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  1. The Eml

    Tune in and Tune up - Ninth Division

    While it initially appeared that her Sai had worked, Nariko quickly noticed that Renchi had smirked, putting her on edge. Renchi was no doubt very strong, and even if she underestimated Nariko, she still had at the very least the impression that she'd be able to break from the Sai without an issue. She started to prepare herself for a counter attack, knowing that it was extremely likely that it wasn't going to hold her at all. Still, rather committed to her attack instead of dodging, Nariko put on a burst of speed after the Sai, instead deciding to blitz Renchi in that very moment. The change in speed was an attempt to throw off Renchi's timing, assuming she could even keep up with Nariko's sudden burst forward using her full speed. [1] Her palm would burst forward, slamming into Renchi with even more momentum behind it than it had initially been intended to have if it connected. Her burst of speed should have been sufficient enough to interrupt the beginnings of the kick, more or less allowing Nariko to escape the kick through negation. While she probably wasn't going to be dealing a huge amount of damage, if it landed, she would have at least gotten off the first attack without taking damage herself. Since Renchi was still likely to release herself from the kido after standing up from her knock back, and unleash her shikai even if she took the first hit, and Nariko was willing to let her power herself up, the Shikai's unleash would go through uninterrupted. Rather, Nariko drew one of her own blades while Renchi drew hers, taking up the flowery Zanpakutou and holding it in one hand. As Renchi's shikai was revealed, Nariko smirked herself. She was going to attempt to beat Renchi without using her own shikai. The woman was strong, no doubt, but Nariko was fast and could see her movements. Perhaps it would become a battle of attrition. Would Nariko wear herself down with dodging and launching Kido? Or would Renchi wear herself down first? [2-3] Holding out her free hand, Nariko let out another command words, forming her Spiritual Energy at her palm. "Hado #32, Okasen!" She launched out a wide wave of the yellow energy from her palm, the wide spread attack and fast speed of her Kido making it particularly difficult to avoid. She followed it up with another, repeating her phrase, aiming at wherever Renchi happened to be moving towards, in case she jumped to avoid it. WC: 418 TWC: 2240 Will add the rest later. Assume stats max.
  2. The Eml

    Tune in and Tune up - Ninth Division

    The Captain himself actually moved to turn down the music for Nariko, which seemed to make Renchi more irritated at Nariko than the Captain. It was fine, the girl didn't really mind that much. Renchi was every bit as rude as Nariko would have expected the greasy mechanic girl to be, something that swelled some interest in her. Besides, it would have been really odd if she had just been extremely polite and shy, given everything she'd seen of her. Then again, people were strange, it could have happened. Nariko flashed Jonetsu an appreciatory glance with a small nod of her head before she continued to issue her challenge. The Captain was much more relaxed and laid back than the Lieutenant was. It was probably best that he was in charge of the division. Renchi was quite... hot headed it seemed. Which made Nariko's decision easier. She might have felt worse if she went to challenge someone who was polite and more suited for the position. Well, not to say that Renchi was unsuited, she obviously had some degree of qualifications. The Lieutenant more or less seemed to ignore her, moving towards her, and then off to the side. Nariko didn't let the show of intimidation bother her. She was used to these sorts of people. Gang leaders in the Rukongai liked to put on shows like that. Tough girl Renchi pulled out her Zanpakutou, which Nariko had to admit she was impressed by. The weapon itself wasn't anything to look at, but the fact that she could find it in the first place. Lieutenant Renchi began to exit the building, a grin on her face. Probably looking forward to 'clocking this upstart' or something like that. Nariko herself was absolutely excited as well, ready for the fight to begin. The Captain seemed to be interested enough, as he followed along, bringing his tea with his so he could observe. It was doubtful that he expected much from Nariko, but perhaps he was just bored. Nariko nodded, following along until she herself was standing on a relatively clear patch of ground. The captain took up a spot overlooking them, and he lounged as best he could, making the whole thing look natural. Renchi's arm was a bit of a surprise, metallic and prosthetic. Inside it, she housed her Lieutenant badge. The coveted thing. Her challenge was to rip off her arm?! Nariko was taken aback a little bit. "I guess whatever it takes, ri-" a lead pipe launched through the air at Nariko, who had been watching her toy with the thing, and she took a small step to the side right as she was releasing it, letting it soar past her. "-ght? Whenever you're ready to start." The throw was impressively fast for sure, but Nariko herself was much faster, and could see the throw coming from a mile away. She didn't even need to use her full speed for that. [1] "I'll kick things off, I guess, if you won't." Nariko smirked. Implying that Renchi's pipe was nothing. Smack talk usually was something that people did, right? Nariko was silently applauding herself for that roast. Thunderous applause in her head. [2] Nariko, with that, launched towards the Lieutenant, holding back on her full speed for now. She wanted to hold something back in the reserves in case she needed it. Nariko didn't have fantastic form or anything like that, she wasn't a martial artist, but she didn't need it. She utilized what she had as she could. "Sai!" she shouted as she closed the distance between the two of them, the Bakudo hopefully restraining Renchi, and long enough for Nariko's momentum to keep her moving forward. [3] If the Sai successfully connected, Nariko's momentum would have continued forward, driving her palm into the Lieutenant's solar plexus, potentially launching the paralyzed Lieutenant backwards with all her force and momentum, and hopefully driving the wind from her lungs as well. It certainly wasn't a fight ending opening, but Nariko liked to use some unorthodox methods of fighting. Most Kido users didn't really like to fight close up, but Nariko liked to throw that out the window. She could use Kido aggressively and close up as well. She kind of had to, given her strength was the only thing that hadn't seemed to improve much when she'd unlocked her Shikai. If she managed to pull off the 'opening maneuver' successfully, Nariko would let her opponent get back up assuming she broke free from the Sai. Given the nonchalantly thrown had some impressive speed behind it, this girl was undoubtedly strong. Definitely stronger than Nariko was. That much was clear just from the onset. No way Nariko could throw something with that amount of power behind it, even if she tried her hardest. This wasn't going to be a battle of strength versus strength at the very least. She would have to use her Kido effectively. WC: 821 TWC: 1822 Combat Stats: - Actions
  3. The Eml

    Tune in and Tune up - Ninth Division

    Nariko was feeling pretty confident in herself, especially after unlocking her Shikai. It turned out, she actually had a Dual Zanpakutou, like the Vice Captain of Squad 4 had mentioned he had. Not only that, but she felt quite a deal stronger than she had before, as if she was able to tap into her latent potential for the first time. The wall she'd felt she couldn't push past had risen immensely, to the point that most things she had done before were now easy in comparison. People seemed slower, she felt faster, stronger, better. To be fair, she hadn't really tested out her abilities at all, so she had no real clue how they worked, but so confident was she in her new found strength, that she felt she was ready to challenge the Vice Captain of her squad to a fight for her position. See, Nariko had given it some thought. The conversation from the bar had really resonated with her. It stuck with her. As a seated officer, she might see some action here or there, but as a Vice Captain, or somewhere around there, if she failed and got promoted to a higher seat, she would be around the more important action more and more. She'd be the one chosen to venture out to some dangerous situation that required attention, and that would lead to a further adventure that would let her just enjoy life. One thing led to another, and she found herself seeking out the Vice Captain of Squad 9, a woman named Renchi Kuranku. Nariko had met her once or twice, but neither had grown super close or interacted more than some basic orders here or there. Nariko didn't have a peg down on the woman's personality or anything, but she didn't dislike her in the slightest. She was just an obstacle to surpass. Besides, one day Nariko was going to be the captain as well, and then the old man wouldn't be, and she'd need a good Vice Captain, so this was only a temporary bid to replace her, as it was. Arriving at Renchi's Workshop, after being pointed in the right direction a few times as to where the Vice Captain probably was, Nariko stared at the building for a minute before deciding now was the time. She was confident that she could put up a good fight, but she'd never actually seen a Vice Captain fight before, so for all she knew, she was still leagues away from being able to do anything worth praise. Nariko knew better than to think negatively like that though, and there was only one real way to find out if she was a good enough fighter yet. And if she failed, it wasn't like she'd die, unless Renchi decided to eliminate the competition. There was no mistaking she was in the right place at least, having been told that she'd know by the clutter and debris. Nariko was messy herself, but only so much as she was allowed to be in the barracks; to that point, she wasn't particularly allowed to be that messy at all. This was just on another level. Renchi was quite the tinkerer, but she collected a lot of junk it seemed like. The Lieutenant-Aspirant grinned as she approached the main door to the building, which was wide open. People were so interesting and quirky sometimes. It seemed that the current Vice wasn't exactly a stick in the mud. Assuming she was allowed in, Nariko would enter the 'office space', which wasn't any less cluttered with junk. Music was blaring loudly over a speaker system, and Renchi was working on her cycle, while, more to Nariko's surprise, the Captain was also hanging around, drinking tea across the workshop. Speaking loudly, so she could be heard over the sound of the music, Nariko announced herself. "Uhm, excuse me, Lieutenant Kuranku, Captain Jonetsu." Nariko began, waiting until the attention was fully, (or partially) given. "I'm Nariko Mizushima, current 19th Seat of this Division. Sorry to bother you, but..." she looked to Renchi. "I've come to issue a challenge for your seat. Unorthodox, I know, a 19th Seat, but I'm liking the thought of being Vice Captain a little bit more and more the longer I think about it. What'd you say?" She put her left hand on her left hip, almost in a sassy manner. Nariko could come off as rude, but she didn't really care all that much. Today was an up day for her, and she wasn't feeling like shit. In fact, she felt like she could take on the world, so it came off as her being a little bit more cocky than usual. To them, she probably didn't look all that imposing. A young girl, some amount of talent if they knew anything about her promotion from the Academy, but that could probably be seen as a catalyst to her current arrogance. She had her hair in it's usual side ponytail, and wore a very basic but standard Shihakusho. Both of her Zanpakutou hung off her left hip, where she had always kept the one when she had just a basic Asauchi. She had two Zanpakutou, perhaps the oddest thing about her. One of them was almost jet black from what could be seen of it, with a shimmer to the entire thing. If closely examined, there were little crystals and gems embedded in the sheathe, giving it a shimmery effect. The blade, while currently sheathed, was a glassy black, as if the blade itself was made of obsidian. The other blade, her primary one, was much more decorated. The sheathe sported a stencil-like flowery design, while the Tsuba itself looked more like the open petals of a rose, colored gold. The handle wrap was a simple white one, with a decorative charm hanging from the end, a little flower blossom. The blade of this one, also sheathed, was just a normal metallic one, like any other would be. WC: 1001 TWC: 1001
  4. The Eml

    A Momentary Rest

    Nariko had been keeping up with Oriru's drinking, but she was starting to feel the effects of what she'd already drank a little stronger than usual. She felt it would be a good point for her to cut herself off at this point. She could have continued, but Nariko figured it was best to be able to walk herself home and remember it. She was having a good time today, and wanted to remember it better. Blacking out wasn't exactly good for that goal. Oriru and Yuroshima both offered an answer to her question about Shikai, although Nariko found that Yuroshima's answer was more applicable to her. Oriru could help her with the theory side of things, but Yuroshima's was more useful for once she got into some sort of communication with the Zanpakutou spirit that was attached to her sword. Still, Oriru brought up an interesting fact. His circumstances were unique, since he didn't use the full power of the Shikai? What did that mean? So, he had one at least. It was unlocked, he could use it. However, he either didn't, or couldn't, use the full power of the weapon? Perhaps a discussion for another time. "An unorthodox method? A common method? Does that mean there's more to it than just Spiritual Energy control?" She mused out loud, more to herself than anything else. This might be worth exploring. Either way, she was going to get her shikai somehow. There was no way she wouldn't. Nariko was incredibly open to the idea of communication with her Zanpakutou spirit. Yuroshima also had an interesting tidbit of information. He didn't just have one spirit, but in fact, two. That was incredibly uncommon, from what Nariko remembered. There wasn't a single Shinigami that had gotten a Dual Zanpakutou that hadn't been entrenched in the history of the Gotei 13. As it was, the veiled Lieutenant was already making waves. He had become a Vice Captain. He had lofty goals. Perhaps it was fated. "I appreciate the offers, both of you. I'll certainly have to take you guys up on it. Spiritual Control and more Meditation techniques are absolutely useful, for more than just Shikai." she said sincerely. WC: 366 TWC: 366
  5. The Eml

    ORP COMMUNITY 500K EVENT: Info/Sign-Up/Questions

    Name: Nariko Mizushima Race: Shinigami No.: 5025
  6. The Eml

    Meditation with the Sword

    After getting herself comfortable again, Nariko settled down into her meditative state with relative ease, as opposed to earlier. That was nice enough for her, since she didn't really like sitting still and thinking about peace in order to get peaceful. It was a waste of time that could be used for something better, like exploring. However, it was probably her excitement to explore the maze that allowed her to get back into her mental realm once again so quickly. She moved into the maze, and time began to fly as she let herself get lost in the great expanse. The garden maze, if viewed from the top down, almost appeared endless, stretching out for miles and miles without a single break in sight. She was in there for what felt like hours, before she heard... something. A calling, as if something was trying to grab her attention. Feeling drawn down a path, Nariko moved forward towards the sound, and it wasn't long before she reached a small clearing that housed a Gazebo in the middle of it, with new little branching paths in the maze around. The Gazebo looked exactly like the one at the entrance. Going to the middle of the Gazebo, she saw stabbed into the middle, a Katana. As she moved towards it, she placed a hand on the weapon, and the sound she had heard earlier came again, although this time it was much more clear. It was a name. In almost a trance, Nariko repeated the name, internalizing it without hearing it, and from there, her inner world shifted. She was no longer in the Gazebo in the maze, but was once again in the Gazebo at the entrance. Then she woke up. Shot back into the real world, Nariko's first thought was that her sword was different. For one, it had changed, but for two... well, there were two of them. However, she didn't really get the opportunity to examine them, as unlocking her shikai had actually flipped a switch of some sort in her. Her Spiritual Pressure spiked and flared up to it's maximum, and the sudden overwhelming shift floored her. Letting out a gasp, Nariko fell backwards, exhausted, and passed out rather quickly, her Reiatsu settling down as she did so. WC: 380 TWC: 1,591 SHIKAI: 1500/1500
  7. The Eml

    Meditation with the Sword

    The meditation had been going on for hours at this point, since Nariko wasn't scheduled for any sort of patrols or anything like that. Today was her day off, and she'd usually be spending it out and about, going on a walk or looking for new places that she hadn't been yet, or perhaps never even heard of. However, given her conversation the other day with Oriru and the Nameless Vice Captain, Nariko had renewed interest in getting at least her shikai. She was going to become a Vice Captain or a Captain at some point, and having a Shikai was going to be useful in that endeavor. Having been sitting in the same spot for a while, Nariko's comfortability was starting to wear thin, as one could only sit so still for so long. She was in a peaceful state, imagining she was in a field, filled with wildflowers and reeds. In the middle of the field was a clearing with a Gazebo, with a winding path around it that exited into a garden maze. The Gazebo was almost completely overrun with vines, as if it had been consumed by nature. Nariko had been in the field for several hours, laying on her back and staring up at the imaginary clouds, but with her uncomfortability in the real world, she was starting to get bored in the field. Standing up, Nariko's mental self moved towards the Gazebo, hands out to trail along the tops of the flowers as she passed them. The flowers bounced up and down as they swayed while she walked past them, until she broke into the clearing. The Gazebo was probably something that looked pretty at one point, underneath the vines. Even with the encroaching vines, it had a wild beauty to it. Now that she was closer, she could see that the place wasn't just covered in vines, but it had small little flowers weaving in and out of the vine growth. The petals looked to be many different colors, many different types of flowers. Nariko smiled, as she enjoyed the sight. Of course, this was her own headspace, so of course the overgrowth made her happy. She really liked flowers. Honestly, though, this wasn't that much different to the field and the wildflowers there. What really interested her was the Garden Maze. The maze was massive, with Nariko unable to see the top of the hedges. It was as if it continued on upwards forever. Moving towards the maze, her excitement grew, ready to navigate through this challenge. Just as she was about to enter into the hedge, she heard a noise in the real world, snapping her out of her meditation. A group of Shinigami moved through the barracks, carrying on conversations loudly enough to have bothered her. Glaring at them, Nariko was quite peeved. It had taken her a long time to settle down into a meditative state in the first place, and now that she was back out of it, she wasn't sure that she was going to be able to get back into it again without wasting a lot of time. On top of that, Nariko was now acutely aware of how uncomfortable her body was becoming. The muscles were stiff, and she needed to stretch, so she decided she might as well go ahead and do so while she was awake. WC: 563 TWC: 1,211
  8. Nariko sat on her assigned bed in the shared barracks of the 9th Division. She didn't live outside of the Seireitei at the moment, having moved completely from the Rukongai. It would have been impractical to continue living out there and having to walk all the way to the Seireitei every day for her patrols and duties. That part wasn't really bad, as she didn't really want to be out in the Rukongai anyhow, as it wasn't like a completely glamorous place. Her old home had been more or less a tiny little shack with a group of spirits that had taken on some of the younger spirits as their 'kids'. Space had been limited, and there was next to no privacy. Besides that, the Rukongai wasn't a fun place, with all the gangs out there, and sometimes worse. Unfortunately though, she didn't necessarily have a fantastic living situation here either, as she was still sharing a barracks with other people, and didn't really get a whole lot of privacy herself. She was used to it though. Nariko had never actually had all that much privacy, except when she went out to go find her own fun. Nariko's sword lay in front of her on the bed, with her hands placed on top of it while she tried to connect more with the spirit that existed inside the weapon. Her uniform was only partially assembled, as she was wearing less clothes while inside and off duty, not needing to wear the full Shihakusho. The young Shinigami was completely barefoot, her sandals and tabi having been put under the bed for whenever she decided to leave the Barracks. She wore her Hakama, wanting to keep her pants on when around the barracks. Having forgone the black Kosode most wore over their torso, she was wearing a sleeveless white Shitagi. The Obi that usually wrapped around her waist was hanging off the corner of the bed. Her hair, which was usually in a ponytail, was equally as let down, hanging down past her shoulder blades. Her sword was simply a normal looking plain black Katana. It was average length, about 25 inches of blade length in total, with a 7 inch long handle. The blade and sheathe followed a moderate curvature, only sharp on the one edge like any katana should be. By all means, the weapon simply looked like any other Asauchi would, given she hadn't yet imprinted her spiritual energy into it yet. Not enough to draw out anything special about it anyhow. That was the entire purpose of her meditation. She wanted to try and imprint more of her spiritual energy onto the blade and draw out the spirit. Even if she didn't end up getting Shikai, the only way she would in the end was by doing this for a while, and consistently as well. It just took time and focus. Her legs were in the criss cross position, as one often sat in when meditating, although where that tradition came from, Nariko didn't know. She felt like she'd always known that bit of knowledge, perhaps a hold over from whenever she used to be a human. She knew that she wasn't just a spirit who was born here, she had been a human in the World of the Living at some point, but she didn't remember anything about her life. All she knew was that whoever she was had been extremely interested in the world, exploration, and nature. She imagined she was much the same as she was now. There was just a feeling that Nariko had when she was outside, like it was where she belonged. The open air, the plant life, hearing the crunch of dirt beneath her feet. There was a kinship that she felt as if she was tied to the world as a whole. It breathed new life into her. WC: 648 TWC: 648
  9. The Eml

    A Momentary Rest

    "I suppose she didn't." Nariko agreed, smiling light heartedly as she was just glad she could drink. Nariko had a lot of vices in life, whether it was drinking, or gambling, or anything that might be considered 'risk taking', as it just spiced up a usual day. In the end, Nariko was just a fun loving girl who wanted to enjoy life as fully as possible, and if someone tried to tell her to do any differently, she'd probably ignore them and continue with what she was doing. After all, who was anyone else to tell her how to enjoy herself? Watching with amusement and intrigue as Oriru began to whisper, she was incredibly surprised when, lo and behold, a shape began to take form in front of them on the table! Interestingly enough, the shape seemed to be able to hold some liquid, and Nariko had to suppress a laugh. It seemed that the rebellious streak at this table was much higher than she'd have expected. Originally only planning on eavesdropping, she decided she enjoyed being introduced and able to interact with them over that any day. At the mention of Captain Jecht, Nariko started to pay more attention. Yuroshima began to detail his plan for the 4th Division, to which Nariko listened with full attentiveness, as he had likely given it some manner of thought. Obviously, he wasn't going to tell them every single little thing that he wanted to do, or how he would actively accomplish it, but the spark notes version was perfectly fine, and Nariko found herself agreeing that it made a lot of sense. Having specific combat medics and specific non combatant medics was smart. It always ensured there would be medics in case a combat medic would fall, but still allowed more healing in the field directly. Oriru's comment on the Captain Jecht guy seemed to imply that he didn't really want to put in all the work that came with his office, and Yuroshima's assertion that he wanted to do more with the Division as a whole, while already having a plan for how to do that got her to thinking. Turning to the veiled man, Nariko leaned forward, resting her elbows on the table. "You sound like you should go for Captainship as well. Cut out the middle man and get stuff done without all that red tape holding you back. You wouldn't need to wait to propose a course of action to your Captain, and that frees the Captain of dealing with all the paperwork as well." At the mention of invitation to an escort team should he venture into the World of the Living, Nariko's eyes widened in excitement. "You really mean that? Absolutely, let me know!" she exclaimed with much exuberance. Whether it was fighting hollows, or watching the humans, or just seeing what sort of world it was like, there was so much in the World of the Living that she knew there was to explore. Taking up another drink for a toast, Nariko thought about it. "You know what? Maybe I should give Captain-hood a shot sometime as well. Nothing to lose, right?" Of course, there was that small matter that she didn't even have her Shikai unlocked, let alone a Bankai. If she was to do it now, then she couldn't get through on recommendation, since she didn't have a bankia, leaving only one option at the current point in time. She could challenge someone to a fight, but she wasn't that good just yet, and the prospect of challenging a captain to a fight right now wasn't exactly something she found all that exciting. Then again.... beating a captain without even using a single release would be the stuff of legends. The wheels in her head were spinning as she began to mull on the thought. The alcohol certainly helped the wheels spin as well. Or was that just the room? It was starting to hit her. Lots of drinks in a small span of time made for a build up of alcohol. Giggling a little bit, she realized she was getting tipsy. "Say, you don't happen to, either of you, have any tips for uh.... unlocking a Shikai or anything, do you? I'm still working on spiritual energy control and stuff like that, so communication with my zanpaktou's spirit hasn't really... started." Even if she didn't use Shikai or Bankai, she would still like to have the option to. At this point, that seemed the next logical step. She'd learned all the Academy Kido, and was a decent fighter. She was getting a better grip on Spiritual Energy and Pressure all the time, so there was no reason that she couldn't start to work on accessing her shikai. That might even let her tap into that wellspring of potential she knew lay just out of her grasp. WC: 814 TWC: 3,541
  10. The Eml

    A Momentary Rest

    Oriru Ryuka Kusho. That was an interesting enough name. It was better than Fornow anyways. The more he talked, the more interesting he became, honestly. His glasses helped him stop smoking? And weren't even for his sight? And help his ailment? Nariko scoffed. This man was just messing with her at this point. Rolling her eyes, she shook her head playfully. "Alright, then. Keep your secrets." Glasses were for vision, she knew that. Taking another drink, she knocked it back and down the hatchet, keeping pace with Oriru for the time being, a minor competitive spark lit in her. Beyond that, she was just enjoying the company. Yuroshima began to explain that his name wasn't actually Casper, and Nariko frowned. She was still a little stuck on that thought, when he was in the middle of explaining that he didn't have a name or something like that. And his true identity was.... anyone? What did that even mean? He was about to explain the reason he wasn't publicly letting his name be known, when they were interrupted. A waitress approached their table. Awkwardness ensued. "I don't even have a stamp." Nariko laughed, raising her hand. She had snuck in here after all, so why would she have one? It was odd anyhow that the stamp would be used to say whether or not someone was allowed to drink. Oriru had been stamped, and then Yuroshima immediately after. She hadn't seen him swap stamps. She hadn't seen any identification being checked either. "Does that mean I'm not allowed to drink either?" Then again, the waitress hadn't said anything about her lack of stamp, nor her appearance out of nowhere, so it didn't seem to matter that much to them, or they were just making a deal about the Vice Captain for some reason. Anyhow, Yuroshima expounded that he was trying to make the 4th Division into a more combative role. While Nariko could see a benefit to them being able to fight more, she also realized that that could lead to a change in mentality for the healers. Instead of focusing on healing, they might be more likely to head into combat first, and then healing would be secondary, and then they die, and then healing wasn't done so the injured also die, and it would just steam roll. But she wasn't in charge of the 4th Division, so she said nothing. It wasn't her place. She also saw some benefit from it too, so it wasn't all bad. "Combative 4th Division for you," she looked to Yuroshima, "and future Captainship for you." she swapped to Oriru. "I don't really have any plans like that. I just kind of want to explore new places. Whatever helps me do that, that's what I want to do." WC: 464 TWC: 2,727
  11. The Eml

    A Momentary Rest

    Oriru never really answered her question, giving his title and position, but not the name, so Nariko still didn't know what to call him. 'Glasses' wasn't exactly something she could say. '1st Division, 20th seat' would also be a little bit too long to continually say. She wasn't even going to attempt to memorize that mess of a title. 'For now' he had said. 'Mister Fornow'. That would do 'For Now'. She smiled in amusement. Regardless of her own wit and humor, it was an impressive bit of titles, as well as being the 20th seat of squad 1. That meant they were somewhat on a similar level of rank. Skill was a different matter, given that different Divisions had different levels of skill among their officers, but Seated Officers weren't to be taken lightly, regardless of squad. "Captain, eh? Lofty goals." Accepting another drink, Nariko knocked it back as well. She was pretty good with her liquor. Vice Captain, Captain, these things were beyond Nariko's scope. She couldn't imagine actually having that sort of capability in battle, to be on par with someone like that. Maybe she could see if the 4th Division's Lieutenant would want to fight with her at some point. Then she could get a bit of a picture on the actual skill level of a Lieutenant. Well, one of the weaker ones, from what she'd heard. The Healing Division wasn't known for it's combat prowess, after all. Still, Vice Captain is Vice Captain, and there had to be some level of skill there for that to happen, right? "I mean, I guess it was. Kido are pretty nice, lets me go places without being spotted. It was just a basic one, Kyakko. Let's me hide myself from sight and sensing, as long as someone doesn't have an astronomically higher Reiatsu than mine. Speaking of which, kind of curious about your glasses and how they let you see through it." she replied to Yuroshima's comment about her entrance, and shifted her attention back to Oriru. Her theory was that the glasses were special and let him see things that were usually hidden, which, given the information she had was really the best guess she could make at the current point in time. "Oh, uh, well, information travels around. Shinigami have friends, those friends know people, nothing really stays secret for long. Especially a Vice Captain's challenge." Nariko explained. It was a pretty simple thing, really. Gossip was always fast to spread, especially to friends. A lot of shinobi were friends with their own squad mates, but also steady friends with people they met in the Academy, or knew before they even joined the Academy, and often those people wouldn't end up in the same Division, so it led to people knowing a lot of people from various different places. Plus, like Yuroshima, people did joint Division missions, and met people that way. "Anyhow, someone from Division 4 talked to a friend in Division 9, told us what happened, and one thing came to another. Former Lieutenant Kimi called you Casper, so I know your name. Pretty cool, huh? Knowing someone you've never met." The girl smiled across the table at the Vice Captain. WC: 537 TWC: 2,263
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    A Momentary Rest

    The Lieutenant's travelling companion had been tipped off at some point as to Nariko's existence. Nariko was rather confused, but she had already been noticed, so there was no point in declining at this point. Perhaps the man's glasses gave him some sort of additional sight, allowing him to see her, but wouldn't have realized that she was invisible until he had taken them off? That would have certainly tipped him off as to her actually tailing them. He did wink right at her, but his Reiatsu wasn't higher than hers was, and certainly wasn't higher than the Vice Captain he was with, and Yuroshima couldn't see her, so that only left so many options. Grinning a sheepish grin, she dropped her illusion, popping into existence and delivering quite a shock to some of the nearby patrons. Apologizing for the fright, she moved towards the table where Yuroshima and Oriru sat, taking the seat that Oriru had left for her to sit in. Perhaps there was little reason not to. She could still satisfy her curiosity while joining them. In fact, it might actually be easier to satisfy her curiosity by actually doing so. Having some drinks, chilling out, and getting to know them. Besides, this man was more than met the eye, that much was for certain. Now she was interested in both of the Shinigami at the table with her. Yuroshima because he was a Vice Captain of the Gotei 13, and Oriru because he was able to see through her Bakudo somehow, a feat that it would usually take a high leveled Vice Captain or Captain to do, although he didn't seem to be that strong at all. There was some definite intrigue there. Taking up her shot, offered to her by her glasses wearing seat mate, Nariko toasted to the same. "To the new Vice Captain!" she said eagerly, knocking back her drink with a small shiver as the alcohol went down her throat. Most liquor was rough, and she enjoyed sweeter drinks, but Sake was fine enough. It would taste better with time, as most drinks usually did. Shaking her head as the alcohol hit her stomach, Nariko's grin appeared on her face once again, as she introduced herself to the group real quick so they weren't sitting there without knowing who she was. "Nariko Mizushima, 9th Division's 19th Seat. Pleasure to meet you Lieutenant Casper," she remembered that one of her squadmates had said that the 4th Division's new Vice Captain was called Casper, "and you, mister.....?" She couldn't even pretend to know who Oriru was at all. After introductions were done, she'd fall silent, while listening to the conversation a little bit. Head of Administration was certainly an impressive title indeed, although Nariko couldn't imagine remembering all that information that he must go through. She'd be so overwhelmed with such a task, thoughts came and went through her head with such speed, and holding her attention on boring things like that was nearly impossible. If she wasn't interested in something, there was no way she was going to dedicate her time to it, when she could be searching out something fun and exciting. WC: 530 TWC: 1,726
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    A Momentary Rest

    Nariko was doing her usual routine, which involved going on a walk to tour the Seireitei. The 13 Court Guard Squads had a lot of space to cover, and so many nice places hidden in and around various places, so she wanted to, at least at some point, have seen ever single building and place around. Besides that, she had a decent time wandering around and people watching, seeing what the other Shinigami in the area were up to. People got into all sorts of interesting business, and it was rarely boring to eavesdrop on conversations. Besides that, it could lead to some funny interactions, or sometimes spars broke out, and Nariko was just so overwhelmingly curious and nosy about things that weren't necessarily her business. In fact, she was probably more nosy when things specifically weren't her business. Having just come back from a very intense spiritual energy and Kido training session, Nariko was more on the tired side than usual, but walks weren't particularly draining, so rather than go home, she found herself moving towards a garden that she'd heard about from some of the other members of the 9th Division. Gardens were pretty relaxing to the girl, who always seemed to connect with nature on more of a spiritual level. Something about plants just gave Nariko a serene sense, as if nature was calling out to her, telling her it was home. Flowers were beautiful, nature was beautiful, and when left unchecked, the unparalleled beauty and wildness of it could overtake anything. Nariko not only respected that, but could relate to it. She wasn't one to be restrained either, and she could grow in the most unlikely circumstances. There was some respect between her and plants, if plants could respect things. Finding the garden didn't take her too long, and boy was it a sight to behold. It was a beautiful spot, full of color and wonder. The scents from the flowers filled the air in an almost overwhelming manner. It wasn't like there was an explosion of sensation or anything, but the very air around the area seemed to be more pure than anywhere else that Nariko had been so far. More refreshing. Leaning over some Lavender, Nariko breathed in, closing her eyes. She could definitely smell the Lavender, but it mixed in with the scents from the other flowers in the area in such a pleasing manner. Scents from various flora seemed to be able to compliment each other so well. "Wonderful!" she stood back up, doing a little spin. So far, this was her new favorite spot in the Seireitei. While she went along the path, looking at the different types of flowers and taking mental snapshots, Nariko was practicing her Reiatsu control techniques, which more or less was her meditating. It was a lot easier to cycle up and down through it when her mind was relaxed like it was right now. She wasn't particularly paying attention to how much she had, since she wasn't good at sensing her own spiritual pressure, she just kept cycling between flexing it up higher and lower, until the point of strain on the high end. It never amounted to much more than about half of her actual current potential, but it was still a sizable amount. There weren't a lot of other people in the area, so she wasn't really disturbing anyone at the moment. It's not like her pressure was so massive as to be oppressive to anyone. Her tutor had told her that doing this would make it easier to push herself to her highest and being able to access all of her power. Because she was people watching during the process, lowering her pressure when people came too close so that if they didn't have a lot she wasn't affecting them at all, she noticed fairly quickly when two more Shinigami started to pass through the area. While she usually wouldn't note much about someone walking, at least one of them was worth actual notice. Not only was his face hidden behind some sort of veil, but he also had a Lieutenant's badge on his arm. Her thoughts shifted back to an earlier memory. During the patrol, there had been discussion of some rumors about a new Lieutenant of the 4th Division. Her interest sparked, a coal of mischievous intent lit into Nariko's soul. Even if this wasn't him ((but Nariko was sure it was)), eavesdropping on a Lieutenant could really only prove to be more fun. His companion wasn't really anything special, although his Zanpakutou was incredibly long, an Odachi sized blade. Going back to looking at the flowers, she switched more into an inconspicuous mode, trying to look just like some girl looking at flowers. She was used to hiding in plain sight, since people looked more suspicious when they were doing something sneaky and tried to act too normal. Nariko's experience led her to believe that acting like she belonged in a place tended to make her look more normal than just trying to act natural. It was a weird little phenomenon, but that little nuance made a huge difference. As the two Shinigami passed by, she kept them in her peripherals, but continued moving down the path as she had been before. Changing to following too soon would also draw a lot of attention. This was actually a bit of a game for her. Not getting caught was part of the thrill, even if she wasn't doing anything wrong. After they crossed out of sight, Nariko cast Bakudo #26, Kyakko. Disappearing from sight as light began to bend around her, her Reiatsu signature hidden behind the Bakudo, Nariko began to follow along behind them, speeding up a bit so that she could re-establish line of sight. It wasn't that hard, given that Yuroshima sort of stood out like a sore thumb with his head veil and badge. She tracked them to a building, that looked more like a warehouse than anything. It was interesting, there seemed to be some sort of a line, but she wasn't worried about that. She knew nobody here could see her. The girl watched as Oriru and Yuroshima got stamped and they moved towards the door, and then.... they vanished? Nariko blinked, confused. She moved silently, catching up and bypassing the line, the guard unaware of her existence. She saw the empty interior of the building, old and out of use. An illusion! Walking forward, Nariko passed the threshold, uninhibited by whatever defenses this place had, unaware that it had any beyond the illusion, and.... everything around her changed. This was interesting. Why the secrecy? Her curiosity shot even higher than it had before, a burst of dopamine rushing through her, excited by this turn of events. Maintaining her invisibility and moving around to avoid anyone walking into her, she looked around for Yuroshima and his travelling companion, finding them pretty quickly. Moving to within earshot, she would focus more on not being bumped into, and attempt to listen. After all, nobody could see her. This was an extremely useful tool to the girl. She could get into almost anywhere! WC: 1,196 TWC: 1,196 Reiatsu: (72k) 40k for story purposes. Bakudo #26, Kyakko: Turns Nariko invisible and hides her Reiatsu from anyone with less than 70k Reiatsu.
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    Getting Used to the Life of a Shinigami

    Kobata hefted his weapon onto his shoulder pretty casually, eyeing up the woman in front of him. Nariko kept her eyes on him as well, unsure what he was doing. That left him very open, so it could have also been that he was fine with the spar ending as it was. The other patrolmen watched on with eager eyes, waiting to see if it would continue. Truth be told, the two of them were faster and stronger than any of them could individually do, so watching was about as much fun as they would have. Nariko's stance seemed to lessen and Kobata grunted and then laughed, sheathing his sword. "If tha's wha' yah are like righ' outta tha 'cademy, I can't wait tah see yah once yah've got some actual fuckin' experience girl. Yah're betta than me, 'f only jus' a wee bit. Well, in some ways, at leas'." He conceded the match right there. It was probably more out of respect than anything else. From the showings he'd seen, and her lack of form, a fight to the death probably would have ended in him winning in the end. Kobata had gone through extensive training, and he wasn't a masterful swordsman, but he wasn't a novice who was swinging a stick around by any stretch of the imagination. He'd learned more than just the basics of combat and it was what he specialized in. Given time and his analysis of her weaknesses, he probably could have exploited an opening she'd left at some point. Nariko sheathed her own weapon, having been doing a bit of thinking herself. She'd noticed during their small exchange that she hadn't been actually running out of energy while doing any of that. She would have thought that a flashy exchange of blows and blocking would usually leave her a little tired. In fact, she felt like she could have pushed a little bit more speed out and still been fine. It was a strange thing to her. Nariko thought back to when she had been told she would be getting advanced training after graduation, to help her focus better on working with her spiritual energy and Reiatsu. Perhaps once she started to do that, she would actually be able to push herself to her actual potential. "I look forward to our rematch once my formal training is actually completed. I think I'll do much better then." she said. Bowing to Kobata, she waved to the group, who were sad it had come to an end. "Ah, c'mon, fight some more!" "You gotta actually fight until one of you can't!" "I want my money back" An overlap of voices called out, whining about this and that. Nariko laughed it off, but she was fine with being done. Not that she was being a bitch or anything, but she didn't necessarily want to go to the Medical Bay, nor did she want to send anyone else to the Medical Bay either. It was time for her to head home and get something to eat anyhow. WC: 510 TWC: 3,006 -Exit Thread-
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    Getting Used to the Life of a Shinigami

    Kobata and Nariko both squared off, with the much smaller girl analyzing the situation. She knew that most larger and stronger fighters weren't very fast or mobile, and she herself was a lot smaller, which meant she could probably use her smaller size to her advantage. Nariko was much more maneuverable, so as long as she didn't have to take a direct attack from him, assuming they had the same amount of combat skill, then she should be able to whittle him down. Now, it was just a spar, but in her experience, they could be pretty brutal, with the average spar leaving someone needing to go to the Medical Bay for healing. While not as brutal as Squad 11 when it came to fights, Squad 9 wasn't exactly a pushover when it came to combat. Kobata was actually fairly close to being a seated officer, not far behind Nariko in terms of rank and prestige in the division. Many people knew him, and he was fairly respected, so he wasn't exactly expecting to lose to Nariko. In all honesty, he had been the previous Seat #20, but Nariko's promotion to Seat #19 had bumped him back as the previous 19 was shoved to 20. It wasn't projected to last all that long, and he was going to challenge the current 20 for his seat back, but he wasn't too concerned. The point was, Kobata wasn't the average Shinigami fighter. Nariko opened up with a cautious approach, sliding forward slowly so that she was approaching him while still able to react to a sudden change. It was good that she did so because he was actually a lot faster than he looked. Kobata lunged forward, bringing his weapon up and around to launch a side strike at Nariko. Shifting her asauchi to her side, to block, she braced the weapon with her forearm near the top, and the two blades clashed. He was quite strong, exactly as she had thought he would be. Skidding to the side from the force of his strike, Nariko tucked into a roll as a second strike came around from the other direction. It zoomed over her, and she stood back up with a counter of her own. Her blade caught the inside of Kobata's left shin, biting into his skin and forcing him down to a knee as she slashed him. She had some pretty decent force behind her own strike as well. It wasn't necessarily a surprise to the large man that she was fast enough to dodge, but the power in her swing was a bit more than he would have expected for such a new shinigami. Just that initial exchange alone was enough for him to understand why she had been placed so quickly into a squad. Exiting the roll and rising to her feet, Nariko lunged forward with a quick strike towards Kobata's left shoulder, but he brought up his own blade to meet hers, the resulting clash ringing out as the sound of metal on metal resonated around the area. They then went back and forth while Nariko kept raining down strikes to keep him from standing back up. Unable to give the proper stance and mechanics, his full strength wasn't able to be used. Still, he was plenty able to take the force of her own strikes, and managed to lunge forward and get back up after a few rounds of strikes between them. The lunge forward forced Nariko to leap backwards, narrowly avoiding taking a stab from her opponent. Besides the slash on his leg, she hadn't managed to penetrate Kobata's defense at all. While she'd come close, her speed certainly giving her an advantage, she didn't have the full form just yet. Her Zanjutsu skills weren't top notch, and her attacks were mostly ad libbed. Her stance wasn't perfect, and there was a lot that she herself left open to attack. While her skills and natural ability were impressive, she was still more or less a novice relying on instinct and basic theory. WC: 677 TWC: 2,496