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    Bleach, Naruto, and I love math :P
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    Reiatsu - 6,000
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    Speed - 14
    Stamina - 5
    Reiryoku - 5

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  1. lolz, join me n.n b a genesis agent nd join our movement n.n u can order da zombies round nd b a cure in da kt arc. plus i still need hlp in beatin da modboss down n.n

  2. His character died a long time ago, I was inactive at the time so you'll have to ask someone like Hisagi for the details

  3. Same here, bloodlust is unhonorable!!!! I kill for the pure fact of revenge
  4. sup dude, i know im hella late but happy new year to u aswell

  5. Signers actually have no helpful attributes, just there. they are just there.
  6. signers are beings that were chosen by gods. They have quicker healing times, the ability to see the past and future and are able to go to "other places" the other places are sacred and created by gods to protect the sacred techniques that lie within the areas. The others things signers can do is *control other realms. *Must have atleast 30k reiatsu
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