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  1. Dan Kuroto Shin

    Fate Points: Tutorial and Shop

    Character Name: Tetsuya Kataoka Fullbringer: 65,000 Reiatsu [After Resurge. 70k after Reiatsu Boost] Fate Points: 11 [3] - Power Transference [3] - Reiryoku Specialist (Gafu) [2] - Pledge of Allegiance (Hollow) [1] - One Time Reiatsu Boost Remaining Fate Points: 2
  2. Dan Kuroto Shin

    Digimon Adventure Tri

    Leomon is unlucky. Every thing he shows up in, he dies.
  3. Dan Kuroto Shin

    Digimon Adventure Tri

    I'm with you there. Not liking what they've done with his character but it still shows promise. With Alphamon, Omnimon and that mini cameo of Huckmon, I'm thinking that they may do something with the Royal Knights.
  4. Dan Kuroto Shin

    Digimon Adventure Tri

    So for all you Digimon fans, the new movie came out today in Japan. For those who have Crunchyroll, they've released a subbed version of the movie on the site. They've broken the movie down into 4 episodes so the entire "series" will have 24 episodes in all. From what I saw, its not bad at all. Let me know what you bitches think. I'm on a Digimon fix and I'd like to hear others opinions on it.

  6. Dan Kuroto Shin

    Zp Gone? Here's What We're Going To Do About It.

    Player ID# 7627 ZP was capped
  7. Dan Kuroto Shin


    Welcome to BSE. Once you arrive, you will not be leaving. You may take a vacation or two but you will always be drawn back here. Enjoy the fun.
  8. Dan Kuroto Shin

    Why Hello There!

    Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy all the lovely bullshit that goes on here. Hope to see you sometime in the chats. We can watch the fights and laugh
  9. Dan Kuroto Shin

    Dragon Ball - Games

    Fuck Buu. That is all
  10. Happy Birthday man :D Hope you have a great day!

  11. Dan Kuroto Shin

    Does Anyone Play Yugioh?

    When I was younger I played near religiously. Collecting and the likes. I'll still enjoy a game from time to time but that's usually via Duel Network or something online as I do not collect anymore. You may want to try a Gamestop (or EB Games depending on your location) or the interwebs. I know some individual cards go for pretty cheap.
  12. Dan Kuroto Shin


    We're coming
  13. Dan Kuroto Shin


  14. Dan Kuroto Shin


    I'd join but I have a problem with fire. Give me a flint and steel and I will set your shit ablaze uncontrollably. (If anyone has created a "living area" with an ender portal and come back to see the area in flames, I offer no apologies)