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  1. Just in case anyone missed the announcement, the RPG is back up and running. More can be found here in the thread Isshin made.

  2. Kumo

    A Fated Journey

    “I will try to come back whenever I can,” Connor said to his mother as he hugged her. Today was the day that he would finally leave home. His mother had kept finding reasons for him to stay to help her. She seemed to support him, but that was only on the surface. As a mother, she was naturally unwilling to know that her son would be traveling for an extended period of time. “You better have a girl with you the next time you come home!” His mother’s reply was expected, and to him seemed somewhat forced. It felt as if she was only saying that because it was all that she could say. If she had said anything else then it would have ended with her asking him to stay a while longer. If she did, then he would stay. They all knew that he would, and that was precisely why they avoided saying something that would prevent him from leaving at the last moment. “Do you have any ideas where you are going to go first?” The way his father interacted was different from his mother. He didn’t step out to hug his son as that was unnecessary. The fact that his father cared, and was worried for his well-being was conveyed clearly. Normally Jon could joke and act in a carefree manner with Connor however, today he was more serious and inquisitive. It expressed how close the two of them actually are. “I decided on China to be the first stop. From what I have read and seen about the forging techniques, as well as the weapons, in general, they are among the most interesting to me.” When he decided on this he actually didn’t put much thought into it. It was simple curiosity that led him to make this decision, and that was how he decided he would travel. He would drift place to place, wherever the wind may blow. If there happened to be a specific weapon that he wanted to learn to create then he would simply go to the origin in search of someone who knows the methods. If he suddenly decides that he would like to learn the methods to create armor, then he will do that as well. He was ready to broaden his horizons and experience the world. This moment was the start of his first true adventure, as well as the moment he would later realize when his life began to rapidly change. For now, he had no idea about the machinations of fate. “Since when could you speak Chinese?” His father didn’t understand why his son would suddenly choose China. Jon knew that his son had no knowledge of Mandarin. It made no sense to go somewhere that he couldn’t even understand what people were saying to him. “I’ll wing it.” This was Connor’s calm collected answer. He had enough money to afford a translator to accompany him while he was there, and if it was an extended stay he may just learn it himself. His parents, however, they couldn’t understand where the confidence came from. This was an entirely foreign country that he wouldn’t have ever went to had their lives remained normal. Seeing his parents both confused he added. “Keep in mind how much money we actually have now.” “A cute little Chinese girl would be okay too…” Both of his parents were smiling when his mother spoke. Among the three Connor had been the first to accept the sudden influx of money. Had he not had plans that involved it he would be like his parents, forgetting that they are actually very wealthy. Their life hadn’t been bad before, beyond updating and upgrading the money didn’t find much use. They weren’t the type of people to flaunt wealth, or rather anyone who intended to stay wealthy wouldn’t waste their money on meaningless things. As business owners, their mindset had reached that point where they simply didn’t buy needless things. This mentality had also been passed down to Connor. While he is more willing to spend the money than his parents, that was almost entirely on something which he was passionate about and not random unnecessary things. “Mom, Dad, don’t worry. I will be okay no matter what. Look at who my parents are.” He attempted to put his parents at ease. They truly didn’t need to worry about him however, it made him happy to see for himself how worried they actually were now that he was about to leave. After he spoke he stepped forward and wrapped an arm around each of their necks. While men don’t need to hug, a father and son were naturally able to if they wanted. Both of his parents smiled and hugged him back. His Father’s hug was strong, but his Mother’s felt as if she intended to squeeze the life out of him. He quietly endured until he simply couldn’t breathe. By that point, his Father had already taken a step back while trying to separate her from Connor who was tapping her back. ‘Is she secretly a Pro Wrestler?!’ Connor thought having experienced her strength indirectly. “Darling, you’re killing him! He’s turning blue!” Jon spoke in an attempt to convince her to release their son. Knowing this would be the final time she would hug her son Caitlynn applied even more pressure. A series of popping sounds followed that which came from Connor’s back. His father winced as he watched his wife release their son. Despite being fearful of her strength Jon still stepped forward and took her hand into his which she immediately gripped tightly. Despite looking harmless she truly was strong, so much so that cold sweat formed on his forehead imaging what his son just experienced. “I am going to miss my flight if we keep on like this. I love both of you, and I will talk to you soon.” Connor immediately took a step back with his bag in hand while also holding his back to make it seem worse than it was. He felt discomfort from his spine being forcibly popped, and he couldn’t breathe well while she hugged him. That was all there was to it. His mother is a strong woman, but not to the extent of actually being able to break someone in half with a hug. Seeing her son act that way managed to cheer Caitlynn up slightly allowing her to see him off without any tears and only a smile. It was only after he had walked into the airport that his mother lost control of her emotions and began crying. As a family, the three of them were very close. Even his father seemed about ready to cry. There was something about realizing your child had suddenly grown up that makes a parent proud but also makes them worry more than ever due to not always being able to be there for them. He wasn’t one to waste money normally but on his first flight, he chose to fly with their most expensive option. It wasn’t appealing to travel uncomfortably when he had a twelve-hour trip ahead of himself. The procedures to board his flight were completed without any difficulty. By being aware of his surroundings he had proceeded through the airport effortlessly and not losing his way. There were a few stores or restaurants along the way, but he had no interest in them. He had packed relatively lightly compared to what one may expect. He would be traveling quite a bit, so he had decided to travel with only carry on luggage which included his credentials and around five hundred dollars cash to be prepared for any unexpected incidents. Before boarding the plane he had made only a single purchase to have a bottle of water prepared. Once he arrived at his seat Connor took in his surroundings, sat down, and tuned out everyone else that was around him. It was his first time traveling away from his Hometown and family. Unlike most people who would travel within their own country, school and work had consistently kept them rooted in one place throughout their life. That was a blessing for his family as it meant that they were successful, and could keep food on the table. He didn’t have the desire to drive eight hours for the scenery. He preferred to explore and adventure outside of his comfort zone. In comparison to others who may want to travel to busy cities, resorts, and beaches; Connor preferred to trek up a mountain, or through forests. He would prefer to make his own path rather than follow someone else’s path. Even with forging his intention had always been to lay a foundation for the art covering a broad spectrum, then improve himself through experience afterward. When deciding on his initial destination he was looking for a country which had a variety for the types and uses of weapons. He wanted to use one country’s technique as a foundation to then study the theory of others to craft his own ideal weapons original to himself. In the end, he decided on China as they had the variety, usage, and unique style that he would like to incorporate into his skillset. In particular, he was drawn towards their single-edged Dao (saber), their double-edged Jian (straight sword), Qiang (spear), and Guandao (Glaive). The Dao and Jian were both swords but had different uses while the Qiang and Guandao were similar in this regard. Understanding the similarities and differences of weapons, as well as the methods to create them was important for him to learn in order to improve. He understood forging, but the proper process was important for him to understand to improve. While in a daze he thought about his past experiences and glanced at his left arm reading the Hephaestus tattooed there. He had long since come to take a literal god of smithing as his goal. If he had a target which he couldn’t surpass, then he could only continuously improve was the mindset behind this which caused the tattoo itself to become an important focus in his life. The tattoo itself was a black band around his left wrist with the name ‘Hephaestus’ not filled in on the inner part of his wrist. When he decided to get this tattoo he chose that wrist in particular because on that arm were red burn marks wrapping upward with a vague similarity to a fire that seemed to burn from his hand towards his body. The cause for his scarring was his pure infatuation with smithing while younger. When quenching a blade in oil it is common for flames to appear during the process. At the tender age of eleven when he forged weapons, he entered his own little world. When he attempted to properly heat treat one of the first knives he ever worked on the result was a ball of flames rising up leaving second-degree burns along his arm which never faded. At the time, he didn’t even understand what he had just experienced and didn’t even realize it immediately. It was his father at the time who jerked Connor away. His grip remained on the tongs firmly for a moment before the pain set in and his hand released. The blade at that time had fragmented into several pieces which he later used part of to craft a hammer shaped pendant for himself. Several years after that event the very same pendant still hangs from a leather rope necklace crafted by himself as a reminder of that time, and eventually also an embodiment of his goals. Lost in thoughts about the past he eventually fell asleep early on during his flight. Word Count| 1,961 Total Word Count| 8,321
  3. Kumo

    A Fated Journey

    As the sun was setting over the western horizon all that could be heard was the rhythmic pinging of a hammer clashing against metal. If one approached the building, they would see an average sized garage just large enough that if used normally two cars could fit inside. Serving as a backdrop for the building is a large woodland area behind a barbed wire fence. The tall trees cast shadows towards the building, however, the passing time went unnoticed to you young man inside the building with the garage door raised. The day was cooling, but if one was near the open door they would feel the heat radiating outward. At the entrance was a man who appeared around fifty years old. The man was roughly six feet tall, with brown hair, blue eyes, and a beard which was well taken care of. If one looked closer gray hairs could be frequently seen. Despite his growing age he could generally be considered physically fit due to long years of hard physical labor. The man always had a passion for building, and finally one day was able to open his own construction company. The man’s gaze was directed towards the young man in the garage who took after his father hammering away at a glowing orange piece of steel. Watching his son, he couldn’t prevent his lips from curling upward. “Connor! Do you plan to stay out here all night again?” It was only when the man spoke that Connor noticed his presence due to having been so engrossed in creating a knife. Realizing his mistake, he halted his movements and smiled apologetically towards his father before replying back. “I never plan to stay out here all night!” “Smartass! Your mother’s fixing dinner, and she wants you to eat with us tonight so wrap it up.” From the smile on his father’s face, it was obvious that this was a normal routine for them. After a bit more small talk his father headed back towards the house which could be seen a distance away from Connor’s location. He would be going back to the house soon, so he couldn’t waste too much time on his current project. His gloved hands held a hammer in his left and a pair of tongs in his right. With the tongs, he was clamping onto a dulling orange piece of steel which he had just finished shaping. The way he passed his time was by creating knives. It was early in his life when his father taught him the process of making knives. From the very first time, he was completely captivated by the art. It wasn’t immediately that he could actually use the forge himself however, he understood the theory behind it well. After countless attempts and pestering, he was able to convince his father to guide him through each step. Once he was able to attempt it for himself it was revealed that he had a natural talent for it. Through his life afterward whenever he would spend his free time in the very same spot performing the same actions. If there was any downside to his situation, it would be the fact that despite loving the art he didn’t have anyone to teach him more than his father did, and it has to be noted his father was and is by no means experienced. It was simply something his father also taught him, and so he passed it to his son as well. This caused Connor’s forging techniques the stagnate where they currently are for many years after rapidly surpassing his father’s skill. The knife he is currently creating is a bowie knife, or at least that’s what it will be. It couldn’t be considered a knife as it didn’t have an edge on it, despite the shape being there. He didn’t have time to do any more work before dinner or he would. For the time being all he could do is place the piece of metal on his anvil. Then he removed his gloves and placed them alongside his hammer, tongs, and various other tools on a nearby table. Finally, he turned off his gas forge. Before leaving he closed the garage door, and exited from a side entrance and proceeded on his path home. __________________________________________ “It looks delicious mom!” He had just sat down at a table with a spread of various dishes in the center of the table. She had made chicken casserole, along with an assortment of vegetables, and scratch made rolls. It was a round dining table with six seats, however, only three were used normally. His parents sat next to each other, while he sat opposite of them. “Of course it is, I made it punk.” His mother proudly accepted the compliment, but like usual in his family, she went out of the way to tease her son. “And that’s exactly why I complimented you. It’s hard to believe.” At the moment he said that the father and son looked at each other and smile, both of them remembering the several meals which were burnt in the past. However, rather than throw it out they were forced to eat those awful meals so long as they hadn’t been reduced to charcoal. Connor’s mother easily became emotional and was hurt at the mention of throwing out the food she cooked so they could only helplessly appease her if it seemed somewhat edible. When she heard what Connor said she had looked to her husband expectantly on to see him smiling, and she immediately began to lose her temper. It was only at these moments that their son could see fear appear in the depths of his father’s eyes. *cough* “Connor, don’t tease your mother like that. She worked very hard on this meal for us.” “That’s right honey! Connor, you should appreciate how caring and loving your mother is.” Just as he was about to crack another joke he could clearly see his father pleading with his eyes to just let it go. Internally he could only sigh as he gently smiled at the two of them. Every day was like this with their little family, and each day was just as entertaining as the last. Both of the men passed some of their time annoying the only woman in the house. However, neither actually wanted to make her upset so it could be said they both walked the very fine line between mean and playful teasing. “Thank you for dinner mom; looks and smells delicious so how could taste any different?” To that question, his mother only smiled and immediately calmed down. It made him wonder if she was actually that emotional or acting that way to manipulate the two of them. It was certainly very difficult to tell the difference most of the time. “So, when are you going to bring a girl home?” There it was, the one question that never failed to come up when he was around his mom for an extended period of time. He had just started eating but was already facing the toughest question to answer. “If I can’t find the right girl, and I bring home the wrong one won’t you be upset?” “I just want you to bring a girl home! I’m ready for some grandbabies!” She caught him with that just as he was taking a drink of water, and at that exclamation, he could only choke the water down and glare at her. It was a sore spot for him to talk about girls. There weren’t many out there that appealed to him. He didn’t trust others easily, so despite going on a few successful dates, he was left with nothing to show for it. He could see right through most of the girls he met, and none so far was worth bringing home. Let alone have children with them. “Mom…” “Yes?” “I’m afraid to bring a girl home.” At this moment he was laying a trap for her due to her teasing. He took a step back before, however, with her ‘attack’ he could only fight fire with fire. As he spoke his expression turned more serious, and his mother who was smiling innocently towards him stayed quiet as if she was saying “Go on.” “If she turned out to be anything like you I would suffer for the rest of my life.” As he spoke a smile crept onto his face freezing his mother’s expression. After that, she sat silently while eating her food awkwardly. It appeared he had hurt her feelings, however, he knew better. He simply smiled triumphantly and continued to eat. His father, on the other hand, acted oblivious to the entire conversation, clearly intending to stay out of it. “Tomorrow morning I need you with me to discuss building a home for a client on his recently purchased property.” “In other words, don’t stay up all night?” “Exactly.” The three had finished eating and were all cleaning up from their dinner. Everything was proceeding normally, they were simply making small talk covering and putting up their leftovers or washing dishes and wiping down the countertops and dinner table. It was approaching eight thirty, the darkness had overtaken the light outside when Connor finally had the opportunity to return to his workshop. The seasons were changing, and each night seemed cooler than the last. Around this time of year in Tennessee, eighty and ninety degree days were normal. It was abnormal for the temperature to drop below sixty through the night at the end of summer, however, that was currently occurring. Connor didn’t actually notice this fact. Things such as temperature fluctuation didn’t affect him. From a young age, he had a sturdy constitution that protected him from the elements to some extent. It was also rare for him to actually get sick. Because of that although he could sense changes in the temperature he never paid much attention to it. Back at his forge once again he heated the metal evenly and hammered it correcting some earlier mistakes. The blade section of this particular knife is nine inches, while the tang is five and a half. The shape is that of a traditional bowie knife, with no major deviations in design. When Connor made his first knife he remembered the things that people normally have to do, and attempted to follow those steps in the beginning. It was only after gaining a bit of experience that although he could copy others, for himself it was easier to simply do what felt right. When he heated the metal even when his father initially would advise against it, he would remove it from the forge only when his intuition advised him. It was the same for the other steps with grinding, annealing, hardening, tempering. Even the guard, handle and sheath simply takes shape. It is almost as if his body is leading him through the process after he began to understand it. With that being said, while he moves intuitively the craft itself during these times fills him entirely. Over the years Connor attempted several times to improve, as well as diversify his techniques. Each attempt left him feeling that it was lacking. In his frustration, he could only focus entirely on the basics refining his technique there as much as he could by improving himself. More than once he found himself studying foreign techniques, lost techniques, and various other weapons. Every time he thought about those things he would feel as if a fire was burning inside of him. It only ever served to stoke the flames of passion within him only to be smothered by the cruel reality that wouldn’t allow him to pursue his passion. His father relied on him during construction as he could essentially save money by preventing most mistakes. Grinding the shape of the blade, refining a sharp edge, creating perfect symmetry in such a way was simply captivating to him. This was actually his favorite part of the entire process. Two hours had passed with him reaching the stage required for him to harden the blade. It was at this point that he drilled five holes into the tang. Three of the are for pins, while the other two are for the epoxy to bridge between the two sides. With his pin holes made he proceeded to heat his blade as evenly as possible to reach the ideal orange glow. Next to him is a vat filled with oil which he just a bit before warmed with another piece of metal in preparation. As if there was someone guiding him from within he unhurriedly removed the blade from the forge and dipped it straight down into the previously mentioned vat. After a few seconds, Connor slowly removed the blade just as straight as it had gone in. Held by his tongs he lifted it to eye level and checked the spine of the knife that came out perfectly straight. Seeing this he couldn’t help but grin. He knew intuitively that he would succeed, but it was always better seeing the success rather than expecting it. Finally, all that remained was to temper the knife before finalizing the cutting edges of a bowie knife. The tempering process was simple for him as it involved evenly heating the blade to a low temperature followed by allowing it to cool naturally in the air. Once it cooled enough the be handled with his bare hands he completed the blade that night in preparation for the handle which could only wait for tomorrow. ____________________________________________ The next day around noon Connor and his father were at the location that their client requested for the build. Connor’s biggest part in the builds would be his ability to accurately judge the land for the best spot to build, as well as any alterations they may need to make through the process. Most of the other work is then handled by several of the workers, however, through the time working for his father he learned some of the simpler trades and could assist on many of the fronts. Overall, his father was on site directing the construction on the technical end while Connor focused on a more interactive role. Another advantage related to Connor’s intuitive abilities was that he could give a more accurate estimate based on the difficulty of building at the location. This was the reason why his father needed him today. Knowing the difficulty beforehand helps the both them and the client as it prevents any surprises from appearing later. The person they were meeting with was actually someone that they frequently did business with. He was someone bad to go to auctions and take the cheapest properties he could find in order to improve, then sell for a profit. Because of that, he tended to buy before thinking or consulting due to having too much money. This man’s name was Don. “How is it kiddo?” The hopefulness was clearly projected towards the two next to him, especially so to Connor as he asked. “It’s a dud.” In a calm collected manner, he assessed the property and answered crushing Don’s hopes. “Again?!” As if unable to take the loss the man who was slightly heavyset and around his father’s age reacted with an outburst. “If you don’t believe me then you can get someone out here to check for underground sinkholes. It would cost more than it is worth to do work to a property like this, as well as become a safety hazard.” Connor easily and calmly replied to the man having long since become used to his personality. “I got it, you don’t have to rub it in that much.” Don acted as if he was defeated, however, the two knew all too well that behind that was a gambler’s mentality that never stopped. “You really shouldn’t just buy whatever you can like you do.” Connor gave some friendly advice to the man twice his age knowing that it would be ignored. “You’re still young so you don’t understand, if you don’t spend money you will never make money!” Don always replied similarly to him, as if he was justified to do what he did. “That’s true, but if you waste all of your money you won’t ever make any either.” The man had worked with the Father Son duo several times and understood how reliable Connor was when it came to this. This was just his personality and always managed to get a good laugh out of the two. Both of them had a grin on their face watching the man act dramatically. They could all be considered acquainted so they weren’t overly formal with each other. His father was a prime example of this. Connor watched him place his hand on the client’s shoulder. “How much this time?” His father asked with a serious expression, and a stern tone as if interrogating a child. “Uh….” At the question, it was clear that Don realized his mistake. “Don, How much?” Connor’s father asked again in an equally serious manner as before. “F-Forty Thousand…” Hearing the answer both of them were only able to secretly marvel at how wasteful this man was with money. While they would give anything to have that money, the who actually has it only knows how to waste it. “Your wife is going to put you in the dog house.” They were both smiling as if this single fact consoled them, and they had no intention of allowing Don to ignore his mistake. Just as Don was about to reply in justification Connor chimed in. “Again, right?” Just like that Don could only lower his head in defeat. They were truly a great duo, at least when they had a mutual ‘enemy’. Both dealt decisive blows to the man when they could. In the end, they were still dealing with a client, thus they stopped there and continued professionally once more. “So, what are your plans for this place now?” This was the most important question his father could ask. The both understood Don’s personality well and knew that today most likely wouldn’t amount to anything. They still had to confirm what he wanted to do. *sigh* “I’m not doing anything here. I am just going to sell it to someone else and hope to make at least some of my money back.” Don had already given up on the location. He was only doing this for fun and wasn’t looking to overly trouble himself with complications. His only goal was to turn a profit easily, and this project couldn’t be considered that. And then there was the liability of the sinkhole opening up during the work. It just wasn’t worth it for him, or Connor’s father. “Well, do you want to stop and get something to eat?” His father was at least somewhat sympathetic towards Don. Connor believed it was something that only married men could understand, and didn’t bother to participate in the conversation. “Yeah, I might need it because it may be my last.” Don was clearly joking when he said that, however, it also seemed to express real fear. When Connor heard it he couldn’t help but think to himself ‘Maybe I don’t get married.’ However, that thought quickly left as he knew how upset his mother would be if he actually didn’t ever marry someone. “Well, while you two go do that I am going to head back to the house. I have a project that I still haven’t finished. I will see you when you get home dad, and don’t drink any alcohol. We both know how mom reacts. Don, I wish you the best of luck with your wife. I would suggest you not drink anything either, or else who knows how your wife might react.” With just that he had completely dissuaded either of them from doing anything foolish. The fear they feel towards their wives fury was clearly ingrained deep within them based on how they both appear to shiver for a moment when he spoke. Connor didn’t understand what the big deal was, however, he had unconsciously already developed a similar fear towards his mother that he was unaware of. _______________________________________ On his way home his gaslight happened to come on. It just so happened that at that time not far up the road on his right was a gas station. When he pulled up to the pump and got out prepared to use his card at the pump to fill up he saw on the screen that it required one to pay inside. With that, he put his billfold back into his right back pocket and proceeded towards the cashier. There wasn’t anyone else in the store, only a male cashier that appeared to be in his mid-twenties. At the register, he handed the cashier two twenty dollar bills. “I’m gonna fill up.” After saying that he was met with only a nod before he returned to the pump, inserted the nozzle, selected the grade of fuel, and began pumping his gas. Rather than hold it himself he used the small flip switch to lock the pump open while he waited. After a minute or two had passed the pump stopped itself just short of thirty-five dollars. Like any normal human would Connor pumped a bit more until it was thirty-five even, replaced the nozzle, closed up his tank, and went in for his change from the cashier. When he approached the counter again he felt the hairs on his neck stand up and his gaze was drawn towards the Powerball lottery sign displaying a grand total of five hundred and sixty-seven million dollars as the reward. It was an odd sensation which reminded him of the moments when he forged weapons. At the moment the two were compared he understood clearly what he should do, and didn’t hesitate to ask for the cashier to with that change give him a ticket for the lottery. He had never been a gambler, but he didn’t normally ignore his instincts when they guided him. Through experience, he understood more often than not they led him true. “What numbers?” The employee asked in a deadpan manner. It was clear that he wasn’t fond of the job he has. How he felt wasn’t something for Connor to consider, so he simply just requested the be randomized. He didn’t have any numbers come to mind, thus it was best left to fate. With that, he received a single ticket and his change before leaving. Back at his home, he headed directly to his workshop. Today he would be completing the knife he had been working on previously. He had already decided last night to used redwood for the handle and three stainless steel pins. On this knife, in particular, he decided against adding a guard to it. With his holes already drilled in the tang of the blade all that was left for him to do was to drill matching holes in the redwood scales. This step wasn’t too difficult for him and proceeded smoothly. After confirming that the holes lined up the final step before shaping were for him to use epoxy on the side of the scales that go against the tang itself, push the pins through which had been cut to size, and then let the epoxy dry clamped together. In the meantime, he prepared his belt sander. Once enough time had passed he unclamped the knife handle, and proceeded to shape the handle. The design he decided on could almost be compared to an egg shape being narrower in the front and slightly thicker in the back while along the length of the entire handle there were slight indentions for the fingers to rest on either side to suit either left or right handed use. Finally, with every step being completed he tidied up the knife as a whole. All that was left of the entire process was for him to actually use the knife in order to test its durability and strength. The first thing he did after ensuring that he was content with the knife itself was to flip the way he was gripping the knife and extend his hand straight out to the side over the concrete floor. Through the entire motion, he was smiling confidently, as if the knife itself spoke to him and told him that what he was about to do next would be okay. Immediately after fully extending his arm, he dropped the knife with the tip facing downward. A moment later was a clear clang as the knife met the concrete, however, there wasn’t a cracking sound. Knowing that Connor could only smile broader. Had he hardened the knife too much it would have become brittle and snapped just a moment ago. As that was no longer an issue he had full confidence in the blades sharpness as well as edge retention ability. However, to ensure those facts he still intended to test them. To test the sharpness was much simpler. While there are many ways to actually test this factor, the most accessible among them was for him to use the blade like a razor up his arm. Again, without any hesitation, he placed the blade against his arm and slid it upward. Unsurprisingly to him it cleanly shaved a two-inch portion of hair from his arm. Finally, to test the edge retention ability of the blade he laid out three-quarters of an inch thick rope along a wooden table in his workshop and proceeded to repeatedly and cleanly cut through the rope in one single motion. This continued for a long while cutting through over fifty feet of rope easily. It was at that point that Connor chose to stop as he couldn’t afford to continue on. After that test, he once again tested the sharpness of the blade against his arm, and again it cleanly shaved a small two-inch section of hair from his arm. With that, he was completely confident in the knife overall. There was one last thing which would be needed for a good knife, and that was an equally good sheath to store it in. He decided to have a dark brown ten ounce leather for the sheath, so he properly cleaned and dyed the leather before wrapping the knife itself in saran wrap and using a cut to shape piece of leather to shape around the blade and roughly an inch of the handle. The design involved a piece of leather with a fastener to prevent the knife from being removed accidentally as well as a belt loop. After hours of forming, trimming, and stitching the sheath together he had a proper knife and sheath just before dinner time. Because he intended to show his parents his new piece he took it along with him when he closed up his workshop and returned back to the house. To his surprise what he saw wasn’t his parents together, but rather his mother who was absolutely livid. She looked at him but was clearly upset enough not to care about greeting him. It only took a moment for him to realize that his father hadn’t returned, and even more likely called his mother. Being in an awkward situation, and fearing that she may lose her temper Connor slowly placed his hands behind his back which was holding the knife. “Hey, mom. What’s wrong?” Connor calmly spoke to his mother while being completely sure that if he hadn’t she would have blown up on him rather than his father. ‘Sorry dad, but she’s your wife.’ He thought. “What did you put behind your back?” His mother spoke to him hatefully. It seemed as if she could read his thoughts, and immediately questioned him. “Hm? Oh, you mean this? It’s the knife I have been working on the past couple of days. Would you like to see it?” He wasn’t able to hide it from her, so the next best option was to simply advertise its existence to her to prevent misunderstandings. “Oh, is that so? Bring it here and let me have a look.” Her tone lightened a bit since he wasn’t secretly covering for his father like she had assumed moments ago. For Connor, it was as if a weight had been lifted off of his shoulders as he approached and handed it to her. “This is a very pretty knife, you did a good job. Your father has never made anything like this.” While praising him she also managed to be spiteful towards his father. “Thanks, Mom.” He naturally understood what was going on, but choose to stay out of their arguments. At least, he wished to. Unfortunately, nothing ever works out the way one plans. It was at the moment when his mother had his knife in hand that his father choose to arrive home. ‘Oh shit.’ Connor thought as a cold sweat ran down his forehead. “JON! WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?! WHY DID YOU NOT CALL ME?” His mother erupted, from Connor’s perspective, there may have even been illusory flames burning around her. Looking closer at her he actually realized the hand that previously held the knife was now empty. It had been too sudden for him to realize she had actually thrown the knife towards his father. “Uh….” Glancing to his right at the knife which was now embedded deeply in the door frame Jon swallowed his words down and looked towards his son apologetically. “Connor, I thought I told you to tell your mother that I was going out with Don?” ‘Don’t blame this on me you bastard! Do you want to have a son after today?!’ He thought to himself. He had a bad feeling the moment his father looked towards him, and this was why. He was trying to shift the blame! “No, I think it was the other way around father. I thought I told you to call mom after I reminded you not to drink anything with Don.” ‘Two can play this game dad!’ With his mother so furious he refused to take the fall for this. Seeing that her gaze remained him his father Connor proceeded to mockingly smile towards him while receiving a glare. “Ah, that’s right. I’m sorry darling, I got caught up with Don because he lost money today.” His father changed his tune realizing the only path remaining for him was the one of honesty. He immediately became apologetic towards her, which in turn angered her more due to his attempt at lying his way out of it. “What? Do you think I don’t deserve a call because you are out with your buddy?” She wasn’t going to take a step back and make him answer for his crimes towards her. At the same time, she clearly intended not to mention the fact that she nearly widowed herself moments ago. “I’m sorry darling!” This time his father simply apologized to his mother without making excuses which improved her mood quite a bit. Both Connor and his father were relieved to see that. It was almost as if they had a new lease on life now that she was calming down. “Just call me next time, okay?” She almost sounded pitiful when she spoke this time as if she had been hurt by the fact he didn’t call. It was a tone and appearance that would earn sympathy from most others if they happened to see her like this. However, the only two people in the world who would understand that this was the calm before the storm were both in the room with her. “So, you have to cook tonight, okay? That’s how you can make this up to me, and you also have to fix that.” She pointed at the knife she just moments ago threw at Jon as if it was normal. “Yes Caitlynn, my love!” Jon had immediately accepted her requests causing a smile to appear on her face, and send chills down Connor’s back who was only a bystander at this point. After that, his knife was returned to him with praise from his father, and things proceeded normally for the next two days. For the most part, work was only paperwork which was all handled by his father, with some help from his mother. It was only on Wednesday night that things took a turn towards strange. __________________________________________ “Son, I thought you bought one of these tickets!” Jon called out to Connor reminding him about a fact that he had forgotten about shortly after purchase. When he heard his father Connor took his billfold from his back pocket and removed the lottery ticket that he had put in his wallet with alongside his change from that day. That day he had let the machine choose his numbers, and didn’t have any expectations for the ticket to be ‘the one’. Despite his doubts towards the ticket, he remained in the room to watch what numbers are drawn. “06, 21, 16, 17, 52, and the Powerball is….” “25…” Connor spoke in sync with the announcer, which stupefied both of his parents. Both turned to look at him slightly confused, however, they realized something was off from his dazed expression. Curiosity led them over to him, it was then that they saw the exact same numbers called out on the ticket in his hand. “Son, you know that your father has always loved you, right?” Jon had placed a hand on Connor’s shoulder and spoke in a serious tone immediately after seeing the ticket. This was the kind of relationship between the two of them. Even at times like this they would both joke with each other. “I know I have a loving father. A father so loving that he would never take advantage of his son, right?” Connor had no intention of keeping the money to himself, rather the moment he realized he had the winning numbers he had already decided to split the prize with his parents. It was only his father’s shameless behavior that caused him to reply the way that he did. “You wouldn’t just abandon your father now that you earned such a fortune, right? Think about your mother.” His father quickly changed approaches when he realized his first wasn’t going to go as planned. “Mom! We’re rich!” Connor ignored his father and proceeded to hug his mom. Since his father wanted a second round, he could only oblige. Jon was at a loss for words after Connor’s reply this time. Feeling a sense of victory he added on. “All three of us.” It was only then that his father also smiled happily. After they settled down at home the three proceeded to go through the process of claiming the prize. It wasn’t overly difficult, however, it was tedious. In the end, it was all worth it after a few days passed and everything was settled. Immediately after obtaining the cash reward he split it half for himself and the other half for his parents without a second thought. In the following days, they adjusted to their new fortune. His father revamped their company with new equipment, and also hired more workers. This created more jobs in the area which was much appreciated by several people. His mother, on the other hand, decided to go on shopping sprees. When she found something she liked she would buy it in each color. Jon and Connor both knew she wouldn’t use or wear half of what she bought, but they remained quiet about this manner. After a few days, her shopping craze calmed and things returned to normal for the most part. They were already living a good life before, the only difference now was that they could live freely and at ease. Connor spent the last several days helping his father settle things with his business, and help his mother manage her clothes while simply crafting knives in his free time. As things were calming down he had time to think about his future, and what he wished to do. When things finally returned to normal he decided to sit down and talk to his parents. “So I want you two to know that I have made a decision after spending a long time in deliberation,” Connor spoke calmly and resolutely to his parents. He had already decided what he would be doing in the future, all that was left was for his parent’s to know too. “You’re leaving, right?” His mother was the first one to answer, but his father was also looking at him calmly. It seemed they both understood him well enough that he didn’t need to say anything at all. “Yes, I am. For a long time as you both know I have had this passion for making knives. However, it’s not limited to just that. I want to learn the different techniques out there for forging. I also want to learn about the various items I could create. That’s why I have decided to use this money to travel the world with this money meeting different blacksmiths willing to share their knowledge.” He was completely open with his parents about his intentions. He knew that no matter what they would support him. “Good, but you can’t come back without a woman! I still need some cute little grandbabies!” His mother never failed to bring this matter up. It was also Connor’s greatest headache when it came to his own mother. In reply to her, he could only helplessly nod. In his father’s eyes was sympathy, while his mother smiled happily. After that short conversation for the next few days, things proceeded normally. The only difference was that in his free time Connor was preparing everything he would need to travel. He only had a duffle bag with his essentials such as clothes, a spare pair of shoes, his toothbrush, and various other things one would typically need for traveling. The day he would leave for his journey was fast approaching. Word Count| 6,360
  4. Kumo

    ORP Reset Announcement!

    I feel lucky to not be offered candy by strange people in mysterious white vans. All the scenario is missing is the pedobear. But I hope to see you all in the ORP. The more the merrier!
  5. So, I will start this off by saying that I wasn't asked to do this. I am just seeing a lot of questions about this change and as I have a decent understanding about it I figured that while I have time I would explain it a bit for those who don't understand quite so well with it having recently been implemented. Let's start with what the power stat actually is. It is a combination of your typical attacking stats 'Strength' and 'Reiryoku'. I like to think of it as the user's potential strength in either aspect which then makes the previous attacking stats in to sub-stats of power in general. The advantage of this is that we don't get locked in to one way of fighting over the other, and the way this stat does this is by taking a percentage of the points distributed to it and giving you a number which is essentially how much of your potential power you can utilize. Everyone is limited to a maximum of 150% to split which then represents the strength of either aspects. Some classes are slightly different in this aspect, but we will get to that in just a moment. When you first create a character or update your stats to include the addition of power you will decided on a why to split 150% between strength and reiryoku. If you were to choose to balance the two stats you would then have 75% left for each. What this means is that in both stats you can evenly utilize 75% of what you distribute to your power stat. For example, if I had 100 points in power and split my percentage this way both strength and reiryoku can only achieve a maximum damage of 75 points worth. The advantage is that you are equally strong in each aspect. Another split for percentages is 100%/50% and what this means is that one stat can utilize the whole 100% of power, but in return the secondary attack stat can only use at most 50%. Geniuses and Brutes being specialized to a certain stat are locked in to that 100%/50% split in favor of whichever stat their class specializes in. People with duality also don't gain any extra percentage to distribute. There isn't any need for a higher percentage that 150% because it is already a big difference to have both means of attack grow stronger based off of one stat. If anyone has any questions, then they are welcome to ask them here and someone will answer you as soon as possible.
  6. Kumo

    Orp Suggestions

    So, we all know that the ORP is essentially the walking dead. One reason for this is the ridiculous amount of work and effort needed to have success. Some of you may have seen some basic math I did in the chat previously. With the number I reached we could have ten full length novels easily. If we were aspiring authors that may be fine, but most of us are just fans of bleach or anime in general. And rarely does anybody besides an author find time to write ten whole books. It's fun to make a story, but the biggest reason to make a character is to be able to have a character that would fit in among your favorites from the series. For anyone who didn't choose prodigy, and wasn't lucky enough to get duality you need exactly 1,117 stat points to cap. In other words you need to earn 1,120, which requires 280,000 reiatsu, and a staggering 420,000 word count IF Star's above suggestion is implemented to return the rate for all tiers to 1,500 word count equals 1,000 reiatsu. There are at least a few ways to reduce that. First we could increase the points awarded to 5 for all classes rather than 4. That alone would reduce the amount of reiatsu needed to 224,000 reiatsu to cap. 336,000 words becomes necessary then. That's better but not quite there yet. Honestly, we should want to aim even lower than that. Under 200,000 would be ideal, but still be well earned. And that's where another suggestion comes in to play. The above suggestion of the power stat would also greatly reduce how much time is needed to put 250 points in the attack stat. A total of 870 stat points is then all that's needed for the majority of classes then. I know I'm not exactly our resident mathematician or anything, but it is already looking more reasonable. Only 174,000 is needed to cap at that point. Just by accepting two previous suggestions, and one new one we can actually reduce the cap by OVER 100,000 reiatsu. Only 261,000 word count is needed after that. That is nearly cut in half compared to the current, and it would still take time. (These numbers are based on a soft cap of only reaching 250 in power rather than completely maxing out the stat.) Once you include duality in to the mix people with that would be saved an additional 10,000 reiatsu, or 15,000 words which equals only 50 stat points when maxed out. Their cap is only 164,000 reiatsu, and 244,000 words needed to earn the 830 stat points. The only major change that could potentially come from these suggestions is the prodigy class. Other classes have a stat which increased rate, and also a stat which caps early but the people who choose prodigy have to earn a full 1,000 stat points for 250 in each of their stats. So, what a prodigy needs to cap is 167,000 reiatsu which is a bit more than duality. In my opinion, that would be fine as they have limitations in place such as all stats have to remain in the same tier. A suggestion for this situation would also be to lock a prodigy in to a 75/75 split to reflect the fact they are a jack of all trades. Another consideration to be had is the potential reiatsu bonuses for holidays and events that could occur. All together, even as a long time RP'er I see no fault with having a quicker, and smoother experience to allow anyone the potential to cap their stats and experience the upper tiers even with busy schedules. This suggestion naturally makes it easier for the people who have more time than others as well, but isn't that a given? If someone has more time there is no reason to punish them for that. With so many leadership positions we actually need people to grow to fill them. EDIT: I had to correct my math for the prodigy class a bit because I forgot that they can cap all stats. And please keep in mind that there is a variable of 25-50% of the power stat for the various classes to then hit a hard cap. 250 power isn't the limit, but rather what falls in line with previous capping standards. In other words a hard cap is anywhere from from 12-25k away from the current numbers. That is also 3-6 months of real life consistent posting on top of the already over two year time period to reach that point alone. I understand that someone capping is considered synonymous with time to reset for some, but I believe that that isn't the case. I personally believe that the reason it would be time to reset in that situation is because you can't catch up to a two year difference. With this that gap is smaller to catch up. Another thing to consider is that a large part of the reason people don't join now is because of how long it takes to be strong. Bleach is still bleach in the end, people love to feel strong.
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  8. In Helheim's seven day forecast it seems we will likely be hit by a shit storm moving in very quickly. You heard it here first, keeping everyone informed here at Kumo news!

  9. The ruins will be a big free for all. At least until we get some filthy teamers.

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  13. My line up for this arc ended up quite interesting. The Grimm Reaper of Hueco Mundo, The Kenpachi, The Strongest Cadet in Academy History, and the only odd ball story wise being that one random quincy xD. Good luck to you all. Let The Hunger Games begin.

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      Good Luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

  14. Kumo

    The Syndicate's Sanctuary

    So you are defending Ben? What happened to just not liking the public argument? We don't like bullshit, so how are we any different from you? And after all of the attacking Ben has done in PM's to people it's hard not to reply in such a way. Like I said, you don't know anything. He wouldn't learn anyways, I mean I know for a fact that it was both Ben and Akira. But it was clear after they ignored the first post that they had no intention of listening to anyone because they think they are justified. And I actually brought up plenty of points that needed to be taken in to consideration despite what I said which you clearly ignored it seems. Firstly, like I said reiryoku and reiatsu play a huge part in bleach battles. Jophiel is much stronger than Vendetta in this case. There are plenty of ways for the character Vendetta to act. In this case even if what he did as a counter to the chains used against him would work he left out too much for it to be reasonable, especially considering as I previously said that Jophiel's reiryoku is higher. These chains would have to be under the influence of reiryoku to surround him in the first place. But he just simply threw a few knives at them and moved them completely? That's something that needs to reconsidered. I won't go giving ideas and such because this isn't my fight. He needs to be creative on his own sometimes too, and I know he can do it. And I did say some mean things, but that was because of how he was treating another person. Does someone treating someone badly deserve to be treated kindly? Not really. Some times hurtful words hit home a lot better than a slap on the wrist and a "That's not cool." Someone who attacked others whether you saw it or not doesn't always deserve kind words. Just my opinion since that's all anyone is sharing. Then what I really noticed after that, and what I pointed out as being more unreasonable is the fact that in Akira's post was clear Metagaming. Neither of the two could know of Jophiel's allies. Kaycee's character is the only who could know, but she hasn't mentioned that. Jophiel followed Kaycee's character from the forest. It's not bullshit to be there. She didn't go through some complicated entrance process, so why would anyone know about something added after? They wouldn't. The setting has to be explained beforehand for it to not be bullshit. Honestly, that's just proper RP etiquette which you would think Ben who has been here RP'ing as long as he has would know some of. That's why I am so hard on him. I expected more from him as an RP'er, and the leader of the group. But rather than that he claimed after the fact that no one could enter without ever explaining why before. Then it came to the random lasers. How is that going to work? I mean, how is it reasonable to add some weapon to the surroundings all of a sudden which can apparently damage other RP'ers and is supposed to. But if it hits anyone in the syndicate it has no effect? The lasers just need to go. And Seki Seki stone. Oh how this bothers me. Did anyone care enough to look up what this actually is? It does repel reiryoku, but it also drains reiryoku. Another thing is, how did you all come in to possession of it? Did you think it was found in hueco mundo? If so, you're wrong. It's a rare mineral either way even if not only found if the Soul Society as Vad pointed out. It's only ever shown in two creations, so it's hard to imagine it's anywhere aside from there. "It's here and it stops all from ever entering this thread." I think it's more appropriate to ask why is it that everyone in the syndicate can fight right now. I mean, if it was there before Jophiel arrived then they would have simply been weakening their selves to have a base made out of it. The biggest suggestion anyone could give here is re-think your descriptions and actually understand what you're using, doing, and saying. Another big thing is that Ben had previously stated his character to be roughly VC-level. Just because it hasn't been revealed IC doesn't mean you can change it after announcing stuff like that. You also have to think reasonably. Captain level is one of the highest levels and these characters don't have but maybe four posts on them. Some of which are a lot of copy and paste. Had there been some story there, just something it would have been fine. But there wasn't. It was a random boost which is wrong to do. I know you want to be mysterious, but everyone should stick to what they say until there is a reason for improvement. I will apologize for having been rude the them and attacking them as you put it Ruro. It was wrong to do that, but it wasn't any better for you to come in here posting like you did right after a clearly different post. I didn't attack anyone, I didn't do anything along the lines of that. I just suggested everyone talk, and then got attacked for it. Though I won't deny the fact that Ben and Akira are in the wrong as far as their posts go, and I will admit to being in the wrong about what I was wrong about. Everyone who posted here was in the wrong. But there is the main points and why they don't add up. I will delete my other posts here to take away the clutter.
  15. Kumo

    Neo Ritter List

    This is very important, Kaycee, are you saying that your power is to make others depressed? Or are you trying to use a fear of theirs to your advantage? Or was that just poor wording that gave a misleading description? If the first, well depression won't kill anyone. If the second I would like to ask how you could find out fears without metagaming. And if it is the third then you need a better description because it is literally impossible to force someone in to a hopeless situation. And I will delete this post after my question is answered.