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  1. SaiSai should return!>=OFollow my example :P

  2. Somebody, yes you! Should return to the rp <.<

  3. hey sairi ^.^ say hi sometime.

  4. Arigato!! *hugs Ikka, Momo & Shinji* x3

  5. Happy birthday!!! <3

  6. Happy Birthday there sweetheart ^.^

  7. -huggles and leaves flowers- Probably dun remember me but haai :)

  8. *sonidos in* hha my bad *leaves a bag full of cookies and a bottle of sake and sonidos away with a grins on his face* xD

  9. *Glomps sairi* hey hey hey long time no see stranger *was previously joshrocks6* if you remember lol well Wb an di look formard to you rping again

  10. *shunpos in* you cant just visit me, say Hi, and then take off!! >_< *hugs* there, all is forgiven XPXP *poofs away~*

  11. *sonidos in* Hi there ummm nice to see some old face n welcome back :) *sonidos out*

  12. RAWR! chocolate and strawberries ftw!!~!

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