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  1. Meat shields, hostages, it all was the same to Emmell quite the same way that Aiden saw Emmell's form of justice as revenge. To the two of them, their own interpretation was the correct one, but in the end it didn't matter. There were innocents in the building, and Aiden was using them to stop Emmell from ending it in an instant. But Aiden's ploy still worked. Emmell fell for it hook line and sinker, he could have utilized a high level kido to start out and end it. Perhaps. Or perhaps it would have failed, and he'd have only caused collateral damage. His melee attacking was perhaps the best decision though, as he felt the handle of Aiden's Zanpakutou crack from the strain of the kick, his blade digging through the ground to stop his slide. Unfortunately though, he wasn't able to send Aiden further away from the building with that attack, and so he still had to restrain himself. Aiden held out his hand, shooting out a mid level Hado at him, which Emmell responded to with a Bakuda of around the same level. Since there was no incantation on Aiden's, Emmell knew he didn't need to bother with his own. "Enkosen!" the word leapt from his mouth as one that had been very familiar. Even as he used it though, the circular shield of light blocking out the Sokatsui, Emmell's focus was still on Aiden, neither of them having put much effort into their kido. This was still early in the fight, after all. These were tactics used to test the waters in a fight, almost as if a small portion of foreplay. A slight grin popped onto Emmell's face as Aiden lunged to his right, attacking Emmell's left side from above. He couldn't help but enjoy the feeling of battle again. Even after all this time, the muscle memory hadn't left, and his own blade went up to intercept Aiden's, while he'd push off the ground with his legs, combining his own force from his arm and his jump to hopefully send Aiden up into the air. This was his second attempt to get Aiden away from the building so he could stop holding back. He'd follow chase if he sent Aiden flying backwards, having no issues with taking the fight to the air rather than the ground. It would provide him an edge against Aiden to do so, as the sword in the ground trick would only help if there was ground. Otherwise he'd have to use his hand to grip the Reishi in the air to slow his movements. It would force Aiden to be more careful, which meant that he'd be in a better position. Having the ability to use both arms gave him the distinct advantage in this fight, as it freed him up to do more. OOC: Sorry it's kinda short, didn't do much. Posts on Saga drained me, and it's 3 am. Didn't want to keep you waiting. Also, you know what Enkosen does, used that one
  2. "Go easy on you because you're a cripple? Sorry, you're using my subordinates as a meat shield. Honor begets honor." Emmell ignored everything from then on, tuning out all the white noise around him, focusing solely on the fight at large. While he'd register what Aiden would say, his focus wouldn't be on a response, but instead on a way to exploit it. Of course, there would mainly be silence from him. Examining the situation they were in, Emmell took in the way that Aiden was positioned, noting that it was a perfect defense, with limited options as far as attacking went. He couldn't risk a full frontal attack using strong kido in case Aiden were to dodge, and then it would hit the patrons behind him. Emmell's may want his justice, but in his own reasoning, he was in the right, and still had his morality. Innocents could not be harmed by his hands in this fight, he simply wouldn't allow that much. He couldn't flank him while Aiden's back was to the door, so it wouldn't be possible to force him away from the door or to hit his exposed back. That left either side, the front, and from directly above. He could utilize lower level kido, but doing so would allow Aiden a chance to break through them, as they were simply weaker. Even a cripple as he was, Aiden was a captain, and that much was a feat in and of itself. No, Emmell would save using Kido to attack the other man until after he'd forced him away from the building and into the open. Emmell's plan was formulated rather quickly, as in to say that he was playing the match by ear for now. Disappearing in such speed that any normal shinigami would find impossible to track, Emmell flashstepped towards Aiden's armless side, lashing out with a kick to his hip laced with such force that the backlash effect would probably leave Emmell's own leg throbbing a little bit. His own sword was at the ready to intecept Aiden's own blade should he try and hit him, but otherwise would not take any other action. This move was specifically designed to move Aiden away from the building, while still maintaining the fight. It wasn't meant to be deadly, after all, Emmell wanted to inflict as much pain on the other as possible before he ended it. It wouldn't be proper to kill him in one blow. That would be better than he deserved. Deep down, Emmell wasn't even sure if he could. He didn't know what Aiden's level of skill was at this point, he could have vastly improved, but there was little reason that he would have surpassed him. At most they were equals, and at best Aiden was still far below him.
  3. OOC: This is a "What If" scenario. In this setting, Emmell decided to continue down the path of "Justice" and fought Aiden. Just as Emmell was prone to talk, he actually took the time to listen when Aiden's turn was due. There were no shortage of words between the two of them, with the understanding that anyone who interfered with their business would be cut down. He queried back about why he should throw his blade down, as any attempt to arrest or detain him could have been simply asked, while if Emmell chose to seek his justice (or vengeance) then he would need a blade of his own to defend himself. Emmell nodded, agreeing that he was correct in the matter, making a valid point. Then he was proposed three choices of simplicity, with which only one of them needed have any of them die. He said them in a way, without saying them at all, but Emmell knew what he meant. Emmell could choose to fight, in which case, Aiden would respond in the same fashion. Emmell could choose to detain Aiden without violence, and there would be cooperation. Or Emmell could walk away from the situation and let it be. Further explained, his old friend told him that he didn't attack because he had wronged Emmell, and that Emmell's reason for attacking him would be justifiable, but he'd already failed his attempt to kill the former Captain Commander, and so there was no reason to bring on more problems to himself. Emmell could admire that Aiden was choosing to take the high road, and that he'd sheathed his blade, willing to come quietly if Emmell chose to arrest him, but the former Captain Commander knew that arresting this man wouldn't solve anything. Justice wouldn't be had, as he had helped throw down a previous regime before. So now it was his duty as the wronged to take matters into his own hands. "I'll give you a chance to pull out your weapon once more. Arresting you won't bring an end to this. Either you die, or I die. We'll settle this as Captains of the Old used to." he said, walking out of the bar, and heading into the streets. Emmell's judgement was clouded by his anger, and in his mind, the decision was justified. There weren't many that would dispute that claim either. However, he wasn't so thrown by his anger that he'd fight in such a close quarters, with his old subordinates inside that could be included in collateral. He cracked his neck, stretching while he waited. He made up his mind that unless Aiden were to do so, he wouldn't unseal his zanpakutou, and this would be solved with pure combat ability and kido.
  4. Just as Emmell was prone to talk, he actually took the time to listen when Aiden's turn was due. There were no shortage of words between the two of them, with the understanding that anyone who interfered with their business would be cut down. He queried back about why he should throw his blade down, as any attempt to arrest or detain him could have been simply asked, while if Emmell chose to seek his justice (or vengeance) then he would need a blade of his own to defend himself. Emmell nodded, agreeing that he was correct in the matter, making a valid point. Then he was proposed three choices of simplicity, with which only one of them needed have any of them die. He said them in a way, without saying them at all, but Emmell knew what he meant. Emmell could choose to fight, in which case, Aiden would respond in the same fashion. Emmell could choose to detain Aiden without violence, and there would be cooperation. Or Emmell could walk away from the situation and let it be. Further explained, his old friend told him that he didn't attack because he had wronged Emmell, and that Emmell's reason for attacking him would be justifiable, but he'd already failed his attempt to kill the former Captain Commander, and so there was no reason to bring on more problems to himself. That said, Emmell felt a huge weight lift off his shoulders that he wasn't aware he'd had. This entire struggle had been weighing down on him quite a bit, but with the words and actions Aiden took now, Emmell was finally able to make up his mind, and make peace with the situation he'd been placed in. "Today.... isn't the day either of us die." he decided, sheathing his blade as well. Smiling, Emmell nodded to the patrons of the bar to let them know all was okay. "Feel free to spread the word that I'm alive and well, and will resume my captaincy. I've had enough of being the Captain Commander though. There's no need for it in times of peace, and in times of war a council is smarter to have. That's why we're the Gotei 13." he said, addressing them all. Emmell backed out of the bar's doorway, before pausing and looking to Aiden once more. "Feel free to visit my office if you ever wish to speak. Only next time, without the assassination attempt. After all, this isn't the first time Captains have bickered amongst themselves. I'm sure that's all that this was." With that, Emmell walked out of the bar, taking his time to enjoy the feeling of the familiar surroundings. He kept his senses attuned to Aiden, just in case it was a ruse, but he hoped that perhaps this time, he could believe his old friend. The trust wouldn't come back all at once, but he was willing to try, a little at a time. OOC: Attempting to exit thread unaccosted XD
  5. Emmell's face remained almost unreadable, though his emotions were stirring inside him. Aiden had turned to face him, recognition was something he'd expected, but there was a lack of surprise that showed up. Aiden was good at hiding his thoughts, considering he'd been harboring feelings of resentment for Emmell right behind Emmell's back, and the former Captain Commander was none the wiser. But a smile had not been expected, even if it was a small one. Aiden's remark about being broken since he failed to save Eniko brought forth more feelings of anger in Emmell, anger that had never been there before. He'd never once blamed Aiden for Eniko's death, but he wasn't going to deny that in his anger, he could rationally blame him. "Eniko was lost in hell, and you didn't save her. I never blamed you for that before, but we'll chalk it up to something else on a list of failures on both of our part." he said evenly. Giving Aiden a once over, he took in his full appearance now, noting the changes from when last they met. It was plain to see that Aiden had changed, and the one that sat in front of him wasn't the same one that he had known for so long. Perhaps Emmell had never known Aiden. When Aiden spoke up once more, asking if they should skip the cliche and move into the fight, Emmell's eyes opened in surprise slightly at his words. Aiden had once had a crush on him? It wasn't something Emmell had expected to hear. Of course, he realized what was happening a few moments later, and his mouth split into a small smile. Shaking his head, Emmell raised his left hand, which had a black glove covering all the way up and into his sleeves, perhaps even continuing up past Emmell's shoulder, visible near his neckline as it was part of an undershirt of some sort. Pointing at the Captain, he shook his finger in a mocking manner. "Don't bother with the mock flattery. It won't spare you. I'm not here on a vengeance quest Captain, I'm here in the name of justice." With his right hand, Emmell unsheathed his own blade, not yet attacking. It was around this point that all conversation in the bar had ceased, all eyes on the two of them, and the first of the patrons finally pointed it out. "T....that's the Captain!" a voice rang out. People clamored to their feet, hands on the hilts of zanpakutou and more voices joined the mix as people realized what the meaning of this all was, but Emmell shook his head, flaring his reaitsu to bring everyone back down to their knees, before releasing them. "No. I'd rather not have to fight, especially not in here. Throw down your blade Captain Hunter. Give up the fight. I won't drag anymore innocents into this. I've come to reclaim my squad, and to seek justice. But I've only wanted peace. I want this all to end." Part of him hoped that there wouldn't be any more need for violence, but there was a nagging part of him which told him to kill the traitor. Justice would be to end it. After all, he had committed an act of treason on the Gotei 13, and deserved nothing but death. And Emmell wanted it to be by his hands. But yet, he couldn't appoint himself the one to do it, could he? Perhaps he could, there wasn't anyone else who could. "I'm more surprised you haven't attacked me yet. Why not?" he asked, hoping to prolong his decision. He'd come into this sure he was ready to face the other Captain, but now.... now there was some hesitance.
  6. WIP Emmell Shidow - ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ General Information [/img] First name: Emmell Middle name(s): N/a Surname: Shidow Age: Over a few hundred, not relevant Date of birth: August 30th Race: Shinigami Gender: Male Sexuality: Bisexual Current residence: The hidden Shidow Clan Compound Relationship status: Married Social status: Former Captain Commander, Former Captain of 9th Division, Presumed Dead Physical Appearance Height: 5'11" Weight: 125 lbs Eye color: Blue and gold Skin color: Pasty white Shape of face: Somewhat angular Distinguishing features: Since merging his spirits together and becoming one with them for a while, Emmell has gained a horizontal scar on his face, just under his left eye. He has a red mark above his right eye that glows whenever he activates his releases or charges up his reiatsu. Both of his eyes are different colors, his left eye being blue, and his right eye being golden. His left arm is covered by a glove that hides a black skin-like substance with blue energy radiating out from underneath it. Build of body: Rather thin, but athletic build Hair color: Black Hair style: Medium length, messy Typical clothing: See pictures attached throughout More
  7. Emmell never encountered any sort of resistance. Without a captain's haori on, and while he suppressed his spiritual pressure, nobody even bothered him at all. The former Captain Commander walked down the familiar roads of his former Division, having finally tracked down the one who had betrayed him. Aiden, the one he'd thought was his friend. The two of them had always gotten along rather well, at least in Emmell's eyes. It was a sad day when he felt the spirits that made up his body double die. The coup had played out perfectly. Aiden and Hakumei had stormed into Emmell's office, and with no resistance, beheaded who they thought was the Captain Commander, on charges of treason. However, all wasn't as it appeared. For a while, Emmell had suspected some form of treachery from his subordinates, but had never been able to pinpoint the true culprits. Setting in motion a plan that had severely weakened him, Emmell went his own separate ways for a while. Before he'd done so, he'd taken the host of spirits that resided inside of him, and imprinted them into a Gigai-like body double, keeping only the ones that he'd mastered and controlled perfectly with himself. The body double had been assassinated, the spirits conveying one last message to Emmell before dispersing, to go back to the pool of selection for future shinigami's zanpakutou, never to return to Emmell's spirit world. This left Emmell with only a few things: His life, the culprit, and a weakened zanpakutou. Emmell spent some time in his inner world, training with his Zanpakutou's spirits, and finally decided that the time for him to consolidate his power into one spirit was at hand. It was something he'd never been able to do before, having had such a multitude of spirits that he'd have lost himself if he tried for any length of time. With only the few left though, forming a complete mergence with them was no longer an issue. The spirits became one, and Emmell had restored some of the strength to his zanpakutou, now having a weapon capable of matching other blades. The only thing left to take care of? Emmell needed to seek out the justice he was due. Upon seeing the other shinigami, a host of emotions crossed Emmell. Betrayal, pity, anger, sadness, relief, but most of all, a sense of contentedness. One way or another, things were going to draw to a conclusion. The former commander stood in the middle of the doorway with his hand on the hilt of his zanpakutou, watching Aiden's back for a while, before he shook his head and spoke up. "I'm disappointed in the way things turned out. I expected that you'd be whole when I faced you, but you're looking worse for wear than I am." he said. It was true. Emmell for the most part looked quite different. His hair was shorter than it was, and he'd grown out a little bit of facial hair, enough so that most wouldn't recognize his features, but there was no hiding his voice. It was one Aiden knew well enough.
  8. Okay, after recollecting things with Aiden, which involved much thread reading and such, I believe we've figured out everything? So now I can address certain things. Okay, I was prepared at this point to say that only 1 of them was, but upon Aiden's jogging of my memory, none of them were self proclaimed. First one I was voted in. Second time, Aiden asked me to Co CC. Third time was handeed back to me as Captain Commander "Grit" decided to show his true face, but I honestly had forgotten about the last time, and just assumed I had taken it back with no actual opposition. I suppose *A* killer of the Major would have been more of an apt statement. Alvito killed a clone. Later on The Major killed Alvito. Emmell killed the Major in a BatmanVJoker-ish way, finally letting The Major "win" by corrupting him like that or something. Wasn't aware he'd come back, I'd gotten quite... detached to the URP at that point. Didn't really pay attention when I got the CC spot back again because personal life and other issues were distracting. I'll chalk this one up to Emmell had successfully unified them at one point. They'd had a lot of fallings in and out at various different times because people are fickle and do things on a whim. *coughs* Or for the sake of plot. I never said I was the only one, and it IS true to a point. He has done this. Also, the whole treason bit I'll address at the end of this, because I have a lengthy little bit to say about that later on., but no, I most DEFINITELY was not referring to that. Half? I think your math is skewed here. Emmell WAS Captain Commander 3 times. He WAS the Captain of Squad 9. He DID launch and plan a successful defensive war during the Autumn Invasion [that was the first one I think]. He DID kill the Major, and to his knowledge was THE killer of the Major [seriously, it really messed with him that he had to]. He DID survive Alvito and Yuroshima, who WERE his best friends at one point. He DID marry Angel Yamamoto. DOES own the zanpakutou Tamashi no Harudo, and his clan's legends [a clan I made, yes shush] DO mark him as the Keeper of the Souls [there's a long bit of established history behind it and it's incorporated into his character as more of backstory than anything that actually affects anything]. DID unify G13 and RD at one point, already touched on that. ABSOLUTELY was a man of peace and principle and has ended wars. [He was a pacifist forced to kill and break his principles for that matter agains the Major. Ended the Autumn War with that death. Then some other URP things of smaller scales]. So like.... no, half of them were not given by myself? The only ones that WERE self given was my clan stuff. Everything else was earned and done IC'ly. Emmell, as far as he last knew, had been in a time of relative peace. I'll touch more on this in the whole thing I'm going to respond to about the Treason charges. Sorry, wish I could touch more on it here, but that's a reply that is for a lot of things not just encompassing this part of it. Damnit, another one I'll have an answer to in the bottom part ;-;. For now, this has been responded to in the form of talking it out with Ruroki, and he understood where I made my mistake. We both cleared it up, there's no more mention of Division 0 in my post, so there's really nothign more to say on that. As for the whole "saying he isn't wanted" part, question will be responded to in my long response. ^ Once again? Long response. I should clarify more. These aren't to do with Emmell's powers, it's more he's already strong, so there literally aren't very many that could beat him. As far as fighting people of the past, it would be more of a meditation thing, nothing he could actually change, hence why it was all the whole "Can't actually bring them back" stuff and whatnot. I stated my options. Didn't say that was absolutely the one I was going to choose. I actually hate fighting people all the time, it was just something that popped into my head. To be honest, were that the case, it would be Emmell against whoever decided to fight him. Should he get wrecked and die by 40 different people, then so be it. Kinda the point of Option 4 without directly saying "Suicide" OKAY, thank you for bearing with me. Now, I'm going to offer my explanation on why certain things are cooommmplete bullshit. To DO so, we have to go allllll the way back to the reason for the treason, right? Links and everything will be provided. http://bleachsoulevolution.com/forum/index.php?/topic/14003-the-end-of-the-modern-gotei-13-the-cleansing/&page=1 Okay, this is the thread in which the events that led to Emmell's being charged with treason take place in, correct? Assuming it is, I shall have several things to point out. First and foremost, the dates of the thread itself. Taking place from the 21st of April, 2014, and coming to a conclusion on the 22nd of May, 2014. I don't remember everything surrounding this thread (to be honest, my memory from 2 years ago is foggy at best) BUT it is stated in the thread that Yuroshima's men were not aiming to kill. Maybe many injuries were to be had [and killed to, I'm sure], and yes, there was CERTAINLY damage to the infrastructure of the Soul Society, but from what I have read, Emmell returned from faking his own death in order to strike a sneak attack on a high leveled NPC as part of a plot that was contrived purely using characters that outstripped almost everyone in power. Much more damage and death would have been had for anyone had that not happened, and IC'ly everyone would have realized that. OOC'ly, it was a plot that people decided to jump in on, so... sucks for them? Nobody purposefully had to die unless they chose to, and as far as I know, nobody was, and it well established [as was the point of the thread] the leaders of the plot that was supposed to kickstart some RP'ing. Unfortunately [as I'm sure you can see in this thread if you read], I started to lose my ability to post regularly, as there were some personal issues starting to crop up at that point, and my activity dropped a little bit. However, I still posted regularly, and have posts marked in July, sporadically throughout the year, regularly in November through up until December 31, at which point, I had all but dropped the URP due to inactivity. So here it is, December 31, 2014. http://bleachsoulevolution.com/forum/index.php?/topic/11370-captains-office/&page=30 From the end of April to December 31, I was actively RP'ing. I believe that I was VERY active in the chat's at the time, and would have gladly responded or threaded with people if asked. Not once was a charge of treason ever brought up for the Revolutionary Division's thing, something which had little ramifications in the long run, and was mainly reduced to small injury and some property damage which was fixed up very soon after I think. Many captains talked to me, I rp'ed with a bunch of them, had let Grit keep his Captain Commander seat as he'd been elected following my "death" at the hands of Yuroshima, and was WELCOMED BACK as the Captain of Squad 9 with ZERO issues. No pressing issues abound, nothing was brought up then, and everything was fine for the majority of the year. Emmell became Captain Commander again as Grit ended up handing it back to him with a revelation of something or other [I don't actually know OOC, I wasn't very with it at the time, this was all gleaned today from Aiden helping me figure things out]. All that happened in that span of April to December 31st. I went inactive in the URP at the very start of 2015. I halted some of my duties as a moderator in the ORP as well during that time, as I was dealing with some personal issues once again. I brought it up in the Chatbox. I brought it up to many people, it wasn't any secret that I was taking a hiatus. I never replied to Angel's post on January 3rd of 2015, so at that point, I was still in it, however, one month later at February 6, 2015, you made a post in the thread, continuing as if it was still an active thread. A look at the last dates posted in should have been clue enough that it was not in fact, an active thread, and yet more posts soon flooded in in the days to follow, a coup being staged. February 15, 2015, the first issue of Treason is brought up, with no information behind what it was, an arbitrary decision made by yourself with no actual backing to it, other than the coup being staged, but I digress. It could make sense I suppose. Except that I was godmodded to STILL being in the thread which was heavily inactive as stated before. I was STILL inactive. More posts came in, Feburary 26 of 2015, I'm issued a 3 day notice that I am to be killed if I do not post a reply, but as I said, I was inactive. Not only URP wise, but ORP wise and as a mod at the time. When I returned (yet again briefly) and was made aware of the contents of the thread on March 26, a full month later, I very much retconned this thread. As stated in my OOC, and as stated here, I had a lapse of months myself in posting, and that would have flagged me as inactive. Coming into a thread to dispose of me at that point would have been an act of Godmodding, as I wouldn't actually be there anymore. Not only that, but it had already been a full month and a week between my and Angel's last post and the notice of the Coup with an attempt to revive an inactive thread that had a 100% guarantee wouldn't be responded to. After addressing this to Aiden, he conceded the point, and after a bout of what I remember to be passive aggressive posting and arguing between the two of us, we decided that none of that had happened, or it it had, had been with a fake or an imposter or whatever, as I had no reasonable meaning to be involved in that. Having acknowledged that entering the thread to kill me would have been straight up godmod, especially since my entire argument was based off of inactivity and me NOT being in the thread anymore, it was agreed that the incident didn't happen. It could have happened falsely, with a fake, but the point stands: Emmell was NOT there. I'd already made up my mind to leave the URP at this point in time [and actually fully expressed this with Aiden and Yoshirou and anyone else who happened to be in the Chatbox at the time], but I didn't want to see my character simply killed off, in case I ever had reason to come back [as I seem to have urge to do now, a year later, funnily enough] so instead, Emmell had been retconned to ALREADY have resigned both his posts, and set out to Division 0 to join them. Due to me no longer partaking in the URP, I was no longer involved at that point. Upon the realizations of today, Emmell would have never joined the Division 0, but having already resigned as a Captain and the Captain Commander, there would have been no point in him actually returning to the Gotei 13, so in conclusion, Emmell went off to enjoy himself in peace and solitude UNTIL the point that he decided he'd had enough. AS such, I DO believe that Emmell would have had both proper reasons for leaving the Gotei 13 at the time he did, have no knowledge of the accusation of treason against him, or the staged coup that he'd avoided, or any reason to suspect that he wouldn't be welcome back to the Gotei 13, so actually, for the vast majority of it, my post would still stand completely accurate as it currently is. Now, I believe I have addressed all of your points thoroughly, explained why I haven't actually committed any acts of Godmodding, and given fair enough reason as to how Emmell is ignorant of any such situation, especially considering his lack of involvement in the politics of today, WHICH he's keen on finding out in the future. Should I make a return to the Gotei 13, I'm sure that it would play out very much so in surprise for all parties involved, and then Emmell would be attacked enmasse as originally planned. In truth, ANY course of action I take in a return to the URP will gather the attention of the Gotei 13, and point out that Emmell is very much alive and not actively doing anything to hide from them, so it shouldn't be too difficult to gather a little crusade and finish what was started a year ago. It still ends in Emmell having to fight everyone, Emmell more than likely dying as a result, and literally nothing changing. Honestly, I came back to the URP to tie up some loose ends following my hiatus, and I wasn't expecting to have to write a novel before I even started RP'ing again, but if that's what I have to do, then so be it. If you find any objections to what I've said so far, please let me know. I HAVE been away for a long time, and I don't have a 100% grasp on everything, but I tried my hardest to find out all the information and present it to you in a factual manner so that nothing would be left out. I like to take care of things in one go.
  9. More than likely I'll be retconning and remaking this thread, cleared up with a full and more accurate representation of everything. Bear in mind, I don't have a perfect memory, and a large portion of my inctivity was due to intense personal reasons involving the suicide of a friend, loss of close family members, as well as other circumstances, so my attention wasn't exactly focused on the URP. I am not infallible, and admittedly, a lot of what I remember is probably rather vague. Also keep in mind that Emmell's recollection of things is only how he'd know the situation as. He's not omnipotent, nor is he omnipresent, and he lacks information on certain things that have happened, due to not actually being present for a lot of them. This post was written in the PoV of Emmell, not of me as his author.
  10. I'll save my response for once I'm done with work. I will say, that the bit about the Division 0 was already worked out and resolved with Ruroki, and shouldn't actually be on this list.
  11. TL;DR: Emmell is back. His venues are open. If you want him, he'll be drinking tea and planning his next moves :3 Emmell Shidow. 3 time Former Captain Commander of the Gotei 13. Former Captain of Squad 9. He who had launched a successful defensive war against the Wandenreich during the Autumn Invasion. The killer of The Major, the One True King of the Wandenreich. Survivor of his best friends Former Kido Corp Commander Alvito, and Revolutionary Leader Yuroshima. Husband of former 2nd Division Captain Angel Yamamoto. Owner of the Zanpakutou Tamashi No Harudo, the Holder of the Souls, given the title of the Keeper of the Souls. Unifier of the Revolutionary Division and the Gotei 13. A man of peace and principle, but an ender of wars. These were among some of the titles given to Emmell. He had a long list of accomplishments in his life, if they could be justly called so. And yet, at the current moment in time, none of that mattered. His time spent as Captain Commander mattered precious little. It had allowed the Shinigami to thrive and survive during the Autumn War and the Quincy invasion, and served to help strengthen the newer generation of Shinigami, and he'd done a lot to help in that regard. At the end of the first long war, which resulted in the death of The Major by his own hands, following the death of Alvito, Emmell had solidified his own power. Precious few were at his level of power, and he was the most suited to reign as Captain Commander. But yet, he'd stepped down as Captain Commander, in hopes that he was no longer necessary. A new Captain Commander stepped in to fill his role, and for a while, things were prosperous. But it couldn't last. Dissent quickly formed between the Gotei 13 and the Revolutionary Division. After all, Yuroshima had only agreed to the integration at the behest of Emmell, as between the two of them, they commanded the utmost loyalty from their followers. But with Emmell no longer ruling, the tensions once again rose. And while the infighting was growing, so was the strength of the Neo-Reich. Soon came the second war. The new Captain Commander proved to be much more of an offensive Commander than the previous, taking the war to the Neo-Reich, although in the end it proved fruitless. Emmell stepped back up to the chain of command, and together with his Co-Captain Commander, helped plan. He planned the defenses and went the route of diplomacy, as he had in the past, while he allowed Aiden to take full control of the offensive chain, and through their efforts, the war was ended. Stepping down once more, Emmell enjoyed himself a little while longer in his peace. Not much later Emmell was disheartened to hear that Captain Commander Aiden was withdrawing. Taking up the mantle of Captain Commander once more in this time of peace, Emmell enjoyed years without conflict. Tensions between all groups was but gone, and with it, Emmell's urge to fight. The long wars had drawn on him. His need for command no longer present. Emmell hadn't become the Captain Commander for no reason, he had done it for the needs of war, when the Gotei 13 was fractured and in need of a leader. Although it was nice to have them unified once more, Emmell knew that in times of peace, there was no longer a need for the Commander. So he left, this time vacating his seat as the Captain Commander as well as the Captain of Division 9. Seeking pursuits as a modest member of society, Emmell knew it wasn't the life for him. After the lengthy wars he'd waged, and the peace he'd enjoyed, Emmell found himself once again craving for more. There was little left for him to enjoy. He'd been gone for a while, from the world of politics among the Gotei 13, the Wandenreich, and the Espada and found himself looking into what it was like once more. Precious few that rivaled his strength survived the wars. Some had garnered their own power in the years of war, and others had trained following it, but still the numbers were small. And with that, Emmell decided he would set back into the fray, seeking out the adventure he'd craved for such a lengthy time. His life was meaningless. He had a few roads to follow that would fulfill him, but all had their own costs. Option 1: Emmell could return to the Gotei 13, and reclaim his yet vacant position as Captain of the 9th Division. It had been a large portion of his identity. Nobody would begrudge him of it, and under the rules, he would be perfectly fine with doing so. Paperwork was dull, but he enjoyed the presence and familiarity of his subordinates. It was like a family to him, one he had been sad to leave. In fact, many had called for his return, wishing him not depart. Option 2: Emmell could seek out some of the stronger people, and fight them in combat until he was content. New challenges were abound in these unfamiliar fighters, and old comrades and enemies who had gained power since last he met them. There was no telling the amount of fun he would have in such endeavors such as these. He could fight them, and bring use back to his life once more. Option 3: Emmell could tap into the power of his Zanpakutou, to temporarily and in a controlled manner, bring back some of his strongest foes and allies, seeking the thrill of battle and embracing the life of wars he had had, as well as talking to them once more. Of course, it wouldn't be the same as them being fully living anymore, as he'd merely be reliving them from his memory, and they wouldn't be true selves. Formed from his past experiences, they would act the same, use the same style, same techniques, but wouldn't be capable of original thought of their own. He could have conversation, but it wouldn't be of anything Emmell didn't already know. They wouldn't be able to divulge any secrets left behind. They wouldn't be alive. Option 4: Emmell understood the darker side of him. Had begun to embrace it even. The Major had made war for war's sake, no end goal other than to break his opponents. To flaunt his powers and to find someone worthy of his time. And as it was, few could challenge him. War broke out, and such a challenger existed in Emmell. They were locked in combat and fought until one of them died. And Emmell was beginning to see the beauty in The Major's work. To such an end, Emmell might go out and start a new war. One with which he would fight until he died. One which would allow the lesser ranks to once again build up their strength, and to test himself against the power of those now in command. And in death, Emmell would find himself fulfilled, able to be reborn in the cycle of rebirth, moving on from the trappings of his own power, with nowhere left to go, nothing really left undiscovered. In his new life, Emmell would be able to once again grow, to face challenges, to enjoy life and mourn death. To experience new things once again. The former Captain Commander sat in a tavern, far from the Rukongai in a small town in the Soul Society, garbed simply in his old uniform, his Zanpakutou at his side. He had decisions to make, and it was peaceful out here. Few knew his name, and none out here would know his face. His spiritual pressure was suppressed immensely, so as not to cause any harm or panic among these simple people. All he was out here to do was think and drink. He had plans to make, and needed time in which to do them. Soon enough, he'd be ready to return to the politics of life.
  12. Update: I now have taken over the lease of one of the roommates, and am now employed, so the room is officially mine come October 1st, as well as have acquired a job, gotten most of my clothes from the old place and such. Things are looking up. expect me back full time in a week.

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      Congrats! :D I'm happy for you!

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      Glad things have gotten brighter.

  13. I may or may not be making a return to the URP soon enough. Should my spot in 9 be vacant, I'll gladly reclaim it should you all not mind. If it is taken, I may or may not challenge the captain for it back.
  14. Happy Birthday Eml. Hope it's a good one!! and everything gets better for you!

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