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    Player ID#: 128841
    Name: dormie
    Gender: Male
    Race: Arrancar
    Fraccion: 9
    Rank: Vasto Lorde
  1. ok not sure i you changed i or is a bug but i just leveled up and only gained 1 defense instead of 5. my player id is 128841
  2. dormie

    New Features

    maybe if you search the forums a little better you would already have that answer their is no set time line for them to be added
  3. dormie

    Weapon Questions

    you don't have to improve it just activate it
  4. dormie

    Stamina Regen

    there are threads out there about it but it takes some searching as for the vip status you have to talk to isshin
  5. dormie

    Stamina Regen

    its per tick and being a vip has a lot perks i hope you choose to donate
  6. dormie

    Stamina Regen

    yes you have to wait your stamina regens when your health does
  7. dormie


    the only way to raise your def and agility now is by leveling up and as for the money use it when you join a squad/fraccion/faction on potions when you use them
  8. dormie

    Avatar Contest!

    i vote for Draka's as well
  9. all you got to do is click improve my weapon and you get your bankai
  10. you have a weapon you get your releases when you become an arrancar. The easiest way and less cost to your sp is to commit seppku or buy the premium item race change weapon info
  11. dormie

    Arrancar Boost

  12. dormie

    Arrancar Boost

    thats a different boost it doubles what ever sp you have i dont know the exact percent of a boost you get from turning arrancar.
  13. dormie

    Arrancar Boost

    you get a small boost for turning arrancar
  14. dormie

    Hollow / Arrancar Questions

    it gives you a boost in sp and levels you up it doesn't give you any hollow kils