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    Looks good hope it turns out well
  2. The man was on one knee and was down for a momment. he looked at him but alex didnt make contact his eyes already a deep red. of one were tp look into them they would be trapped. You should be the one to talk, you probably ate families before and that’s probably how you intend to have them.†My Family has lived in Hueco Mundo since we came into existance as hollow's. You doll user are like us in a few ways but to say you understand our kind is a load of bull shit. a shower of reiatsu arrows came uppon him but his shaddows matched them blocking the hit. He than spewed a black smog from his arms which had several vents from it. As he absorbed the smog breething it in he smiled as the next attack would be the last. a cough escaped his lips as he prepared to attack the man with his all. his shadows and he were faster. “Let’s see how lucky you are now.†Yes Let's see where my luck leads us. i think a grave for one of us is in order and it aint mine. Nure-Onna you Demitrius Aglaope and Thelxiope go hide this is no longer concerning you. The two siren sisters Aglaope and Thelxiope activated their ressurection and began to weave a song of transference transporting their group far enough away before creating a barrier around the two warriors. Now thee two were unseen by all unaware of the powers. They would have no interuptions.
  3. Alex would look as the fox ran laps around him. Each lap she became faster then the last her white hair becoming a blur. Alex watched somewhat entranced as he tried to figure a way out. Suddenly the fox stopped. As it stopped it's nine tails glared out to stop it from tumbling. As she landed on her rear end. She looked at them. As she reared up on her hind legs. She lunged at them and Alex restrained the urge to draw his zanpakuto. As she landed she sort of smiled. This smile was rather awkward as it was happy yet showed her teeth. Her teeth looked to be bared in this smile. She looked to be happy. She began to run again. Around and around she went as she circled them. She stopped again and pawed at his face. He swatted it away lightly with a smile. Hearing someone speak he turned and saw two people. He than said "None of your damn business. Humans these days." his second personality taking advantage of the moment to try and get out. Though his knowledge and memmories were good and helped him out many times he didn't need him.
  4. alex would look at the fox as a raven came. the raven was jet black and would seem perfectly ordinary. that is if ordinary ravens could talk. he then said "Hello there Raikokami. how are you this fine day. I am Alex though most call me spotlight." he looked to the fox who had wrapped her tails around herself. she gave a simple nod and he shrugged figuring he might get the anwser later. he than shook her hand gently seeing she was offering it.
  5. Alex would walk along the town in the air. he was weaing his old shinigami attire. even after being eaten and given this annoying split personality. suddenly Nightshade decided to act up and try and take over. holding his ground he would push him back looking around a bit he saw a giant fox. using sonido he went over it and said "So why is such a big fox in the human world. and can you talk"
  6. Alex would look at the man and frown. As his family was the only thing you don't touch when it comes to him. He didn't even blink as he drew his sword and activated his resurrection with little more than a growl. as the smoke cleared and the arrows were shot two shadows moved to protect the women and himself in a sphere of shadows. He then looked at the man and smiled evilly. This man would pay for what he did and he would pay through his blood.  Suddenly the shadow sphere shot out several spears at the man each aimed for vital points. from behind one could hear the youngest women say"Oh you shouldn't have done that. Daddy dosent take too kind to people who attack us." from behind her one would see a small five year old child sleeping on a bed of reishi.
  7. Because I hypnotized them to create more blood for me to drink. Every person counts Why am i so blood thirsty?
  8. Because they think that they will get raped otherwise look at all shinji's girlfreinds. Why am I Black?
  9. Alex would walk out of the garganta. He had two beings following him. He didn't care for them as they constantly just wanted him to care. He would then look as a man kicked a cat off. One of the beings flashed off grabbing the cat as she returned she tried to kiss his cheek. He was gone already. Bowing to the man he smiled an evil smile. The woman fell and her sister laughed as Alex said "Hello there aren't we heartless today."
  10. Thanks *drinks the eggnog spiked with rum* my favorite thanks for the eggnog too

  11. When was this. Well hey. I think my account got wiped so it won't happen. Anyway what's up

  12. Ah great wish you luck

  13. Hey Resy How are you?

    I'm wondering when that RP trip is again?

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