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  1. HAPPY happy HAPPY happy HAPPY happy HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  3. That's entirely up to you wolf.. i'm not particularly active at the moment, and it is far from finished. So it won't be updated for some time, as a bare minimum. If you think its of more use than me playing around with coding, go ahead. =P
  4. I'm very aware that the structure of the coding is.. bloody horrible xD But i'm an unstructured person >.< I looked at C# before; maybe i'll look at it again now I have some kind of grasp on programming (haven't worked on it since this though.. damn you skyrim/saints row 3/The Secret World/Terraria/Minecraft/Life) And thank you Tosh. =P
  5. Heh, no worries. C++ is reasonably simple if you trawl the net for the right tutorials :3
  6. Alright... long story short. Some people aren't too good with the battle system/maths. As such, I've started doing this :3. Basically, it can be used to simulate the statistics of a battle, based on some simple input. It isn't finished yet, but I made decent progress. (Its in C++) Source code in spoiler at the bottom. <3 Current up-to-date version (0.6): http://www.mediafire.com/?xmbucl4qzpwaue8 Brief instructions: Its relatively easy to use. Each stage that requires input has prompts. Basically, once you open it, you decide the reiatsu and class of both participants. Reiatsu, you simply type a number and hit enter. Class, you choose either B, G, T or A (until no-class is added.) This IS dependant on capitals. In other words, putting 'B' will make that person a brute. However, putting 'b' will simply break it. >_> after this is done for both characters, the next choice that is not idiot-proof is how to defend. It give you the promts d, b, p, c and n. These stand for Dodge, Block, Partial Block, Counter and None, respectively. Basically if player 2 wants to dodge the incoming attack they type d and hit enter (LOWERCASE d xD). It should then calculate their remaining stats. c does not yet work. >_< I'm hoping I can get this fully functional soon-ish, at which point it will be more useful. In the meantime suggestions are welcome. =D Working Four standard classes work (Brute, Genius, Tank, Agile) dodging blocking partial blocking damage calculation no defense End battle Fight now loops until one player drops below 0 HP The program now has some flashy colours <3 xD To do countering Prevent over-use of stats (currently, you could add 90000 speed to an attack even if you only have 10000 speed) Add no-class, allowing the use of custom stats Adding ability usage Remove capital dependacy (aka, B and b will both make the player a brute) Le source code
  7. Extremely impressed with Bennett's death post. Man, that thing was so well thought out.. xD


  9. HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!!! n.n *tosses you an eggnog* CHEERS!!!!

  10. I will most likely return soon enough, Neppoi. I'm merely settling into college right now as it were. :)

  11. Yo, how is life? ever planning on returning to the rp my friend?

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