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  1. You realize two things right, first you misspelled "raids" and second there already was a topic with raids that i started
  2. In other words, the only way to level up now is using boosts.
  3. Got the same problem, whenever i kill a sternritter it says i gain 100 million sp, but it doesn't add anything to my sp when i check status
  4. *Suddenly Captain Kakarott throws a beer bottle at Lance and misses* Heeeeeeey*hic*
  5. 77 peeps is nothing, this squad used to have like 150 peeps at most at one point
  6. And i am back, the only reason i am not captain of this squad for a moment is when i'm in the middle of using boosts
  7. Yeah strippers, from Sweden, but unfortunately they are all lesbians, with eachother and the only male they like and want is me.
  8. We got more than beer too, we got every liqour imaginable, strippers from sweden too, music and video games too.
  9. It's self service here, so just grab one yourself, there are beer kegs, here, here, here and here, everywhere
  10. Good beer? That's an understatement.
  11. Heck, you ain't underage here, my tavern my rules, there are no age restrictions here.
  12. Hey hey, enjoy what is given, it's an endless supply
  13. MORE BEER!!!!!
  14. Yep, and it's all free of charge, but let's keep these kinds of conversations to the tavern, that's why i started the tavern
  15. And why is that, it's because I have magical powers that makes us have infinite beer and booze and all the strippers we need