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  1. You need to log on more

  2. Happy B-day there dude. I figure even if your not here you'll still get the message possibly so it's still worth saying.

  3. Hey if you are lurking will you get in the chat?


  5. The only rewards from any of the raids that i know is for the extreme ones. The raids only give SP and the extreme ones give 75000. Im going to guess they have some sort of intervals, like hard gives 50000, medium gives 25000, and easy gives like 5000. Just an assumption but it wont really matter since im hoping to have us at extreme raids soon.
  6. After doing calculations ive come to the conclusion that we can finish the hard raid. Now yes there will be casualties but as long as one of us survives everyone that was in the raid will get the bonus.
  7. Everyone join up with Div.13, Tenkai (me) is back in charge so you know the party is just starting!!

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