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    Noble House: Kaeru

    There was a large boulder between three of the swamps in the lower expanse basement of the Kaeru Clan family home. On this day the six-foot two-inch frog Captain Commander could be found as he was trying to focus on remaining still practicing some jinzen as he waited for the Captain of the Fourth Division Elevander Jecht to arrive. Yin and Yang were particularly troublesome today with the unease within Xarius Kaeru seeping into their consciousness as he was unable to hide it from them. "Is this guy even coming?" The impatient feminine voice of Yin could be heard to his left, as she sat on a branch with her pale feet dangling down. "He will come," the more masculine voice of Yang came from just below her as he was leaned right up against the trunk in a resting fashion. They were referring to the fact that Kaeru had sent a message to an old ally to talk to him about the future some more, specifically about a higher calling than the Captain Seat he currently occupied. "He is here," the low voice of Kaeru croaked out as his yellow eyes opened to see the large muscular figure with wild black hair held up out of his light brown and dark hazel eyes by a thick red bandana. In his usual appearance of nothing above the hakama as he chose to go shirtless under his haori that had the fourth division insignia of a bellflower on the back and wielding a standard looking zanpakuto and sheath. With a single flash-step Jecht arrived on the ground five feet before the boulder Kaeru was sitting upon. "Nice place you have here Captain Commander," the large boastful man points point as he looks over the large room full of swamps, hills, boulders, and trees, "Explains where you disappear to from time to time when people cannot find you. Anyways, what was so urgent that you called me to your family home?" "To the point as always," Kaeru responded dryly as he grabbed both of the handles of his zanpakutos with either hand rotating them as he leaned forward. He rotated his body in a fashion that he could lift himself up and place both of the zanpakutos back in their respective sheaths. "Flame Sword Burial," Kaeru continued as his started to take off his captain's haori of the first division placing it on the boulder he was just sitting on, "I would like to show me this kido art as we talk. For if I am to continue to grow in power and strength, I need to know more than what I did before." "Hadō Number Ninety-Six: Ittō Kasō?" Jecht asked rhetorically with a raised left brow, "Sure. Why not. Explains further why we are down here instead of training in one of our own barracks." This kido art used to be one of the forbidden, until Elevander figured out how to amplify one's own spiritual pressure while summoning the required power to match. This allowed the caster to summon the destructive force of the Flame Sword Burial without sacrificing a limb. Which was the primary reason the frog shinigami had avoided learning it in the past. "Itto Kaso allows you to generate your spiritual energy on a fixed point. From that point there is a shockwave followed by a massive pillar of red fire in the shape of a katana's tip erupting from the ground," Jecht began to explain as he started to gather up a large amount of spiritual pressure focused on his right arm. Thrusting his right arm forward in the direction of a far off swamp his arm crackled with an intense red glow as he stated the following, "Hadō Number Ninety-Six: Ittō Kasō!" Immediately after Elevander spoke the red glow of his arm stopped as spiritual energy could be sensed on that far swamp causing a shockwave of exploding water and water. This was followed by a massive pillar of red fire erupting from the ground in the shape of a katana's tip. The brightness of the red glow was almost blinding. The power was enough to completely obliterate all life and landscape within the vicinity. The speed at which the blade formed was not just astounding, but freighting as the captain commander was probably one of the few that could even track the rate at which the fourth division captain could cast any kido art. "Flame Sword Burial kido art is nothing to take lightly," Jecht started to say after a few moments with the ninety plus level kido art dissipating, "One wrong move or loss of concentration and you could end up losing your life." The tone, the large man was taking was that of a more serious nature than some would were accustomed to the Captain Commander taking. This however did not bother the frog shinigami as he was here to learn from a master of the kido arts and one of the best shinigami in all soul society currently. "Now then..." Jecht states as he lifts his zanpakuto up out of the ground, which he had placed there just before casting Flame sword burial, "Your turn to try some against my bankai. To keep the damage to a minimum in here." Kaeru simply nodded with agreement as the fourth division captain used another long distance flash-step landing near the destruction he had just caused himself. With a deep breath in he flipped his zanpakuto around as he spoke a very familiar phrase, "Ban-kai!" There is an eruption from where Elevander stood as his release was so powerful that the winds in the area changed direction. This was Jecht's zanpakuto's final form; Heaven and Hell's Offering. A giant water whale had replaced his Zanpakuto flying with a massive one-hundred-meter radius water sphere, which absorbs almost all moisture in the area. This was something he had not seen in quite some time, but every time he had there was a momentary pause of awe at the sheer power that the captain of the fourth division was capable of generating with one of the most powerful zanpakutos in Soul Society's long history. Jecht remained in the middle of the sphere of water, Kaeru remembered that much about his long-time rival. Jecht would attack with the water or use the whale sound to support by draining the environment of moisture to add to the sphere. Once anyone got in the water, there is no way out and all of his attacks focus on bringing you into the water. Attacks include summon water beings, shooting water projectiles, and advanced skills such as acid rain, blizzard storms, and steaming mists. He focuses on his twin combat style switching between Close Quarters broadsword and long range barrage assault. Recalling the kido art that had just been cast before the bankai release Kaeru mimicked Jecht's movements and started to gather his spiritual energy around his right arm. Disappearing in a puff of wind reappearing off to the left of Jecht's location, "Hadō Number Ninety-Six: Ittō Kasō!" The frog shinigami generated spiritual energy on a fixed point that causes a shockwave below Jecht followed by a massive pillar of red fire erupting from the ground in the shape of a katana's tip straight up stabbing through the water sphere. This caused an immense amount of steam to fill the area. This normal water barrier was insufficient to use against a kido art at the level of Flame Sword Burial. So as the frog captain disappeared into a few different flash-steps clearly trying to put himself into a more sparring style mindset, Jecht would oblige by stating the word, "Inhale." This technique allows him to enter the whale to defend against attacks. Eventually Kaeru came to a stop once again with his right arm lit up in a red spiritual energy as he spoke out again, "Hadō Number Ninety-Six: Ittō Kasō!" This time the blade struck into the water sphere up through clashing with the whale is stopping it from reaching the captain of the fourth division. "Lunar Eclipse," Jecht states immediately after the steam in the area clears revealing he was untouched once again. This technique allows the whale to launch a massive water beam like a super cero style directly at the captain commander. This beam is dodged by the frog shinigami just barely sliding to his right then flash-stepping upward then to the left as he was trying to avoid this beam as he gather up the necessary spiritual energy. That is when the captain commander reiatsu changed to that of a shunko release that seemed connected to his shikai of manipulating negative and positive energy. Two butterfly-like wings erupted from his back. The one on his left shoulder was that of a pure white light and the other on his right shoulder was that of a dark black shadow. "Lunar Cycle: Full Moon," Jecht spoke another technique command causing the sphere to condense around his body for a Pseudo-Shunko. Without any words being spoken between the two captains of the Gotei Thirteen they entered into a contest of strength and power as they traded punches and kicks at one another. Jecht had the sheer release power of his bankai behind each strike. While Kaeru relied heavily on dodging and precise strikes in an attempt to hit weak points in Jecht's defenses. The difference in sheer power output was recognizable, but even Jecht struggled to keep up with the Captain Commander moving at full speed. Any hit was only a partial, which was enough to notice the toll the fight was taking on the captain commander. "You never know when to call it quits," Elevander states in a momentary pause as they slid away from one another, "You know I can end this in one punch. You are exhausting yourself dodging me." That did not seem to stop the frog captain from leaping into another flash-step and barrage of attacks. The last one in this Jecht is able to catch Kaeru's left shoulder spinning him as he jumps into a superman-style punch aimed right at his face. That is when Jecht notices the not so familiar smile of the captain commander as he feels his leg buckle and his own fist punching the side of his head thanks to a counterattack. The wave of water explodes of his body as Jecht's head was still ringing while he staggered to his feet once again. Shaking his head of the cobwebs and ringing he had just given himself apparently he noticed that Kaeru had now plopped himself down on the ground. "I am tapped Captain Jecht, the sparring match is yours," The casual tone of Kaeru spoke out to the slightly irritated fourth division captain. "Does not feel like a win when I didn't get the last shot in," Elevander retorted with an exasperated sigh as he released his bankai back into the standard zanpakuto form. He then slid the zanpakuto back into its sheath as he looked at the frog that was sitting in the muddied grounds as he asked, "What was this all about really? This felt more like you were trying to prove something to yourself than to learn a kido art or spar with me." "This was for all of that," Kaeru replied as he leaned forward while crossing his legs. Jecht could clearly see that the right arm of Kaeru was burnt and in need of some immediate healing. "That is annoyingly vague," the fourth division captain replied as he squatted down next to the captain commander's right side, "Chiryōyō Kidō." This was the specialized kido art that only the fourth division corps knew how to do known as the Healing Turn Way. This particular version was at a level only a captain-level shinigami knew how to do. Jecht holds his hands above the Kaeru's wounds as his palms glow with green spiritual energy to facilitate healing. The shattered bones reset as they healed, while the now purple skin started to return to their natural green complexion. "Being the former Kenpachi and now the Captain of the healing corps, you have carved quite the name for yourself while I was doing nothing Captain Jecht," Kaeru started in as the healing was taking the required time, "The Zero Division ranks are calling for those of you with a higher purpose." "Why would I go and do that right after you returned?" Jecht replied with curiosity in his voice. "The Gotei Thirteen was in shambles," Kaeru continued as he shifted to try to get more comfortable on the ground, "But there are building blocks here I can work with. There needs to be a change, whether we like it or not that is coming sooner rather than later." "Again," Jecht starts to repeat himself, "Why would I move into the ranks of the Zero Division? This only benefits the Soul King and his family, not all of soul society. Your latest report has the Captains...no, all of the Gotei Thirteen reeling with that anyone can step up and challenge for their titles." The frog's head sinks some as he takes in some deep breaths, "You are wrong. That is exactly why we need to send those like Captain Mikoto, Hokori, and yourself." "And what? Leave it all to you?" Jecht shoots right back at the frog captain with an increasingly annoyed tone. "Exactly that," Kaeru replies raising his head to look up at the fake sky with clouds hovering over them, "The three of you are ready for whatever that life entails. I am not meant for that life. The greatest among us need to aspire to protect the Soul King as his family. The Gotei Thirteen has been running in circles for so long that they could not afford for any of you to take the next step, but now I am here and can lead what is here into the next generation of the Death Squads." "Arrogant as always," Jecht replied in an almost mutter as he finished the healing kido art before standing up and stepping back to rub the back of his head with his right hand just below the bandana. "Maybe," Kaeru responded as he turned his head to look at his rival, "But I need assurance that if the Gotei Thirteen and I fail, the best of the best are left standing in the way. Currently that is not the case. There are powerful shinigami spread all across Soul Society, we just need to continue to find them and unlock their potential. What was, was not working. What is, needs to be fixed. What will be, needs to be found. That starts with moving those that belong at the top to the very top." The words hung in the air as the frog leaned forward putting his hands into the mud. Pressing into the ground, he lifts himself up flipping his feet back then up and over his body. Wiping off his hands quickly the frog approaches and places his right hand on Jecht's left shoulder as he continues, "There is not a single person in Soul Society currently that can compete with what you have provided us all. Years of service without hesitation, advancing our understanding of the kido arts to the point you could manipulate the demands of Ittō Kasō, unwavering loyalty to the growth of all of the Gotei Thirteen squad members, support through the darkest of times, and the ever-constant beacon of power that those under your rank have come to respect. Go, be what you were always meant to be. The best among us." Jecht turns to look over his shoulder as the frog spoke words he thought he would never hear out of rival's mouth. His right hand lowered from the back of his head as their eyes matched the intensity and seriousness. "When you say it like that, how can I not go?" Jecht let out in frustration, "What about my squad...what about my peers?" "There is already a capable shinigami holding your old title and one within your ranks poised to take your position if you were to accept your calling. I will handle the rest in your absence," Kaeru stated plainly as he retracted his hand from Jecht's shoulder. "Right...." Jecht replied with a load of reflection in his tone, as he was clearly thinking about what this all meant. "Take your time to answer, wait until after Yuroshima Hoshiko takes his captain's proficiency test before you make your decision. I have a feeling he will give you some peace of mind once all is said in done, if the reports are true," Kaeru replied as he wandered over to his captain's haori which still rested upon the boulder they had started at. Picking up the material he flipped and spun around using the wind to put in his right arm then hooked in his left arm. Shrugging to lift the haori into place. "Come," Kaeru spoke in his usual captain commander's tone, "We need to get back to work, while I still have your help." [WC: 2852/2850 (reiryoku specialist)][Learned Hadō #96: Ittō Kasō][Exit Thread]
  3. Xarius Kaeru

    Meeting with the Central 46

    There were times in Captain Commander Xarius Kaeru's life when he was just not too sure what the next step was going to be. The completion of his first major task as Captain Commander had just been completed, but there was something missing within himself. He could not shake this feeling that he was missing something important through all of this time and work he was doing. Whatever that thing was it was itching at the back of his mind as he stepped into the massive chambers of the Central Forty-Six. The clamoring of the representatives went from a casual rumbling to a low murmur as the door closed behind the six foot two inch frog shinigami. The Captain Commander's haori swayed with his purposeful movements as he made his way over to the center of the auditorium. Each of the representatives wore the same robes and tall hats, but they were blocked by two foot wide by two foot tall screens to hide their identity as if their voices did not give themselves away. Drawing in a long slow breath the leader of the Gotei Thirteen Death Squads straightened his posture as he slid both of his hands into the other arm sleeve in front of his body gripping his left forearm with his right hand. "You sure took your sweet time returning to us with your promise of evaluations of the current Gotei Thirteen," a female voice spoke up from Kaeru's right, "You extended the timeline six times." The ever quick to jump in and use their position of power to set the combative tone for the meetings. There was not a single person in this room that could stop him if he decided to go rogue like any other that had done so in the past. Rather he slowly exhaled the breath he was holding in as he already had a ton of practice dealing with this sort of meeting. "The delays were due to several different factors; timing, availability, responsibilities, and opportunities," Kaeru explained as his head turned slightly to his left to address the concerns of the first Central Forty-Six member. "Do you have the evaluations or not Captain Commander Kaeru?" a separate male voice from the other side of the room drew the frog's gaze this time. "I do," the captain of the first division replied simply as he released the grip off his left forearm in order to walk over to Seventeenth Seated Tinzauzid Zobyakemzu of the First Division that was there to take notes on the meeting. He had took over these duties after Oriru was promoted to the Vice-Captain of the First Division. Giving the purple haired shinigami male a stack of papers to hand out to everyone the captain would return to the center of the room. Waiting the few minutes that it took for Tinzauzid to hand out all of the pages to representatives Kaeru made sure he to keep track of any sudden outbursts. He would need to gauge the atmosphere with some of the things that he found out and how he would be handling some of the proposed solutions. "You may proceed," a different equally impatient female voice spoke up immediately after Tinzauzid finished handing out the last paper. "Captain of the Second Division Shuu Mikoto and his credentials speak for themselves," Kaeru began to speak returning his hands under the sleeves of the opposite arm this time placing his left hand on his right forearm he knew his childhood friend was a bit of a sore topic for some, "Two time Captain Commander with more of a grasp on what is happening in Seireitei than just about anyone else in all of Soul Society. The only thing that really gets in his way is the same thing that has always gotten in the way, rules and disinterest. Give him a purpose worth investing in without shackling him and you will see the same shinigami that you saw when you first named him Captain Commander all those years ago." Working down the list Kaeru continued to speak, "Temporary Captain of the Third Division Osore Shinsei was the main reason for the delays as he replaced former Captain Hiko Shogekiha that was recently killed by now Kido Chief Kusho. That provided a proof of corruption within the Gotei Thirteen and also forced a stop in my evaluation process. Captain Shinsei is a very capable leader and he has the pedigree to back his potential. Glaring concerns would be his health and relations to the Kido Veins, but upon my meeting with him he seems to be in the best health of his life." "Captain of the Fourth Division Elevander Jecht has reached a point where there is not much more he can do as a shinigami," Kaeru continued his speaking shinigami from one captain to another knowing the Jecht nobles would start to murmur soon, "Former captain of the Eleventh Division and real kenpachi he has turned out several promising shinigami. He seems to be in the middle of every important meeting. Also, I have have seem more than one report that he stepped up during my absence to support in the political duties that Captain Shuu would brush off." "Captain of the Fifth Division Regashi Hokori similar to Captain Jecht was a focal point in keeping the Gotei Thirteen functioning during my absence," Kaeru shifted as he turned to talk more directly to the left side of the room, "He has shown several promising shinigami how to advance in the kido arts and taking special interest in anyone with real potential. His insight is second to none in the Gotei Thirteen, but his inaction in more recent years could be a cause for concern with some. That time of fighting has been replaced with teaching and it shows with how well structured his division is." "Captain of the Sixth Division Baal Kuchiki," Kaeru started as he shifted his head to talk to the right side of the room where he knew some Kuchiki nobles were sitting, "Technically speaking he is like any other Kuchiki the Gotei Thirteen has pumped out in the last few hundred centuries; talented kido art user, skilled swordsman, and capable leader. A bit too soft spoken for a captain, but that seems to work as he commands his division and has the respect of not just his subordinates or clan members, but his peers as well." "Captain of the Seventh Division Opah Dhamal is the wildcard of those that I did not know all that well upon taking my title back over," Kaeru turned and started to walk towards the wall away from the door he entered through, "All of her squad members seem to have a great affection for her, but there is a great separation between her and lot of the other Captains. She was fairly new to the Gotei Thirteen when I departed, so her rise in power is quite impressive, but she does not seem to care for the title or process of being in the position other than it being a status boost." "Captain of the Eighth Division Hisu Zikrud reminds me somewhat of a young Captain Hokori in how passionate she is about what she is doing," Kaeru found himself turning around and slowly walking back towards the center of the room again, "She is rather impulsive and quick tempered, not afraid to ask the tough questions or mix it up with anyone that challenges her point of view. This is the mindset you find in most lower ranked officers, not a captain. Especially not of any division other than the Eleventh." "Captain of the Ninth Division Monchue Jonestsu is who he has always been," Kaeru stated plainly as he looked up to the left side of the room again, "He has seen more Captain Commanders than anyone else in the Gotei Thirteen, maybe in this room. His wealth of knowledge is second to none, but I get the sense that we are closer to him stepping down than we are to seeing him stepping onto any battlefields." "Captain of the Tenth Division Xai Shieng and Captain Zikrud are very similar in personalities," Kaeru stated dryly as he turned his head to speak more towards the right side of the room, "While not as skilled as her fellow captains, she is a capable fighter. She lacks leadership skills and a draw of any real talent. The clearest form of nepotism. She is a Vice-Captain under a generous Captain." That evaluation drew a lot of heated murmurs from the Kuchiki clan members in attendance as she was a family friend. "Captain of the Eleventh Division Kenpachi Gragir Soz is a demon in a young man's body," Kaeru spoke through the murmurs as he turned his body around once again to pace in a very slow circle of the lowered platform, "He is very similar to any other brute that has held the title of Kenpachi, but his power is no joke. He is a real threat to anyone around him if he lets himself loose. He would of benefited from more time under a captain that invested in his growth. He does care about his squad members with an unwavering loyalty, so that shows some promise that he is not a complete rage monster." "Captain of the Twelfth Division Fimzinra Stemunalzo is possibly the smartest member of all the captains," Kaeru paused his steps for a moment to look up then return his gaze to the ground before him to continue walking, "The stuff she has done during my absence and since I have returned is on a level we have not seen in some time. Currently she is investigating my disappearance into the void with fresh information and samples. She quite possibly could give us our next technological advancement if we allow her to work without limits. Very committed to her work, similar to captains of that division in the past." "Captain of the Thirteenth Division Shanzausk Olboro has an edge about her that chills most to the bones," Kaeru spoke about the last captain on the list as he returned to the center of the room once again, "She has an anger that she does not hide well and a loathing aura for just about anyone in front of her. Her zanpakuto alone provided me with enough of a realization as to why she was promoted to captain. Though I would question those same people and what their criteria was as talent and power are one thing, but she is by far the least liked captain." "Those are a lot of strong words about each of the captains you did not know too well," the male voice that spoke up before was speaking again, "What is your final evaluation or grading?" They were looking for direction just like anyone else was with this mess of shinigami that had been assembled at the top. There was something ironic about them wanting his opinion on the captains he just evaluated when they had the final say even if he did not like them to have the say over the organization he was trying to build back up. "Partial demotions from Captain to Temporary Captain for Captains Dhamal, Zikrud, Sheing, Soz, and Olboro," Kaeru spoke his desire directly, dryly, and without hesitation. "Blasphemy! They have earned those titles and would cripple the Gotei Thirteen if they were demoted. Are you even taking our directions seriously?" A new male voice shouted from the Kuchiki noble section. "Yes," the frog answered bluntly, "This would be for one year and during that time the captains will remain in their seated positions. But if anyone tests higher than them or challenges them successfully for their rank then they will be demoted from Captain Rank and moved over to the First Division under my supervision with the sole intent of training them to become captains once again." "And you think they will just agree to these terms even if we allow that?" Another new male voice shouts out from the Shuu nobles side of the room. "I am offering them something more than a just a title. A chance to actually earn those titles they currently have or be demoted temporarily to under me until they can fix the things that were the reason they were called into question. Actually grow into their fullest potential," Kaeru responded swiftly and without malice as this was a battle of wit and words, a much different battlefield than most of the others of the Gotei Thirteen had to fight. Those in this room used their words as their weapons. "Kido Corps Commander Oriru Ryūka Kushō is proof of that," a rarely heard from Kaeru noble family voice could be heard now, "One of your brightest regulated to paperwork and wasted potential due to fears of a others that did not have Soul Society as a whole best interest in the forefront of their intent. He took that potential, made it his vice-captain then pushed him and those around him to be better. Now he is where he probably belonged all along." "He is too reckless, killing Hiko Shogekiha instead of bringing him in for questioning and get more information out of him," one of the female voices from the Kuchiki side shot back. "What about our other request?" the very on task male voice cut through the bickering. "Suggestions for the two Zero Division openings?" Kaeru asked rhetorically pausing for dramatic effect, "Captain Shuu and Jecht are the two obvious choices in my opinion. Captain Jonestsu does not seem to want to head that direction and Captain Hokori while powerful, he does not meet the requirements you provided me with. Captain Jecht's Lieutenant, Yuroshma Hoshiko has several successful missions working with other divisions and just needs to take the captain's proficiency test to be eligible. Shuu might be the slight delay, but his vice-captain could step in if absolutely needed for a time while we look for a new captain. Whether or not they take the opportunity is another question entirely, but those would be my picks." "Alright," the same male voice cleared his throat, "Voting begins now. Those in favor of or against the proposals of Captain Commander Kaeru mark appropriately on your paper." This was the moment of truth as he was not sure who was going to side with his decisions or be completely against the thought of opening up positions to be challenged. There was a long pause before a trickling of votes started to come in, then more started to raise up their signs showing completed. Tinzauzid took notes of how many votes there were and then collected all of the papers. A process that took over an hour to complete. Revealing each one at random in order to get the proper count of Twenty-Five to Twenty-One. "Majority vote is in Captain Commander," The male voice spoke with a directness to leave no doubts, "You have one year to get this figured out. No more. No less. Find out if these captains are the captains of today or tomorrow. If they are for tomorrow then find the ones for today and get them where they belong. There is no telling when the next dire situation will come knocking on our doors." "Very well then, I need to get started immediately," Kaeru replied as he turned with a flurish of his haori as he released his grip on his arms heading towards the door to let himself out. [WC: 2587][Exit Thread]
  4. Xarius Kaeru

    RP Stat System

    Starter Stats --------------------------------------------- Once your character is approved, make a thread in the RP CHARACTER STAT GUIDE section under your race division with your stats in it. A new player starts a base of 5,000 reiatsu with stats of 5 in Perception, Speed, Stamina, and 10 in Power. After you look at your base set up head over to the RP Classes in order to figure out how your stats are impacted by your Primary Class and Sub-Class. Those that do not take a Power Class/Sub-Class (Brute/Genius) will need to pick a Power Path; Balanced, Reiryoku, or Strength. Then Level your character up to 30,000 Reiatsu with 100 skill points to spend on whatever you please (4 points per 1,000 reiatsu after the base) Then you need to calculate your stats after that and post them there as well. Your weakest stat always have to be at least 10% of your highest, this means that if you have 200 Strength you can not have any stat below 20 points. Protip: If you're trying to decide how much to spend on your specialty; make it an even number. Case 1: An Agile spends 70 points on their specialty stat: Speed. Then their actual stat would be 70 x 1.5 = 105. This is GOOD. Case 2: An Agile spends 71 points on their specialty stat: Speed. Then their actual stat would be 71 x 1.5 = 106.5. This is BAD. Remember when going back to check your stats to see if they are correct remember every stat started out with 5 in it. How to Calculate Stats: You begin with these stats as a base; Reiatsu: 5,000 base + 25,000 starting bonus (with 100 available skill points) Speed: 5 Power: 10 Reiryoku: (Either 7.5 , 5 , or 10, depending on which % you choose to solely dedicate to reiryoku) Strength: (Either 7.5, 5, or 10, depending on which % you choose to solely dedicate to strength.) Stamina: 5 Perception: 5 Example: How the stats could look for a Brute Class and Agile Sub-class build; (100 available points) Reiatsu: 5,000 + 25,000 = 30,000 Speed: 5 + 25 (20 x 1.25) = 30 Power: 10 + 30 = 40 Reiryoku: 50% of 40 = 20 Strength: 150% of 40 = 60 Stamina: 5 + 30 = 35 Perception: 5 + 20 = 25 How to calculate release/title boots: When calculating states for Releases (such as Shikai/Bankai) you set all of your normal stats up as you normally would. Then you would add the total bonuses after that to each stat. Example: Begin with these stats for a Brute Class and Agile Sub-class build; (280 available points) Reiatsu: 5,000 + 70,000 = 75,000 Speed: 5 + 75 (60 x 1.25) = 80 (cap of 200) Power: 10 + 100 = 110 (no cap) Reiryoku: 50% of 110 = 55 (cap of 200) Strength: 150% of 110 = 165 (cap of 200) Stamina: 5 + 60 = 65 (cap of 160) Perception: 5 + 60 = 65 (cap of 160) Example: Brute/Agile in shikai release state: Reiatsu: 75,000 + 4,000 = 79,000 Speed: 80 + 4 = 80 (cap of 200) Power: 110 = 110 (no cap) Reiryoku: 55 + 4 = 59 (cap of 200) Strength: 165 + 4= 169 (cap of 200) Stamina: 65 + 4 = 69 (cap of 160) Perception: 65 + 4 = 69 (cap of 160) Example: Brute/Agile in Bankai release state: Reiatsu: 75,000 + 12,000 = 87,000 Speed: 80 + 12 = 92 (cap of 200) Power: 110 = 110 (no cap) Reiryoku: 55 + 12 = 67 (cap of 200) Strength: 165 + 12 = 177 (cap of 200) Stamina: 65 + 12 = 77 (cap of 160) Perception: 65 + 12 = 77 (cap of 160)
  5. Xarius Kaeru

    RP Stat System

    Power --------------------------------------------- This governs the values of both Strength and Reiryoku, making these two stats a sub-stat under power. Power itself will not hold a purpose 'actively' in the rp, but simply represents the actual stats strength and reiryoku. You can choose upon creation of the character, or rather, the first time you make stat changes on a RP character stat guide which path to go down with your strength and reiryoku. This means you no longer spend stat points on both str/rei, but on power alone at a 1=1 growth rate. Reiryuko and strength are percentage based off the power stat. Non-brute/Genius: Non-Brute/Genius can still pick one of the follow routes to go: Balanced Path, Reiryoku Path, or Strength Path. Balanced Path: This path gives up high end power in order to be good in both Reiryoku and Strength. Balanced Path: 75% - 75% Reiryoku and Strength example: If Power is 100, then Reiryoku and Strength are 75. Balanced Path with Power Focus or Power Enhancement: 90% - 85% Reiryoku example: If Power is 100, then Reiryoku is 90 and Strength is 85. Strength example: If Power is 100, then Strength is 90 and Reiryoku is 85. Balanced Path with Power Focus and Power Enhancement: 105% - 100% Reiryoku example: If Power is 100, then Reiryoku is 105 and Strength is 100. Strength example: If Power is 100, then Strength is 105 and Reiryoku is 100. Reiryoku/Strength Paths: This path gives high end power in Reiryoku or Strength at the expensive of the other being weaker. Strength or Reiryoku Path: 100% - 50% Reiryoku example: If Power is 100, then Reiryoku s 100 and Strength is 50. Strength example: If Power is 100, then Strength is 100 and Reiryoku is 50. Strength or Reiryoku Path with Power Enhancement: 100% - 75% Reiryoku example: If Power is 100, then Reiryoku is 100 and Strength is 75. Strength example: If Power is 100, then Strength is 100 and Reiryoku is 75. Strength or Reiryoku Path with Power Focus: 125% - 50% Reiryoku example: If Power is 100, then Reiryoku is 125 and Strength is 50. Strength example: If Power is 100, then Strength is 125 and Reiryoku is 50. Strength or Reiryoku Path with Power Focus and Power Enhancement: 125% - 75% Reiryoku example: If Power is 100, then Reiryoku is 125 and Strength is 75. Strength example: If Power is 100, then Strength is 125 and Reiryoku is 75. Brute/Genius: Brute/Genius cannot be sub-class of one another. Primary Class - For the Brute and Genius class! You MUST Dedicate power to be 150% of your stat bonus from class, and 50% to the other. Brute or Genius Primary: 150% - 50% Reiryoku example: If Power is 100, then Reiryoku is 150 and Strength is 50. Strength example: If Power is 100, then Strength is 150 and Reiryoku is 50. Brute or Genius Primary with Power Enhancement: 150% - 75% Reiryoku example: If Power is 100, then Reiryoku is 150 and Strength is 75. Strength example: If Power is 100, then Strength is 150 and Reiryoku is 75. Sub-class - If Brute/Genius is picked for sub-class, then changes are 125% primary/50% secondary). Brute or Genius Sub-Class: 125% - 50% Reiryoku example: If Power is 100, then Reiryoku is 125 and Strength is 50. Strength example: If Power is 100, then Strength is 125 and Reiryoku is 50. Brute or Genius Sub-Class with Power Enhancement: 125% - 75% Reiryoku example: If Power is 100, then Reiryoku is 125 and Strength is 75. Strength example: If Power is 100, then Strength is 125 and Reiryoku is 75.
  6. Xarius Kaeru

    RP Stat System

    Welcome to the RP Stat System Thread. Here you will find everything there is to know about the Stats currently available in the Official Role-play. These stats are divided up into 4 different stats and 2 sub stats: Perception - How well your character can perceive the world around them. This encompasses all forces of "perceiving" someone which includes all the senses of Hearing, Smell, Sight, Taste, Touch, and Reiatsu. Usually this is connected to how skill you can aim or track an opponent. It also affects how well they can track fast moving objects. People without enough perception to keep up with their speed will only end up hurting themselves when they have no idea how far they've gone or where to stop or even understand how fast they are. People with far more perception than the speed their dealing with, things could seem in slow motion, though reacting to these things is a totally different story. Specialty stat for Visionary: Perception. Power - Power has to deal with how much destructive force your character is capable of depending on what path they decide to take between Brute, Genius, or Balanced. Reiryoku - Reiryoku has to do with how strong your reiryoku based attacks are as well as how fast they move. This stat affects what level kido you can use, it also affects how strong your reiryoku based attacks are. Characters with more reiryoku have stronger "energy" based attacks. Specialty stat for Genius: Power (Reiryoku). Strength - Strength has to deal with the raw strength of your character. Characters with more strength can lift more, cause a wider area of damage when they strike and deal more damage. With enough strength, you only need to hit someone a few times to drop them. Specialty stat for Brute: Power (Strength). Speed - Speed has to deal with how fast your character moves and how fast their physical attacks move. Specialty stat for Agile: Speed. Stamina - Stamina has something to do with how long your character can keep fighting. It also has to do with how much damage your character can take before they eat dirt. Characters with more stamina, can take a lot more damage and continue to fight longer than others. Specialty stat for Tank: Stamina. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stat Tiers: As your character grows in stats they will reach new 'Tiers'. These tiers represent the level at which you would compare to others and gives an idea of what others you would find in those tiers levels. Some racial techniques use certain tiers as minimum requirement before they can be learned. 1-20: Novice 21-40: Student 41-60: Officer 61-80: Lieutenant 81-100: Advanced 101-120: Specialist 121-160: Captain 161-200: Master 201-230: Legendary ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stat Caps: The caps for your stats vary depending on Class, Sub-Class, Focuses, FP purchases, and Legend status. Stat Cap for your Class, Sub-Class, and focus stats are 200. Everything that is not a Class, Sub-class, or Focus is 160. Power is the only stat with no cap, instead the sub-stats Reiryoku and Strength are capped. Brute, Genius, or Power Focus Example: Both Reiryoku and Strength are capped at 200. Non-Brute or Genius Example: Both Reiryoku and Strength are capped at 160. Any time an ability would pass the caps of 200 or 160 they are stopped at the cap. Example: An Agile Shinigami with 230 speed activates Bankai to gain the +12 to all stats making speed 242, except due to caps speed is capped out at 230. Stat Caps can be changed through Fate Point Shop and Legendary Tiers. Reiryoku Speed and Throwing Speed have caps equal to the damage state they are associated to. Brute, Genius, or Power Focus Example: Both Reiryoku Speed and Throwing Speed are capped at 200. Non-Brute or Genius Example: Both Reiryoku Speed and Throwing Speed capped at 160. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alternate Stats: Throwing-Speed: In order to know how fast objects move when physically throw by your character simply do a simple equation. 80% of Strength + 20% of Speed = X. Now when you have your value X, look up what tier of speed this value lies in. This will describe how fast physically throw objects based on your Strength travel. In many cases, rounding will be unavoidable here, so the same rule applies. Round up unless you are on the edge of the next tier, in which case you round down. Example: If your Strength is 200 and Speed is 100, then the calculation of your throwing speed would be 160 (80% of Speed) + 20 (20% of 100) = 180. Reiryoku attack Speed: In order to know how fast your Reiryoku attacks move simply do a simple equation. 80% of Reiryoku + 20% of Speed = X. Now when you have your value X, look up what tier of speed this value lies in. This will describe how your Reiryoku based attacks travel. In many cases, rounding will be unavoidable here, so the same rule applies. Round up unless you are on the edge of the next tier, in which case you round down. Example: If your Reiryoku is 200 and Speed is 100, then the calculation of your throwing speed would be 160 (80% of Reiryoku) + 20 (20% of Speed) = 180. Reaction Time: Is your ability to react to attacks or actions done by other characters. With your Perception range equal to or higher you are able to see those inside your benchmark speed wise are easily followed, While increasingly difficult based on the gap those in the one above are hard to follow, and Those 2 benchmarks above can barely be comprehended in terms of speed. In the same manner you need to have the speed to react to the speed coming at you. So if you are not in those tiers of speed with really high Perception it will be getting hit/dying in slow motion. While Inversely, if you have too much speed and not enough perception to see where you are going you will crash into everything. *This applies to Reiryoku Speed as well. Example: If your Perception is 200 and Speed is 100 with a Reiryoku based attack with reiryoku speed of 200 coming at you, then you could see it coming at you in slow motion, but not be able to react to it as the attack is 3 tiers higher than your speed. Their attack could not be blocked or clashed in time.
  7. Xarius Kaeru

    Quincy Race

    Rulings: 1. Sanrei Gloves have one primary ability theme. All abilities should be based around this one primary theme. 2. Sanrei Glove/Black Sanrei Glove skills should be the base manipulation of your primary ability theme. 3. Ginrei Kojaku/Vollstandig skills should be an enhanced version of your primary ability theme. 4. The Vollstandig ability has to be a very direct thing. One person had killer needles in the manga; grew stronger/recovers with cheers; one had gorilla shape shifting; one had screams; one had increased speed. Blah blah blah. One ability; very direct. You get the idea.
  8. Xarius Kaeru

    Hollow Race

    Rulings: 1. Zanpakuto's are said to have one primary ability theme. All abilities should be based around this one primary theme. 2. Hollow skills should be the base manipulation of your primary ability theme. 3. Arrancar/Imperfect Arrancar skills should be an enhanced version of your primary ability theme. 4. Segunda skills should be a further enhanced form of this ability theme. 5. Segunda skills are usable only in the Segunda form, the same goes for normal Resurrecion.
  9. Xarius Kaeru

    Shinigami Race

    Rulings: 1. Zanpakuto's are said to have one primary ability theme. All abilities should be based around this one primary theme. 2. Shikai skills should be the base manipulation of your primary ability theme. 3. Bankai skills should be an enhanced version of your primary ability theme. 4. While not required to be an enhancement of your primary ability theme, Mask abilities should be in some way related to it. 5. Although Vaizard possess an inner Hollow, they are not permitted to learn the Garganta/Descorrer techniques.
  10. Xarius Kaeru

    Fullbringer Race

    Rulings: 1. Fullbring have one primary ability theme. All abilities should be based around this one primary theme. 2. Incomplete skills should be the base manipulation of your primary ability theme. 3. Complete skills should be an enhanced version of your primary ability theme. 4. Upon obtaining complete fullbring you will never be able to go back to incomplete. You will have 10 abilities for your complete fullbring release (of your choice, grandfather in some from incomplete, etc) and that will be your only release.
  11. Xarius Kaeru

    Bount Race

    Rulings 1) Dolls have one primary ability theme. All abilities should be based around this one primary theme. 2) Doll skills should be the base manipulation of your primary ability theme. 3) Doll Fusion skills should be an enhanced version of your primary ability theme. 4) Your doll is considered your release power, so until fusion you and your doll act as different entities.
  12. Xarius Kaeru

    Clearing the Past

    Reaching the scattered trees through the rolling hills blanketed on either side of the road Kaeru was traveling a member of the ninth division named Nariko Mizushima. He was dressed in the traditional black Shinigami outfit except with no sleeves. His hands were covered with thick leather gloves. His Captain Commander’s haori with the chrysanthemums insignia on his back. Both of his zanpakutos have a standard katana appearance, with a gold square hilt and base while the handle is black with gold knots held in black sheaths attached to his right hip. The six foot two inch frog humanoid shinigami was on a personal mission today, while also testing out this person of high potential that Vice-Captain Kusho had noted that she was ‘timid, but passionate’, which coming from his subordinate was somewhat high praise. While vetting and testing all of the current captains was a top priority, finding their potential or eventual replacements was also important to the captain commander. Prepare for the future by investing in the present. The captain of the Ninth Division Monchue Jonestsu had expressed that Nariko was quite capable and ready for any task that Kaeru had for her, but he did question why the Captain Commander did not just use one of his own subordinates. Being that he was the highest rank in the Gotei Thirteen Death Squads the station allowed him the ability to make that decision without having to give a reason, but out of respect for his ally and the station any captain holds he gave him the straight answer that he was sehow subordinates of other captains were developing. This was more or less the truth with the removal of a few key details that were only Oriru had been shared with. The poor district fifty-six of rukongai was infested with all sorts of issues and crime, but that was not his target on this day. The road they were on started to arch wide around a small gathering of trees that splitting into a Y. To the Left the road continued out and around the wooded area, but the right path goes straight into the forest. Following the winding road down the slopes into the swampy areas with very tall trees he was recognizing a lot from the last time he was here. The pathway led them into the view of a cluster of weathered buildings that looked to be abandoned. There were several houses around a broken down dock on a swamp that appeared to be about thirty feet in diameter, but up atop the hills are more buildings. One in particular was a dojo with busted open doors. Turning slightly he looked over his shoulder at the lower seated officer. “Case the area,” the order was direct in the intent, but left ambiguous on purpose as he wanted to see what she could find in this area. [WC: 481]
  13. Xarius Kaeru

    Fate Points: Tutorial and Shop

    Xarius Kaeru★ Maximum Fate Point Balance | 22 - Reiatsu Benchmark 152k [11] - Re-surge Fate Points [3] - Achievements [8] Achievements | 8 LEGENDARY (1): Unlock 1★ Legend [Requirements: 101k Reiatsu | 10 Legend Points] TWO IS COMPANY (1): Oriru Kusho vs. Xarius Kaeru - Training LEADERSHIP IS KEY (1): Captain Shuu, Jecht, and Hokori to Captain KING OF THE HILL (1): Kaeru was promoted to Captain Commander by the Central 46 LEARNING THE ROPES (1): Oriru Kusho vs. Xarius Kaeru - Training INITIATION (1): Oriru Kusho vs. Xarius Kaeru - Training Full House (2) [Kaeru exlusive]: Kaeru had threads with all of the other Gotei 13 Captains - Captain of the Second Division Mikoto Shuu (NPC), Captain of the Third Division Osore Shinsei (NPC), Captain of the Fourth Division Elevander Jecht (NPC), Captain of the Fifth Division Regashi Hokori (NPC), Captain of the Sixth Division Baal Kuchiki (NPC), Captain of the Seventh Division Opah Dhamal (NPC), Captain of the Eighth Division Hisu Zikrud (NPC), Captain of the Ninth Division Monchue Jonestsu (NPC), Captain of the Tenth Division Xai Shieng (NPC), Captain of the Eleventh Division Kenpachi Gragir Soz (NPC), Captain of the Twelfth Division Fimzinra Stemunalzo (NPC), and Captain of the Thirteenth Division Shanzausk Olboro (NPC). Current Purchases | - 21 Major Duality - 4 Shunko - 3 Minor Technique Slots - 3 First Focus: Tank - 4 Reiryoku Specialist - 7 Ending Fate Point Balance | 1
  14. Xarius Kaeru

    Noble House: Kaeru

    There was the phrase Kaeru had been waiting to hear from Oriru as he gave the ban-kai release command to his zanpakuto. What followed was the all too familiar absolute darkness and void engulfing all around him. All of his senses were not just dulled here, but almost seemed to be unable to function. The sense of dread from his zanpakutos Yin and Yang was the only thing he could feel as he maintained his defensive haduka stance prepared to counter whatever was about to come his way. If that was going to even be possible considering the speed at which those previous orbs of raw reiryoku had hit him. A tiny white speck appeared suddenly followed by several others shimmering like stars at night. This was coupled with the return of all of his senses. Taking in the area he noticed that they both stood within a field that replicated space as if the area of the prison was gone complete. Ten bright white orbs hovered around Oriru, who was also bathed in the same light but with a slight silver-blue aura. Two of which were within the previous range of the unique field while the other eight floated out a couple meters beyond that. The distortion field had extended to that range now, meaning that there was a potential increase to his spacial awareness. The full name of Oriru's zanpakuto's released state echoed throughout the space but seemed to be only a whisper as it passed into Kaeru's ears. His eyes locked onto his vice-captains current state of being which had already suffered a significant amount of strain on his body. All of the wounds from the battle had expanded releasing a heavy amount of blood. This was not good, a continuation of this was going to consume and even maybe kill the lower seated shinigami. Yet the frog shinigami remained steadfast trust that his lieutenant was capable of managing through this. He just had to survive what was next to be able to properly discuss things with Oriru afterwards. Abruptly five of the outer orbs launched towards Kaeru's direction they were too fast for him to out right dodge or even block. He had prepared himself for these attacks with the intent to disrupt the power potential, even if that meant he was going to take some damage from this. If he was going to die here at least it would be in the spirit of preparing the next generation of shinigami to reach their limits and push past them at a break neck pace. The three orbs met a Sea Dragon Breath kicks from Kaeru, each breaking through the defenses to deal some heavy damage. The final two white orbs he attempted to punch each with raging tidal wave punches, but even they broke through his water formed leviathan heads. The impacts of each seemed to be lessened some, but the after effects were enough to stagger him back in the contained void which he noticed was starting to crack under the pressure of itself. The white orbs explode into dust as the aura around Oriru dissipated followed by the void completely splitting into several small fragments similar to that of a glass window breaking apart. Kaeru watched and realized that his vice-captain had reached his limit falling forward. In that moment the frog shinigami flash stepped forward to catch his ally from crashing into the ground. "Good work," he spoke softly as he pushed through his own pain to make sure that Oriru was gently placed on his back on the ground. Walking over he gathered up all of the gear to place it next to his vice-captain taking a seat about twenty feet away as he places his sword over his lap. He was taking the meditative pose in order to force his mind to become one with the Zanpakutōs entering Jinzen. ... Unknown Passage of Time After what seemed like days Kaeru could hear the soft laughter of Oriru before he spoke up from clear pain. "Welcome back to the land of the living Leiutenant Kushō," Kaeru greeted the man who seemed to only just beginning to stir from the intense training session he was not going to waste any time getting to the information gathering, "Your "Galactic Reduction of Spatiotemporal Continuum" bankai release state like your shikai has high end potential, but at the cost of high strain. Expanded spacial awareness field to counter close range combatants like myself, those white orbs packed more of a punch than the raw energy ones in your shikai, and the large space field definitely puts your opponents into a weird state of being. As if their senses were being messed with in the midst of a barrage of pressure and nothingness." After explaining some of this when Oriru would turn to look in his direction the vice-captain Would see the heavy bruises he had sustained from partially blocking the white orbs in the bankai state. "Had I not been prepared to use my Gift of the Sea God techniques in defenses I probably would of been in a similar state as you are in," Kaeru pointed out as he rotates both of his zanpakutos re-sheathing them as he stands up from his jinzen position looming over the still laying down Oriru, "Your body is in no condition to handle that yet, but you now know your limits proper at this time. Some more training on your haduka techniques should enhance your physical condition in order to maintain and withstand both your releases and shunko potential." Squatting down resting his elbows on either side of his torn pants Kaeru continued, "Today proved you are more prepared for the next step. Those that feared your power were right to, because containing this was in their own best interests. Not yours or soul society's best interest." He was not hiding the fact that he was already planning for Oriru to be one of the captains that he would use to replace one of the bad seeds filling captain seats that he had been doing research on. The usual stoic express had given way to that of a proud master seeing their student training so hard as he offers out his right hand to help the man up if he needed it, "Our next go around of training will be just as intense." [WC: 1,060] [Total WC: 1,486] Current Stats [ND: 3,270/7,020] Abilities Combat Details Ending Stats [ND: 2,120/7,020]
  15. Xarius Kaeru

    Noble House: Kaeru

    At this close of range after being kept at bay seemed strange to Kaeru in a few regards, but the strangest thing just cross Oriru's face in the form of a smile. Each of his strikes landing true without so much as a defense being placed or a kido barrier summoned to absorb some of the impact of his hits. He was not sure if he should feel happy that he was finally able to hit the shinigami before him or insulted as the sudden appearance of willingness to accept his attacks. This whole fight was a perplexing one that was for sure, but another note to be made mentally to discuss later on after the sparring match. Due to Kaeru's close proximity to Oriru he could barely pick up on the five black reiryoku orbs that formed from the lower seated officer's body. Each one launched forward colliding at point blank range as he raised up his arms and legs to try to not take the full force of each, but he was just not fast enough to react to these attacks properly. The impact of all five blasted into home dispersing the whirling water around his body for a moment before reforming as the smoke cleared from his body. Kaeru's eyes watched as Oriru was sent flying backwards roll along the ground for several feet. The vice-captain could be seen struggling to gather his strength to stand on his feet. The lower seated shinigami suffering the effects of his own power and the strain of never having coming this far in understanding his power. The raw readily available to his vice-captain was quite impressive and that within itself was something he could see was going to consume him before too long. This fight was reaching the climax with maybe one or two more attacks would maybe be what Oriru could handle, definitely not another barrage. That was when the words drew Kaeru's attention more toward Oriru than he had already been giving him. The time had come which meant what they were both working towards was here in this moment and they had succeeded in pushing Ginga to accepting him enough to reach Ban-Kai. At least that was what he was assuming "it is time" meant from his vice-captain. "Finally," the frog shinigami replied sliding his right foot back taking a proper stance with both hands covered in leviathan heads, "Let us see what you are truly capable of then." The water swirled around him in a defensive manner preparing for any possible attack. [WC: 426] Current Stats [ND: 5,640/7,020] Abilities Combat Details Ending Stats [ND: 3,270/7,020]