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  1. -seriously thinks he should be a contender for his awesome one post wonder-
  2. It is a long standing rule in BSE RP that PM-ing Mods about your application that needs approving or abilities that need to be done is not to be done. From now on I will be enforcing this rule, my PM is getting too cluttered with useless PMs.

    1. Rayzoric Crimson Umbra

      Rayzoric Crimson Umbra

      Shut down your inbox and they will learn.

    2. Res


      My awesome set of PMs was clearly before all of this, clearly.

    3. Gen


      Clearly Ressy

  3. The praise for the RP clean up should be directed at Master Kaeru. It was his tireless effort and ingenuity that made it possible.

  4. Anyone who submitted a spar WC last week please resubmit it this week with your WC. Until further notice the Spar WC will be suspended.

  5. Happy Birthday, Gen~ Have a great 22th and many more wonderful birthdays to come! ^_^

  6. Welll well wellll ll ll~ if this isn't the birthday boyyyy haha Congratz (;

    1. Kumo


      Whether it be Official or Unofficial, that should be mentioned.

    2. Kasumi Kudo

      Kasumi Kudo

      ^That would be useless considering the RP and uRP is already separated; It's pretty clear where to post from the topic Gen made. No need to mix it.

    3. Mr. Neppington

      Mr. Neppington

      Clear to you perhaps, not all new people though. I think it's a good idea and it requires very little effort.

    1. Rash ラシュ

      Rash ラシュ

      First to read. but the forum won't let me like anymore posts for now. *glances at le Isshin-sama* (‎ಠ_ಠ)

    2. Miccro


      I noticed my notifications slowed down a bit lol

  7. Message to Official Rp-ers. Remember that you have 27 hours until your WCs are due in.

  8. To all Rp-ers. Please read the last post made in the ranks topic.

  9. Ranks Updated. If you did not send me a PM your Rank was not updated.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Ellie


      I didn't see that. I posted them in the actual area so I think it should be allowed. It's not like I didn't submit them.

    3. Gen


      Send me your WC along with a print screen of your WC topic.

    4. Ellie
  10. Can last week's WC be PMed to me. I will update the ranks in the next 24 hours. If I have not had the WC by then I shall not be able to update your character's rei.

    1. Ellie


      Done. Thanks, Genifa~

    2. Star


      Glad to see someone taking some initiative, consider it done.

    3. Gen


      Those that have sent their WC have had their ranks updated. Any questions or queries of any kind please PM me.

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