Yusei sped down the streets of Karakura Town on his motorcycle without a sense of worry, picking off the occasional Hollow. He might not have shown it, but inwardly he couldn't have been happier. He had felt like he'd finally found a purpose and a way to finally protect those that he cared about. As he grips the throttle, he glances down at the Wandenreich emblem emblazoned on his gloves and thinks back to when he received them. It was shortly after Jin had told him of the existence of the Quincy Emperor. “Emperor of...all Quincy?” Yusei muttered as he grabs Jin's extended hand. Jin pulls him up and pats him on the shoulder before turning his gaze towards the center of the room. “As I mentioned, his name is Haschwald. His Majesty was acquainted with the Father of the Quincy before he...passed on. Once he did, the title of Emperor was transferred to him. He is now the leader of the Wandenreich which is a collection of us Quincy. I am the head of his Imperial Guard. Before you say anything, you are correct. His Majesty was not in the books I gave you to study on. That was deliberate on my part. His Majesty and the Wandenreich are not something to be read about but rather experienced. At any rate, its about time you meet him.” With a sudden increase in reiatsu, Jin manifests his shadow in front of him which quickly expands outward. “Come...” Jin replies as he walks through the shadow. Yusei, still taken aback by the display, pauses for a moment before entering as well. The two walk through the darkness in silence as Yusei's mind races with all of this information. If this Emperor was as important as Jin says, why would he meet someone like him? There was something off but for the life of him, he could not put his finger on it. As he continues to ponder these thoughts, a frigid chill stirs him. Yusei glances around as the two step out of the shadow in front of an ice-encrusted building in the middle of an ice-encrusted city. Yusei stands in awe of the building in front of him as Jin beckons him forward. “Welcome to Wandenreich City. His Majesty is inside.” Stepping inside the massive building, Yusei could see multiple soldiers in white marching down the hall. Rhythmically, their footsteps echoed throughout the area, drowning out all thoughts. Yusei could only follow the departing Jin who navigated the area with startling familiarity. “I see you finally brought him...” a voice rings out behind them. Yusei turns around to see a blonde woman clad in white standing behind them. Her piercing red eyes stuck out as Yusei continued to stare. “Where have I seen her before?” Yusei thinks as the woman and Jin begin to converse. “Hey Frieda. Yeah, I think he's finally ready to learn. Crazy that it took even this long given that he's ready stronger than half the Sternritter here, you included. He hasn't even unlocked his true powers yet.” “Not my fault he's a prodigy. That's just Mr. Kinoshita for you.” “Mr. Kinoshita...Oh its you!” Yusei shouts as the two turn to face him. “You...you work at Noir! You work with Ayumi. Why the hell are you here?” The woman flashes a quick smile before following the rest of the marching soldiers. “It's about time you noticed me sir. We'll talk later!” Jin's snickering could be heard as an enraged Yusei turns to face him. “Why is she here? Have you been using her to spy on me?” “Nah. I'm much too lazy for that. Yeah, Frieda is a friend of mine but her working for your company is purely coincidental. She probably could tell you were a Quincy and likely just wanted to be around those like her. That's why she joined the Wandenreich. Come on, its almost time.” He grumbled but resigned to keep following for the moment. Folding his arms, he slowly follows as the two make their way into a large ballroom. The soldiers split off and line up alongside a long black rug that leads to an ivory throne at the back of the ballroom. Atop the throne, a lone figure dressed in gray sits. The figure's blonde hair hid his facial features as he lazily dangles his right arm off the side of the throne. Each soldier takes a knee as the room gradually darkens. Jin, walking up the base of the throne, kneels down as well. “Your Majesty...I bring to you the one I spoke of earlier, Yusei Kinoshita.” Jin beckons Yusei to come forward as Yusei awkwardly moves beside him. As he glances up towards the Quincy Emperor, he could feel an overwhelming sense of power radiating from him. The power felt as if it had no beginning and no end but radiated a warm and calming sensation. “God...” Yusei mutters as he stands bewildered at the majestic presence before him. The Emperor flashes a small smile as he shifts his position, his three pupils focusing on Yusei. “How familiar. You are of the old blood. Of his Blood. The Left and the Right.... To think they would both be within you. That they would find their way back home.” He snaps his fingers as one of the soldiers quickly rush to his side and present him with a small rectangular box. The soldier opens the box and reveals a pair of black gloves with a symbol emblazoned on them. “You want the power to protect those you care about? The power to discover your way? I can grant you that. We can grant you that. You are very special Yusei, more so than what you can possibly imagine. If you join us, join me, I can grant you what you desire and more. I will not lead you astray. All you'll have to do is accept my gift.” WC: 1,064 [1,064 / 2,000]
  2. The sounds of shattered glass echoes throughout the halls of Las Noches as shards of black reiatsu rain down. Tsukishima emerges from within the Garganta with an annoyed expression on his face. Methodically, he moves towards his throne and slams his staff against the base of it. With a low growl, he sits upon his throne and clasps his hands together. Even here, he could feel it. From all the way at the Forest of Menos, he could feel that man's power as if he were standing right in front of him. “That damned hermit. He knew of that Shinigami's power and willingly led me there. Outplayed me at my own game... ” he mutters as he stares out in the darkness. What the remnants whispered about was true after all. That man...that Death God...that abomination was more powerful than anything he could have imagined. His own magnificent power paled in comparison against him. For the first time, he felt as if he were an pebble compared to a mountain. For the first time in his existence, his strength failed him. His body trembled in anger before he lets out a primal roar, slamming his fists against the throne. His spiritual pressure increases as the entirety of Las Noches begins to shake. His reiatsu, in the form of black miasma, begins to leak outward as the room is quickly engulfed in the miasma. Slowly, everything in the room begins to erode and decay as the miasma threatens to consume the entirety of Las Noches. “It is as if you were a child. Naive and too full of yourself.” The building stops shaking as Tsukishima's spiritual pressure levels off. The miasma recedes as Tsukishima glances up and sees a black mass of energy in front of him. “Remnants...I see you have amassed enough power to take a form outside of my subconscious. Have you come to gloat? Patronize me on how I should have listened to your words. Or have you decided to use someone else from Kuwabara's line and no longer have any use for me?” “What purpose would that serve? We are not creatures who indulge in such petty affairs. We knew that you would arrive at this outcome regardless of what was said. It was inevitable. And as we have mentioned this before. Only you, Tsukishima Higurashi, can bring about the Great Campaign.” Tsukishima sneers at their words, easing himself back in what remained of his throne. His body still trembled...his anger still boiling over. “Then what do I owe the pleasure?” “The Shinigami you encountered, Oriru Ryūka Kushō, is one of the beings we warned you about. There are three others who have power comparable to or greater than he; the Soul Society's current Head Captain and two humans who have obtained powers similar to that of hollows via fragments of the Soul King. Each of their individual power is rapidly closing in on the power the Soul King once possessed. Among them, Oriru Ryūka Kushō is the one who is closest to that plateau. If you allow him to challenge you within Las Noches as you are currently, you will die. The gap in power, as you've already experienced, is much too great. However, there is a way you can overcome them all. The Hogyoku. If you were to find the Hogyoku and fuse it with your being, you will gain the power necessary to defeat them all and bring the Great Campaign to fruition.” The Primera sighs as he clutches his staff, irritated by the words spoken to him. Though he no longer held the delusions of grandeur he had during his younger years, he still thought of himself a powerful being in his own right. To realize that even after all he's done that he would still be in the shadow of at least four other beings, two of which were Shinigami, was both humbling and maddening. He did, however, come to the same conclusion the Remnants did regarding the Hogyoku. The only downside was he did not know of its location nor if it even still remained in his dimension. The object was always surrounded by mystery and the last Tsukishima heard of it was shortly before his death. During that time, he heard that the object was in the hands of the one who owned the Uchuu Chousei. Given the time that has passed since then, it would be nearly impossible to track it down. As the Primera Espada ponders his next step, the sudden surge of an all too familiar source of spiritual pressure stirs him. “So he's defeated Akira and made his way here...” “The one named Oriru Ryūka Kushō has arrived. Send him back to the World of the Living and finish your dealings with the progeny of Kazuma Kuwabara. When you have completed the trials, find a way to the Soul Society. The Death Gods you've collected should be able to provide insight.” The black mass of energy fades as Tsukishima rises from his seat. It was time to deal with this. As he walks forward, the black miasma begins to seep out once more as a puddle of blackened liquid forms with each step he takes. The puddles curdle as they rise in the air, the formless creatures from before taking shape. They numbered near one hundred strong with six of them taking the characteristics of Kazuma Kuwabara's progeny albeit cloaked. With his darkened army behind him, Tsukishima lightly taps his finger on the wall in front of him as it crumbles and reveals the world outside of Las Noches. He walks through his makeshift doorway and glances down at the Shinigami below him. “I see you've begun to cut loose. Did you enjoy the game I laid out for you?” The Primera was met with no response but a cold almost uninterested stare. That smug overconfidence angered the Primera to no end. The six cloaked figures emerged beside the Primera, weapons drawn and hands down to their sides. One, revealed as Akira, removes its hood and aims its bow at the man's head. “It's time for our rematch Death God.” “Go...” Tsukishima mutters as he waves his hand, Akira and the other cloaked creatures diving towards the Shinigami. Their formless counterparts exit from the opening in droves, a sea of pitch black moving towards the Shinigami. The man, much like their skirmish within the World of the living, dealt with the incoming volley with the greatest of precision. As the horde closes in on the man, his form takes on the same appearance it did towards the end of their clash. From there, two attacks were dealt with via his golden orbs while the other four were dispersed with a simple wave of his spiritual pressure. With powerful strikes and masterful displays of Kidō, he easily bats them away. As he deals with the horde, a Garganta opens behind him. Akira runs towards the Shinigami as its body begins to glow a bright blue. As it reaches the Shinigami, it leaps on him and pushes him inside. “Tsukishima leaves you with a message. The game is over for now but next time, you'll play for keeps. The Great Campaign is coming.” As the Garganta closes, an explosion rockets outward sending Akira's severed head flying out. The head rolls towards the horde as it turns back into the black liquid that comprised it. The Garganta disappears as the horde liquefy and recede back towards Tsukishima who stares at where the man once stood. “Oriru Ryūka Kushō...I promise you this. Your life will end by my hand. Whatever it takes, whatever the consequences, I eagerly await the day I see the light drain from your eyes.” WC: 1,288
  3. Kaz

    My Own Way

    Yusei quickly moves out of the way, dashing behind an overturned object to catch his breath. Though he knows full well the object would not stop the creature's attack, it would provide him a small safe haven for the moment. Its footsteps echo throughout the room, gradually getting closer and closer. The blade of its sword scrapes along the ground. “Resistance is futile, Quincy. Accept your fate." The creature raises his sword arm upward, preparing to slice right through the object. Taking a deep breath, Yusei dashes from behind his momentary safe haven, slyly leaving a Gintō Capsule behind. The creature's blade slices through the object like a hot knife on butter, narrowly missing the capsule. Running backwards, Yusei places his hands into formation and begins the chant. “A silver rod strikes the five-fingered stone bed – Gritz!" The capsule explodes outward, quickly engulfing the creature's bladed arm along the left side of its body. Seeing this as his chance, Yusei runs forward as blue lines appear along his body. He leaps up and delivers a powerful kick to the back of the creature's, breaking it. Its limp head slumps to the side, Yusei gasping for breath as he lands a good distance away. “So you've resorted to Gintō techniques? You are versatile but this is futile. My power is near limitless, such weak attacks have no effect on me.” With its free hand, the creature pops its neck back into place, the damage repaired instantly. “It fixed itself? Just what in the hell is this thing? It took a full force kick to the neck and shook it off like it was nothing.” Yusei thought to himself as he started to move. The golden energy begins to surround the creature once more, becoming more and more unstable by the second. The ground begins to shake as the silver substance that comprises the Gintō spell begins to break down. Turning around, the creature stares directly at Yusei his unstable reiatsu steadily growing. With a powerful and bestial roar, the creature radiates energy out in waves, engulfing the entire room in an instant. Yusei braces himself for the incoming attack as he is launched across the room. His body crashes into the ground with a sickening thud. The creature appears near Yusei's side, picking his limp body from the ground by his neck. The Quincy hazily opens his eyes, staring directly into the red abyss that is the creature's eyes. Noticing that the nick on the creature's cheek was still there, Yusei begins to chuckle. “Laughing in the face of death? You humans are such an odd species. I'll be sure to study your kind more before wiping them all out.” “I'm sorry but I couldn't help it. You played yourself...” Slowly moving his arms into position, Yusei's reiatsu begins to spike. “Did you not learn the last time? Your binding techniques will not work.” Yusei smirks as his reiatsu continues to spike, light blue energy surrounding both him and the creature. “Who said I was using that Gintō spell? Remember that cut I inflicted on you earlier? That arrow was tipped with a small Gintō capsule which is now within that wound. You've been screwed from the beginning.” The creature quickly releases Yusei from its grip in an attempt to remove the small capsule but it is already too late. “Feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice – Heizen!" The transparent rectangular extends from the creature's head, completely obliterating it. Black liquid rains down on the ground as the headless body collapses to the floor. "Congratulations Yusei. You passed the test." Yusei hazily looks up to see Jin coming in from the door in perfect health. Glancing over to the side, he is surprised to see what looks like Jin underneath the rubble. "How in the hell are you in two places?” “Oh that over there? That is what's called a Gigai. I got a couple from a shop-dealer not far from here. A Gigai allows spiritual beings to contact with normal humans. They can appear normal to them and take any form they please. A remarkable little object it is. And a damn good actor to boot.” The Quincy slowly makes his way up, using the wall for leverage. “You mean to tell me this was all some bullshit test? That this thing was never really a danger?” “Not quite. Every bit of what it said was true. It actually did catch me off guard and wanted to kill me. I easily could have taken it out but I figured it would be best if you got a crack at it.” Yusei clutches his ribs as he flips Jin off, slumping back down on the ground to rest. “I suppose I do deserve that but that little test served one more purpose. I've noticed that the discord you've been feeling when it comes to using your powers. It all seems unnatural and foreign to you. There is a way you can fight how you want with no restraints. There is a catch though. You'll have to meet him first.” “Him?” Yusei says as his interest is piqued. Jin sighs and walks over towards Yusei, extending his hand out to help him up. “Haschwald, the Emperor of all Quincy.” WC: 882 882/850 [Learned Heizen]
  4. Kaz

    My Own Way

    The smell of freshly brewed coffee filled the room as Yusei eases into a chair. It had been a few weeks since he began his training with Jin. In order to maximize his training, Yusei had temporarily moved into one of the many spare bedrooms Jin had in his mansion. Ayumi would occasionally stop by to visit but was mostly preoccupied with running the day to day operations at Noir. During his training, Yusei's spiritual pressure had increased dramatically since he started, his power being unrecognizable compared to before. For the moment, he was taking a well deserved break to relax and reflect. After taking a sip of the warm beverage to his side, he begins to read a book given to him by Jin. This book contained all of the knowledge Jin had on the supernatural entities of the world. From Shinigami to Hollow, every race and what they could accomplish was covered. Yusei methodical scanned the Quincy sections hoping to see if he could find something that would help him shake that feeling he got when he fought. Every time he fired his bow, he felt...wrong. This fighting style was wrong for him at least. He did come across a primitive ability the Quincy used called Letzt Stil, but even that would not be beneficial to him. “There has to be another way...” Yusei thought to himself. As the Quincy continues to lose himself in the book, he is startled by approaching footsteps. The footsteps, gradually becoming a sprint, becomes louder before they stop at the entrance. Glancing upward, Yusei sees Jin's butler standing in front of him, completely out of breath. “Master Kinoshita, We are in need of your assistance.” “What is it?” “Sir, it's Master Jin. He has gotten into some trouble downstairs in his training room. He was creating an experiment to help the both of you do some training. This experiment had elements of hollow as well as Quincy. However, the experiment broke out before he could finish it. It took him by surprise and knocking him out cold. Before he was rendered unconscious, he managed to trap it inside. You must help the young master.” Yusei sighs as he rises up from his chair, placing the book on the nightstand beside him. “That fool. Why would he make something like that? Now he is at the mercy of his own creations? Poetic Justice. As much as I would love to relish this, I suppose I should help.” Picking up his jacket, Yusei slips it on and calmly walks out of the room. His footsteps echo as he walks throughout the long hallway, eventually stopping in front of a candle hanging on the wall. Pulling the candle down, a secret passageway opens and grants him passage inside. The Quincy begins to descend the long stairwell in front of him, the light getting dimmer and dimmer with each step. Upon his nearing the middle of the stairs, a large explosion could be heard. Finally deciding that time is of the essence, Yusei sprints down the bottom of the steps eventually coming to the large door. From the cracks of the door, smoke could be seen billowing, a clear sign something bad was going on. Mentally preparing himself, Yusei heads inside as smoke engulfs him. The smoke began to clear as Yusei spots Jin laying against the rubble. Running up to him, he began to inspect the seriousness of his injuries. A few cuts and bruises and a couple of broken ribs but he would be fine. The smoke began to thicken once more prompting Yusei to turn on the ventilation. As the smoke finally settled, Yusei took that opportunity to examine the room. Broken glass and machinery lay askew on the ground, but oddly enough there was no sign of the experiment. His ears perked up as he heard a loud crash follow by a slow methodical screeching. It sounded like nails on a chalkboard, slowly getting louder and closer. Turning around, Yusei finds himself staring face to face with an approaching figure. A golden humanoid sized figure lumbering towards him, his footsteps now booming. Beaming red eyes staring directly through Yusei as if he wasn't even there. As Yusei stood up, he sees that the creature in front of him was near double his size. The Quincy glared back, his heart pounding out of his chest. The creature stops in front of Yusei staring at him inquisitively. “You must be the other. Get out of my way Quincy. The creator draws his last breath today.” “So this one is sentient. Well, as much as I may want it, I can't let you kill him. Not yet at least.” “You have no idea what I am capable of. If you won't move then you will die along with him.” The creature's hand begins to glow as it clutches Yusei's throat. With its immense strength, it tosses Yusei across the room with ease. The Quincy lands against the wall with a sickening thud, slumping down to the floor below. The creature returns his attention towards the unconscious Jin, his hand glowing once more. As he reaches for Jin's limp body, an arrow knocks it away. The creature turns around to see Yusei standing, bow drawn and trained to his head. “I'll say this once more. Step away from Jin. Your fight is with me now.” The creature's red eyes began to glow a darker shade as it turns to face its next victim. Its eyes began to drift, the same energy that surrounds its hand quickly surrounding its entire person. It lurched towards Yusei, the energy spiraling and growing more chaotic. As it walks, the right arm begins to bubble and bulge. Gradually, the arm begins to warp as it fashions into a golden cannon. It stops its forward movement, the golden energy around it finally bristling outward. It was at the very moment where Yusei finally felt it. This entire time, he never felt even the slightest spiritual pressure from it. It was as if the creature was not even there, nothing came from him. Now all at once, he felt the overwhelming power the creature gave off. Was it just him suppressing his power or was the gap between them really that far? The sheer power from it was almost enough to bring the Quincy to his knees. It felt as if his entire being was being compressed and crushed by the power of an entire ocean above him. However, with all of this power, it seemed rather familiar. It was at that moment, Yusei had figured it out. The power he felt was none other than Jin's. How did this creature have Jin's spiritual pressure and why was it so dense? There seemed to be something else mingled within Jin's spiritual pressure, that of the hollow from before as well as Yusei's own. “I see you have finally noticed what my power is. I can absorb and replicate any and all abilities in the world. Any powers I see can and will be mine. Right down to the spiritual pressure that makes it up. That is what the creator wished for me...but it's not enough. Why should I be subjected to follow his orders if my powers overshadow his own. That's when I decided to revolt and terminate the creator. Then I would be able to reign free and find my purpose. You are in the way of that and as such you must be terminated as well.” The creature raises its hand, the golden energy radiating from it. “Now...remove yourself from my presence.” In that instant, the creature releases a powerful wave of energy in Yusei's direction. The Quincy barely has time to react as he leaps upward and narrowly avoids it. “Damn, its fast. This is going to be more trouble than I anticipated.” Turning around, Yusei fires off a powerful volley of arrows, all aimed at the creature's head. Instead of avoiding or making any type of bodily movement, the creature just stares at the incoming arrows. Its eyes soon glow a brighter red as its cannon-like arm moves up, aiming directly towards the arrows. In a bright flash of gold, the cannon fires off an array of arrows much like Yusei's own. Each arrow hits one another, eventually canceling out the lot of them. “What the hell? You fire arrows now?” “You are dense I take it? As I mentioned before, I can absorb and replicate any abilities. For the small sample of reiatsu I acquired from you and the large amount I got from the creator, I know all of your techniques.” Undeterred by this, Yusei fires off another volley of arrows, these meeting the same fate as before. “I already said this was a pitiful attempt and a waste of your powers. At your current level of power you would not even begin to make a dent even if I chose not to cancel them.” The Quincy smirks a bit as he lands down along the ground. “Not at my current power level huh? Perhaps it's time I stop holding back.” With a grunt, Yusei releases the full extent of his spiritual pressure, a light blue aura surrounding him. “You held back quite a bit of power. An impressive feat but it is of minimal concern to me. As mentioned before I...” The creature is cut off by a nick forming across its face. Black liquid drips down from the wound as the creature lightly touches its face. Staring intently at the liquid on its hand, it glances at Yusei. “Your speed has increased by more than I originally calculated. A slight adjustment and that will be corrected. Count your blessings that your attack has struck me, it shall not do so again.” Giving a light chuckle, Yusei disappears using Hirenkyaku, reappearing near the creature's side. His bow disappears as he quickly pulls out a training weapon given to him by Jin, the Seele Schneider. He sends some of his energy into the weapon as it forms a small blade. Angling it perfectly, the Quincy proceeds to deliver a downward strike on the creature's attempting to take it by surprise. It leaps backwards at the last second, showing a testament to its speed. “So you've decided to abandon the traditional method for a more direct approach? As you wish, though the results will still be the same.” The golden energy coats the creature once more as its cannon arm begins to change its shape. A humming sound soon echoes throughout the area as the cannon has changed to that of an exact copy of a Seele Schneider. The creature fades from sight, appearing towards Yusei's side delivering a horizontal slash. The Quincy narrowly dodges the strike, a slight portion of his hair being cut in the process. The two charge towards one another, the resulting clash from their weapons sends a shock-wave across the room. They stood at a dead stalemate, neither one of them giving an inch of resistance. The creature lifts its arm up, the golden energy swirling around it before firing off a concussion blast. The attack hits Yusei in the chest, sending him flying backwards into the adjacent wall. Yusei holds his chest in pain as the creature lurches forward, dragging his blade against the ground. “This building will be your resting ground. I will grant you and the creator death's release.” WC: 1,912 1,500/1,912 [Seele Schneider Obtained]
  5. Kaz


    Yusei and Jin step inside, revealing a large silver room. The room itself dwarfing anything in comparison to Yusei had ever seen before. A suspicious blue circle peers from overhead, showing the floors reflection inside. “This is my Training Room or Danger Room if you want to call it that. I'm a big comic book fan so I modeled it based on the X-Men's own Danger Room. Works just like it as well. I'm sure you can imagine the cost of building and installing this as well as outfitting it with Soul-synthesized silver and glass. A lot of hard work and effort but well worth it.” Yusei gives the room a once over look, silently admiring the handiwork. It was things like this that would amaze the technological part of his brain. His inner techno-geek was beginning to show but he knew that now was not the time for that. “It's an impressive room, I'll give you that much. Unfortunately, we have work to do.” “Ah...you are correct. It's time to begin. You will start out by learning the spell Gritz. When using Gritz, a human sized Quincy Cross will appear and envelope your target. Although, it has no other abilities, its binding properties will benefit you greatly. Some of the higher abilities take time in preparing. With Gritz, you can have all the time you need. 'A silver rod strikes the five-fingered stone bed.' That's the incantation, remember it.” Walking towards a console in the middle, Jin reaches in and pulls out several Gintō capsules. Tossing a few in Yusei's direction, he begins to type away at a keyboard. “During this training session, you'll only use your natural abilities. The Gintō capsules you have are filled with your reishi. Best to not ask how I got it. During battle, particularly the ones you will be engaged in after this is over, your own reishi will be a rarity. You will have to learn how to manipulate and control the reishi of other things in order to reach your full potential. The primary power of the Quincy is not reishi subjugation or reishi control but reishi dominance. To dominate the reishi in all possible ways. To have a deeper and more natural control over it than those fail-bring people that walk around. That is the true power of the Quincy and what you will learn once you leave these doors.” Yusei cracks his knuckles and removes his jacket, tossing it aside as he waits for the training to begin. “Eager as ever I see. Good, you'll need it in this first lesson.” With a press of a button, a small section of the floor begins to open up, something large beginning to rise. Within seconds, a cage appears from the hole with an all too familiar face peering from inside. “Kimchi!!!!!! I get to have my snack after all.” “Shit...this thing again?!” Jin smiles as he leaps upward through an open window at the top which quickly closes behind him. “You have exactly 10 minutes to learn and perform Gritz in order to subdue the target. I believe you are acquainted with your opponent for this lesson. Don't worry he will not kill you, that is if you finish the lesson within the time limit. I do hope you can come from this intact, he's quite hungry.” A large sound rings throughout the room as a time limit is plastered above the room. Yusei braces himself, quickly summoning his bow to his side. The door to the cage drops as the creature leaps out as pink energy envelopes it. With a child-like howl, it charges towards Yusei who readies himself. Quickly moving to the side, Yusei dodges the creature's initial charge, his heart pounding through his chest. A slight nick appears across his cheek, blood dripping freely from it. With his thumb, the Quincy wipes away the blood, flinging it away. “So it's gotten faster since the last time. No...it's finally using its true power. Damn, I need to go all out just to survive.” With a grunt, Yusei's spiritual pressure takes a dramatic increase. “Oh, it's this again? Last time I not ready but this time different. I eat you Kimchi” The creature charges towards Yusei with pink reiatsu swirling around its fist. “Not this time!” The Quincy points his bow towards the creature once more, this time firing off a small volley of arrows towards it. The attack catches it off guard, hitting the creature directly in the chest. It flies backwards, rolling across the ground before eventually regaining its footing. Clutching onto his bow, Yusei stares coldly at the child-like beast. The creature rubs the spot on its chest where the arrows hit, tilting its head to the side. “Pointy things hurt. Stop FIRING!” Ignoring the ignorant pleas, Yusei continues to fire off volley after volley of arrows, each one stronger than the next. The creature takes the majority of the attacks head on, cuts appearing all over its body. As the volley ends, the creature drops to its knees covering in blood. Bow in hand, Yusei reaches into his pocket and pulls out a Gintō capsule. “I suppose I should try out this binding attack now. I might be able to finish this little test quicker than expected.” Glancing up at the clock, he sees only three minutes have passed, before tossing the capsule towards the beast. Yusei places his hands in the same position as Jin did previously and prepared himself for the spell. The creature, finally coming back to its senses, glances up just in time to see the Gintō Capsule flying towards it. Opening its mouth, its teeth crushes down around the capsule, the reiatsu spilling down its throat. Pink reiatsu begins to spin violently around it as its wounds slowly heal. “What the hell just happened? There was no way that thing could heal after that.” “It was the reishi. Pure reishi such as that is a delicacy for beings such as him.” Yusei looks up at Jin talking from the room above, a sinister smile plastered on his face. “Hey hollow! His “pointy things” as you call them are created of the same energy as you just ate. They might be tasty.” “REALLY?! YUMMY!!!!!!!” The creature charges towards Yusei once again with renewed passion as the Quincy narrowly dodges. Evading the beast, he looks up and begins to shout at Jin. “Why in the hell would you tell him that? The fuck are you thinking?!” The mysterious Quincy smiles as he relaxes in his chair, before talking to Yusei once more. “We Quincy have to adapt to our surroundings as well as our opponents. If your main weapon is neutralized, you have have to find other means to defeat them. You have five minutes remaining. Good Luck.” Yusei runs back and begins to circle the beast as he prepares for an attack. “As long as I avoid that mouth of his I should be able to get a clear shot. While it's down I can perform the spell before it revives again.” Sliding back, Yusei charges towards the beast as blue lines appear along his arms. Using his superior speed, the Quincy appears in front of the beast delivering a powerful leaping uppercut to its chin. Putting all of his strength into the attack, he could feel the beast's chin break as they lifted off the ground. Smirking coyly, Yusei uses his speed again to appear above the now airborne hollow, delivering a spinning back kick to the top of its head. The sheer force from the attack sends the creature crashing to the ground below. “This feeling...” he thinks as he continues his assault. Deciding to put the second part of his plan into motion, he begins to pump his reiatsu towards his bow, his spiritual pressure spiking. His eyes take on a blueish-white hue as he aims directly at the creature's exposed back. The reiatsu forms near his back creating a small wing of sorts as he aims down the sights. With a roar, he releases the charged energy from his bow as it barrels towards its target. Just before the volley hits, the creature's spiritual pressure spikes. Suddenly, a large open mouth appears upon its back, sucking in each and every arrow. The Quincy stands horrified as it devours the arrows, the creature standing in delight. “YUMMY! Give me MORE!!!” “It has a second mouth? What the hell is this thing?” Before Yusei has time to formulate another plan, the supercharged creature speeds towards him, delivering a pink blast at point-blank range. The Quincy takes the full brunt of the attack, crashing down to the ground below. His Gintō capsules spill out on the ground as creature stalks its prey. “Yummy. Yummy. YUMMY. If the pointy things tasted that good, I can't wait to see how you taste!” Yusei tilts his head towards the approaching hollow, spying one of the capsules near one of its foot. “Twenty seconds remaining!” Yusei takes a deep breath as pain shoots throughout his body. “I've only got one shot at this. Have to make it count.” Slowly moving his hands into position he begins to recite the spell. “A silver rod strikes the five-fingered stone bed, Gritz!" The capsule under the hollow's foot explodes outward slowly creating a gray substance. The gray substance creeps out and begins to envelope the creature as it attempts to escape. "What this? Get this off me!" The substance etches further and further up the beasts body as it lets out a scream. Within seconds, the now man-sized Quincy Cross completely covers the hollow. “Impressive Yusei. And with only two seconds left to spare. You have begun to use your resources to your advantage. Gritz is a powerful spell in its own right but when used efficiently with your powers it can be quite devastating. At any rate, good job. Take a rest and relax a bit. We'll start the rest of the training later.” Yusei watches as the floor beneath the creature opens up, slowly sending him back down below. The Quincy takes another deep breath and glances upward towards Jin before falling down. It was the very first lesson and he already felt as if he was nearing death. All of this was necessary however if it meant getting stronger. As his mind began to drift, Yusei couldn't help but shake the feeling that something was off. Was this really how he was supposed to fight? WC: 1,752 1,150 / 1,752 [Learned Gritz]
  6. Kaz


    “Yusei, where the hell are you? You disappear off the radar for hours and now you just up and call like everything is fine?! I'm getting tired of worrying if its going to be the last time I see you or not. I swear I'm going to have gray hair before I turn 30. I should kill you myself, you ass." Yusei chuckles a bit under his breath before reassuring he is alright. “I'm fine Ayumi, honestly. Try not to worry about me so much. You remember the other Quincy I told you about right? Jin? I've finally decided to take his offer and do some training. I need to get stronger for whatever is coming. I'll be fine though. If you want, you can kick my ass when I get back.” “Oh, you better believe I will! Worrying a girl like this all the time. Just.....be careful Yusei, I can't lose you again. I love you.” “I love you too, don't worry.” Yusei hangs up the phone and turns towards Jin who continues to drink his beverage with a smile on his face. “Ah, young love. It's such a beautiful thing. So innocent and pure. So...” As he attempts to get the last of his sentence out, an arrow pierces his drink. His pants are drenched in the cold beverage as he glances up towards Yusei who shoots him a cold glare as his bow dissipates. “Testy today aren't we? No matter, I suppose it is time to begin your training. I saw that you don't have any Gintō capsules with you. Are you well versed in using them?” Yusei replies in the negative as Jin sighs. Lazily, he lifts motions for Yusei to follow as he jams his hands into his pockets. “I can't say I'm surprised. You've done things very unconventionally since you've learned what you really are. You've completely forgone learning the basics. However, you have to learn how to use these natural Quincy talents to their full potential if you are ever going to make it in this world. As their name suggests, they are small silver tubes we Quincy use to store Reiryoku in. Reach into your pocket and pass me a Gintō capsule if you please. Don't worry about how it got there. I gave you a few when I found you out on your ass earlier.” With a snarl, Yusei reaches into his jacket pocket and tosses a capsule towards Jin. Placing his hands in a cross pattern, Jin's spiritual pressure begins to rise. Higher and higher it goes as he slowly begins to chant out a command. “Feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice, Heizen!” As soon as those words leave his lips, a transparent beam of rectangular energy flies outward, crashing into the wall adjacent towards them. Yusei stands wide-eyed at the display, seeing the true power of the Gintō capsules provided. “These spells represent the true potential that the Gintō capsules are capable of. This is the Quincy equivalent of the Shinigami and their Kidō. There are a few more spells that we can learn that far more powerful than the one I showed you. One day, you'll learn them all but for now, let's practice on something simple.” Jin turns and begins walking down a darkened corridor, lights flickering on as they walk. A still quietness accompanies them as they go deeper and deeper down the hall. Eventually, the two Quincy reach a large door, so large that it dwarfs the two of them in comparison. “This is my training room. It is an area completely blocked off by the outside world. It has soul-synthesized glass and soul-synthesized silver that completely blocks off reiatsu signatures. When you are inside this room, it is like you don't even exist. I warn you though, this training will not be easy. The Yusei Kinoshita that walks in this room will not be the same one that walks out. So I ask this only one time. Are you ready?” “What do you think?” Yusei says as Jin chuckles to himself. “Alright, just had to ask.” With ease, he pushes the large doors open as the two step inside the illuminating light. WC: 704
  7. Tsukishima could only chuckle as the Shinigami walked inside the Garganta. His incredible power tapered off and his godly form faded. If he wanted an arena to test out his power, a dimension full of those who would want nothing more than to see him dead would be the perfect fit. He was entering the lion's den. “I eagerly await to see this power of yours used to its fullest.” The Primera says as he enters the dark void behind him. The portal closes and the two men walk through the darkness in silence. Tsukishima's mind raced as he pondered the best way to combat this man's incredible power. Suddenly, a smile forms across his face as a dark chuckle escapes his lips. It was nearly time to enact his plan. The sound of shattering glass could be heard echoing as the Garganta quickly opens. The two titans step out and stare at the vast array of trees and sand around them. A light fog blanketed the area and the sound of growls could be heard from every corner. The atmosphere felt heavier than what was considered the norm in Hueco Mundo. This was, as the hollows called it, Ground Zero. The place where Tsukishima fought and scraped all those years ago to become the being that stood atop Hueco Mundo. “Welcome to Hueco Mundo...” As he says this, the Garganta begins to close around him. “I'll give you all the opportunity in the world to show off your full power. I'm sure every resident within Hueco Mundo would love an opportunity to see it as well. When you are done, head to the ivory palace. Inside, we will finish our battle.” Just before the Garganta fully closes, black ooze drips out. A formless creature emerges from the ooze before it is enveloped in violet energy. As the energy fades, a figure cloaked in white is revealed. “So he's finally decided to bring me out...and against a Shinigami no less. Must be my lucky day.” Blue energy begins swirling around the cloaked figure as a bow made of reishi forms at his right hand. “Come on Shinigami. Show me this legendary power you spoke of.” WC: 365
  8. “Too powerful...?” The Primera thinks as the two blasts of energy draw closer to their intended target. Just how much power was he withholding? How far would he be able to push him? A dark chuckle escapes from the Primera as he watches the Shinigami handle both of the incoming attacks with ease. He had formulated a plan to see just how far he could push this Shinigami and get him to reveal the true depths of his power. The resurrected Shinigami twirls its hammer and charges towards its Shinigami counterpart, Tsukishima watching as the man begins to draw energy towards the palm of his hands. “It's over...” Tsukishima chuckles as he watches the spectacle before him. The sound of shattering glass echoed throughout the area as he delivers a quick flurry of five punches. The sheer speed and force of these punches were so great that Tsukishima himself could hardly see it. All that could be seen was the brilliant explosion of green energy behind the Shinigami. The resurrected Jo-Jo took the full force of the incoming attacks, chunks of its fabricated body eliminated from the impact. It's hammer clangs on the ground as Jo-Jo drops down on what remains of its knee. Its form begins to wane, slowly reverting back to its formless appearance from before. “Incredible. Your mastery of Kidō far exceeded my own. Looks like the Corps is in good hands...” As soon as those words leave its lips, it fully reverts back to its former appearance before disappearing entirely. The two titans of power exchange glances at one another before Tsukishima voluntarily allows his released form to fade. A torrent of violet energy swirls around him before it dissipates, revealing the Primera in his sealed state once more. The miasma recedes and reveals all of the trees and wildlife rotted within a twenty-foot radius. “I must say, despite your origins, I am impressed. To handle someone such as him with such minimal effort is commendable. Your words, however, have intrigued me. I want to see it. I want to see the true depths of his power you claim is unfit for the World of the Living and the Soul Society.” He slams his cane on the ground as a Garganta appears behind him. “Enter a dimension where you can release your power to its fullest extend. A dimension where you won't need to hold back. Come Shinigami. Enter my world.” WC: 406 STATS
  9. The longer the skeletal lord stood across from the Shinigami, the more his irritation grew. To face off against such a titan of power and, in the full immensity of his own power, be so severely outclassed. This Shinigami's power continued to grow larger in its depth and seemed to have no end in sight. Every second that passed, he felt heavier. The air became dense and his field of depth skewed. “I need to have it...” he whispered. He watched as four of the five blasts of reiryoku meet their end at the hands of Kidō, this being that of the Bakudo variation. Suddenly the man's power skyrockets and completely dwarfs that of the Primera as the fifth blast draws near. The ground quakes as the Shinigami strikes it as the thickness of the miasma lightens. It was then that he saw the Shinigami in a form foreign that was foreign to him. His body became ethereal in nature and green energy radiated from him as if it were fire. The Primera stood mystified at this new transformation, curious of its origin. He had seen many released Bankai in his time so he knew that this was not one of them. As he pondered its origins, the words of both the Shinigami and the resurrected Jo-Jo stir him. “Shunko at a level such as this? Ritsu would be bothering the hell out of me if she had ever seen something like this. 'Hey dumb ass, stand that and be my punching bag while I learn this.' This mofucka is truly something else.” Tsukishima snarls at his words, realizing that despite his claims of releasing his true power, he still held back. “That is the grand design of the Great Campaign. Reforming a Utopia free of these connections. No war. No deaths. A dimension that will surpass that of its predecessor under the will of the Remnants...” his voice faintly trails off as his released form flickers. “It seems my time in this form has about reached its end. Allow me to give a parting gift before that that comes.” As he says this, both he and the resurrected Shinigami lift their right hands. Violet and gold energy forms in both hands respectively as the ground trembles with their combined power. “Gran Rey Cero...” “Cero Oscuras...” they both mutter as the two waves of energy is released from their hands, the sheer force of it sending them both skidding backward. WC: 410 STATS
  10. Character Name: Yusei Kinoshita Race: Quincy Desired Release Approval: Black Sanrei Glove Character Application Link: Enjoy
  11. Tsukishima watches as his two Bala soar through the air only to harmlessly collide with two of the man's orbs as he personally dealt with the resurrected Jo-Jo Kidō with that of his own. Jo-Jo quickly stabs its staff on the ground as a violet barrier is erected around him, shielding it from harm. As the attack dissipates, the resurrected Shinigami leaps back towards its reluctant master's side. His skeletal fingers gripped his staff, Tsukishima trembled in anger. He had come a long way since his younger days and knew that he was not the invincible God he once proclaimed himself to be. There would always be someone out there who was stronger and faster. It's inevitable. But this... To be so outclassed at this level and toyed with by someone like him, a Shinigami of all creatures. His opponent hadn't even used his Bankai and still, the gap was this great. It sickened him. Sickened him and made him realize his own faults and limitations. This seemed to be the extent of power his current body could output. If the Great Campaign was to be realized, if the utopia he sought to achieve were to happen, he needed more power. Power beyond that of resurrección and even that of Segunda Etapa. There was only one source of power that would give him the boost he needed, the Hogyoku. During his previous reign, the powerful relic was common knowledge. All races either fought over its power or sought to create their own. After his rebirth, all knowledge of it seemed to be scarce with it being shadowed in rumors. Not even Tesla knew of its current location. If he were to complete his objective, if he were to one day subjugate the man in front of him, he needed to acquire it. The miasma around Tsukishima begins to thicken even more as he recedes deeper, his form beginning to flicker between that of his released and Segunda states. His time in this form was starting to come to an end, he needed to get this over with quickly so he could begin his search. “I must say, I am impressed. Even holding back, your power far exceeds my own. We are kindred spirits you and I. Forged by the actions of others. Were you not of Shinigami origin, we might have been comrades. A pity...well it is time to wrap this up.” A booming sound resonates from within as three violet Bala quickly dart towards the Shinigami. As the Bala speeds by Jo-Jo, it begins to twirl its staff before once again stabbing it on the ground. “Bankai! Honpō Raikōisan” it screams as a golden light envelopes it. A strike of lightning rains down as Jo-Jo's staff is transformed into a hammer many times its size. Twirling it with the greatest of ease, the resurrected Shinigami slams the hammer on the ground as two golden streaks of energy race forward. WC: 490 STATS
  12. As the resurrected Jo-Jo charges towards the Shinigami, Tsukishima could feel the man release more of vast depths of his power. While the output of their power was even, Tsukishima knew the truth. He was still hopelessly outclassed. Outclassed by what he considered a truly lesser being. Sickening. However, this made him come to a stark realization. He could evolve even further and find a form beyond even that of Segunda Etapa. Much like before, the orbs the Shinigami commanded moved into position, blocking the two Bala shot from the tip of the staff. Jo-Jo lands on the ground and darts away as the Primera's cero barrels towards the Shinigami. As the cero reaches its target, it suddenly begins to dissolve into golden energy which compresses itself into another sphere. “He continues to toy with me...” the Espada mumbles, never removing his gaze. The hand that touched his staff trembled in anger. Again, the Shinigami mutters the name their accursed Kidō as ten pink constructs comprised of pure energy form and launch their way towards Jo-Jo. The resurrected Shinigami leaps up, skillfully dodging each reiatsu construct as it nears. As it dodges the last pillar, it begins to run full speed towards the man with right hand extended. Wordlessly, Tsukishima raises his arm and fires two Bala alongside the traveling creature. “You good mofucka. Damn good. Shooting all these Kidō at full strength without their incantations. Would have loved to go a few rounds with you under different circumstances. Doubt you need it but get ready. The bony mofucka planning something big.” As these words leave the resurrected Shinigami's lips, it stops just shy of the man with its hand hovering just above his chest. “Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō” The electrified blast of reiatsu rockets out, completely engulfing the Shinigami's last known area. WC: 303 STATS
  13. The man did not move as the Primera unleashed his resurrección, fully engulfed by the black miasma that seeped through the area. As his cero travels forward, Tsukishima watches as four black orbs appear in front of the man, shielding him from harm. Standing firm, the man utters one word as Tsukishima trembles in anger at the mere mention of it. Yet another one of that accursed Kidō the Shinigami prided themselves for. It sickened him. As the black and purple box of energy surrounds the Espada, a violet aura envelopes him. He walks forward, a low guttural growl escaping from him as spears attempt to pierce him from all sides. One by one, each spear harmlessly bounces off of the Primera's body and crumbles. Upon reaching one of the walls of the box, he lightly presses his hand upon it as the box deteriorates. Shards of black and purple energy fall around him as he continues forward. From behind, one of the Shinigami's orbs attempts to behead him but is stopped by the sudden appearance of a small violet barrier. Tsukishima stops his forward walk, coming mere feet from the Shinigami once more. He stares at the man with disdain and anger. He was being toyed with. Even a fool could sense that there was a significant gap in power between the two of them. It was a jarring realization for Tsukishima to be as outclassed as he was. It was an injustice. “You are correct. It seems that you are well versed in our hierarchy... I guess you leave me no choice.” he says after a long pause, his hands still trembling in anger. The ground begins to shake as Tsukishima's spiritual pressure begins to increase. Violet energy in the shape of a skull envelopes him as his power soars. From within, his body begins to change. A golden crown forms atop his head with a red eye in the center. A segment of over his left eye socket turns golden as golden chains dangle from both sides of his head. Four tusks covered in golden chains jut from where his neck was, each cracked with violet reiatsu swirling within. His cloak becomes black, brown, and tan in three distinct sections, and opens to reveal what lurks within him. Beneath the cloak lies a mass of violet reiatsu in place of a body, with twelve rib bones and a tailbone floating in their normal positions; the bottom two rib bones and the tailbone are plated with gold. His lower half consists of black, brown, and tan furred leggings ending in flame-like violet reiatsu. They are adorned by two long intricate golden bands crossing at the center and three golden blade-like ornaments on either hip, growing larger in size as they expand outward from him. His left arm is cracked with violet reiatsu swirling inside while his right arm is completely coated in gold. The black miasma begins to thicken as the energy subsides and reveals Tsukishima in the form that surpasses resurrección, Segunda Etapa. “I am the Primera Espada and unchallenged Lord of Hueco Mundo. Based on your power, I can only assume you are a Captain...or you were at one point. Your proficiency in that accursed Kidō leads me to believe you belong to the Kidō Corps. I've someone who'd love to meet you.” He taps his golden staff on the ground as black energy begins to leak from his body. The energy pools on the ground before a formless creature emerges beside the released Arrancar. Tsukishima lightly touches upon the formless creature as it gurgles and changes shape. In a matter of seconds, the creature takes the shape of a dark-skinned man with a white coat draped around his shoulders, his back turned away from the Shinigami. Emblazoned on the coat was the symbol of the Kidō Corps. “The fuck am I?” the creature says as he turns towards the Shinigami. “And who the fuck are you?” The creature turns towards Tsukishima and immediately flies into a rage. “You the mofucka who attacked me. Go time!” The light in Tsukishima's eye sockets flares as the creature stops moving and returns its gaze towards the Shinigami. “This is the former Captain of the Kidō Corps, Jo-Jo. Jo-Jo, deal with your replacement.” Wordlessly, the creature pulls out a golden metallic staff that was attached to his back and darts towards the Shinigami. It quickly appears above the man's head as the tip of the staff glows purple. It twirls the staff to the right before releasing two concussive blasts of energy towards the top of the man's head. At the same time, Tsukishima raises his right hand and fires a dark violet cero with the intent of engulfing him entirely. WC: 792 STATS
  14. “Is that how you plan to justify the actions of your kind? Simply self-preservation? It is true. We are forced to do so out of survival, but the Soul Society does so out of their own volition. To massage their ego and fuel their greed. You make us and the Quincy out to be what's wrong with this dimension and that killing us is your birthright. And yet, most of you jump at the opportunity to incorporate our powers with yours and become those accursed hybrid abominations. The mask you speak of only hides the truth from those who are either too ignorant to see it or those who simply do not want to admit how flawed and hypocritical you truly are.” His knuckles grip the top of the staff, his hands trembling as he speaks. “You condemn us for merely surviving yet most of the atrocities this dimension has experienced have been caused by Shinigami hands. Always believing in their 'justice'. You all are the reason why the Great Campaign must come to fruition. To finally merge this dimension back to the Nirvana it was always meant to be.” At this point, the Shinigami rose to his feet and stood face to face with Tsukishima. He had no weapon but the Primera knew first hand that physical weapons meant nothing. The ground shook as the two titans of power sized up one another, each awaiting the other to make a move. Suddenly, the Shinigami released his spiritual pressure as a golden wave of energy radiated from him. The Primera raises an eyebrow at the power he displayed. It was overwhelming in its sheer volume, arguably even more so than himself and Yamashiro at full strength. This was what the Remnants warned him about, the beings of this dimension whose power far exceeded those of the past. To encounter such a being randomly in the middle of nowhere was truly intriguing. Tsukishima responded by releasing his own spiritual pressure, the violet torrent of energy swirling around him. The opposing violet and golden energies clashed with one another, shaking the very foundation they stood on to its core. It was painfully clear to the Primera, he could not hold back. The man spoke, asking Tsukishima not to disappoint him like the now-deceased Quincy. This prompted a dark chuckle from the Espada as his cane begins to peel away. “I suppose we are skipping the rest of the pleasantries then. Erode, Senescencia...” A beastly roar escapes from the Primera's lips as the intensity of the energy around him increases. Slowly, chunks of skin begin to rot away from his face as his eyeballs sizzle and melt. A pure white skull emerges and a red light flares from within his eye sockets. Black miasma emanates from his body as the trees around the two begin to erode and crumble. In an instant, the miasma reaches a point where a small part of the forest is covered. Tsukishima's deep voice booms from within a miasma as white and violet specks of light appear in his bony hand. The two specks rocket towards the man as Tsukishima recedes deeper within the miasma. “Let's see if that hubris that your kind is known for will show.” WC: 541 STATS
  15. “I would rather not end your life. You were lucky once before, it’d be best to count your blessings and depart.” Tsukishima chuckles as he stares out in the void, his hands being enveloped in black energy. He had fully recovered from his session with Yamashiro and eagerly looked forward to settling the score with the Hermit. “I'm sure you felt it when you were watching in the World of the Living. I'm not the same as when we last met. I assure you." His reiatsu spikes as his cane begins to peel away and reveal his Zanpakuto. He twirls it lightly and aims it at the Hermit’s head, the Hermit following suit with his own blade. The black energy that surrounded his hand before begins to crackle. The crackling becomes audible, something that surprises both Arrancar. The two stand for a moment before charging at one another, their blades ringing out in the darkness. The two exchanged sword clashes, neither giving the other the upper hand. The looks on both of their faces had said it all; this was beginning to annoy them. The two separated, standing opposite of each other in the darkness of the Garganta. The Hermit sighed, his spiritual pressure increasing slightly. In a split second, the Hermit was gone. The booming sounds from Sonido could be heard as he moved around in order to confuse the Primera. He appeared behind him, whispering slightly in the darkness. “You are still too slow.” “Am I?” Said the Espada in an extremely calm and collected voice. The Hermit attempted to deliver a powerful backhand to the very center of Tsukishima’s back but is surprised to see that it was only an afterimage. A sharp pain shoots in his back as he is launched forward. He manages to gather his footing as he slides back, glancing at the Primera in front of him with blood dripping from his fingertips. He licks the blood off, smiling at the Hermit with a sinister grin. The Hermit sneered and rose to his feet, the incisions in his back soon closing. “So you have High-Speed Regeneration as well. This will indeed prove interesting.” The two charged towards each other once more, only this time the outcome was a little different. When Matsuko was about a centimeter away from hitting the Primera, he raised his foot connecting with his forehead. The force of the blow sends the Espada’s body flying upward in the darkness. The Hermit attempted to swing his bloodied Zanpakuto to impact Tsukishima’s right side, in a gentle and smooth motion. The Espada twirled his body around and brought up the back of his right leg to literally sweep away the force of the Hermit’s attack, knocking the sword away. Attempting to follow up, Tsukishima directed all his weight into his left leg in order to slam it down. The Hermit, however, expected this and caught the leg before delivering an open palmed strike to the Espada’s rib-cage, the sound of bones breaking could be heard. The two hopped back from one another, creating a sizable distance between them. Their eyes locked for a moment, each knowing what the other was planning on doing. Slowly their raised their right hands, energy beginning to ebb in the middle. Tsukishima’s however, began to crackle even louder than before. Dark streaks of black reiatsu intermingled with the violet orb of energy in his hand. Both of them muttered the word 'cero' as the two blasts of energy rocketed forward. Both met with a resulting burst of light that briefly illuminated the darkness of the Garganta. They seemed dead even with one another before the violet cero completely took over and dominated the blue. The leftover wave of energy brushed passed the Hermit, knocking him down. “What was that monstrous power?!” The hermit finally makes it to his feet and withdraws his sword, conceding his defeat. “It seems that my suspicions were correct. You have long since passed me in power. I suppose you are worthy of your title as Espada after all. Your attack has depleted most, if not all of my energy. The victory is yours; finish me off if you must.” The Primera smirks and makes his way forward, his weapon returning to its caned appearance. “The battle was over long before this moment. If I wanted to kill you, believe me, I would have done so earlier. There is something that I require.” “And that would be?” The Hermit says coldly. “Your assistance. The Great Campaign is upon us. Reverting this world back into the paradise it once was. The way the Remnants always wished for it to be. No more Shinigami. No more war. A world led by all of our hollowed brethren.” The Hermit thinks for a moment before turning around, his mind racing with this new information. He didn’t quite want to be in the hustle and bustle Las Noches brought but the thought of this nirvana intrigued him. “You have my interest for the moment. If I am to join you on your crusade, I require your assistance as well. There is a being in the World of the Living. I don't want him there but he is out of my league...and likely yours as well. Deal with him and you will have my assistance.” The hermit waves his hand as an opening appears in the darkness. Tsukishima chuckling as he begins to move towards it. “And now you attempt to give demands? I suppose I can humor you for the moment.” __________________________________________________ An eerie stillness befalls the land as a Garganta appears above a forest. The Primera steps out as his cane loosely dangles in his right hand. “Ugh” the Primera mutters as the Garganta closes behind him, a scowl plastered on his face. The putrid stench of humanity lingered and Tsukishima's irritation grew. “Time to get this over with...” he says as he slowly descends to the ground below. He looks around at the forest he sees himself in and takes note of its beauty. It was an area hardly touched by the plagues of this world. A serene peaceful area that reminded him of his original home within the forest. An unfamiliar source of spiritual pressure stirs the Primera from his walk down memory lane. It was a certain kind of pressure he hadn't felt in quite some time. Familiar and yet completely foreign to him. “Quincy...” he mutters as a smile forms across his face. Perhaps his old accomplice Haschwald had finally decided to come out of hiding? Or perhaps there was a new player in the game? Excited with the prospects, the Primera moves deeper into the forest and takes note to mask his energy. It wasn't long before Tsukishima found the source of the pressure, a Quincy dressed in their traditional garb engaged in conversation with another being. While Tsukishima could not feel this man's spiritual pressure, the smell was all too familiar. “Shinigami...” he sneered, his knuckles turning white from gripping his cane too hard. Intently, he watches the conversation at hand turn sour as the Shinigami quickly eliminates the Quincy but notes that something is off. Unlike most of his kind, this Shinigami did not exude the same level of confidence and hubris. His mannerisms, his demeanor, all of it screamed that something was wrong. A weakness that Tsukishima sought to exploit. He walks towards the Shinigami, making his presence known by the echoing taps of his cane. “Doesn't your kind have enough Quincy blood on its hands? Drove them to the brink of extinction and yet you continue to stain the grounds with their blood... And they say we are the bloodthirsty ones.” WC: 1,284
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