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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Kira :D


  4. There is only one thing that needs to be said now..."Pffffft"

  5. Me? Delusional? Ha! I don't deny it! But on this I clearly disagree! It is obvious I am superior in coolness. Delusional or not of course.

    Signed the coolest person ever,


  6. You are being delusional, Kyra. I'm starting to believe that you've gone insane at the realization that I am indeed cooler than you.

  7. Yeah right. You're not the originator of cool, you're the originator of lame! Because I'm the coolest. I believe I win >=l

  8. Stop making up stories. I know I'm the best and the coolest. So obviously I'm coolest.

  9. You wishhhhh, I'm the originator of "cool"

  10. Pfft, obviously I'm the cool one.

  11. Happy b-day, Kyra!

  12. Hey Tsuki! Hope we get to rp some time.

  13. This message is of great importance. Ok, I lied.... I was just bored

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