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  1. Character Name: Xarius Kaeru ★This Week: 4/4Overall Word Count: 4108 Character Name: Sibylle OpieThis Week: 4/4Overall Word Count: TBD
  2. Narrowing her currently blue eyes Sibylle was analyzing the appearance of Frieda after her empowered Heilig Pfeil had just struck her while Blut Vene was active. There seemed to be little to no damage from her reishi arrow, which was a little frustrating upon first realization. However, she was not completely aware of how long the woman had been aware of her Quincy powers or how long she had been training them to reach such a form. It was clear to the teenager that the red-eyed woman had been assigned to her for more than just a chauffeur, nanny, or roommate to pick up after her. No, she was meant to be a bodyguard and Quincy teacher as she learned of and began to show interest in the path of the Quincy. All of this was still very new to Sibylle as she slowly switched back to Blut Vene allowing the shift from crimson red veins to deep purple and back to dull blue veins. The point was to hit the blonde-haired woman three more times after the first two were gifted to her during the last display of Frieda’s own Blut Vene activation. The normally silver-eyed Quincy needed to reserve her stamina and prove that she could handle whatever these tests were leading up to. If the woman across from her was capable of tanking any reishi arrow slung her way by Sibylle’s current power levels then burning herself out did not make much sense. Even if the arrows were not fully defined she would begin to gather spiritual particles into Heilig Pfeils to pull back and fire several arrows in the direction of Frieda. Without moving, Frieda appeared to let the reishi arrows from Sibylle pass right through her, exploding into the ground behind her. This initially did not make any sense to the teenager as she drew the next Heilig Pfeil back to fire yielding the same result as before. This time she could have sworn that she saw the red-eyed woman flicker in place but she assumed that was just her mind playing tricks on her. This process would continue for another could of minutes until the American Quincy let out some frustration verbally, “What the Hell? How am I missing you every time?” “Oh that?” Frieda replies in a dry rhetorical tone, “This is Hirenkyaku, or Flying Bamboo-Blind Slide. A more advanced Quincy technique that allows them to ride the flow of Reishi from one location to another at a high speed. Some others would refer to this as a flash-step. Depending on your skill in Hirenkyaku this ability will allow you to keep up with and overpower faster opponents. Some have even found other uses from this technique, but most Quincies use it as a simple movement technique to get them an advantage in combat.” The deadpan expression on Sibylle’s face showed two things; how little she was believing the woman across from her and her lack of patience in this continued training. The whole point of all of this was to test her limits, but at every turn another technique was revealed and she was made to look the fool. This was a different teaching style than the strict no nonsense bootcamp style training that her grandmother put her through, but still the same level of annoyance. There was a coldness to how the woman across from her spoke and explained things to her, almost emotionless. Getting to know the messy-haired blonde across from her was going to be a chore, the teenager could already put that together. “Look. Watch as I slow myself down,” Frieda stated as she lifted her hands up slightly as she hopped into the hair slowly. Below each of her feet formed a blue almost translucent disk about the size of a compact disk. She would hop from one foot to the other traveling about five yards each time as she hopped. “As you learn more and more about Reishi the applications are almost endless. The ones I have shown you so far today are the most commonly used by Quincies,” Frieda explained as she hovered over the teenager at a thirty degree angle about twenty yards away from where she stood, “Go ahead and try it. Everything else has been coming to you rather quickly, this should be no more of a challenge than the other ones.” Slowly lowering her Heilig Bogen Sibylle’s face remained almost expressionless. Her blue glowing eyes looked over the shorter river that was about ten yards across. Keeping the vision of Frieda on the reishi disks the teenager would focus the flow of reishi down to her feet. After a few moments she could feel her feet flowing with reishi around them almost like a pair of boots. But as she tried to flatten them into disks she could feel her feet both kicking to her left as her upper half crashed to the ground hard. “Shit,” she muttered as she lifted her right hand to her forehead while the headache kicked in. “Think of the reishi platforms you are creating as ice skates, they want to move away from you on the ice but you need to keep in control or you will end up on your ass,” Frieda explained as she disappeared and reappeared where she was previous standing with her arms crossed in front of her chest. “Easy for you to say,” Sibylle muttered to herself mostly as she pushed herself up off the ground. Taking the time to gather the reishi under her feet once again, but this time flattening them down into disks. Concentrating on this was difficult, but once she was comfortable with maintaining their structure she stepped up with her right foot as if she was walking up a set of stairs. Following with her left foot she was now one foot off the ground and pretty proud of herself. “Good, now cross the river in one step,” Frieda stated after she saw the teenager was at least able to control the platforms, “In your mind it needs to be like a long jump, but you need to be there now. In one step without hesitating as if your life depended on it.” Looking across the river once again the younger Quincy let out the air in her lungs before nodding her head a few times as if she was trying to psyche herself up. As Sibylle gathered more reishi to her body while focusing on the other side of the river she tried to will herself across to the spot she was picking. Trying to hop step into the jump she found herself face planting into the water in a comedic fashion. Pulling herself up floating in the not so deep water now drenched she could see that Frieda was at the water’s edge. “I said to jump across like your life depended on it. Face diving into the water was not the goal. Now you are all soaked. Get out of the water and try again, not like you can get into the car all wet,” Frieda sarcastically stated with her usual emotionless expression. Standing up in the water she made it to the other side. Tossing her jacket on a nearby tree to air dry she would step onto a reishi platform with her right foot then a separate one with her left foot. Over the next hour she would continue to crash into the water until she was making it to the other side without tipping backwards or slipping. Jumping from side to side until she could handle the movement of Hirenkyaku. [WC: 1271][Learned Hirenkyaku][TWC: 5740]
  3. As Sibylle continued to draw back one Heilig Pfeil after another there seemed to be no end to her ability to create these reishi arrows. Frieda had explained that in places where nature was the primary environment free reishi would be there. Meaning that in the urban areas gathering spirit particles would be much more difficult. If she was going to be taking the life of a Quincy seriously then fighting hollows would be part of her daily life. The woman had also mentioned that hollows were attracted to high spiritual power, which meant that she apparently had high spiritual pressure. She could not tell what that really meant other than the blood lust aura that the hollow had when it grabbed her from the balcony. However, Frieda only seemed to exhibit the spiritual power aura when she gathered reishi. This painted a weird picture within the teenagers mind on how reiatsu worked and differed from reishi. Those thoughts gave way to the slight pain she was feeling on her right fingers as Sibylle looked down to see some blood on them. Shifting her lips into a disappointing slant she would ignore the pain and continue on as she pulled more reishi together for the next Heilig Pfeil that she would fire down the river. Her silver eyes were covered with a blue glow while she watched the arrow crash into the water once again with a small explosion. Flexing her right hand a few times as she tried to shake off the pain and think about the differences between her Heilig Pfeil and Frieda’s Heilig Pfeil that seemed to be much more condensed. Shifting her neck to the right swiftly a low crack could be heard before returning it to the upright position. As her eyes found purchase on the river once again Sibylle thought about the discussion the night before about the Quincy ability Blut that Frieda had activated with her own spiritual power. This flow of direct reishi into her blood vessels made her skin tighten almost like it was hardening as the blue colored veins spread across her body. Frieda had gone on to explain later that due to her pureblood the Blut ability automatically had activated. She also mentioned that Blut could drastically increase a Quincy's defensive abilities greatly. So wondering exactly what this meant in regards to capabilities she focused on Blut Vene in her mind so that that blue veins would appear crawling up her face and down her arm to her fingers stopping the flow of blood. “Interesting,” she muttered to herself as she lifted up both of her arms once again drawing back the right with a reishi arrow pulling back against the blue bowstring. As the arrow fires down the river Sibylle notices that the bow had shrunk some and the arrow stability was lessened from their makeup before. “Using Blut Vene, or Calm Blood Dress, is a great tactic to boost your durability and defensive capabilities. Additionally, as you saw it has the potential to aid against wounds that have been inflicted against you. Depending on your reishi control this can be applied to critical wounds or severe loss of blood,” Frieda explains the benefits of Blut to the teenager, “However, the one major flaw Blut has is that you cannot use it for offensive and defensive capabilities at the same time. This is because Blut Vene and Blut Arterie operate using two different Reishi systems.” “Blut Arterie?” Sibylle repeats the other Blut ability name that she was not familiar with as she turns her head slightly to look in Frieda’s direction. “Blut Arterie, or Active Blood Dress, is the offensive form of Blut,” the red-eyed teacher explains as the blue veins start to form on her forearms, but then shift to a red color, “This form of Blut which grants a Quincy a significant power increase, but at the risk of your defensive capabilities being diminished. Making your focus during a fight important to keep track of and know when to switch between the two.” Reaching up once again she gathers reishi into another Heilig Pfeil that is clearly much more powerful as the teenager could feel the increased reishi being poured into the arrow. Releasing the arrow down the river an even larger explosion of water caused the area to be filled with rain drops before returning to the sunny day. “So,” Sibylle started to say as she looked down to her arms with the blue veins, “I just have to focus on wanting more attack power?” Taking in a deep breath until she felt her lung fill raising her chest up some before exhaling the air slowly. Within her mind she thought about all of the things that made her angry; losing her parents, having to live with her grandmother, being rejected by fellow classmates, the airplane crash, and the helpless feeling she had while the hollow had grabbed her. The veins started to turn a deep purple before shifting into a crimson red up her hand. Holding the Heilig Bogen to her left she could see all of the reishi gathering around her right hand. Lifting up her right hand she formed a Heilig Pfeil that looked to be twice the size of her previous ones. Drawing the bowstring back she fired the reishi arrow farther down the river causing another explosion of water that rained down into the area. Dropping to her knees in pain Sibylle released her Heilig Bogen from sight as she clasped her left hand over her right hand, which was bleeding like she had just cut it with a butcher’s cleaver. Taking a few short breaths before transitioning into long deep breaths she allowed the switch from Blut Arterie back into Blut Vene so that her hand could stop the bleeding. “That did not go as planned,” the silver-eyed teenager muttered as she tried to clean up the blood that still remained on her hand. “Like I said flipping between the two comes at a cost,” Frieda replied as she too dropped her Blut Arterie and Heilig Bogen, “You cannot use both at the same time. If you are using Blut Arterie, then you have more attack power but sacrifice your defense and healing. If you are using Blut Vene, then you have more protection and healing, but your attack power is weaker. Knowing when and how to use both will become imperative as your Quincy powers grow.” “Flipping between the two and holding up the bow is taxing,” Sibylle states as she regains her composure mentally kicking herself for showing a moment of weakness. Her grandmother had trained her rigorously to not show such weakness when in the middle of combat. Even if this was training, she had applied the mentality of practicing everything like it was the real thing so that her skills were sharpened. Leaning forward to push her thin hands of the teenager pressed into the ground so that she could get back up. The long white bangs to the right of her face had lost of one their mold as they still messily covered her face. “Good you can still stand,” Frieda stated whimsically as if she was unsure if Sibylle would stand back up or not, “Then we can continue to push your limits.” Sliding her feet together and placing her hands behind her back clasping the back of her right hand into the palm of her left hand. The upright posture of the older woman gave off a foreboding aura that things were about to get a bit more serious. “Five hits,” Frieda stated plainly as her red eyes peered through the messy blond hair at the teenager before continuing, “You can use any ability that we had gone over today to try to hit me five times. Hell, you can even throw a punch or kick if you think they will connect.” “What? Are you crazy?” Sibylle asks in a rhetorical tone as if her teacher had lost her marbles in the last few seconds. “Do not worry Opie-chan,” Frieda replies in the exact same tone, “You cannot hurt me, nor will you hit me five times. But I would like to see you try to hit me.” “Your funeral,” Sibylle replied as she once again glanced down to her right hand that had the dull blue veins keeping the fingers from bleeding. With a nonchalant shrug of her shoulders she would rotate her body with her right foot forward and left arm extended outstretched in Frieda’s direction. In the next instance her Heilig Bogen formed once again. She was not sure what kind of game this was that the woman was pulling, but there was sure to be some kind of a lesson. Allowing air to flow into her nose to fill her lungs she lifts her right hand as a Heilig Pfeil had formed into her hand. The arrow tip rested next to the longbow as she drew the bowstring back to fire the holy arrow directly at the blonde-haired woman. In the moment just before Frieda’s pale skin had been overtaken by the dull blue veins of Blut Vene. The collision of the reishi arrow created a wave of gray smoke to roll off her teacher’s body, but other than her clothes being slightly torn she was otherwise unharmed. This caused the currently blue eyed teenager to become a bit confused at just what was going on. “Is that really the best you are capable of Opie-chan?” Frieda taunts the teenager as she maintains the upright posture. “Shut the FUCK UP!” Sibylle shouts out as she quickly draws another Heilig Pfeil on her Heilig Bogen back as she shifts the color of her veins from dull blue to crimson red to show that Blut Arterie was now active. The intensity of the reishi that formed both the longbow and arrow seemed to be almost chaotic as she reached all the way back. Releasing the arrow a wave of spiritual pressure pierced through the air until the arrowhead struck into the red-eyed woman’s left shoulder. The explosion of reishi and smoke engulfed the area immediately around her, but the wind would eventually clear that up revealing that Frieda was still mostly unharmed. “Are you starting to understand the difference between our spiritual power and skills yet?” Frieda stated eerily as she took a step forward as she unzipped her now damaged white hooded jacket so that she could take it off and toss it to the side. She now sported a white undershirt with a tank-top underneath. “That is two free hits,” the older Quincy states with an load of arrogance in her voice now for the first time, “Please do try to hit me now that you understand that at your current power levels you cannot hurt me while I am using Blut Vene.” [WC: 1815/1500][Learned Blut Arterie][TWC: 4469]
  4. Archery was not something Sibylle exactly excelled at when training with her grandmother Ermelinda Opie, rather they spent most of their time training in various sword styles. This perplexed the teenager some as everything that Frieda Thoumeaux was telling her current was that the Quincy blood and heritage within her was connected to was bow themed. That would be a topic for another day as it would seem as she was also piecing together that being an Echt meant that she was a pureblood meaning that both of her parents were Echt’s as well, coming from pureblood family lines. “Heilig Pfeil appears when you mold spiritual energy into the shape of an arrow,” Frieda explains as she once again summons her Heilig Bogen longbow to her left hand, “These arrows are capable of injuring and possibly killing spiritual beings. The spiritual energy for these arrows can be gathered either by collecting Reishi, absorbing Reiryoku from an opponent or gathering spirit energy from the environment around them.” “So basically once I learn how to form these arrows then I will be able to fire them as if I had an endless quiver?” Sibylle asks as she lifts her right hand to pull on the blue spiritual energy making the bowstring for her own Heilig Bogen. “Once you master it yes,” Frieda replied before continuing on with her demonstration, “However, endless is not the right thought to have. Eventually your body will break down from continued use like firing from a normal bow. Of wearing down your fingers if you have not built up callasses.” In the next moment Sibylle watched as Frieda slowly gathered the required reishi from the surrounding area into her right hand forming a long line before morphing into the arrow that she was going to fire with. Turning her body the woman fired the area down the river causing a small disruption in the water flow before it would return to normal. “There are all kinds of different Heilig Bogen. Shapes, sizes, appearances, and power,” Frieda explained as she lowered her longbow turning to look back at the teeanger, “The same can be said for each individual Quincy’s Heilig Pfeil that they create and fire. As you train and fine tune your spiritual weapons they will evolve right along with you until your own unique stamp is imprinted upon them.” Having studied the deliberately slow movements of Sacred Destruction Arrow that Frieda had just fired off into the water Sibylle focused on the ripples cascading down the river in her direction. This river was a metaphor for her life; past, present and future. The ripples were changes that would happen throughout her life only to return to the calm state once she learned how to cope with said changes. Her parents both dying, living with her grandmother, going to school, flying to Japan on an airplane that would crash into the Pacific Ocean, and seeing things like ghosts. This had all led to her being introduced into her apparent birthright as an Echt Quincy. A pureblood monk of destruction that used bows made of spiritual energy that had to be gathered from the environment around her in order to defeat the demon spirits known as Hollows. Reaching forward with her left hand up facing the same direction that Frieda had just fired in Sibylle steadied herself by planting her feet to create a firm base. Lifting her right hand to grab the air just in front of the blue spiritual energy bowstring a small line started to form into a wavering arrow. The side of the arrow pressed up against the right side of her Heilig Bogen while drawing the butt of the arrow back with the bowstring. In the next moment the teenage Quincy would let go of the arrow allowing it to zip through the air at a high rate of speed and power away from her. Losing sight of the arrow rather quickly until the explosion of water in the area gives way to ripples and then eventually calm again. Flexing her fingers a few times she could definitely feel how uncomfortable drawing the reishi into the arrow then firing was. Not to mention she also did not have the archery muscles yet. She was in good physical condition, but so far this training was her working new muscles than she normally had in the past. “Pretty good,” Frieda compliments the teenager with a slow clap now that her Heilig Bogen was once again gone, “Now do that until you cannot create another Heilig Pfeil.” The woman was clearly evaluating her capabilities within this new realm of possibilities. Sibylle was not unfamiliar with this process as she had dealt with Ermelinda and various teachers always wanting to know where she was at and what she needed to do to grow. A rather bothersome way of going about things, but she would indulge the woman for now as there was still so much she did not know or understand about herself or the Quincies. She did not like that feeling of the unknown so much, she needed to break it all down and understand it. [WC: 860][Learned Heilig Pfeil] [TWC: 2654]
  5. Waking up the next morning on the couch with a stiff neck to the smell of steaming vegetables Sibylle shifted her weight so that she could sit upright. Stretching her arms upward she felt her stiff back crack a few times. Getting up off the couch she turned the corner to see the mess of curly blonde hair that was Frieda Thoumeaux. “Look who decided to do something with her day,” the red-eyed woman stated sarcastically as she continued to cook breakfast, “Sit down and get eating. We have somewhere to go today.” “We do? I thought you said yesterday we would relax before I had to go to school tomorrow,” the teenager protested as she slid the nearest chair half way out, which was just enough for her to sit down and rotate her legs under the table. “Well, after last night plans have changed,” Frieda replies nonchalantly as he places a few different bowls and plates down for them to pick and choose what they want to eat. “Itadakimasu,” the pale woman blesses her food before picking the vegetables with chopsticks. “Uh… do you have a fork or a spoon?” Sibylle asks as she looks down to the chopsticks next to her plate. “No time like the present to learn how to adapt to other cultures,” Frieda states casually in a way that made it clear that it was chopsticks or eating with her hands like a heathen. “Fine, fine,” Sibylle mutters under her breath as she breaks the chopsticks apart so that she can literally stab at things out of defiance. “I can already tell training you is going to be a real delight,” Frieda states dryly with heavy undertones of sarcasm as she begins to feed herself. “Training me? Don’t tell me you are going to make me do all the stuff Grandmother was making me do?” Sibylle questioned in clear protest, “Look, I don’t know how much she’s paying you but it’s not enough.” “We can both agree on that last part, but she is not the one paying me to train you,” the woman corrects the teenager without even seeming bothered to make eye contact, “Your cousin has requested that arrangements in your schedule be made so that your Quincy training becomes a priority. Needless to say, whatever free time you thought you had? You no longer have that now that your powers have been awakened. This area will become a hotbed for trouble until you learn to control your powers.” “Fine. Whatever,” Sibylle stated in an annoyed tone as she chews on some broccoli before looking down at the rice trying to figure out how she was going to even get enough to eat before they left. “Look. You can be a pain or you can cooperate,” Frieda says as her red eyes finally catch Sibylle’s silver eyes for a moment, “Either way. Your life changed last night and if you want to live you will take this seriously. More serious than anything in your entire life. Because now that you are spiritually aware, hollows will come here and I will not always be around to bail you out of trouble. Now eat up, you are going to need all the strength you can muster for today’s training.” The rest of breakfast was mostly in silence as the teenager struggled with the chopsticks and contemplated how her life had changed so drastically over the last week. “Normally we will be training in the gym here, but for today we will be heading to a nearby park,” Frieda explains as they get into her black Toyota Prius. About twenty minutes go by before they reach this park, during that time Sibylle remains silent as she looks out the passenger side window to the left of the car. There were a lot of buildings in the area to think there was a forested park like area nearby was a bit crazy in her mind, but the teenager shrugged it off as another oddity that came with being in a different country. The headaches were returning as she thought more about the ghostly man on the bench and being crushed by the white-masked creature the night before. Arriving to the park the two women exited the car so that it could be locked while they made their way deep into the more forested area. This was so that they could get away from gawkers, runners, and other normal citizens. “Today you will learn about Reishi,” Frieda states plainly as she steps into an open area near a small river, “But before you can learn how to manipulate Reishi, you must learn what reishi is.” Raising up her left hand like she had the previous night the pale-skinned woman reveals the black glove once again as she shifts her fingers drawing blue energy to her hand that formed into a bow. “Reishi or Spirit particles are the main component material of all spiritual matter,” Frieda continues to explain as she holds the glowing blue longbow to her left side, “The amount of Reishi found in the land of the living is much lower than you would find in Soul Society or Heuco Mundo. Reishi composes everything in those two worlds, including the Souls and Hollows as they have spiritual bodies. However, free Reishi can be found in places like this that are closer to nature.” “I feel like you are reading off a fantasy novel,” Sibylle replied as she squats down near the small river to look at her reflection in the mostly still water, “One of the books grandmother sent with me talked about demon spirits and death gods. The impact of meeting a Hollow has lessened somewhat by the stories I read in the book. You keep mentioning Shinigami or Death God a bunch, but I did not see one yesterday.” “They are around, but often they are too stretched thin or neglectful in recent years,” Frieda states with a twinge of ire in her voice, “Quincy and Shinigami have drastically different points of view on how Hollows should be dealt with. Because of that there have been many wars over the years between our two races. That is a history lesson for another day. All you need to know for today is that we do not get along and they are made of Reishi.” “Got it,” Sibylle replies half listening and half wondering what the body of Reishi would be like? How was it different from a human’s body? “Quincy collect these spirit particles to use for combat in the form of Spirit Weapons.” “That longbow is a spirit weapon then?” The teenager asks as she glances over her shoulder for only a moment before turning her head back to look into the water. “Correct, by gathering Reishi in the atmosphere or by channeling your Reiryoku, Spiritual Power, you are able to make spiritual weapons. Reiryoku is your spiritual sensitivity and willpower to manifest Quincy's various abilities from within. That is Reishi Manipulation, collecting these spirit particles from the environment around us then using that as fighting power. Powerful Quincies do not really experience a difference between Reishi and Reiryoku as a power source.” “So I just hold out my hand, ask for spirits around me to like me or until I find my inner power,” Sibylle replies sarcastically as she places her hands on her knees lowering her chin down to rest it on her right hand, “Still seems like something straight out of a fantasy book or anime. What do I have to do to be able to make this happen?” “This here is the Heilig Bogen, or Sacred Bow, is the traditional standard bow formed by a Quincy to use as their primary weapon. In order for you to create this you must be in an area with Reishi, have sufficient spirit energy to create a weapon, and a Quincy Cross. The Quincy Cross is a focus that gives you the ability to create a spiritual weapon. Without one you cannot form a spiritual weapon,” Frieda explains as the longbow disappears so that she can turn her black gloves hand to show the teenager the five-point cross on the back, “The Quincy cross is usually on a necklace or wrist band, similar to the one of your mothers. This glove is known as a Leiden Hant, or Glove of Suffering, that I can use as my focus. It has the Quincy Zeichen, or Destruction Symbol, just like the necklace represents.” She gestures at her own longbow to demenstrate some of the differences. “So you’re telling me all I have to do is hold my mother’s necklace really tight and I will become the next Robin Hood?” Sibylle replied in jest as she tilted her head so that she could pull the necklace out from under her undershirt and hold the Quincy Zeichen in her left hand. “Something like that,” Frieda replied with a long deep sigh, “That weapon will only be limited to your own ability to create and fire arrows until your stamina or there is no free Reishi to absorb around you.” Pulling the necklace up and over her hair the teenager uncoils her body slightly so that she was sitting upright, but still squatting down. Hooking the necklace around her left wrist so that it could dangle still she reached out to the left of her body with a straight arm. “So… like this?” Sibylle asks as she closes her eyes imagining all of these spirit particles that were around her in the area. Her mind took the ball and ran with it as if painting on a canvas focusing on her mother’s Quincy Cross becoming a longbow similar to what she had seen Frieda create a couple times now. Opening her now bright blue eyes and letting out a deep sigh Sibylle comments, “Guess I passed the first test huh?” Before her was her very own Heilig Bogen ready to launch arrows, but did not have any arrows to fire just yet. “Somewhat. Being an Echt definitely helps,” Frieda states dryly at the ease at which the white-haired teenager had created the standard quincy bow, “That is only the first two steps; Learning how to manipulate Reishi and how to create Heilig Bogen. Now you need to learn how to make Heilig Pfeil, or Holy Arrows, without passing out. Do you think you are ready for that?” “Sure,” Sibylle replies with a shrug as she stands up, “Not like I can go anywhere without you pestering me about this any time soon.” The teenager’s interest was starting to peak, but she was not going to show it just yet. The amazement of holding a spirit energy bow was still sinking in. [WC: 1794][Learned Heilig Bogen]
  6. Driving into the area basically no words were said between Frieda Thoumeaux and Sibylle Opie on the drive from the Hospital in eastern Tokyo over to Karakura Town. Passing through the northern highways to get over to the University of Tokyo that Sibylle would be attending next week. There were trains in and out of downtown Japan, roadways were cluttered with people. Making it over to the school from Karakura Town was going to be a chore every day that she had class. Leaning back in her chair the teenager just kept her gaze out the left side window as they drove down the left side of the road. Things were so different here in Japan that it was going to take her a while to adjust. Hours later they finally arrive to the two-story building that they would be staying in. Pulling the car into one of the three open parking spots Frieda then states, "We are home." Glancing up the side of the building Sibylle notices that this is one of the nicer houses in the area. "Kinoshita-sama did not spare any expense making sure that you would be comfortable while at home," the red-eyed woman spoke as she opened the door to get out. "I see that," Sibylle replied looking at how there was a horizontal attached to the back of the house as well as she stood grasping onto the passenger side door to stand up, "Awful lot of space for just the two of us." "The back section is a training area that Ermelinda Opie-sama requested that you had to stay in shape," Frieda replied as she closed the driver-side door then pulled open the back door on the driver's side to grab out a couple bags. Sibylle face started to scrunch with displeasure at the mention of her grandmother even this far away from her the woman had claws into her daily life and schedule. "Grab your things so we can get inside and make some dinner," Frieda cut through the teenager's state of zoning out getting her attention. She begrudgingly closed the passenger-side door and opened the passenger backside door to grab out the remaining bags before heading to the trunk to get her remaining luggage. The rest of her night was filled with exploring each room and area of the house which included a living room area, a small kitchen smashed together with a dining room, stairs leading up to the four bedrooms on the second floor, and a spacial training facility that could be reached by the door under the steps or from the outside backyard. Within that room were several training dummies for hand-to-hand practicing, archery targets, a rectangular mat area that looked like the main training section, and a small weight set on the far wall. "This will do," Sibylle shrugged at all of the physical exercise that was probably in her near future. After dinner Sibylle went to her room to check out what was in her luggage. Opening up the bags, there was everything she needed from cosmetics to personal care. The three bags of luggage were a mix of some of her clothes and a few items that survived. The water-damaged books were still mostly intact, she was down a few sets of clothes but she had enough to make things work until she made some money, and the two metal containers were still in good condition. One was her fencing sword to practice with and the other was about the size of a shoe box that her grandmother had told her to show to her cousin. Apparently he would be able to explain the contents of the box better to her when the time came. Whatever that cryptic foreshadowing statement meant. Crashing in the bed Sibylle found herself enjoying the comfortable bed. She could feel herself tired enough that she changed for bed when a knock came to her door. Finishing getting into a tank top and shorts she opened the door to see Frieda wearing the same outfit of the white uniform, consisting of a loose trench coat featuring a hood and a high collar, white pants, golden buttons evenly placed up the coat, and black gloves. "I am heading out to take care of some errands," the woman with red eyes stated so casually. "Do you normally call your booty-calls errands?" Sibylle asked sarcastically with a tilted smile. "There are two of us living here now and I did not have time to stop earlier. Stay here and we will go get you more clothes to replace the ones you lost tomorrow," Frieda replied brushing off the teenagers attempted humor as she moved her curly blonde bangs out of her face. "Fine, fine. Don't tell me about your late night fun," Sibylle stated as she jokingly threw up her hands in protest. Laying down in bed Sibylle grabbed her cellphone with her right hand while resting her left hand up against her forehead. "Guess I should listen to these..." she muttered to herself now that she was alone. Most of the messages were from her grandmother before and after the accident trying to make sure she had made it or how she was recovering. She sends Ermelinda a text figuring that their time-zones were fourteen hours apart saying that she was fine and had reached the new house thanks to Frieda Thoumeaux. Before her grandmother could call or text a reply the teenager had found herself in an exhausted slumber. Waking up in a cold sweat Sibylle could feel this ominous presence nearby. She could not describe the feeling, she was somewhere between vile and depressing. This aura hung on her like it was consuming her very being which was giving her a headache. So she decided to get up walking over to the sliding door blocked by a curtain, which she easily moved out of the way so that she could unlock the door sliding it open enough for her to walk out on the small balcony. She was overlooking her neighbor hood as the cool night breeze pushed by allowing her to think it was just the weather that was getting to her, possibly even a badly insulated room. Looking down towards the roadway Sibylle could see a few humans walking down the sidewalk lit up by street lamps. The more unusual thing was, she could see a man on a bench that appeared to be almost flickering in place. Crossing her arms on the railing, she leaned her chin forward to rest on the top of her right forearm. Her silver eyes analyzing as the man now seemed to have no legs and was leaning forward in a distraught manner. That is when the looming presence could be felt once again, this time in a more overwhelming fashion causing her legs to almost buckle. "I must be really out of it," she mutters to herself when she hears a loud thunderous scream. Turning around she seems the outline of a large figure lumbering down her street. As this outline gets closer to the intersection, the more intense this sinister aura bears down on her. Looking down she sees that the people walking all feel down and the man in the bench was rocking back and forth. The moonlight then catches the large humanoid figure with a pure white fish-like mask, a black dorsal fin on its back, shoulders and arms are covered with the same substance as the mask, and its body is covered with dark gray stripes. "Hey!" Sibylle found herself calling out to the spirit on the bench as she was not sure if this was real or a terrible dream, "You have to run!" This was out of her normal, all of this was bad. Whatever that thing was, she could see it as the creature launched as the man in a blind fashion grabbing him up to bite his upper half clean off. This was straight out of a horror film, the teenager thought to herself as she stepped away from the railing as the creature finished chewing and had started to look around. Before she could react Sibylle could feel her body being grabbed and crushed by this monstrous force. She could not even scream out as her body being squeezed of the very air she was trying to breathe. The creature lifted her up and off the railing up into the air as it opened its enormous mouth as if it was going to drop her down into its throat. That was when she felt a sharp jerking motion as something had impacted the creature from the left side. Looking over in wonderment and terror she sees the familiar outline of Frieda holding a blue glowing longbow as the arm holding the teenager crashes to the ground. As the creature cries out Frieda appears right next to Sibylle placing a hand on her left shoulder as the creature's left arm dissolves. "Freida, what the Hell is going on!?" the silver eyed teen asks trying to push herself up, but struggling under the new less demonic aura taking over the area. "Not right now Opie," the red-eyed woman replied in a serious tone, "I am going to give you some of my reiatsu to you. I will explain the rest later." "Reiatsu!? What the Hell is that?" Sibylle asks frantically struggling in place as a blue translucent flame shrouds Frieda before covering the teenager for a moment. In the next moment Sibylle's body explodes with energy, as if she could feel every living thing around her. Looking down at her forearms with bright blue glowing eyes now there were now dark blue veins appearing in a similar fashion to what she could see on Frieda's neck. "Well, that confirms that you are a Echt," the woman states as she turns her attention back to the one armed creature attempting to throw a downward punching in her direction only for Frieda to quick draw the longbow manifesting an arrow out of nowhere. This arrow is fired into the fist cutting throw the fist into the arm exploding out the shoulder. Then sliding forward Frieda ends right under the creature manifesting and firing another arrow directly under the throat and through the skull. A moment later the screams of the creature stop as it turns to dust and fades away. Letting out a quick sigh of relief Frieda gets up and dusts herself off. "I thought we were going to have more time before this would happen," she stated as she walks over to Sibylle offering her a hand to get up. "What was that?" The teenager asked as she got up on wobbly legs. "That was a hollow. Specifically a Fishbone D type of hollow, one of the weaker tier ones," Frieda explained in a hushed tone, "We will talk about this later. I need to move the car out of the middle of the road." Sibylle slowly nodded as she watched the glowing blue longbow disappear reverting into the black glove on her left hand. The teenager had so many more questions than answers at this point, was she dreaming? What was going on? Why did her veins turn dark blue? Why am I able to feel my mother's five-point cross necklace pulsing? After Frieda parked the car and they checked on the civilians that had passed out they returned to the house and locked the door behind them. "I am sure you have a lot of questions," Frieda stated as she pulled off her white hooded jacket and hung it up in the corner, "But I am exhausted so let us keep this to five questions and the rest we can pick up tomorrow. Does that seem fair to you?" "Fine," Sibylle count feel her face scrunching into an annoyed expression, "What was that really? What are you? How could you create that bow with that glove? What did you do to me back there?And how do I turn this off?" "A hollow as I stated before," Frieda replied to the first question with an exasperated sigh, "Hollows are creatures born from Human souls who do not cross over to Soul Society after their death. Before you ask another question, Soul Society is kind of like heaven but not really. These souls that do not move on, lingering too long can and often do become corrupted." The pale-skinned woman makes her way over to the nearby couch where she sits down to rub the bridge of her nose with her thumb, middle, and index fingers of her right hand. "Second question, I am the same as you," Frieda states nonchalantly, "We are both Quincies, humans capable of detecting the existence of hollows, spirits, and shinigami. We hunt down the hollows to destroy them before they can hurt others. You are a Echt or Pureblood and I am a Gemischt or mixed-blood. This leads me into the third question; Quincies through a lot of training can gather the spiritual energy around us known as reishi." She demonstrates by lifting her left hand to create a blue longbow once again before letting it fade from sight almost as fast as it had appeared. "By giving you some of my reiatsu, spiritual pressure, I was able to activate your dormant Quincy powers deep within your blood," Frieda explained as she leaned forward bringing her hands together as she helped her right leg lift up and over the left knee, "Because both of your parents were purebloods as well your Blut powers automatically activated. Blut techniques take the Reishi around you are directing them to flow into your blood vessels, allowing you to be able to drastically increase defenses. Specifically your Blut Vene was activated, we will talk about other ways to use that in the future." Leaning back against the couch Frieda continues, "You can turn it off by relaxing your body and the reishi you have gathered. It will hit you like a ton of bricks when you do though because your body is not used to the stress." "Alright, alright I get it," Sibylle replies as she lets herself find a relaxing state of mind. Her eyes flicker for a moment before returning to their normal silver color. At the same time the dark blue veins give way to purple, then burgundy, then red, then pick, before returning to the pale skin she normally had. "Whoa, that is..." she barely gets out before she blacks out crashing sides onto Frieda's lap. I tried to tell her so, Frieda lamented in her head before grabbing her phone to text her employer, He is probably not going to be happy about how she learned of her heritage, but I need to know how he wants me to proceed now. [WC: 2472/1500][Learned Blut Vene][TWC: 4716] [Exit Thread]
  7. A few days after the international flight landed in the Pacific Ocean Sibylle was still in the Tokyo Hospital being kept there for viewing purposes. She had sustained a minor concussion, but there would be no permanent damage or scars from where she had been busted open. However, since that day she had been seeing more things that others could not. Ghosts, specters, ghouls, aberrations, or phantoms could be used to describe what she was seeing. She left like she was losing her mind every time she saw a new one passing by that no one seemed to notice or interact with. As Sibylle asked questions about these ghosts her stay seemed to only get extended. Paranoia setting in that they were keeping her here as a test subject or someone that lost their mind. Growing frustrated that she began to ask why she was not allowed to see any of her things or find out what of her luggage had survived the crash. The nurses feigned concern that she was not ready to see those items and lied about having seen any reports of recovered objects from the plane. She was relegated to watching the same ten channels every day. Waking up the next morning Sibylle felt that she was not in the room alone. Rolling over slowly in her bed she saw a young adult female with a youthful appearance that had almost pale skin with messy blond hair, average height and weight, and red eyes wearing a white uniform, consisting of a loose trench coat featuring a hood and a high collar, white pants, golden buttons evenly placed up the coat, and black gloves. "Good morning Sibylle Opie," the young woman spoke directly to the hospitalized teenager as she removed the top of her head exposing more of the wild blonde locks, "My name is Frieda Thoumeaux. I work for Noir and have been employed by your cousin Yusei Kinoshita to make sure you are being taken care of during your stay here in Japan." "You are not off to a great start," Sibylle replied sarcastically without changing her expression. There were all kinds of people in the world looking to take advantage of anyone and everyone in any way they could. This could very well be someone trying to kidnap her or faking knowing her cousin to trick her in some way. "Due to some unforeseen circumstances that statement is indeed more correct than I care to admit," Frieda replied without missing a beat as she kept her professional tone, "Are you ready to check out your new living arrangements and to see where you will be going to university?" "You have my things?" The teenager repeated the words in question form as she narrowed her eyes at the red-eyed woman across the room from her. "But of course. Between getting what could be salvaged back and the doctors were not cooperating we were finally able to get all of your things in order," Frieda explained as she turned slightly picking up a stack of clothes from a nearby chair in order to bring them over to Sibylle. Placing them down on the bed gently, she then stepped back so that the teenager could inspect her clothes and would find that her cellphone was resting on the very top. "Why did you not so sooner?" Sibylle's tone changed almost immediately as she rotated to her back to sit up in the bed. Grabbing the phone first she noticed that she had over a thousand unread messages, thirty-two missed calls, and thirty-two voicemails. Letting out a sigh Sibylle looked over to Frieda, "give me a few minutes and I'll be ready to go." Frieda narrowed her eyes this time before giving a half bow, "Very well, I shall be just outside." With that the young woman stepped outside, closing the door behind her in the process. Quickly scrolling through the phone as she shifted her body to the edge of the bed, she looked through the messages she wanted to read first. Purposely ignoring all the calls and voicemails from her grandmother. Placing her feet on the cold floor, the teenager removed the gown so that she could take the time to get changed back into her previous outfit. She could tell a few parts had been replaced but otherwise this was the exact same as what she was traveling with. Lifting her belt, Sibylle found the five-point cross emblem and necklace wrapped in a small bag. Sliding the belt through the loops in her outfit, she made sure to return the emblem to the left side near her hip once again. Clutching her mother's necklace after clasping it around her neck, she found a few news articles about the crash with no mention of what caused the accident or mention of large invisible sea creatures. This was annoying, but she was just going to have to accept that she was still suffering from some post-traumatic stress of some kind. She had read a few studies on survivors' guilt and what that does to the human mind. Opening the door Sibylle is greeted by the nurse, doctor, and Frieda. "Am I good to go?" The teenager asks in Japanese to the three standing there. "Yes, we just ask that you get a check up in a few weeks at the local clinic to make sure everything is still alright. Your test results came back negative, just some swelling that has now gone down," The doctor explains to them. "I will make sure that she does," Frieda speaks up in Japanese finishing the conversation with a few more standard lines about where to go, who to report to if there are any issues, and to make sure they finish the paperwork at the reception desk before leaving. What seemed like an eternity later, they were outside getting into a black Toyota Prius. Sibylle noticed that her luggage bags were in the back along with a few other bags. Frieda makes her way over to open the door for Sibylle she speaks in Japanese once again, "This is our ride. Please get in Opie-chan." "Thank you," Sibylle replies in a short fashion not feeling the need to speak in Japanese in return she gets into the car so that Frieda can close the door before heading to the right side of the car to drive off. [WC: 1067] [TWC: 2244]
  8. The flight from General Mitchell International Airport to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was mostly filled up with several books that Sibylle's grandmother had given her to study. The literature included advanced case studies on the human psyche in regards to dealing with the paranormal. Grandmother Ermelinda Opie was a no-nonsense kind of person, so this seemed a bit odd. However, she noted that the other literature included Japanese myths on spirits and death gods, a book about chakra, case studies on people claiming to see soul-devouring monsters, and all of the top tourist spots to see while in Japan. The mixture was definitely different, but she was sure there was some boring reason that her grandmother had thrown all of that into her travel bag. Reaching Seattle the layover took about two hours before Sibylle was on her connecting flight to Haneda Airport in Ota City, Tokyo, Japan. This leg of the flight was going to be another ten and a half hours. The teenage threw her headphones on under her long gray hoodie to drowned out the couple sitting next to her. The freedom to be out on her own was a feeling she was not exactly sure how to deal with as she looked out the small economy window waiting for the airplane to take off. Her silver eyes cast a distance glance through the slight reflection of her own face, she could see in the window. Pressing her lips together, the teenager curled up in her seat looking out this window while her music kicked onto the next song. About a half hour goes by before the flight attendants do their spiel about safety and what to do in case of emergencies. Sibylle only half paid attention to this, as she found herself lost in thought about what this trip to Japan was going to mean for her life. As far as she was concerned every moment of her life had been planned out by her grandmother to a frustratingly suffocated degree. If she did not know better she would think that her grandmother was trying to relive her life without any of the mistakes she had made. She did not really care for her grandmother's plan for her, but she was interested in getting away and possibly discovering who she was outside of that prison-like atmosphere. With the airplane in the night sky Sibylle allowed herself to get as comfortable as possible so that she could sleep during the flight. This comfortability was basically nonexistent, but she managed to get about eight hours of sleep before she woke up needing to use the restroom. She gestured to the woman reading a book next to her that she was going to get up. The woman nudged her husband waking him up, so that the teenager could make her way to the back of the airplane. Returning to her seat after her business was done Sibylle feigned a nice smile as she made her way past the couple once again. They tried to make small talk with her, but she simply bowed her head pretending to go back to sleep. The Pacific ocean was already starting lit up by the sun during her time asleep before, mostly as she could see when the skies were clear of clouds. Popping open book about spirits and death gods Sibylle let out a deep sigh. Guessing I will read this book now, she thought to herself as the music shifted to another song with a dreary undertone to it. She found the stories a little amusing as a thought experiment, but to think a whole culture believed that these things were real was almost laughable to her. However, she did like to understand why people gravitated to the thought of people having a life after death. She, herself, was not fully sold on what was next, but there was no coming back from the dead she knew that much. So, to cling onto the dead so strongly that they believed in ghosts and grim reapers was almost laughable to her. The pictures in this particular book painted death gods as black kimono wearing katana wielding samurai fighting evil souls with white masks of creatures attached to their massive grotesque bodies. To her this was just another way for people to romanticize death and their way to coup with losing loved ones. The human psyche was so fragile that it would make up just about anything in order to get by another day. Fooling themselves into thinking that they did enough to help during that person's life and that there was no way they had been negligible to the deceased in any way. At least, that was what her research and experience with people had led her to believe. Coming into Japan after what felt like an eternity Sibylle let out a long deep sigh. She patiently waited as pressure from the winds intensified outside. The airplane started to shake uncontrollably for a moment and then there was a sharp jerking motion as she cracked her head against the window. Her vision became blurred as the sounds around her of mass hysteria consumed her now exposed eardrums with her headphones slid down to her neck. "Are you ok?" The woman next to her as the teenager nods signaling that she was okay even though blood was trickling down the side of her head. Through the chaos the flight attendants tried to regain order with the captain speaking over the loud speaker, "Everyone please remain claim, we will be exiting through the emergency exits momentarily." Eventually a medical person comes over to check on Sibylle helping her get bandaged up as she waited for her turn to go down the slide to the rafts taking people to shore. The airplane had crashed in the ocean before reaching Japan proper. There were several boats and vessels nearby helping with the wrecked plane. Taking a closer look at the side of the wing appeared to have three serrated claws like marks that were unnatural for the wind or gunfire to make. The damage in her mind did not make much sense, but she also was not an expert on airplanes or how wings could get randomly destroyed out of nowhere like that. That is when her eyes noticed something moving in the water pushing past a boat as if it was a lumbering invisible creature. "Hey," Sibylle called out to the woman next to her, "Do you see that over there?" "Yeah, the waves of water are giving the rescuers a hard time," the woman replied as if the water being moved around was a natural phenomenon. She rubbed her eyes a few times before looking in that direction again and the shiloutte of the massive invisible creature was gone without a trace. Maybe I am losing my mind. That hit to my head must have been more severe than I originally thought, she thought to herself as she turned away from the wreckage waiting for the raft to get pulled to shore. [WC: 1177]
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  11. Arriving to the entrance of the Central Forty-Six Chambers the Captain Commander of the Gotei Thirteen stood still for a moment. He was going through a long hectic week since the invasion by the vaizard group named the Ascension. That one incident had undone quite a bit of work he had done over the past few months. That was one way that others were looking at it, he on the other hand found this to be an opportunity. With recent changes there was a push to see if those in high-ranking seats deserved their titles, this event provided just the showcase of those that needed to improve versus those that were prepared for the role. Also showed off the true colors of at least one individual. Entering the meeting hall Xarius Kaeru made his way into the chambers proper where he was immediately greeted by Seventeenth Seated Tinzauzid Zobyakemzu of the First Division and a ruckus onslaught of murmurs from the nobles in attendance. Giving the lower seated officer a nod as he did not have paperwork to hand him this time as he had decided that speaking to the reports already given to him was the better option. Bowing Tinzauzid stepped back as the six foot two inch frog shinigami stepped up onto the raised circular platform in the middle of what seemed to be stadium seating. Every member here represented a noble house of Soul Society, larger houses having more members such as the Jecht, Kaeru, Kuchiki, Mikoto, and Shiba Clans. They all wore similar garb while in here and were behind two feet to four feet wide by three to four foot tall screens to hide who they were. “Captain Commander Xarius Kaeru,” a male voice of the Mikoto clan was the one to address him first today, “There has been an increased trend of late reports and updates after incidents. This needs to improve moving forward or this will be viewed as blatant disregard to the expectations and demands of your position.” There is an eerie quiet immediately after the words set out as the dark green-skinned shinigami with yellow eyes stared directly forward without moving for a long pause. He drew in a deep breath so that he could speak up after that pause, “Understood.” No excuses, no counterpoints, no explanations. Just a confirmation that he understood their unrealistic demands and flex of their position of power. When handling the bureaucratic noise of Seireitei his father had raised him to handle the harshest of criticisms and daunting expectations that no one could live up to. There was a game to be played here, political chess as it were, knowing that he could handle the “put you in your place” tones to start in order to lead them into decisions he wanted the outcome for in the future. “Good,” the male Mikoto replied with an authoritative tone before continuing, “Continue with the timeline, damage report, and any other status reports can follow that.” “Very well,” Xarius spoke up after the Mikoto male finished speaking, “Exactly ten days ago there was an invasion of Seireitei by a vaizard organization of former shinigami referring to themselves as the leaders of the “Ascension” or the “Ascended”. They appeared on Sokyoku hill where they were immediately engaged by nearby shinigami on patrol that was struck down by these figures. Soon after Kido Corps Commander Oriru Ryūka Kushō arrived on scene with Vice Kido Chief Ginger Genshi, Captain of the Third Division Osore Shinsei, and Lieutenant Aimi Amagawa. This was later identified to be a result of Commander Kusho’s connection to the Ascended leader and his father Nisshoku Kushō.” There is a pause as the murmurs kick up once again at the mention of the connection between father and son, typical fear based reactions ensued as he waited for a lull in the noise in order to continue, “They would soon engage with Nisshoku Kushō and Tsubusu Shōgekiha, an apparent number two within the vaizard ranks. After a short and intense battle the two Lieutenants were struck down by Tsubusu, followed by Captain Osore. Kido Chief Kusho was outnumbered until the arrival of Captain of the Eleventh Division Gragir Soz who immediately charged into the threat. Captain of the Seventh Division Opah Dhamal, Captain of the Eighth Division Hisu Zikrud, and Captain of the Tenth Division Xai Shieng arrived just after him to help out in the fight, but they were all bested by Tsubusu even though they were using their shikai releases.” The murmurs once again started up as a slow rumbling until they built into a loud clamoring. This was how any meeting went normally, but with anything threat based the murmurs always took longer to die down. “The next to arrive on the scene was Captain of the Fifth Division Regashi Hokori, Captain of the Sixth Division Baal Kuchiki, Captain of the Ninth Division Monchue Jōnetsu, and former Captain of the Thirteenth Division Shanzausk Olboro,” Xarius spoke through the continuous murmurs at the mention of the traitor Olboro’s name, but she was part of the timeline and report, “This is when Nisshoku stepped into the fight to engage them. He was able to keep Kido Chief Kusho out of the fight due to his silver spear ability that threatened the fallen allies’ lives.” This comment seemed to stir even more distrust and anger at Oriru’s expense, some going as far as to theorizing that he was in on the whole thing. “The arrival of Captain of the Second Division Shuu Mikoto and Captain of the Fourth Division Elevander Jecht allowed the other captains to fall back to regroup. They were able to match the threat by Captain Mikoto engaging with Tsubusu after Captain Jecht appeared before Nisshoku.” At the mention of two noble house representatives and future Royal Guard members arriving on the scene to “save the day” changed the tone of the murmurs slightly to that of a prideful nature. “This shift in the battle was negated by Nisshoku’s release commander of his zanpakuto ‘Disperse’ and a forbidden Kido Art Spell, which froze everyone in the immediate area in time and space while he monologues to all of them about how the vaizard are illegal, the weakness of Soul Society, the vulnerability against them, and a promise that they would bestow their blessing of the perfected true version of the hollowfication process. This is when a white garganta opens up introducing three more vaizards; Gongoro, Zenra, and Zalorian,” Xarius summarized the monologue that he heads upon arrival, “Arriving on scene Lieutenant Razzezu and myself were able to move into the battlefield to move around in order to help. Removing the threat of the silver spears over Captain Osore, Lieutenants Amagawa and Genshi I was able to relocate them over out of harm in order for Commander Kusho to rejoin the fight. Gongoro had dealt a lethal blow to Captain Dhamal at this point, I retaliated by cutting off his left arm and leg, which he later was able to regenerate. My appearance seemed to cause Nisshoku some displeasure as he did not believe I was truly back until he saw me in person.” A note that he felt was important to express as he was probably one of the reasons that Seireitei was not already burning to the ground completely. “At this point they utilized the vaizard named Zenra to create illusionary effects that made everyone in the area to see how they would all ‘die’ if we did not accept their blessing,” Xarius continued on with the timeline, “The vaizard Zalorian was the next to step up goading Captain Zikrud and Captain Shieng took the bait charging forward releasing their bankais. Seemingly having both of their bankais stolen they were easily defeated. Captain Hokori and Captain Jecht removed them from immediate danger by relocating them back by the other fallen Shinigami officers that Lieutenant Kuchiki was actively protecting,” The disgusted and cynical murmurs returned to the chamber halls as he spoke, “Kido Chief Kusho mentally contacted Captain Mikoto, Jecht, and myself through his Toitsu Technique - Oshieru to prepare a plan relying on Mikoto and myself buying them enough time to use Captain Jecht’s Dark Judgment.” The Jecht nobles were the ones creating the most noise about this action, especially using the Dark Judgement in Soul Society without clearance from the Central Forty-Six. “Captain Mikoto took the fight to Nisshoku in his Moka Shunko, while I kept Tsubusu occupied,” Xarius explained how the battlefield was taking a different shape now that all of the captains were working together and had the number advantage, “Captains Soz and Olboro cornered Gongoro, Kuchiki and Jonestsu surrounded Zenra, and Hokori took on Zalorian by himself. Each battle continued until Jecht and Oriru arrived dealing a devastating blow in the form of the Dark Judgement, Eternal Damnation technique. While this did not kill the vaizards outright, it did force Nisshoku to reveal his true vaizard release appearance to survive that technique. They all exited through the white garganta with former captain Olboro in tow.” The response to the final reveals, traitor stepping out with the Ascended, and discussions made were being discussed in a fervor tone. He had spent the time reviewing with each of the captains that had arrived before him and Oriru himself to get as many details as he mapped out how things unfolded during that night. “Damage report,” the captain commander changed from the timeline report to the aftermath of the invasion, “Sokyoku Hill sustained significant damage from several high-impact spells and abilities being used in the area. Most notably the Oriru kido art spells, Mota Shunko and Dark Judgment cause the most damage upon the area. Other local areas have been scouted for residual damages, but no major damages were located.” The news was not good from a standpoint that their own forces had a higher disregard for their own properties than the invaders themselves. This caused an uproar from within the chamber halls from every direction and bickering soon gave way to silence. “Personnel status reports,” the frog shinigami continued on unphased by this clamoring for answers on the timeline notes, but the time for open discussion was much later in the meeting. He started reading from the top of the Gotei Thirteen Death Squads List, “Captain of the First Division Captain Commander Xarius Kaeru: Unharmed, no signs of infection or alteration of conditions. Interacted with vaizards Gongoro, Tsubusu, and Nisshoku. Lieutenant of the First Division Razzezu Kuchiki: Unharmed, no signs of infection or alteration of conditions. Interacted with no vaizards. Captain of the Second Division Shuu Mikoto: Minor scraps, no signs of infection or alteration of conditions. Interacted with vaizards Zenra, Tsubusu, and Nisshoku. Captain of the Third Division Osore Shinsei: His kido veins are currently overcharged. He however is fine, but according to Captain Jecht and Captain Stemunalzo if he uses his Shunko or Bankai again, it will rupture them and may kill him. Under restriction and supervision of the Twelfth Division for the time being until the Kido Veins can be looked at and possibly fixed or improved. He has a black substance in his system like a dormant infection. Interacted with vaizards Tsubusu, and Nisshoku. Lieutenant of the Third Division Aimi Amagawa: Aimi is fine, but her body is colder than normal as it appears her body is turning into metal slowly. Currently under supervision of the Twelfth Division for the time being until her condition changes or improves. She has a black substance in his system like a dormant infection. Interacted with vaizards Tsubusu and Nisshoku. Captain of the Fourth Division Elevander Jecht: Minor scraps, no signs of infection or alteration of conditions. Lingering effects of the Dark Judgment technique being used, but normal resting period are being tracked. Interacted with vaizards Zenra, Zalorian and Nisshoku. Captain of the Fifth Division Regashi Hokori: Minor scraps, no real injuries. He has a black substance in his system like a dormant infection. Interacted with vaizards Zenra, Zalorian and Nisshoku. Captain of the Sixth Division Baal Kuchiki: Major burn marks, minor scraps. It only took a few days for him to recover the use of his body to normal functions, but it will take another few weeks for most of the burns to recover. He will have a permanent scar from the burn on the right side of his face. He has a black substance in his system like a dormant infection. Interacted with vaizards Zenra and Nisshoku. Captain of the Seventh Division Opah Dhamal: Major wound that is rejecting kaido spells, currently in a coma with no signs of coming out of it. She has a black substance in her system like a dormant infection that is actively interacting with her blood and the natural poison defenses from her zanpakuto spirit causing her to lose reiatsu at an accelerated rate. Does not seem to have the seem curse that Captain Soz has after taken a grievous wound from Gongoro. Interacted with vaizards Gongoro, Zenra and Tsubusu. Captain of the Eighth Division Hisu Zikrud: Major wounds, but no lingering injuries other than her connection to her zanpakuto spirit. It appears that she still has access to her shikai for the change in their physical form, which Captain Stemunalzo theorizes is probably an effect of the black substance. She might still have access to their bankais despite this condition, but what power they are capable of and at what cost is unknown. So far using her Zanpakuto in any capacity forces her to hear the sound of their Zanpakuto spirit in pain. Visiting the realm of her Zanpakuto reveals the world it lives in as now dark and twisted. An anti-version of the spirit torturing the original version. She has a black substance in her system like a dormant infection. Interacted with vaizards Zalorian, Zenra and Tsubusu. Captain of the Ninth Division Monchue Jōnetsu: Minor scraps, no real injuries. He has a black substance in his system like a dormant infection. Interacted with vaizards Zenra and Nisshoku. Captain of the Tenth Division Xai Shieng: Major wounds, but no lingering injuries other than her connection to her zanpakuto spirit. It appears that she still has access to her shikai for the change in their physical form, which Captain Stemunalzo theorizes is probably an effect of the black substance. She might still have access to their bankais despite this condition, but what power they are capable of and at what cost is unknown. So far using her Zanpakuto in any capacity forces her to hear the sound of their Zanpakuto spirit in pain. Visiting the realm of her Zanpakuto reveals the world it lives in as now dark and twisted. An anti-version of the spirit torturing the original version. She has a black substance in her system like a dormant infection. Interacted with vaizards Zalorian, Zenra and Tsubusu. Captain of the Eleventh Division Kenpachi Gragir Soz: Major wounds from Gongoroand himself that he has healed from already. He apparently has been cursed with the desire to kill Gongoro, more so than normal. Captain Stemunalzo has reported that he has not been able to sleep, close his eyes, or think without Gongoro finding a way in his mind. He has a black substance in his system like a dormant infection. Interacted with vaizards Gongoro, Zenra and Tsubusu. Kido Corps Commander Oriru Ryūka Kushō: Major wounds, no lingering injuries. He has no black substance in his system like any of the others with similar wounds. Interacted with vaizards Zenra, Tsubusu and Nisshoku. Vice Kido Chief Ginger Genshi: She is seemingly in a coma but her body constantly shifts between her young appearance and an adult for some reason. She has a black substance in her system like a dormant infection. Interacted with vaizards Tsubusu and Nisshoku.” That is a lot of information to digest gave Kaeru a few moments to collect himself before going into the next step of his reporting. “Knowledge report on the vaizard group known as the Ascended after Captain Stemunalzo’s initial studies,“ he spoke with a low bass monotone voice, “The ascendants have a strange black substance that is mixed with their blood that leaves a residue that is similar to the white liquid that comes from a hollow, but this version is unique because the natural energy is much more refined. Instead of a hollow DNA taking over a shinigami, this is a perfect blend. As previously reported every person who was wounded by an Ascendant has this substance in their system, but the ‘perfect hollowfication’ is currently dormant.” That news caused another eruption of panicked arguing amongst the clans. “Of the lower-tiered vaizard forces are the three known as Gongoro, Zalorian, and Zenra,” Kaeru explained in the continued bassy tone, “Gongoro seemingly has the ability to curse any opponent into a blood lust, example as Captain Soz. This however only seemed to be effective after using a ‘switching places’ ability against the Kenpachi, Captain Dhamal did not receive the same curse as a result of being critically struck down by him. Zerna makes illusions but can make some of them real, effective enough to trick Captain Jonestsu and Captain Kuchiki into fighting one another. Making each of them with her own reiatsu and blinding their senses to the clones of visual and physical nature. And arguably the deadliest of the three Zalorian. He can apparently siphon and replicate Zanpakuto spirits by injecting his reiryoku into their zanpakutos. Unfortunately, this was revealed after deeper analysis on Captain Zikrud and Shieng. A power that Nisshoku heavily implies will get him all of the zanpakutos he desires.” There is a pause by the frog shinigami as he looks around is short lived as he continues on with the notes on the Ascended forces, “Former Captain of the Thirteenth Division Shanzausk Olboro while making no direct attacks towards anyone in the Gotei Thirteen she did use her zanpakuto release to create an ice wall to provide an escape for the Ascended. Her zanpakuto is widely regarded as one of the more powerful elemental spirits in all of Soul Society, besides her top marks in the Shinigami Academy and quick rise to the Captain seated position. Unknown potentially of what she could become after receiving the ‘blessing’ from Nisshoku. Tsubusu Shōgekiha on the other hand showed that he had a shadowy cloak without exposing what it was capable of doing, though it is noted to have the same black substance that is infecting everyone that took wounds, and what appeared to be an explosive cero.” Probably the longest pause came after that as Kaeru shifted in place gathering another long breath, “Nisshoku Kushō and Kido Corps Commander Oriru Kusho are connected by more than just father/son blood. Upon extensive research it was discovered that the kido veins that Oriru has was not done for the same reason as Captain Osore. Instead of being for health reasons, but rather because he was the perfect candidate to seal a Vasto Lorde in, this Vasto Lorde is his father.” The reveal here only drove in more suspicion towards the Kido Commander and now some were calling into question the death of the previous Captain of the Third Division once again. As annoying as all of these noble voices were, he understood that all of these complaints and fear were justified without further investigation. “With the assistance of Captain Osore, Captain Stemunalzo, and some very old records it was found that Kido Commander Kusho’s father was sealed away because of an ancient technique he performed. This technique allowed him to go back in time and find his human self just as he was about to die. There he killed the Shinigami that was going to purify him and forced himself to hollowfication. This caused a problem as now two versions of Nisshoku existed, but he anchored himself to his infant son Oriru. Through this connection he was able to feed off of Oriru’s power as he grew, while also nurturing his hollow self in an attempt to find a way to merge the two versions of himself in time,” Kaeru explained the backstory for those not in the know and to update them all on the real reason things were happening, “Eventually members of the Gotei Thirteen under Captain Commander Shizuka Ashikaga caught them and then the Shinigami version of Nisshoku was sealed away while his hollow was being studied by the Kido Corp.” This next set of information was being pulled straight from the Twelfth Division records as Kaeru spoke, “They discovered that the two versions of Nisshoku were bonded and had almost completed the process of merging with one another. Because of this the Kido Corps at the time were unsure if killing the hollow would cause an issue with time. They decided that the best solution was to seal the hollow inside of the only compatible soul in Soul Society, Nisshoku’s son Oriru with a hybrid version of the Kido Veins. As you can see now if the current information they had no idea Nisshoku was bonded to Oriru already and thus he continued to feed on both his hollow and his son.” Audible gasps and shocked murmurs erupted from some of the older voices in attendance, directly from the Kuchiki and Shiba noble houses as they were the main houses at the time. “Former Captain Hiko had discovered this connection and that is why he wanted to kill Oriru,” Xarius continued to explain as if he was giving a history lecture to a group of college students, “Hiko was convinced that he could destroy the hollow and Oriru to cut off Nisshoku from both of their powers. Theoretically, this makes Nisshoku an immortal as long as Oriru is both bound to him and holds his hollow. Captain Stemunalzo believes that the other Ascendant's healing abilities are because they feed off of Nisshoku who in turn feeds on Oriru. And she also revealed, after a recent testing of Oriru had shown that his Shunko caused his body to display the seals more. Kido Commander Kusho and Captain Stemunalzo both believe now that releasing the seal will complete Nisshoku allowing him to become a ‘truly perfect being’ and severe the tie. In the course of doing this Oriru will attain his full power and then Nisshoku can be killed as they are no longer connected.” While not all of the information that was given to him was shared at this moment, he had to pitch enough of the information in order to sway those on the fence or against Oriru to understand the gravity of the situation they were dealing with at this moment. “Status report on improved safety of Soul Society,” Kaeru stated the next meeting bulletpoint as he turned his body slightly to the left, “Captain of the Twelfth Division Fimzinra Stemunalzo has deduced that the black substance, whatever it is, is not a normal hollowfication process. It is not even a real hollowfication in the terms as we know it to be, but a fabricated version manifested and connected to Nisshoku directly. All of the Ascended vaizards had the black substance in their body except for Nisshoku as we were able to deduce from leftover blood samples from the battle. Through some local research and studies conducted this last week there are several people throughout the Soul Society that have been identified to have this dormant black substance in their body. There are continued studies on this substance being performed by the Twelfth Division, no cures have been made or found at this time.” The uproar became a low confused murmur as accusations and questioning of one another became a legit worry for most in the room. “Corrective and preventive actions,” Kaeru once again continued with more details on the current topics at hand, “The white garganta used to bring the Ascended to Sokyoku Hill was destroyed by Kido Commander Kusho during their retreat. Captain Stemunalzo was able to research the area and the information I was able to provide her about the similarities to a normal hollow garganta. With that information she is developing a way for a to track warps in space or time with similar signatures for greater reaction times to the next appearance within soul society.” The frog captain himself had noticed that the other side of the white garganta looked like Soul Society did thousands of years ago. That part he kept to himself as he was already overwhelming them with information overload, just like he omitted the part about Oriru's secret kido which allowed him to reach into his lost memories and share them with Xarius to fill in the blanks from the reports about Nisshoku’s connection to Oriru himself. The memories are locked so he can never see them or at least that was the intent of the lock. Another note was that Stemunalzo theorized that they could kill Oriru and the hollow hopefully allowing them to stop Nisshoku, but she noted that this was the least lightly outcome due to how connected the hollow was to both Oriru and Nisshoku. That is why she proposed the removal of the hollow from Oriru as they both would be separate entities without an unlimited protection bond from another source. That information conveniently was left out along with a few pieces of information that had been shared with him by Oriru and Stemunalzo. One such thing was after analyzing Ginger’s reiatsu and body Stemunalzo discovered the Vice-Kido Chief’s spiritual pressure was an exact match to Oriru, similar to that of a Zanpakuto. Deeper analysis on the seals provided further information of Oriru also holding the Vasto of his father and a fragment of his mother, Ryuka's Zanpakuto. Jonetsu spoke to the fact that she was a promising young shinigami who had a unique zanpakuto ability to interact with the "Heart of a Zanpakuto" which could physically manifest the spirit of someone's zanpakuto. She often used this as a ‘special gift’ to those wanting to understand their zanpakuto spirits faster and easier. Those that learned of this ability at the time sought out her help in order to increase the rate at which they learned their bankai releases. That was until she fell in love with Nisshoku and did not want to be a Shinigami anymore. She remained in the Rukongai as a medic until she brought Oriru into the world. That information he deemed was not worth sharing with those that would only taint the memory of Oriru’s mother and try to use that information to manipulate their own causes to be justified. "How could you just let Olboro walk like that?" a voice from the Kuchiki side of the room could be heard piping up. As the Kuchiki's were the main family to push in the latest wave of captains while he was gone, this did not surprise him. "We were in a compromised position as it was, tactically speaking allowing them to leave was beneficial more for us than them. Any chase would have left us in a difficult spot," Kaeru answered the Kuchiki noble with his usual dry tone. "With Captain Jecht, Captain Mikoto, and yourself present there is no excuse for allowing all, let alone one of our own to flip sides. This reflects poorly on you as the Captain Commander," the voice pompous and critical over the fact that they lost a pawn within the Gotei Thirteen to manipulate, this was what he was used to when he stepped inside of the chamber. These are the moments he missed the endless void. "Agreed," the frog captain replied keeping his tone apathetic in nature so that he could provide replies as neutral as possible, "But had we done that then the likeliness of our survival would have drastically dropped. All of the injured would have been in dire straights have Captain Mikoto, Jecht, and myself would have released our full reiatsu to engage the enemy. But by making that decision we have been able to regroup and study our opponent's skill, abilities, and tactics to step in better the next time they appear." "Why are we not investigating where they are now?" A feminine voice from the Mikoto side of the chambers spoke up this time. "We have several members of the Onmitsukido and various squads checking their respective areas, but we have to tread lightly as to not cause mass hysteria.," Kaeru explained plainly looking into the Mikoto noble's direction, "That is exactly what Nisshoku and his followers want to happen. That is why they appeared in the center of Seireitei. That is why they gave the speech and offered the blessing to get sheep to flock to them, a promise of something better as long as you just give in to the chaos. Play to the disgruntled to turn on the lawmakers and perceived tyrant armed forces that 'keep them down'. Everything done so far lines up with any other self important agent of chaos that has a grip with an establishment. Order is bad. Their method is the only salvation. Olboro is the first of many sheep that will flock to his false promises. And when they go they will be feeding his power and ego until he makes a move to bring his own vision of order." "And you foresee this so clearly?" the familiar voice of Xarm Kaeru could be picked up from the Kaeru clan corner of the room, "Everything you have done so far has been just like this agent of chaos since you have been back. Immediately got yourself back into a position of power, picked a fight with a Rukongaian almost dying in the process, took the rank of Captain Commander back making vaizards accepted as your first act, the second act was to question each of the current captains to see if they were up to your own standard of being a captain, and now Soul Society is spiraling out of control under your leadership thanks to the decision to help a former pupil to reach his full potential seemingly unlocking this chain of events. From where this chamber sits you are the crux to all of our problems." As always he could count on his father to push every difficult button, but the silence was short lived as the even and apathetic tone of Xarius replied, "The responsibility that comes with this position is not a light one. I understand the gravity of each and every one of these decisions. They are calculated risks for the greater good of Soul Society in mind. I guarantee you that this day was coming sooner rather than later. Oriru Kusho one day would have been approached or captured, had he not unlocked his potential. In that scenario we would not have had the trump cards we do now. And trust me when I say this.." Pausing for dramatic effect before continuing with a more serious tone, "Oriru being aware of his power is the perfect weapon to use against Nisshoku. They messed up by waiting for me to return, because we are more prepared to deal with him today than you were yesterday. The day before that, the week before than, the month before that, or the years I have been gone. They should have taken him when they had the chance, because now?" The intensity of the room cut to down to where a pin could be heard dropping if there was one to drop. Over the next several minutes different nobles spoke up to get the ball rolling for a vote of action to happen. This was always the longest part of the meetings when there was a split in the room deciding what they would be okay allowing to happen. As they were not just voting on what they wanted him to do next, which by extension was what they wanted of the Gotei Thirteen Death Squads to do. After what seemed like hours they came to a conseus on a few different topics that had been brought up today as a female voice from the Jecht noble house spoke up, "Captain Commander Xarius Kaeru this is our directive. First establish a process on how those with the black substance will be helped until a cure can be created and dispersed. Second, former Captain Shanzausk Olboro is hereby marked a traitor of Soul Society, stripped of her rank, and wanted for trial. The same goes for all members of the Ascended vaizard faction. Third, Find immediate replacements for promotions as the Gotei Thirteen cannot afford to be captainless for extended periods of time with the coming threats that we will be dealing with. Finally, prepare Kido Commander Oriru Kusho for the process of removing the hollow so that he can achieve his real power. Our stance is that your facts and the reports by Captain Stemunalzo provide this as our best chance to eliminate the threat of Nisshoku. Can we really trust Oriru Kusho with his relationship to Nisshoku Kusho?" "I trust Oriru Kusho with my life," Xarius replied without hesitation or doubt at the question directed his way, "No one wants Nisshoku more than Oriru." "Then this part of the meeting is over," the female Jecht noble informed him, "They rest will be debate over future matters of which your input is not currently needed." "We will handle our business and learn from this failure," Xarius added with a stern, direct tone, "I will keep you all updated and privvy to any important information regarding the Ascended and the black substance plaguing the souls of Soul Society. I suggest you all get a check up from one of the Twelfth Division clinics to make sure you are not one of the contaminated." The words were meant to scare them all into action and he wanted updated information to be put into the Twelfth Division Science and Research Division's databases. "Now if you will excuse me," Kaeru's tone dropped back down to his normal, dry, bass level, "I am going to return to preparing for our next move." With that the frog shinigami took a half bow before turning to walk back out the way he came in off from the platform and back into the hall not giving them a chance to delay him any further. The sounds of yelling that blended a heated debate of sides and approaches ensued. A small smirk crept across his face as he walked out of the building as the thought of his father calling him an agent of chaos brought him a small sense of joy. Especially since he learned his political tactics from Xarm himself. Using chaos to make way for the order was just one of the tools in his arsenal that he could use when needed. He had been ripping the decayed, broken, and dysfunctional organization of the Gotei Thirteen and threw it into a blender. This was only the second act of his plan to get the organization back to where it was under Shuu's reign as the Captain Commander the first time before the Central Forty-Six drove him out. Only historians that paying attention and studied the real politics of Seireitei would even have a minute chance to understand where this was all heading in the grand scheme of things. Until then he would just enjoy the ride as they all spun their wheels in the past fearing change. His eyes were ever set on the future. His. Others. The Future was coming. Soon it would become the present. And Xarius was not going to be the brick of the past to stop that future from becoming the present. [WC: 5955] [Exit thread]
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In situations where the use of Ghosting would logically cause more than a single attack to be avoided, Ghosting will occur as a "flicker" dodge in place rather than a reposition to a different location. ------------------------------------ Upcoming updates: Clarification on slots for racial techniques/custom kido updates to other races Non-release abilities/skills (quincy and bount possibly are next) continued rule clarification and updates.
  13. Character Death Rules --------------------------------------------- Within the realm of BSE RP, death will function differently between the Human Races and the Spirit Races. The Human races will be allowed to carry over into the Spirit races upon death; However, upon death, then the Spirit races are just simply gone. This is to give more play-ability to the Human races and incite more appeal towards them as opposed to the Favorited Spirit races. Basic Combat Rules: Below is a small guide of what the Human life cycle death rule allows: First thing to remember is that EVERYONE can die, no matter how strong you are. Sure there are moments when the strong might pick on the weak, but that's life. When your character dies you have the ability to; carry on your character into the life of either a Shinigami or a Hollow if they were a human. Start a new character of any race not connected to the same spirit. If you die your new character will start with 25,000 lower reiatsu or 35,000 lower reiatsu if they received the Captain boost. You cannot start with lower than 30,000 reiatsu. If the minus 25,000 would put you under 30,000 reiatsu, then you start at 30,000 reiatsu. For two weeks after your death, your new character can not attack or be attacked. When changing race, then simply edit your application with that of your new race with your new powers.
  14. Reiatsu Difference --------------------------------------------- People in the role play generally have varying degree's of strength. Obviously people who fight will not will not always be the same strength. One thing we have noticed in bleach is that when someone is fighting someone vastly more powerful than themselves, there are negative effects. However someone suppressing their power to a lower level do not take these effects as they would still only compare max reiatsu vs max reiatsu. Reiatsu Scales: The reiatsu difference is determined by tier effect system, you losing stats based around how much more reiatsu your opponent has: 11,000-20,000 Stronger = -5 to all stats during battle 21,000-40,000 Stronger = -10 to all stats during battle 41,000-60,000 Stronger = -15 to all stats during battle 61,000+ Stronger = -20 to all stats during battle. Explanation: These affects are indiscriminate and will affect EVERYBODY who falls under them. As such before the captain commander decides they want to flaunt their reiatsu and make everyone weaker. They needs to think of reducing their own allies strength is worth the benefit as well. The only way they get to decide whether their reiatsu effects people or not fully depends on where they decide to set their reiatsu at. Rulings: The reiatsu difference provides several unique situations while in combat: You can adjust your reiatsu to different levels each post, but you must put the current reiatsu level you are working at in the bottom of your post so that your opponent knows what effects (positive or negative) they are dealing with. All releases automatically push you to your max non-released reiatsu and adds the release reiastsu boost. Because of this you cannot manipulate your reiatsu while released unless there is a storyline effect, ability/tech that masks reiatsu, or equipment. The Reiatsu Scale reduced stats cannot be removed or ignored by any abilities, equipment, or techniques. If your release gives negative effects to others instead of a boost to yourself, those stack with the Reiatsu scales. People that are 40k reiatsu above their opponents reiatsu CANNOT attack them unless they are attacked first or their opponent take offensive actions. Example 1: The strategy of using reiatsu to hamper an opponent is a very effective one. A shinigami has 25,000 reiatsu in full max released. A hollow has 50,000 reiatsu in full max released. The shinigami is facing a hollow with 25,000 more reiatsu than they have. As such they would lose 10 points in all of their stats for the battle. ----------------------------------------------- Example 2: Those that light to train with weak allies, toy with opponents, or conceal their true power have to deal with the effects of the reiatsu like someone at that level until they decide to raise their reiatsu within a closer range, above their opponents, or to their own max reiatsu. A shinigami has 30,000 reiatsu in full max released. A hollow has 100,000 reiatsu, but is only displaying 10,000 . The shinigami is facing a hollow with 20,000 less reiatsu than they have. As such they would lose 10 points in all of their stats for the battle or until the hollow decides to raise their reiatsu levels to counter these effects.
  15. There were moments in Xarius' life where he had wavered at the wrong time, allowed doubt to creep into his mind, or succumbed to indecision when he was needed most. Those times were mostly in his youth, though his mind was constantly analyzing every situation and problem set before him. Joining the Gotei Thirteen Death Squads had allowed him the unique opportunity to overcome most of his most challenging issues of his youth. The organization had allowed him to find balance, direction, and a purpose that he was found himself floundering in often. Then he was chosen to become a Vice-Captain of the Eighth Division, then a Captain of the Seventh Division, and eventually the Captain Commander of the entire Gotei Thirteen. Why was he thinking about those things now? Because. It. Mattered. Why did it matter? Because he had a foundation that most of the current Gotei Thirteen did not have. Case in point was Captain Olboro and Kenpachi Soz struggling against Gongoro who he had dealt a strong blow against. The kenpachi's erratic style did not allow for the snow maiden to step in all that often. Something he was very aware of looking at the disjointed team work in action, now that the enemy had seemingly recovered to full strength. He was noting the recovery speed of these Ascendeds compared to those vaizards he had already run into, like Onmitsukido Detention Unit Commander Hitsuyona Shizukesa. Across the battlefield two more seasoned shinigami captains in Jonestsu and Kuchiki had engaged with the illusionist Zerna. While her release at the time seemed to be pretty potent to those of lower sensory awareness, he was able to cut through it himself. The battle itself was one of endurance as Kuchiki had released the flower petal shikai and Jonestsu had also released the intensity of his fire zanpakuto. One that he knew all too well could suffocate those around him in a daunting heatwave. The some of the dozen of figures from Zerna turned to ash, but there was not an ending in sight to that fight. In a separate part of the battlefield there was a slugfest of the Blue Eyed Beast Captain Hokori and the figure that stole two captain zanpakutos in Zalorian. Regashi wasted no time in casting multiple kido arts and stacking them to his advantage forcing the vaizard to use the combined powers of both Hisu and Xai's zanpakutos. There was an interesting note there that the figured seemed to be able to not just know the names or abilities from the zanpakutos, but also how to use them in unison with one another. This so far was the only real threat that could not be overcome with sheer brute force. Figures like Tsubusu and Nisshoku could be matched, or wore down, but the abilities such as Zalorian were definitely a crutch they relied on. No. Ability they had to have in order to do what they were doing. So far how things were positioned and the ascended were acting all centered around the fact that they were using fear of the loss of bankai. A figure that could 'steal' away their spirits, paralyzing them from using their 'trump cards' and that was how they were able to act so superior as they could use their own releases without fear of actually being matched. Removing that piece from the battlefield and the war was starting to become the priority in his mind, but he had to trust that Hokori would do what he had always done in the heat of battle. Rise to meet the challenge. The constant clashes or dodges of attacks were starting to get to the vaizard ascended as he started to reach to his face with his left hand as Kaeru remained calm studying what would happen next. The frog captain then noticed the small space-time quake over by Shuu and sudden reappearance of Nisshoku over by him cutting off Tsubusu from finishing his transformation. This annoyed the Captain Commander some as he was hoping to see what potential that was going to bring out, but ultimately understood the strategic move to pull back on the reigns. "Good thing you stopped him," the frog dryly stated as he was not stepping down or back from the situation. In an almost picture-frame position he stood across from the two top figures of the ascended without flinching. He did not fear death in this moment, nor did he fear defeat. There was no fear, only a purpose. A single-minded hyper-focused purpose to defend Soul Society at all costs. There was not much time to react as Kaeru's eyes caught Jecht arriving in his fully clad black armor causing the area to shake around him. Right behind him was the shunko form of Kusho with his released eight orbs out as well. Whatever they had planned was about to be unleashed. The wave of energy that followed started in the form of a black orb before giving way to multiple colors as the impact on the location of Tsubusu and Nisshoku. The frog captain had to flash-step backwards a small distance to get out of the blast radius. His eyes were searching for the remains or if the enemy had survived somehow. The mushroom cloud gives way to the wind revealing that Tsubusu was hurt and Nisshoku had taken a different form. This was more valuable information for them to process. This moment of study was interrupted by a flash of light from Zalorian used Hisu's flare ability to separate from Hokori. Kenpachi found himself a victim of Gongoro's apparent abilities to switch locations with an opponent as Soz had impaled himself with his own weapons. Jonestsu was tricked by Zerna's illusions into using his shikai's fire power to consume Kuchiki in flames. The ascended were all now back by Nisshoku. Flocking to him like an umbrella of protection. A savior. Ready and rearing to take the fight to these vaizards Kaeru gripped onto both Yin and Yang tightly seeing Shuu was launching into another strike which was going to draw Nisshoku to match in an impressive display of power. The words of "adding your zanpakuto to my collection" rang out. That was the whole point. This being needed others power to become stronger, he needed their power to even be relevant. Exiting a flash-step himself to the side he prepared to unleash a hado ninety-six kido art spell on the group for the trouble they had caused him. Unfortunately, as he exited the flash-step there was a moment of hesitation as Captain Shanzausk Olboro created a wall of ice and wind stopping Oriru from charging in. The voice of Hisu rang out her name as Nisshoku placed his hand on her shoulder as they disappeared into the white garganta. Before that portal could close Oriru sent an orb in to make sure they could never use that one ever again, or at least that is what he said as the frog captain touched down feet away from his long-time friend Shuu. Fuck. After a momentary pause the captain commander's haori flicked with the passing wind. This was unacceptable in so many ways, but they could not doddle so stepping up he turned around, "We need to tend to the wounded immediately, then we need to figure out our next move." The heavily armored Captain Jecht releases his black clad suit before calling in Fourth Division members to come in and help with the wounded which included; Amagawa, Genshi, Shieng, Hisu, Dhamal, Kuchiki, Osore, and Soz. "Vice-Captain Kuchiki," Kaeru called over his vice-captain as the healing corps arrived into the area, "Report to Captain Stemunalzo immediately with all information that we have on the wounded and threats that appeared." "Captain Commander sir, am I not needed here?" Razzezzu a little shaken by what happened started to look around the area for where she could help, specifically at Baal, but her eyes met the intensity of the frog captains as he spoke to her, "Go now. She needs to be informed of what happened to the best of your memory. We will fill her in with all of the details as soon as we can. Let her know to prepare for evaluations for the captains that were hurt severely." "Yes-sir Captain Commander!" Razzezu replied with a quick bow as she sheathed her zanpakuto once again and took off in the direction of the Twelfth Division barracks. The sounds of a frustrated Shuu punching the ground could be heard and felt just before he released his fiery shunko form. Their eyes met one another's with an equal frustration, but understanding that they had to gather themselves in their weakened states. The captains that could still move around stayed to protect the area until the wounded captains were stable enough to be moved over to the Fourth Division barracks. With that the frog captain flash-stepped down next to Oriru, "We have a lot to discuss about today, but go I have this under control. Go, you will need a clear mind for the days to come." The frog understood just how complicated families could be to deal with, but whatever his former Vice-Captain was going through was on another level of bad. Plus, there were a lot of less strong-willed shinigami around that would probably blame Oriru for being connected. Xarius would shutdown those voices as much as he could, but the only way to really shut them down was to set things right. That would take time however. In the days to come they would allow people to recover. Captain of the Twelfth Division Fimzinra Stemunalzo would need time to study the after effects of Zalorian's abilities connected to their bankais, how Zerna's abilities were able to trick Jonestsu's well-trained eyes, and the switching of places Gongoro was able to pull off. There was a lot of raw information that they needed to discuss, comb over with an analytical eye, and make preparations to deal with. Former Captain of the Thirteenth Division Shanzausk Olboro the traitor was another issue to address with her peers. Tsubusu and Nisshoku were no doubt strong, there seemed to be an obsession with others zanpakutos that Kaeru would need to ask Oriru about. They needed to rest, regroup, reset, prepare, and act. War was once again here. [WC: 1725] [End]
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