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  1. Name: Tsukishima Higurashi Maximum Fate Point Balance: 13 | Reiatsu Benchmark 101k (8) Resurge Fate Points (3) Legacy Fate Points (2) Current Fate Point Balance: 6 Purchases: [4 Points] Resurrección - Segunda Etapa [3 Points] High-Speed Regeneration
  2. Tsukishima Higurashi Vasto Lorde (Will more than likely be Arrancar by the time it starts) 9999
  3. Kaz

    Return of the King

    The seconds passed by like minutes, the minutes like hours and the hours like days. The different periods of time seemed to run together, he didn't know how much time has passed. He had been in this area for nearly a week, and his body showed it. His body was weak and he ran on fumes and instinct alone. He was hungry, as he only drank what water he could, and tired but he persevered; he was determined to see this to the end. Pushing his way through to a clearing, the hollow found himself staring up at the base of the building. The building was even larger than he first anticipated upon closer inspection. He was like an ant in the dirt looking up a fully grown human. Soft roars could be heard inside, a sure testament that something was inside. His mouth dry and the sun beaming down on him, the former Espada heads in. The inside was unsurprisingly empty and dark, though oddly enough, he expected something more. Continuing his walk, he had the sinking suspicion that something was watching him. Little did he know, his suspicions were correct as a pair of gleaming golden eyes followed him from the shadows up at the ceiling. After a few hours of walking, Tsukishima found himself in a large, dark chamber. He began to take a few steps inside but stopped almost immediately. He could faintly sense a large amount of reiatsu, and it was near. The ground shook, a low but loud growl came from within the chamber. A set of red eyes stare at Tsukishima, gradually growing in height. Soon, they towered over the man as a big gust of wind knocks him over. The room lights up, revealing a massive black-winged creature quite unlike anything the man has ever witnessed. The winged creature that attacked him earlier was a mere small fry compared to this one. Its roar alone was enough to make the ground shake and the walls crumble around them. Another roar startles the hollow as he glances up to see two other winged creature swoop down from the sky, To this right, he sees another creature in the water, looking almost if it was comprised of it. He begins to back up but is stopped by a hard figure behind him. The figure was yet another creature, this one being roughly double the size of the seven-foot hollow himself. Though it was the smallest of the beasts that assembled, its ferocious was ever-present. The beasts sat around him, glaring and growling menacingly. “It's about time you showed up, Lord Tsukishima.” “So you know about your place then?” Tsukishima said with a grin. “Please don’t mistake our kindness as a form of weakness. Just because we acknowledge you as our master does not mean we cannot and will not strike you down if need be.” This had the adverse effect of shutting Tsukishima right up, though with a scowl on his face. He knew that in his current state, he could not hold a candle to any of them. Even the weakest of them would crush him underfoot as if he were trash. He was in a tight situation and he needed to get out of it as soon as he could. “If that’s the case then why not end my existence now? That is if you can even muster the strength to do so.” The eyes of the head beast became stern and narrowed, staring dead into the very depths of his master. His words before were not for show, they were true. He could, at any moment, destroy Tsukishima in an instant. The only problem would be is if he died, so would they. He was their anchor to this plane, his power stems from them and vice versa. In the world that was basically a physical manifestation of his mind; its inhabitants were the things that made Tsukishima who he was. The weak feeble-minded creatures were his vulnerability; the strong fierce ones were his courage. All made up a fraction of his overall power, all of them made him and he made all of them. At the time, Tsukishima had not realized this and they all knew it. It was a part of the true test. “What good would it do if you were destroyed? What would it accomplish? You are letting your mind and feelings cloud your judgment. You should know what we are but we suppose there is no harm in showing you.” The creatures all open their mouths, as orbs of energy respective to their color begin to form in their mouths. Red, Black, Blue, Brown, and Violet all ebb and twist in their mouths. Tsukishima turns to run but stops himself. He places his head down and thinks, silently annoyed with the human emotions he found himself with. “I am a hollow, born out of hatred and rage. I have ascended to Godhood, the pinnacle of hollow potential. No beast can destroy me. No Shinigami can stop me. I alone am at the pinnacle of perfection and nothing and no one will stop me from completing the Great Campaign. Try to kill me; I’ll take on anything you can throw at me.” The creatures nod as they all fire their attacks, rocketing off like cero. The former Espada gives off a deranged laugh as their attacks come from all sides. The rainbow-colored energies swirl around him, yet he, strangely enough, feels no sort of pain. Instead, he is met with a warming sensation. The energy from the creature’s combined attack revitalizes the hollow. His body shifts, showered in energy as it turns back into its skeletal form. As it dissipates, all creatures bow towards their master. “It seems you have finally understood. We are you and you are us. You haven’t been able to access the immensity of your powers because you have been afraid. You disappeared for millennia only to reappear in a new body and new powers. That took its toll on you but you refused to acknowledge it. Call it pride, call it arrogance, whatever it was, you were scared and it eventually manifested into something more. A lock holding you back from what you are truly capable of. You’ve finally come to realize it, and now that lock is broken. Spread the fear. Make them all fear our name once more. Make them fear Tsukishima Higurashi.” Suddenly, Tsukishima finds himself back in the laboratory as he sees Tesla staring at him inquisitively. “My...Lord? Are you alright?” he mutters as he slowly moves towards Tsukishima. The skeletal hollow nods in approval as he slowly moves from his seat. “Give me a status report..” his voice booms. “You have been out for a few days but it seems that the transfusion was a success. Your power has spiked tremendously. If we had to gauge it, you are at the Vasto Lorde level. Your current level of power is higher than anything you've put out previously. Befitting of you, my Lord.” He could feel a significant change in his power as it soared to new heights. The Arrancar's words were true after all. Perhaps he wouldn't be killing him after all. “Excellent. It is nearly time to execute the second part of our plans. Lead me to Kaori.” Tesla nodded as he ushered his Lord towards their companion, eager to see what his Lord's next plan was. WC: 1,243 2,425/1,500 Completed [Vasto Lorde Achieved]
  4. Kaz

    Return of the King

    Darkness engulfed his entire line of vision; whatever he lay on was damp and cool. It felt gritty and wet as the sound of waves crashing could be heard in the background. Tsukishima slowly picked himself up, finding himself in a strange world near a large body of water. The sky was a pale purple color, with gray clouds in the background. The air had a certain thickness to it, quite unlike the atmosphere that the bowels of Hueco Mundo produced. The hollow Lord knew exactly where he was. This area was the physical manifestation of his mind. What surprised him, however, was the fact that he was once again in his old body. His frosty white hair dangling down near the small of his back, his piercing yellow eyes staring out in the distance. It felt good. Before he could enjoy his old body, a sudden and powerful roar shook the ground. The sheer sound it produced was deafening, the hollow scrambling to get his bearings. As he glances up, he sees it. A dragon-like beast of immense size soaring through the air. The beast was black in color, easily one of the largest things he's ever seen. Though, it was odd that he had never seen it before. Just where exactly did this thing come from? It swooped down from the sky like a bird, its eyes locked onto its prey. “It would seem that I need to teach the inhabitants another lesson. I, alone, am the King of this domain.” Opening his hand, Tsukishima begins to charge a cero but is shocked to find out that nothing forms. He tries again but is swiftly met with the same result. It was only then when he realized that as of that moment, he was as powerless as a human. Seeing no other alternative, he turns to run, pushing his body to the limit. His legs pounded as his blood coursed through every part of his body. He huffed and glanced back, seeing the dragon-like beast coming nearer still. Just when the situation seems bleak, the hollow finds his salvation in the form of a small cave. Seeing this, he began to run faster, feeling the beast breathing down his neck. When he reaches the cave he dives inside, the beast's snout closely following. He scurries to the back as the enraged beast continues to get inside, moving about. As he scurries, he slips on the wet rocks, getting in the striking range of the beast who quickly takes advantage. He locks his powerful jaw around the hollow’s leg, instantly breaking the bones. He screams in pain as he attempts to get free, the beast dragging him back into its territory. Seeing the only thing to do is to fight, Tsukishima fights through the pain and picks up a sharpened stick to perform one attack. With every fiber of his being, he thrusts it with all of his strength. With a roar, he strikes the creature with the stick in the dead center of its eye. Pain courses through its body as it howls, releasing Tsukishima who moves deeper into the cave. The beast stumbles backward and quickly flies off in a daze, blood dripping from its wound. Tsukishima moved into a safe but decently lit position in the cave and went to examine his injuries. His leg was bloodied and battered, broken in three places. His vision became blurred. The pain was unbearable; it took all the strength he had left not to pass out from it. None of his hollow durability seemed to apply this time around. Quickly exhausting his options, he turns to his side, sees a few sticks and begins to formulate an idea. Picking up two of the sticks, he places them on either side of his leg before removing a piece of his shirt. He takes a deep breath, knowing the worst of this is about to come. A sharp, resounding pain comes as he puts the splint together, testing out its durability. It throbbed greatly but he had taken care of it for the moment. What coursed through his mind was why. Why was he now so powerless that he had to run away from something he could have easily killed at full power? With a sigh and a groan, the hollow turns to his side and attempts to rest, intending to explore the area later. His eyes were heavy when he awoke, his body felt heavy and immobile. It felt as if he had as he had a Menos Grande sitting atop his chest. Glancing at a small puddle of water, he could see that his eyes were red and bags formed under his eyes. Regardless, he had to trek onward and gain what he knew to be rightfully his. If this was some sort of test, he would pass it, regardless of his new limitations. He was the former Lord of Hueco Mundo after all and he would not go out like this. With a mixture of groaning and slight yelping, Tsukishima limps his way out of the cave and to a nearby tree. He leaned against it and huffed in pain, gripping what he could with a fierce intensity. Not even forty yards and he felt as if he were going to die. His reiatsu reserves were nearly depleted, a bad situation he found himself in. With all of his strength, he continued onward, staying low in the event the dragon creature from before decided to come back for another piece of him. His vision grew progressively worse, a fire burning in his lungs. The heat began to wear on him, sweat dripping from his face. “I will not die from this,” he repeated in his head. Continuing his slow walk, the ground suddenly begins to shake. The shaking became rhythmic, almost like the sound of footsteps. Realizing what it is, The hollow reluctantly huddles underneath a nearby tree just in time to see another large winged creature walk near. It sniffs the air and roars, flapping its great wings to propel it upward. Either it didn't know he was there or it decided to take pity on him and leave. Whichever the reason was, he had lucked out for the moment. Hours passed and things were still not looking up for him. Just when he thought all was bleak, he sees a giant structure in the distance. It was a cream-colored building so large that it actually dwarfed the immensity of Las Noches itself. He wondered just who, or rather, what could be inside. It was at this point, the hollow had a choice to make. Either he could stay outside and attempt to contend with the new winged beasts that roamed about, or he could venture inside and deal with whatever was in there. Granted, both seemed more or less like a suicide mission but he would rather deal with what he couldn't see than what he could. With some effort, Tsukishima manages to make his way inside, ready to deal with whatever he found...or what would find him. WC: 1,182 1,182/1500 Completed
  5. Kaz

    Return of the King

    Impatient was the hollow as he and his Arrancar servant moved through the darkness of the Garganta in silence. A stupid smile remains plastered on his servant's face as he moved behind his master, eager to deliver the wonderful news. The sound of shattering glass could be heard as the Garganta opened in Tsukishima’s temporary throne room. As he emerged, he saw three Arrancar standing to his left. Two of them, a male and female, carried on a conversation before stopping upon Tsukishima’s arrival. The third, a male, stood stoically with a large device in hand. He’d never seen them before so why would Tesla allow them access to this area? A punishment befitting such a show of disrespect would have to be given later. A low growl escaped from Tsukishima as he moved past the trio before sitting on his throne. Stabbing the staff in the ground, he spoke. “Are these the so-called guests you spoke of? What do they want?” Tsukishima’s voice boomed. Irritated would be an understatement. “My Lord. Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience. Allow me to introduce Kazuma, Jugo, and Ayumi. These three Arrancar are loyal to our cause.” Kazuma bows towards the skeletal Lord, quickly forcing his two companions to do the same. The woman does so immediately while the larger male grumbles before doing so. Kazuma walks towards the skeletal hollow and kneels down, presenting the device in his hand as a trophy of sorts. “Lord Tsukishima. It is a prestigious honor to meet you. The three of us once served under your regime long ago. At the time, we were just Menos. We’ve long awaited your return to purge Las Noches of the vermin that claim it as their own. When your servant informed us of your eventual return, we began searching for a way to assist in your efforts. Our travels led us to a dimension-hopping being known as Narutaki who agreed to help us if we dealt with a problem of his. As we learned that your resurrection had already occurred, we decided to speed up the process. In my hands is reiryoku in its purest form, stolen from an incredibly powerful individual. Once you take this, your already tremendous power will skyrocket. No one will be able to challenge you. Please accept this as a token of our undying loyalty.” Tsukishima picks up the device and examines it, quickly noting the potency of what is inside. “My Lord. To ease your mind, I have run tests on this while you were out. I took a small sample and did a little experimentation on Kaori. She is beginning to evolve as we speak. You need only say the words and I will ensure that you receive the same.” The words his servant spoke intrigued him to no end. He had wondered where his newest creation was and was pleased to hear that she was evolving. His army was growing and he would need powerful forces. If this reiryoku was as potent as they claimed, his power would be immeasurable afterward. “Intriguing. Kazuma was it? If this reiryoku infusion does what you claim, you will be rewarded tremendously. If not, you'd better hope that either it kills me or I do not find you.” A lump formed in the Arrancar's throat, an action surprising his two companions. They have never seen such fear, such raw emotion, come from their leader. This spoke volumes to the power of Tsukishima. The skeletal hollow rises from his seat, handing the device back to Tesla as he moves out of the room. “You have my word, My Lord. After the transfusion is complete, may I ask that my partners and I head back to the World of the Living? We've unfinished business there.” Tsukishima merely waves his hand as he exits the room, Tesla following closely behind. It didn't matter where the three Arrancar went as they were unimportant to the plans. If the infusion didn't work, the head-start would serve them well. They'd need it to escape his wrath. The skeletal hollow sits down in their makeshift laboratory, meticulously watching Tesla prepare for the infusion. The smile was still plastered on his face, so pleased that he would be able to better serve his lord. All of the preparations were complete, it was finally time. “Alright, my Lord. We are done. Just need to directly insert the port into your body and then we wait. Should I put it in your.....bones?” The Arrancar says hesitantly. As his master no longer had skin, he did not know where he would insert it. He fidgets as he hears a low growl escape from Tsukishima. He pauses in fear as Tsukishima raises his hand, terrified that he would be punished for a slip of the tongue. To his surprise, Tsukishima merely moves a piece of his robes aside to reveal the red orb beneath his chest. “In the orb...” he says with an irritated tone in his voice. The Arrancar quickly complies as he injects the device into the orb. The red light in Tsukishima's skull begins to fade as the hollow begins to drift. WC: 859
  6. Kaz

    Sins Of The Past

    As soon as Takeuchi said his Zanpakuto's name, it dissolved into a liquid that then poured from his Hollow hole and disappeared. Naka’s Zanpakuto turned into flames, erupting from his Hollow hole. This turn of events piqued the skeletal Lord's interest. The majority of Arrancar went through a metamorphosis of sorts when releasing. A call back to their true forms. These two, however, had no outwardly changes but their power still benefited from the release. Today was turning out to be promising. Turning to face the hollow, Naka asked. "What's wrong, you pile of bones? Have you never seen a release at this level before?" He grinned, pointing his fist at the still uninterested Tsukishima. "Well here's a first-hand experience!" he yelled, punctuating the last word with a burst of blazing-flames from his hand. "Are you serious? Fire? Really?" The skeletal hollow bluntly questioned as he easily avoided the blast. "You control fire? Then I'm assuming that this one," turning to face Takeuchi, "controls water?" The red-haired Arrancar pulled back a loose strand of hair off of his face. "Correct once again, oh Great One." "Now, if you'd please," began Takeuchi, now staring at Tsukishima, "Die!" His arm dissolved into water and launched itself at Tsukishima, who easily dodged. However, he didn't count on the water re-materializing into an arm, which then proceeded to club him in the back of the head, knocking him over. He recovered his fall into a dive-roll, using the momentum from the roll to launch himself at Takeuchi, slashing him in half. With a smile on his face, the two halves of Takeuchi dissolved into water, going around his ankles. "Now, Naka!" yelled the puddle of water that went around the former Espada's feet, constricting him. "Of course, brother!" yelled back the other Arrancar, whose forearms turned to flames. "Now die!” he hollered with a spiteful grin on his face, launching his arms at the Arrancar colliding with his body and covering him from head to toe in flames. “Goddammit, Naka!" yelled his brother retreating from the flames that were now engulfing their surroundings. "You made me steam again!" This was actually quite true, as steam was literally emanating from his body. "Heh, so?" asked Naka, uninterested. Flame sprouted out of where his forearms were missing, which then formed into new ones. "I killed him, didn't I? So why does it matter? Besides, we are now the new Lords of this dimension." "I think you may be mistaken," said a voice coming from the smoke. Surprised, the two brothers looked in the direction of the voice. As the smoke and steam cleared from the trees, Tsukishima emerged unharmed, the fire-like red light brimming from his eyes. "You look surprised to see I'm still alive." "How?" demanded Naka, grinding his teeth. "How are you still alive?" "Well, it's quite simple, really. Though I think it would be better for you to experience it for yourself. Here." he said, moving some of his robes to reveal his bare skeletal figure. "Shoot me with your flames again and see what happens. It's futile." "It’s your funeral!" This time his entire body dissolved into flames as he launched himself towards the awaiting Tsukishima. A large explosion occurs upon impact, blanketing the area. “It's over!” The Arrancar says, as he now reassembles himself beside his brother. He turned around to admire his handiwork and then noticed that Tsukishima still stood there, untouched and unfazed by his attack. Tsukishima looked over his shoulder, a low sigh escaping from him. "You are correct." He sighed. "It looks like this fight will turn out to be much less interesting than I had predicted." It was high time he cut loose. He quickly exerts his full spiritual pressure, bringing both Arrancar to their knees by the sheer intensity of it. He turned to face the Arrancar, his cold red stare piercing through their soul. He disappeared, reappearing in front of a bewildered Naka; the blade in his right hand sinking into the off guarded Arrancar’s torso. Naka kicked out at the skeletal hollow but was quickly parried. The Flame Arrancar, however, used the recoil of the kick to separate himself from the blade inside his stomach. Lying on the ground, Naka grabbed his blackened stomach, polluted blood pouring from it onto the trodden path. "Damn you.” Growling lowly, Tsukishima turned towards Takeuchi, he blandly stated in a booming voice, "Your turn." Takeuchi prepared to guard the inevitable strike in front of him. He suddenly felt a presence behind him and, learning from his brother's mistake, turned himself into water just before the blade came crashing through his shoulder blades, splitting him horizontally. The separated water went up along the blade and surrounded Tsukishima in an attempt to bind him. Tsukishima merely let the water come up to him, surprising the Arrancar by its ineffectiveness. Roaring, Tsukishima slammed his sword into the ground, reiatsu swirling around both him and the aquatic Arrancar. Suddenly, the reiatsu explodes outward. As the reiatsu dies down, the former Espada was the only one standing; Takeuchi was lying on the ground next to his brother, steaming and missing his left arm. "Damn you!" he spat through gritted teeth. "Just what the hell are you, anyway? You aren't even an Arrancar anymore. Our difference in power should not be this great.” "What am I you ask? Simple, I am God born anew. Allow me to show you the power God is really capable of.” Slowly rising in the air, Tsukishima extends his palm as black energy charges from within. With a slight chuckle, the black cero rockets out, engulfing the two Arrancar in its way. As it dissipates, only scattered chunks of charred flesh and blood remain. “A pity..” the hollow says as he lands on the ground, his sword returning to its staffed form. He moves to depart but senses a familiar source of energy rushing towards him. Tesla, out of breath but with an odd grin on his face, arrives in front of his master. Fidgeting, he kneels down. “Why are you here, Tesla?” His voice was one of irritation, he did not want to be disturbed. “My Lord. My sincerest apologies but I come bearing exciting news. We have guests.” WC: 1,042
  7. Kaz

    The End

    "Kamen Ride: Zero-One! Progrise! Rising Hopper! A jump to the sky turns to a rider kick." Yellow light dims around Tetsuya as he appears in a new form. Tetsuya looks over his new armor before summoning his sword. “I suppose this is as good a time as any to test out this new card.” He, and to his surprise, many operatives of Hikari Incorporated had culled most of the invading hollows. He could sense the presence of others but did not have time to go over and investigate. Every time he tried, another hollow would block his way. It was almost as if it were intentional. By the time he defeated the previous horde, the presence he felt had disappeared. Ruined his chances to figure out just who or what they were. Irritated, he sought to take his rage out at the last group in front of him. One of the hollows attempted to charge Tetsuya, delivering two strikes against his chest as soon as it neared. The strikes, though powerful, did not faze the angered Tetsuya who quickly dispatches the hollow by cleaving its head off. Another humanoid hollow charges but is met with a knee to the midsection. As it kneels down in pain, Tetsuya quickly strikes it down as well. One by one, each hollow met a similar fate until only one remained; the Menos Grande. Gazing up at the immense size of the hollow, Tetsuya calms summons a card and places it inside the top of the belt. “Form Ride: Zero-One! Breaking Mammoth!” A large jet-like construct appears above Tetsuya before beaming him up inside via a yellow light. As Tetsuya lands inside the construct, he slams the sides of his belt together. “Progrise! Giant Waking! Breaking Mammoth! Larger than life to crush like a machine!” The jet construct changes its form, turning to a humanoid form similar to Tetsuya's new armored form. The new constructs lands on the ground, standing face to face towards the immense Menos. The hollow opens its mouth, attempting to fire off another cero, but is stopped by the construct who slams its mouth shut. The cero implodes inside the hollow's mouth, severely damaging it. Seeing this as an opportunity, Tetsuya commands the construct to kick the hollow away and moves to end it. “Final Attack Ride: Zero-One!” the belt announces as the construct fires parts of the shoulder in the air. The shoulder parts combine and grow in size as the construct leaps up into the air. As the construct quickly ascends past the shoulder parts before landing onto, using its weight to send it crashing down. “Breaking Impact!” the belt announces as the construct slams down atop of the Menos Grande, killing it instantly. The force from the blow sends shock waves throughout the area as a large crater is formed. Tetsuya stands in the middle of the crater, his new armored form and the construct it summoned both gone. “I...might have overdone it,” he says as he glances at the destruction created. Things were safe for the moment. The threat was over. As he begins to make his way out of the crater, he feels a sharp pain spread throughout his body. Glancing behind him, he sees the Arrancar remove a device from his back. “Y...you.” he manages to say as he reaches towards the Arrancar. The Arrancar merely slaps his hand away, letting Tetsuya fall face-first into the ground. “I thank you, Decade. You've brought about the final piece we need for our master.” Turning away, the Arrancar opens up a Garganta and begins to step inside. Tetsuya attempts to move but can't, finding himself beginning to blackout. “Wait...” he trails out as he passes out, the sinister laughing of the Arrancar echoing as he departs. WC: 629
  8. Kaz

    The End

    As his men hoisted him up, Takeru’s eyes sat fixated on the area the blur disappeared towards. Millions of thoughts ran through his mind, none of them making even the slightest of sense. What he saw, whatever it was, was real. Real and way beyond anything that humans could comprehend. “Perhaps it was them?” he whispered faintly. The Gods of death he had only heard about in rumors. In truth, many of the things Takeru knew about were from these very sources, backed up by research and exploration. His knowledge, and to that extent, his equipment wasn’t just things he was given freely. He put countless hours investigating, studying. Doing anything and everything he could to amass even the smallest bit of information. It was his creed. Knowledge is power. A hollow’s evolutionary line, reiatsu and its different properties, all of it were things he and his team worked towards. Many lives were sacrificed for the research. Though with all of the knowledge on the supernatural he obtained, all of the things he witnessed; the one subject that eluded him were the Shinigami. He had no idea how they looked, how they operated. Many tales have been spread about them. Robbed skeletal figures with scythes who free the dead from limbo and guide them into the next world. Equipped with powers beyond belief, locked in an eternal battle with the hollows who threaten their nature. So many truths wrapped in lies. Now there was the possibility that after all these years, one might have been so close to him he could have touched it, studied it. A shrill voice shook him from his thoughts, knocking the bewildered Takeru back into the harsh reality. “Mr. Kuna! Thank goodness you are alright.” An approaching Asuna yells as she flings herself out of the backside of the awaiting vehicle. She, without hesitation, wraps her arms around Takeru in an embrace. Not one of love or lust but of pure joy in seeing him alive, albeit injured. Takeru remained motionless for a moment, snapping back into his usual demeanor shortly after. “I’m fine. You can let go now.” He says in somewhat of an annoyed tone. The woman quickly removes her arms from around her boss and blushes, taking a few steps back and bowing. “I’m sorry sir. I don’t know what came over me. I was just glad to see that you were alive and well.” “It’s fine. Give me a status report.” The man says as he runs his hand through his hair. His hands were wet with blood though he did not know if it came from himself or from any of the corpses that were around him. “Teams Alpha, Omega, & Sigma are out combing the area for any survivors and eliminating the hollow threat. They’ve mostly gotten things under control. We’ve yet to figure out how many casualties there are though the number is expected to be high. Given that you were in the epicenter of it all, we assumed the worst. It’s honestly a goddamned miracle that you are even alive. Regardless, we need to get away from here and get you to a medical facility to get checked out.” Takeru went to object but found himself quickly ushered into the backseat of the waiting vehicle. Apparently, the time for talk was out of the question. That was fine. In all honesty, he probably would not have been able to pose a convincing argument. His body felt like it had been in a 12-round fight. Everything was sore and numb. Every time he blinked, it felt as if a raging fire was burning a hole behind his eyelids. There was a sharp, dull pain every time he drew a breath; probably a sign of a cracked rib. Or a few. The door slammed shut and off the vehicle went, flanked by another. As Asuna began to discuss a few more of the ongoings since the attack, the man's mind began to drift. He stared out of the tinted windows at the buildings that laid waste around them. It looked like a damn war zone. Cars flipped over with the greatest of ease. Huge chunks of debris scattered about. Fires dancing atop what remained of buildings to really give off the vibe of what it all represented. Hell on earth. In the distance, he could see Tetsuya defeating creatures one after another. Quickly transforming in between strikes. “One day..” he mutters. Lazily, Takeru began to drift, his eyes starting to look more and more upward towards the sky. It was then that he saw it. A mere flicker that did a sort of free-fall out of the sky, landing on ruined building not far off. Instantly, he became alert. Was his mind was just playing tricks on him? Regardless, he had to find out, even if it turned out to be a wild goose chase. “Stop the car!” he demanded, frantically ripping at his now unlatched seat belt. “We can’t stop now sir. We need to get you to a medical facility quick. Your injuries aren’t life threatened now but if left unchecked, they could become a serious issue. We don’t have the time.” “Stop the goddamned car now!” Takeru roared in anger, showing a surprising viciousness that stunned even Asuna. She’d never seen him this angry, this primal. Acting as near as insane as the “hairless apes” he typically commented on how humanity behaved. There was a still moment of silence as the car slowly came to a halt, Takeru frantically searching for the jacket he left inside previously. Upon finding and clutching it tightly, he quickly bolted out the door, stumbling as he exited. All looked on as he moved gingerly towards where the ruined building’s remains. His mind was racing, his heart nearly beating out of his chest. An excitement he hadn’t felt in some time. This could just be a suicide run, a fool’s errand. He could find nothing once he arrived, or worse, he could find yet another ravenous hollow ready to make him its evening meal. Regardless, he didn’t care, could not care until he found it. He reaches the base of the building and begins to shuffle through the debris to move forward. His eyes meticulously scan each piece he removes, not wanting to miss a thing. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees it. Some debris slowly moving up and down. Something was underneath. As he moves forward, the debris is lifted off from underneath. A dark-robed man is revealed laying underneath, heavily injured. Takeru's eyes are wide with glee, a trance-like look on his face. “So…. beautiful.” he manages to etch out, slowly moving towards the man. The man’s head quickly darts over to Takeru, his hand tightening on a sword sheathed to his side. Once he realizes that it’s a human approaching him, his grip eases slightly. “Are you talking to me? How can you even see me?” the man coughs out. His wounds are unfortunately fatal. He won’t last much longer. Takeru still approaches, still stunned speechless by the sight before him. He finally reaches the man, getting so close he could reach out and touch him. “Are you… Are you one of the Gods of Death?” he whispers. The man looks at him bewildered by such a question. How did the man even know about their existence? “Look, it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to last much longer. My team is out here still eliminating these hollows, it won’t take much longer before they’ve wiped them out but it’s still dangerous out. Surprisingly, that pink guy has been a big help. The hollow that got me is probably still lurking around, ready to finish me off. The team or that guy might not make it in time to save me. You need to save yourself and flee.” The man’s words stir Takeru from his euphoric trance, making him remember his end goal once more. “So, you are one of them. All this time, I’ve been searching for the missing piece and it’s been in front of my eyes yet out of my reach the entire time." A small smile forms across the man's face as he reaches into the jacket he retrieved from the car and pulls out a small syringe. Acting quickly, he stabs the syringe into the Death God's arm as a glossed look appears over his eyes as it presses in. “This is a special agent I concocted for my research. It’s designed to work on hollows but I believe that it will be sufficient for you as well. A paralyzing agent injected into your system while I retrieve what I need from you. If the side effects are the exact same for you as they are with the hollows, then it will leave you paralyzed for some time. So, if the hollow is lurking about, I’m sure it’ll go after an easy meal instead of a scrambling one such as myself.” He chuckles slightly as he pulls back on the syringe top, a white fluid slowly being extracted from the man. “Breathtaking… isn’t it?” Takeru replies as he removes the syringe, slowly stumbling to his feet. “What are you? What the hell is wrong with you?” the man manages to say. The paralyzing agent had done the intended job, further crippling the fatally wounded man. He tries to move, as he had since he was injected, but found he could not. He was at the mercy of whatever came near him. Finally making it back to his feet and using a piece of debris for leverage, Takeru turns to walk back to the vehicle. “What am I? That’s an easy question. I’m going to be the God of this world. The peons of this world, Tetsuya, and even you, the Gods of death, will kneel before me. In the end, I thank you. It appears you have saved me after all.” He psychotically chuckles to himself as he begins to leave; from behind, a pair of beaming eyes move slowly towards the now fully paralyzed man. WC: 1,685
  9. Kaz

    The End

    The town had a cold malevolent air to it, the wind howling past you in every which way, as if trying to express its own confusion the recent turn of events. Takeru, his body among the mass piles of debris, was lost in a trance. One minute, violent death beams reign down on all present in a never-ending bombardment. In the next, nothing. It had gone as quickly as it came. No movement, no lights, no wind, no people. It's like everything just vanished, or was never there to begin with. A fog was rolling in, throwing those who survived all into despair; they couldn't fight if they couldn't see. The men from Hikari Incorporated had not arrived yet. They were defenseless. The fog was dense, so thick you'd need a knife to cut through it. Some hid underneath debris, others took to whatever buildings they could for shelter. Those that could not see the entities knew that they were not alone. Those that could, even if only barely, saw their deaths coming towards them. Shadowy figures were steadily moving closer; their mangled, horrific forms visible enough to send fear down the spines of even the most hardened men. And then suddenly, it began again. A sickening roar, loud enough that even those who couldn’t sense or see spiritual entities could hear. They were being mobbed. Violet colored death beams pelting them from all sides, slaughtering them like the sheep Takeru took them for whilst they weren’t expecting it. He should have known. This was the only logical conclusion with all the data he had at his fingertips. He should have prepared for this. He could have prepared for this. But he didn't, and now they were all paying dearly for it. Hundreds were dead before one could even tell what was happening. The air was hazy, a red mist is thrown up from the sheer of blood that was spilled. Citizens were being slaughtered. There were too many of them. Too little people could do anything to prevent it. It was a massacre. Takeru looked around, seeing the charred remains of the councilman at his feet. The putrid smell of burned flesh mixed with the blood. The man’s severed head sat perfectly placed on Takeru's lap. Eyes rolled into the back of his head. His face was expressionless. In his last moments, he had no idea what awaited him. The smell of blood hit the man that second. The adrenaline fading fast. He quickly pushed the severed head off of his body and turned to the side to retch. His stomach could no longer handle it. It was overpowering, so strong he could taste it. Dry heave after dry heave came, Takeru clutching tightly at his sides. Soon, he finished, staring hazily at the pile of liquid in front of him. He could suddenly hear the screams of the dying men, the sound of the guns going off. His team had arrived. He could hear orders from the Captain. “Fan out and rescue any survivors. Switch to the X-tinction rounds immediately.” The survivors would be thankful that they arrived but with such short notice, it seems that they were being overpowered. Far more screams of men and women dying echoed the otherwise deathly quiet area than the death howl of the creatures. His senses became hypersensitive. He could smell the blood, sweat, and fear hanging heavily in the air. He felt his heart beating as if it wanted to burst out of his chest. A lump formed at the base of his throat, threatening to make him puke once again. His head felt as if it was spinning. He knew that he had to get up, get moving. His men could eventually hold the line long enough for the beasts to retreat from wherever they came, that wasn’t the issue. The main issue was him getting to safety. Everything else was secondary to that. He managed to make it to his feet before quickly falling back down on his hands and knees. His body felt heavy, his vision blurred. He broke out into a cold sweat as his breathing increased. Was this fear? A fear of death perhaps. This had been the first time he’d ever experienced something of this nature. Something so foreign yet primal to him. Throughout the sounds of gunfire rumbling in the background and booming footsteps of the creatures that had descended from the rip in the sky, he could faintly hear it. Those soft chewing sounds. The sickening crunch of a bone. The sip of a liquid, probably blood, going doing the throat. All became clear. One of them was near and hungry. Ravenous even. He quickly drew flashbacks to the warehouse all those months ago. Watching his men from the safety of his van as they turned to see their comrade devoured by the beast. At that moment, he missed the sanctuary that the van provided. The feeling of safety. Suddenly, the chewing stopped. A low guttural grow took its place. He wondered if he had been spotted, though his answer would soon. Low footsteps began to draw closer, inching closer and closer towards him. With his remaining strength, Takeru lay flat on the ground, placing his body up against some of the charred corpses around him. Maybe it would go for one of the other bodies, just long enough to give him a moment to escape, if he could find the strength to do so that is. The footsteps drew closer and closer until he could feel breathing down his neck. A snout moving along his body. He’d been found. The snout kept nudging at his body, increasing its force with each nudge. Takeru’s body being pushed deeper and deeper against the corpses around him. He could feel warm liquid forming on his back. He didn’t know if it was his blood or the blood of someone else. Something else. The nudging stopped, the beast reared its head back and howled loudly. It was ready for its feast to begin anew. “So, this is how I die? On the ground with my face before my confrontation with Tetsuya?” Takeru thought. “Ironic that this is the path destiny has chosen for me. I refuse it. I refuse it. I will not sit idly by and let this be my end. I will ascend to the heavens on my own terms. I will not be struck down by the likes of this dull creature!” Using the lasts of his strength, Takeru manages to flip himself over, ready to stare into the face of the beast. To his surprise, the beast is no longer there; instead laying a good distance away with a wound on its side. It’s breathing labored, dying. Takeru sat mystified at the sight. Was it one of his men that managed to wound the beast so greatly? He hadn’t heard a single gunshot from close range so it couldn’t have been them. Just what was it then? As he tries to ponder his thoughts, he faintly hears a voice from behind him. "Get out of here while you can. Things are getting hairy here." It was Tetsuya. He quickly shields his face, nodding as he moved to where Tetsuya pointed. “It had to be him..” Takeru mutters. “Sir! Are you alright?!” a voice calls out to him. The man turns his head to see a team of his men shuffling quickly towards him, guns trained at the surrounding area. “We’ve found Mr. Kuna. He seems wounded but alive. Bring the van to this location for transport. It’s alright sir, we are going to get you out of here.” Takeru didn’t move, could not move. He was still mystified by what just occurred. Angered by it. How dare he look down upon him. How dare he save him? As he mutters while his men move to transport him, he sees it. A blur quickly darting towards the battle. The blur moved so gracefully, it couldn't have been Tetsuya. "Just what was that?" he wondered. WC: 1,342
  10. Kaz

    Sins Of The Past

    Tsukishima found himself deeper within the bowels of the Forest of Menos. He felt a sense of nostalgia, the familiar sensation of home. The dirt path he walked along started to turn a deep brown color due to the moisture this particular area brought. It was only gradually though as the path was sheltered by the colossal trees it meandered its way through. Dew from the treetops gently fell to the ground below creating a sign of pure peacefulness. Everything was quiet. Too much for Tsukishima's liking. Two sources of reiatsu spiked up. It was as the skeletal lord figured, he was not alone. "So...you must be him. We heard the rumors that you were back." "I expected much more from someone of your reputation. No matter. There is nowhere left for you to run." Tsukishima turned around and saw two Arrancar approach him, both with zanpakuto in hand. The first of the two was tall and slender. He had long flowing red hair that reached down to the small of his back. He wore a blue Hakama with a red sash and a white open-chest jacket. His face was calm and collected, eager for the challenge that lay in front of him. The other Arrancar was the exact opposite. He was a little shorter than the average height with a very muscular build. His short, navy blue hair seemed to defy his fiery personality. He wore a red Hakama with a blue sash. Unlike his counterpart, he was shirtless as if he were showing off his toned body. The remains of their hollow masks were on either side of their cheeks; the left cheek for the one in red and the right cheek for the one in blue. Their hollow holes were in the dead center of their chests, a staple for common Arrancar. Tsukishima was calm and collected if not a little irritated. While he knew he would be disturbed at some point, he hoped he could have had a few more fleeting moments of peace. Despite what the situation seemed, he was not worried. "Oh no. I have been caught," he said with a low, sarcastic grumble. A malicious grin started to form on the blue-haired Arrancar's face, causing the white hollow mask fragments to rise with it. "It's as my brother just said. There is nowhere left for you to run. We'll be the ones to finally take you out." The Arrancar chuckled as he raised his curved weapon towards the Former Espada's head. "We take you out and we'll be legends around here. After you, we'll go after the Primera. Prepare to lose your life at the hands of the soon to be new Lords of Hueco Mundo, Naka and Takeuchi Daisuke!" Tsukishima could only sigh, disappointed at their motivation. He figured it was time to teach the kids a lesson. "I see a few problems with your assertion," he says after a long pause, turning away from the two Arrancar. The red-haired Arrancar narrowed his eyes, changing his stare from icy determination to that of intrigue. "What was that now?" Now facing a row of trees, the skeletal hollow begins. "First and foremost, I am not running from anyone. I do not know how long you have been following me and quite frankly, I do not care. Secondly..." he continued, turning his head in their direction. The dimly lit red light in his eye sockets began to flare up, appearing as if fire billowed from within. "Why would I run away when it would be so much easier to kill you instead?" The former Espada slammed his staff on the ground as the gold around it begins to peel away, revealing a long katana. Black reiatsu, similar to smoke, surrounds the blade as Tsukishima slowly lifts it up. He quickly slashes his blade in the air towards the row of trees behind the two before turning his back to them once more. The trees start to fall towards the two Arrancar, threatening to crush them under their massive weight. "Shit!" exclaimed the surprised Naka. As he reached up to stop the trees from falling towards the two, he sees the skeletal hollow appear beside him with his sword at the ready. With the sickening sound of flesh and steel colliding, Tsukishima swipes his sword against Naka's midsection. In an instant, he reappears next to Takeuchi and delivers another sliding swipe. The two Arrancar reel in pain and regroup, both clearly out of breath from the strike. "I'm rusty. I meant to bisect you from that. You'll have to forgive me. Millennia without practice can make a blade dull. Regardless, I commend you both for being alive. I'm impressed." His words betrayed the apathetic sound in his voice. He was toying with them. "Why wouldn't we be? You know we Arrancar have our Hierro. It's futile to attempt to cut us down with a blade as dull as that." he said with a laugh. "Is that so?" Tsukishima announces as he holds up his sword. The back of the blade was painted in crimson blood, dripping freely on the sands below. Bewildered, Naka placed his hand on his stomach and felt the warm sticky blood flow. He glances over and sees Takeuchi in a similar situation, though his brother's wound is more grievous than his own. He returned his glare towards the skeletal lord, his eyes full of contempt and rage. "So you aren't all hype. I suppose you were truly deserving of your former title. I guess we'll have to get serious then." A malicious grin spreads across his face as he nods towards his brother. "What? I suppose you are going to release your Zanpakuto now? I'm utterly terrified." A surprised expression shot across both of their faces, Tsukishima could only chuckle in amusement. "Why do you look so surprised? Did you forget that I once had the same power? Besides, it is obvious you two aren't fighting at full strength. I suggest you quit this charade and release whatever power you have. Give this new body a challenge." The two Arrancar smile as their reiatsu begins to surge. "Quite the hypothesis. Be careful what you wish for. Are you ready, Naka?" "You know it! Let's give this bastard our full power!" The two Arrancar raise their Zanpakuto towards their chest and quickly stab it in their chests. "Burn, Suzaku!" "Cascade, Musa! WC: 1,069
  11. Kaz

    Sins Of The Past

    The physically imposing figure revealed itself entirely, a snarling hollow of immense size. It's lower body resembled a bull while the upper portion was that of a gorilla. Its mask was stained brown, a testament to how much blood the hollow had tasted over the years. Red eyes peered outward, staring directly at Tsukishima. Slowly, he lurched forward. The foul stench of death and decay emanating from him. "My my. If it isn't Fuwa. I'm surprised to see you are still around. I figured the years would have caught up to you and someone would have finished you off." "You're one to talk. The last thing I heard about you, you went and got yourself killed after going to the Shinigami world. A damned shame that I was not the one who did it. Then the rumors about your resurrection started and lo and behold, here you stand before me. My prayers have been answered. I get to kill you after all though it looks like someone already did a number on you. You are all skin and bones. Before I pick my teeth with your forearm, indulge me. Why have you returned?" The skeletal hollow chuckles as he moves around the octagon dome. It seemed everyone present had the same questions. "I'm here on my own accord. Mostly to test out this new body of mine. On a slightly unrelated note, I have business with you cretins. Not you though, Fuwa. You are useless." This gets the massive hollow's attention as he slowly raises his arm, revealing an old yet still bleeding flesh wound. Tsukishima chuckles at the sight, remembering the fond memory of him giving Fuwa that wound. He wasn't surprised that the hollow hadn't healed it. Probably a reminder to settle their old score. With a roar, a red spike shoots out from underneath the beast's arm, barreling towards Tsukishima's head with the intent to sever. Tsukishima expected as much to happen. All he's done over the years, the body count he's racked up, none of that would just go away. There would be plenty aiming to take his head if he ever reared it. Effortlessly, he raises his hand up and blocks the resulting attack with the greatest of ease. The massive Adjuchas was surprised that his attack was so effortlessly blocked, even more so that Tsukishima had disappeared immediately afterward. His smell still lingered so he hadn't gone very far. As his eyes meticulously scanned the surrounding area, blood drips from his mouth. A deep, aching pain spreads from his back throughout his entire body. His vision gradually blurs as he hits the ground knees first. Tsukishima's ominous shadow looms over him with his skeletal right arm dripping in crimson blood; a stark contrast to what occurred moments ago. "So this is still the best you all can produce after all these years? Regardless of how much power you've gained or how many hollows you've eaten, you are still lower than garbage. You have seen yet a fraction of my power first hand. Know your uselessness. As I mentioned, I come not for a fight but to extend an olive branch of sorts. Power. Power to gain everything you can dream of. Brothers. Sisters. A war is coming. I came here knowing that the fiercest of hollows resided here. Those who live for the fight and relish each and every kill with sickening delight. It is almost time to reclaim what is rightfully ours. The land of the dead will be ours to rule once more. The Great Campaign will soon commence. Gain your power. In time, I will return to lead you all once again to our birthright." As Tsukishima turns to leave, he glances back and sees his old 'comrade' still unconscious. A few of the hollows begin to circle around him, mouths salivating. Easy prey was near. "After you are done with that fool, take heed in what I said." As the former Lord departs, the sounds of teeth ripping into flesh could be heard. The blood-stained sands were now painted with a fresh coat. The skeletal Lord walks through the darkness in silence, the events that just transpired quickly moving to the far reaches of his memory. WC: 706
  12. The distinct sound of glass shattering could be heard as black shards of reiatsu fell towards the cold ground. The former Lord of Hueco Mundo took a step out from within the Garganta and took in the surroundings. Low roars and the almost soothing sounds of fighting could be heard. "The Forest of Menos.." the hollow thought to himself. Tsukishima had returned to the place where it had all began. His home. Though this was no ordinary trek through the forest, this was someplace different. It was a remote area of the forest that many hollows did not even know about. Many of those that did know did not dare to venture towards it. This was the ritualistic fighting grounds, though its true name could not be spoken in any known tongue. This was the place that Tsukishima had stumbled across so long ago when he was first transformed into a hollow. It was home to many Adjuchas who struggled to maintain dominance of their fused forms and Vasto Lorde who wanted refuge. A place where hollows of all kinds could come to settle their urges and give in to their primal natures. They all came for a fight. Some came to fight alone, others came in packs. Some waited off in the distance for their opportunity to strike at the weak. These grounds held a bit more significance to Tsukishima aside from relishing in old battle wounds. This was the place he and his brother Liam first met as hollows. The two twins were inseparable growing up. Very rarely would anyone see one of them without the other sibling close behind. The two naturally had high levels of spiritual pressure which would attract hollows to them. In an ironic twist of fate, they were murdered by the very same hollow Liam would come to train later in life. By pure coincidence, the two of them found each other as hollows in this place. For most of their hollow existence, they lived here. They fought here, they ate here and they bled here. They evolved day by day until Liam went one step further and became an Arrancar. After that, he left the forest and started teaching other hollows, the one that killed them included. After he left, Tsukishima alone rose to power here. He was hated by all but above all else, he was feared. As he fully emerged from the Garganta, the entire area became quiet and deathly still. Some of the fights momentarily halted, others ended entirely. The skeletal Lord walked forward slowly and confidently, never taking his gaze from the direction in front of him. Roars of protest and anger came up as he walked, the amused hollow could only chuckle. His form had changed, his powers had changed, but his smell had not. They knew who he was and they could do nothing about it. Despite his current form, Tsukishima had evolved to a level far beyond anything they could ever hope to comprehend. He was beyond the concept of easy prey as many of the souls that walked in this area were classified under. They hated him for what he became, for all the power he possessed before he was rebored and even more so afterward. All that hatred and there was very little they could do with it. Stepping into an octagon-shaped dome of bones, flesh, and blood, he was welcomed by the snarls of the inhabitants. Some hovered over the white trees while others merely growled on the ground. Suddenly, booming footsteps echoed behind him. The stench of death grew present. Tsukishima knew all too well who was; a being he'd met with, fought with, and betrayed in his past. One could call him an old friend of sorts if hollows were even able to comprehend the value of friendship. To be fair, Tsukishima was surprised the hollow was even alive as he figured someone would have mopped the floor with him by now. A large shadow looms behind Tsukishima, the sound of labored breathing behind him. "Been a long time, hasn't it?" WC: 681
  13. Kaz

    Rebirth of the Old God

    Unfortunately, everything was as expected. The beasts that roamed the Hueco Mundo sands did not know of their place. For far too long they have roamed around without any sort of structure. Without any authoritative figure to firmly put them in their place. Infighting plagued and destroyed them from the inside out. Those who rose to any sort of power became arrogant and ignorant. They believed themselves to be invincible and untouchable. Sadly for them, they were no different. They could bleed. They could feel pain and eventually, they would die. This was something Tsukishima knew better than anyone. At multiple times during his many lifetimes, he succumbed to that same arrogance. There was a point where he was arguably the most powerful Hollow in existence at the time. It got to his head and corrupted his thinking. Every time something like that happened, it got to him. Each time, the end result was the same. He was knocked back down to reality. The shocking truth that no matter what powers he possessed, what godliness he believed he had obtained, he would die. His many rebirths have proven this. His current appearance and level of power proved this as well. The demon known as Grimm would find this out at some point. They all would. As long as death can find you, there is no escape. As he sat on his throne and he mulled these thoughts over in his head, he glanced at the production taking place before him. Kaori and some of the more sentient hollows in his employ had begun to move some equipment from the upper parts of Las Noches to the current location in secrecy. Nothing of major importance and nothing that would be missed but things that would help him move along his plans all the same. In due time, he'd reveal himself to those who falsely believed themselves to be in power. Alternatively, they could come to him. It mattered not. For now, he needed to plan his next move. As he ponders, he is interrupted by the returning Tesla. "Greetings, My Lord. I come to you with a report on the offensive you launched towards the humans." Tsukishima waves his hand, allowing his servant to speak once more. "The attack on the humans went according to plan. The destruction was on a massive scale and there were some casualties. As expected, there were casualties on our side as well. Most of the Menos Grande units perished. The humans had a magenta warrior that could transform that I've not yet heard of. He, alone, defeated most of our forces until the Shinigami arrived. I fear he will be a thorn in our side." Tsukishima chuckles as he rises from his seat, clutching his golden staff in his right hand. Tesla tensed his body, expecting some sort of retaliation. Normally, he would have punished Tesla for losing as many hollows as he claimed. To the Arrancar's surprise, Tsukishima was calm. "I'm not surprised. If I've learned anything since my rebirth, it is not to underestimate the inhabitants of this new world. Regardless, the plan was to spread fear and send a message. Get them to understand that their gallivanting in my domain will no longer be tolerated. Take Kaori to the World of the Living and find out what you can about this magenta warrior. I will go and find replacements for those lost." "With all due respect, My Lord. You should not be tasked with handling grunt work such as this. Please allow me to go in your stead while you rest and regain your energy." Tesla moves to leave but it stopped in his tracks by the release of spiritual pressure from Tsukishima. The feeling of being choked sending him to his knees. A low guttural growl escapes from the hollow as he moves forward. "Your opinion is not needed. I need to test the limits of this new body so I, alone, will go and handle it. Do as I say, Tesla." The hollow stops exerting his spiritual pressure, allowing his servant to move once more. "As you command, My Lord." the Arrancar says as he quickly departs the room. Eager to test out this new body, Tsukishima opens up a Garganta and begins to head back to 'that place'. WC: 719
  14. Kaz

    Rebirth of the Old God

    The view beyond the Hueco Mundo sands was a magnificent one, at least from a hollow's perspective. A vast emptiness that reflected the emptiness where their hearts originally were. A quiet stillness that could be threatened at a moment's notice. Despite its shortcomings, it was home. Tsukishima walked in silence behind his newest creation as she led him to where the hollow who allied himself with the humans had retreated to. He could feel the impressive power she boasted, a far cry to the power she had before. During their travel, she easily dispatched any forces foolish enough to attempt to attack them. Though Tsukishima could have easily dealt with them, he allowed her to regale him with her power. She, much like he was able to do in his former body, was able to summon a weapon from thin air. Her weapon of choice was a blackened Axe. The Axe she summoned sliced through the opposition with the greatest of ease. Tsukishima could sense a great joy from her as she easily cut them down. She enjoyed the freedom and power her new life granted her. The confidence she could only dream of as a human. With each hollow she cut down, she fed. Her powers grew as she evolved. If he had to guess, she would probably be at the level of a normal Adjuchas by now. While on the same hollow tier as he, her powers were still nothing compared to his own. With time and moulding, she would become a perfect counterpart to Tesla. A piece to replace the one before her way back then. Tesla informed Tsukishima that she died fighting during their failed invasion of the Soul Society. As their forces retreated, she stayed behind to avenge his death. She took out quite a few Shinigami before being slain by a Captain. A noble effort but it mattered not. Her sacrifice led to his glorious return and for that, he was grateful. He wondered if this one would be able to live up to her. Time passed and her powers grew. It was time to strike down the brazen hollow. The two reached the entrance of the Forest of Menos, Kaori kneels towards her master. "He has taken refuge inside. He shouldn't be too far in as he did not want to aggravate the Menos inside that did not willingly follow. Too many of them to deal with." Tsukishima sneered at her words. A hollow, who by all rights should be more powerful than foot soldiers, afraid to aggravate the masses. Pathetic. The world had truly changed in his absence. "Move..." he commands as Kaori quickly moves to his side. Tsukishima slowly lifts his left arm up as an enormous ball of crimson energy quickly forms. "Disperse!" he mutters as the crimson energy rockets forward, evaporating all in front. Kaori stands amazed at the display of power. She realized what he already knew. The difference in their power was as different as Heaven and Hell. She would never dream of catching up to him. The scary part? He would only get stronger. "Stop!" a voice rings out from deeper in the forest. The hollow from before slowly emerges from the trees. Kaori summons her Axe and moves to attack but it stopped by Tsukishima's hand. "So you've turned some of the humans into your pawns? The rumours were true. Despite your appearance, there is no doubt that you are him. Only he could have an aura as menacing as that. I've no quarrel with you and you've no power here. Leave this place." "So you give demands now?" Tsukishima chuckled. He takes a few steps forward as the hollow steps back. Kaori readies her Axe once more but again, Tsukishima dismisses her. "I may not have my former position but I assure you, my reign is still absolute. Plus, we have to deal with the matter of you attempting to ally with humans. The very thing you are supposed to feast upon." "You are in no position to talk. We've all heard of your dealings with the Quincy those millennia ago. Giving him free reign of this dimension as if he belonged here. What I've done is different. I attempted to give us a better opportunity unlike you who betrayed us all." Tsukishima could not help but laugh at the hollow's words as they reminded him of individuals of the past. His actions were similar to an Arrancar he knew who sought to do the same with the Bounts. Because of his insubordination, both he and the group of Bounts he entered Hueco Mundo with perished. That was their extinction. As for the Quincy, he did give him free reign of the dimension but it was on his terms. While he was correct, their partnership was of mutual benefit. It was not a call for help but to eliminate a common goal. The Shinigami. Had they achieved their goal, they would have undoubtedly fought to the death. That's just how they were. Two alpha creatures in a position of power. Only the strongest would survive and they knew it. "You speak of betrayal yet you offer our kind servitude to the humans. I watched what you built before I sent it tumbling down. They regarded you as guard dogs. Protecting them while they plotted to overtake you. It was as pathetic as you are. You have been around them for too long. You've started to sound like one. A blight upon our history. Don't fret. After this, no one will remember you." Tsukishima raises his left hand once more, readying yet another cero aimed at the hollow's head. The crimson energy crackles as he charges, a fiendish glow emanating from the eye sockets. "No! I will not go alone!" the hollow moves with blinding speed, instantly appearing in front of Tsukishima with a green cero charged in its mouth. Aiming the cero towards the orb below Tsukishima's ribcage, it fires off the powerful blast, engulfing the area. Kaori moves back to avoid the brunt of the damage as the other hollow reels backwards. it is lightly injured from its attack but overall unharmed. "Bastard. It's obvious that orb is your weakness. Regardless of who or what you were, don't dangle it in my face and expect me not to strike." Smoke billows from around the area as the hollow moves towards Kaori. "I know he turned you. Corrupted you. We were partners once and we can be again. Even more so now that we are the same. His weakness will be our strength." "Weakness..you say?" Tsukishima's booming voice reverberates from within the smoke. A small beam fires from within, severing the hollow's leg upon contact. Its hollowed roar of pain echoes as Tsukishima emerges from the smoke unharmed. "Did you honestly believe that if I had a weakness such as that, I would flaunt it willingly? The humans have corrupted your mind. You are no longer worth my time. Kaori, deal with him as you please." The hollow nods towards her master and summons her Axe once more, letting the bladed edge drag along the sands. "The same... The same..." she repeats as if she is in a trance-like state. When she nears the bloodied hollow, she lets out a wicked howl as she begins to hack at its body. It lets out a scream as she continues to swipe. "How very human-like indeed," Tsukishima says as he begins to depart. WC: 1,246 2,675/1500 Completed [Adjuchas Release Obtained]
  15. Kaz

    Rebirth of the Old God

    Kaori was scared. No, scared would be a gross misuse of the word. Kaori was utterly terrified at the sight that lay before her. Friends and comrades lay dead around her. Their blood stained the white sands. The smell made her sick to her stomach. It was only supposed to be a routine mission. Get in, collect the data that they needed, and get out. As she ducked behind a tent, she wondered. Did the hollows betray them? She worked for a splinter cell group of Hikari Incorporated. One that specialized in dealings with hollows. A few months ago, they came across what seemed to be benevolent hollows. These hollows wanted to change their current regime and sought help to do so. Hikari Incorporated was skeptical but intrigued. Given that their leader was occupied with other matters, this splinter group was formed. For a time, things were going smoothly. They would make frequent trips with the hollows back to their homeworld. Using H.I. tech provided by Takeru Kuna, the combined group of hollows and humans made quick work of any opposition. The splinter group would take samples of the deceased hollow's DNA back home for study. The hollows, as their nature called for it, ate the remains and grew in power. It was a mutually beneficial relationship. It all changes a few days ago. Some of the hollows grew restless as they mentioned a return. They seemed...terrified, a rather human emotion for creatures such as them. Everyone was on guard. It had to be something big in order to scare literal creatures of fear. Precautions were put in place but it was for naught. Nothing could truly be prepared for him. The roars of hollows could be heard from a distance. A small army marched with a purpose. This was commonplace as many hollows were frequently attracted to the area by the smell of humans. Most of this army was easily mowed down by the opposition, a testament to Hikari Incorporated's technological marvels and the power of their allied hollows. However, it was the enigmatic hooded figure in black that sent shockwaves of fear. Black reiatsu leaked around his body, his golden staff shining in the false light. His movements were methodical and calculated. The foolhardy leader of the splinter cell group was the first to feel his divine wrath. Feeling confident of his equipment, he flicks a switch on his rifle as his bullets turn blue. With a smug smirk, he fires a volley towards the hooded figure. To his surprise, the bullets disintegrate before reaching the being. "The hell?" he mutters before attempting to fire another round. To his surprise, these bullets are met with the same fate. The hollows allied with them take note of the occurrence. Some, much like their human counterparts, are struck with an immense fear. Others take the opportunity to move away and observe what is to come. One lone hollow manages to retreat, Tsukishima allowing it for the moment. The man tosses his rifle to a comrade and begins to walk towards the hooded hollow. "You must be what they've been whispering about. The boogeyman that the monsters are afraid of. Can't wait to kick your bony ass. The payday I'm going to receive from Mr. Kuna will be massive." The man clutches a bullet necklace that dangled from his neck with his right hand as red and gold armor quickly covers it. The armor, which has taken on a lion motif, crackles with energy at the shoulder. "Go to hell bastard! Shocking Bullet!" the man screams as he charges towards Tsukishima. He leaves a large trail of energy behind him as his fist nears Tsukishima. To his horror, his fist is easily caught in the hollow's skeletal hand. He tries to pull back but finds himself outclassed by the creature's immense strength. "This is the power of a Fullbringer? Pathetic." He bellows as he easily crushes the fist, leaving the man crumpled on the ground screaming in pain. Returning his gaze toward the majority of the forces in front of him, he continues his stride as he steps over the man. As he moves over him, the man's body disintegrates into ashes. Raising his skeletal hand, a violet beam of energy razes the landscape. From behind multiple Menos Grande approach. Their footsteps boom as they near. One by one, the enemy forces fall. Most were in awe of the display of power they witnessed and quickly fell to the approaching army. Others attempted to get away and were dispatched with ease. Those that were foolish enough to test Tsukishima again befell a similar fate to the man before them. Kaori was the last remaining. She ran as fast as she could but she could still feel him coming. The sense of dread that emanated from him. The feeling of being choked with her gaze landed upon him. As she struggled to catch her breath, she could feel the choking sensation once more. The tent was gone, the ashes it turned into scattering into the wind. In its place was Tsukishima. The piercing red light in his empty eye sockets barring down on her. She attempts to scream but finds herself unable to. At a loss, she decides to fight. She unsheathes a white sword from behind her, a new invention from Mr. Kuna, and unleashes a series of strikes towards the hollow. She attacked fiercely and desperately, putting every bit of herself into each strike. Tsukishima remained indifferent as he easily blocked each strike with his staff. It was not needed as none of her strikes would have reached him anyway but it was to serve a point. A reminder that nothing she could do would ever be good enough. After a few more minutes, Tsukishima grew tired of the game. He catches her incoming strike and shatters the blade with the greatest of ease. As the woman reels back, she feels immense pain. Looking down, she sees a sizeable chunk of her abdomen missing. Slowly staring at the creature in front of her, she sees his skeletal right hand giving off a red glow. "Seems that I am rusty. That should have obliterated you entirely. A pity but poses an alternate opportunity." He clutches the woman's head as she falls, tightly wrapping his bony fingers around it. She clings to life as he pulls her closer towards him. "Give in to your fear. Join me and obtain everything you desire." Black reiatsu begins to leak from Tsukishima, quickly engulfing the woman. Her humanoid form is burned away by the reiatsu, revealing a slender hollowed form. A pale white mask covers her face as Tsukishima lets her go, a hollowed roar escaping her mouth. "Arise my child. Speak your name and arise to serve your new Lord." "My name is Kaori. I am at your beck and call, my Lord." the newly birthed hollow says after a small pause. "Have you any more memories of your past lesser existence?" "I remember all," she says, noticeably adjusting to her new form. Tesla appears next to his Lord's side, kneeling down as he presents a flag with the initials H.I. emblazoned on it. "Excellent. Now, what can you tell me about this?" "Hikari Incorporated. The Seventh Seat on the Council of Power. A black-ops group that is essentially hitmen for hire. The faction that was here is a splinter cell of that. They were tasked with hollow research." Tsukishima growls in annoyance as he moves forward, clearly irritated by the turn of events. "Despite the time that has passed, humans are still the same. Ignorant sheep that dabble in forces they know not. Tesla! Find where this Hikari Incorporated is gathering in the World of the Living and send a welcoming party towards them. Have some of the Gillian raze the land to send a message. The child here will lead me to where that other hollow ran off to." "By your command, My Lord," Tesla says as he quickly departs to complete his assigned task. Tsukishima turns towards the new hollow once more and beckons her to lead the way. It was the first step in the Great Campaign and reclaiming his original might. No. Reclaiming is yet another poor choice of words. He would gain more power, far beyond what his original body could accomplish. Stronger than his possession of Kaname. Stronger than when he was at his peak. This time, he would not step until the Great Campaign was accomplished. WC: 1,429 1,429/1,500 completed