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  1. This friday im pretty sure I shall be returning to BSE...hopefully no one minds to much

  2. *A wild Raz appeared* O.O

    1. Ryu Nakamura

      Ryu Nakamura

      Throws raz master ball.

  3. Hmmm..might start posting again seeing as This forum needs hollows atm and Raz is somehow still alive

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    2. Kaz


      Apparently you are a fool ya fool. Whatever the fuck that means. But yeah go ahead and post

    3. Ryu Nakamura

      Ryu Nakamura

      apparently you have no idea who killer bee is from naruto or else you would know what i mean fool ya fool. :P

    4. Kaz


      I'm aware of Killer Bee and his antics. Obviously, you've missed the point of the joke. Sad face

  4. Hmmm..might start posting again seeing as This forum needs hollows atm and Raz is somehow still alive

  5. Happy Birthday, been a while since I've seen you.

  6. Happy Birthday Raz~ Hope you have a good one :3

  7. Happy birthday little shit <3

  8. Happy Birthday, dude!! Have a great one!

  9. Well I'm primero espada now, Draka is lord of hueco mundo, were the hell did all the hollows go?

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    2. Kaz


      I know this but damn you could have let me have it :(

    3. Raziel Getsuhigen

      Raziel Getsuhigen

      hey the hollows need to get their shit together, I can post regularly now on my phone and decided to take the initiative even if it gets me killed

    4. Ryu Nakamura

      Ryu Nakamura

      do not worry raz,i shall soon be joining you,thanks to star < <

  10. Got my internet on so Kingdom hearts story getting updated as soon as I start writing it again

    1. Raziel Getsuhigen

      Raziel Getsuhigen

      So either tomorrow or saturday when I get off work

    2. Sofi Kudo
  11. You're just jealous of my Super Saiyan Swagger

  12. for some reason I decided to writ a kingdoms heart book (dont ask me why).. im 2 chapters in and each chapter i finish im going to post here..its called Kingdom Hearts: Destinies Oblivion Chapter 1- Mickey's Proposal Ansem's lost Jounal entry 1: “To control Kingdom Hearts is to control the darkness, or if need be end the darkness, I have chose the ladder of the two and set off today to Castle Oblivion.... My Key Blade is warning me not to go....†Sora walked through the long halls of Mickey's castle and smiled as he watched the various people running around. The darkness had been quelled and now was a time for celebration, or so he thought. He came to the throne room were Mickey sat by himself on his throne. Mickey's face lit up as he noticed Sora and ran to him, jumping up and giving him a hug. “I'm glad you could make it Sora.†Mickey said as Sora set him on the ground. “I couldn't miss your celebration Mickey, plus you said you needed to speak to me.†Sora said as he walked with Mickey back to his throne. Mickey had a serious look on his face as they walked and Sora knew something was amiss. As they got to the throne room Mickey motioned Sora to follow him behind the large chair. Mickey felt the wall and found a hidden button that he pressed firmly with his hand. A door opened that was expertly hidden behind the large throne and could not be seen by anyone even if they were in the room. They made their way down the stairs into a small room compared to Sora but for Mickey it was a decent sized room. Sora sat at one end of the table as Mickey walked to a bookshelf and pulled off a few books, then flipped through them. Mickey stopped as he came to what he had found and looked at Sora. “I have a mission for you Sora, it will be very dangerous but it is needed if we are to forever end the darkness.†Mickey exlaimed as he slid the book to Sora. Sora looked at the page that was underlined and frowned as as he read. “It doesn't make any sense Mickey, why do I have to travel the path of darkness?†Sora asked. Mickey's eyes filtered around the room in thought. “You already know someone in this world or any other will try to open Kingdom hearts to spread the ultimate darkness, I don't want that to happen.†Mickey said as he folded his hands and stared sincerely at Sora. “That is why I need you to do it.†Sora's eyes went wide from the words he had just heard, him travel the road of darkness? He had promised Riku he would never follow the same path he once did, that was a promise he didn't want to break. “Your Key blade has your heart set firmly in the light, if you do this it will be my final test for you in becoming a Key blade master.†Mickey said as he stood up and walked over to Sora. He placed his hand on Sora's shoulder and smiled. “I have faith in you Sora, the Kingdom Key will keep you from straying to far into the darkness, it is the opposite of mine and while me and Riku were trapped in the darkness It protected me.†Mickey said with a smile as Sora looked at him. “I trust you Mickey, if it needs to be done you can count on me.... Will Goofy and Donald be coming with me?†Sora asked hoping his best friends would accompany him on this journey. “No, this is for you and for you alone.†Mickey said with a frown. Sora sighed as the Kingdom Key appeared in his hand and looked at it. “Do you really think I can do this?†Sora asked and he felt a tug on his right hand, symbolizing his Key blades answer. “When do I leave Mickey?†Sora asked and hoped he didn't miss the party, Kairi was going to be there and he wanted to see her. It had been almost four months since he had seen Kairi but the answer he got sank his heart. “Before the party, we can't waste any time, who ever is messing around at Castle Oblivion could use this as a time to do what he or she pleases.†Mickey said as he started to walk up the stairs with Sora shortly behind. AS they walked out of the stairs the door behind them closed as quiet as a mouse and they walked out to the front of the throne. “Sora, I will come to see you when I can get away every chance I get and please do not let Kairi or Riku know, make them believe you have gone down this path yourself.†Mickey said. Sora couldn't believe he was doing this, but for the safety of every world he had been to and others he didn't know existed was more than enough to calm his mind. Sora gave Mickey one last hug as he set off down the long hallway, down the path of darkness. Sora stopped halfway as he heard Mickey's voice one last time. “You have a few hours, I'll accompany you to the library when I am done here.†Sora nodded as he turned to the left and walked through a large door that pointed him in the direction Mickey had told him. Sora entered into the library and let out a sigh as he looked around the vast array of books. Something told him to look through Ansem's diaries for any information that was crucial for him, and thus he started searching. Mickey entered the room shortly after Sora started, his short legs carrying him as fast as they could go. “Sora don't worry about keeping this place clean I have someone that will clean this place up after we are done here, the books you don't need toss them in the middle of the room.†Mickey said as he tosses a couple useless books on the carpet. They searched and searched and slowly but surely the pile on the floor grew bigger and bigger. Sora came across a strange looking book that had a keyhole in the middle of it and decided to put that on the table, a keyhole meant that it dealt with a keyblade wielder. Mickey stopped what he was doing and noticed the book as well. “I have never seen that book before Sora, take a break and look at it.†Mickey said as he continued to work through the shelves of books, occasionally tossing books behind him and saving others. Sora walked over to the table and the Kingdom Key appeared in his right hand. He tapped the cover of the book and heard a faint click noise and the book opened.. Sora read the first page and instantly he was intrigued, the words he read had confused him. It had read “Ansem's Journal†but Sora remembered they had collected all of them and put them in Mickey's study not the library. Sora read on and something caught his eyes once more, Ansem wasn't evil, he only acted that way after Chaos took control of him. One sentence that really stood out to Sora was “Chaos has left once more and I can write in peace, my Key Blade has abandoned me for I am too far gone into the darkness.... this will make it impossible for me to open Kingdom Hearts and end the plague of the heartless.†Sora sat down suddenly as it got hard to stand, Mickey noticed this and walked over and looked over his shoulder. “So it is true, Ansem wielded a Key Blade, He tried the same thing as your going to do Sora but you need to take control of Chaos for this to work not the other way around.†Mickey exclaimed. Sora gave Mickey a serious look and frowned at the thought. “And what if I fail and Chaos takes control of me?†Sora asked Mickey and from the look on his face Sora knew this question had hit home. “I don't know Sora, honestly I don't know.†Mickey said with a saddened voice. Sora sat in thought for a moment then stood up and returned to looking through books, tossing some on the floor, others on the table. After what seemed to be 2-3 hours the pile on the floor had grown into a mountain. Mickey sat at the table quick reading the books for importance occasionally tossing a few on the floor. Sora finally finished going through the shelves and let out a sigh as he sat down across from Mickey. “Found anything yet Mickey?†Sora asked. “Yes, I found something interesting, the Kingdom Key is the key to truly unlocking Kingdom Hearts, no other Key Blade can unlock every door like yours can and by the looks of it not even my Key Blade can open it.†Mickey explained to Sora. Sora looked down at the Keychain around his wrist and smiled as the Mickey symbol glinted in the small light that was in this room and Sora could tell that his blade already knew. Mickey tossed the last book on the floor and rubbed his eyes. “All we could find is that book there of Ansem's journal, I don't know how it got down here but study it and learn everything Ansem did wrong so it doesn't happen to you.†Mickey said as he stood up. “You should get going everyone is going to be here in a few.†Mickey said. “Shouldn't I stay? I think it would raise some eyebrows if I'm not here when the party starts.†Sora said. Sora Grabbed Ansem's journal and placed it in his pocket..Mickey motioned Sora to follow him as he made his way though the door with Sora close behind. “I already have that covered Sora, I'll meet you when you get to a new world I have discovered, It will take you along time so stop at other worlds first, I will receive a message from someone at this world when you arrive, but first go to Castle Oblivion.†Mickey explained to Sora before walking into his throne room leaving Sora standing by himself in the large hallway. Sora shook his head as a door to the light opened in front of him and made his way into it heading towards Castle Oblivion. Chapter 2- Oblivion's ally Ansem's lost Journal entry 2: I have found a place called Castle Oblivion, for some reason I had a feeling to come here... I met a being made of Shadows that called himself Chaos and offered me the power to control the darkness but I denied him.... everything after that is groggy and I can't remember how I made it back to my bedroom.... Sometimes darkness is needed to further yourself down the path of light, a saying that Sora would never forget from Merlin. Riku had once traveled this same path but also the path of the light, it was a strange feeling to teeter totter between dark and light. Almost as strange as being turned into a heartless to save the one you care for the most, an experience Sora would also never forget. A door of light appeared just inside the entrance to Castle Oblivion and Sora walked out into the large white hall of the first floor. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then he started walking. Something caught his eye twenty or so more yards away from him and he stopped. A man in a organization XIII coat was standing with his hands in his pockets. Sora stopped and the Kingdom Key and Oblivion appeared in his hands ready to strike at a moments notice. The figure lifted his head as Oblivion and Lionheart manifested themselves into his hands. Sora brought down his weapons and looked a little harder at the figure. “Roxas?†Sora asked. The figure laughed a little as he stuck LionHeart into the ground and pulled off his hood revealing Roxas' face. “Long time no see Sora, you wish to travel the path of darkness do you? Then destroy your friends, your allies, even the one you love, and most of all yourself, then your adventure down this path will begin.†A Strange voice said that echoed through the room. Sora looked around to see if someone else was in the room and was caught off guard by LionHeart missing his face by inches. Sora brought up Oblivion as quick as he could as Roxas' Oblivion sent sparks flying on contact. Sora parried the attack and sent Roxas flying through the air with a smile on his face. Roxas turned his body and stopped himself from hitting the wall that now stood a few feet away. Roxas shot at Sora and Oblivion met the Kingdom key with a shower of sparks. Blow after blow, near miss after near miss, It seemed to Sora Roxas wasn't completely into this fight. Sora was starting to second guess if this was even Roxas at all. Roxas smiled as he gave Sora a serious look them vanished from his site in a cloud of darkness. Sora's instinct went on high alert but he couldn't find a trace of him. He felt something sharp hit him in the back and the motion of the attack turned him around. All around Sora he could see the small bats that fluttered around him and that meant one thing. Sora quickly brought up his Kingdom Key to block the incoming strike of Lionheart and parried the blade to the left. Sora lashed out with Oblivion hoping to strike the being posing as Roxas but Oblivion met nothing but air. “As you can see Sora the darkness provides much more unique gifts than the Light.†There was that voice again, deep and dark, yet familiar but Sora couldn't put his finger on the person or being. Sora realized that he had to finish this quickly, Kairi and Riku would be suspicious of why he wasn't at the party. Sora smiled as he brought up his Kingdom Key and pointed it at Roxas. “Mind if I finish this a little quick, I have things to do Roxas.†Roxas let out a laugh the symbolized his answer and Sora decided now was the time to get serious. Sora was now on the offencive as he flowed like water compared to Roxas' simple yet masterful techniques. Oblivion met Oblivion as sparks flew in all directions and Sora pushed Roxas' Keyblade to the side. “Gotcha†Sora thought as Roxas stood open to his attack. Within a millisecond Sora's Kingdom key was heading right towards Roxas' face but light caught Sora's attention.â€Ragnorok.†Sora's eyes went wide as a powerful concentrated blast nailed him in the chest and sent him crashing into a wall. The world around Sora went dark as he hit the ground. Through the darkness Sora felt something form in his pocket and his consciousness returned to him. He smiled as he used the Kingdom Key to stand up, his legs a little wobbly from the blow. Sora started to run at Roxas who stood with a cold stare as he redied himself.. Sora swung Oblivion at Roxas who parried the attack to the left. Sora smiled as he placed his hand in his pocket and pulled out two cards. Roxas now had a concerned look on his face as Sora's Kingdom key lit up in bright light a foot away from his body. “Trinity.†Sora said as he showed two cards with the pictures of Donald and the Other Goofy. Roxas' eyes went sincere as he realized what was happening, he had lost. The room lit up in a bright light as it went quite in Castle Oblivion. As the light faded Sora could see Roxas kneeling on the ground with darkness all around him. “One down, 5 to go Sora.†The strange voice echoed through the corridors once more. Sora watched as Roxas dissapated into darkness and Sora let out a sigh as his Keyblades vanished. Havne't gotten any farther must sleep
  13. wow totally thought Raziel died..but i guess he didn't and im still a 52k arrancar wondering around las Noches XD

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      Likely because he never posted after suddenly falling inactive halfway through Hisagi's event, after entering it doing the invasion on SS.

      If rather that was more of a IC logical answer your were looking for, i suppose temporal disturbance kept him from appearing yet, or he fled and hid all this time.

    3. Bennett


      Nah he's in HM. We'll just say that whatever took him back after the arc messed up somehow. Landed him in KT or HM.

    4. Mr. Neppington

      Mr. Neppington

      Ben is obviously afraid of Joshy, hence why he wants him to be in hm. Coward..

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