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  1. Kumo

    The Harrowing Recess

    Connor felt extremely satisfied as his impromptu combo worked out in the best way possible. Just based on Tomoe’s cursing, it was apparent that she was suffering quite a bit after their combo. ‘I guess you don’t like suffering in a one-sided manner, but this is what you deserve for playing with the lives and souls of so many others…’ Connor thought this way, but was truthfully emotionally torn. He knew the truth of hollows and that the process could twist even the best of people into something that was unrecognizable. In comparison to the man that he would be fighting after this, Connor felt that Tomoe was more pitiful and easier to sympathize with. Unfortunately for Tomoe, these thoughts and feelings were buried deep within his heart. The only way a situation like this could truly shake him and cause hesitation would be if it happened to someone he truly cared for. For a stranger like Tomoe, the most she would receive from him was understanding. Saving souls was the responsibility of Shinigami, so it was irrelevant to him who simply desired to end the repeated occurrences that she caused. It was at that moment that Ryunosuke called out to him. “Connor!” It was only natural to look in that direction where he saw the thumbs up of his companion expressing his approval. “Nice pitch!” Connor couldn’t help but smile slightly and speak in reply. “I would say that you just about knocked it out of the park.” Connor had taken hold of his spear once more by this point and was waiting for the inevitable wave of enemies that would come. Tomoe did her best to keep the two groups separated, but there was little that Connor could do to interfere in the matter. ‘Stay safe Masato.’ This was Connor’s primary concern, but there was little that he could do to actually help his companion who ended up with the Shinigami. The wave of enemies that came this time exceeded the last in volume by several times numbering in the hundreds. Looking at the number of wraiths, Connor couldn’t help but sigh. The number of wraiths was the only thing impressive about the wave, so Connor could only feel disappointed. ‘This attack is already useless, no matter how many enemies it consists of…’ Rather than prepare and act in a particular manner, Connor clad his body in lightning that would protect him as he advanced towards the hundreds of wraiths. Relying on his powerful senses, he was able to easily pinpoint the nearest enemy and have lightning arc off of himself and retaliate against the enemies in maw and claw form. His efforts didn’t stop there as he further willed it to chain to connecting wraiths outward. “This won’t ever work against me…” Connor quietly spoke this line as lightning continued to arc to the next one in the wave, and it was as the last word fell that lightning dissipated the entire wave with ease in a golden flash. He took note of Ryunosuke calling out to him as he could now clearly see his companion rush forward, clearly intending to take the lead this time. ‘I will be right behind you.’ This was Connor’s internal reply as a wave of force rapidly expanded from the direction of the other group. It was sudden, but before Connor could even think to respond a transparent barrier had protected him from the brunt of the force. [1] ‘Hmm?’ The faint fluctuations from the talisman on his spear and the flickering of light made him aware of the origins of that shield. Connor didn’t know if he should be thankful for the protection or not as he noticed that Tomoe’s fury soared to unprecedented heights. Connor didn’t make an attempt to rush into the other group’s skirmish as more people would only complicate the situation. All he could do was observe the quick interaction between them before she unleashed her signature wraiths. It was around this time that Ryunosuke glanced back at him to confirm that he was ready. Connor couldn’t help but notice the change, likely at the same time as his companion, in the mist. ‘Shit.’ Connor could immediately recognize the color as being similar to the attacks of the Shinigami accompanying Captain Kusho. Connor didn’t make an attempt to prevent the effects of the smog as it was too late, instead his anger soared once more. [2] “You’re going to regret that, you bitch…” Connor felt a faint weakness as a result, and couldn’t help but glare at the Shinigami who gave her access to an ability like that. Connor felt some natural disgust for the poisonous mist, and despite being unable to do anything to avoid it he didn’t wish to remain in it. Instead, he hopped into the air and stood above the mist through skillful use of the Bringer’s Light technique. “None of you are worthy of my salvation!” These were the final words that the woman had for those present as just moments later the mist shifted and faint energy fluctuations emerged under Connor’s feet. ‘Not this bullshit again!’ Immediately after recognizing the faint signs, Connor sidestepped to his right in the air expecting the three foot wide attack he faced earlier this night. [3] ‘Hmm?’ He expected to take not fully dodge, but the size was different from what he expected with a diameter roughly around eight inches. He didn’t have time to shout to Ryunosuke, but he believed that his companion would be safe even without his warning. Instead, Connor resolved himself to rush into close quarters combat once more. He charged forward off of his right foot at full speed with his eyes focused on Tomoe. By moving forward, he would force her to have to predict his movements in order to properly strike him which would also make her own attacks more predictable for Connor. He made it several feet before he caught sight of the faint movements in the mist and clear sensed the faint fluctuations which served as a prelude to the attack to come. ‘Too easy!’ Connor’s left foot tapped the air allowing him to adjust his course to pass just to the left of the mist pillar that would rise with a smooth sidestep. [4] As he safely passed by the second attack, Connor tapped the air with his right foot to adjust his course once more. Connor had lost sight of Ryunosuke in that moment, but he knew that he wouldn’t be far away. “Don’t worry about me, get Tomoe!” Connor had been expecting his companion to be leading the charge from a different angle, but his voice wasn’t coming from the direction that Connor expected. Had it not been for the words spoken, Connor may have paused to check the situation. In this situation, he chose to believe in the companion who had earned his respect and hurried forward without pause. A third attack was forming at this moment ahead, but Connor could make out the formation of this one as well due to his steady forward momentum and sidestepped to the left this time in a similar manner to the previous attack. [5] It was just after he avoided this attack that Connor heard his companion call out, and then immediately saw the chain rise out of the mist. ‘Nice!’ This action would at the very least halt her retreat, if not pull her towards him. As the chain went taut between the two and his companions voice reach him, Connor found himself rapidly entering range. The first thing he did at this point was toss his spear forward at a speed slower than himself freeing his hands once more as lightning energy danced up and down it similar to himself in his lightning energy clad state. [6] He read her movements at this moment and abused her lack of freedom to rush in and target her face, specifically the mouth area, with his left knee that had the energy density rise at the last moment. [7] Connor’s flow of attacks continued smoothly with one right after the other, leading straight into a right handed palm strike that would land around her ear with his fingers extending behind in order to grab onto her hair and hold tightly in order to damage her hearing and also restrain her. [8] With only the slightest delay, Connor’s left elbow brutally descended towards the top of her head. [9] Immediately after contact, or the loss of momentum that left arm would raise above his shoulder beckoning the incoming spear to it just over his left shoulder. Immediately taking hold of it just below the spearhead, Connor would wield it like a dagger and stab over Tomoe’s shoulder at her back. [10] It was after this that Connor could see faint changes in the chain that extended upwards to his overhead companion, and hear the grating of the chain as force was put into it. Immediately Connor backed off from her and watched with a smile as his companion led into his next attack. “We should have been doing this before.” Connor said this to himself with a slight smile as he prepared for anything that could follow. -Abilities Used- -Turn Actions- -Turn Stats- Word Count: 1,530
  2. Kumo

    The Harrowing Recess

    Connor’s initial spear stabs had been redirected to strike Tomoe’s left collarbone slightly with that monstrous right arm of hers taking the brunt of the attack. Connor wasn’t surprised by that fact. He could feel her slight advantage in speed due to his close observations, but she also didn’t give the impression of an experienced close range combatant. Based on previous method of attack, he expected that she dominated more from a distance. ‘Then I will do my best to not let you have any distance.’ This thought formed, and would likely have an influence on the actions that he takes in the near future. His following lightning attack landed cleanly due to the difficult position that she was put in. Connor took note of his companions well placed attack at her lower body that occurred simultaneously with his electric attack. The ease with which Ryunosuke managed to work with himself increased Connor’s appreciation for his companion’s combat abilities. What followed those actions was the leftward sweep of Connor’s spear that smashed into Tomoe’s neck causing her to move along with his swing. There wasn’t a shred of sympathy in Connor’s eyes as he landed a strike on a critical area, and that was entirely due to the cruel actions that he knew this woman performed. To the side stood Ryunosuke winding up for a well placed swing of his bat towards the other side of Tomoe’s head, but she luckily managed to slip out just in time. The bat and spear came to a stop with both crossed at slightly varied heights. With Tomoe’s retreat, Connor cast a glance and faint nod at Ryunosuke. He didn’t bother to consider if the action was noticed, and immediately returned his focus to Tomoe. She raised her arms over her head and howled loudly after her short retreat. The mist stirred as it drew towards her slowly rising body. The form gradually shifted from the common mist during the process to become individual streaks swirling within. The only indication of their separate existence being the blue wisps of flame present at the front of each torrent. Several dozen of these torrents shot out at that moment split between himself and his companion. ‘What a load of bullshit…’ Connor thought this as he understood immediately what her intentions for summoning so many enemies. In response to her action of sending fodder their way, Connor immediately lowered the back end of his spear allowing it to slide down his hand until he held it at roughly the middle point for the entire length of it. The amalgamations of mist rushed towards them, but Connor made a point to retreat back and to his right a few steps to give himself and Ryunosuke more room. By this point, several of them left him half surrounded. Connor didn’t show any visible concern as he held his spear directly in front of his chest horizontally while muttering a single word. “Come.” This was his only sentiment in the face of the horde formed of mist. With just a glance, he could see that these were nothing compared to the several wailing corpses that he ran into earlier this night. As the wraiths came in contact with his spear, Connor took one step back with his right foot to provide stability as he clenched his left hand on the spear tighter. Immediately after making contact lightning burst upward and downward from his spear forming a wall that attacked these creatures. In an instant nearly ten evaporated under the lightning assault with the rest pausing their charge in order to avoid a similar fate. They would have failed to achieve their intended purpose had they intentionally rushed to death, but Connor was still slightly disappointed. ‘I gave them an easy way out, and they still didn’t take it…’ As that thought occurred, Connor was already gathering that lightning from the burst towards his right hand. The energy rose between the gaps of his fingers and up his arm initially, but as he changed his stance that energy rapidly condensed. His spear was brought down to his side with the tip at a slight downward angle as he essentially reversed his stance by bringing his left foot back behind him with his right hand stretched forward. In front of that outstretched hand was a dark golden orb the size of a softball emitting an apparent golden glow. The wraiths started charging forward at that moment, unconcerned by the glowing orb that didn’t leak any energy. It was only when it’s form rippled that pressure spread out from the orb indicating an attack was coming. That golden orb rapidly shifted and expanded forward, elongating towards the mist creatures like a bolt of lightning which then took on the appearance of a golden dragon that rushed through the center of the crowd. Connor’s unhurried movements made this chain of actions take a couple of seconds, but there were still some that remained after this. Slightly less than half remained, but Connor had little concern for them. With them simply rushing at him, he could easily dispatch seemingly mindless enemies. With the reduced numbers, he could finally take care of the remaining in one move. Connor was aware that Tomoe had taken this time to attack the others, but he also didn’t have the luxury of worrying about others excessively. Connor hopped a couple of steps backwards just a bit faster than the wraiths while rotating his body around in order to bring his spear into a wide sweep to strike the remnants of the crowd.His grip was loose allowing it to extend out as he turned until he simply held it near the end causing it to whip through most of the remaining mist. The flames for eyes died immediately as the dispersed. Connor’s action against the remaining few was to simply fire smaller individual lightning dragons at them. The lightning penetrated the remaining few and dissipated them just in time for Connor to catch sight of Tomoe entering the mist near the other three similar to how she had near them. A quick glance made it apparent that the three of them were doing okay for now, meaning that Connor only had to focus on Ryunosuke and himself. Similar to himself, his companion had handled the wraiths on his side with relative ease and was in a similar position to himself by now. With her in the mist, despite being able to follow her movements, Connor felt that he could only wait patiently for her to pop up. Her movements went back and forth without any clear indication of where she would emerge. With that erratic behavior and her slight speed advantage, Connor could only watch while on edge. What came next were twenty mist arms rapidly rising out towards them from ten meters ahead. Where the hand should be on each were familiar blue eyes and ‘mouths’ formed of mismatched bones gnashing at them. The total amount split into ten for each of them as they rapidly moved with with clear intent to target them. ‘Those eyes…’ Connor immediately assumed that it was likely that wraiths were manipulating that to target him, and so didn’t attempt to avoid them. “You fucking bitch…” With no easy way to avoid them, Connor immediately chose not to do so at all. Instead, he rushed directly at them causing them to form a tighter cluster due to having to target him. As he charged forward his hand slid up the spear to rest at the midway point once more. In front of the projectiles, Connor didn’t hesitate to dive forward as he brought his spear in from of him with that center hold and furiously rotated it to block the several attacks. Due to variations in speed it was impossible to fully block them all, but most bones shattered and fell. The few that weren’t fully blocked fragmented and hit his arms which blocked most of his face, and his shoulders managing to tear up his clothing further. [1.7 - 2.3] Connor believed that Ryunosuke would handle his own and soon be following behind, so he didn’t hesitate to charge after the opening that the large scale attack left. His gaze was fixed directly on the spot that he could clearly make out her movements and charged without hesitation to force her out into the open once more. It was only upon closing in on her apparent location that it became apparent that she was prepared. She rapidly rose once he was in close proximity while rotating in order to strike with that right arm of hers towards the end of the rotation. “It’s not that easy!” Connor shouted this at her as his right hand came around aimed to clash directly with her hollowfied hand in front of his chest. [3] At the same time his left hand released the spear, allowing it to float directly next to him, and lagged behind by only a fraction of a second to target her right forearm with a palm strike in an attempt to break it. [4] He had hopes that the opposing forces would be able to injure her. More than that, he had every intention to take hold of her arm with these actions. Immediately after contact between his right palm and and hers in that clash, he unleashed a burst of electricity from his hand to attack more. [5] If Connor could manage to capture her arm, it was at this point that he would firmly grip her and rotate clockwise with that grip while shouting “Batter up!” He would choose to believe that his companion was close to him by now. If Ryunosuke was close enough and the grab was successful, then Connor would simply swing her directly into the path of his bat relying on his superior strength. If He was a distance away, then Connor wouldn’t hesitate to throw her with his full force into the path for Ryunosuke to be able to hit her still. [6] -Abilities Used- -Turn Actions- -Turn Stats- Word Count: 1,670
  3. Kumo

    The Harrowing Recess

    In the eye of the storm was a calm area where Tomoe stood atop a grave wrapped in chains originating from her chest. His attention didn’t drift from her after entering the area. Finally coming into contact with one of the people behind this terrible night ignited his anger. He recalled the man from the shrine as well as the other perpetrator in this moment, reminding himself that after this fight would come another. Connor pushed that though from his mind after a short moment and glared at Tomoe who stood just a short distance away. He could see her details clearly, but wasn't phased by her grotesque arm which didn’t match the rest of her appearance. He didn’t speak in acknowledgment to her words, and essentially ignored her. It was long since apparent that he had no intention of giving himself to her, and he believed the same went for his companions. They had traveled through the raging mist mixed with debris together in order to face her. Connor was aware that the Shinigami present had been reduced to only two, so he imagined that even they shared his sentiments. Their one goal was to defeat her, and end the suffering that had repeated. Connor’s steps didn’t stop as he charged forward towards her without hesitation. At most, there was a slight pause upon entering as he took in his surroundings upon entering the mostly clear area. He lacked true life and death experience due to the short time that had passed since his powers had manifested, but it was possible that he matched some of the Shinigami with hundreds of years of life in pure combat experience. Most of his time since awakening his powers was spent fighting and refining his technique down to the most efficient and useful form possible for him. That training combined with his own thorough understanding of his powers didn’t leave room for him to hesitate now that an actual threat stood before him. He was furious at Tomoe, but that fury didn’t affect his actions. Connor precisely followed her movements as she twirled, and almost immediately caught sight of the blade rising from the mist. It was slightly faster than himself, but it was a short distance away and clearly telegraphed. He was mid-step, moving forward at a fast speed relying on the propulsion of a single step to cover a long distance, but that didn’t prevent a faint glow from appearing under his left foot in order to step again earlier than intended. As that glow appeared, Connor shifted his course slightly to the left and brought the right side of his body forward. This slight change of course shifted Connor’s center to the left while the turning of his body allowed the blade to move past him cleanly by only a few inches. [1] Tomoe never left his line of sight during these movements allowing him to see her rapid transition into a second twirl. ‘It’s like she’s dancing…’ This was Connor’s thought as he watched her perform this twirl. His senses were normally honed on the surroundings, but as she twirled for the second time Connor found himself paying more attention to the area. There wasn’t any guarantee, but after the attack moments ago Connor associated this action of hers with the launching of her mist blades. These very mist blades could appear from any direction due to the abundant knee high mist covering the large area, so he had no intention of letting his guard down. The slight variation in her finishing moving caused him to expect a horizontal attack to come from the front similar to the last time. Unfortunately, the mist didn’t stir in a similar manner to the last attack causing his attention to shift left where he saw a blade rising out slightly ahead of himself to match his pace forward. He didn’t consider the right when checking due to Ryunosuke being there, and as a result was quick to find the next attack coming his way. Like the last one, it was a short distance away from himself. ‘Is there a limit to how close she can create an attack?’ Connor couldn’t prevent this question from forming due to it being much more likely to hit them if it appeared in a closer proximity. Put bluntly, unless there were several limiting his movement, it would be impossible for an attack that was farther from him than he had to move to avoid to hit him. Even if it was slightly faster than himself, he would be safe as long as he was aware of it. With the stirring of the mist being a clear indication, he was once more able to avoid the attack by a small margin. Similar to his left foot moments before, Connor’s right foot had a faint glow appear slightly above the ground as he stepped on the air causing him to rise rapidly in and upward arc forward. As he moved, he made a point to speak loud enough for Ryunosuke to hear. “On your left!” It was a warning for him, so he was aware of an attack coming at him from his direction. His dodging movement caused the blade to pass under him from the side as his words finished. [2] By now, the distance between them and her had shrunk greatly. Connor’s steps hadn’t paused since he started moving forward, and a mere few hundred meters wasn’t enough for him to helplessly remain a distance away. Him and Ryunosuke both possessed speeds which allowed them to cover that in a matter of seconds. With Tomoe having come forward as well, Connor rapidly entered his ideal range for attacking with his spear. True to the nature of his spear, Connor powerfully stepped forward to launch a piercing attack. He simply aimed roughly center mass at her with the intention to stab his spear through her completely. His stopping point would be only a few feet short of Tomoe herself if she didn’t move. [3] Connor’s stance as he performed this attack was one with his body turned sideways and his right side leading. His center of gravity was lowered slightly with the attack itself coming from chest height. Immediately following the full extension of his spear, Connor would then unleash a small scale burst of electricity from his spear within a two foot range of it down the length of it. [4] The lightning danced momentarily, but only for a moment as he released his right hand and swung his spear to the left in a wide arc with his left hand. [5] It was partially as a prediction for her possible movement, but also in order to prevent her from closing in too close. He was aware that she had seen him battle previously, but he still felt it better to give the impression that he didn’t want her to come into close range despite excelling in both armed and unarmed combat. Connor didn’t press Tomoe any further than this in order to be prepared for any retaliation that may follow. He also didn’t fully understand his companions combat style, so he took that into consideration and didn’t act too wildly. As he adjusted to both her and the other participants in the battle, Connor would begin to weave his attacks with theirs and attempt to make more openings for everyone. With his heightened sense, Connor made a point to focus on Ryunosuke’s location despite no directly looking. This allowed him to keep his eyes on Tomoe, and generally track his partner. He didn’t doubt himself at this moment, but he did hope that the others to follow were able to take advantage of their actions to move in and possibly position themselves for a better attack. His final action that would take place just after completing his side swing was to retreat a few steps and look for any openings that would follow. He also intended to use this short distance to ensure he could react to any incoming attacks. By this point, his focus was at its limit, and he was fully in combat mode. -Abilities Used- -Turn Actions- -Turn Stats- Word Count: 1,362
  4. Kumo

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 12] [Tick Damage Disabled by Talisman] [Base ND: 9,555 - 10,755] [Remaining ND: 7,585] With the arrival of his recovered companion Connor was able to relax somewhat. He wasn’t fully confident in his own strategy, however, there weren’t many options left to him. Based on the condescending attitude put on display during their few interactions and the clear disregard for the opinion of himself and his companions, Connor could only assume that the Shinigami wouldn’t respond to anything less than threats and intimidation. He didn’t have much prior experience, but based on this night alone Connor’s opinion of Shinigami had rapidly deteriorated to the point that he expected no understanding, common sense, or rational decision making from the group. Based on their selfish and self-centered displays, Connor could only hope that they valued each other more than they valued the lives of the ‘living’. Connor had a general and limited understanding about the Shinigami due the records he read previously. Based on those records, he was aware that the Shinigami looked at the residents in the World of the Living and the spirits within the other two dimensions as mere numbers to balance without any concern for the individuals involved. He was aware of that information, but the fact that such a twisted moral code could exist among the caretakers of the afterlife hadn’t truly been accepted in his heart until he encountered a group that repeatedly proved those outlandish records true. It was for that reason that he found himself holding a life in his hands as a threat at this moment. His hesitancy to take a life so thoughtlessly manifested as relief when his companion arrived to stabilize the situation. Connor noticed immediately when his companion arrived, and returned a faint nod back. He had questions for him, but this moment required solidarity. He would act in unison with his companion, and believed that he would do the same under these circumstances. Connor took note of the spiking Reiatsu of the Captain in the group seemingly intended to match himself and Tengu, but it did little more than cause the three forces to weigh heavily on the area simultaneously as Connor’s companion spoke. The conversation continued on revealing information to Connor as well. ‘Tamura Ryunosuke. So, that’s his real name? Looking at him again, he’s a bit younger than I expected.’ Connor simply listened to Ryunosuke express himself and try to convince Captain Kusho. He didn’t have anything that he could add, and only carefully watched the Shinigami. In particular, his focus primarily went from the Captain to the Shinigami holding the girl Ryunosuke had been carrying. The multiple pressures weighing down on the group was enough to restrain them and cause labored breathing. Connor fully expected that even if they wished to charge past, they were simply unable to excluding the Captain. When Ryunosuke made a point to curse the Shinigami who led the charge, Connor couldn’t help but smile a bit and nod. He didn’t care for the tension at that moment as he shared that sentiment. That slightly smile was out of place among the pale faced Shinigami, in particular, the one he was carrying would likely have a lasting impression of Connor being able to smile in such a desperate situation. The level of threat to Oguto and Connor was incomparably different, so it was only natural for the suffering the two experienced to differ. This particular point was only a possibility as the Shinigami in question was silently held by his neck in such close proximity to Connor and his Reiatsu. By the time Ryunosuke had finished speaking his mind, he had offered an alternative solution to Captain Kusho. It was apparent to Connor that only a fool would continue on a warpath at this moment, so he had reined in his reiatsu like a receding tide. His companion and the Captain had also done so at a similar time leading to a relatively quick change of atmosphere. It was still strained and awkward, but the Captain seemed to give slightly. Connor couldn’t help but notice the arrival of his other companion and the few remaining Shinigami at that moment. As Masato looked his way, Connor nodded towards him as a greeting roughly at the same moment that the words “You are right” came from Captain Kusho. Connor listened to what little the man who lead the present Shinigami had to say after admitting that Ryunosuke was right. He couldn’t prevent particular thoughts from developing as he listened. In particular, he felt that the sudden change of tune was hypocritical. If those were the man’s true thoughts, then this situation wouldn’t have ever developed. They wouldn’t have been pushed to the point of nearly entering combat had this single person been able to grasp the big picture, but he hadn’t. Based on what Connor knew of the hierarchy in the Gotei, a Captain should have been essentially absolute to those below him. And yet, somehow, it was the Captain who followed mere officers around like a lost puppy until moments ago. ‘What a bastard.’ This was Connor’s single impression of this Captain Kusho, a worthless man holding a rank beyond his capabilities. It was such a man who was likely to be the one allowing these mere soldiers to take control of the situation by disregarding rank. ‘They nearly caused a war!’ Connor couldn’t help but marvel at the man’s pure lack of ability, as well as the audacity and carelessness of the few Shinigami still present as he understood the implications of such a thing. Despite these thoughts, he maintained a neutral expression while suppressing these opinions for the time being. Connor didn’t reply to the Captain immediately when he was spoken to. His trust for Shinigami had disappeared completely after their short few interactions. Instead, he stared at Tenzaimon clearly insinuating that he would have to bring the body of the girl to him. It was already insinuated by the Captain to exchange, so it didn’t take much to start the exchange. Connor simply pushed Oguto forward lightly and causing him to shake faintly signalling for Tenzaimon to come and “get” his companion. As the Shinigami approached Connor with Ryunosuke’s girl in tow, Connor could clearly hear Masato speak. Connor almost smiled at the sarcastic mocking that was said, but the anger behind it prevented him from doing so. He even felt similar sentiments, in particular, that it wouldn’t have hurt for this Captain to apologize. Unfortunately for the man, now that it was pointed out by Masato, Connor wouldn’t ever accept an apology as heartfelt. ‘I guess it can only be expected from people like him.’ Connor chose to ignore the shouts of their target within the mist. He had a bone to pick with her as well, but letting himself get angry at this moment by thinking about her could cause the situation to collapse. The exchange had proceeded smoothly, and he now had the seemingly lifeless girl in his arms. ‘She’s just like that policeman from before…’ Connor couldn’t help but notice this point as he couldn’t feel any apparent signs of life from her despite holding her at this moment. He simply ignored Tenzaimon who helped a wobbly Oguto back to their group, and the fact that there was a nearly black ring around Oguto’s neck from the force he had been holding him. It was apparent from that bruising that one wrong step by the Shinigami would have ended in the death of at least one with most others likely to follow. It was at this point that Masato approached him after handing Ryunosuke something and spoke. “Let me take care of her for now.” Connor didn’t doubt his companion too much, and followed his suggestion. Next, he could only watch in awe as a cocoon rapidly formed around the girl’s body. It was apparent that its purpose was to protect her, and the talisman that was placed on top after further ensured her protection. ‘Well, that’s one less worry.’ “Thanks for that.” Connor didn’t speak at length, only making sure to express that sentiment. By this point, the Captain inquired about the next steps to Ryunosuke who concisely explained the situation before leading the way further into the mist. “I guess we’re following then.” Connor said this with no clear intended target, but it was impossible for Masato to have not heard them due to their close proximity. With that, Connor took hold of his spear once more now that the situation had settled completely. His companion led the way with his bat in hand towards a particular direction in the mist, so Connor quickly followed up behind him. Connor moved a half step later, and consistently maintained a pace that followed Ryunosuke by half a step to his left through the mist. Connor’s spear was in his left hand constantly moving to attack anything within its range to the left and forward. The talisman’s exorcising properties were doing most of the work, so he effortless swings caused the bodies to fly off with each swing. He didn’t he use his spear skillfully at this point, simply swiping back and forth to cover the largest area as he moved with lightning shooting off into the surroundings from these swipes. There were some that slipped by them, but he had full confidence that those following could handle them. And maybe, somewhere deep in his heart he hoped that these few would make it through and cause harm to the Shinigami in some way despite how unlikely it was. ‘We’re coming for you, you bitch…’ This was Connor’s thoughts about Tomoe as he charged along with his companions and the Shinigami, soon to arrive at the resting place of Tomoe herself under Ryunosuke’s guidance. -Abilities Used- -Turn Stats- Word Count: 1,620 OOC|Left Thread Equipment Obtained| [Talisman Of Might] Connor's O-fuda Achievements Unlocked| [Four is a Party (2)]
  5. Kumo

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 12] [Tick Damage Disabled by Talisman] [Base ND: 9,555 - 10,755] [Remaining ND: 7,585] Connor listened intently to the information Kiri had to share about the O-fuda during his approach. ‘Why are you going to be a good guy now? Kiri, if only you knew how suspicious it was to be too nice in situations like these…’ The longer Connor heard Kiri share info in a transparent manner, the harder it was for him to not feel guilty for testing him a short while ago. That guilt didn’t become regret as he would likely do the same again if he placed in the same situation. It could even be said that his testing of Kiri allowed him to view the kind fellow without excessive doubt. By this point Kiri had approached and requested for some Talismans to pass out to us new arrivals. This brought his attention to a basket that held several of them that the woman was tending to. ‘I should have started here…’ Kiri then proceeded to pass one to Masato who had accompanied him to the group and give an explanation. That explanation was clearly spoken louder in order to more people to hear. ‘That’s probably directed at me.’ Connor could only express himself with a slightly bitter smile at that point. ‘It’s not like I’m some violent delinquent…’ Just a moment after the older woman reached for his wrist and pulled it upward to reveal his upturned palm before firmly placing a talisman in his hand. “Take it, young one, it’ll ward off harm.” She said this with confidence and care, making it hard for Connor to doubt the abilities of it. A short observation of the writing on it revealed mysterious lines which seemed to form shifting symbols that he couldn’t understand. ‘So these really aren’t normal…’ Connor was about to express his thanks when a man made a point to answer his questions. Observing the group most closely, the fact that they were related to the O-fuda became painfully apparent. ‘Why did no one see this ancient talisman and think to start here?’ The man continued to explain the story of this shrine, and all of the information that he was aware of. It was also revealed that this man was another detective who didn’t appreciate people like Connor. ‘What good is a detective against a horde of hollows?’ Connor thought that the dislike for people like himself who were willing to face the unknown was simply foolish, but avoided expressing that. The final thing the man did was offer religion as the answer while presenting his own personal O-fuda just a short distance from Connor’s face. It was at that point that a particular scent reached his nose. Inhaling slightly longer it was apparent that the origin was the talisman that the detective was holding. Connor closed his eyes and inhaled deeper while focusing on this scent. It was faintly present throughout the room due to the several Talismans having been passed out, but it was noticeably stronger coming from the woman who offered him a talisman before due to the basket. What stood out was the fact that this wasn’t the only place that the scent gathered. Connor’s eyes shot open and stared directly at a particular man within the group. These short moments of focus on his sense of smell distracted him from the actions of Tengu that occurred in a flash. The burning of the shrine protecting O-fuda occurred almost simultaneously as his companion shouted, “IT’S HIM!” This was all Tengu said in that moment, but Connor missed most of what was said. Almost simultaneous with the opening of his eyes and the sound reaching his ears came an overwhelming flash of color. It was a darker red color seemingly mixed with a pinkish purple glow, almost as if blood itself became a source of light and illuminated his vision. What followed was a feeling that could be likened to standing next to an explosion as Connor was blasted flying backwards by the sudden and overwhelming force that accompanied that magenta light. His whole body felt like it had been smashed into by the force. There wasn’t even time to process the pain as his body slammed into the ground a distance away. He felt disoriented at that moment, but had managed to retain consciousness throughout almost entirely thanks to the strength of his body allowing him to withstand the explosion. His hand was clenched around the Talisman that the woman had given him causing a strange flow of energy to enter his body and settle within him. It was this particular energy that caused him to subconsciously hold it as he was uncontrollably blasted away. Connor didn’t stay down long after landing, a habit he had developed during his long training period that consisted of getting trounced repeatedly. His vision was slightly blurry and there was a faint ringing in his ears, but he was still able to stand unsteadily with relative ease. The lasting physical aftermath was simply the aching from most of his body due to the force smashing into him. Because the wave of energy was dispersed the ability to cut, pierce, or break his body was reduced leading to this result. As for his body versus the the ground and shrine, he was a wrecking ball destroying it all with little harm as a result. Connor’s eyes were trained on the man who was in the process of absorbing souls at this point. It took a moment for Connor to realize what was actually being sucked into the man’s body. It was the scent of blood from the dead lingering in the area that that caused understanding to dawn on him. Connor’s clothes were somewhat tattered and stained with blood primarily from the praying group. In particular, the image of the kind woman appeared in his mind as he lost focus for a moment. “You fucker…” Connor spoke shakily under his breath. Fury welled up in him at this point as he looked around at the aftermath. Dead and injured dotted the area, which only heightened his own anger. “Let’s call them the appetizers.” This single sentence brought Connor’s focus fully to the man, and simultaneous caused true killing intent to overflow from Connor at this moment. Connor himself was ready to rush forward at that moment, but wavered hearing the shrieking growl. ‘Tengu…’ Connor immediately recalled something and noticed his companion who was now turned and unmasked. ‘...I didn’t notice.’ Connor felt guilty for not noticing anything, and regret due to seeing his companion turned by Tomoe. The telegraphed clashes that followed slowly brought a calmness to Connor who saw the older man easily dealing with Tengu. The chokeslam followed by the magenta fist putting down the Wailer Tengu were a clear show of strength. ‘Is it because of the souls, or is he simply this powerful?’ This was the question Connor had after observing the clashes between the two and regaining his calm. By this point, Connor had essentially stabilized himself completely. He was ready to charge into battle, but the old man’s final words prevented him from charging. It was then that a separate voice drew his attention. The revelation about the talismans was welcome news, and naturally Connor choose to observe the phenomenon in action. It was the mention of taking a girl’s body, and seeing what body they referred to that ignited his fury once more. “Who the fuck do these guys think they are?!” Connor said this audibly, likely enough so that the nearby Masato would hear him speak, but it was still overwhelmed by the shout of Tengu. For at least a moment, it seemed like any other sound had been drowned out by the shout. Connor couldn’t help but look at the state of his companion who was charging their way. ‘Shit!’ Tengu was already in front of him as he heard the faint voice of Kiri advising Masato on how to help Tengu as another deafening roar sounded along with the distinct sound as the burning bat pierced the air towards him. ‘I hope you’re right Kiri…’ Connor had this single thought as he faced the attack of his companion. There was zero hesitation in his movements as he chose to believe in the solution Kiri offered due to his consistent knowledge and honesty. There was little skill behind the swings, and it clearly relied heavily on raw brute force. This happened to be one of the few aspects that Connor feared no one, so he shroud his left hand in lightning as he rapidly rotated his elbow to ninety degree angle with his fist aimed towards the sky essentially backhanding through the shockwave produced in order to directly clash his lightning clad arm against the flaming bat. The result was an earthshaking shockwave spreading out with fire and lightning mixed together. The elements constantly mixed together producing further clashes as they spread out from the two like a wave into the surroundings. The two destructive forces, possibly by coincidence faintly merged producing more force in the direct confrontation increasing the power beyond what either was capable of. It was likely that anyone nearby would face this burning and electrifying wave of force wash over them, including even Connor and Tengu themselves. The sleeve on Connor’s shirt had burned up to his shoulder, revealing a blackish surface burn that snaked up a bit beyond the elbow as a result of the clash. This went unnoticed as Connor was already stepping forward with his fingers of his right hand bent to firmly grasp his own talisman as an almost simultaneous palm strike was unleashed towards his companions forehead. There were further subtleties occurring as Connor’s right foot intentionally moved between Tengu’s own legs, and barely caught behind Tengu’s weight bearing leg. His goal was to abuse his companions wild charge forward, and then quickly put Tengu on his back. The result was that after the talisman pressed on Tengu’s forehead, mist poured out of his orifices similar to the Wailer he had encountered previously. What was different between the two was that proper color had returned to his companion’s eyes as he fell back, while the paleness from before was steadily fading as well. Connor gave Masato standing behind the falling Tengu a meaningful look, hoping to convey that it was safe to give their companion his own talisman which Masato had received from Kiri. “I’m going ahead to try and get that girl’s body back.” Connor spoke only this to his companions before rushing off in the direction of the Shinigami at his full speed. The ground itself cracked as he kicked off and disappeared before most would realize. In the process, he grabbed one of the shinigami by the back of their neck with his left hand as he had to pass them in pursuit. Rather than start a war, Connor intended to trade the shinigami in his hand for the body of Tengu’s lover. Rather than slaughter a way through, Connor opted to hop on the head of a nearby wailer as he approached the horde and bounce around from head to head at speeds that they were unable to follow. The trail of ruined corpses quickly led Connor to the combat zone. Before he reached a point where he could see the shinigami group, he started hearing the sounds of battle and the occasional shout from the shinigamis as they fought. He could have approached straight from behind, but that would leave the possibility for someone to try and block him for the others to continue on. Relying on the sounds Connor was able to maneuver around and to the front of the group with relative ease and soon stop within the horde of wailers. As Connor came to a stop he changed the form of his ring and willed it to enter his right hand which still held his own talisman. Without much concern, he made a few wide swings clearing away the remaining several wailers within the area around him without much resistance. ‘This is basically a fucking exorcism talisman…’ The talisman had wrapped around his spear, and caused a faint purifying aura to emit from his weapon. It was this particular aura that augmented his strikes and forced the mist out from the corpses, which then easily collapsed under his strength. It didn’t even require half of his strength to clear away large areas. It was around this time that the shinigami finally came into view. At this moment, Connor eyed the group coldly. It could even be said that if looks could kill, the shinigami in sight would be reduced to dust. His face was mostly emotionless, but his fully flared reiatsu was weighing down on them in the form of a roadblock to prevent any further forward progress. At this point, Connor released his spear which started to float around him coming into contact with the approaching wailers constantly purifying any wailer that approached him relying on the talisman’s innate dominance. “I will make you all a deal. I will give you your friend here, alive, if you return the girl’s body. If you refuse, Tomoe and that bastard at the shrine will be the least of your worries.” Connor appeared and spoke calmly, but it did nothing to hide the smoldering rage expressed in the full force of his reiatsu weighing on the group. “What will your decision be?” At this moment, there were several factors to consider in this situation. The ever growing horde would overwhelm them all if a stalemate continued. If a fight occurred then everyone was likely doomed. In particular, Connor believed that the shinigami without the captain would collapse and die after a short period of time alone. This wasn’t even considering the fact that Connor was sure to have reinforcements and that he currently had a hostage to force the shinigami to comply. All that was left was for this situation to be resolved. Actions: Updated Stats for the final time as the resting phase is now complete. Snatched Oguto as a hostage and appeared before the group before they could reach the vortex. Reiatsu is fully flared to affect the NPC shinigami the way it would RP'ers in the system. (Hostage negotiations have started xD.) ND Loss: 10,085 - 2,500 = 7,585 -Abilities Used- -Turn Stats- Word Count: 2,300
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    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 12] [Base ND: 9,230 - 10,430] [Remaining ND: 9,500] OOC: Most of the post until the dividing line is establishing Connor's IC Control over Reiatsu in order to prevent him from harming others. To summarize, within a 2 minute period he materializes the Reiraku (Spirit thread), observes everyone a bit, and then gains control over his Reiatsu. That is most of the important info that you all may need or want to include in your posts. The reason I added this note was so that anyone who doesn't want to read all of that doesn't have to do so. Connor felt helpless as he stood a short distance away from the delinquents. The only thing that they managed to do before falling unconscious was curse him. ‘Stupid bastard...’ Like anyone else would be, Connor wasn’t too happy to be cursed for something as simple as his origins. In this situation, stubborn people like these only made him feel more helpless. Rather than move on to the next person for answers, Connor crouched down to balance on the balls of his feet with his toes as stabilizers and both elbows resting on his knees as he spoke to the unconscious people in front of him. “It’s a progressive time, so why are you all still trying to discriminate? Anymore, making the wrong assumption can ruin your life guys… I guess I will teach you punk all about that whenever we get through this night…” He spoke to here before finally sighing in defeat. He thought that he could put off the problems of his Reiatsu until after tonight, but it was clearly detrimental for him in his current situation. ‘While I have the chance, I will consider this for a bit.’ As he finished that thought, Connor shifted his position from crouching to sitting with his legs crossed. He gave the unconscious few a glance before closing his eyes and focusing on the several people around him who were clearly able to exercise much greater control than himself. Overall, Connor felt his situation was very negative. He was trapped in a cemetery by a spirit and their unique power. Everyone was already on edge and dealing with their own things as a result of this mist, so his lack of Reiatsu control was a massive disadvantage. Dealing with someone who was strong enough the problem wasn’t apparent. The problem was that most people weren’t at that level of strength. ‘At least there are some strong people for me to observe for answers…’ This was the one positive to the situation. Connor had the set of skills needed to accomplish the Reiatsu control, but hadn’t known how serious the problem was until he was around people with weak spiritual abilities. A normal person’s lack of sensitivity meant that they wouldn’t be aware of the pressure, and someone with strong enough spiritual pressure simply wouldn’t be too affected or completely unaffected. Connor made a point to observe the state of the delinquents before finally closing his eyes. ‘They should be okay for a little while…’ This was his last thought before focusing on sensing the Reiatsu of the various people around the shrine. From the delinquent on the ground in front of him he could feel a faint rough flow of energy around their bodies that kept fluctuating. It was a thin, almost water like membrane, which seeped out steadily before gradually dissipating into the atmosphere. This was roughly the way Reiatsu was expressed for weaker individuals who had yet to learn to control their Reiatsu. ‘There were a lot of things that I didn’t exactly understand in the records, but it should be based on these streams that the Reiraku that were mentioned can be formed.’ Connor was thankful for the information that his teacher left behind in the form of countless records that he read over the course of several months. Had it not been for those then he wouldn’t understand half as much as he did. Truthfully, it would be hard for him to not recognize most standardized and common terms at this point. All that remained was slowly integrating that knowledge into his real life experience like the term Reiraku. It was as simple as properly applying knowledge that he obtained. Relying on his will it became a simple task for Connor to cause the several threads of everyone within the shrine to manifest. The streams leaving the bodies of the delinquents manifested into white threads while several more white and red threads appeared around him. ‘The red ones are for the shinigami, and the white ones represent everyone else.’ As Connor thought this he focused his senses towards the various others in the temple, in particular towards Captain Kusho. Connor was focused on observing the way that the Captain contained his Reiatsu. Unlike the delinquents, the overall presence of this person was much smoother. The layer of Reiatsu was steadily maintained without any fluctuations and smoothly flowing around this person. ‘So that’s what Reiatsu control is supposed to look like…’ Connor could still see a faint trickle of Reiatsu seep out, but that is to be expected from anyone who was alive even if it was a spirit. There was a clear difference in control displayed between the two, and the most important difference was how well the Captain’s presence was contained. It was the fluctuations which produced the overwhelming presence naturally when one gets stronger, and from this observation Connor could make the assumption that the fluctuations were the cause. ‘So, if I simply contain the fluctuations then it will at least lower the pressure that my Reiatsu naturally exerts?’ As he thought this, Connor turned his focus to himself to try and view himself the way others would view him. ‘This… This really isn’t good…’ The Reiryoku flowing in his body made spikes of Reiatsu shoot off of his body randomly. The Reiatsu vaguely took on the form of branches of lightning arcing off of him and coiling around him. There was an electric nature that would transfer through the senses as a result of those fluctuations making it apparent what Connor’s element was. When flared to the limit the energy would take on a golden hue that would be visible to even regular humans due to the density. Connor didn’t immediately try to smooth the fluctuations, but instead looked towards the actual cause for why the energy natural overflowed in such an extreme way. ‘I can easily contain part of my energy, but most of it fluctuates uncontrollably. That intensifies whenever I make use of my strength…’ Something clicked as that thought was cut short by a sudden recollection. He was able to recall a certain bit of information that he hadn’t given much consideration previously. Now seeing his own problem, it seemed to describe his problem in a roundabout way. ‘I will have to organize this info properly after this.’ |Balance and Flow are the most important aspects for energy. By controlling the flow you will be able to achieve balance. Stabilize the flow within meridians and let it flow evenly all throughout the body. The heart will steadily produce more energy within the body, so with each circulation you will have to store the overflow within the sea of energy that exists within the body two inches below the navel. A steady and even flow of energy will gradually expand both the meridians within the body as well as the dantian which stores the energy itself. As you grow stronger it will become more difficult to expand the meridians and dantian leading to a progressively slower increase in strength until the potential within the body is finally exhausted. Most people tend to favor either Physical Strength or Energy Strength, and the most important aspect is for someone to achieve a balance between the Yin (Spiritual) and Yang (Physical). People favoring one aspect over the other have to understand how to balance one within the other. It varies person to person, but the key is understanding the self and how the two different strengths can achieve a balance. In the rare case that you are attempting to balance the two perfectly at the same level, then you will be required to not only balance within but also against to create a perfect whole. The human body’s potential is limitless, but it can only be reached when they use both Yin and Yang to achieve growth. Countless people within the world never unleash the potential of their Yang due to being unable to tap into their Yin. Some people train their entire life, but without tapping into their Yin can be crushed by a child who is blessed or cursed with an overwhelming abundance of Yin. It is only when you perfectly balance the two that perfect control can be exercised, and your true potential unleashed.| ‘Yin this, Yang that, it sounded like a bunch of nonsense to me until I could clearly see the differences between myself on someone else…’ Connor felt frustrated by how simple it actually was now that he understood the meaning behind what he previously saw as gibberish. ‘I swear that I will systematize this outdated bullshit. If that happened before then it’s likely that the Clan wouldn’t have fallen into decline so easily…’ Connor was of half a mind to curse the Previous Heads of the Clan for not addressing such an obvious problem, but in the end restrained himself. ‘Well, it’s time to put it to use.’ He finally focused his senses inward at the origin of his energy flow and observed his heart. Pure energy surged with every beat of his heart, and then his internalized Fullbring near instantaneously applied the elemental attribute to that energy. That energy then surged through his meridians with tidal wave like force as it steadily merged into his body around the channels that it flowed. Connor was clearly aware that it was due to this flow that his energy laid the foundation for his steady growth. The problem was that by not regulating the force of the flow from waves into streams there was a natural problem causing a waste of energy that overflowed outside of his body. ‘So this is why my Reiatsu constantly overflows?’ The fact that the cause was simply a matter of efficiency was comical, to the extent that he would have laughed had it not been for the situation they were in. He wasn’t harmed in any way by the current state, but it was even better for himself if that energy were to be flowing efficiently. The Reiraku that were manifested lost form as he focused his willpower entirely on establishing his flow. No more than two minutes had passed since he decided to focus on this problem, and he had quickly arrived at an answer. It was possible that it could differ from others, but that didn’t change that he was steadily willing his energy to flow more smoothly and steadily through his meridians. Rather than allowing the waves to flow freely, Connor managed to rapidly contain the energy into his meridians to form a perfect circuit through his body. The momentum of the waves that pumped out wasn’t lost due to this, and the speed of the flow also increased until it plateaued. Minuscule threads of lightning still flowed into his physical body tempering it constantly, but with the changes to the flow of energy the overwhelming fluctuations almost instantly stopped. There was a natural abundance of energy within Connor’s flesh due to the nature of his Fullbring, but this change caused it to be contained within properly. Previously the waves spread out and pushed excess energy out, but with the proper internal control Connor’s Reiatsu state shifted to match the other people with much more skillful control such as Tengu and Captain Kusho. ‘That’s a lot better.’ This was Connor’s thought as he opened his eyes to look at the delinquent group. ____________________________________________________________________________ Connor couldn’t help but contemplate for a moment now that his Reiatsu was under control. The breathing of the group was rapidly regulating showing the clearest sign of his improvements. Connor wasn’t someone who felt right after accidentally knocking a bunch of strangers unconscious, but he also didn’t think too well of someone who cursed him. “Hmm, I guess I can wake them up…” He spoke this short sentence quietly to himself as he raised quickly got to his feet and extended his left arm forward to point only his index finger at the group. In the next moment a tiny bolt of electricity shot out and rapidly divided to accurately land on the wrists of the unconscious delinquents. Most of them were at the level of a harmless shock that would at best rouse someone from their sleep, but for the person who curse him the shock was stronger and more comparable to a painful gag item that someone might use to shock someone. ‘I’m a nice guy, but that doesn’t mean that you can curse me…’ He was addressing that person who cursed at him as he made a point to wait for them to slowly wake up. As their eyes were opening Connor took the chance to speak before they got the strength to curse him some more. “Okay, if you all don’t want to talk to me then at least tell one of the the Chuuni in the bathrobes whatever you can. My point still stands, we all plan to end this bullshit and every little bit counts.” At that point, Connor walked away without waiting for an answer. If they didn’t want to listen or started cursing him again, then he didn’t mind giving them a shocking experience that they wouldn’t ever forget. In the meantime, he turned his sights towards the group of people praying. ‘It might be a long shot, but there is probably a better chance to find answers in the groups.’ He was curious about what everyone had to say, but he could only push the small groups and loners to the back of his mind as he quickly reached the several people. “Excuse me, I hate to rudely interrupt your prayer session, but is it at all possible that anyone can tell me anything about the Talisman at the entrance? It could potentially play a major role in ending this night of suffering if we understood the power which seems to be keeping the mist at bay. I apologize for the disturbance, but it would be greatly appreciated.” Connor spoke evenly as he addressed the group, even slightly bowing to the group as he apologized. It was possible that they didn’t know, but after his last experience he felt that being direct and sincere would likely be better in order to avoid any discrimination that may come due to being a foreigner. He would maintain that bow for a moment before returning to stand normally and await an answer. Actions: Updated Stats once more as the resting phase is still ongoing. Requested that the Agitated Delinquent Group report to a Shinigami, and then approached the Praying Group searching for O-fuda info. -Abilities Used- -Turn Stats- Word Count: 2,401
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    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 12] [Base ND: 9,100 - 10,300] [Remaining ND: 9,500] Connor was surprised by the revelation that the person he approached wasn’t actually a foreigner like himself. ‘Hmm?’ The man in front of him holstered his revolver revealing a police badge for a short moment. Being an American, it didn’t occur to Connor that in Japan most people didn’t own guns due to their strict laws. It made more sense to him that the person before him would be an officer of the law, and naturally Connor didn’t bother to doubt that. It wasn’t as if this was the first policeman that he had run into during this Halloween night anyways. The person he approached was more than happy to share some information, so Connor simply listened patiently for as long as he continued. ‘So there is missing information likely related to Tomoe, and the most obvious suspect would be an employee who caught this Detective…’ Connor could only sigh helplessly at the information that this man had to offer. Connor felt as though there were more questions than answers brought to attention by this information. A short moment went by before the Officer asked a question which struck one Connor’s figurative sore spots. "It mustn't have been an easy task making it this far with such an empowering presence. Is there a reason your aura is so relevant? As I am sure it drew unwanted attention in this god forsaken mist." “It’s not by choice, I promise. I haven’t actually had my powers for an extremely long time, and the person who trained me completely neglected to teach the skill.” Connor paused for a moment as he appeared slightly resentful as he recalled his training and spoke relatively quietly. “That old demon kidnapped me, beat me, and even sealed me…” At this point, Connor snapped back to the conversation and continued where he left off. “As a result of my lack of control, we learned that flaring or flowing reiatsu like myself can temporarily clear a larger space in the mist temporarily. The most notable point about this is that each person is limited in how many times they can do that as it hasn’t occurred around myself since the initial experience.” Connor paused to consider if he had anything else of value to share with the man before continuing. “Other than that, I assume that you should have experienced most of the same things we did to make your way here safely. Since that’s the case, anything I have to say about the reanimated corpses or even the controlled humans is already known to you.” Connor stopped speaking for a moment at this point and focused on the conversations going on. Captain Kusho had rallied the shinigami, and was requesting reports from them. Connor relied on his superior sensory abilities that were unhindered within the building to more easily process the information that his companions were obtaining. Masato had coincidentally approached an employee that work here. ‘In that case, he is already on the trail of this detective’s lead. I will make sure to listen to what goes on over there and leave it to him for now.’ After a short moment of contemplation he focused on Tengu who asked Kiri about the shrine and why it’s safe. ‘O-fuda?’ Connor remembered seeing a talisman placed in passing, but hadn’t given it much thought until Kiri pointed it out as an O-fuda and the cause for their safety. ‘You say that no one knows how or when it got there, but you somehow know enough to tell exactly the cause for the safe area within this shrine. Kiri, you said it yourself, it’s easy to miss due to the mist. I’m curious how you know so much about this all…’ Connor felt growing suspicions about Kiri after Tengu was provided an answer. Not only was he extremely calm and comforting, he also possessed questionable information. He had tested Kiri in his own way, and in both strength and energy Kiri only displayed the strength of a slightly above average human. ‘How did someone so weak safely make it here, and remain so calm?’ This was what confused Connor. A seemingly normal person survived to this point was one of the most calm and collected people here. Connor couldn’t continue on with his train of thoughts which were full of doubts and suspicions. No answers would come from over analyzing the situation, and there was still plenty more people who could potentially answer his questions. It was only a short pause since he last spoke at this point as his thoughts had been racing, and he spoke again to the Detective. “I’m sure you’ve heard by now since it keeps getting said, we came with the intention of ending this bullshit. To do that I think we will need to find out more about Tomoe, the people helping her, and that O-fuda that is providing us safety at the moment.” Connor looked away from the detective and at the rest of the room before continuing. “I will be trying to find some more answers to those questions with everyone else here.” Finally, he walked a few steps away from the detective and surveyed the room. ‘No need to overlap with anyone else at the moment, so I will talk to someone that we haven’t spoken to yet.’ His gaze finally stopped on a group of delinquents. ‘They will do for now.’ Without any hesitation, Connor walked directly towards them and spoke calmly. “Hey there fellas, are you interested in getting home tonight? My name’s Connor, and my goal is to help you do just that. Is there any way that you all could tell me about what you recall about the order of arrival, and at what point the talk of Tomoe started that caused the last group to leave?” Connor was standing a few feet away from them calmly speaking with a friendly smile on his face. ‘Let’s how delinquent stereotypes only exist in the movies.’ This was Connor’s final thoughts as he waited for the reply. Actions: Updated Stats once more as the resting phase is still ongoing. Approached Agitated Delinquent Group. -Abilities Used- -Turn Stats- Word Count: 970
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    Rising Dragon

    Connor was full of confidence as he gazed at the twins who were blocking his way. They expressed little to no emotion on their faces, but their intentions were clear they stood together ten or so feet away. They seemed to be decently strong based on the speed displayed to block his path. ‘I haven’t really fought anyone since the old man left, this should be fun…’ That thought caused a smile to creep onto Connor’s face. From a certain perspective, this could be considered his first actual fight since obtaining his powers. No matter how brutal his teacher treated him, there was almost always a sense of safety in that training. “Yozora, Seiten! Don’t let him leave here…” It was this sentence that caused the fight to begin as a twin rapidly approached each side of Connor. Naturally, rapid in this case was relative to a normal person. Unfortunately for them, Connor was like a monster among monsters. If they were people who caused the masses to feel fear, then Connor was someone able to cause fear among those fearful people. It only took this single rush for Connor to realize that he held an absolute advantage against them. ‘They went and got my hopes up for nothing…’ Connor expected someone more threatening to represent a high level member of the Council, and felt disappointment at their lack of ability. The older of the twins dressed in the white hoodie with the black star on the chest named Yozora aimed a right hook at Connor’s temple. At the same time, the younger twin in the black hoodie with the white star on the chest named Seiten moved like his brother’s shadow and simultaneously swept at Connor’s legs with his own left leg. ‘They’re not too fast, but they are perfectly coordinated. This could still be a bit fun…’ Connor didn’t hesitate in his movements has he ducked under the hook and weaved underneath it to his left. In the movement, he brought his left hand from roughly his right shoulder to backhand Yozora at a speed beyond what he could perceive. Connor was clearly aware of his own strength, as well as the fact that his opponents weren’t at a level to match him. Connor could clearly feel Yozora’s body rapidly move in the opposite direction due to his backhand at a speed which likely made it seem as if his surroundings had blurred, soon causing a hole in the wall of the building. Connor didn’t spare a second glance towards the older sibling as he focused on the still attacking. Seiten had just noticed Connor’s movement, but was too committed to make any adjustments. Connor could see from the young man’s eyes that he expected to experience some pain. ‘He’s pretty quick on the uptake.’ As that thought passed through his mind, Connor was kicking with his right leg straight into Seiten’s left side. The result was similar to the older brother, only differing slightly as he bounced on the ground and through the opposite wall just before his sweep connected. His opponents were knocked away rapidly with ease giving Connor the chance to address their leader once more. “You want those two to keep me here? Let’s not even mention whether they’re strong enough since they are far from fast enough. Is this all there is to the Council?” Connor could appreciate them and their capabilities , but in the end they stood opposed to him. He couldn’t compliment the enemy, especially when trying to establish himself. Connor could feel a faint sense of danger appear in that next moment from beyond the holes that the twins made. ‘So that wasn’t all they had?’ “Yozora, Seiten! That’s enough, return.” The leader’s voice caused the fluctuations to cease as the twins silhouettes flashed through the holes and returned to the man’s side. “Yes Father.” Their voices sounded in unison without the slightest emotion. They received no further response as the man spoke to Connor calmly, as if he hadn’t been threatening him moments ago in a fit of anger. “You’re certainly strong enough. These two are at the level of strength that they can face people at the level of holding a seat on the Council, yet they couldn’t touch you yet.” Connor was slightly surprised as it enlightened him about the level that a “leader” reached. ‘Hmm? He said yet?’ That was more surprising to Connor. The differences between himself and the twins were glaringly obvious. “So, you acknowledge me now?” This question was asked calmly, but it seemed to be mocking the man who just moments ago intended to keep him here. “You… you are just like the old bastard from before…” The suppressed anger in the man’s voice was apparent as he spoke. Connor could feel the frustrations that his Teacher caused the man, and wanted to laugh as a result. Next came a seemingly defeated sigh before the man continued to speak. “Do I have any other options? If I can’t force you to stay easily, then it’s too risky to keep trying.” This frank attitude surprised Connor. The man didn’t seem like the type to speak so openly. “It seems like you still believe there is a possibility of doing what you want?” Connor pointed this out to see if the man intended to keep sharing information. “Nothing is impossible, so I do believe in that possibility.” The smile the man had implied that this was all he would reveal on this subject. “Is that so… Well, this was enough for the introduction. You will be hearing from me soon.” Connor turned to leave once more. He didn’t intend to start a devastating battle in the middle of town, so he was stopping here for today. “Wait.” He hadn’t expected to be interrupted again, yet the man was doing exactly that again. “What do you want?” Connor bluntly asked this while feeling slightly irritated. “Let me introduce myself. I’m Tokugawa Ikari, the fourth seat on the Council. You mentioned war, but I’m not interested. What would it take to settle this matter?” The man spoke calmly and professionally at this point. His intentions surprised Connor. From his perspective, someone who would domineeringly usurp his teacher and the Long Clan shouldn’t so easily make peace. After a few moments of contemplation, Connor spoke his thoughts calmly. “What would it take? You nearly dismantled the entirety of my teacher’s legacy, so at the very least I am going to need some territory.” He wasn’t opposed to leaving things unsettled if there were enough benefits for the time being. ‘All that belonged to the Long Clan will be returned, but until then I am curious how you will put off this war..’ This was something which he left unsaid, but was likely obvious to this man named Tokugawa Ikari. “Territory? I will arrange for the immediate return of the Long Clan’s residence here in Karakura Town. Nothing has been removed from it due to your Teacher's whereabouts being unknown.” This was the offer Connor received after stating his demands, but he couldn’t settle for just that and retorted. “This is something that should be mine. If you tried to withhold it then peace would be impossible. What I want isn’t just a building or some random businesses, I am looking for something more secluded with plenty of land.” Connor spoke to here to give Ikari a chance to consider the possibilities. “Plenty of land? We’re in Japan, there isn’t an excess of land to be given away.” This was the reply Connor received almost immediately. He didn’t hesitate to counter the statement as soon as he heard it. “Hmph, you expect me to believe that? I just want a secluded mountain to train on, nothing too extreme.” Ikari’s eyebrow twitched at Connor’s words, but the main remained calm as he replied. From the perspective of others, the two seemed similar to merchants trying to get the greatest benefits. “Nothing too extreme? Most areas like that belong to the government, how am I supposed to give you that?” Hearing this, Connor couldn’t stop a sly grin from creeping onto his face as he replied. “Seemed to me that you all have plenty of government influence, so it would be a waste not to use it, right?” Connor’s reply left Ikari feeling slightly defeated. Truthfully, he had the means to obtain what Connor requested easily. That didn’t mean that he wanted to do that for a foreigner who opposed him. “What makes you so sure of that?” Ikari understood his capabilities, but Connor shouldn’t have a clear enough understanding to make demands yet. “I don’t need to know the exact details to know that someone making such a big scene in the airport can do a lot of things within the Government. I mean, you did publicly try to turn me into a terrorist and cause countless problems. That’s enough to guess, right?” Connor explained himself since he really did want to have a place like that to himself. “Fine, I will arrange for somewhere near Karakura Town to be transferred to you. Is that enough?” Ikari was speaking through gritted teeth at this point. He was being extorted by some young foreigner. To him, any piece of land belonging to the government fell under his direct jurisdiction. Connor demanding that left him experiencing a feeling similar to what Connor felt upon his discovery of the Long Clan’s current state. “Naturally that includes making sure there aren’t any documentation loopholes, and ensuring it is quickly taken care of. What do you think about three days? I think that should be plenty for a man like yourself to settle this situation efficiently.” Connor had basically taken control of the conversation at this point, but continued to speak as if it was a simple transaction. For him it was just that, but to everyone else in the room, it could be described as purchasing a new lease on life. If some land was all it took to lower the danger to their lives, then even if they were frustrated it was worth making the exchange. “Someone will contact you within three days then.” This was all Ikari had to say at this point, and he could only hope that Connor would leave soon. “I appreciate your sincerity. I look forward to the good news, Ikari...san.” Connor was already leaving as he spoke these words. He didn’t rush out like a blur, instead he casually walked out with a faint smile. ‘Why do they complicate things with honorifics in Japan?’ That was his final thought as he left the scene. Word Count: 1,779
  10. Kumo

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 12] [Base ND: 8,970 - 10,170] [Remaining ND: 7,300 + 2,200 = 9,500] Seeing his companions clearly support him was gratifying in this situation. Connor had no expectations towards them, so the choice of action on their part left him feeling appreciative. They were collectively wronged, but that didn’t mean that they had to be as angry or upset as himself. Whatever their reason may be for the support, Connor naturally felt a slight sense of trust develop as a result of it. Both the Captain and the Commander made an effort to intervene and prevent the situation from escalating. The opinions of the superiors didn’t match the subordinates, and it was for this very reason that the fluctuations in Connor’s emotions and Reiatsu were quickly suppressed. ‘My reiatsu still goes out of control if I’m emotionally disturbed…’ This situation normally rarely happened, but the changes taking place on this Halloween night were enough that Connor wasn’t quite “normal”. That didn’t prevent him from taking notice of the Shinigami referred to as a Commander who had momentarily displayed a presence that was similar in nature to his own, or at least the elemental similarities. The conversation shifted after the two leaders berated the Shinigami away from being confrontational to apologetic, understanding, and informative. The new information was naturally surprising, especially considering that Connor knew of these spirits as well and had never seen any record of any possessing powers at this level. Ever so slightly, Connor felt his anger lessen faintly in favor of a trace amount of pity if the Captain’s theory were true. He also took note of the Commander’s opinion on the matter. By this point Connor’s reiatsu had returned to a natural state of suppression as he gave his two accusers a final glare. ‘I’ll leave it be, for now…’ It was at this point that people began to emerge from the mist to Connor’s right. What they had to say quickly made that tiny bit of pity fade and turn into disgust as he spoke quietly to himself, loud enough that his two nearby companions may have heard him. “It really is a damned cult…” His companions may not understand the context, but he recalled clearly cursing the voice early as a Cultist. This left him feeling slightly disturbed to see his angry curse turn out to be true. The group which went into the mist seemed to consist of the hopeless and the broken, which was the type Connor assumed would belong to a cult. That didn’t lessen the shock he felt towards people already giving up with so much of the night ahead. He glanced at his companions at this point as he thought of something. ‘I hope that neither of you will give in to this bullshit…’ His thoughts paused as he looked at the Shinigami ‘...Hell, I hope the same about you all too…’ It was at that point that the entire group was called out to from the direction of where the group had left. The beckoning was enough to clear what remained of the awkward atmosphere. Connor couldn’t help but speak to everyone in their group before he approached. “Guys, whatever you do, do not drink the kool-aid.” As he finished speaking the Captain went first and then Masato. Not wanting to be too slow Connor followed at this point after giving Tengu a final glance, hoping that he would also follow. When Connor received the greeting from Kiri, he made a point to apply strength gradually to roughly understand the fellow’s strength. As he neared the building his ability to sense presences had returned, and he was aware that the man in front of him as well as everyone within were spiritually aware. In this situation full of uncertainty Connor decided to escalate the common handshake into a test for the fellow with his physical strength and energy. He attempted to harmlessly push his energy into the man and see what kind of resistance would come of it to attempt to analyze the type and strength while his hand would tighten and force the fellow to match his own increase. It was rude to do so, but Connor was doing this relatively covertly to prevent it from escalating if the man himself didn’t speak about it. He was assuming that anyone still standing should have some strength, and being polite didn’t have priority in this situation. Outwardly, Connor naturally returned the handshake and slightly bowed in return as he spoke. “I’m Connor, nice to meet you.” After that, Connor would release the handshake and proceed inside himself. He listened to Kiri who followed shortly after as he explained the situation roughly, and eventually left to go comfort others. ‘Weird guy…’ Connor was surprised to see someone like Kiri who was taking time to take care of others in a situation where no one knew if they would see the morning. Connor didn’t immediately approach anyone as it seemed that quite a few people weren’t very welcoming of him. ‘My reiatsu again?’ It dawned on him immediately as he hadn’t actually encountered many weaker spiritually aware individuals. He couldn’t help but helplessly sigh as he looked at Masato and thought of Tengu who he expected to follow soon. ‘Maybe I can ask them for some tips on reiatsu control later…’ He didn’t speak to his companion who was approaching a couple as he listened in on the conversations and looked around the room. He was aware that it was for the best if he were to do the same and find out whatever he could in order for their group to face whatever was soon to come. He ruled out the people avoiding his gaze due to being uncomfortable, and the Shinigami as his gaze fell on another foreigner in a suit cleaning his guns. ‘Hmm?’ The man didn’t shy away at his gaze and simply continued his action, but it was the man’s status similar to himself that caused him to basically immediately approach him while taking note of the strange energy fluctuations in his surroundings. “You don’t look like you’re from around here either. I’m Connor,” He paused and considered extending his hand, but seeing the man busying himself decided not to before continuing. “It’s nice to meet you. Would you perhaps be willing to share information?” He spoke with the same casual smile that he always had, in a friendly tone. Actions: Tested Kiri's strength in the handshake and approached the Guy In A Suit Cleaning Revolver (Thomas), Updated Stats for "resting". -Abilities Used- -Turn Stats- Word Count: 1,062 Total Word Count: 1,982
  11. Kumo

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 12] [Base ND: 6,300 - 7,500] [Remaining ND: 4,680 - 150 = 4,530] A reply came very soon after Connor asked the Shinigami their thoughts. The one who spoke was the Captain from before who was making use of his orbs in some unknown way at this moment. "I am not one hundred percent certain but, based on what I have seen, this mist appears to feed on spiritual energy." Connor naturally nodded his head at this as he was likely the most painfully aware of this fact due to the steady release of reiatsu that he unwillingly had. It was a leak which he currently had no control over currently, so he was aware of the steady disappearance occurring. "If this lady Tomoe is behind this in someway, she pulls the souls from the bodies of humans as well and uses the mist to somehow animate and manipulate the bodies that have been drained of life. Their souls blend and become one with the mist, unable to escape and therefore unable to pass own eternally stuck to the mist and this cemetery..." This was another point that Connor had vaguely understood himself. The mist exiting the policeman had been the clearest indicator of its origin, granted he hadn’t considered it as clearly. Either way, he was willing to believe and agree with this point. It was then that the shinigami continued. "If that is the case, then the idea is by removing the source of this mist then the souls will be released and be allowed to move on or..." By this point, the Shinigami Captain’s gaze was focused on Tengu. "Potentially return the souls to their original source or form, meaning spirits assimilated may return and bodies may regain their soul to become one of the living." Connor appreciated this hopeful line of thought, whether it was true or not. He wasn’t particularly close to Tengu, but he could sympathize in this situation to be happy for him at the simple possibility. "Only if we deal with the source quickly, lest we become assimilated and your bodies become puppets for the unlucky few in the future to roam this cemetery." After a short pause the man finished, "Hopefully other Shinigami gathered more information to validate my theory." With these words another orb moved toward the left of the man into the mist quickly disappearing. Masato spoke shortly after the man finished asking an important question. "Is the average hollow capable of doing what this mist does?" Connor himself didn’t have an answer to the question as he hadn’t encountered a hollow yet, so he could only look to the Shinigami which should be experts on the matter. It was at this point that the previously silent unknown companion of the Captain spoke to answer. "I know all too well the nature of hollow's presence, overall power and capability, and the nature of which they have to consume all. But this.." Connor focused on the man who paused for a short moment, "These aren't souls being consumed for the purpose of gaining power, it's almost as if whoever or whatever is doing this; perhaps this 'Lady Tomoe', is trapping the souls of her victims and forcefully using them for her bidding as she pleases." A short pause followed this as this man passed a weapon to the Captain. ‘Zanpakuto?’ Connor was confused by this action, but it wasn’t his place to ask. He simply listened as it seemed that this person hadn’t finished speaking. "This is either a unique ability descending of a human nature." At this point Connor took note of the fact that the man was looking in Masato’s direction as he spoke once more. "Or it is a power held by a being of which we have yet to witness." Connor could tell that this was the final bit of what the man had to say after a short moment. Connor was about to speak when a voice came from the direction the captain’s orb had left in. "Captain Kusho is here, we need to inform him of what's going on." Connor looked in that direction to see two new shinigami, one of which simply supported the first one to speak. "Captain Kusho, former Commander Shizukesa, don'ean bother enertainin' these bastards! They know all 'bout da Mist and de entity Miss Lady Tomoe!" The man who supported the other was the first to speak again, and his first action was accusing the three of them. Connor noted the names of the two Shinigami which he had previously been speaking to as he loosened his control on reiatsu to roughly two thirds of his full potential in anger. Connor was furious at the sudden accusation, especially considering he had been attacked ever since his arrival. ‘Who the fuck are these guys?’ This was the only thought he had as he listened to the other man speak up. "Captain, Tenzaimon is right! The humans can't be trusted! They've been under the control of this Lady Tomoe from the start!" Connor took a deep breath as he glared directly at the two new arrivals who continued to report. "Our unit was already inside the cemetery at sunset and we even met up with a group of Fullbringers." The crude fellow with and accent interjected at this point. "Yeh, not these assholes, but some other ones. We rounded 'em up, wanted to keep 'em outta da way." ‘It wasn’t us and you’re still talking shit?!’ Connor’s reiatsu started gradually increasing in force with his anger at the new revelations. "That's right, but not of that mattered once the mist emerged. All the humans, all throughout the mist were suddenly under the control of Lady Tomoe! The guys with us broke free and attacked our unit. And it didn't just happen to us, another unit reported that the same thing happened to the humans they had eyes on!", The man paused and audibly took a breath before continuing. "Granted, some of the humans seemed to snap out of the trance for a while, but the fact still stands. This Lady Tomoe can potentially seize control of humans whenever she wants!" The straightforward fellow with an accept spoke immediately after in order to “clarify”. "Dats fancy talk for we can't trust 'em. Especially not wit da' heat we're expecting." Connor was ready to blow at this point. Without being given a chance to speak for himself, these two had repeatedly done their best to incriminate him and his two companions without having ever seen them. "I'm sure you three want the chance to clear your names and lucky for you, there is no need for a drawn out back and forth." After a short pause the man added, "Just answer this one question. At sunset, when the mist emerged, what exactly did you do? Where were you, how did you get there?" Connor was a patient man, but that was only when basic respect was given to him. The “offer” to prove his innocence itself was insulting as none of them had the right to judge him or his two companions. His reiatsu fully erupted at this point, along with his anger as he spoke without hesitation. “You come here and accuse me and my companions, after we fought our way here, of being controlled? Were you with us?! Who the fuck do you think you are to say all of that and never have seen us before!” Connor was basically roaring with anger and only paused long enough to take a breath and continue, “You two seem to be mistaken about something… We are not less than Shinigami in any way, and don’t need to prove ourselves to you! Do you hear us accusing your superiors of anything based on a “possibility”? NO! I won’t speak for my companions, but if you intend to treat me without respect and make demands of me then you should get the fuck out of here while you still can!” Lightning danced on his body as reiryoku overflowed with his angry roars. Connor hadn’t looked at the reactions of his companions, but he would never act submissively. Had he been aware of such a situation then he would have long since discussed it with Masato and Tengu, but to his knowledge there wasn’t anything like that which had occurred. The possibility of explaining himself never existed from the moment the two spoke unreasonably about him and his two companions. Connor was nearly finished after he expressed his anger vocally, but still added a moment later in a calmer tone. "If you didn't see us controlled, and don't know our situation, then why is it that you are able be so sure of yourselves? I can assure you, if we were the ones controlled at that time then there isn't any way the two of you would be standing here before us. Understand?" -Abilities Used- -Turn Stats- Word Count: 920
  12. Kumo

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 11] [Base ND: 6,300 - 7,500] [Remaining ND: 4,830 - 150 = 4,680] Now that the three were back together he considered whether or not he could let go of the thread. It had been helpful before, so now that they were in close proximity he didn’t know if the detriments of it were a good enough reason to release it. ‘I’ll hold onto it for now.’ He didn’t return an answer to Masato’s earlier comment, and simply maintained his grip in return to express that he wouldn’t release it for now. Whether this would be noticed by him or not was unknown to Connor, but he believed that Masato would be aware. “Yeah, I'm glad you guys are okay.” What Tengu said clearly lacked emotion, but based on the girl in his arms who wore a similar mask it was clear to Connor that the young man had a worse experience than himself. “Tengu-san, I apologize for not seeing that stone, are you alright?” Masato spoke next and enlightened him about what caused their unfortunate separation. ‘So it was a stone?’ Previously he had been momentarily disturbed by the sound causing him to miss the cause for his sudden descent. He had assumed that it had been related to the shriek from before. "I'm fine, Hizorashi-san. Don't worry about the stone, I don't think any of us saw it. Besides, I dropped you both out of the sky, so let's call it even?" Tengu’s reply made it clear that everything was because of that stone, but Connor hadn’t even been aware of it due to the debilitating sound that came just moments before. ‘I won’t mention that I didn’t even see it at all…’ Connor gave a slight downward nod to agree to what Tengu proposed. He would have been more surprised if the three had remained in the air during that situation even without the stone, so it didn’t bother him at all. “Is she…” Masato began to ask about the subject that Connor himself was curious about. Despite Masato not finishing it, the meaning was clear in this situation. "She's... my girlfriend. She's in the mist now." That news was like a bombshell to Connor who heard it as his mind blanked. He had constantly worried about a situation like this for his own loved ones, so seeing it happen to someone else was upsetting. He felt sympathetic about the situation, and was even personally saddened by the news. A single question was lurking in the back of his mind after hearing that. ‘What do you mean by in the mist?’ For just a moment Connor wished to ask that, but anger for his companion who seemed to be in shock at the situation pushed thought out as soon as it had appeared. “I’m sorry… I heard a name earlier… A person appeared before me fighting for some ‘Lady Tomoe’. I can’t be sure, but the defensive attitude made me believe that whoever caused this misfortune is this very person…” Connor spoke calmly for the most part, but by the end a slight tremble could be heard in his voice due to the anger at both the person responsible and the very situation. He only paused for a moment to steady his voice before speaking again. “We can’t let her, or anyone else involved in causing this nightmare get away with this…” It was spoken calmly, but compared to just a moment before there was a faint but apparent undertone of being enraged mixed into his tone. ‘Maybe, just maybe there is a way for us to fix this…’ This thought came to him, but he didn’t voice it to prevent giving false hope. The wailing in the distance suggested that the reanimated corpses couldn’t come much closer than they previously were. Connor couldn’t make heads or tails of what was going on. If this was a trap then he would think that they would continue to encroach closer, but that didn’t seem to be the case. Doubts about his own thoughts and assumptions were appearing as a result, so he could only go along with what his companions decided. At this point, Connor simply shifted his gaze to the nearby Shinigami. The person hadn’t spoken until now, but the fact remained that he was still standing nearby. “What is your opinion, Shinigami...san?” Connor asked this question in an effort to bring the silent members of the group into the conversation. There was also the potential for new information to be brought up with the inclusion of more people. -Abilities Used- -Turn Stats- Word Count: 691 Total Word Count: 3,624
  13. Kumo

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 9-10] [Base ND: 6,300 - 7,500] [Remaining ND: 5,130 - 300 = 4,830] Only a few seconds of running went by before Connor was able to come across the rapidly enlarging back of his cyan coat wearing companion. For the short time that he followed the thread, he was pleasantly surprised to find that it didn’t loosen and sag, but instead seemed to be constantly retracting as if Connor’s approach. ‘This...It reminds me of a leash for a dog…’ He immediately dismissed that thought to prevent himself from removing it instinctively. He couldn’t help but take not of the occasional slight jerks from the cyan thread. Considering their surroundings, it was easy for him to come to the conclusion that it must be the short moments that it was caught before freeing itself. ‘Now that I think about it, we’ve probably wrecked this place. That’s some bad juju…’ The image of the thread plowing through obstacles surfaced, along with countless damaged gravestones. ‘...A lot of bad juju..’ The clearer the image painted in his mind was, the more awkward he felt as a result. That slight awkwardness let him hide the fact that he was feeling somewhat responsible for the Policeman from before. The man had seemed to lose his life when the mist left him, and the only thing that let Connor cope with possibly ending a life was the fact that it could have equally been due to the mist’s influence. How this would affect him in the future would depend on the time after this night when he was left to thoroughly analyze this situation. For the time being, he relied on the mist and the limited injures he caused to shift the blame and maintain his calm. Connor quickly reached a few feet from Masato’s left and matched the pace of his companion. He didn’t know what to say at this moment, or ask the reason why he was going in this direction. They had just met a short time ago, and boundaries were a natural thing for most people. This meant that even in the best of moods Masato may not open up. Not to mention, that Connor could faintly feel that his demeanor had changed during this time. This caused Connor to only move silently along with only a faint, possibly unseen nod. The change wasn’t extremely apparent, but the reckless charging didn’t seem to suit what he knew of Masato. From his position at the side, there was only a faint frown that Connor could see of the bit of Masato’s face which wasn’t covered by his hood. ‘I guess something happened on his end too…’ Connor was slightly relieved by the thought that he wasn’t alone in his suffering slightly, even if he couldn’t confirm it at this moment. He simply assumed anything that could change a person’s demeanor that much would be similar to his own experience. For him, it was denial that allowed him to cope. ‘We can always talk about it after we get out of here.’ Connor calmed himself as the two of them continued to run forward, also taking advantage of the slower pace to recover his stamina as much as possible. He naturally took note of the other cyan thread extending in the direction that they were headed, almost as if the pair were following it. For Connor, that was a simple enough reason to go. It wasn’t long before they would find themselves meeting up with Tengu by following the thread. He was curious about the area that they were in as it was completely unfamiliar to him as a foreigner that didn’t understand the culture yet. The pair quickly reached a point of stone lanterns to find their other companion. ‘He’s waiting for us?’ This question flashed through his mind, but was quickly dismissed as he focused on the nearby Shinigami for a short moment. It was the same captain that he had seen previously at the entrance to the cemetery, and had left an impression on him. That didn't last long before his attention returned to his two companions. Connor was relieved to know that all three of them had made it back together after the short separation and spoke to his masked companion as he approached. “Looks like the gang's back together.” A slight relieved smile crept onto his face as he spoke as he felt like this was good news. Unknowingly Connor’s appreciation for companions had increased greatly after dealing with all the corpses so far. It was at this point that he noticed the woman in Tengu's arms who seemed lifeless similar to how the policeman had been a short while ago. In this case, it was clearly someone who the masked young man knew to be holding even now. 'Shit, this doesn't look good...' His smile faded as a result of his understanding leaving on a faint apologetic feeling in his gaze, but he still made a point to give a friendly nod to the Shinigami after speaking despite that. As for the lack of a crowd that had been present previously, he assumed that they had been separated into small groups similar to the three of them that would be herded here like they were. Despite the slight improvements to the situation, Connor still remained alert towards his surroundings in preparation for any unexpected occurrences. This reunion had allowed him to more easily suppress his thoughts towards the other various matters that weighed on his mind after the short time in the cemetery. -Abilities Used- -Turn Stats- Word Count: 913 Total Word Count: 2,933
  14. Kumo

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 8] [Base ND: 6,300 - 7,500] [Remaining ND: 5,280 - 150 = 5,130] Connor’s attacks were successful on The policeman causing another trail of blood to appear on the man’s body soaking his clothes at inner portion of his right knee to match the bleeding of his left chest. His second strike had landed cleanly, but as it did he vaguely felt a sense of crisis. After experiencing it once with his body just a short moment ago, he could feel the faint sensation of his opponent’s energy in the air once more. ‘Move!’ It was this thought and his overwhelming willpower that caused one of his techniques to activate. His mind blanked as his energy surged, all that remained of his thoughts for this split second was the command to move which he gave himself. Other than that, his senses were heightened to a monstrous level which allowed him to clearly grasp the attack for just that split second. Despite being unable to see, the area within ten or so feet was clear and distinct due to his other senses painting a perfect imagine for himself. This allowed him to judge the distance and move accurately as he merely made a small hop backwards so quickly that an observer would even believe that he had moved before the attack itself began. The new position left him standing merely inches from where the attack fell allowing him to observe it from the closest distance possible while being unharmed. [1] His previous attack hadn’t halted due to his movements, it even seemed as though that backwards movement had added to the policeman’s momentum as Connor turn to see him tumbling forward. In his turning motion Connor’s spear had already swept out and towards his opponent. At that moment, there wasn’t any clear target but it was possible to adjust its course when it was closer. What he didn’t expect was that the attack which landed had been much more serious than expected as the man simply kneeled with the support of his left leg in a seemingly unwilling manner. "Mark my words, criminal scum. You will not escape judgement. You will not harm Lady Tomoe." This was what the man had to say at this moment in a clearly defiant manner before a stream of darker mist exited from his orifices and rose upwards. “Damn, what is it with this country and their false accusations?” Connor couldn’t help but quietly ask himself that question before speaking again in a loud voice directed at the fading stream of mist. “I’ll have you know that I am pretty much a law abiding citizen, biased asshole!” The kneeling body had collapsed to the ground with a dull thud by the time he finished speaking. With no signs of life remaining Connor was finally able to take a deep breath and relax after fully exerting himself for that short period of time. ‘What was that nonsense about hurting Lady Tomoe?’ With a chance to think over the situation, this was what stuck out to him. ‘Is he referring to the same damned person that was shrieking earlier?’ "You poor things... Misguided and stranded... lost and afraid... why do you fight? Why do you struggle? Don't you understand, there is no escape from the Niebla Nefasta. Your efforts are wasted. You need not tire or fear... embrace the mist... accept your fate and I will comfort you to the end of your days." As if aware of his thoughts a voice sounded from all directions, yet seemingly next to his ear. It was hoarse and quiet, but there were still faint similarities to the shriek from before causing Connor to connect the two to the same person and naturally assigned the name Tomoe to it in his mind. The sound was reminiscent of someone who had screamed and cried until their voice began to fail them, yet it still carried hints of a female within. After a moment to analyze what was said, and the voice that spoke Connor made a point to reply. “Poor thing? I don’t need your pity. Misguided? Coming from someone snatching up people to ‘comfort until the end of their days’ that sounds like a joke.” Connor was torn between his anger and desire to mock the voice at this moment as he continued to speak. “Stranded? Maybe for now, but not forever. Lost? You’re mistaken, mist or no we’re still at the old cemetery from before. Afraid? All I feel for you and your ways is disgust. Why do I fight? Because I can! Why do I struggle?! Because some bitch who disturbs the dead while dragging people into her cult doesn’t warrant my submission!! You won’t break my will with mere words, so we’ll see soon if my efforts are wasted and if there is truly no escape. To me, you seem like the one desperate for the comfort that you offer to others.” Connor’s pride caused his anger to soar, and voice to roar out part of the way through. He paid no heed to the familiar wails coming from the mist, clearly allowed to sound unimpeded by this Lady Tomoe. His hearing allowed him to distinguish the direction of the sound, and the direction that seemed to be where she was leading him with her deliberate actions. He could have easily went that way as intended, but he wasn’t willing to rush into what was likely a trap so readily. Before he did anything else, Connor made a point to approach the seemingly lifeless body of the policeman that still remained. It appeared to be clearly alive before, yet a closer inspecting now made it appear closer to a fresh corpse. The flowing warm red blood was the only indication Connor had that this wasn’t someone buried recently. The blood flow wasn’t too extreme as it seemed the heartbeat had stopped based on his unprofessional inspection. Alive or not, the fact still remained that the damage was made by Connor’s full strength which could shatter an average person. If the policeman’s body wasn’t strengthened then it wouldn’t have survived, so he didn’t worry further about the well being of the man. ‘If you’re dead, then you can only blame that Tomoe.’ This was Connor’s general thought as he thoroughly frisked the man for any and all coins kept on his person as well as any potential lost in the general area of their fight. Lightning flowed from his palm and into the handful of coins quickly causing those basic materials to melt and flow through the gaps of his fingers. He clenched his left hand which had held them all causing the last bits of flowing metal to be squeezed out. “Just to be safe…” He gave the man a long look as he turned his attention to the cyan thread that wrapped around his right hand and choose to follow that to Masato at full speed unfazed by the constant wailing in the surroundings. The direction of whom seemed to be where he had assumed Lady Tomoe intended for them to go. “I guess this was bound to happen…” -Abilities Used- -Actions- [All Abilities are detailed in the spoiler above] -Turn Stats- Word Count: 1,105 Total Word Count: 2,020
  15. Kumo

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 7] [Base ND: 6,300 - 7,500] [Remaining ND: 6,000 - 150 = 5,850] Connor’s first attack had landed just as his opponent caught the coin in his hand. Connor couldn’t clearly see which side it landed on, but he assumed that it was an important factor for determining the direction of the attack and had the intention of finding a pattern as of this moment. He expected to trade attacks at that moment mentally, but had showed no signs of slowing his second attack. What surprised him was that it was his opponent’s body that was receiving the energy he expected to target him at that moment. He had noticed this fact first with the feeling transmitted through his spear, and then his eyes. Connor was more sensitive to reiryoku changes than most, and even his regular five senses were beyond the norm, but he still wasn’t aware of the sudden burst until the opponent was moving. The mist made it difficult for him to discover attacks of this nature. It was merely the dragging sensation that was transmitted that allowed him to notice so quickly, followed by a strong push from below that even altered the angle of his spear thrust as the policeman rose above it. Relying on this sensation he immediately tilted his head upward and was able to steadily follow the silhouette of his opponent upward with his eyes. There was only a slight pause as his spear halted and followed his opponent upward. The slicing sensation stopped around the middle part of the policeman’s abdomen as it increased in depth gradually the entire way down due to the sudden change of position taking place. Connor’s ability to stop so quickly was related to his aversion to causing fatal damage to someone still alive, so as the target changed he had immediately restrained the thrusting action. He was adept at manipulating the spear and had used his left hand had pushed downward on the end of his spear, and upward with his right causing the spearhead to trail slightly behind the policeman with a faint trickle of blood running down it. His imparted style was straightforward and overwhelming, so he tended to focus on attacking more than defending. By attacking with very little pause the actions of others would be limited, and this could be considered Connor’s specialty. Connor brought his left foot forward and took another step forward with his right to keep his spear moving as close to his opponent as possible as the policeman’s body continued to rise up. His ability to see his opponent was weakening making the upper body of his opponent hazy. It was at that moment that he noticed a sudden wave of energy was smashing down onto him. The sudden and unexpected nature of the attack caught him off guard, and by the time he realized that an attack was just above him there were two options. First, he could give up attacking to use his rising spear to strike with a counter force. Second, he could simply rely on the strength of his body to overcome it. Connor didn’t hesitate to choose the second option as he held steady and continued to move his spear in pursuit. When the attack reached him there was only an apparent drop in Connor’s shoulders for a moment as he adjusted to the force. With the power spread over a wider area the attack lacked penetration power and relied on the crushing force to do damage. Had it not been for his excessive strength then Connor may have immediately been slammed into the ground on impact. In this case he was able to rely on the skillful use of bringer’s light to spread the force over a wider area causing faint cracks to spread outward in all directions for ten feet as the ground for the entire area lowered two inches as a result. [1] ‘Asshole!’ His body ached all over as if a violent wave of water washed over him, but his spear was still following closely throughout the process without pause due to his sacrifice. His focus was on his opponent whose body didn’t stop moving upward as the attack had fallen relying on the still visible lower body to be able to accurately judge the position of the torso and estimate the position of the policeman’s arms and head and almost instantly decide on a target. His spear didn’t pause as it closed the less than a foot distance To perform an accurate piercing cut on the inner side of the policeman’s right knee and strike whatever tendons he could to limit the man’s mobility. [2] That extension would cause Connor’s spear to extend between the policeman’s legs at an upward angle. A quick turn of the wrist was enough to change the blade positioning of the spear to a vertical one as he immediately pushed his left hand out from himself and pulled his right towards him causing the spear shaft and spearhead to move towards his opponent’s back area as it extended past the knee that would either smack into him or potentially cut at the man’s groin. [3] The goal of this action was to do damage, and possibly even follow through to slam his opponent into the ground behind himself if it connection on the man’s back area. If it landed in the groin then it was likely to ruin this police officer’s manhood, but that was a risk that Connor was willing to take. ‘At least it’s not my own, right?’ -Abilities Used- -Actions- [All Abilities are detailed in the spoiler above] -Turn Stats- Word Count: 915