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  1. Xarius Kaeru

    Clearing the Past

    Reaching the scattered trees through the rolling hills blanketed on either side of the road Kaeru was traveling a member of the ninth division named Nariko Mizushima. He was dressed in the traditional black Shinigami outfit except with no sleeves. His hands were covered with thick leather gloves. His Captain Commander’s haori with the chrysanthemums insignia on his back. Both of his zanpakutos have a standard katana appearance, with a gold square hilt and base while the handle is black with gold knots held in black sheaths attached to his right hip. The six foot two inch frog humanoid shinigami was on a personal mission today, while also testing out this person of high potential that Vice-Captain Kusho had noted that she was ‘timid, but passionate’, which coming from his subordinate was somewhat high praise. While vetting and testing all of the current captains was a top priority, finding their potential or eventual replacements was also important to the captain commander. Prepare for the future by investing in the present. The captain of the Ninth Division Monchue Jonestsu had expressed that Nariko was quite capable and ready for any task that Kaeru had for her, but he did question why the Captain Commander did not just use one of his own subordinates. Being that he was the highest rank in the Gotei Thirteen Death Squads the station allowed him the ability to make that decision without having to give a reason, but out of respect for his ally and the station any captain holds he gave him the straight answer that he was sehow subordinates of other captains were developing. This was more or less the truth with the removal of a few key details that were only Oriru had been shared with. The poor district fifty-six of rukongai was infested with all sorts of issues and crime, but that was not his target on this day. The road they were on started to arch wide around a small gathering of trees that splitting into a Y. To the Left the road continued out and around the wooded area, but the right path goes straight into the forest. Following the winding road down the slopes into the swampy areas with very tall trees he was recognizing a lot from the last time he was here. The pathway led them into the view of a cluster of weathered buildings that looked to be abandoned. There were several houses around a broken down dock on a swamp that appeared to be about thirty feet in diameter, but up atop the hills are more buildings. One in particular was a dojo with busted open doors. Turning slightly he looked over his shoulder at the lower seated officer. “Case the area,” the order was direct in the intent, but left ambiguous on purpose as he wanted to see what she could find in this area. [WC: 481]
  2. Xarius Kaeru

    Fate Points: Tutorial and Shop

    Xarius Kaeru★ Maximum Fate Point Balance | 17 - Reiatsu Benchmark 121k [10] - Re-surge Fate Points [3] Current Purchases | -13 Duality - 4 Shunko - 3 First Focus: Power - 4 Reiatsu Boost - 1 Bankai Technique Slots - 1 Ending Fate Point Balance | 4 [LEGENDARY (1): Unlock 1★ Legend [Requirements: 101k Reiatsu | 10 Legend Points] [LEADERSHIP IS KEY (1): Captain Shuu, Jecht, and Hokori to Captain [KING OF THE HILL (1): Kaeru was promoted to Captain Commander by the Central 46 [LEARNING THE ROPES (1): Oriru Kusho v. Xarius Kaeru - Training [Sub-class Changed to Agile]
  3. Xarius Kaeru

    Noble House: Kaeru

    There was the phrase Kaeru had been waiting to hear from Oriru as he gave the ban-kai release command to his zanpakuto. What followed was the all too familiar absolute darkness and void engulfing all around him. All of his senses were not just dulled here, but almost seemed to be unable to function. The sense of dread from his zanpakutos Yin and Yang was the only thing he could feel as he maintained his defensive haduka stance prepared to counter whatever was about to come his way. If that was going to even be possible considering the speed at which those previous orbs of raw reiryoku had hit him. A tiny white speck appeared suddenly followed by several others shimmering like stars at night. This was coupled with the return of all of his senses. Taking in the area he noticed that they both stood within a field that replicated space as if the area of the prison was gone complete. Ten bright white orbs hovered around Oriru, who was also bathed in the same light but with a slight silver-blue aura. Two of which were within the previous range of the unique field while the other eight floated out a couple meters beyond that. The distortion field had extended to that range now, meaning that there was a potential increase to his spacial awareness. The full name of Oriru's zanpakuto's released state echoed throughout the space but seemed to be only a whisper as it passed into Kaeru's ears. His eyes locked onto his vice-captains current state of being which had already suffered a significant amount of strain on his body. All of the wounds from the battle had expanded releasing a heavy amount of blood. This was not good, a continuation of this was going to consume and even maybe kill the lower seated shinigami. Yet the frog shinigami remained steadfast trust that his lieutenant was capable of managing through this. He just had to survive what was next to be able to properly discuss things with Oriru afterwards. Abruptly five of the outer orbs launched towards Kaeru's direction they were too fast for him to out right dodge or even block. He had prepared himself for these attacks with the intent to disrupt the power potential, even if that meant he was going to take some damage from this. If he was going to die here at least it would be in the spirit of preparing the next generation of shinigami to reach their limits and push past them at a break neck pace. The three orbs met a Sea Dragon Breath kicks from Kaeru, each breaking through the defenses to deal some heavy damage. The final two white orbs he attempted to punch each with raging tidal wave punches, but even they broke through his water formed leviathan heads. The impacts of each seemed to be lessened some, but the after effects were enough to stagger him back in the contained void which he noticed was starting to crack under the pressure of itself. The white orbs explode into dust as the aura around Oriru dissipated followed by the void completely splitting into several small fragments similar to that of a glass window breaking apart. Kaeru watched and realized that his vice-captain had reached his limit falling forward. In that moment the frog shinigami flash stepped forward to catch his ally from crashing into the ground. "Good work," he spoke softly as he pushed through his own pain to make sure that Oriru was gently placed on his back on the ground. Walking over he gathered up all of the gear to place it next to his vice-captain taking a seat about twenty feet away as he places his sword over his lap. He was taking the meditative pose in order to force his mind to become one with the Zanpakutōs entering Jinzen. ... Unknown Passage of Time After what seemed like days Kaeru could hear the soft laughter of Oriru before he spoke up from clear pain. "Welcome back to the land of the living Leiutenant Kushō," Kaeru greeted the man who seemed to only just beginning to stir from the intense training session he was not going to waste any time getting to the information gathering, "Your "Galactic Reduction of Spatiotemporal Continuum" bankai release state like your shikai has high end potential, but at the cost of high strain. Expanded spacial awareness field to counter close range combatants like myself, those white orbs packed more of a punch than the raw energy ones in your shikai, and the large space field definitely puts your opponents into a weird state of being. As if their senses were being messed with in the midst of a barrage of pressure and nothingness." After explaining some of this when Oriru would turn to look in his direction the vice-captain Would see the heavy bruises he had sustained from partially blocking the white orbs in the bankai state. "Had I not been prepared to use my Gift of the Sea God techniques in defenses I probably would of been in a similar state as you are in," Kaeru pointed out as he rotates both of his zanpakutos re-sheathing them as he stands up from his jinzen position looming over the still laying down Oriru, "Your body is in no condition to handle that yet, but you now know your limits proper at this time. Some more training on your haduka techniques should enhance your physical condition in order to maintain and withstand both your releases and shunko potential." Squatting down resting his elbows on either side of his torn pants Kaeru continued, "Today proved you are more prepared for the next step. Those that feared your power were right to, because containing this was in their own best interests. Not yours or soul society's best interest." He was not hiding the fact that he was already planning for Oriru to be one of the captains that he would use to replace one of the bad seeds filling captain seats that he had been doing research on. The usual stoic express had given way to that of a proud master seeing their student training so hard as he offers out his right hand to help the man up if he needed it, "Our next go around of training will be just as intense." [WC: 1,060] [Total WC: 1,486] Current Stats [ND: 3,270/7,020] Abilities Combat Details Ending Stats [ND: 2,120/7,020]
  4. Xarius Kaeru

    Noble House: Kaeru

    At this close of range after being kept at bay seemed strange to Kaeru in a few regards, but the strangest thing just cross Oriru's face in the form of a smile. Each of his strikes landing true without so much as a defense being placed or a kido barrier summoned to absorb some of the impact of his hits. He was not sure if he should feel happy that he was finally able to hit the shinigami before him or insulted as the sudden appearance of willingness to accept his attacks. This whole fight was a perplexing one that was for sure, but another note to be made mentally to discuss later on after the sparring match. Due to Kaeru's close proximity to Oriru he could barely pick up on the five black reiryoku orbs that formed from the lower seated officer's body. Each one launched forward colliding at point blank range as he raised up his arms and legs to try to not take the full force of each, but he was just not fast enough to react to these attacks properly. The impact of all five blasted into home dispersing the whirling water around his body for a moment before reforming as the smoke cleared from his body. Kaeru's eyes watched as Oriru was sent flying backwards roll along the ground for several feet. The vice-captain could be seen struggling to gather his strength to stand on his feet. The lower seated shinigami suffering the effects of his own power and the strain of never having coming this far in understanding his power. The raw readily available to his vice-captain was quite impressive and that within itself was something he could see was going to consume him before too long. This fight was reaching the climax with maybe one or two more attacks would maybe be what Oriru could handle, definitely not another barrage. That was when the words drew Kaeru's attention more toward Oriru than he had already been giving him. The time had come which meant what they were both working towards was here in this moment and they had succeeded in pushing Ginga to accepting him enough to reach Ban-Kai. At least that was what he was assuming "it is time" meant from his vice-captain. "Finally," the frog shinigami replied sliding his right foot back taking a proper stance with both hands covered in leviathan heads, "Let us see what you are truly capable of then." The water swirled around him in a defensive manner preparing for any possible attack. [WC: 426] Current Stats [ND: 5,640/7,020] Abilities Combat Details Ending Stats [ND: 3,270/7,020]
  5. Xarius Kaeru

    Noble House: Kaeru

    Trapped within the reinforced Hyapporankan Kaeru watched intently as Oriru's left hand reached his nose just above his lip wiping at the blood running from his nose. The strain on the vice-captain's body was evident to the captain commander, this was exceeding the reports information he had and now they were entering a new realm of research about one another. Oriru moved his right middle finger to met the tip of his thumb another marble began to grow to match the size of the seven other larger ones. After speaking a couple words the finger would snap causing each of the orbs and marbles to shatter into dust drifting through the air the zanpakuto. The small marbles would reform as part of the Tsuba. In this moment the Hyapporankan dissipated from restraining the frog shinigami. Reaching out he grabbed both of his zanpakutos in either hand as he could sense another flux in Oriru's power. This was followed by confirmation that they were getting closer as the man removed the upper articles of clothing as he talked about studying shunko. During this he did not move away or closer keep a close proximity in order to react to what was next, though he was forming a plan of how he wanted to proceed. Watching as Oriru removed his glasses to toss them over with his pile of clothes Kaeru's stoic gaze met the sharp stare of his Lieutenant. A stream of white smoke began to form from his mouth followed by a sudden spike in Oriru's spiritual pressure once again. Steam started to take up the immediate environment within his field that the captain commander was keeping track of. That aura was beginning to fade during everything within the field into steam. Raising up both of his both zanpakutos a moment too late as the extreme end of the heat dropped in an instant to freezing. A golden wave of energy erupts from Oriru's body blast into Kaeru as he pulls his zanpakutos both tightly up as the split second in between allows him to shift his moment and flash step to the side only taking partial damage from the backlash attack. Looking through the smoke and steam he could see his vice-captain shrouded in a golden radiance. "Seems your hard work is paying off," Kaeru replies as he rotates his zanpakutos spinning them around resealing them as he places them both back into their sheaths on his right hip, "Let us see how rusty I am with my Umi no kami no okurimono." Sliding his feet out from one another Kaeru starts to turn his reaitsu into swirling waves of water that wrap around his body while also lowering his center of gravity. This water forms around tightly to mix with his aura, he can easily manipulate these to throw water projects or blasts. This was the advanced battle technique Gift of the Sea God which combines the physical techniques of Hakuda with the spell-based techniques of Kidō of the Kaeru Clan. He has trained long and hard to get back into the form he previously had, but he was struggling to find the time in order to properly develop his form more. Kaeru starts to gather water element around his hands in order to launch two whirling balls of water at Oriru with both hands in using his Shīdoragonburesu. He would flank to the left of those attacks while activating his Hageshī tsunami panchi. The Raging Tidal Wave Punches would change the shape of water reiatsu into large Leviathan head shaped water shrouds over both hands as he would attempt to strike two punches into the right shoulder and chest of Oriru from close range. The fact was he was nowhere as good with Shunko as his father Xarm or his brother Wyatt, but he was proficient enough at close range. [WC: 644] Current Stats [ND: 6,866/7,620] Abilities Combat Details Ending Stats [ND: 5,640/7,020]
  6. Xarius Kaeru

    Noble House: Kaeru

    The word "Ido" could be heard from Oriru as Kearu had stopped a short distance away. Most of the vice-captains abilities did not require spoken activation if the kido arts were an indication of how the fight was going to be going, but this caused two of the larger marbles to break the pattern of the orbit around the lower ranked shinigami to hover in front within the field of awareness. That is when a second word could be heard in "Setsuzoku" resulting in the same two larger balls starting to glow with a golden radiance forming a string between the two of them. This thread blocked his incoming string with the hovering Yang. So they can move out of the circling motion and can interact with one another making seemingly unbreakable threads. The defenses he has are higher than previous reported, he thought to himself as he motioned for his flying Yang zanpakuto to head back towards him. At this moment a white rod formed in the air just above Oriru, but like the others the color would change to black before duplicating one hundred times for Bakudo number sixty-two, Hyapporankan. This was not good and he knew that dodging even partially was going to be next to impossible, especially at close range. At the same time he could faintly see five small balls of white light that turned to black as well that disappeared with a snap. Glancing up Kaeru noticed the massive pillars of Bakudo number seventy-five, Gochūtekkan descending towards him. This was a reality of just not being fast enough or strong enough to deal with the kido onslaught. He needed to get closer and flip the advantage around if he was going to get through this part of the battle. He still had techniques and abilities he had not used, most because the point was not to kill Oriru but rather to push him. "Kawa no fu no nangan," he says coating his Yin zanpakuto in a black negative reiatsu before a flying Yang rips across the sky with a white positive reiatsu over it's blade, "Kawa no sei no kitagishi." These two zanpakutos work in tandem to each release waves of power to meet the falling pillars but he takes the brunt of the Hyapporankan. This drives Kaeru downward planting him against a large boulder between two ponds. Glancing through the wreckage sealing technique another marble had grew to match the size of the previous ones leaving three marbles left. There was almost a counter going on here, but he was not exactly sure what that meant. Both of his zanpakutos were stabbed into the ground currently nearby. What was next in the grand scheme of Ginga? he wondered to himself as faint images of both of his zanpakuto spirits appeared near him where he could seem them only. You have noticed right? Yang asks in an inquisitive tone looking out at the situation. Of course he has. He stopped fighting Oriru a while ago, the fool has no battle awareness and would of died ten times over if not for his zanpakuto, Yin interjected to answer in an annoyed tone. They were focused on the abruptness of the battle and how there were two factors not working in tandem, more one doing all of the work and the others just being used as a place holder. To the frog captain he could see that there was still a discrepancy between the zanpakuto spirit and the wielder, not that Oriru needed to understand the upper reaches of his power he had already matched the captain commander in raw spiritual power. Neither of them had even released a bankai yet, which he was sure the vice-captain was capable of and would of already used this had other captains not told him to restrain himself. Yeah, Kaeru replied to his zanpakutos as he started to try and power through the Hyapporankan as well. This was not going to be easy, but he did have a few tricks up his sleeve before he would have to use a trump card like bankai or his shunko abilities. The repetitive question now was how to get through these shields, barriers, and seals to get to Oriru and force him to actually have to connect on a deeper level. [WC: 719] Current Stats [ND: 7,116/7,520] Abilities Combat Details Ending Stats [ND: 6,866/7,620]
  7. Xarius Kaeru


    Updates: Kido Arts - VC: 45k reiatsu instead of 30k to learn. Vice Captain kidos can be learned once you reach the Reiatsu threshold. - Cap: Captain requires 100 reiryoku, also Captain rank or taught by a player who knows the spell if you meet the reiroyku requirement. ------------------------------------ Upcoming updates: - updates to other races Non-release abilities/skills (hollows and fullbringers possibly are next) - Natural Defense system (waiting on final approval) - Barriers/Seals system to work with ND. - continued rule clarification and updates.
  8. Xarius Kaeru

    Noble House: Kaeru

    The response from Oriru did not surprise Kaeru in the slightest, but the smile did somewhat. The man seemed to always be in check with his emotions so the smile while brief seemed to be a sign he was indeed cutting loose some. Maybe this was because of the seclusion that the Kaeru Family training grounds provided or just that he was getting pushed by a Captain Level threat. Only time would answer this for the both of them he was sure of at least that much. The next word echoed out from Oriru as the black barrier shifted to a gold like appearance. Looking closer to the barrier itself he could faintly see that the barrier now had an almost distortion around the outside shifting as if reality itself could not keep together. Taking only but a briefest of moments to notice this he was sure this was yet another enhancement to his vice-captain's kido art. Stacking a barrier over a barrier for defense was a way of saying he was dedicated to protecting himself from the Captain Commander's zanpakuto's abilities. The barrier shattered with the combination of Kaeru's Byakurai, Kawa no fu no nangan, and Kawa no sei no kitagishi leaving Oriru out in the open once again. The frog captain noticed another marble that floated around the lower seated shinigami grew like the previous ones had. The negative black lightning reiatsu and positive fire reiatsu dissipated without touching his subordinate. "I understand how you feel," he replied sarcastically as he trained his eyes on Oriru for whatever was next. I need to wear down Oriru's defenses, if that was even possible at this given moment, he thought to himself as he gripped Yin tightly in his right hand. In the next moment Kaeru watched as a small amount of golden light energy formed in Oriru's left hand before wrapping around his fingers and turned a bright white. The white light then shifted to a jet black instantly launching forward. This was clearly an academy kido art that he knew well; bakudo number four, Hainawa. There was no way once again that he was going to be able to out right dodge this attack but he could time this to react in order to somewhat avoid being completely captured in the black energy. As Kaeru attempted to move out of the attack as much as he could the light grew in size releasing five other strands of black light energy making the Hainawa transition into Bakudo number Sixty-One, Rikujōkōrō. Being caught fully in both would not of boded well for the Captain Commander in this fight as dealing with these bakudos were wearing on him somewhat. The six larger balls orbited the vice-captain, but there were four more remained at the smaller size. These seem to react over time or when stressing to deal with my attacks. I need more information if I am going to land a solid strike with my Yin or Yang, he thought to himself as he shifted in place for a moment. Taking in a deep breath Kaeru starts to flex in order to provide counter pressure to the Rikujōkōrō that had been placed on him moments ago. This was no easy task to do as he struggled at first before breaking through shattering the six rod prison in order to close the distance between him and Oriru by rushing at him. At the same time he activated and empowered his Yang sword preparing to unleash his Kagayaku kishi. Once he reached the half way point between them he would bring his left downward in an attempt to draw the man's attention. From above his Yang sword would be encased in positive white reiatsu flames making a powerful down swing attack at Oriru's right shoulder from the front. [WC: 637] Stats [ND: 7,420/7,520] Abilities Combat Details Ending Stats [ND: 7,116/7,520]
  9. Xarius Kaeru

    Noble House: Kaeru

    As Kaeru watched each of his desired attacks hit Oriru with just ease and precision that this fight was quickly tipping in one direction even with him holding back some of his strength. The point of this was to drive the vice-captain into a corner so he had to release his potential to survive. There was a moment of doubt that the lower seated shinigami was even going to be able to make it to that point as his combat awareness was just not up to par in the current setting. That however did not deter the frog as he had promised his subordinate that he would push him at the level of a captain, so that was where he was going to continue to operate. With the last of the four strikes connecting with Oriru by Kaeru's Yang zanpakuto blade the lower seat was now marked by a form of negative reiatsu. Though now he could sense the raw spiritual pressure beginning to rise slowly. This spiritual pressure of Oriru became a glowing white aura overtaking his whole body. There was a difference clearly now between the two reiatsu he had sensed earlier; the white spiritual energy was from Oriru, while the field around his body was a blend of his and Ginga. Was this his true power? the frog thought to himself as he rotated his left hand in a motion as to point to his left shoulder circling Yang in the air. Preparing for his next attack Kaeru watched as Oriru's zanpakuto began to slowly draw from it's own sheath with a bright white light directly from the blade. As the lower seated officer gripped the handle of his zanpakuto with his left hand the white Reiatsu immediately purged the negative reiatsu Yang had placed on his. Around Oriru the temperature became much colder as the air thinned out as the debris in the air began to rise slowly as if gravity in the space was being effected. That is when the vice-captain spoke a release command to his zanpakuto causing the tsuba to shatter into ten small marbles floated around Oriru. Each of these marbles were a different color and a single brightly golden one shining in the middle. Four of these marbles grew in size. These all seemed to mirror the planets and sun of this star system. His lieutenant went on to explain that Ginga was giving him a portion of her power and that she wanted him to be pushed even farther. This made sense as Oriru was definitely at a much more even power level with him and looked to be operating with his zanpakuto released into shikai form. "By all means Lieutenant Kushō, cut loose," Kaeru started to reply with willingness as Oriru pointed with his left hand as a large blue energy exploded from the hand before turning into a white color then black. This Sokatsui was more than double the speed of the Okasen that had been launched previously. Though he could see the blast coming at him he knew he was not going to be able to get out of the way fully, so he shifted his body to the right as much as he could to avoid the brunt of the damage. As the smoke cleared Kaeru could see that Oriru was now encased in a transparent black inverted pyramid with the red marble growing to match the other larger marbles. Hadō Number Thirty-Three: Sōkatsui followed up by a Bakudō Number Seventy-Three: Tozanshō both without incantations was beyond impressive. Maximized defense seemed to be the strategy here by the lower seated officer. "Creating distance by excellent use of both Bakudo and Hado in tandem without incantations definitely shows your skills in the kido arts," the captain commander complimented his lieutenant as he grabbed the right shoulder of his destroyed haori yanking the material off his body tossing it behind him. Gathering up some of his own Reiryoku in the tip of his left pointer finger Kaeru fires a concentrated lightning bolt directly at the shielded Oriru, "Hadō # 4: Byakurai!" The 'Pale Lightning' technique was no match for a proper Tozansho, but he needed to test out the durability and abilities of what he was dealing with now. As long as Oriru was hielded by the Tozansho landing any of his more effective abilities was going to be a much more difficult task. Before the lightning fully finished releasing from his pointer finger Kaeru starts to pull his Yin zanpakuto in his right hand covered in a massive black lightning like reiatsu on an upward angled motion launching a negative reiatsu wave at Oriru. In unison from behind the Yang zanpakuto still under the affects of Kagayakuyoru no odori was covered in a white fire like reiatsu makes a horizontal wave attack aimed at Oriru's backside. [WC: 810] Stats [ND: 7,520/7,520] Abililties Ending Stats [ND: 7,420/7,520]
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  13. Xarius Kaeru

    Noble House: Kaeru

    There had to be several fighting reports of how Kaeru fought in the past which to a trained mind such as Oriru's could plan for, but in the heat of combat raw power and speed sometimes overcome a prepared person. His Shakkaho was mostly blocked by the Enkosen without a single command from his vice-captain. That was something he would have to make a mental note on as he had seem people remove the main incantation to kido arts but never removing all the words completely. At three quarters of his power there was some damage that bleed over as he would arrive to hit the precise cut to Oriru's ribs which caused his Reiatsu spiked for a moment. And not by a little either, this was more than a standard release of power like something there. Time seemed to slow down for Kaeru as he noticed that from the point he had slashed Oriru's ribs a yellow energy started to gather spiritual energy like a kido art until a wide arc of about a meter launched at close range. Again without an incantation spoken and this time he picked up on Oriru had not changed his straight forward gaze. At the same time his vice-captain's coat appeared to be pulling away from his body being thrown towards the captain in a clear attempt to create some space. This was a fight to draw out Oriru's potential and connect with Ginga, not a true fight in how he would normally fight an opponent. Grabbing the handle of his still sheathed Yin zanpakuto he quickly drew her straight upward releasing in order to unleash a single defensive blast of negative spiritual energy to black the incoming Okasen, "Over the north side of the hill, Yin. Under the south side of the hill, Yang." The captain Commander having to use his speed to pop out of the way of the thrown cloak by going straight up. In his right hand the Yin zanpakuto has becomes pure black katana from blade to handle while the Yang zanpakuto became a pure white katana from blade to handle. In that brief moment being close to Oriru there was something Kaeru noticed that seemed odd. Well, a few different things actually as he gathered his thoughts in this momentary jump upward. There was definitely a spike in his lieutenant's reiatsu before falling back down after Yang cut into his ribs. Also, while nearby there was a field about a meter around that a seemed to be a blend of reiatsu as if it were between Ginga and Oriru. While he originally thought Ginga was released, now the frog was thinking it was still sealed as there was something else that was allowing Oriru to manipulate his zanpakuto with ease or tossing the coats without any body movements. Add in the fact that this lower seated shinigami had just used two different kido arts in Enkosen and Okasen without a single word spoken. "Very interesting fighting style Lieutenant," Kaeru complimented his subordinate as he started to draw out his other zanpakuto Yin into his right hand, "Even though I can feel our spiritual pressure is distinctly different levels you seem unphased by my presence even after I released my Shikai. This usually only happens when someone is restraining their own limits. So, that confirms for me a few things." In a normal fight he would of switched immediately to Haduka techniques in shunko form in order to keep close ranged and pummeling his opponent for not wanting to be within close quarters, but he wanted to focus on the zanpakutos today. At least for now. "You will be the first living soul other than the captains at my Captain's Proficiency Test to see some of my zanpakuto's capabilities," Kaeru stated plainly as he lifted his left arm up then throwing the pure white katana downwards at Oriru with the intent of it to slash the man across the right shoulder, "Kagayakuyoru no odori." The words also meant "dance of the shining night", this technique while active all granted him complete control over his zanpakutos when they were not in his hands. As soon as that strike does or does not land he would direct it to rotate at full speed for a slash to the back, followed up to the right leg, and the left leg. He needed to see if the reaction time was a one time use or a more static ability. If he could just land two of these attacks his zanpakutos natural ability would come immediately into the battle, yet if all four hit things could get ugly in a hurry. [WC: 778] [Total WC: 2,355] Stats [ND: 7,020/7,020] Abilities ENDING Stats [ND: 7,520/7,520]
  14. Xarius Kaeru

    Noble House: Kaeru

    The story of Oriru Ryūka Kushō was a greatly unknown one to him and his fellow squad members, but there was some reassurance for Xarius Kaeru in this unknown. He himself had a shroud of unknown even though he was born within a noble family. While he liked to think they had a lot in come, reality was probably the opposite. Yet he could not be certain until he took the time to get to know his subordinate, even with the little things like being aware of family and their proximity. Acknowledging the thanks for the time he prepared himself mentally as it was literally the least he could do as Oriru had only just recently accepted his Vice-Captain role and financial raise. The question was more of a clear statement that Oriru was expecting Kaeru to push the training to his upper limits. Some would probably take offense to this or call to question asking someone of Captain Level to just go all out on intensity. Not this frog, he actually respected the drive to get better when others cautioned him from using his power. How was Oriru supposed to master that which was a part of him if he never used it? a thought that crossed the captains mind as his vice-captain continued to talk about Ginga the odachi zanpakuto which was now hovering in front of Oriru horizontally. "I can relate as one of my zanpakutos can be very moody as well," Kaeru replied as he started to allow his reiatsu to climb to match up to the vice-captain's current power levels as he had made it a habit to sit around the average seated officer normal state when not in battle, "Made learning and gaining her trust extremely difficult." He had not seen what Oriru's reiatsu levels were like yet, but if they were less than that of a captain he would struggle to start under his reiatsu pressure. "That's omnious," Kaeru replies to the remark about Ginga taking over eyeing the shinigami across from him, "I think I am up to the challenge. As your captain I aim to not disappoint. With the great unknown about your abilities, at least from where I am standing I will trust that your words and demeanor speak true." His mind was prepared, but the great unknown as he was still not back up to his full potential made him wonder if his body was truly ready for a slug-fest with whatever Oriru had cooking. The usually stoic captain's expression did not change as he felt Oriru's reiatsu stopping at a certain point. Debating how he wanted to open this fight as he had several different options, but he was unsure of how much he wanted to put into each blow. As Kaeru cut through the scenarios in his mind as Lieutenant Oriru asked if he was ready to begin. "Indeed, Let us begin today's training session," the captain commander unleashed most of his reiatsu all the way to his unreleased zanpakutos he could provide. This was to set the battlefield proper between the two shinigami as the request of his subordinate was to ask him to provide the most intensity. "Hadō Number Thirty-One: Shakkahō," he states as he raises his right hand quickly to fire a ball of red energy at Oriru's left shoulder at about three quarters of his power, choosing to not say the full incantation. To not give the lower seated officer a real sense of battle he would use flash step while drawing his Yang zanpakuto into his left hand to get to Oriru's right side aiming to land a standard horizontal slash to Oriru's right rib cage. [WC: 614] [Total WC: 1,577] Stats [ND: 7,020/7,020] Abilities