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  1. Thinks that Dante had a moment of sanity and decided to call it "CLARITY" for the sake of using big words.

  2. OMG. Happy belated birthday Tosh!

  3. why has your avater gone form a sasuke-Quincy to a skeleton in latex suit? and no, your not awsome ;)

  4. Kensei.Muguruma


    I am sorry to hear that you are leaving Tenkai. I do hope that you will stop by the chat at times to just say hi.
  5. *throws truck full of bricks at neppoi* I am awesome.Am I not?

  6. *throwes a brick at bleeder* i've missed doing that to ;)

  7. *drop kicks neppoi* I really missed doing that... :D

  8. I like your photo Lenny. It is very... you.

  9. Kensei.Muguruma

    Bleach Episode 254 [Anime]

    What do I have to say? The Renji moment with Captain Kuchiki was EPIC. lol He was trying to say something and then Byakuya just vanishes and his zanpakutou makes fun of him. The rest wasn't so good as I'd expected.
  10. thanks, same goes for you

  11. happy holidays. I'm late, as usual. :D