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  1. Happy B-day, dude

  2. Well i finished my first montage and uploaded it. Its a sniping montage. I did all the gameplay and editing yesterday minus the bailout clips which is from like a week ago. Its not that great.. but it was fun to do. So yea watch and comment etc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2jjdq33CEI
  3. *sighs* if only they knew you irl...

  4. Yep the good ol' days. But as for the rp world. I think Tosh will be back. He will get bored of harrassing small children or whatever it is he does for fun and return. Until then.. Who knows what will happen..
  5. Happy birthday dante dude!

  6. You kill or eat hollows in order to advance in rank. And when the required amount of hollows killed is reached you click the link "become higher ranked shinigami/hollow". And once you're the acceptable rank you are able to join squads or fraccions. And no the rp and rpg is not related. Check the faq for more details about the rankings.
  7. Tanju

    Check This Out!

    A friend and I decided to do a guitar cover and put it on youtube so check it out! you should rate and comment We will put more up soon... yea we get bored...
  8. Tosh i just typed you a long thought out in depth message... and when i got done i realized i couldnt send it to you. Can you talk about annoying? grrr

  9. Suicide Silence - no pity for a coward and yea something about matt kept having to have surgery on his throat.. so he just decided to quit screaming or something not quite sure lol
  10. Asking Alexandria - A candlelit dinner with Inamorta i actually prefer a7x's old stuff.. like waking the fallen etc. im not to fond of their new stuff. lol
  11. *18 kills and 1 death* im guessing thats cod?? lol my best so far was 32 and 4 lol i got my copy back btw so we should play :)

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