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    i love swimming bleach and my favirote minor character apache
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  1. u can be what ever u want

  2. Apache

    ___ Or ____

    ice cream youtube or hulu
  3. Apache

    ___ Or ____

    both lame ruleing the world or being a slave
  4. Apache

    The Destined Battle

    ahhhhh very spirt to attack me for all differnt angels but that not going to work.Apache quickly generated her signature cero ''take this tri cero''.Apache fireed three ceros that combined into a wid cero destroy all the fire balls.But she miss one and it hit her on her liver.She fell to the ground in pain
  5. Apache

    ___ Or ____

    ninja World domination or being a regular person
  6. Apache

    The Destined Battle

    hmmm how about none of the above.Apache use sonido and jumped up into the air.Avoidong the fire ball.Apache felt a sharp pain in her back side
  7. Apache

    The Destined Battle

    Apache thought fast she span around quickly and use hierro to listen the damage only leaving a little flesh wound.''That was hierro it's a move arrancars can use to harden there skin for defensive''She stated.If i could ask a favor nate can you show me your shikaki i havent seen a shinigami shikai,Apache grinned.''And can use something else besides yor shunpo it's getting boring''.
  8. Apache

    The Destined Battle

    Apache first didn't follow how fast nate ways.''Not so fast Apache yelled'.Apache did a sonido njust as the blade grazed her side.''Your a quick one''she said suprised.I guess thats the shinigami speed techinque.''Now,she said charging her sliver cero on her horn,Take this cero''.Apache fire the sliver colored beam at nate upper body.''Thats a cero a energy beam hollow species can use.
  9. Apache

    The Destined Battle

    I turn suprised not keeping up my garud,''How do you know my name shinigami''?.Apache looked at the blonde headed shinigami and is zanpakuto.''So you want to fight fine then''She jumped up to her feet.Apache but her bracelt like zanpakuto on her wrist.''you can go first''Apache said with confindence.
  10. Apache

    ___ Or ____

    Yugioh way better summer or winter
  11. Apache

    The Destined Battle

    Apache sits on a rock waiting to see what in store for today.She sat on a rock messing with the Zanpakuto on her arm.
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