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  1. In case you might ever be thinking about starting to play Heartstone, feel free to use this link https://battle.net/recruit/Z2W5ZHFDDM?blzcmp=raf-hs&s=HS&m=mac

    So I can get some free shit out off it :)


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  3. Bleach RP. coming sometime in the future. or when somebody can be asked. 

  4. There is a fin line between patience and giving up.

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    2. Mr. Neppington

      Mr. Neppington

      Oh well better to be fin, than Finn, cause Finn's a traitor.

    3. Brain
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      Mr. Neppington

      That might be my new favorite video ever, just behind RC Bane breaking batmans back.

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    Orp Suggestions

    God forbid that you can't just suddenly gain a mask without a backstory right? I like the fact that you have to make a real story about why you become a vizard. You'll have to do it gradually over time, like a real story. Nobody is saying that you have to make all your solo posts in one to, do it ever so often about your inner hollow and progression. That way when you become a vizard it'll make sense, you've done the homework and get the pay off. And vizard shouldn't be a dime a dozen, I remember a period where almost every captain went vizard. Don't tell me that isn't dumb. I'll agree that 38k words might be a lot, but I'd rather have people having to plan, progress and actually make sense as to why they have a hollow mask. Instead of just "yolo I'ma do the test," then you fail it in the middle of a captain meeting and it becomes a shit show. Do the work or be satisfied with being a regular ol' shinigami. #nopainnogain
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    Orp Suggestions

    Well unless you actually have an angel on your shoulder crying I don't see how the name matters. If it was in Japanese and nobody really understood it you'd all be down with it lol. So how 'bout "Tenshi no namida" which I've translated it to by the power of google.
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    Umm... Hi

  8. Mr. Neppington

    Umm... Hi

    There is only one question worth asking new people.
  9. The bits of that app made me lol. Broke my heart when I couldn't see the whole wiki-page. </3 I wouldn't say that Chaos characters really disappoint me, most of the time they're interesting, they just don't fit the theme of bleach at all. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, since the Bleach universe cannon is contradicting, flawed and strange in so many ways. However this is in the end a Bleach RP, so yeah the characters doesn't work. On another note, Draka's abilities are so broke that it should deserve a topic of it's own. As the internet would say it "lol op pls nerf" PS. I'm stealing that meme for whenever I need it later, 'cause it's glorious.
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    Why Even Rp 2: The Squeakquel(For Hueco Mundo)

    We all agreed a long ago that I'm the official BSE super-special Main Character. So yeah, gotta agree with this post.
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