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    Fighting,Sleeping,Videogames,Anime,Swords,Girls,Working on RPG's,Making Graphics,Takeing Photos of Scenery..
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  1. was beginning to think i wasn't gonna hear from ya again. sup, man?

  2. Thanks I'll be sure to update this when I make some new stuff again
  3. Thanks I've been improving alot more lately just need to learn my Animation's and keep them in good quality now xD
  4. Rofl well I tried closing Firefox before downloading a new browser and when I relogged it worked xD just have to remember that for next time
  5. Figured I'd show off my best workings XD ^ Wallpaper for Devil May Cry
  6. Ahh alright thanks again then! Figured I screwed myself xD
  7. Well I tried to upload a Picture for my profile and got a error message ((Probably too big in size/KB)), and sent me back to the sign in screen, when I try to sign back in it says login successful but when it tries to load it says I'm not logged in and sends me back to the Sign in Screen O.o? So I'm stuck in a Login Loop I suppose... my UN is xAaronx since I don't remember my Player ID #
  8. Been awhile man,I finally remembered my Forum Account xD

  9. Well its been forever since I've played and apparently I didn't write my password/Secret answer down I'd like to reset my password and start playing again ((It's been around two years maybe less)) I'm praying it wasn't deleted x.x
  10. Well about.. uhh lesse 2 years or so ago I was a active member on here, well I was wanting to come back and play around with people but forgot my UN and pass, and was too lazy to reset it. But more or less I'm back and hope to remake friends on here. Nice to meet you all once again.
  11. Thats good and all but doing it a 9mil is kinda stupid since it gives you 1.5x your sp its better to do it round 15-100mil...
  12. lol finished the first series the last one of the first series was my fav ROFL

  13. Aaron Sohm


    Hey man glad you joined its pretty nice here make sure you get to know you Squad 4 mates and Read Capt. Kakarots Rules o.o!!
  14. Girls Saurus DX huh how is that one?

  15. oh Nice new pics btw very cute =3

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