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  1. Uetseji Haijuru(Rensaku)

    Kiriki's Life

    As he was about to turn and head for the exit the two girls came out looking for him. "There she is." He sighed. "I hate you all... So much." He said, still standing there, uncertain of which door he should enter... Until they pulled him in. "...." He remained silent but weary, this was all too awkward for him. "Honestly, they should just build me my own private bathing room for the troubled it's causing me." "Aww, you're embarrassed, it's ok to be flat-chested, you'll have some just like us eventually." She said sarcastically, Ren turned to her, wanting to pull out her tongue. "No I won't, men don't grow chests...." He realized she was bare, holding his hand to block his view he stumbled with his words yelling,"And have you no shame, at least wear a towel or something!" He said looking away. "How am I even in this mess?.." He groaned, after everything was situated he positioned himself on the far side of the spa, hiding himself amongst the mist, specifically to his embarrassment. He was finally able to enjoy the spring's natural warmth after sitting in it for a few seconds, it wasn't so bad, if you overlooked the fact that he was in the wrong room. As if things couldn't have gotten any worse, more girls started entering the spa, startling him into high alert mode. "This isn't happening..." He dunk his head into the water which stung his face with it's heat. With his tail between his legs he darts for the exit and from there he runs home. "That was close.." He said as he lay in bed, his heart exploded repeatedly. After a while he had calmed down, it was then that he received a phone call. "Hello?" He asked, exhausted from his experience. "Renny, where'd you--" -click- He hung up the phone. "I absolutely can not stand it when he calls me that!" He looked at the phone as if it was the one that said that. The phone rung again but this time he didn't bother to pick it up, he just let it ring over and over until it stopped. He closed his eyes, sighed one last time and then went to sleep, trying to forget he even went through all of that. That life guard incident did however make him hate life guards with a passion, being that he could still describe how horrible a smell the shirt had to it, and it hardly fit him at that. He fell asleep thinking about it, dreaming about one day being accepted for what he really was, a boy.
  2. Uetseji Haijuru(Rensaku)

    Kiriki's Life

    "Please, Ren?..." He remained silent. "Unresponsive eh?" She tickled him, making him burst out in laughter for a second. "Hey!" He jerked away. "What are you doing!?" "Get him!" She yelled, tackling him to the ground, followed by others who tickled him. He jerked left and right, gasping for air as the continued their assault. "Alright-alright, no more...." They stopped, leaving him almost motionless on the ground as his breathing went back to normal. "Feeling better?" "More like, exhausted," he took a big breath,"I still don't get why nobody can see my true gender... Do I really look like a girl?" "No, you are a girl." "Stop talking." She mimicked, knowing what he was going to say ahead of time. "I'll kill you." She giggled. "Don't be like that, us girls need to stick together." He looked back. "I'm a... You know what.. Why do I even bother." He sighed. "I'm going swimming." He said, venturing into the sea that glowed a bright-white from the sun's brilliant rays, cool water brushed against him, easing higher and higher as in went further in, eventually stopping when it reached his waist. "Man that's cold." As time went on his waist on down had become use to the coolness enough that he could walk further; At that time, the group had followed him. "We can't let you have all of the fun." One of them splashed water in his face, he returned the splash with a counter splash, hitting them back. The continued splashing each other until they became cold,"Guys, it starting to get cold, let's go to the spa." They all looked at each other, nodded, then went to the spa where Ren faced the same problem. The girls went into the girls bathing room while the boys did the same... He stood, confused as to which door he should enter, if he went into the boys room then he'd surely be kicked out but he'd be a pervert for going into the girls room. After pondering a few seconds he decided it'd be easier to just go home.
  3. Uetseji Haijuru(Rensaku)

    Kiriki's Life

    On an aimless course to nowhere hE received a phone call from a friend, though you'd never guess it just by the way he treated him. "Hello, hello?" "Heeeyyy, Renny!" -Click- He instantly hung up the phone, placing it back into his pocket, only to pull it out again after getting a second call. "Come on, why'd you hang up?" "You know I hate it when you call me that.. Why do you even bother trying, it's not going to stick or at least, I'm not going to accept it," he said, walking along the street without realizing it; the cars that were on the rode swerved out of the way as he continued to ignore them. "Oh trust me, it'll stick, but any way-that's not why I called." Sighing he asked. "What is it?" Dreading the reason for his call, it was common for him to ask stupid questions, generally about girls. "The gang's getting ready to go to the beach, we have three guys and two girls and were wondering if you could be a third, that way it'd be even for us." He glared evilly into a random direction, scaring a child into fleeting. "Yeah, see that would fine if it wasn't the fact that I'm A DUDE!" He hangs up the phone and storms off. "You know what?" He calls back. "So then you've changed your mind?" "Yes, I did, I'm going to prove to you once and for all that I'm a guy." He said as he walked home to grab some swimming trunks and a towel... A little while latter he's at the beach with everyone. "Alright, now that we're all here we should get dressed." He walks with the three guys to go change, but before he's allowed in the three stopped him from entering. "Hey what are you doing, this is the guy's changing room, the girl's room is over there." One of them pointed out as the two girls pulled him toward the girl's room. "But hey-wait, I'm a guy-I can prove it," he struggles but they were still able to pull him in. Blushing bright red he breaks free and runs out of the door, in to the car where he changed his out fit, swimming trunks but topples. "This is my chance." He stepped out of the car and went to go catch up to everyone. "Hey guys!" He waved at them as he jogged over. "What are you doing?!" One of the girls asked,"Just because your flat-chested doesn't mean you can just go topless, come on, let's go." His face turned redder than what it was out of both anger and embarrassment. "But I'm a guy..." She grabbed him by the hair and pulled him toward a life guard. "Excuse me, my friend here, she needs a shirt, can she barrow yours?" "Helloooo...." "What are you doing without a shirt, miss?" He hands him his shirt. "You mean sir..." "Look we can't have you soiling yourself like this, you have to put the shirt on." "Are you kidding me, no!" "Look I'm not on for arguing so how about this, put it on or I call the police." "Oh for crying out loud!" He snatches shirt and puts it on, it's smelly and certainly was dry. "Eww, gross, some other guy's sweat." The two walked back, Ren felt violated. "Alright, problem solved guys." "What problem, there wasn't a problem in the first place..." He retorted. "Aaaw, don't be like that Ren, your friends love you." He glared at her with a passionate amount of hate in his eyes. "Not a single word...." "But--" she tried speaking. "Ah-ah, not a single word." Ren turned, folding his arm, creating as much guilt as possible.
  4. Uetseji Haijuru(Rensaku)

    Kiriki's Life

    A golden blaze lit the morning sky as the sun rose above the horizon, starting Ren's day all over all over again. Sighing, he sluggishly forced himself out of bed to put on a pair of cloths. "Alright, today is the day something good will happen." Moving the door as side he patted himself, closer the door and went on a journey through Karakura, during the venture someone called out. "Excuse me, miss." He kept walking, but then some guy grabbed him by the arm,"Miss, have you seen my cat?" Glaring back with great fiery he jerks his arm away proclaiming the right gender to use. "I'm a guy." "Umm, your definitely a girl." He said, adding."You know it's bad not to accept yourself for who you truly are." "I'm a guy.. A GUYYYY!" He shook the person violently, "look at me carefully, what do you see?" "I'm sorry mam but I don't---" "I'm a guy!" He punched the person, instantly ko'ing them. "Ha, serves you right!" He left, still feeling a bit upset that everyone always called him by the wrong gender.
  5. *blinks and nods* I was aware the minute I knew you could see and smell thy cookies brother..

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  9. Good news and bad news. Illia may get new people, but we may have to leave rpgenius. Its almost completely inactive, and leo and khai havent been there in like a month.

  10. Good news and bad news. Illia may get new people, but we may have to leave rpgenius. Its almost completely inactive, and leo and khai havent been there in like a month.

  11. Ren, where'd you get you're profile pic?

  12. Ren, where'd you get you're profile pic?

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