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    Disc Stuck In Ps3

    PS3 ftw
  2. Wickedwind1337


    I have Bleach: Shattered Blade, I like it Its on the Wii so its kinda awkward to play sometimes but I like it. I found out Madarame had a bankai in that game before I even saw it in the anime lol.
  3. Wickedwind1337


    That would've been totally awesome, but unfortunately no they had to pull the weaksauce out of the bag and drizzle it all over the online play section of the game lol
  4. Wickedwind1337

    What Is Your Weapon's Name?

    Hiten Kaze no Raijin
  5. Wickedwind1337


    I got it, too lol. Except I knew it had a storyline.... though I thought it kinda sucked, I don't care Sephiroth is beast so is Zidane