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    Souya Kentake's backyard ...O,o... *psst..i'm from mars*
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    Watching anime, Reading manga, Listening to music and Eating AWESOME Cookies !!
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    Blahh.. !! Look for it.. !! >.>

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  1. You needa return soon lolz.

  2. MASTER!!!!!! BA, w.e >> lolz

  3. i lonely....

    i'm waiting your next visit inforun xD

  4. *glomps the ninja* Yoru!!! Oh yoru!!!......*starts putting his laundry on yoru's profile** I hope its okeay if I lay my stuff here xD

  5. hihi yoruichi-chan how're you?????

  6. Hi Yoruichi! I've seen you on so many profile comments, and you seem nice! Maybe we can meet one day!

  7. Yoruichi-sama remember we meet at that party XD

  8. hey, whats up Yoruichi sama?

  9. Hap holdays nd advance new year! O mighty Stalker behold me prowess of pie! *pulls out a pie from behind nd begins barraging Yuro* in advance, Pc! *vanishes as he jumps into a pieplate*

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