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  1. Lonewolf


    woah! refreshments are on me!
  2. Lonewolf


    *pulls out a scratch table and starts djing with lights in the background*
  3. Lonewolf


    *enters looks around calmly for a while* ...... PAAAAAARRRRRRTTTTTTTYYYYY!!!!!!!!
  4. Lonewolf

    Squad 2 Zanpakuto Information

    because it's fun
  5. Lonewolf

    Squad 2 Zanpakuto Information

    my zp's name is shadow angel of darkness (full name). shikai: awaken from your sleep shadow! when shadow awakens the area around me gets dark. shikai lets me control shadows around the area and i can use it to blast my enemies similar to ichigo's attack. bankai: gives me dark wings made of sprirt energy so they can't be cut through the wings also give me unbelieveable speed and gives me a awesome offense and my shadow attacks are 2 times stronger than before the more i use bankai the more i start to lose control and the hollow within starts to take over.
  6. Lonewolf

    Boss Fight Result

    how do you know how the bossfight ended??????
  7. Lonewolf


    hey shinjiii welcome!
  8. Lonewolf


    wow Sairi is in a bad mood today. we r all doomed she will kill us all!!!!
  9. Lonewolf


    okay thats what i thought thanks!
  10. Lonewolf


    do you get anything for killing someone else? like more sp or money?