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  1. Daisuke found himself yet again within the barren wasteland, running for his life from his disembodied oppressor. Those piercing red eyes followed him intently as the wound on his chest once again burned. Multiple orbs comprised of black flames rain down from the skies; each one narrowly missing their intended target. The orbs continued in the hundreds and there seemed to be no end in sight. Sweat beaded down his face as he ran, desperately trying to find some sort of reprieve against this onslaught. “Until you say my name Daisuke...you are not worthy to wield me.” “Then tell me your name! What the hell is your name?!” Daisuke screams as a deafening roar from above the clouds echoes. An orb of flames lands directly in front of the boy as the resulting explosion sends him backwards. Just as before, the clouds part as a massive black dragon slowly descends from the heavens. Daisuke manages to rise to his feet to take in the impressive sight for himself. If he wasn't terrified out of his mind, he'd almost think it magnificent. It lands on the ground with a sickening thud, forcefully sending the youth back down to the ground. Methodically, it lurches forward with each step it takes sending a reverberating boom. Flames begin to billow from its snout as it creeps towards its prey. “You cannot run from me. You will never be worthy... Not until you say my name.” the Dragon speaks as it comes mere inches from Daisuke's face. “What is your name?!” he says, almost pleading with the creature. “My name is....” the Dragon says as Daisuke, much like the time before, unable to hear what comes next. “I can't hear it. What is it?!” he says as the Dragon opens its mouth. A black orb of flames form in the center of its mouth as Daisuke attempts to back away. “Still not worthy...” the Dragon says as it fires the orb towards a now screaming Daisuke. “Dai... Dai... Dai... wake up!” The youth springs his eyes open, finding himself within the sanctuary of his dormitory once more. His body was drenched in a cold sweat as he looked around to gather himself. He sees his sister standing next to the bed with a concerned, almost frightened look on her face. “Matsuri...” he mumbles as his heartbeat begins to slow down. “Are you alright Dai? I came to wake you up since I figured you'd oversleep again but when I got here, I could hear you screaming from the top of your lungs.” She offered him a towel which he slowly accepted, wiping the sweat from his face and arms. “Hey Matsuri...” he begins after a long pause. “Have you had any weird dreams lately? Dreams of being chased by something.” Matsuri looks down at her lap, twirling a strand of her blue hair around her finger. It was something she always did when she was stressed; a coping mechanism if you will. “.....sometimes.” she says after an equally long pause. “Is it a dragon that chases you?” “No...” she replies while still looking down. Daisuke wanted to press the topic and try to find out what it was and if there were any more similarities to his own dreams but decided against it. In some ways, Matsuri was very fragile. He didn't want to add to the stress. “I won't press it. Come on, we better get to class.” he says. His words seemed to snap her out of her trance-like stare as she quickly reverts to her previous self. “Hurry up. You're going to make me late as well. The one day the instructors decide to merge our classes and you oversleep. If I get a mark for this, you're going to pay for it. You have ten minutes. I'll be waiting at the front.” She says as she tosses another towel towards her brother before departing the room. Daisuke sighs as she departs, leaving him alone with his thoughts once more. ”No use just sitting here...” he mutters as he gets himself out of bed. Some of the sheets, now damp with sweat, lightly stuck to his skin as he removes them and tosses them back on the bed. As he moves to the bathroom, he glances at the wall to his right as he sees his Zanpakutō propped up against the wall. Just by looking at it, he felt a sense of unease. The feeling, although subdued, was much like what he experienced during his dreams. Shaking his head at the notion, he quickly departs for the bathroom before he gained more of Matsuri's ire. WC: 773
  2. Thankfully, luck was on Daisuke's side today as he just made it in time for the next Kidō lesson. He spent a large majority of the night getting in some extra practice with instructor Tanahashi regarding Kidō. He had more of a handle on the finer points of Kidō but was nowhere near a master of the arts. As he slipped inside the room he caught a glance of the instructor shooting a look in his direction before continuing his lecture. “Going over what we have discussed in previous classes, Kidō can be used in a variety of ways. In some situations, Hadō spells can be used defensively and Bakudō spells can be used offensively. Being so fluid in your use of Kidō can in fact save your life. Today, we will learn Bakudō #8: Seki. Seki is a basic shield Kidō that will allow you to block incoming attacks, both physical and reiryoku based and repel them. However, as with the theme of the class today, you can also use this another way.” He glanced over towards a male teacher's aide who stood a few feet away from him and turned to face him. As he raises his right index finger, the instructor begins to speak once more. “I want you all to imagine a small shield and focus your reiatsu. Now focus that that energy towards your hand. Just when an attack comes towards you, imagine blocking the attack with shield like so. Ready when you are...” he says to the aid. “Hadō #4: Byakurai” the aide yells as a concentrated bolt of blue lightning explodes from his outstretched finger. As the bolt of lightning travels towards the instructor, he calmly moves the back of his right hand up. “Bakudō #8: Seki.” he mutters as a small blue orb of energy appears around his hand. The bolt of lightning strikes the ball of energy and is deflected, sending a sparkle of discharged energy throughout the air. Suddenly, the instructor takes off, appearing mere inches from the aide's body. In one fluid motion, the ball of energy moves from the back of his hand to his now outstretched palm as he extends his hand towards the aide's chest. A brilliant blue flash shines out as the aide is sent flying back, coming to a stop a good distance away. Awed sounds spread through the amazed crowd of students as the instructor speaks once more. “As you've seen, the Bakudō can also be used to create space if you are being bombarded with close quarter strikes. The few moments of reprieve the distance this Kidō can give you, could save your life. Pair up and take turns using Seki to repel each other's attacks. If you are using Kidō, please use some of the lower Kidō you've learned in prior classes. If you are opting to use your Zanpakutō, please take some of the arm guards from the entryway.” As the class begin to disperse, the instructor calls Daisuke over before he goes to select a partner. “I see you were a little late to class today. How are you feeling today?” “Drained if I'm being honest. Surprised I made it to class at all. Would have overslept had it not been for Raito.” The teacher sighs and rubs his chin. “It's unsurprising really but you are making strides. Go on, you'll be working with Tetsuo Himura today.” Daisuke groaned under his breath as a large shadow loomed over him. Tetsuo, a massive student near seven feet tall, lumbered behind him. “You better use these arm guards. I'm not using any Kidō.” the massive man says as he tosses a pair of guards towards Daisuke's direction. “For differing reasons, Tetsuo also has trouble with Kidō. Hopefully, the two of you can learn from one another.” the instructor casually mentions as he walks away while Daisuke slips on the guards. “Alright, do you want to go first or should...” Before Daisuke could get the words out of his mouth, he sees Tetsuo charging towards him with Zanpakutō extended. He had very little time to react as he instinctively places his left arm up to guard the incoming strike. The resulting strike send a sharp pain throughout Daisuke's left arm as he slides back. The brute kicks Daisuke away as he slings his Zanpakutō along his right shoulder. “He's not even trying to learn the Kidō is he?” Daisuke thinks as he clutches as his chest. “Ha! At least you got the guards on in time. Let's go again!” he says as he charges towards Daisuke once more. His speed, despite his immense stature, was commendable but Daisuke saw right through it. To him, it was if he were moving in slow motion. As the brute neared and swung his sword down towards his left side once more, Daisuke stepped forward and ducked. As the strike harmlessly passed overhead, Daisuke moved forward with his arm outstretched. Just as the moment his palm could connect with the center of Tetsuo's chest, he mutters the spell. “Bakudō #8: Seki.” A light blue orb of energy appears in the middle of his palm as Daisuke gives the final push forward. A bright light flashes as the energy hits Tetsuo's chest and launches him backward. The behemoth skids across the pond and comes to a rest against a tree. Oohs and stifled chuckles could be heard through the area as Daisuke quickly runs up towards his now toppled classmate. “I'm sorry about that. Didn't mean for you to go back that far.” “It's fine...” Tetsuo mutters as he quickly gets himself up, embarrassed by the ordeal. He cracks his neck, showing no physical damage minus the shot to his ego. “Come on. It's my turn now.” WC: 960
  3. Daisuke and instructor Tanahashi sat face to face atop of a reishi construct with eyes closed. The construct was created by the two of them, its form maintained by concentration. The portion underneath Daisuke begins to waver slightly, prompting a word from the instructor. “Focus your thoughts Daisuke. Without concentration, you'll fail.” A noticeable expression of straining appears on Daisuke's face as the construct beneath him begins to waver even more. Suddenly, the construct disappears, sending Daisuke tumbling to the ground below. Ryusuke, still sat atop his construct, sighs as he leaps off and lands in front of Daisuke. “Forty-five seconds. That's marginally better than the twenty you did before. You can do better though.” He says as he extends his hand out for Daisuke to reach. The boy extends his own hand outward and gets up, an annoyed look now plastered on his face which the instructor noted. “Is there something on your mind Daisuke? You seem troubled.” Daisuke brushed himself off sighed, staring at his instructor with determination. “Would it be possible to try and learn a Hadō or Bakudō instead? I feel like I'd make more progress that way.” Ryusuke lightly scratched his chin as his eyes trailed off. He hadn't really planned on teaching another Kidō right away but with Daisuke, he was not surprised that this was what he wanted. With the information that his sister in some regards was ahead of him, Ryusuke knew that he'd want to progress as fast as possible. “Perhaps I can show you that one...” he mentions as he moves towards a dummy that was laying on the ground. He stood it up and quickly dusted it off before positioning it a few meters away. “Since you are so enthused about learning, I'll teach you Hadō #4: Byakurai. Byakurai is a condensed stream of lightning that can be fired long range or close. Can be used to keep them away or take them off guard and pierce them at point blank range. Similar to Shō, focus the energy throughout your body and let it flow towards your index finger. As soon as the energy is built up, fire the energy off. Let's see what you can do.” Ryusuke moves of the way, leaving Daisuke staring down towards the dummy. Daisuke closes his eyes and begins to focus the energy throughout his body as instructed. The concentrated energy flowed as he began to focus it towards his right index finger. His eyes pop open as a small light blue orb forms around his finger. “Hadō #4: Byakurai!” The light blue orb doubles in size before it violently explodes, sending Daisuke flying back. He comes to a rest a good distance away, staring up at the night's sky. “Ow” he mutters as he could hear his instructor's approaching footsteps. “I already know what you are going to say. I didn't focus enough. I need to concentrate more and not rush it.” The instructor smiles as he helps the youth up. “Seems you did not need my direction after all. You did well to form it at least. Let's try again. Remember, close your eyes and focus. Let all of the energy you build up flow through you.” Ryusuke backs away as Daisuke straightens up and focuses. He takes a deep breath and readies himself once more. He extends his index finger forward and aims it at the dummy. “Hadō #4: Byakurai!” the youth yells as the blue bolt of lightning rockets out of his finger. It soars through the air and nicks the top of the target as it continues to trail off in the distance. “I missed...” Daisuke mumbles as he kicks some dirt. “But you at least fired the Kidō, and on your second attempt. That itself is an accomplishment.” “But I can do better. I have to. I can't let Matsuri or Raito surpass me.” Ryusuke stands back as Daisuke takes his stance once more, his reiatsu beginning to spike. As he looks at the youth, he can't help but see Jun within him. The same stubborn determination, the drive to be the best. He watched as streaks of Byakurai fired off every five minutes. Each blast coming closer and closer to towards its intended target. After one hour, he heard it. “I did it!” Daisuke yells as Ryusuke directs his attention towards the dummy. At the very center of the dummy was a hole created by Daisuke's most recent spell. He examines the hole, noting its precision. “Shot clean through. Very good Daisuke. You've done well.” As he turns back to face the youth, he sees him fast asleep on the ground. Ryusuke chuckles to himself as he goes to pick him up and take him back to the dormitory. “You're exactly like him.” WC: 797
  4. Daisuke arrived at the Kidō Training area, mentally and physically drained from all of the lessons Saya had given them in the weeks leading up to today. The training was arduous but in the end, he came out of it with his very on Asauchi. A Zanpakutō he could call his own. They were told that they had to spend every waking moment with their new Zanpakutō so they could imprint their reiatsu onto it and manifest what would eventually becoming their Zanpakutō spirit. Daisuke was eager to get to this point but for now, he had to deal with Kidō class. The area was out with a large pond in the middle. Fish could be seen swimming as the sun reflected against the water. There were several dummies set up around the pool, each one looking rougher than the one before it. All of them were equipped with limbs but one of them had arms that were being restrained. As the class began to pour in, Daisuke walked up and peeked behind to see just what was restraining it. To his bewilderment, there was nothing there. As he pondered aloud just what was the source of this, his arms were forced behind his back. He struggled to get loose but the more he struggled the tighter the force around his arms got. In seconds, he fell face first onto the ground, hogtied like a pig. He expected to hear the class laugh at his misfortune but there were no laughs. Oddly enough, it was quiet. Suddenly, the soft taps of footsteps could be heard approaching, stopping just a few feet behind him. “It seems that you were unable to see the Kidō that was used to restrain the dummy.” More footsteps could be heard as the voice moves forward towards Daisuke, kneeling down in front with a smile. “While I suspect that you were not the only one who was unable to see, your case does present the most concern to me. For someone such as yourself, who has controlled reiatsu but constantly leaks it, seeing a simple spell such as that should be but a trivial matter. This leads me to believe that Kidō is not your strong suit. You will likely struggle in this course. No matter. When all is said and done, you and everyone here will be masters at this and other powerful techniques.” He snaps his fingers as the force around Daisuke disappears, granting him full mobility once more. The man, still with a smile on his face, extends his hand down to help Daisuke up, who quickly accepts. “My name is Ryusuke Tanahashi. I'm a member of the Kidō Corps and I'll be your Kidō teacher. As you many of you just witnessed, this is Kidō at its core. Some Kidō can be defended against. Others are not able to be blocked. All Kidō follow a similar rule set. The more reiryoku you put in, the stronger your Kidō will be. Even the lowest of spells can become a dangerous tool in your arsenal if used correctly. Let’s get started shall we?” He claps his hands as a light green energy construct appears above the pool. The class stands in amazement by the construct as the instructor's voice stirs them from their thoughts. “Alright, everyone make your way atop and construct." One by one, each student makes their way up the construct. Once they all are on top, the instructor speaks once more. “Now close your eyes and focus. In order to tap into your potential, you have to be aware of your surroundings and to all the reiatsu around you. Everything is connected. Your mind and senses must be sharp. Feel the energy around and focus it towards the tip of your index finger Let it build to its peak and when it feels ready to burst, thrust your finger forward and release the energy.” One by one, each of the students perform the desired task in amazement as a small amount of energy is released from their fingers. Chatter spreads among them before the instructor silences them once more. “Splendid. That was Hadō number one: Shō. The lowest of Hadō spells that can be used in a number of ways. There are dummies scattered around the area, please practice the spell on the dummies.” The class spreads out to complete their task as Daisuke stands at the end of the pool. His finger trembling as he constantly thrusts it forward to no avail. “Nothing is coming out...” he says. “Seems that while you may have the advantage in physical combat, I have you beat in Kidō.” a voice rings out. Daisuke looks to his left and sees a smiling Raito wave at him before moving towards a dummy. “For now...” he mutters as he continues to extend. After about an hour, all of the students slowly depart, leaving Daisuke in the same spot alone. Even after an hour, he was unable to perform the task. He grits his teeth in anger as he glares at his reflection in the pool. He suddenly sees another reflection on the water's surface as he glances up to see the instructor staring at him with the same warm smile from before. Daisuke puts his head down and stares at the ground. “You know class is over right?” “I should be able to do this. With all of the training I went through with father on controlling my power, I should be able to do this.” The mention of his father piques Ryusuke's interest as he stares deeply at the now setting sun. “I was an acquaintance of your father's. He is a good man and he would talk about you and your sister frequently. He mentioned the first time he met you both and the way your reiatsu leaked. While he taught you how to control the intensity of what you emitted, he did not teach proper control. He likely wanted you and your sister to learn on your own and forge your own paths. Here...” The instructor places his hand on Daisuke's shoulder and has him lift his index finger. “Let's try it again, only this time, I'll help you channel the energy. Remember what I said and try the Hadō spell again.” Daisuke closes his eyes and focuses, attempting to channel the energy towards the tip of his finger. He feels the energy building more and more each second before he quickly releases it. A thundering boom is heard as the water rises up from the pool and rains down around the two. Daisuke stands awed at the display while the instructor gives a surprised chuckle. “That was an impressive spell. Well done.” “I could only accomplish that because of your power. It wasn't on my own.” “That's where you are wrong. As I said, I only helped you channel your power. What you just saw was your power alone. How about we do this? Every couple of days, I typically have one on one sessions with students who are struggling. If you want to, I can help you learn how to truly channel your power without assistance. That should make things a bit easier for you and make you stronger over all. You interested?” Daisuke nods his head in excitement, eager to over come the hurdle he faced. In his excitement, he suddenly wondered. What about Matsuri? Her class was earlier in the day and he wasn't sure if this offer had been extended to her. Given that she still leaked reiatsu, it would be beneficial to her as well. “Would you mind if I brought Matsuri along with me? She'd probably relish the opportunity to gain more control of her powers too." "Your sister doesn't need the training. She already has full control of her reiatsu and has probably had control over it for a few years now. Like yourself, she'll likely always have to deal with her reiatsu leaking but that won't hinder her. She picked up Kidō easily. A born natural.” The instructor chuckles as he began to walk away, slowly jamming his hands in the pockets of his coat as he leaves Daisuke standing with mouth agape. “MATSURI!!!!” he yells in anger. Ryusuke shoots a quick wave of his hand before departing. “We'll start tomorrow after class.” WC: 1,389
  5. “Everyone! Take your wooden swords and line up against the wall.” With a clatter, the door of the large practice hall was thrown back and a woman emerged from within. She was dressed in all black, with an oversize wooden sword slung lazily over her shoulder. With a certain flair of confidence, she strode towards the front of the room and stood on a metal platform before placing the sword down in front of her. All of the students jumped in surprised and stared at the sight before them. It was the start of the sixth week of academy life and things were moving at a snail’s pace. Lecture after lecture, exam after exam. The twins, each obtaining high marks in their classes, had different approaches to it. For Matsuri, some things came natural to her. She was incredibly gifted and rarely struggled. Daisuke, on the other hand, struggled greatly. He would save his studying until the last minute, often staying up overnight the night before a big exam in a mad scramble to get things done. However crude his methods were, they yielded results. Today would be the first time all of the students would practice their swordsmanship. Daisuke, of course, relished the opportunity as this would be the first time he’d be able to show what he learned during his father’s training. Out of the two, he had more of a penchant for the more physical things. "I gave you all an instruction. I expect it to be obeyed at once!" the woman’s voice booms as she slams her wooden sword on the ground. The ground trembles and the metal platform bows upon contact, scaring the class who quickly scramble to carry out her orders. As he hurried to take his pace in the line of students near the wall, Daisuke noticed that Raito had also turned up for the class. The two exchange glances before shooting one another a brief smile. It was already decided. Should their class turn into a sparring session, the two of them would meet. This would be the first time that they’d be able to test their brawn against one another. As the last student slipped into place, the woman moved from atop the platform to examine each student. Every single student was met with a menacing glance from top to bottom, one by one as she made her way from one end of the line to the other. At the end of the line, a young girl looked as if she were about to cry at the sheer intensity of her stares. Daisuke bit his lip, silently sympathizing with his classmate. It was at this moment, Daisuke realized that whoever the woman was, and with her terrifyingly strong aura, Matsuri had nothing on her. After a few tense moments of silence, she began to speak. "Saya Fukamachi." She said brusquely. "That's my name. You will all address me as teacher and nothing else. I'll make it clear from the start that you are not here to play. You're here to learn how to fight and kill effectively so that you don't get killed when you are faced with an enemy who wants nothing more than to see the remaining speck of light slowly drain from your eyes." Most of the class swallowed hard at this brusque assessment of the lessons to come. In a flash, she disappeared only to reappear with the tip of her oversize sword mere inches away from Daisuke’s face. The class gasped and stood frozen in place. Like most of the class before him, he took a large swallow as sweat began to bead down his face. His body was frozen. “Name?” she demanded as Daisuke struggled to find the words. “Dai…Daisuke. Daisuke Sato ma’am.” She slowly lowered her sword, letting the serrated edge scrape along the floor as she pulled it back. “Move to the center of the room.” She barked as the shaken Daisuke hurriedly moves. Saya quickly disappears again, this time reappearing with her face mere inches away from Raito’s. The tip of her sword was stabbed in the wall next to his face. The look of sheer terror on his face spelled it all. “Name?” she muttered as she slowly moved back. “Raito Yukimura.” He says as his hands tremble. “Move to the center of the room.” She moves back some more as she allows him to quickly head to the desired location. Removing the sword from the wall, her form disappears once more and reappears atop the platform once more. “Does anyone know why these two were chosen?” her voice booms. A still silence blankets the room. “Because their marks are high?” a sheepish voice says. “Incorrect. Every Shinigami should be able to perceive their opponents reiatsu. Perceiving reiatsu should come as natural breathing. Among this group, the two of them have the highest reiatsu. One is refined and controlled. The other, while controlled, leaks out constantly.” Daisuke’s cheeks turned red at the statement as he knew that comment was directed towards him. “I can tell that some of you already know this technique. In time, you’ll all learn how to accomplish this but for right now, I want to see a display of what the two strongest can do. It’s obvious you two have had some sort of formal training. Fight for real, no holding back. If it gets too out of hand, I’ll make sure it is stopped.” She moves back and allows the two to compose themselves as they each grip their wooden swords. “I’ve been waiting on this since we met.” Daisuke says with a confident smile on his face. “As have I. Show me what you can do…” “Begin!” she yells as the two spring to life. Daisuke darts forward with a rapid sequence of thrusts which Raito, showing his skill, dodged to perfection. He slams his own sword firmly against his opponent and pushes him away. His own superior strength now revealed, he shifts his weight from his left to his right foot and begins an offensive of his own. Daisuke, unmoved by the display, dodges with impressive skill. If Raito or anyone from the class thought that this level of strength would be enough to defeat him, they were sorely mistaken. He was deft and quick, dodging Raito's second set of swings and leaping at him once more. Raito took a half-step back, only just judging the swing in time, and as there was the cracking sound of wood on wood once more. The class was on edge. The two combatants were fast and furious, yet entirely committed to the match. As both slipped into their normal combat rhythm, it became staggeringly apparent to everyone watching that there was genuine, ingrown skill in both of their movements. Daisuke’s chosen mode of attack was quick and deft, using several stabbing swings in one advance as he slipped almost seamlessly from toe to toe, able to change his angle at a moment's notice. Raito, in contrast, put greater faith in his strength of attack. Using his superior strength to deliver staggering strikes. For fifteen minutes, the match continued with neither side completely gaining the upper hand. Suddenly, Daisuke launched himself into the air as his reiatsu began to spike. Searing heat began to bristle from him as he lands a solid blow on his opponent. Raito, struck off guard for the first time, lost his footing and stumbled back as his sword scatters across the floor. Daisuke lands on the floor out of breath with sweat beading off his face. He glances towards his wooden sword which was split in two by the resulting clash. Raito steadied himself, shooting a humbled grin as he extends his hand towards Daisuke. "Well fought. It seems you’ve won this round." He said frankly. "You’re not bad yourself. Seems you weren’t all talk after all." Daisuke managed, raising his head with a look of triumph in his golden eyes. "Sato. Yukimura." Saya’s booming voice interrupts their conversation. At the sound, the two stand straight and bow to each other properly. "Good." She said at length, turning to face the rest of the group, all of whom were standing staring at the two combatants in awe. "Sato and Yukimura have given you all a taste of the kind of commitment I expect from you. To give your opponent no quarter. Exploit any and all weaknesses and be mindful of what you can do. By the time I’m through with you, you all will be able to do much more than what you’ve seen today.” She places a hand on each of the boys’ shoulders, scaring them even more. "That's not a reason for either of you to become complacent. You have skill, but you also both had openings. If I was to challenge either of you in your current state, you would not last thirty seconds." The two of them swallowed hard as her grip tightened. “All of you will pair off in two and begin with the basics. Before today’s class is over, each of you need to perform five thousand strikes. As for the two of you. You need to retrieve new wooden swords and pair off with other people. It will give you both room to grow. If I decide you worthy, you will leave class today with an Asauchi.” She lets go of the boys’ shoulders and takes Daisuke’s weapon as she watches them scurry off before moving to Raito’s discarded sword. She examines both swords and sees slight burn marks on the handle of Daisuke’s sword, more burn marks on the serrated edges of both weapons, and small yet deep indentations on Daisuke’s. “So I wasn’t hallucinating. The Sato boy unconsciously wrapped himself in reiatsu that manifested like flames while the Yukimura boy unconsciously defended himself with wind that created these deep cuts. These boys… They are going to be something else, I’m sure of it.” WC: 1,660
  6. Daisuke finds himself stranded in a barren wasteland running for his life. There is a light wound on his chest in the shape of a claw that burns more and more with each passing second. The pitch black sky started to loom over him as he runs away from the piercing red eyes glaring at him from within the clouds. "Daisuke... Daisuke, you can run … but you know you can't hide. Not from me." The booming disembodied voice behind the clouds reverberates. As he continues to run, he begins to see small light red crystals fall from the sky. He stops dead in his tracks, amazed by such a beautiful sight. Almost as if he were in a trance, he slowly reaches out his right hand, letting a few of the crystals fall into his palm. The crystals disappeared as soon as they touched his hand like water hitting a hot pan. Suddenly, a searing hot sensation spreads across his bone. The heat burns to his very core as he tries to scream but finds that he is unable to. As the crystals fall at a quickened pace, they land on Daisuke's body and no longer disappear. Instead they begin to encase him entirely. As the crystals spread, Daisuke begins to lose control of his body. His arms are the first to go as it gradually makes its way down. Realizing how dangerous the situation was, he attempts to run away once more but finds that it is too late. He was trapped and completely paralyzed with nowhere to go. Just then, the crystals stopped and the clouds parted. A ball of fire of immense proportions appeared as an equally large black figure flew around it. The figure, now revealed as a black dragon, slowly descends from the heavens as its red eyes stares directly at his soul. "I told you Daisuke … you are not worthy to wield me." The dragon spoke, revealing it to be the source of the voice Daisuke heard prior. “What the hell are you?” Daisuke manages to etch out as the dragon nears towards him. He comes face to face with the dragon’s snot, feeling the searing heat escape from it. “My name is….” The sound cuts out with Daisuke unable to hear the rest. “Until you say my name, you are not worthy!” The dragon says as Daisuke is once again able to hear. As he was trying to make out just what exactly the dragon meant, it lunged at him. A piercing scream escapes Daisuke's mouth as his eyes dart open. In a cold sweat, he looks around, finding himself back within his dormitory. “This damned dream again?” “Do you always flail around and yell in your sleep?” a voice says. Daisuke looks up towards the doorway to see a young raven haired man staring at him. “Yo! Looks like I’m your roommate. Raito Yukimura is the name!” he announces. The man, wearing the same hakama as him, smiled warmly before waving his hand to greet him. His skin was dark, yet his eyes were a vivid golden, glittering with life and intelligence, yet Daisuke soon saw a stubborn pride reflected in their depths. His raven hair was held back from his face by a single white tie adorned with a gold band. With a mixture of surprise and fear, Daisuke slowly returns the greeting. “….Hi. I’m Daisuke Sato.” “Nice to meet you. And sorry for startling you. You left the door open and I could hear you down the hall. Wait a minute…Daisuke? You wouldn’t be the Daisuke that cute blue-eyed girl was looking for would you?” Returning to his normal nature, Daisuke sighs and lays back in the bed. He was not surprised that she was still looking for him. That was just a testament to how determined she was. She’d definitely hurt him when she found him. “Blue eyes and blue hair? Yeah, that’s probably my sister. I saw her running around earlier looking for me.” Raito chuckled as he fully entered the room and sits on the chair Daisuke sat at earlier. “She seemed pretty upset as she moved through the campus. She has a fiery temper.” Daisuke waves him off, chuckling as he sits on the side of the bed. He motions towards the glass of water he left on the windowsill which Raito quickly hands to him. Taking a sip to quench his parched throat, he begins to speak once more. “She seems that way now but back when we were younger, she was incredibly shy. Terrified of her own shadow. Still has glimpses of her old self. Hell, just this morning she was pacing around terrified of her first day. I suppose I’ll go and find her at some point. Enough babbling about me. What brings you here?” Raito eases back in the chair and chuckles darkly, staring out at the sun setting in the distance. “Bit of a loaded question from someone I just met a few minutes ago. Since we’ll be roommates, there isn’t any harm in telling you. I’m indebted to the Shinigami. One saved my life during a hollow attack years ago. Ever since that moment, I wanted to be just like them. I worked hard and molded my dedicated my entire life to achieve it. This is just a precursor to it. But I’ll graduate top of the class and take my place among the Shinigami. What about you? What brings you and your sister here?” “Very similar reasons as you believe it or not. Our father…well adopted father. He’s the former lieutenant of the Eighth Division. He saw something in us and took us in when we had nothing. We idolized him and wanted to maintain his legacy. We plan to be the best. Better than everyone here, you included. No one will look down on us again.” The two stare at one another, the tension between them obvious. Both of them strove to be the best. It was fitting that the two of them would one day become rivals. “It seems we are more similar than what I originally thought. These next six years will be interesting.” As the two continue to converse, a loud creaking noise stirs them. Footsteps echo in a hall as a young man appears. At first, he appeared to walk past the door but suddenly stopped and moved back towards the entrance once he realized there were other occupants. “Oh hello! I didn’t think there was anyone else here. My name is Shotaro Sonozaki. Pleased to meet you both.” The three exchange pleasantries before another set of booming footsteps interrupt them. “I hope you guys don’t mind but I let the girl who has been looking for someone come and check the place out. I thought it was empty so I didn’t see the harm in it. Wait…didn’t you say your name was Daisuke?” Daisuke’s eyes widen as the booming footsteps come to a stop when Shotaro says his name before returning at a quickened pace. “Oh shit…” Daisuke mutters as Shotaro is pushed out of the way, Matsuri glaring at him from the doorway. “Daisuke….” she growls as she slowly draws closer to her intended victim. Raito quickly gets up, hugging the wall of the room as he makes his way past her. “I’ll catch you later Daisuke.” He says hastily as he exits the room, quickly helping Shotaro up before they both depart. “You left me all day. Had me looking around this entire campus. Just to sleep?” She cracks her knuckles as she draws closer towards her brother, his cries of pain echoing throughout the halls. WC: 1,277
  7. A few hours had passed and Daisuke found himself sitting alongside the window of his dormitory, slowly fighting the urge to sleep. For the time being, he had escaped the hustle and bustle of the academy. As soon as the twins stepped foot into the academy, they were caught up in the whirlwind. Ten minutes after arriving, they were ushered into the Grand Ballroom along with the rest of the first year students. The Head Teacher of the first year students, Gengorō Ōnabara, greeted them all with a welcoming speech. “Ladies and gentlemen, it is my greatest pleasure to welcome you all to the Shin'ō Academy. I wish to congratulate each of you, first on having secured your place at the Academy and second, for the prosperous futures I know you all will have. The Shin'ō Academy puts the students at the forefront of everything it does; your experience here and your success is important to each and every member of staff. Your arrival here marks a new chapter in the story of your life. But this chapter is a bit different. The preceding chapters were largely written by others – your families, your upbringings, and your nobility for those that this applies to. But none of that matters because as soon as you stepped through those doors, you are all equal and are now you will be the principal author of the next chapter. This can seem as daunting as it is exciting, as challenging as it is empowering. But the great thing is that you are doing something that you have chosen to do, something that arguably you were born to do. And while you are here, you will have the opportunity to learn new things, acquire new knowledge, develop new skills, and enhance your personal attributes in profound ways that will equip for life after the Academy. Over the first few days of your time here, you are likely to be bombarded with information and I am conscious of the danger of adding to information overload. Nevertheless, I wish to share a small piece of advice with you. Make the most of your time here and absorb all the knowledge that you can. Your time here will define you. Make the most of it.” With those words still ringing in their ears, the twins were whisked away to their classes and meetings with their teachers before being placed within the dorms. Matsuri wanted to meet up and go over things but Daisuke, as usual, just wanted to rest. He glances out of the window of the dormitory, resting his elbows on the sill as a faint smile spread across his face. Outside, on the ground below, he could just make out the distinctive blue trails of hair and red and white clad body of his sister as she quickly moved from point to point. Daisuke knew only too well that it was him she had been seeking, and he cupped his chin in his hands, amusement in his expression as he registered her frustration. “She’ll probably hit me for it later but that’s fine.” He lazily mutters. He sighs and gets to his feet, stretching his arms over his head as he lets out a loud yawn. The room was long and somewhat narrow, about what you would expect from a traditional standpoint. This was the smallest of the three rooms within this block and Daisuke chose it without hesitation. Although he would sleep alone in this room, he didn’t mind it being cramped. Its tight enclosure faintly reminded him of the time he spent in the hut with his sister. Daisuke sank down on his bed, running his fingers absently over the blankets that had been neatly placed there. These were identical from bed to bed, in a shade of blue, just like the hakama the male students all wore. His eyes narrowed as the Head Teacher's words ring in his head. “We are all equal… That’s the message. All the same no matter where we come from.” He flopped back onto the thin, flat pillow, closing his eyes as he digested this fact and allowed sleep to overcome him. WC: 694
  8. 500 Years before the present At long last, the day had arrived. Daisuke ran his fingers excitedly over the white and blue of his student's hakama, his gaze straying across the grounds of what was possibly the biggest building he had ever seen. His long silver hair flowed in the wind as he tightly grasped at the sash around his chest. In the years that had passed since Daisuke and Matsuri were adopted by the Sato’s, they never ventured far from their estate. They had food, warmth, and most importantly a loving home. That’s all they needed and all they wanted. Over time, with training from Jun, they managed to gain some sort of control over their reiatsu. While it still leaked out violently, it no longer caused intense heat or frigid cold unless they wished it. While this enabled them to potentially gain a sense of a normal life over the years, they longed for something more. With that, it was decided. "Well?" A voice from behind him said as a firm hand is placed on his shoulder. Daisuke glances back to see Jun smile at him warmly, his eyes full of pride. Jun had retired from his Shinigami duties a few years before, citing old age as his reason. He’d held the position of third seat of the Eighth Division for many centuries eventually becoming its lieutenant for the last four. He had become a valued and highly respected asset of the Gotei 13. So much so that both the former and current Captain of the division still keep in contact with him. Now he longed for the quiet life to sit back and enjoy the successes of his children. "I was wondering if you were going to stand and stare all day." Jun said teasingly as he ruffled Daisuke’s hair. “Sorry father. I’m just jittery. We’ve waited for so long for the opportunity to join the academy. Now the day is finally here and….” “You’ll be fine. Don’t worry.” Jun said as he cut him off. His words, much like they were during their first meeting, eased his fears and erased his doubts. “Regardless, I’m glad you are excited about this. After this, I’ll no longer be your teacher. I’ve taught you both all the basics and even a few things here and there that I probably shouldn’t have shown you. You’ve done exceptionally well to this point. The two of you will be onto bigger and brighter things. Have better instructors than I could ever be. Don’t let me down.” “We’ll always cherish your guidance and wisdom. I'm pretty sure I can speak for Matsuri when I say that we’ll do everything in our power to honor your name, position and all of your teachings. We are where we are now because of you and mother. I promise, we will not let you down.” A lone tear rolled down his eye as he quickly adjusted and stares out at the horizon. "That's enough for me, then." Jun smiled with sadness in his eyes. “You worry too much Dai. It’s just a school.” Matsuri said as she walked up behind the two. Her light blue hair rests upon her shoulders as she moved beside her taller brother. She casually handed him a small bag with the lunch he absentmindedly forgot at home. “Mom knew you’d forget the lunch so she had me bring it. All this trouble over the first day at the academy.” “Oh! Says the one who frantically paced around last night terrified about how the first day will go. ‘I don’t know about this Dai. I’m worried.’ And you have the nerve to pick at me.” “Shut it. It was a momentary lapse.” The two siblings bickered between one another as Jun watched on. "I’m eternally grateful to you both. You’ve given our lives purpose…” he whispered as he beams at the two with pride. Jun sighed deeply, he places a hand on each of their backs and gently pushes forward as he steps back. “This is where we part. I’m incredibly proud of you both. Listen to your instructors and do your best. If you happen to see Captain Kaeru, Captain Zikrud, my old friend Jinno, or any of the other Captains or lieutenants, be on your best behavior. Haruka and I expect a letter whenever you are able. Come back home in one piece and as full-fledged Shinigami.” The twins bid their farewells and watched as the man they’ve identified as their father walked into the distance. As his figure slowly fades from view, the two stood in silence. After a few moments, Matsuri broke the silence that lingered between the two. “This is it huh? We’re back on our own trying carve on own path in this world we’ve found ourselves in.” “Not quite. It’s different this time. This time, we aren’t alone.” WC: 807
  9. 900 Years before the present The Soul Society. The land of the Soul Reapers. The land where the spirits of those who have passed come to begin anew. Most souls that find themselves in the Soul Society come together to form families. There are some, unfortunately, who are not as fortunate to find a family. The twins, Daisuke and Matsuri, are prime examples of this. The two children arrived in the Soul Society alone, a tragic fate in their human lives sending them there. Given that they arrived within the first district of Rukongai, Junrinan, it was expected that they would be integrated in the makeshift families that the district was comprised of. However, many of the citizens in the Rukongai were wary of them. Not because of their actions or their heritage, but because of their immense power and frightening potential. The two of them subconsciously leaked their reiatsu every passing moment. For Daisuke, the leaked reiatsu would manifest as searing heat. Matsuri, on the other hand generated, extremely cold and near sub-zero temperatures. Oddly enough, their powers never affected the other. Along with the varying temperatures, the leaked reiatsu would attract the attention of hollows. The fear of being attacked lead people to stay away from them. Children were forbade to play with them. So, the twins fought to survive; stealing and doing whatever they could to make ends meet. It was a harsh way of life but, for the time being, it was all they had. Thunder roared in the distance as rain drizzled down from the heavens. It was the first day in a few weeks that they didn’t experience the near torrential rains. Matsuri sat underneath a small hut of scrap metal and discarded paper with a thin dirty blanket covering her. She shivered as she rubbed her hands together to keep warm. Daisuke made his way underneath the hut with her, quickly making his way underneath the shared blanket. His leaking reiatsu made the inside of the blanket just a tad warmer. It was just enough for Matsuri stop her shivering. “Here sis. Eat up.” He said as he handed her the apple he swiped from the market down the road. Nodding, she quickly bit into the apple as she let the juices flow freely down the side of her mouth. “I wish this rain would end.” She mumbles between bites. Upon finishing her apple, the two sat in silence as they watched people scurry into their homes. The same warm, safe abodes the two of them longed to have. The pangs of being wanted tore at their hearts. As the two of them watched the people pass, they saw them. A man and a woman out on a night’s stroll. The woman wore elegant clothing, an oddity given the current weather they were experiencing. She had a light pink umbrella dangling over her shoulder with a warm smile on her face. The man next to her was a soul reaper. He was dressed in the standard soul reaper clothing with a badge tied around his right arm. The two of them had never seen a soul reaper before; having only heard about them and their exploits from rumors and small talk. Typically, soul reapers meant something bad was about to happen. “I’m scared.” Matsuri whispered as she moved closer towards her brother. He instinctively put his arm around her and moved to the back of the hut in an attempt to avoid the couple's attention. As the two walked by the hut, the siblings could hear bits and pieces of their conversation. Idle chatter about the peace and serenity the Soul Society was currently experiencing. Suddenly, the woman stopped dead in her tracks and glanced at the hut behind her. She motioned towards her male companion before heading back over towards the hut. Matsuri squeezed her brother’s arm as the woman knelt down and peeked inside. “Hello there. Why are you two sitting in the rain?” Matsuri slumped underneath the blanket as Daisuke instinctively moved to cover her. “We don’t have anywhere else to go.” Daisuke said angrily. “You two don’t have a family here?” “No. No one wants to take care of us. They're all scared. They say we are curses and bring evil monsters because we can’t control these stupid powers. We didn't ask for this and we get treated like shit for it. Just go away like everyone else!” A searing wave of heat radiated out from within the hut, forcing the woman to take a quick step back. “I see… That explains what I felt” The soul reaper said as he knelt down towards the woman. His smile was just as warm as hers with a sense of compassion. “I could sense someone was leaking out reiatsu. I thought it might be a few Shinigami in the area but this... I would have never expected it to come from you two. Such incredible power." Matsuri peaked out from underneath the blanket, never keeping her eyes off of the two in front of them. “They are so young..." the woman said as she began to trail off from her words. Her eyes reflected deep sadness and understanding. "My name is Haruka…Haruka Sato. And this is my husband Jun. Would you two like to come with us? You can live with us. Right, Jun?" The soul reaper chuckled and extended his hand inside the small hut. "She's right. You both can live with us. You can even learn how to control those powers of yours. If you want to of course." Hearing this, Daisuke looked down towards his sister whose face was full of hope. For so long she's wanted to be free from this situation they found themselves in. To have a home. A family. A family who would care for them. Daisuke could see the look in her eyes. He knew what her answer was. With his sister holding on tightly, the two reached towards the soul reaper. WC: 994
  10. Daisuke Sato ____________________________________________________________ Fate Points | Achievements | Purchases Fate Point Benchmark | 61k [4] Maximum Fate Point Balance | 4 Current Fate Point Balance | 0 Achievements | Purchases | Major Minor [ 4 Points] - 1st Focus [Perception]
  11. Yusei and Ayumi sat in the dinning room in their home, the lights down and a lone candle placed in the middle of the table. Multiple dishes were sat at the table, each having a different item on it. Steak, lobster, rice, potatoes. A full spread fit for two. It had been quite some time since the two of them had time to enjoy each other's company. Every time prior revolved around work at Noir or work with the Wandenreich. It was always something but today...today it was only the two of them. “How's everything at Noir?” Yusei says as he begins to cut into the T-bone steak placed in front of him. “Things have been good. Production is up and we are trying to negotiate some new clients. Which reminds me, Frieda and I have scheduled a meeting with you and a new potential client who may want to do business with us. His name is Connor Knight. Frieda says she'll send you the details later. Man, Frieda has been a godsend with helping out with the day to day operations. Between that and training your cousin, I don't know how she does it.” “Neither do I to be honest with you. Sibylle can be a bit of a handful.” “Will she be joining your Wandenreich activities? It seems that all of you Quincy get involved in that one way or another.” Yusei laughs as he washes down his food with a glass of wine, thoroughly enjoying the evening. He collects both of their dishes and moves to the sink to wash them. “That's up to her. His Majesty won't force anyone to join if they don't want to. I do expect someone from the Imperial Guard to meet with her or arrange a meeting with him in order to grant her a Sanrei Glove. After that, it's all on her.” As he continues to wash, Ayumi's phone begins to ring. She hurriedly moves to the phone, placing it on her ear as she flops down on the couch. “Hello? Oh Frieda! How are you doing tonight? Yusei? Yeah, he's washing dishes. Sure, hold on a second.” Ayumi quickly moves from the couch and holds the phone up to the Quincy's ear. “Yusei? His Majesty has a job for you. There have been reports of a rogue Sternritter out in the area. He's killed a few fellow Quincy and even made an attempt on his Majesty's life. Jin and the rest of the Imperial Guard are out on another missions so you are the closest one to him.” Yusei sighs as he turns the water off and dries his hand before grabbing the phone from Ayumi. “Rogue Sternritter huh? Alright, I'll head out and take care of it. Hey...do you have the thing I asked you about earlier?” “The ring? Yeah, I have it. When are you going to pop the question? Hopefully soon. I can't keep the secret from her any longer.” “Soon..” Yusei says as he hangs up, rolling his eyes as he does so. He hands the phone back to Ayumi and gives her a small kiss upon her cheek. “Duty calls?” “Duty calls. His Majesty has a mission and Jin, as usual, is unavailable. Thankfully, the mission is in the area so I should be back home soon.” She stares into his eyes and gently caresses his face before moving back into the kitchen. “Be careful hero man.” Silverware clangs together as she retrieves a spoon form the drawer and a pint of ice cream from the freezer. “Let me know if you need me run surveillance. If not, bring me some more ice cream while you're out.” she says as she settles back down on the couch with a spoonful of ice cream. Yusei heads upstairs and changes clothing before coming back down. “Chocolate?” Ayumi nods as she is once again engrossed in her television program. Yusei couldn't help but stare at her in admiration. She was his anchor to everything normal yet totally understanding of everything else going on in his life. Flashing a quick smile, Yusei exits the house and gets on his bike. It was time to find this Rogue Sternritter. WC: 700
  12. Kaz

    My Own Way

    The Quincy cracks his knuckles as his energy levels off, readying himself for a strike. His form blurs as he charges forward at blinding speed. He rears his fist back as he flickers in front of the woman. At the last moment, his form disappears from view before reappearing at the woman's left side. His feet crushes into the hard concrete beneath them as he lands, cracking it with the sheer force of his power. Shifting his body, blue energy spirals outward as he aims a devastating punch to the woman's jaw. Thinking quickly, the woman puts up a transparent barrier in front of her. The ground trembles as Yusei's fist makes contact with the barrier, windows shattering all around them. The force of the blow sends the woman sliding backward. “If you thought archery defined me, you are sorely mistaken.” "Oh my. You have been holding back. If I hadn't put my barrier up, that might have killed me." The woman smiles as she begins to draw energy towards her left hand. In seconds, a pure black sword appears. "I suppose I should stop holding back as well. Are you ready?" She quickly disappears from view, her speed vastly superior than what she put out mere moments before. She reappears above the Quincy ready to cleave him in two. Yusei smirked as blue lines appear along his right arm which he raises to block the strike. The attack clashes with Yusei's arm, the force behind it pushing him deeper into the concrete. He forces her off as she lands a good distance away, a smile still plastered on her face. A few drips of blood land on the ground as Yusei stands impressed at the woman's strength. For it to temporarily nullify his Blut Vene was commendable but would be futile. "If that's the best you got, this won't take much longer." With his right hand, he quickly tosses a Gintō Capsule as reishi gathers around him. It only took a moment as the energy expanded and released a transparent rectangular beam of energy. “Feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice, Heizen!”, he yells as the spell rockets towards the woman. As it neared, the woman twirled around as the beam harmlessly passes by her. “So easy...” she thought as she prepared to attack. Unfortunately for her, it was all according to Yusei's plan. The Quincy slams his hands together as a large javelin-like blue arrow soon forms. Clutching it at its base, Yusei throws the javelin with all his might as energy explodes around him. The javelin shoots forward with a deafening howl as Yusei is sent sliding backwards from the recoil. The ground breaks apart by its force as it hurtles towards the woman with impressive and increasing speed. Yusei takes a few gulps of air as he comes to a stop, exhausted by the output of power behind it. Thinking fast, the woman fires off another another red beam to intercept the attack. Unlike before, the results were not as she hoped. The javelin-like arrow completely overpowers her blast, splitting it in two as it continued forward. “Shit...” she thinks as the arrow nears her. She quickly moves away as the arrow pierces the building behind her. She reappears atop a building a good distance away as sweat beads down her face. “Jesus, that would have actually killed me had he landed it. Jin didn't tell me he'd be this strong. And just what the hell was up with that arrow. Outside of its size, that didn't seem any different from the one he fired previously.” “That's me letting go.” Yusei says as he appears atop the building. “For the longest time, I wondered. Why did it feel so awkward when I shot arrows from my bow? I'm a Quincy so it's my nature to use my bow. When his majesty graciously gave me these gloves, I figured it out. There was no need for me to use a bow. I am the bow. When I adopt this train of thinking well...” He glances towards the ground below and sees the destruction his arrow caused. A smoldering mess of debris and flames. “...you've seen what I can do.” The woman laughs as she picks herself up and brushes the dust off. This Quincy had given her more of a challenge than she expected. Jin would have to pay extra for this. “Let's not drag this out any longer. We'll end it in one blow.” The woman smiles as her hair turns a frosty white, her spiritual pressure vastly eclipsing what it was prior. Red energy radiates from her as her sword pulsates. “You are interesting boy....no..Yusei. I think you've earned at least that much from me.” “How do you know who I am?” The woman smiles as she gets into a battle ready stance, pointing to tip of her sword towards Yusei. “If you beat me, maybe I'll tell you.” Yusei could only smirk as he hears her words, becoming exhilarated by the thrill of battle. This is what he lived for. This is what fueled him. The threat of death looming at every possible moment. Suddenly, Yusei's own spiritual pressure spikes as pure reishi begins to draw towards him. The visage of a pair of white angel wings appear behind him as he is coated in blue energy “One last shot...” he says as he prepares himself. Streaks of red and blue soar through the air as the two charge one another. As the two opposing energies meet, the symbol of the Wandenreich appears in the sky embedded in white flames. Their resulting clash sends shock-waves through the air, shattering the windows of all the adjacent buildings as smoke blankets the area. A few seconds pass before Yusei is see hurtling down towards the ground, landing atop a building. His body bounces along the rooftop before coming to a stop near the edge. Blood drips freely from his face as he pulls himself up to a seated position. As he attempts to take a breath, he hears the sound of metal scraping against metal. He glances upward, though his vision blurred, and sees the woman slowly walking towards him. She, much like Yusei, was heavily injured. The smile that typically accompanied her face was gone and in its place was a glare of malice. The Quincy attempts to move but finds that he is unable to. “Damn...” he mutters as the woman nears him and points the blade at his head. She raises her blade to strike but slowly brings her hand down as the blade begins to dissipate. “Seems I've reached my limit. You really are something.” she says as she gingerly moves to sit down beside him. The two of them stare at the night sky as the sounds of sirens blare out. “What are you after?” Yusei manages to say after a long pause. “My name is Kikyō and I'm a Fullbringer. I'm here because of Jin. He's an old friend of mine. He called me up and wanted me to test out your powers. Plus I wanted to test myself as well. It's been some time since I stretched my legs.” Yusei sighs as he clutches his ribs, coughing violently as he does so. “Of course it would be Jin. Goddammit. So what now?” Kikyō slowly picks herself up and gingerly begins to walk away. “For now, we go our separate ways. When you see Jin, tell him I want my money plus extra for the difficulty. He didn't say you were this strong. We'll meet again Yusei Kinoshita and next time, I'll win.” Yusei chuckles as he thanks for her the compliment. “I'll be sure to let him know.” The woman lazily waves as she is enveloped in bright green light before disappearing, leaving Yusei alone on the rooftop once more. The sirens still blaring in the distance, the Quincy eyelids grew heavy. “Fuck you Jin...” he says as he drifts off to sleep. WC: 1,337 [2,408/1,600] Learned Hamaya
  13. Character Name| Yusei Kinoshita Maximum Fate Points| [5] - Reiatsu Benchmark 30k [3] | Achievements [2] Current Fate Point Balance| [1] Achievements YK#4 [Not Alone (2): [Yusei Kinoshita Exclusive] - Learn about the presence of other Quincy in Karakura [Expires: 05/01/2020] Purchases Major Minor 1st Focus [Speed]
  14. Kaz

    My Own Way

    One Year Later: Present Time Yusei revs his bike's engine as he continues down the streets of Karakura. The meeting with the Quincy Emperor happened one year prior. After that meeting, he accepted the Emperor's gift and joined the Wandenreich as a Sternritter. Over time, he had worked his way up the rankings and began doing missions with Jin and the rest of the Emperor's Imperial Guard despite not being a member nor having access to his Vollständig. Frieda, who was revealed to him to be a Quincy at that time, became a close friend of his. She worked closely with Ayumi to make sure the day to day operations of Noir ran smoothly and even helped out with another task. Yusei's cousin, Sibylle Opie, had recently made her way to town. It had been quite some time since he last saw her but was secretly overjoyed that he would have family close though he'd never show it. The Emperor had recognized her latent Quincy talents, much like he did with Yusei himself, and had tasked Yusei and Frieda to aid in her development. Putting her up in a lavish house and under Frieda's direct training, Sibylee started to come into her own power. Yusei hadn't been by to oversee her development but made plans to do so as soon as possible. As he fondly remembers the last time they interacted with one another, his phone begins to ring. Pulling over to the side of the road, Yusei reaches into his pocket to get his phone. “Speak of the devil...” Yusei mentions as he sees Frieda's name appear on his phone. Turning off his bike's engine, he begins to speak. “Hey Frieda, how's it going?” “Good Afternoon Mr. Kinoshita, just wanted to give you an update on Opie-chan's progress.” “You know you can drop the formalities right? We've basically become equals at this point given we are both Wandenreich members.” “Old habits. Plus, you are still my boss. Can't help it.” she says with a chuckle. Yusei rolls his eyes as he gets off his bike, slowly propping himself up against a wall. “She's mastered both forms of Blut and has begun to use her natural Quincy abilities at will. We'll be starting with Gintō next. At this rate, she'll be around the level of most of the Sternritter in the army. She's coming along quite nicely but she's got a bit of a mouth on her.” Yusei could only chuckle, happy to see that she hadn't changed much in all these years. “Should have warned you about that. Go easy on her will you? She means well. I'm heading back to Noir to pick up Ayumi. We'll try to stop by sometime and see her.” The two Quincy wrap up their call as Yusei begins to head back to his bike. As he does, he notices a peculiar source of spiritual pressure off in the distance. It was eastbound and moving at an incredible rate of speed. Suddenly, the source changed directions and made a beeline towards Yusei's general location. He couldn't tell if it was hollow or something else, he only knew that it was coming fast. “I should prepare myself just in case.” he thinks as he dashes down an alleyway. He only had a minute at best before the presence was on him, so he quickly set to work. He tossed a few Gintō capsules around the area and laid in wait. He'd be able to use the various Gintō spells from multiple directions should the need arise though he hoped that wouldn't be the case. With his traps set, Yusei hunkered down behind a dumpster and waited with his bow drawn. Kikyō smiled when she neared the area taking note of the smell of sweat and worry. She landed gracefully in the middle of the clearing, her gaze directed towards the dumpster Yusei hid behind. “Let me scare him a little...” she thinks. "Boy...take note. I'm not easy to kill. Your arrows won't do much against me. So come out and let me have a little bit of fun." She let out a high-pitched cackle as her spiritual pressure increases. "I won't hurt you too much. I just want to taste a bit of your energy.” Yusei stepped out, a smirk on his face as he came to face the woman. His eyes flashed a brilliant light blue as his bow begins to pulsate. Sighing,, he waved his free hand up lazily. “Taste some of my energy? What are you supposed to be, an energy vampire or something? Spare me the theatrics.” He glared at the woman with a cold and calculating glare. “If you want my energy...” Yusei quickly points his bow forward as an arrow forms. “...you're going to have to work for it.” A stream of blue light streaked from the bow as the arrow barrels towards the woman's head. Kikyō fires off a massive red beam in response, completely dwarfing the arrow. The red beam continue forward and sails off in the night sky. "Really? You must be a real hit with women. Handsome but such a brute..." She smiles as her eyes glow red. Yusei stood surprised by the woman's display of power. She didn't give off the same energy as a hollow but there was no mistaking that beam was similar to a cero. The woman's smile widened as she could tell Yusei was on guard. It was blatantly obvious that he wasn't aware of who or rather what she was. This was the best time to use it to her advantage. She quickly disappears from view, her speed taking Yusei off by surprise. Red streaks of spiritual energy began appearing from all sides, the woman's form flickering in and out like a ghost. Each streak of energy begins to rain down around Yusei who quickly moves to dodge them. One streak manages to clip Yusei in the abdomen as it sends the Quincy tumbling down. Blood drips down as Yusei clutches his right side. The woman lands on the ground as she places her hands on her hips. “Come on, don't tell me it's over already? I haven't begun to have fun yet.” The Quincy chuckles as he lifts himself up off the ground, letting his bow deteriorate from his hand. His spiritual pressure increases as blue energy swirls around him. “Guess it's time for me to get serious.” he says with a smirk. WC: 1.071 [2,135 / 2,000] - YK#4 [Not Alone (2): [Yusei Kinoshita Exclusive] Completed [1,071/1,600] Completed
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    My Own Way

    Kikyō sat along a tree branch with a smile on her face, her legs swinging back and forth. Her strawberry blonde hair gently flowed in the wind as she stares out at the blue sky above her. A piercing ringing sound could be heard as she digs in her pocket and pulls out a bright pink phone. “What’s up Jin? You want me to do what? How much we talking? Deal. I’ll find him.” Yusei sped down the streets of Karakura Town on his motorcycle without a sense of worry, picking off the occasional Hollow. He might not have shown it, but inwardly he couldn't have been happier. He had felt like he'd finally found a purpose and a way to finally protect those that he cared about. As he grips the throttle, he glances down at the Wandenreich emblem emblazoned on his gloves and thinks back to when he received them. It was shortly after Jin had told him of the existence of the Quincy Emperor. “Emperor of...all Quincy?” Yusei muttered as he grabs Jin's extended hand. Jin pulls him up and pats him on the shoulder before turning his gaze towards the center of the room. “As I mentioned, his name is Haschwald. His Majesty was acquainted with the Father of the Quincy before he...passed on. Once he did, the title of Emperor was transferred to him. He is now the leader of the Wandenreich which is a collection of us Quincy. I am the head of his Imperial Guard. Before you say anything, you are correct. His Majesty was not in the books I gave you to study on. That was deliberate on my part. His Majesty and the Wandenreich are not something to be read about but rather experienced. At any rate, its about time you meet him.” With a sudden increase in reiatsu, Jin manifests his shadow in front of him which quickly expands outward. “Come...” Jin replies as he walks through the shadow. Yusei, still taken aback by the display, pauses for a moment before entering as well. The two walk through the darkness in silence as Yusei's mind races with all of this information. If this Emperor was as important as Jin says, why would he meet someone like him? There was something off but for the life of him, he could not put his finger on it. As he continues to ponder these thoughts, a frigid chill stirs him. Yusei glances around as the two step out of the shadow in front of an ice-encrusted building in the middle of an ice-encrusted city. Yusei stands in awe of the building in front of him as Jin beckons him forward. “Welcome to Wandenreich City. His Majesty is inside.” Stepping inside the massive building, Yusei could see multiple soldiers in white marching down the hall. Rhythmically, their footsteps echoed throughout the area, drowning out all thoughts. Yusei could only follow the departing Jin who navigated the area with startling familiarity. “I see you finally brought him...” a voice rings out behind them. Yusei turns around to see a blonde woman clad in white standing behind them. Her piercing red eyes stuck out as Yusei continued to stare. “Where have I seen her before?” Yusei thinks as the woman and Jin begin to converse. “Hey Frieda. Yeah, I think he's finally ready to learn. Crazy that it took even this long given that he's ready stronger than half the Sternritter here, you included. He hasn't even unlocked his true powers yet.” “Not my fault he's a prodigy. That's just Mr. Kinoshita for you.” “Mr. Kinoshita...Oh its you!” Yusei shouts as the two turn to face him. “You...you work at Noir! You work with Ayumi. Why the hell are you here?” The woman flashes a quick smile before following the rest of the marching soldiers. “It's about time you noticed me sir. We'll talk later!” Jin's snickering could be heard as an enraged Yusei turns to face him. “Why is she here? Have you been using her to spy on me?” “Nah. I'm much too lazy for that. Yeah, Frieda is a friend of mine but her working for your company is purely coincidental. She probably could tell you were a Quincy and likely just wanted to be around those like her. That's why she joined the Wandenreich. Come on, its almost time.” He grumbled but resigned to keep following for the moment. Folding his arms, he slowly follows as the two make their way into a large ballroom. The soldiers split off and line up alongside a long black rug that leads to an ivory throne at the back of the ballroom. Atop the throne, a lone figure dressed in gray sits. The figure's blonde hair hid his facial features as he lazily dangles his right arm off the side of the throne. Each soldier takes a knee as the room gradually darkens. Jin, walking up the base of the throne, kneels down as well. “Your Majesty...I bring to you the one I spoke of earlier, Yusei Kinoshita.” Jin beckons Yusei to come forward as Yusei awkwardly moves beside him. As he glances up towards the Quincy Emperor, he could feel an overwhelming sense of power radiating from him. The power felt as if it had no beginning and no end but radiated a warm and calming sensation. “God...” Yusei mutters as he stands bewildered at the majestic presence before him. The Emperor flashes a small smile as he shifts his position, his three pupils focusing on Yusei. “How familiar. You are of the old blood. Of his Blood. The Left and the Right.... To think they would both be within you. That they would find their way back home.” He snaps his fingers as one of the soldiers quickly rush to his side and present him with a small rectangular box. The soldier opens the box and reveals a pair of black gloves with a symbol emblazoned on them. “You want the power to protect those you care about? The power to discover your way? I can grant you that. We can grant you that. You are very special Yusei, more so than what you can possibly imagine. If you join us, join me, I can grant you what you desire and more. I will not lead you astray. All you'll have to do is accept my gift.” WC: 1,064 [1,064 / 2,000]
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