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    Bleach, anime, Sci-fi
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    Race: Shinigami
    Class: Genius in Hado
    Hit Points: 3,250
    Power: 275
    Speed: 3,500
    Stamina: 4,500
  1. Happy Birthday bro,hope all is well.

  2. happy bday fellow hata

  3. happy bday fellow hata

  4. what is kakashi doin here and how do you have such high stats?????

  5. yooooooooooooou should start to rp again T.T

  6. -.- you never had one ;) jk hey buddy longe time

  7. *runs after neppoi* hey dude, where's my heart. You forgot to put my heart back in! :P

  8. Art is beauty. and its said thats its the inside that matters the most, so it is probably the most beautiful . * Straps HK to a table and cut him open, then moves around everything and sew him back* Enjoy your new art

  9. thanks for the new look pal *starts the chainsaw* now I'm gonna turn you into a work of art *cuts nepp's arms off* there you go! Much better!

  10. *Shaves of HK's eyebrows* nice new look there mate

  11. same here *grooms nepp with a lawnmower* I like your haircut

  12. -.- i was fine untile some random guy named kakshi kicked me *petts HK on the back with sleaghammer*

  13. Hello Soubi, welcome to BSE forums.

  14. Yeah Tosh. You should really get donator status. Posting status updates is really fun. >.>

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