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    Australia, NSW, Moree
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    Player ID#: 3718
    Name: Makai Kasai
    Spirit Power: 178815658
    Health: 32663120/ 32663120
    Spirit Energy: 1422/ 1422
    Race: Arrancar
    Fraccion: 2
    Rank: Espada
    Hollows Eaten: 47900

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  1. Its certainly been a while... ^^"

    So wassup?

  2. Yes, yes you can...

    crap it's 3:05 am here. I'm bout ready to crash *yawn*

  3. So i was just playing the part. Evil i can do.

  4. Im under control and im evil. So be lucky i didnt actually kill you or blackplauge.

  5. I can't believe you almost killed me!! T_T

    Jeeze... lol posted tho >.<

  6. Dude its your turn in the forum

  7. I started a new topic in Segundo. I was so freakin tired of those damn people screwing our fun up. So spread news to Sairi ^.^

  8. Yo Rose Sai says that you'll be under Alaster's control for a while until he tries to kill me or something.

  9. howdy hows it hanging sairi

  10. This is still fun. Stupid Kisuke. >.< He deserved to be hit O.o

  11. Haha posted again lol. Segundo has a freakin lot of posts. Like 100 something from mine and like 95 from yours and then all the rest >.<

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