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  1. Hitsuyona Shizukesa

    Role Play Resurge!!

    Congratulations!! From now until further notice we shall feature a returning event for both old and new users seeking to join the role play! New users will be allowed to start at 45,000 Reiatsu , while all existing users below 60,000 will find themselves landing somewhere between 55-65k depending on their current positions in rankings. Those above 60k currently will receive a 5k boost as well. Secondly all all existing users will be allotted the chance to make any changes to their current characters or re roll every aspect into a new one at no losses!! lastly we will be giving all old and newcomers 3 free fate points for the shops, so come one come all to the role play extravaganza!!
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    I miss you guys

    If we all could only act on such urges this place may still hold some level of activity
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    Ability Approval Thread

    Character Name: Hitsuyona Shizukesa Race: Shinigami Reiatsu: 26,000 (Pending FP Purchase approval for 5K Boost) Desired Release Approval: Remainder of Non-Release Abilities, First-Release Application Link:
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    Fate Points: Tutorial and Shop

    I will be spending both of my FP from the legacy achievement -One spent on the 5k Rei Boost since I haven't posted much -One spent on two non-release ability slots
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    Yet another change has been made to the already reworked systems! There will no longer be any 'Caps' on that stats, which is a conclusion that was reached after a discussion of why they actually existed in the first place! In light of these changes there has been a slight change to how Prodigy works as a result, and we will be allowing anyone to change their 'class' between now and the next Word Count submissions. This is likely the last mechanics change for a long time folks, check out he RP rules of conduct under stats section if you so please.
  6. Hitsuyona Shizukesa

    Prelude: The Journey Thus Far

    002 l A Fateful Encounter Decadence, a word most fitting the lost soul, who wanders in a form most degenerate in comparison to his former self. The sun falls most wickedly upon his now more than fair skin on such a day. Sweat doesn't roll down the face of this boy who longs for water, as his body clearly is in need of water. He was Deprived of more than simply fluids though, shown by the tattered clothes that seem most filthy and rugged in nature, and to such an extent that it reveal his ribs beneath a torn shirt. The hungry boys' feet drag across a dirt road that approaches a nearby village, and his facial expression remains solemn in this grand discovery. He wouldn't so much as raise an eyebrow to the thought of salvation, no, hope to be rescued from starvation was a pinnacle of emotion he'd since realized to be futile. An orphan of purity where of no more importance than the stray dog whom fed upon thrown away scraps. He didn't care if it came from the richest civilian in town, or the shack business 'barely making it'. Hitsuyona draws nearer to the oncoming village as his eyes gaze more so closely. It was your run of the mill town, at least for this side of Rukongai so to speak. He needed to get a good idea of what it looker like, and where everything was. This was all necessary to figure out the best place to get a bite to eat, a satchel of water, or something needed to continue surviving town to town. He looks across all the huts and stalls, as well as the few things that were as close to an actual house for miles. The nearby food stall with no apparent shopkeep was peeking his interests most, therefore, the young man can't help but pick up the pace. Hitsuyona a needed to make a good snag before anyone returned, it was just too easy to pass up on an empty stomach. The frail boy nears this stall with haste ducking behind it as no one is looking, and grabs the first protein rich meal he saw, which happened to be a cooked salmon. Scurrying off and in a hurry, the boy chows down as he vanishes into a near alley, where he would hide until he'd disposed of the evidence. Far from food, yet satisfied compared to his prior situation, the boy walks upon the street once more. Walking onwards he divulges deeper into the heart of the town, which is where these houses he had seen earlier reside. Along his mellow pace he could hear sounds of screaming which originate from the stall he'd visited. The disgruntled shopkeeper noticing product missing in his absence. The angered clerk did draw the attention of a few members of the public, but only one would stand out to Hitsuyona. A woman whose appearance weren't rugged nor established, still yet, clearly well off compared to others of this place. More so than this was a water skin swaying from her hip as she walked to address the stall owner in distress over his one good fish missing. Just as this woman would pass by the child newcomer, Hitsuyona would turn roundabout to quietly follow. His eyes were dead set on retrieving the water, even with risking the chance of being seen. This much is shown when Hitsuyona pulls forth a kunai from his tatter pants. The blade skillfully sneaks up on the woman barely grazing the rope that kept the satchel upon her pants. Just as he would go to yank and cut it free, the woman turns grasping the boys hand that wields the kunai. "And what do we have here?!" She would say before her eyes fall upon him, a face of which turns from anger to near shock. The woman stand laying witness to Hitsuyona's physique and what one would hardly call attire. His body in general 'scrawny' looking to weigh no more than 100 pounds soaking wet. She could see his ribs through the ripped shirt that were stained in blood and other unknown fluids. Overall, it was wrong for a child to look this way, at least to a caring soul such as her. The woman rips the kunai from hitsuyona's grip, and her face shakes regaining a calm expression. She would then grab the boy by the ear as Hitsu slightly makes a shrieking sound. "When did you last drink?" Hitsu's facial expression remained overall empty, as he had an idea of what was soon to come. He could imagine it now, all the different physical beatings or immoral punishments to come. He'd found silence ended with the least pain at this point. When an answer wasn't give the woman would go to move her hand towards him. Hitsu closes his eyes flinches in this moment in expectance of a backhand, and the woman's face remain in awe as her hand gracefully touch his face. "You're burning up, come." Hitsu proceeds to be drug by his ear in accordance to where the woman pleased to take him, in this case, to a smaller shack of sorts. As he is being drug the boy is utterly confused by the woman's actions He hadn't been sure if she were showing mercy or simply taking the matter behind closed doors. More so, the kind tone of her last words left a lasting impression on his face, like a ghost had appeared before him. It were as if he could hear the comforting sound of his mothers voice, this kind phrase triggering a memory of a mothers love. The woman guides the boy into the shack as the door is opened, and points towards a nearby bed. "Sit." He complies with her orders, unsure entirely as to why, nearly out of instinct to avoid any more pulling of ears. After doing so, this lady grabs the satchel of water and tosses it to him. "Drink, before you dehydrate and pass out on my floor." He happily takes this order, gulping nearly every drop in a fast manner. She would now close the door behind herself to have privacy from the public who looked awkwardly. She crosses her arm before closely examining the child before her. "What's your name?" Hitsuyona's blank stare had become more of a mellow tone now, his appearance more relaxed than before. "Hit, hitsuyona." She continues staring as if still waiting. "Well, what about your last name, you do have one don't you?" The boy looked away for a second, as if reluctant to release this information. He'd known all to well from past experience how others treated him when they discovered his family name. She was persistent, however, and released her crossed arms to begin walking towards him. One good grip on hitsuyona's ears was enough to get him talking again. "Fine! Shizukesa." Her eyes widen significantly for a moment as her grip loosens. He could practically feel the discomfort in the air. " Where is your family?" The boy's blank expression seemed to remain as his judgemental eyes stared deeply into the woman's. "All dead to my knowledge." It was all beginning to sink in the homeowners mind, she was putting one and one together. "Very well, if you wish to stay you shall pay your part in labor. " she walks to the door and begins to take her exit. Just before shutting the door though, she looks once more. "You will address me as Mam, not misses, and you will begin tomorrow. Your first task is whatever our local shopkeeper tells you to do, that was his biggest catch in weeks you know." Shed caught on to how food went missing as well, smiling as shuts the door behind her. Allowing the boy to rest, the owner began to unravel out of sight of Hitsuyona. "What a sad day indeed." One Day Later -------------------------- Hitsuyona awakens from his slumber, jerking from his placement in the bed to sot upright in a near instant. He gasps for a breath of air before the look of terror leaves his face. The same dream once again, day in and day out. One that never ceased to strike fear in his heart, to the point he'd almost missed the sound of a light knocking that had since ceased After a short stretch he stands from his resting place, and approaches the door. Hitsuyona opens expecting to see the kind lady with a fiery side, but is surprised by a man and girl. He doesnt fake a smile or give a welcoming , but instead steps the side to allow them to enter. Meanwhile, he would observe more closely the man to see how this situation would unfold, as a blade was never accompanied by a salesman or commoner. His next words were fairly direct though before they entered. "She did invite you no?" "Yes. She mentioned you as well; it would seem we're roommates for a bit." The man stated plainly whilst smiling and taking his entrance. Hitsuyona continued to observe the duo as they would seemingly begin to take their entrance. They had a general respect for homes even if it seemed they were merely travelers as himself, noted as shoes are removed while responding to ensure this duo would be his temporary roomates. As Hitsu continued to observe, he could quickly tell that these two weren't together by chance. He could almost sense a connection from how kind the man were to the girl, likely a brotherly figure at the least. The way he ruffled her hair and so selflessly assisted her in removing her shoes to show respect was an obvious example. "I'm Selena! It's nice to meet you mister!" After the young towering man struggles to fit his larger figure into the doorway, he goes on to continue that sign of respect that seemed so seldom. His bow was welcoming, but he didn't do so in a manner to regard hitsu as a higher figure. The man looks to his traveler as the young girl would mimic in these actions; however, she welcomes a near innocent smile and responds. The girl who had now excitedly introduced herself as selena threw him off guard. It was like she hadn't a care in the world. Hitsuyona's outward expression stays blank through this as the girl would further examine him before attempting to speak. "Ask later, Sel." The largest of the three had spoken to the girl before she'd the chance to speak of her own accord, after having noticed the rather 'gruff' appearance that bestowed the majority of Hitsuyona's physical demeanor as of late. It was the man who'd chosen to speak in this 'selenas' place that had begun to draw the attention of the frail boy upon this moment though, as his kind eyes and smile begin to conflict with the zanpaktou that his hand now rests upon. "I'm Ginjo Xoi .. that's my little sister, Selena Xoi. It's a pleasure to meet you." Hearing the official introduction did bring about question to the boy's mind though. Ginjo xoi, he couldn't help but feel the last name were familiar. He was however, too young to tie any real recollection of such a distant memory. Shrugging this idea off, he returns his attention to the current matter. He knew that it was know his turn to return some form of introduction, as it was a formality even if he hadn't been used to it anymore. His social skills were rusty, but the young man raises his hand to rub the back of his head. "Hitsuyona.." There's a slight interruption between the first and last name, as if reluctant to say it at first, before he finally shrugs the bad feeling. "Shizukesa, its a pleasure to meet you as well." During their short exchange the one known as Selena had begun running around the room in excitement, and found her way about the place with utter enjoyment. "Selena, be careful .. this isn't ours. If you hurt something by falling we'll have to pay for fixing it. I don't even know if there's a fight ring here so you may be our main source of income- till we know don't do anything crazy." No sooner than his introduction ceased, he could hear a light crash. Hitsu turns to notice this Selena on her back, and her brotherly figure was soon to chime in. Her actions weren't entirely in vain though, as it gives Hitsuyona a little insight. The reference to a fighting ring clearly let him know Ginjo put that blade ,or towering figure, to use. He was however unsure of the girls talents. A possible answer to his wonder is soon to come though, when the girl allows some green healing energy to form around her light head injury just sustained. "Ah, that's right .. she wants us to pay for our stay. If you need help making ends meet to stay here let me know alright? I'll do what I can to help ya' out." Ginji would have stated lightly while smiling and placing his hands within his pockets, and having done so would have innately ignored the active power that the girl seemed to have so easily displayed in front of the two men. Hitsuyona's focus passively stays with the girl and her green illuminating light that lightly surrounds the wounds on her body. He hadn't layed witness to anything like it, and his interests were certainly peaked. He actually couldn't help but allow his left hand lower from his scalp to his torso, where an abundance of old scars and newly healing wounds lay. "An extraordinary child indeed." It was actually an ironic statement, given that his appearance was of a mere adolescent in actuality, and his years of life were few compared to the vast amounts of peope present within this world. His interests had actually caused a reaction he weren't aware of. The desire to learn more allowed a bit of his reaistu to pour forth, the light blue aura nearly unnoticed to the naked eye. It's entity though, giving off a very cold and solemn presence to those gifted enough to feel it pour forth. The light blue reiatsu that poured forth gave off a burning sensation that derived his eagerness to learn such a trait, and was coupled with the years of exposure to the cruel world he had been a part of thus far. Having ignored the mans words he suddenly remembers hearing them. Looking back to Ginjo he would nod, allowing his recognition be known. He didn't seek to have anyone pay his way through life,as he didn't let such a thing happen so far. This was also to say that he didn't exactly trust them, even if it appeared they meant well. He was, however, interested in them to say the least. He was never against seemingly appearing welcome to suggestion, if it meant a chance to observe without confrontation. Ginjo had since shifted his glance to Selena once more, chuckling at Hitsuyona's choice of words before nodding slightly in agreement. "She has a really weak body; but her reiatsu control and skill in Kido as a whole is ridiculous." Ginjo stated this with a sense of pride, as if he was greatly appreciative of such a compliment, but the look upon his face alters when he began to feel the essence emitting from the boy in front of himself. The boy's burning reiatsu caused a brow to raise without doubt, and his contemplation of its purpose was concluded with it having been necessary to have reiastu if he appeared to have some level of starvation. "Tell me more of the fighting rings, and of this ability she posses. Perhaps that alone should be enough to help me make ends keep without my 'expertise'." Hitsuyona had chimed in with this comment on account of noticing the 'looks' the two gave him, as if to switch the subject before it could approach. Ginjo would have lightly clapped in response to his question without words to accompany them. This caught the attention of Selena, who had been previously distracted with her own menial actions, which now shifts to staring at Ginjo and Hitsuyona with a sense of curiosity. Ginjo would begin to move towards another room within the house, once again having to duck so that his towering figure doesn't collide with the houses structure. In doing so he would wave a hand for the other two to follow, in which case Selena shows no hesitation in doing so. Hitsuyona was confused by this gesture, but decides to comply as to not seem reluctant at this current moment in time. It would have seemed his desire to learn more of these things he had been exposed to thus far exceeded the cautionary instincts that lay dormant. Upon entering the room he would find Ginjo beginning to take a seated position, and allowing his zanpaktou to rest upon the floor and his shoulder. Selena would be quick to follow in this action of sitting, as Ginjo makes a notion for Hitsuyona to join as well. He would slowly take a seat a few feet from the duo in front of himself while staring intently in awaiting their explanations. "Lets see .. you asked about Kido first, so let's start there. Sel- tell him about reiatsu and kido, he saw your kaido and got curious." Selena blinks without responding to his request before turning her head to face Hitsuyona. The previously brown eyes turn green as she begins examining him for a moment, and they soon return to their original hue. "He has some reiatsu .. but its really underdeveloped .. lots of potential though. He's got almost as much as you despite not having any training, Ginny." She'd spoken in a calm tone that seemed to not bring any amount of surprise to Ginjo, who would have now slowly closed his eyes for a moment. Hitsuyona still felt confused about the situation though, as he wasn't exactly well-versed on how reiatsu seemed to work. He knew it existed, but not how one obtained any level of its existence, or even how one could 'see' and 'sense' it. Thus far in life its level of usefulness had been entirely based around his 'instincts'. He hadn't particularly known it, but thus far he had judged people by the menial ability to 'sense' how one was merely by being near them. Selena dons a 'bright' smile before suddenly continuing with her lesson of sorts. "I used what's called Kaido- it's healing spells, that the Shinigami use! We had a teacher; and he taught us a lot of things before .. before .." She suddenly becomes silent before staring away from Hitsuyona with a look that brought about concern. Gin would look down to her before continuing where she would have left off. "Before he left us. In any case, it uses your spiritual pool- your Reiryoku. If you learn to properly compress and control it, you create reiatsu- and using that you can break it even further into specialized usages. Kido is one of them; spells that can let you summon flame, ice, barriers, shields, or even heal yourself or others. The other being using it to augment your physical abilities and utility, granting you high combat capabilities." Ginjo would then lightly flow his hands through Selena's hair, and during this time Hitsuyona allowed everything thus far to sink in. This concept was very interesting to Hitsuyona, especially so when having heard the girl earlier mentioning his own Reiastu in comparison to the seemingly experienced man before him. There were of course mentions of underdevelopment, but he had no quarrels with the way it was worded. He was mostly intrigued at the fact this 'reiastu' had uses that could be very practical to his survival, most specifically the capability of creating fire and healing ones wounds. He would surely have to learn more of it, but for now he'd need to finish hearing them out. "Basically what he said! It takes a lot of control, and practice though! I'm apparently really, really naturally gifted in it and it even took me several years to get where I am now~" "But basic control is pretty easy to get. Taking it beyond that is where it gets more complex .. still, you could probably do it- if that's why you're asking." he nodded, before continuing; "As far as the fight rings .. it's about what it sounds like. Most villages and towns have them .. dog fights, chicken fights, and fight rings. You enter, people place bets, you win until you get the pool or sections of the pool of bets depending on the rules that village has. Not all places have them though. Sometimes you can use weapons, sometimes its unarmed only .. I usually make my money in them; if I can't then I do other chores around a village instead." He would then lean lightly upon the blade balance on his shoulder after a single moment of silence. "Do you wanna learn?" Everything had been summed up nicely, but the question that was returned to himself very direct and somewhat vague. Which did he want to learn? All of it, some, merely the fighting? Even if the man wasn't leaning in any one direction for his question, Hitsuyona had already decided from nearly the start. These capabilities seemed almost necessary if he wished to further himself for his own sake. His reply, at least at first, was nearly instant. "Yes." A monotone expression and voice in this word, followed by a singular second of silence. "However, I do not wish to learn kaido." He looks down at his wounds, and places his hand over one of the scars. "They're a reminder, not a burden. Pain is the greatest mentor, whether sought or befallen upon you." Letting out a sigh, he looks to Selena with a slightly less 'blank' face. It was as if he were trying to look normal or 'happy', but it would come across more so as weird. He hadn't used the muscles needed to smile in a long time, after all. "Can you tell me what my reastu looks like? Its a weird question, but it might help me understand more. From the sounds of it, learning about the reastu will help me to do all of these things you speak of, firstly to make use of my reiryoku, and the rest shall follow, right?" Ginjo leans back whilst keeping his calm demeanor about himself; meanwhile, Selenda would take a moment of laughter to follow Hitsuyona's awkward gaze. "I don't think you could do Kaido anyway, so that's ok~ If you wanted to try I would teach you but I think not bothering is a good idea." She would suddenly have a change of heart, or a sense of an overreaction to her very own words at this moment in time, and begins to raise her hands flailing them about. "I-I'm not saying I don't believe in you! It's just that uhm .. Kaido requires a peaceful mind, and a complete control over your inner turmoil .. even Ginny can't do it because of that!" She now appeared to have a frown, as she didn't wish to come across the wrong way, but Ginjo would merely direct his attention back to Hitsuyona with a nod. "I'm decent with Bakudo and Hado .. the offensive and defensive spells; but I'm no good when it comes to Kaido. I can't even manage its most basic fundamentals .. people that have lost much, and can't find inner peace with their lives can't usually use it." From the basic comment he'd given on it Hitsuyona devised he'd likely never be capable of it's uses anyhow, but it didn't matter given his mindset at the moment. He did however gain a bit of insight on Ginjo, even if it appeared as vague and useless to the many, it gave the two some form common similarity. Selena then chimes in with her generally uplifting and exciting tone, after having almost missed the opportunity to explain the man's reiatsu. "It's a pretty blue! It's like big brothers- though his is a darker shade .. it's like fire too and his is more like water .." This appeared to pique the interest of Gin, who would then raise an eye to the comparison she'd just made. It was clear he hadn't payed particular attention to Hitsuyona, or wasn't as skilled in such a detailed examination. A moment after her explanation Ginjo joins in with his own extended examination. "It smells like metal as well .. has a very natural feeling to it; animalistic. Sort of like when you corner a beast on a hunt- you give off the same feeling, a willingness to bare your teeth but a preference to avoid confrontation maybe ..? Dunno. I don't know you well enough." Hitsuyona was interested in the findings of himself, and felt like this description was fairly accurate. He turns to look at Ginjo with a more relaxed expression. “After hearing how this works I think I sorta understand. I believe always been able to ‘feel' something odd about people, like a gut feeling about them. That's what feeling their reaistu is , at least I think. I'll see yours on my own time, some things I must learn my own way.” He let's out a light smirk, something much more easy and accurate than his attempted smile. “Save your breath for this hado and how I may use reaistu for combat.” He shrugs after the fact, and looks back up as he take a relaxed position once more. WC: 4,312 TWC: 6,132
  7. Hitsuyona Shizukesa

    Prelude: The Journey Thus Far

    001 l An Unlikely upbringing A large arrangement of billowing white fills the skies as it covers the light of which once descended upon a building so rugged. The foundation of its entirety was feeble so that it appeared to slant and sway whenever the breeze commanded such. The very wood that made up the shack shown apparent signs of water damage from the bloated rotting wood holding its self upright, which was without a doubt seemingly soon to fall. Within this termite infested catastrophe there lies a child whom had come to call this place a 'home' of sorts. He, like the building, held a daunting image of a figure, which appeared to be on the brink of destruction. The boy's body showed extreme signs of starvation, and his hair looked almost as if they were straws upon a broom. Just from the appearance one would presume the child to be near immobile, but the child did move round the shack. The child's fickle figure easily exposed his ribs and skeletal structure in a number of places. In fact, the hunger that overwhelmed himself had become so strong that it rivaled the ravaging beasts that seldom plagues the Rukongai districts, so much so that he'd been on the verge of becoming a plus on a path to wickedness. A soul that completely represented the wild endeavors of the vast forests that surround itself, which was what the boy had essentially became, that very instinctual animal hell bent on survival. Such survival as of recently consisted of a need for nutrients, and surprisingly this place had given him the most that was accessible in his current state. The boy wasn't capable of hunting any prey with his mal nourished body, and eating fruit of the forest had proven to be a rather risky decision. The last time he had chosen to do so left him sick for an extended period of time, which led him to find shelter in this very spot. This shell of a child that remains would have appeared to be looking for something in particular, as his eyes scan the walls that surround himself. The half druping lids blink as he begins to walk towards a single wall, which was presumably what he'd been looking for even though no exact signs of clarification where shown. Upon reaching it he pulls back a loose plank to see a variety of crawling insects that mostly consist of termites and grubs. His blank expression remains while reaching the other hand into the amass of bugs to take back for consumption. The bitter taste no longer mattered, nor did the 'sensation' of the moving insects, in fact, he had even grown to endure the pain of their stings and bites while trying to eat them. While he devours the unlikely meal it would become apparent that a visitor had come within earshot recently, but the exact nature of such a visit was completely unknown alongside its species. He could hear the approaching footsteps more clearly as they neared, and turns his insect juice covered face towards the now silloughette entering the doorway. The person would soon come to enter and be forced to gaze upon the barely living subject who now feasts on the most rugged of choices. The man that soon walks into such a sight appears to be elderly, and was presumably searching for a place to rest for a few moments before his travels home; however, such a sight left himself to feel obligated to approach the poor soul. Upon such an action the boy lifts his grips on the plank before retreating slowly to the corner of the single room shack while staring intently at the man who slowly makes his way towards him. "It's ok child, I am not here to hurt you." The child didn't know how to respond and intently stares upon the man still looking as if he didn't want him to come any further. "Back.." A face of utter confusion comes from the elderly man as he takes a step back in order to oblige while devising a way to possibly help the boy that stood before him. After a brief moment he would reach into his pack to pull out a loaf a bread, which immediately catches the attention of this child. "I was saving it for the trip home, but you clearly need it more than I." He would extend the bread outwards in order for the child to accept this offer, but the boy still seemed reluctant to some extent. There was sliht moment taken as he eases from the corner to slowly approach. His hand extends outwards to snatch the bread before once again retreating to his corner. It wasn't long before he would sit down knawing away furiously at this food while the grown man stares awkwardly with a slight grin. He would once again attempt to approach, but it alerted the child who takes on defensive positioning once again, halting the process of eating his meal. ------------ It has been weeks since this altercation, but the man didn't leave to never return. Even though he couldn't manage to get near the boy let alone help him in any physical way, he did manage to stop regularly with food and water. Over time the child began to open up to the idea of this elderly man, who revealed his name to be Gaiu, and revealed his own name to be Hitsuyona, which was given to him by his own accord. The boy mentioned that he chose to call himself this due to feeling 'necessary' to live no matter what. During these visits the man had managed to actually be near the boy enough to give him simple medical attention like bandages, and even teach him the basics of how to hunt small game. One day did however come that the man ceased appearing, which brought the childs small hope for humankind back down to menial levels. He was left with the conclusion that the old man died, and decided now that he was somewhat recovered he would have to leave this place before he could not longer muster the strength to be able to do so. "Your very name is proof of the extraordinary accomplishments and essentialities you will one day achieve." - Gaiu to Hitsuyona the day before he vanished never to return. The young soul wanders diligently along a dirt path somewhere between the 79th and 80th districts, which were most commonly referred to as both 'the slum districts', and also well known as 'the path of which few return'. His composure had slightly changed since his first days within the shack he had since abandoned. Now the child looked more like a healthy young man than a starved child, but he was still leaning towards a very thin physique. He seemed to walk as quietly as possible during his travels, although the path would appear to be vastly abandoned with few signs of previous tracks as of recently. This was due to an overwhelming sense of precaution that came from his abuse from both nature and man alike over the years. Over time Hitsuyona had grown cold, even for a child. He had hopes to live out a simpler life than he had before, and aimed to move somewhere where he might be able to more easily obtain sustenance, or possibly even find more like that man if they somehow presented themselves in a right way. Little did that young boy know that he was slowly making his way farthest from where such a fate would be remotely possible, as the outer districts comprised of ones without law, and at times it seemed as if though their sense of right and wrong had become null. -------------- [Present] "Hello? Do I need to repeat the question?" Two men sit at a table across from one another within a cold damp room, which happens to be one that is somehow within the remains of what was once an abandoned cave. It's cold atmosphere caused the man who spoke to release visible breath that lightly fades as a teal haired individual looks up from the table his eyes were once set upon. The man staring into that of the question maker appears to be in a multiplitude of shackles while donning a solely white outfit. "That won't be necessary, I merely got lost in my train of thought while trying to recall an answer to your question. The memory can sometimes fade when you age a few hundred years." The latter of his statement had actually been false in this scenario due to the fact he was recalling events in grave detail. In either case, the prisoner raise his hands to rest upon the table whilst they jangle in his attempts to reposition himself. "I was abandoned at infancy for one reason or another, so trying to locate any of these 'shizukesa' that you claim myself to belong to will not occur through my medium, whether I bear their 'mark' or not." The original questions where given several at a time, with a variety of which that revolved entirely on specifics involving a family name Shizukesa. The Central 46 believes he is an active member of such a clan though, so trying to claim anything but had so far proven to be persistently annoying. "Very well, then where did you spend your childhood, and who were your guardians, given you were a pure born soul you would have needed them to survive." Hitsuyona looks fairly annoyed with signs of such in his facial expression. His glare stares deep into the eyes of the man's, as he leans in more closely before halting when his reach of the chain had been met. "I was abandoned at infancy, and survived through the will of nature itself. I've no clue of my methods, or if I am the product of a string of multiple guilty souls that took me in for short periods of time. The earliest I recall is roaming a forest of limitless danger while somehow living long enough to find my next meal." The interviewer seemed pleased enough with this answer, or at least felt that prying for something he might have assumed to be more truthful would be useless. He then flips to another page to view before continuing. He looks at the prisoner with a bit of judgement in his eyes, and mockingly asks his question. "You clearly knew more than enough before reaching the academy, please tell me, how did you learn to fight on your own, and what else might have you done during this time of your life?" The young soul leans back to release the straing of his bindings before letting out a sigh, and holds his hand up as if to signify he needed a moment. "Take as long as you need, so long as it doesn't take long." ----------------- wc:1,811 TWC:1,822
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    ORP Reset Announcement!

    I know in my experience at least, you should be able to do something like that as part of your general release description. Usually in my experience I allow one slot (or more if I want a lot for the character) that states all their inate/passive capabilities. Generally speaking, as long as you don't want a lot of 'things' you can do innately, it shouldn't need a slot if its part of the releases core.
  9. Hitsuyona Shizukesa

    ORP Reset Announcement!

    I also hope that you find a way to fit into our rp universe, and strongly suggest that you give a read over our RP Rules of Conduct and Race Appropriate threads, depending on which type of character you plan on attempting. IF you have any questions about the site feel free to Message myself through our PM system.
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    Fate Points: Tutorial and Shop

    Achievements PLEASE NOTE l Some Achievements are left to Mod Discretion, as to not allow persons to try and abuse this system with minimal effort, if you feel you have earned one please note so in your weekly WC, and supply a link to the thread, and in some cases the post in which it occurs specifically. Limit to one possible Achievement gained per week, just in case anyone feels like cheesing the system. Blue Achievements are limited ones that only a few can achieve, or pertain to something of a limited time ordeal like arcs or positions only one person could hold at a time. Legacy Point Recipient l Special Achievement for those who participated and attempted to make the last reset 'work'. Recipients are: ChaosKaiz, Hitsuyona, Dan(Kaz), Grimm, Kite, IchigoLink, Kumo, Aiden, HavocReaper, The Waster, Mehrune. Ditching the Grunt Work l Achieve a Position similar to Vice Captain, Fraccion etc. Leadership Is Key l Achieve the second highest possible rank, such as a captain, espada, Viz Cell leader etc. King of the Hill l Achieve highest possible leadership of your Organization Screw the 'man' l Form a non-standard Organization consisting of at least 4 role players, and maintain the 'group' for over one month. -Given to all participating- Learning the Ropes l Achieve and use your 'first release' in a battle against another Role Player. -A 'friendly' spar does not count!- Veteran of War l Achieve and participate in a battle against an opposing race, in which you used your 'second release' and lived to tell the tale. PTSD l Defeat and kill an opponent in battle, in which the person defeated is not controlled by yourself, or a person whom we deemed didn't lean the battle in favor of yourself. -Another RP Char, or Player controlled NPC required- Make Peace, Not War l Establish a peace between two persons involving influences of the opposing races as a whole, while doing so in a way the encourages character development as opposed to word count or 'meet and greet' style threads. -Requirement for the 'Pledge Allegiance' shop item- Mercenary For Hire l Complete two self driven 'missions' within one or two threads, which go against two races as a whole. Imagination is key, assassinations of a Player controlled NPC or RP Char, prison breaks, intelligence gathering, etc. Reinforcements have arrived l Come to the aide of a previously established or clearly insinuated ally in the heat of a PVP battle, and help assure their life. A Kind Heart | Spare an opponent who truly attempted to kill you in battle -Another RP Char, or Play controlled NPC required- Serial Killer | Defeat and kill five people in battles in which the people killed didn't willingly throw the battle in your favor. -Another RP Char, or Player controlled NPC required- TO BE CONTINUED
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    ORP Reset Announcement!

    With so few of us left why not join under the ORP?
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    Fate Points: Tutorial and Shop

    Fate Points can be obtained through two methods, which are Reiatsu Growth and 'Achievements'. You will obtain FP at 30(2)/45(1)/60(3)/80(1)/100(1)/125(3)/150(2)/200(3) Thousand Reiastu, which will range from 1-3 points depending on the tier of Reiatsu and is added to a Points Balance on the Rankings. Achievement Rewards shall vary, and examples of possible Achievements are obtaining Ranks Such as Vice Captain, Espada, Captain Commander etc. A full list of possible achievements are listed in a subsequent post and are subject to be added or removed later on. Please note that not all Achievements will reward Points for the shop, and could include things such as a small reiatsu boost or 'unique items'. Major: You may only purchase two 'major' items over the course of your RP characters lifetime. [5 Points] Duality [4 Points] Vaizard [3 Points] Shunko -Shinigami- (Comes with 2 Abilities revolving around 'shunko', Can not be purchased if you have Vizard) [6 Points] Full Hollow Form -Vaizard Extension- [4 Points] Segunda Etapa -Arrancar- [3 Points] High-Speed Regeneration -Hollow/Viz- [4 Points] Reishi Heisō -Quincy (Armor, gives 2 additional ability slots based around theme of said 'armor') [4 Points] Power Transference -FB/Bount- (Gains a secondary ability 'theme' from an NPC that merits 3 additional ability slots for such) [3 Points]Pledge Allegiance -Human- (Able to 'Join' the hollow or Shinigami, and learn either sides reiryoku based techniques as well as granting transportation between worlds.) ------------------------------------------------------------ Minor: [2 Points]2nd Blut Power -Quincy- [2 Points] Ransotengai -Quincy- [1 Points]2 Non-Release Ability Slots (Must be related to Kidou-esque racial powers, personal non 'release' powers, or be non elemental otherwise. These can be things like a custom Kido or Cero, or even be related to some secondary non spiritual weapon, etc etc.) [1 Points]Release Ability Slot Ability Slots RULING: Essentially you can only purchase ability slots a total of 5 times, however you divvy that up is totally up to you, but the end total is 20-25. [1 Points] 'Rei'dar - An electronic device of your choosing that emits a signal upon activation, which gives you knowledge of spiritually aware persons within a 100 Meter Radious of yourself. Especially handy in finding Spiritually Aware humans, or for those specifically paranoid of a ambush. This device gives a rough estimate of their Reiatsu. (Meaning if they are 50k it would simply tell you in IC terms they are around 40-60k in whatever IC fashion they would interpret it as) [1 Points] Convincing Disguise - Much like a gigai, but this device makes your persons appear to be different, such as an espada appearing to be a natural human or simply a complete makeover. This device is however susceptible to your reiatsu limits, and deactivates if using more than 30% of your potential Reiatsu, AKA 30% of any stat. [2 Points] ESP (Electro Spirit Pulse) - A device that prevents anyone within a 50M limit from using their 'powers' aka Releases for 5 posts, but works on ANYONE near it. Only one use per battle. Five Overall Uses, and costs 1 Points to Recharge [1 Points] Reiatsu Boost - One Time Use ONLY 5K Boost
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    Orp Suggestions

    As a first part to my suggestion, I think my power stat option earlier posted here should be reviewed o.o Moving on.. I suggest this wholweekly WC go back to the old way, you know, it worked. 5k-30k = 1500 WC per, 10k max. Why keep 31-60 at 10k, but up the amount need. Keep it the same, but drop maximum to 7k per week. 61-100 ? 3k per week, 1500 per. 101+ 1k per week. We don't need to end up writing 2500 WC per 1k, the fuck this is? I'm here for fun too, not a chore, don't need a 10k cap at all IMO.
  14. Let's get the ORP back up and going guys and gals! If you're interested, but need help for any reason, don't hesitate to pm me with any questions.

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      I need help. Gimme 250k Reiatsu.

  15. Just out of curiosity, is there any specific places some of you have went for rp purposes? Seeing as this ones kinda died out for forum rp