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    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 12] [Base ND: 8,970 - 10,170] [Remaining ND: 7,300 + 2,200 = 9,500] Seeing his companions clearly support him was gratifying in this situation. Connor had no expectations towards them, so the choice of action on their part left him feeling appreciative. They were collectively wronged, but that didn’t mean that they had to be as angry or upset as himself. Whatever their reason may be for the support, Connor naturally felt a slight sense of trust develop as a result of it. Both the Captain and the Commander made an effort to intervene and prevent the situation from escalating. The opinions of the superiors didn’t match the subordinates, and it was for this very reason that the fluctuations in Connor’s emotions and Reiatsu were quickly suppressed. ‘My reiatsu still goes out of control if I’m emotionally disturbed…’ This situation normally rarely happened, but the changes taking place on this Halloween night were enough that Connor wasn’t quite “normal”. That didn’t prevent him from taking notice of the Shinigami referred to as a Commander who had momentarily displayed a presence that was similar in nature to his own, or at least the elemental similarities. The conversation shifted after the two leaders berated the Shinigami away from being confrontational to apologetic, understanding, and informative. The new information was naturally surprising, especially considering that Connor knew of these spirits as well and had never seen any record of any possessing powers at this level. Ever so slightly, Connor felt his anger lessen faintly in favor of a trace amount of pity if the Captain’s theory were true. He also took note of the Commander’s opinion on the matter. By this point Connor’s reiatsu had returned to a natural state of suppression as he gave his two accusers a final glare. ‘I’ll leave it be, for now…’ It was at this point that people began to emerge from the mist to Connor’s right. What they had to say quickly made that tiny bit of pity fade and turn into disgust as he spoke quietly to himself, loud enough that his two nearby companions may have heard him. “It really is a damned cult…” His companions may not understand the context, but he recalled clearly cursing the voice early as a Cultist. This left him feeling slightly disturbed to see his angry curse turn out to be true. The group which went into the mist seemed to consist of the hopeless and the broken, which was the type Connor assumed would belong to a cult. That didn’t lessen the shock he felt towards people already giving up with so much of the night ahead. He glanced at his companions at this point as he thought of something. ‘I hope that neither of you will give in to this bullshit…’ His thoughts paused as he looked at the Shinigami ‘...Hell, I hope the same about you all too…’ It was at that point that the entire group was called out to from the direction of where the group had left. The beckoning was enough to clear what remained of the awkward atmosphere. Connor couldn’t help but speak to everyone in their group before he approached. “Guys, whatever you do, do not drink the kool-aid.” As he finished speaking the Captain went first and then Masato. Not wanting to be too slow Connor followed at this point after giving Tengu a final glance, hoping that he would also follow. When Connor received the greeting from Kiri, he made a point to apply strength gradually to roughly understand the fellow’s strength. As he neared the building his ability to sense presences had returned, and he was aware that the man in front of him as well as everyone within were spiritually aware. In this situation full of uncertainty Connor decided to escalate the common handshake into a test for the fellow with his physical strength and energy. He attempted to harmlessly push his energy into the man and see what kind of resistance would come of it to attempt to analyze the type and strength while his hand would tighten and force the fellow to match his own increase. It was rude to do so, but Connor was doing this relatively covertly to prevent it from escalating if the man himself didn’t speak about it. He was assuming that anyone still standing should have some strength, and being polite didn’t have priority in this situation. Outwardly, Connor naturally returned the handshake and slightly bowed in return as he spoke. “I’m Connor, nice to meet you.” After that, Connor would release the handshake and proceed inside himself. He listened to Kiri who followed shortly after as he explained the situation roughly, and eventually left to go comfort others. ‘Weird guy…’ Connor was surprised to see someone like Kiri who was taking time to take care of others in a situation where no one knew if they would see the morning. Connor didn’t immediately approach anyone as it seemed that quite a few people weren’t very welcoming of him. ‘My reiatsu again?’ It dawned on him immediately as he hadn’t actually encountered many weaker spiritually aware individuals. He couldn’t help but helplessly sigh as he looked at Masato and thought of Tengu who he expected to follow soon. ‘Maybe I can ask them for some tips on reiatsu control later…’ He didn’t speak to his companion who was approaching a couple as he listened in on the conversations and looked around the room. He was aware that it was for the best if he were to do the same and find out whatever he could in order for their group to face whatever was soon to come. He ruled out the people avoiding his gaze due to being uncomfortable, and the Shinigami as his gaze fell on another foreigner in a suit cleaning his guns. ‘Hmm?’ The man didn’t shy away at his gaze and simply continued his action, but it was the man’s status similar to himself that caused him to basically immediately approach him while taking note of the strange energy fluctuations in his surroundings. “You don’t look like you’re from around here either. I’m Connor,” He paused and considered extending his hand, but seeing the man busying himself decided not to before continuing. “It’s nice to meet you. Would you perhaps be willing to share information?” He spoke with the same casual smile that he always had, in a friendly tone. Actions: Tested Kiri's strength in the handshake and approached the Guy In A Suit Cleaning Revolver (Thomas), Updated Stats for "resting". -Abilities Used- -Turn Stats- Word Count: 1,062 Total Word Count: 1,982
  3. Kumo

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 12] [Base ND: 6,300 - 7,500] [Remaining ND: 4,680 - 150 = 4,530] A reply came very soon after Connor asked the Shinigami their thoughts. The one who spoke was the Captain from before who was making use of his orbs in some unknown way at this moment. "I am not one hundred percent certain but, based on what I have seen, this mist appears to feed on spiritual energy." Connor naturally nodded his head at this as he was likely the most painfully aware of this fact due to the steady release of reiatsu that he unwillingly had. It was a leak which he currently had no control over currently, so he was aware of the steady disappearance occurring. "If this lady Tomoe is behind this in someway, she pulls the souls from the bodies of humans as well and uses the mist to somehow animate and manipulate the bodies that have been drained of life. Their souls blend and become one with the mist, unable to escape and therefore unable to pass own eternally stuck to the mist and this cemetery..." This was another point that Connor had vaguely understood himself. The mist exiting the policeman had been the clearest indicator of its origin, granted he hadn’t considered it as clearly. Either way, he was willing to believe and agree with this point. It was then that the shinigami continued. "If that is the case, then the idea is by removing the source of this mist then the souls will be released and be allowed to move on or..." By this point, the Shinigami Captain’s gaze was focused on Tengu. "Potentially return the souls to their original source or form, meaning spirits assimilated may return and bodies may regain their soul to become one of the living." Connor appreciated this hopeful line of thought, whether it was true or not. He wasn’t particularly close to Tengu, but he could sympathize in this situation to be happy for him at the simple possibility. "Only if we deal with the source quickly, lest we become assimilated and your bodies become puppets for the unlucky few in the future to roam this cemetery." After a short pause the man finished, "Hopefully other Shinigami gathered more information to validate my theory." With these words another orb moved toward the left of the man into the mist quickly disappearing. Masato spoke shortly after the man finished asking an important question. "Is the average hollow capable of doing what this mist does?" Connor himself didn’t have an answer to the question as he hadn’t encountered a hollow yet, so he could only look to the Shinigami which should be experts on the matter. It was at this point that the previously silent unknown companion of the Captain spoke to answer. "I know all too well the nature of hollow's presence, overall power and capability, and the nature of which they have to consume all. But this.." Connor focused on the man who paused for a short moment, "These aren't souls being consumed for the purpose of gaining power, it's almost as if whoever or whatever is doing this; perhaps this 'Lady Tomoe', is trapping the souls of her victims and forcefully using them for her bidding as she pleases." A short pause followed this as this man passed a weapon to the Captain. ‘Zanpakuto?’ Connor was confused by this action, but it wasn’t his place to ask. He simply listened as it seemed that this person hadn’t finished speaking. "This is either a unique ability descending of a human nature." At this point Connor took note of the fact that the man was looking in Masato’s direction as he spoke once more. "Or it is a power held by a being of which we have yet to witness." Connor could tell that this was the final bit of what the man had to say after a short moment. Connor was about to speak when a voice came from the direction the captain’s orb had left in. "Captain Kusho is here, we need to inform him of what's going on." Connor looked in that direction to see two new shinigami, one of which simply supported the first one to speak. "Captain Kusho, former Commander Shizukesa, don'ean bother enertainin' these bastards! They know all 'bout da Mist and de entity Miss Lady Tomoe!" The man who supported the other was the first to speak again, and his first action was accusing the three of them. Connor noted the names of the two Shinigami which he had previously been speaking to as he loosened his control on reiatsu to roughly two thirds of his full potential in anger. Connor was furious at the sudden accusation, especially considering he had been attacked ever since his arrival. ‘Who the fuck are these guys?’ This was the only thought he had as he listened to the other man speak up. "Captain, Tenzaimon is right! The humans can't be trusted! They've been under the control of this Lady Tomoe from the start!" Connor took a deep breath as he glared directly at the two new arrivals who continued to report. "Our unit was already inside the cemetery at sunset and we even met up with a group of Fullbringers." The crude fellow with and accent interjected at this point. "Yeh, not these assholes, but some other ones. We rounded 'em up, wanted to keep 'em outta da way." ‘It wasn’t us and you’re still talking shit?!’ Connor’s reiatsu started gradually increasing in force with his anger at the new revelations. "That's right, but not of that mattered once the mist emerged. All the humans, all throughout the mist were suddenly under the control of Lady Tomoe! The guys with us broke free and attacked our unit. And it didn't just happen to us, another unit reported that the same thing happened to the humans they had eyes on!", The man paused and audibly took a breath before continuing. "Granted, some of the humans seemed to snap out of the trance for a while, but the fact still stands. This Lady Tomoe can potentially seize control of humans whenever she wants!" The straightforward fellow with an accept spoke immediately after in order to “clarify”. "Dats fancy talk for we can't trust 'em. Especially not wit da' heat we're expecting." Connor was ready to blow at this point. Without being given a chance to speak for himself, these two had repeatedly done their best to incriminate him and his two companions without having ever seen them. "I'm sure you three want the chance to clear your names and lucky for you, there is no need for a drawn out back and forth." After a short pause the man added, "Just answer this one question. At sunset, when the mist emerged, what exactly did you do? Where were you, how did you get there?" Connor was a patient man, but that was only when basic respect was given to him. The “offer” to prove his innocence itself was insulting as none of them had the right to judge him or his two companions. His reiatsu fully erupted at this point, along with his anger as he spoke without hesitation. “You come here and accuse me and my companions, after we fought our way here, of being controlled? Were you with us?! Who the fuck do you think you are to say all of that and never have seen us before!” Connor was basically roaring with anger and only paused long enough to take a breath and continue, “You two seem to be mistaken about something… We are not less than Shinigami in any way, and don’t need to prove ourselves to you! Do you hear us accusing your superiors of anything based on a “possibility”? NO! I won’t speak for my companions, but if you intend to treat me without respect and make demands of me then you should get the fuck out of here while you still can!” Lightning danced on his body as reiryoku overflowed with his angry roars. Connor hadn’t looked at the reactions of his companions, but he would never act submissively. Had he been aware of such a situation then he would have long since discussed it with Masato and Tengu, but to his knowledge there wasn’t anything like that which had occurred. The possibility of explaining himself never existed from the moment the two spoke unreasonably about him and his two companions. Connor was nearly finished after he expressed his anger vocally, but still added a moment later in a calmer tone. "If you didn't see us controlled, and don't know our situation, then why is it that you are able be so sure of yourselves? I can assure you, if we were the ones controlled at that time then there isn't any way the two of you would be standing here before us. Understand?" -Abilities Used- -Turn Stats- Word Count: 920
  4. Kumo

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 11] [Base ND: 6,300 - 7,500] [Remaining ND: 4,830 - 150 = 4,680] Now that the three were back together he considered whether or not he could let go of the thread. It had been helpful before, so now that they were in close proximity he didn’t know if the detriments of it were a good enough reason to release it. ‘I’ll hold onto it for now.’ He didn’t return an answer to Masato’s earlier comment, and simply maintained his grip in return to express that he wouldn’t release it for now. Whether this would be noticed by him or not was unknown to Connor, but he believed that Masato would be aware. “Yeah, I'm glad you guys are okay.” What Tengu said clearly lacked emotion, but based on the girl in his arms who wore a similar mask it was clear to Connor that the young man had a worse experience than himself. “Tengu-san, I apologize for not seeing that stone, are you alright?” Masato spoke next and enlightened him about what caused their unfortunate separation. ‘So it was a stone?’ Previously he had been momentarily disturbed by the sound causing him to miss the cause for his sudden descent. He had assumed that it had been related to the shriek from before. "I'm fine, Hizorashi-san. Don't worry about the stone, I don't think any of us saw it. Besides, I dropped you both out of the sky, so let's call it even?" Tengu’s reply made it clear that everything was because of that stone, but Connor hadn’t even been aware of it due to the debilitating sound that came just moments before. ‘I won’t mention that I didn’t even see it at all…’ Connor gave a slight downward nod to agree to what Tengu proposed. He would have been more surprised if the three had remained in the air during that situation even without the stone, so it didn’t bother him at all. “Is she…” Masato began to ask about the subject that Connor himself was curious about. Despite Masato not finishing it, the meaning was clear in this situation. "She's... my girlfriend. She's in the mist now." That news was like a bombshell to Connor who heard it as his mind blanked. He had constantly worried about a situation like this for his own loved ones, so seeing it happen to someone else was upsetting. He felt sympathetic about the situation, and was even personally saddened by the news. A single question was lurking in the back of his mind after hearing that. ‘What do you mean by in the mist?’ For just a moment Connor wished to ask that, but anger for his companion who seemed to be in shock at the situation pushed thought out as soon as it had appeared. “I’m sorry… I heard a name earlier… A person appeared before me fighting for some ‘Lady Tomoe’. I can’t be sure, but the defensive attitude made me believe that whoever caused this misfortune is this very person…” Connor spoke calmly for the most part, but by the end a slight tremble could be heard in his voice due to the anger at both the person responsible and the very situation. He only paused for a moment to steady his voice before speaking again. “We can’t let her, or anyone else involved in causing this nightmare get away with this…” It was spoken calmly, but compared to just a moment before there was a faint but apparent undertone of being enraged mixed into his tone. ‘Maybe, just maybe there is a way for us to fix this…’ This thought came to him, but he didn’t voice it to prevent giving false hope. The wailing in the distance suggested that the reanimated corpses couldn’t come much closer than they previously were. Connor couldn’t make heads or tails of what was going on. If this was a trap then he would think that they would continue to encroach closer, but that didn’t seem to be the case. Doubts about his own thoughts and assumptions were appearing as a result, so he could only go along with what his companions decided. At this point, Connor simply shifted his gaze to the nearby Shinigami. The person hadn’t spoken until now, but the fact remained that he was still standing nearby. “What is your opinion, Shinigami...san?” Connor asked this question in an effort to bring the silent members of the group into the conversation. There was also the potential for new information to be brought up with the inclusion of more people. -Abilities Used- -Turn Stats- Word Count: 691 Total Word Count: 3,624
  5. Kumo

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 9-10] [Base ND: 6,300 - 7,500] [Remaining ND: 5,130 - 300 = 4,830] Only a few seconds of running went by before Connor was able to come across the rapidly enlarging back of his cyan coat wearing companion. For the short time that he followed the thread, he was pleasantly surprised to find that it didn’t loosen and sag, but instead seemed to be constantly retracting as if Connor’s approach. ‘This...It reminds me of a leash for a dog…’ He immediately dismissed that thought to prevent himself from removing it instinctively. He couldn’t help but take not of the occasional slight jerks from the cyan thread. Considering their surroundings, it was easy for him to come to the conclusion that it must be the short moments that it was caught before freeing itself. ‘Now that I think about it, we’ve probably wrecked this place. That’s some bad juju…’ The image of the thread plowing through obstacles surfaced, along with countless damaged gravestones. ‘...A lot of bad juju..’ The clearer the image painted in his mind was, the more awkward he felt as a result. That slight awkwardness let him hide the fact that he was feeling somewhat responsible for the Policeman from before. The man had seemed to lose his life when the mist left him, and the only thing that let Connor cope with possibly ending a life was the fact that it could have equally been due to the mist’s influence. How this would affect him in the future would depend on the time after this night when he was left to thoroughly analyze this situation. For the time being, he relied on the mist and the limited injures he caused to shift the blame and maintain his calm. Connor quickly reached a few feet from Masato’s left and matched the pace of his companion. He didn’t know what to say at this moment, or ask the reason why he was going in this direction. They had just met a short time ago, and boundaries were a natural thing for most people. This meant that even in the best of moods Masato may not open up. Not to mention, that Connor could faintly feel that his demeanor had changed during this time. This caused Connor to only move silently along with only a faint, possibly unseen nod. The change wasn’t extremely apparent, but the reckless charging didn’t seem to suit what he knew of Masato. From his position at the side, there was only a faint frown that Connor could see of the bit of Masato’s face which wasn’t covered by his hood. ‘I guess something happened on his end too…’ Connor was slightly relieved by the thought that he wasn’t alone in his suffering slightly, even if he couldn’t confirm it at this moment. He simply assumed anything that could change a person’s demeanor that much would be similar to his own experience. For him, it was denial that allowed him to cope. ‘We can always talk about it after we get out of here.’ Connor calmed himself as the two of them continued to run forward, also taking advantage of the slower pace to recover his stamina as much as possible. He naturally took note of the other cyan thread extending in the direction that they were headed, almost as if the pair were following it. For Connor, that was a simple enough reason to go. It wasn’t long before they would find themselves meeting up with Tengu by following the thread. He was curious about the area that they were in as it was completely unfamiliar to him as a foreigner that didn’t understand the culture yet. The pair quickly reached a point of stone lanterns to find their other companion. ‘He’s waiting for us?’ This question flashed through his mind, but was quickly dismissed as he focused on the nearby Shinigami for a short moment. It was the same captain that he had seen previously at the entrance to the cemetery, and had left an impression on him. That didn't last long before his attention returned to his two companions. Connor was relieved to know that all three of them had made it back together after the short separation and spoke to his masked companion as he approached. “Looks like the gang's back together.” A slight relieved smile crept onto his face as he spoke as he felt like this was good news. Unknowingly Connor’s appreciation for companions had increased greatly after dealing with all the corpses so far. It was at this point that he noticed the woman in Tengu's arms who seemed lifeless similar to how the policeman had been a short while ago. In this case, it was clearly someone who the masked young man knew to be holding even now. 'Shit, this doesn't look good...' His smile faded as a result of his understanding leaving on a faint apologetic feeling in his gaze, but he still made a point to give a friendly nod to the Shinigami after speaking despite that. As for the lack of a crowd that had been present previously, he assumed that they had been separated into small groups similar to the three of them that would be herded here like they were. Despite the slight improvements to the situation, Connor still remained alert towards his surroundings in preparation for any unexpected occurrences. This reunion had allowed him to more easily suppress his thoughts towards the other various matters that weighed on his mind after the short time in the cemetery. -Abilities Used- -Turn Stats- Word Count: 913 Total Word Count: 2,933
  6. Kumo

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 8] [Base ND: 6,300 - 7,500] [Remaining ND: 5,280 - 150 = 5,130] Connor’s attacks were successful on The policeman causing another trail of blood to appear on the man’s body soaking his clothes at inner portion of his right knee to match the bleeding of his left chest. His second strike had landed cleanly, but as it did he vaguely felt a sense of crisis. After experiencing it once with his body just a short moment ago, he could feel the faint sensation of his opponent’s energy in the air once more. ‘Move!’ It was this thought and his overwhelming willpower that caused one of his techniques to activate. His mind blanked as his energy surged, all that remained of his thoughts for this split second was the command to move which he gave himself. Other than that, his senses were heightened to a monstrous level which allowed him to clearly grasp the attack for just that split second. Despite being unable to see, the area within ten or so feet was clear and distinct due to his other senses painting a perfect imagine for himself. This allowed him to judge the distance and move accurately as he merely made a small hop backwards so quickly that an observer would even believe that he had moved before the attack itself began. The new position left him standing merely inches from where the attack fell allowing him to observe it from the closest distance possible while being unharmed. [1] His previous attack hadn’t halted due to his movements, it even seemed as though that backwards movement had added to the policeman’s momentum as Connor turn to see him tumbling forward. In his turning motion Connor’s spear had already swept out and towards his opponent. At that moment, there wasn’t any clear target but it was possible to adjust its course when it was closer. What he didn’t expect was that the attack which landed had been much more serious than expected as the man simply kneeled with the support of his left leg in a seemingly unwilling manner. "Mark my words, criminal scum. You will not escape judgement. You will not harm Lady Tomoe." This was what the man had to say at this moment in a clearly defiant manner before a stream of darker mist exited from his orifices and rose upwards. “Damn, what is it with this country and their false accusations?” Connor couldn’t help but quietly ask himself that question before speaking again in a loud voice directed at the fading stream of mist. “I’ll have you know that I am pretty much a law abiding citizen, biased asshole!” The kneeling body had collapsed to the ground with a dull thud by the time he finished speaking. With no signs of life remaining Connor was finally able to take a deep breath and relax after fully exerting himself for that short period of time. ‘What was that nonsense about hurting Lady Tomoe?’ With a chance to think over the situation, this was what stuck out to him. ‘Is he referring to the same damned person that was shrieking earlier?’ "You poor things... Misguided and stranded... lost and afraid... why do you fight? Why do you struggle? Don't you understand, there is no escape from the Niebla Nefasta. Your efforts are wasted. You need not tire or fear... embrace the mist... accept your fate and I will comfort you to the end of your days." As if aware of his thoughts a voice sounded from all directions, yet seemingly next to his ear. It was hoarse and quiet, but there were still faint similarities to the shriek from before causing Connor to connect the two to the same person and naturally assigned the name Tomoe to it in his mind. The sound was reminiscent of someone who had screamed and cried until their voice began to fail them, yet it still carried hints of a female within. After a moment to analyze what was said, and the voice that spoke Connor made a point to reply. “Poor thing? I don’t need your pity. Misguided? Coming from someone snatching up people to ‘comfort until the end of their days’ that sounds like a joke.” Connor was torn between his anger and desire to mock the voice at this moment as he continued to speak. “Stranded? Maybe for now, but not forever. Lost? You’re mistaken, mist or no we’re still at the old cemetery from before. Afraid? All I feel for you and your ways is disgust. Why do I fight? Because I can! Why do I struggle?! Because some bitch who disturbs the dead while dragging people into her cult doesn’t warrant my submission!! You won’t break my will with mere words, so we’ll see soon if my efforts are wasted and if there is truly no escape. To me, you seem like the one desperate for the comfort that you offer to others.” Connor’s pride caused his anger to soar, and voice to roar out part of the way through. He paid no heed to the familiar wails coming from the mist, clearly allowed to sound unimpeded by this Lady Tomoe. His hearing allowed him to distinguish the direction of the sound, and the direction that seemed to be where she was leading him with her deliberate actions. He could have easily went that way as intended, but he wasn’t willing to rush into what was likely a trap so readily. Before he did anything else, Connor made a point to approach the seemingly lifeless body of the policeman that still remained. It appeared to be clearly alive before, yet a closer inspecting now made it appear closer to a fresh corpse. The flowing warm red blood was the only indication Connor had that this wasn’t someone buried recently. The blood flow wasn’t too extreme as it seemed the heartbeat had stopped based on his unprofessional inspection. Alive or not, the fact still remained that the damage was made by Connor’s full strength which could shatter an average person. If the policeman’s body wasn’t strengthened then it wouldn’t have survived, so he didn’t worry further about the well being of the man. ‘If you’re dead, then you can only blame that Tomoe.’ This was Connor’s general thought as he thoroughly frisked the man for any and all coins kept on his person as well as any potential lost in the general area of their fight. Lightning flowed from his palm and into the handful of coins quickly causing those basic materials to melt and flow through the gaps of his fingers. He clenched his left hand which had held them all causing the last bits of flowing metal to be squeezed out. “Just to be safe…” He gave the man a long look as he turned his attention to the cyan thread that wrapped around his right hand and choose to follow that to Masato at full speed unfazed by the constant wailing in the surroundings. The direction of whom seemed to be where he had assumed Lady Tomoe intended for them to go. “I guess this was bound to happen…” -Abilities Used- -Actions- [All Abilities are detailed in the spoiler above] -Turn Stats- Word Count: 1,105 Total Word Count: 2,020
  7. Kumo

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 7] [Base ND: 6,300 - 7,500] [Remaining ND: 6,000 - 150 = 5,850] Connor’s first attack had landed just as his opponent caught the coin in his hand. Connor couldn’t clearly see which side it landed on, but he assumed that it was an important factor for determining the direction of the attack and had the intention of finding a pattern as of this moment. He expected to trade attacks at that moment mentally, but had showed no signs of slowing his second attack. What surprised him was that it was his opponent’s body that was receiving the energy he expected to target him at that moment. He had noticed this fact first with the feeling transmitted through his spear, and then his eyes. Connor was more sensitive to reiryoku changes than most, and even his regular five senses were beyond the norm, but he still wasn’t aware of the sudden burst until the opponent was moving. The mist made it difficult for him to discover attacks of this nature. It was merely the dragging sensation that was transmitted that allowed him to notice so quickly, followed by a strong push from below that even altered the angle of his spear thrust as the policeman rose above it. Relying on this sensation he immediately tilted his head upward and was able to steadily follow the silhouette of his opponent upward with his eyes. There was only a slight pause as his spear halted and followed his opponent upward. The slicing sensation stopped around the middle part of the policeman’s abdomen as it increased in depth gradually the entire way down due to the sudden change of position taking place. Connor’s ability to stop so quickly was related to his aversion to causing fatal damage to someone still alive, so as the target changed he had immediately restrained the thrusting action. He was adept at manipulating the spear and had used his left hand had pushed downward on the end of his spear, and upward with his right causing the spearhead to trail slightly behind the policeman with a faint trickle of blood running down it. His imparted style was straightforward and overwhelming, so he tended to focus on attacking more than defending. By attacking with very little pause the actions of others would be limited, and this could be considered Connor’s specialty. Connor brought his left foot forward and took another step forward with his right to keep his spear moving as close to his opponent as possible as the policeman’s body continued to rise up. His ability to see his opponent was weakening making the upper body of his opponent hazy. It was at that moment that he noticed a sudden wave of energy was smashing down onto him. The sudden and unexpected nature of the attack caught him off guard, and by the time he realized that an attack was just above him there were two options. First, he could give up attacking to use his rising spear to strike with a counter force. Second, he could simply rely on the strength of his body to overcome it. Connor didn’t hesitate to choose the second option as he held steady and continued to move his spear in pursuit. When the attack reached him there was only an apparent drop in Connor’s shoulders for a moment as he adjusted to the force. With the power spread over a wider area the attack lacked penetration power and relied on the crushing force to do damage. Had it not been for his excessive strength then Connor may have immediately been slammed into the ground on impact. In this case he was able to rely on the skillful use of bringer’s light to spread the force over a wider area causing faint cracks to spread outward in all directions for ten feet as the ground for the entire area lowered two inches as a result. [1] ‘Asshole!’ His body ached all over as if a violent wave of water washed over him, but his spear was still following closely throughout the process without pause due to his sacrifice. His focus was on his opponent whose body didn’t stop moving upward as the attack had fallen relying on the still visible lower body to be able to accurately judge the position of the torso and estimate the position of the policeman’s arms and head and almost instantly decide on a target. His spear didn’t pause as it closed the less than a foot distance To perform an accurate piercing cut on the inner side of the policeman’s right knee and strike whatever tendons he could to limit the man’s mobility. [2] That extension would cause Connor’s spear to extend between the policeman’s legs at an upward angle. A quick turn of the wrist was enough to change the blade positioning of the spear to a vertical one as he immediately pushed his left hand out from himself and pulled his right towards him causing the spear shaft and spearhead to move towards his opponent’s back area as it extended past the knee that would either smack into him or potentially cut at the man’s groin. [3] The goal of this action was to do damage, and possibly even follow through to slam his opponent into the ground behind himself if it connection on the man’s back area. If it landed in the groin then it was likely to ruin this police officer’s manhood, but that was a risk that Connor was willing to take. ‘At least it’s not my own, right?’ -Abilities Used- -Actions- [All Abilities are detailed in the spoiler above] -Turn Stats- Word Count: 915
  8. Kumo

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 6] [Base ND: 6,300 - 7,500] [Remaining ND: 6,400 - 150 = 6,250] Connor’s quick combo succeeded from the second attack onward. His jab had been the most telegraphed attack allowing his opponent to slip the punch. His following body shot landed squarely, as did the following kick. Connor was clear on the effect that his attack would have on his opponent, so he knew that this would be the best time to continue following up his attacks. “Damn you!” This was what Connor heard just as he prepared to do so, allowing his opponent to open up some distance between the two. The sudden cursing had surprised him as he didn’t expect that much awareness from someone controlled by the mist. ‘This fool is letting himself be controlled?’ This thought passed through Connor’s mind as he moved forward six feet in pursuit. Their distance to each other would roughly be what it was just moments ago before Connor had attacked when the Policeman stopped. The only difference between then and now was that Connor could more accurately judge his opponent’s level from his ability to take damage due to his two successful attacks. ‘It should be fine to use my spear then, right?’ The reasoning that he felt more comfortable doing so was that his opponent seemed tough enough to not die from a spear attack or two, so there wasn’t any need for him to hesitate about the matter more than he already had. Since his range was about to increase greatly, Connor had no need to pursue his opponent even further at this moment. As his opponent was coming to a stop at the edge of his vision Connor had already extended his left hand forward aimed to his right, placing the direction of his point roughly a few inches above the Policeman’s shoulder and a foot away from it. The ring on his hand let out a faint shimmer as his hand started to move at a slight downward diagonal angle. His spear appeared almost instantly like a flash causing the shaft of his spear to appear in that space with plenty to spare as nearly two feet of it including the spearhead extended behind his opponent. He didn’t complicate the attack further, and relied solely on his speed and the suddenness of the attack to smash at his opponent’s left shoulder at the height he would expect a coin to flip to. [1] His intentions were to interrupt the Fullbring usage or simply prevent it entirely by damaging the arm and possibly even intercepting the coin if he were lucky. Not to mention, he was still wary of his opponent as there wasn’t any guarantee that his technique from moments ago had cancelled the attack that his opponent prepared. This fact, as well as the possibility of more corpses being drawn to him caused him to not lower his guard against the mist. His smashing attack had been made while avoiding a follow through force meaning that his opponent would at most be pushed a few steps to the left if it landed. Connor’s next action was the skillful and fluid turning of his body at the waist along with pulling back his left arm and adjusting his standing position which caused his spear to shift back in front of his opponent whether he moved or not. By this point Connor’s stance had his right side forward towards his opponent, with his left hand positioned at roughly the end of his spear, and his right as far forward as comfortably possible. At this distance, Connor’s skill was enough to allow him to accurately aim at his opponent’s right shoulder with this stab in an attempt to incapacitate the other arm as well almost immediately after his last attack. [2] If it were to hit then it was likely that that right shoulder joint as well as the bones would face serious damage. Connor didn’t simply rely on arm strength to make this strike, and also stepped forward with the thrust meaning that it would easily extend at least three to four feet beyond where his opponent’s body was. It was an attack that wasn’t fatal, and could be recovered through certain techniques but would easily cause an opponent to be incapacitated. He could calmly attack at this moment simply because these attacks weren’t meant to be fatal. -Abilities Used- -Actions- [All Abilities are detailed in the spoiler above] -Turn Stats- Word Count: 712
  9. Kumo

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 5] [Base ND: 6,300 - 7,500] [Remaining ND: 6,800 - 150 = 6,650] It was possible to count the moments since the trio had regrouped, barely enough time for any considerations to the question he had just asked, before the dreadful and seemingly endless sounds of the corpses carried faintly through the mist. Despite their quiet steps, when hundreds were grouped together and moving uniformly it resembled the sounds of an army marching in the distance. With taut nerves Connor observed the surroundings aware that there was soon to be more coming their way as he awaited any reply. It was only when a full encirclement of wailing corpses appeared that a reply came. “Time for a tactical retreat!” This came from his masked companion who had already started reaching for their arms by the time Connor turned his vision back. With the previous words Connor was believed that Tengu must have a plan, so he accepted the grab to his left arm. Connor made a point to quickly revert his spear back to a ring in order to prevent the weight from affecting their escape. “Don’t let go!” With the reminder he gripped his companions arm just as firmly as Tengu had his own. What followed was a unique experience as Tengu carried Masato and himself into the sky. What followed wasn’t the natural arc of descent, but a continued momentum through the misty sky. “Nice!” Connor couldn’t help but exclaim as he realized what was occurring. He had gotten used to being in the sky by now, and could essentially run through it on his own. If it was just that then he could even take the two along at a faster speed, but it wasn’t. Unlike what Connor knew, his masked companion was flying freely while carrying two people. It was something unique which earned his appreciation. They were moving rapidly, to the extent that Connor felt a strange feeling of being stuck due to remaining in the mist. Based on this speed, it should have been possible to leave a cemetery this size within several moments, and yet there wasn’t any noticeable sign of exiting. ‘I think I’m starting to hate mist.’ He could only consider this to be another unique aspect of the mist, manipulating us to prevent our exit. "Connor, your Reiatsu was able to clear a bit of the mist for a short while. I'm going to try it, you guys keep your eyes open for anything that can point us in the right direction." Tengu was the first to break the silence that came with their abrupt retreat. Almost immediately after came the rapid expansion of the mist into a bubble similar to the one that had been around him earlier. With the expansion Connor felt more comfortable as he could once more clearly see, and there clearly weren’t any reanimated corpses nearby allowing him to relax slightly. It was only slightly, yet it was in this moment of relaxation that a disturbing shriek sounded. Connor uncontrollably winced at the sound which was amplified in his ears, making it clear to him that it was from all directions. It was as if the mist itself had carried this sound to target them and their souls at this moment. The tone and pitch was reminiscent of a woman, but it was even more eerie and monstrous than that of the undead that he had seen before. For just a moment he felt an ache originating from what felt like his very bones and a painful tightness within his chest. His sense of hearing was still being assaulted by what seemed like vague echoes of the sound hidden within a distinct ringing. This continued for a moment even after it ended, along with a distinct pain behind his ears that felt as if something had drilled into that point. There was also an uncontrollable nausea and weakness that appeared in his body at some unknown time. It reminded Connor of the times he had been sick in the past, excluding the faint emptiness that he felt. “I have never wanted to hit a woman more…” Connor murmured to himself as he collected his thoughts and adjusted his body, at the same time going against the norm for his generation by assuming gender due to the faint distinctions which he had made previously. It was something done half jokingly in order to calm himself, and half truthfully because it was a unique kind of suffering. The first thing that he noticed after overcoming his disoriented state was that his fists were clenched the entire time letting him maintain the grip he previously had on Masato’s thread, and the second was the rapidly approaching ground in front of his face as he opened his eyes. Other than that, he noticed the distinct absence of the arm that had been holding him previously in the flight. ‘We were separated? ...Wait, no, I still have this.' Connor’s attention returned to the thread once more, hoping that his companions were still on the other side of it. It was by this point that he was slightly more than an arm’s length away from the ground. There wasn’t anymore time for consideration as he immediately extended his left hand to come into contact with the ground. As it did so Connor made use of a Bringer’s Light application to disperse the force of movement into the area, and it was only when his arm was half bent with his face only a few inches from the ground that the force was gently spread into his surroundings allowing him to lightly push off and flip forward to gently land. The only sign of the previous nosedive was the faint gust that spread out after his hand approached the ground. Where he found himself was a path made of smooth and uniform stone bricks with a stone construct standing a few feet tall at the side and a few more silhouettes in similar shapes hidden in the mist. It was apparent that it was a uniform feature for the path itself, yet it was all foreign and unknown to Connor. The thread held in his right hand was trailing off into the mist, yet he was unable to follow it at this moment. A policeman was standing in front of him roughly six feet away, silently gazing at him as if he had been waiting for this moment that they would meet. It was disturbing, but not more so than the uncharacteristic paleness and seemingly emotionless gaze from the man staring at him flipping a coin as mist steadily poured out of his mouth. Connor could feel something was off as he watched the rising and falling mist giving off faint vibrations of excessively powerful reiryoku from the policeman who Connor felt little power from. The demeanor was too calm and lacking tension for someone who had been dragged in moments earlier, yet there were still the apparent signs of life coming from the man that would insinuate that he had only entered recently. These factors were a testament to the strangeness, and also the first things that Connor noticed at a glance. Had it been anywhere else then he could have accepted such things calmly, but within this cemetery full of mist any sign of strangeness could also be considered a sign of danger. He was torn about whether to fight for a moment, but the energy bursts continued to rise and fall rhythmically with the flipping of the coin allowed Connor to resolve himself for combat calmly. “How about… I call heads?” Connor spoke at the next flip of the coin, instantly shooting forward as it left the hand of the man. He didn’t immediately summon his spear due subconsciously fearing the accidental and uncontrollable death of the man if he failed to exercise restraint. The only restriction on his combat strength was this, and that was based more on his aversion to killing than necessity. In his approach Connor made a point to avoid the areas that bursts of energy had previously appeared as golden arcs of electricity danced up and down his body once more. His speed and condition peaked at this moment, but that didn’t prevent him from gathering strength in each arm. The difference between the two was that his right was silent like the eye of a storm while his left displayed overbearing might as it glowed gold with a dragon coiling around the length of his forearm. It was slightly misleading, and Connor intentionally took advantage of that as he approached with his right hand up like the guard of a boxer but his left was held by his left side in a karate like manner. The stance positioning was overall a southpaw stance if you excluded the left arm positioning, so his approach was led by his slightly forward right side. The few feet between them were nothing for people such as Connor who moved at nearly transcendent speeds, so it was almost instantaneous that he could be seen shifting forward. He drew on his momentum that suddenly stopped to launch his right fist forward as an unparalleled jab at the policeman’s nose with all of his right arm’s strength focused within. [1] As his right drew back his left shot forward forming a fluid one-two commonly seen in boxing. The target of his left wasn’t the jaw, but the solar plexus at a somewhat tricky angle for the opponent as he stepped into it with his left foot slightly. The Dragon around his arm once more let friction create thunder to augment his strike with vibrations, but this time instead of completely dispelling it the dragon merged with his arm. The vibrations focused into his arm causing faint twitching, but he unleashed his strike at full power despite that. [2] He couldn’t be sure if they struck right away, but it didn’t slow him down as he willed his body forward even when it didn’t wish to move. An electric energy surged through his mind and body as it danced across his eyes giving him the chance to push his limits once more. He followed closely to his opponent in the sequence of movements, and as his left arm was pulled back to his left side more tightly his right elbow swung horizontally at his opponent’s jaw as a feint. He would avoid actual contact by the slightest margin while following all the way through on the elbow strike’s momentum to rotate his body tightly on his right foot to unleash a heel strike at his opponent with his left left into his opponent’s left hip. [3] After that, he could pursue no longer and quickly adjusted his stance while focusing on his opponent to see the result of his attacks or any incoming attacks at himself. -Abilities Used- -Actions- [All Abilities are detailed in the spoiler above] -Turn Stats- Word Count: 1,790 Total Word Count: 5,021
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    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 4] [Base ND: 6,300 - 7,500] [Remaining ND: 6,950 - 150 = 6,800] Connor was vaguely able to hear the sounds of combat coming from the area just beyond the five remaining wailing corpses, but hadn’t focused his attention enough to make out what was being said. All he could understand was that they were in combat similar to himself and assisting each other. A few moments ago he had managed to witness the ten or so which had been focused on the thread connecting himself to Masato be finished with relative ease. The signs of combat let him know that his companions were still safe, so Connor relaxed the slightest bit as a result. He was prepared to charge forward and finish what seemed to be the last of the corpses in his area in order to provide whatever support he could when he felt the thread wrapped around his right hand tighten towards Masato’s direction. That also happened to be directly on the other side of the corpses standing in his way. Connor had the strength to resist, but already had the intention to charge forward so he simply relied on that pulling force to rush at his opponents. His following actions were predetermined, so Connor had already prepared by loosening the grip of his left hand that had become the only one holding allowing his left hand near the end to slide forward. For a moment it seemed as if the spear remained still as his body jerked forward, but only until his left hand had reached roughly the middle of the nine feet and nine inch long spear. At that moment his hand became an iron clamp which held it firmly from that middle position with the tip pointed downward while his arm caused it to trail somewhat behind him at a backwards angle. It went unnoticed to Connor due to his strength, but the spearhead dug into the ground as he moved forward. As he moved forward an arc of electricity rose off of his left arm from around the bend of his elbow and rapidly coiled around the length of his forearm only a few inches. It shifted forms from an arc of electricity to a solid gold spring, and then once more to take on the shape of a Dragon similar to the one which coiled around his spear. His arm itself was clearly glowing gold as the dragon shaped coil formed. This action was merely a prelude for the move that would soon follow. His strength rapidly built in preparation to unleash a devastating attack at his opponent. His left hand was clenched tightly around his spear as arcs of electricity appears on the length of it as well. Connor adjusted his posture just as he was in front of the group that was also moving towards him, and strongly used his right leading foot to stop himself. His left arm was already raised to his side by this point, his hand positioned so that the spear seemed to be stabbing forward initially. It was only once it moved forward in front of his body that the rotation made it apparent that this wasn’t a spear strike, but one made with his fist. It made no difference to the corpses without intelligence, all five lunged at him side by side without a care for his actions. Connor’s target was the middle one of the five bodies. Each was so disfigured that gender and identity were a mystery, only their varying heights gave some insight as to which belonged to what gender based on the average heights. In the heat of the moment, his focus was on unleashing his attack and not observing their appearance. Most of the way through the swing Connor dispelled the coil which was focused on heating and displacing the air. This caused the cool air to rapidly crash against his energy clad arm in the next moment, and that energy full of vibrations was then drawn back in and channeled into his fist. Just as his clenched fist made contact, the vibrating force was focused to the maximum and unleashed into the chest of the middle rotten body. The spear shaft on either side of him smashed into two wailers with similar force. Vibrations were carried through the metal of the spear causing all five to shake disgustingly, nearly to the point of rupturing all five bodies instantly. [6] Cracking sounds came like firecrackers due to this attack, but the wailing still hadn’t ceased. By not following all the way through, Connor had prevented the bodies from launching away from him. Each seemed ready to collapse, but they persisted in reaching for him. He instinctively followed up his attack by lowering his body and making use of the depressions in the five bodies from the strike to push up and lift all five slightly off their feet and bring them off balance. Quickly taking a half step forward, Connor followed pushing his fist forward causing them to completely start to fall backwards. Finally, his fist and spear followed them and released all of the pent up vibrating energy through the five bodies and into the ground of the cemetery causing the ground to shake under his immense strength and the vibrations hidden within the strike. [7] After Connor removed himself and his spear from the gory scene, he realized the brutal scenery surrounding him with several ruined bodies in his surroundings. As his attention was finally able to roam, it was impossible to prevent his natural bodily reaction from acting up as he took several steps away and vomited his earlier meal completely. It was only when the pulling of the thread continued that Connor stopped and looked in that direction somewhat embarrassed. Both were similar in age to himself, so he had to wonder how they would react to this situation. Either way, he used his strength to force the thread to pull him at a walking pace at first. As it steadily drew him forward, the strength weakened as Connor noticed the sight of his two companions in relatively good shape. He could only assume that he had also been seen causing the force on the thread to relax. “It’s good to see you both okay, but what do we do now?” Connor asked this question because he was somewhat stumped. He would be able to move alone, but he didn’t know what awaited him if he were to do so. In the end, without any particular plan in mind, he chose to ask the opinions of others in hopes that they had something in mind. Otherwise, he suspected that there would be several more corpses in the near future. Wave Info: Attacks Used: 7 | Attacks Remaining: 1 -Abilities Used- -Turn Stats- Word Count: 1,111 Total Word Count: 3,231 OOC: I don't know what implications it may have, but Connor did strike the ground with his full force alongside a technique which channels vibrations due to thunder. I mentioned the ground shaking, but not to what extent. I'm hoping that it can be addressed in the next post what the result of that would be.
  11. Kumo

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 3] [Remaining ND: 7,100 - 150 = 6,950] What Connor was greeted with upon turning wasn’t the sight of his companions, but of the thread that rose from the ground in a gentle incline towards the direction they had been. The rest of it closest to Connor loosely laid on the ground due to extending so far while he had returned to roughly the same starter position. ‘What a nice jacket.’ His mind wandered at this moment as he peered as far as he could into the mist. He struggled to see anything at all, but at most there seemed to be an extremely vague silhouette who Connor could barely trace the thread back to. ‘Ah, it’s Masato.’ The realization let Connor somewhat shake off the downcast feeling he had. It also allowed him to recall the strange voice he had heard. ‘Was it announcing...Baseball?’ It was a bit unbelievable to imagine something like that here, but he had clearly caught bits and pieces of what was said to know that it had been the case just a moment before. “Are you guys okay?” It was Masato’s voice that came at this time, expressing that he had handled whatever he faced well enough to be concerned about others. Connor was in the process of opening his mouth to reply when his words caught in the back of his throat. What suppressed those words was the faint sound of creaking from above. He recognized it was the noise produced when a tree limb held weight, and immediately looked up. What appeared was more undead abominations leaping at him from above, and from all sides more than ten charged out from the mist just beyond the distance he could sense. Understanding dawned on almost immediately when he saw this. These several had moved into the trees while his attention was drawn elsewhere by the other group, and due to their lightweight frames they had been able to climb and stand in the trees almost unnoticed. The others took advantage of their companions sneak attack to charge at him. The biggest difference compared to the previous time was that Connor being mentally prepared for what he had to do and was able to instantly suppress his hesitation. Immediately the ring on his left hand released a faint glow as it became a nine feet and nine inch long in his left hand. He held it roughly two feet from the end completely vertical with his arm slightly raised above his shoulder. The result of this action was that two of the undead descending towards him impaled themselves on his spear. A slight turn of the wrist allowed a third to land on it as well. There was no effort required on his part, and he simply had to hold it steady has one zombie was pierced through the chest, the second through the eye socket, and the last through the throat turning their force against them. The weight and momentum of their bodies caused them to slide down slightly less than halfway down the shaft while the others continued their descent. The two had been the only ones directly above him, so with their descent halted he now had the ability to avoid the onslaught of the others. He stepped on the ground relying on his excessive physical strength to propel him, his spear, and the three bodies upward in a seemingly lightweight manner. The momentum caused the bodies to slide further down the spear until the chest of the first one reached his hand. This gave the closest one the chance to claw at him as it wailed furiously at him. Around the time it came close enough, Connor had extended his hand fully upward and stepped on the back of the head of a separate zombie causing it’s orientation to be ruined. As his foothold performed a head first dive into the ground, the one that could reach Connor while impaled was just inches from reaching his face with its attack. As for the other two, it was all they could do to flail around the ones in front to no avail. The longer Connor looked at it from this distance, the more he felt that what he face lacked any and all similarity to humans. The pressure he felt was lessening as his calm returned to him in this moment. While calm it was easy for Connor to rely on the experience that his teacher beat into him to strike efficiently and skillfully against most opponents. The tip of a finger reached Connor’s forehead just as his momentum ran out around twelve feet in the air, but before any damage could be done his arm swung downward. The three bodies could only shriek as the helplessly reached towards him, but that didn’t stop them from sliding towards the spearhead in a similar way to how the ended up so close to him. This swing used the flat of the spearhead to catch a fourth body as the swing followed through in an arc until it reached just a few feet above the zombie that he forced into the ground head first. The three initially impaled came down at an extreme speed smashing into the fourth at the tip and onto the still grounded zombie. The result was the rotten corpses turning into something that could be likened to mush with even Connor unable to tell what rotten flesh and body parts belonged to which one. [1] “That’s five down…” In an attempt to push himself into a trance for combat, Connor focused not on the gore but the tally of defeated. He spoke quietly to reinforce that while he landed on the head of the only zombie remaining of those who had come from above. The force of his landing slammed its forehead into the ground, and was immediately followed by a greater force of a stomp by Connor bursting its head underfoot. [2] “..and that’s six.” His spear had been stabbed into the ground slightly less than an arm’s length away from where he landed during his descent. A moment ago, his action of jumping brought the ones on the ground to a pause. He glanced around, turning his upper body slightly to see what was present over his shoulder. ‘Still manageable.’ He had quickly assessed the situation and could confidently say that thirteen was well within his limits considering the length of his weapon. The group seemed to have a unified mentality as they seemed to want to simultaneously assault him rather than give him the chance to take them on one by one. It felt like several moments passed, but to Connor it was only fractions of seconds. Almost immediately after he landed they proceeded to charge, and it was then that Connor moved rapidly to take hold of his spear at roughly the midway point with his left. In one smooth motion Connor extended his left hand across his chest with the spear just below shoulder height, and then swung his left arm towards his left side at a slightly downward angle. His grip loosened momentarily as the shaft smoothly slid in his grip placing his hand at the end end it tightened once more. The swing wasn’t a heavy one, but it swept through the legs of slightly less than half the group and the majority of the left side, causing six to have their legs swept. His action caused the seven still standing to immediately hasten their from around his right side. Rather than panic, Connor simply turned his body to the left as they rushed. His next action was to rapidly raise and place the end of his spear directly in front of the wide open mouth of the foremost one. The tip of the spear was raised from the ground and could be seen placed just inches from the head of one of the six grounded ones, and it was in that split second before the charging one made contact that Connor completely released his grip allowing the force of the one rushing at him to impale the grounded one and smashed through the back of its throat. Connor quickly sidestepped to his right as he released his grip placing him at roughly the center of his spear once more. He had manipulated one zombie into harming itself and another of its kind with his actions, but he didn’t pause as he grabbed it with an underhanded grip with his left hand and move his arm roughly ten inches towards his left. Next, he abruptly turned his hand over causing the one still pushing forward on his spear to be lifted upward at an arc that would bring it around to land on the one that Connor’s spearhead had just left causing both to cease all movement. [3] “Eight down..” With a rapid change of hands after the direction flipped, Connor was now holding the spear with his right hand roughly three feet from the end. He swept his spear out again, only this time to his right. His target was the downed five to ensure they remained on the ground and he knocked on their weight bearing limbs once again. Had they been a living people, they would have been able to recover much easier. Unfortunately, Connor didn’t give them the chance to make up for their poor dexterity as he hopped over the downed few to his right just as the remaining six were upon him. He rotated his body as he seemed to glide through the air from the force produced by his left foot. The new position allowed him to take note of the thread around his right hand that kept jerking and shaking as it passed through the horde and into the mist behind them. From his current position several feet from his original, Connor could only vaguely make out shadows on the mist near the thread. In front of him were six zombies pushing down their five downed members in an effort to rush at Connor faster. Whatever semblance of unity they had previously was collapsing in the face of their overwhelming instinct to target him. He tuned out the unsettling sounds that were constantly being produced and raised his focus as high as possible at the sight. After lowering their numbers and disrupting their formation he was able to reach the turning point for the battle. Connor wasn’t aware of the strength of his companions, so there was a growing sense of urgency to go assist them if possible. At his fastest speed Connor shot forward diagonally to the left. As he approached his target location Connor changed his grip causing the spear to be held roughly in the middle with his right hand from below, and his left extended to the side until it reached the end to hold it from above. The zombie was turning towards him as he planted his left foot and used his left hand to push his spear forward. It slid through his relatively loose right hand as it almost instantly reached the throat interrupting the wails of one undead. Rather than stop after the successful strike, Connor used skillful wrist and hand movements to bring the attack to life as it went on to accurately stab through two more throats behind the first. [4] With his right foot holding his weight, Connor brought his left foot forward forward and almost instantly reversed his grips to place his left and right where the other had been previously. With his left hand serving as a pivot, Connor pushed his right forward at a downward diagonal angle causing the three bodies to lift off the ground and swing to his left on the spear like a pendulum. With those three suddenly removed from the space, the furthest away three among the six rushed into the space without any consideration for their safety just as Connor had expected. At that moment the three bodies pierced on his spear were horizontal as these three came into range of his spear for a smashing attack. At that moment, his hands jerked his spear and and launched a diagonal smashing attack with the shaft of the spear. The sudden force ripped the heads from the three previously pierced by his spear off as a consequence of the action, while the spear shaft smashed into the right shoulder area of the three new ones instantly causing damage. Following all the way through with the swing, Connor smashed the three undead into the ground as entirely bursting through their bodies and breaking the ground underneath. [5] “Five more to go…” Turning his attention back to the five remaining, Connor retreated back as they were finally allowed onto their feet to target him. _______________________________________________________________________ Wave Info: Attacks Used: 5 | Attacks Remaining: 3 -Abilities Used- -Turn Stats- Word Count: 2,120
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    Canvas of the misfortune

    it’s beautiful, and you are my hero.
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    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Remaining ND: 6,050 - 150 = 5,900] Moments after he finished speaking Connor cocked his head to the side slightly, listening to the muffled rumbling of thunder. It’s directional sound suggested it was above them, yet there hadn’t been any previous signs suggesting that it would storm. ‘Either that was another aspect of this mist, or it’s likely there is a new arrival…’ The unnatural appearance of a phenomenon like thunder at this time was enough for Connor to be aware that something had changed about the situation. His thoughts favored a new arrival as there wasn’t any previous ‘stormy’ sensations from the reiatsu within the mist. Based on his limited experience with his teacher and himself, Connor felt that it was more common for aspects of the element to be expressed through the reiatsu. It may not be the most accurate train of thought, but he also knew that the messy blend of reiatsu within the mist wasn’t in line with that type of power. “Seems so, I can’t reach my guys at all.” These words from Tengu brought Connor’s attention back to the conversation. He felt a bit guilty about how rude he had been to be distracted from the two as they spoke. He had managed to hear most of what was said previously, but he had nearly returned to a distracted state. In order to remedy that feeling he made a point to focus on the speaker this time. “No, I didn’t hear anything, I wasn’t paying attention. What about you, Hizorashi-san?” As Tengu passed the conversation over to Masato Connor once again heard the rumbling of thunder. If he had doubts after the first instance, then after the second he could confirm it as thunder. He chose to believe that there was a new arrival somewhere else in the mist who caused the situation. Had it been a natural storm, Connor would have likely been able to sense the electric charge in the air. It also confirmed that the sense of hearing was affected to some extent for thunder so near to transmit as if it were far in the distance. “No, I must’ve missed it too,” With Masato’s confirmation, Connor decided to share the little bit of important information that he was able to glean from the Shinigami side. Perhaps due to being subconsciously on edge due to the mist, Connor failed to notice anything strange about Masato. Under normal circumstances he may have been able to notice the slight signs that Masato was uncomfortable about his question. Before he could speak to explain Masato continued once more as a cyan strand extended from Masato’s coat in his direction. To Connor who was inspecting it curiously as it approached it appear more reminiscent of a thinner rope than a thread. “Since we can’t sense each other’s reiatsu, we can stay connected with my Fullbring.” Connor didn’t speak out to express that at least for now he could sense them fairly clearly, but instead calmly accepted it into his right hand slightly unsure as to what he should do with it. “With this I can tell if we are splitting too far apart,” After a short pause a strange protrusion came from the coat and stuck into the ground. Following that, Masato continued to speak. “And retrace our steps.” A faint glimmer of appreciation was in Connor’s gaze as he fully understood Masato’s intentions. It felt like a good option for them in order to prevent the trio from getting lost in the mist. At the very least, not anymore lost than they already were. Connor intended to speak at this moment to express his opinion and share information, but he happened to catch a certain presence within the mist. It wasn’t one that he was familiar with, but it stuck out to him at that moment. He had previously came to his own conclusion about the thunder, and it relied on the lack of ‘stormy’ sensation present within the mist. Between then and just a few moments earlier, he noticed that bits of reiatsu reflecting that element had appeared. Had it been another element Connor may not have noticed, but he personally was extremely attuned with the element on top of several other factors which let him confirm that it had suddenly appeared in this short span of time. The other factors being the attention he to be able to take note of the previous lack of similar presence and his above average sensory capabilities. Connor couldn’t stop his thoughts from racing at that moment. The recent arrival of an unnatural storm, the growing addition of a stormy reiatsu within the mist, the strange amalgamation of reiatsu signatures, and the particular location all flashed through his head. If their current situation were likened to a puzzle, then it felt like he had suddenly found several pieces for a section of the puzzle. ‘I need to confirm this…’ Coincidentally, he was the most appropriate subject to confirm his suspicions at this moment. A quick glance at the edge of the mist that was constantly inching towards them was plenty for him to build the courage to share his theory, but first he would relay the confirmed information. “There were two key points that I overheard from the Shinigami. First, there is no known successful communication into or out of this mist. It’s unlikely that it’s possible to find one which would work within either.” He paused and glanced at Tengu who was slowly being enveloped in mist at this moment. “It makes sense that you can’t contact them if the Shinigami have yet to find an answer after this much time has passed. Second, a total of forty Shinigami have entered this mist during the last two years. It’s hard to imagine that they didn’t send anyone moderately powerful last year, so we should assume that there is something extremely dangerous about this mist or something lurking within. Either way, these were the bits that seemed important.” He paused once more and inhaled for deeply for a moment and exhaled before continuing. “What I am going to say next can’t be completely confirmed, but knowing the possibility is important.” Connor made a point to pause here and look at the two nearby, hoping that they would consider the possibility of his theory. “I’m sure that you all have noticed by now that this space is shrinking progressively. Based on that, and other factors I have reason to believe that the reason this mist is filled with such a jumbled mess of reiatsu is because it possesses the ability to steadily devour energy and assimilate it.” Connor raised his right hand slightly to inspect the cyan thread as he spoke. “If that’s the case, there isn’t any guarantee that a Fullbring can guarantee our location or prevent our separation. I don’t think we shouldn’t take advantage of this, but we should be careful to not be surprised if anything relying on energy mysteriously fails us here.” In the time that he had spoken, the original space of ten feet had basically vanished completely. There was a haze impairing his vision now that the mist had completely encroached upon them. The density of the mist caused anything beyond six feet to appear as a gray hazy shadow at best. A faint eerie whistling sound could be heard at roughly the same moment the mist had reached him with no clear origin. After having come to his own conclusion about the mist, Connor saw the mist more as a living being compared to the reiatsu he viewed it as previously. Without understanding the origin of the sound or the purpose, he felt reminded of a beast howling in excitement after a satisfactory meal. What followed was an extended dreadful silence. To Connor, it was as if all the sounds of nature ceased reaching him at this moment. For someone like him who was extremely sensitive towards his surroundings to suddenly being limited to the few sounds produced by himself, Tengu, and Masato was ominous to say the least. His instinct told him that ‘something’ was coming at that moment. More than twenty seconds passed in suspense before he noticed something off. A peculiar stench was slowly filling the area reminiscent of the common roadkill he encountered frequently back home. All around their group was a mysterious shuffling sound confusing his sense of hearing to some extent. All he could take from it was what seemed to be a larger amount of the sound near him. He knew that whatever made those sounds was just outside of view. The suspense was killing him at this moment. He was ready to pounce on whatever appeared from within. His mind was clearing of rational thoughts in preparation for whatever may come his way. As he prepared for battle Connor made a point to roll his wrist twice in order to wrap the thread around his hand and tuck the end under in his palm to prevent losing it suddenly. Among the last thoughts running through his mind was for him to warn Masato and Tengu of the appearing enemies. Shadowy figures appeared on the edge of his vision just as he was about to alert the two behind him. His voice caught in his throat at the human silhouettes. For just a split second he had convinced himself into thinking that it could be Shinigami approaching him. That moment of hesitation prevented him from shouting ‘Enemies!’, also causing him to lose the chance before they appeared. Several pairs of grotesque hands pierced the veil of mist at that moment. Connor couldn’t prevent his eyes widening in surprise as he understood the origin of that rotten scent. He hadn’t expected his first gory experience to involve the decayed bodies of humans. The sight of the flesh with insects crawling within, the exposed and deteriorating organs, and chunks of missing flesh revealing white bones filled Connor’s vision. The wails, shrieks, and howls were unlike anything a human should be able to produce. Despite having seen records about hollows making similar noises, Connor believed that the sounds produced at this moment were far more disturbing. Any other time, he would have been retching at the sight. Despite growing stronger, Connor had never experienced such a thing before. In a lot of ways he was like a simple twenty something year old young adult, and like any normal person his first encounter with dead bodies couldn’t be done calmly. Especially considering the state of decay shown by the undead. Unfortunately, Connor was quick to understand that either the mist or what controlled it was disturbing the dead and treating them likely tools to assault them igniting Connor’s fury. It felt wrong to see the remains of already put to rest people standing before him as some disfigured abomination. It upset Connor who knew that his only option was to crush them with force. It was in this moment that he resolved himself to end whatever sick creature did this. Seeing this darker side to the spiritual world was a wake-up call to Connor, reminding him that death would be a part of his life for as long as he remained an active member of the spiritual society. After overcoming the urge to vomit and and succumbing to his rage, Connor found himself calmer than usual. It was as if the flames of his fury burnt away all of his unnecessary emotions allowing him to act in an unrestrained manner. He felt pity for the several bodies charging at him, but that disappeared as soon as it appeared. What he needed was to vent his frustrations, and at this moment the very thing he pitied was the only thing with substance to accept his rage. As his emotions surged higher, so to did his energy. As his energy grew stronger, Connor found himself instinctively drawing on his potential to unleash various support techniques. Lightning danced up and down his figure causing a golden glow to appear in the mist for allies and enemies alike to pinpoint. He didn’t bother suppressing it as it was apparent that they could be tracked within the mist based on the sudden appearance of enemies. The time felt like it had stopped as his mind operated at extreme speeds, and the horde had only just pierced the veil. They hadn’t surrounded him, possibly to avoid the other groups that had different targets. The reason for it wasn’t important, but he knew that they were grouped together competing to reach him first. If he let them approach freely then he didn’t doubt that the pushing of those behind would gradually spread the front wider, but Connor moved right as his reiryoku overflowed. He tightly clenched the cyan thread in his hand as he deftly rounded the crowd to the left. His sudden movements caused them to pause in an attempt to shift in his direction, but Connor’s speed exceeded them by quite a bit at this moment. When you factored in his speed and their stiff movements, it was relatively simple for him to weave close to the zombies while avoiding their attacks. Even in the case of someone nimble that moved at the speed on these rotten corpses he would possess an advantage when it came to following their movements. It could be said that against simple minded corpses Connor felt no danger, further infuriating him to know that the dead pointlessly disturbed. When he stopped moving he had returned to a spot three feet behind where he had started. Around the crowd now existed the cyan thread that had extended with his movements. It was a snug fit for the bodies within as it caused the seventeen total to be grouped tightly. Connor’s eyebrows were slightly knit as his eyes seemingly reflected very little emotion while observing them group. If not for the slight frown on his face and bloodshot eyes it would be easy to misunderstand that he felt nothing at this moment. At some point in the movement he had freed the thread wrapped around his right hand, and that end was now held in his left hand. His right now held the part that was closest to Masato as it trailed off behind him for what was likely only a few feet at this point. The end of the thread held by his left hand had been crossed over the top of the one held in his right and looped under before back up. Because of his actions the cyan thread perfectly squeezed them all together and pulled taut in front of him. The group had stumbled forward a few more steps in the process, but it was too late to reach Connor. The knuckles on each of his hands was white due to the strength with which he tightened his grip. Without any hesitation each arm yanked outward to his side with his full force in two opposing directions. The result of this action was the half knot in the thread tightening further into a brutal attack. In the next instant, Connor saw a sight that would be burned into his memory for life alongside the clear sound of countless bones shattering in unison. The fragments of bones pierced through the rotten flesh. Chunks of flesh separated from the several bodies along where the thread passed. Blood didn’t flow from the bodies due to the absence of most of it and stagnation of the tiny bit that remained. What little was there could be called blackish brown goo that covered the meat paste like wounds which passed through the upper body of the undead. The severed upper portion seemed to rise up a few inches into the air due to the pressure that was used to crush them apart. After this bit of violence was unleashed, he was able to douse the flames of anger and return to his more natural state which was accompanied by a wave of nausea at the scene. He chose to turn away and observe his companions at this moment rather than continue observing his handiwork. At the same time, he made a point to untangle the thread and rewrap it around his right hand. Electric arcs still danced on his body in preparation to assist either Masato or Tengu if needed. At the same time, he was thankful that he had managed to maintain the same level of reiatsu output despite his rage filled actions. _______________________________________________________________________ -Abilities Used- -Stats- Word Count: 2,748 Overall Word Count: 7,484 OOC: To clarify, each pull is considered an 'attack' to create a single action.
  14. Kumo

    Fate Points: Tutorial and Shop

    Name| Connor Knight ★ - Fullbringer - Fate Point Balance| 17 Current Purchases|Major - Duality (4 FP), Focus [Speed] (8 FP) | Minor - Focus [Stamina] (4 FP), 1 Time 5k Reiatsu Boost (1 FP) Unused Fate Point Balance| 0 Achievements [LEGENDARY (1): Unlock 1★ Legend [Requirements: 101k Reiatsu | 10 Legend Points] [LEADERSHIP IS KEY (1): Achieve the second highest possible rank, such as a Captain, Espada, Viz Cell leader etc.
  15. Kumo

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Remaining ND: 6,200 - 150 = 6,050] It hadn’t been long since Connor asked questions of the others when he happened to hear some interesting information coming from the Shinigami side. ‘So we won’t be able to access with the outside once we enter?’ Connor wasn’t too surprised by this revelation, and essentially unaffected due to his lack of companions to contact. It was something noteworthy, but somewhat unimportant to himself. If nothing else, he would share the information with Tengu should he not hear it himself. After a short moment Connor heard the lead Shinigami continue on. ‘Hmm, he can overcome the communication problem? And containment?’ He doubted what he heard at this moment, but there was also the possibility of a misunderstanding. In this case, he could only be left somewhat curious about his solution. It wasn’t but a short moment more before something strange took place drawing his full attention to the Shinigami as eight golden balls rose from behind another Shinigami standing next to the leader. Connor held back his urge to move at that moment and watched as two flew to the lower corners just outside of the dilapidated red brick wall that he could see with two more flying upward above those two. The other four flew into the distance, but Connor was still able to vaguely make out a slight golden glimmer from them with the last vestiges of sunlight from the horizon due to their height. ‘This must be the containment he mentioned? Maybe he can communicate with those within this area?’ While he was considering the purpose of this golden threads spread to connect into a massive rectangle over the area large enough to surround the area up to the barricades setup. As energy rapidly spread to form an opaque black tinted screen between those golden lines Connor couldn’t help but to give the lead Shinigami and one that the golden marbles originated from a longer look. This allowed him to recall a particular passage in a journal about recognizing ranked Shinigami. In particular, it mentioned the meaning behind the unique white jacket and particular arm badges that were worn by Captains and Vice-Captains respectively. To Connor who lacked experience with most things spiritual, this discovery piqued his interest. Part of him regretted not paying more attention to their arrival and considered approaching them at this moment. By this point, Connor’s attention was obviously directed away from his new acquaintances. He knew that this could be seen as rude to them, but without a continuation of the conversation he couldn’t resist the urge to listen for any other information. As he watched the person who looked slightly younger than himself give orders to the people accompanying him, Connor felt as if the scene was slightly disconcerting. In the end, it was strange to see such a young commanding officer. What he hadn’t considered was that his position would be similar if he had people below him, and that others could get a similar feeling from him as well. ‘Wait, he mentioned support but now he’s delegating that task to someone else?’ After the impression that this Captain would solve the problem with his support, it was slightly funny to see the responsibility seemingly given to another. He also had to doubt the effectiveness of whatever that Bakudo was supposed to do if the mist affected communication. ‘Anything they use to communicate would be a tool operating similar to a spell, right?’ This was the question that Connor wanted to ask them, but didn’t as he wasn’t a part of their group at the moment. Even if he were, it was likely that someone with that authority wouldn’t consider his opinion too seriously. The most significant piece of info was the total missing Shinigami. Forty had been lost to this place, and Connor refused to believe that among those wasn’t any decently strong people. Tengu hadn’t answered his question, but he subconsciously raised his alertness towards any changes with the area to prevent any surprises in the near future. He happened to catch sight of two more golden marbles flying between the bars of the cemetery gates at this time, as well as two orbiting around the Shinigami Captain. The conversation with Masato and the person he knew as Tengu alongside observing the Shinigami group resulted in Connor ignoring an important point that had been mentioned by Tengu. The start of what was to come would be when the sun set over the horizon, but Connor hadn’t noticed when the final moments of sunlight faded. With his attention elsewhere the appearance of the fog came in the blink of an eye. His chance to observe its formation was was missed. Between the gaps of the rusted gate and cracks in the red brick wall the mist crept. He could clearly feel it’s ominous appearance, nothing more than a disordered amalgamation of energy. It was reminiscent of what one would expect if the reiatsu of countless people were blended together causing Connor to be somewhat uncomfortable. In the moment he took to regulate that sensation he found that the mist was already in the area around them all. He could still make out the two next to him clearly as the mist hadn’t appeared too thick, only flowing slightly away from him after the sudden appearance. The nearby Shinigami were somewhat hazy as the mist wrapped around their bodies. He wanted to see what Tengu and Masato’s reactions were, but when he did he only saw mist and gravestones. He blinked his eyes as he turned just to find that his location had changed. The change was extremely sudden, but he still maintained his calm and quickly scanned his surroundings. He made a mental note that the mist had at least one function to move those within it in some mysterious way. Connor wasn’t fearful at this moment due to his belief in his strength, but he was still somewhat thankful to find Masato and Tengu nearby. They weren’t friends or even very acquainted, but both seemed friendly enough. Assuming there wasn’t any change, Connor felt that the three of them could work together to settle this issue. Other than the three of them, there wasn’t another person in sight. He took note of the roughly ten foot radius area around himself that was rapidly cleared of the mist as he looked around. It was almost as if a bubble was formed around the three when it stopped expanding with the only thing visible being the grayish hue of the mist silently battering against that bubble. Had it not been for the fact that the bubble followed him as he moved Connor would have assumed it to be a safe area, but it wouldn’t make sense for something like that to follow him. That is when he recalled the feeling he had upon his first contact with the mist, the mixed feeling of reiatsu within. After thinking along those lines, he could only feel bitter. He was aware of his lack of precise reiatsu control previously, but seeing the lack of influence on the mist that the others had it became apparent that it was a phenomenon which relied and the pressure of his reiatsu clashing against the mist-like energy. He could only sigh helplessly and commit himself to more training after overcoming this Halloween night. The actual area that they had appeared in was near a tree that appeared more dead than alive. Had it not been for the damp fallen leaves scattered in the surroundings, Connor would have assumed it to be completely rotten. In just the small area that was clear of mist there were more than ten headstones in dire need of repair. They were mottled in appearance with slight cracks appearing on them. Moss covered the few nearest the tree while dying weeds had grown where they cold. The stone walkway had sparsely growing grass between the cracks that could be found with half a bench appearing at the edge of the area. Based on its appearance, like the rest of this particular area, it was abandoned and somewhat overgrown with ivy. While inspecting the surroundings Connor was pushing his five senses to the limit to understand his situation. Within the area he found his vision to be unaffected, but despite the strength of his vision he found it difficult to see past the layer of mist that continued to gradually grow in density as it clashed with his reiatsu. The only thing he noticed was that the size of the bubble was slightly decreasing as the mist gathered when he inspected with his eyes. His hearing didn’t seem to suffer quite as much as he could hear the slight whistle of wind that occured as it flowed between the headstones. The rustling and limbs nearby was also clearly transmitted to him. Without any other particular sounds to compare to, Connor could only assume that the restriction on hearing was much weaker compared to sight. Only time would tell whether that was correct the correct assumption. Inhaling deeply through his nose let Connor realize that a somewhat overpowering musty scent carrying decay was present, matching to what one would expect of a mostly abandoned cemetery at this time of year. Still, he could catch faint traces mixed into the dominant one letting him know that his nose had the chance to find some more distinct scents if he were to be close enough. Along his entire body he was still able to clearly experience sensations the same as before letting him know that his sense of touch remained mostly untouched. Other than the sense of dampness that was hard to shake, he could still feel the flow of wind clearly. If the ground were to shake for some reason then it was also likely that he could detect it more easily. As for taste, Connor wouldn’t randomly stick anything in his mouth no matter how much it may help him as a result so that wasn’t tested. He wasn’t extremely thorough with scan of the surroundings, but he was confident that within these ten feet there were only the three of them. Connor was on guard against what could be lurking in the mist, but now that he had a few moments to adjust he spoke to his two companions. “Well, it seems like we’re going to do this together.” Connor paused for a moment after answering his own previous question and then continued. “So, did either of you catch what the Captain among the Shinigami said?” This question seemed important as it addressed the issue of communication that could affect both of them, so it seemed smart to see if they heard it and share the info if they hadn’t. _______________________________________________________________________ -Abilities Used- -Stats- Word Count: 1,777 Total Word Count: 4,736 OOC: I updated and added all of the relevant info. As for any replies and info from the period where he was "distracted", assume that he heard it in passing and didn't acknowledge it due to being distracted. He is still aware of what is said in the following two posts.