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  1. Ha i am first. I win this round Yoruichi.

  2. cheers bro, I hope your recovery is going well

  3. Raiko Ishida


    Bigglez will never die. I have been stabbed and robbed on my birthday and it is more probably that i will die (which i won't) before Bigglez leaves for good. I mean honestly look at Tosh, but anyway that ass hole will return, but for now during his and my rp break i saw i will miss him and his random and d-bag ways.
  4. Raiko Ishida

    It's Been Fun

    Tosh we will all miss you and as my friends above put we will not say good bye, but cya later and I would cut off both arms if you would stay around. We love ya u crazy Captain Commander. Please keep in touch Tosh later and even though whenever you were around I was mortally wounded I will miss having ya around. Cya old friend/ limb jockey
  5. Even shadows need friends lol

  6. sup dude, i know im hella late but happy new year to u aswell

  7. thanks for the wishes! A happy new year to you too!

  8. Happy New Year 2K10 for a YEAR!!!! lol