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  1. This girl is such a pest, Sibylle thought to herself as her eyes narrowed at the crying youth named Sakura. The girl’s aunt was on her way over and those in the area were already starting to look in their direction. Not the most favorable of situations to be in as she was a sore thumb sticking out in this park being a foreigner. She could not just use any of her quincy abilities either, not something she could destroy and keep moving like a Hollow. People were messy and problematic often with their own agendas. With the aunt closing in Sibylle slowly let the magazine out of her grasp changing her annoyed expression to a more casually blank one. “That’s what I thought,” Sakura teasingly shot out before her aunt fully made it over to the area, but made sure to revert back to the crying mess as soon as Sara could see her face. “What is going on here?” the aunt asked as she lowered her center of gravity down so that she was eye level with the child. “This mean lady… tried to take my book from me!” Sakura sobbed out as she rubbed her eyes with her palms. “So it’s yours?” Sibylle sharply replied with a tilt of her head to the left putting on the world’s fakest smile while clasping her hands together behind her back, “I recall you sitting down next to me and taking it from me without asking. If you want it that badly, I’ll gladly sell it to you.” With that the white haired woman had her left hand out in front of her waiting for the magazine or money. “What is she talking about Sakura?” Sara questioned in bewilderment to the young child, but there was a bunch of muttering and incoherent words. “Tell you what,” Sibylle retracted her hand to stand back up, “You can keep it. Do everyone a favor and do a better job of keeping an eye on the delinquent in the future. Stealing magazines is just the start of the juvenile, now I know what and who to keep an eye out for in the future.” With that she started to turn around and walk away from the situation. “Hey, I don’t know what your deal is but that is uncalled for,” Sara stated firmly as she was now standing up and taking a step forward as if to get between them. Sakura took this opportunity to stick out her tongue in Sibylle’s direction before clinging to her aunt’s right arm playing the part of the victim. “Check pages thirteen, twenty-two, and forty-one whenever you want to see which one of us is really making stuff up,” Sibylle tossed out as she tossed up her right hand in a dismissive half hearted wave as she continued to walk away. “What?” Sara looked down to snag the book quickly flipping to the three different pages where she found notes on the pages comparing Japanese to American magazines written in Sibylle’s handwriting. “Sakura… where did you get this?” were the last words that Sibylle heard as she rounded the path back the way she came. People were still playing down in the hilly area, but there was no one nearby as Sibylle used her Hirenkyaku to accelerate her steps in order to create distance between her and that annoying situation. Nevermind the fact she was basically done reading the book, but she was going to use the magazine to practice more of her japanese reading and studying. She would just have to buy another issue or get a different one. Pushing that stuff out of her mind Sibylle slowed down her movements as she pulled out her phone to text Frieda to see how much longer she was going to be. [WC: 634]
  2. “Oh that’s Yui-chan!” a voice of a bubbly feminine voice could be heard almost yelling over Sibylle’s music playing through her earbuds. Looking up from her magazine the teenager noticed that a young Japanese girl had sat down on the bench next to her splitting the difference between the Echt Quincy and the older man on the other end. The two adults seemed to share a mutual confusion as to why this girl had sat down between them and interrupted their nice coexistence of not bothering one another. Begrudgingly the teenager removed her right earbud so that she could hear the young girl going on and on about Yui. “She is the coolest Idol! I love her music! Do you listen to her as well? Did you see she got cast in a movie recently?” the young girl prattled on and on about the things she thought made a good conversation. “No, I…” Sibylle barely got out as she found herself lacking the magazine anymore because the smaller girl had just relieved her of the magazine to flip through. “Oh, this is the newest magazine,” the excited younger girl exclaimed as she bent and flipped to the next page without any regard to the fact she was causing folds and tears in her flurry of actions, “I have not read this one yet! Anything new to report on Yui-chan?” Sibylle narrowed her silver eyes in annoyance, giving off a killing intent vibe that noticeably terrified the old man with hazel eyes and graying black hair on the other end of the bench. However, the pink dyed hair female with brown eyes seemed to not even know she was staring directly at her now. “Give that back…” the white haired female started to say through her clenched teeth, but a voice called out to the girl sitting in the middle of the bench. “Sakura! Time to go home,” the older Japanese female down towards the interaction called out. This drew the little girl to look up and say, “Oh! It is time for me to go, that’s my Aunt Sara. She gets mad when I don’t come right away. Thanks for the magazine!” With that the little girl jumped off the bench starting to walk away from the bench. The frustration was developing not just within Sibylle’s mind, but all displaying in her balled up fist. Having enough of that she shot up from her seat catching the little girl by the back of her collar with her index finger. “Where. Do. You. Think. You. Are. Going?” the teenager asked, giving the girl a glare. Turning around slowly with a fake smile the little girl asks, “What’s the matter old hag? Don’t you know it will get wrinkles looking like that?” Returning the fake smile with an even more of a fake smile the teenager squatted down to grab the magazine with her other hand as she says, “A little brat stole my magazine and thought she could walk away without any consequences...Let go unless you want problems…” The little girl quickly changed her expression to a fake crying face, “But i thought we were friends and this was a gift? Wahhhhhhhh” The crying drew the attention of everyone in the nearby area. [WC: 542]
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  4. The beginning of Sibylle’s day was spent with Frieda Thoumeaux in the Karakura shopping district on the west side of town, but then she was dropped off at the Karakura Community Park towards the center of Karakura Town while the older woman had to run some errands. As the Tsubakidai Park was too far south and the only other park in town was the Yumisawa Children's Park to the north. This was the first time she was allowed to explore, other than walking around the local area near their house or going to university. That red-eyed woman endured the teenager’s constant protests of being coddled. The one time she actually got out it was a rainy day and she found herself fighting a hollow on the track of the Karakura Highschool. That was something that she had kept from Frieda, though she had a feeling that the woman knew somehow. Walking into the park Sibylle looked for a bench further in so that she could get a better look at those coming in and out of the area. She had her headphones on so that she could ignore people passing by while listening to some random idol music that Frieda had given to her to get exposed to the culture here. She was not particularly interested in this music, but she could see why people referred to them as idols over here versus rockstars or superstars like they do in America. One of many things that she was a fish out of water on as she was trying to understand Japan more as she was going to be here for three to four years while studying in university. She had made zero friends at university and that did not seem to be changing any time soon. The one bright spot for her was that Sibylle was going to be starting her internship at her cousin’s company Noir soon. She was not exactly sure what she was going to be doing there just yet, but she was excited to be making her own money and having another place to interact with people. She did not need friends to find happiness within her own life, but her grandmother had repeatedly told her that friendships were necessary to survive. Even if she did not particularly care for the other breathing flesh sacks around her, she acknowledged that having a few like minded people in her life to help pass the time might not be so bad. Reaching a bench that had the view of an intersection that had several connecting pathways and an open field area where a bunch of younger people were playing a game of some sort. Letting out a long deep sigh Sibylle sat down on the edge of the open bench looking out to the field before pulling out one of her books to do some light reading. She did not have much free time with all of the training and studying, so when she had the chance to snag a couple magazines to read she took it. Flipping through the pages of the first magazine she noticed that a lot of pages talked about the local music scene and where some concerts or festivals coming up would be happening. Lifting up the magazine Sibylle crossed her left leg over her right leg before lowering the magazine back down to her lap. She was so lost in her music and reading the magazine she had not noticed an older man had sat down on the other end of the bench. Glancing occasionally out of the side of her right peripherals she noticed that he seemed to be talking to someone, possibly even her but she did not acknowledge the conversation or fully divert her attention from the magazine. She would reach up with her right hand to pull her stray bangs to the right side of her face out of the way of her reading the next page within the magazine about a rising idol that she went to university with named Yui Tanaka. She was a late teen Japanese female that had light tanned skinned with brown eyes and long straight black hair with curls at the tips. She had become popular as a singer first then as an actress. The girl could literally do anything it would seem. [WC: 721]
  5. Laying in her bed overtop of the covers Sibylle looked up at the ceiling as he listened to music. The shower she took felt very good after all of the Hell that Frieda had put her through today, notably all of the fancy tools that the Quincies had to use in their arsenal. Barely a couple weeks ago she was an ordinary American coming over to take university courses in Japan. The plane crashed into the Pacific a few miles before the shores of Japan started a chain of events that she was not exactly prepared for then, nor really now either. That fateful event led to her seeing spirits and these monstrous demon spirits known as Hollows. Her encounter with the first Hollow forced Frieda to activate the teenagers Quincy pureblood so that she could withstand any attacks potentially by the Fishbone D. Not that it mattered much as her roommate was easily able to destroy the hollow without much issue. Sibylle was not exactly sure how to feel about her roommate Frieda Thoumeaux. At first she appeared to just be the typical adult just assigned to make sure she got to and from University on time besides the normal house duties. That was far from the truth as she was her primary source of knowledge on the Quincy bloodlines, techniques, skills, and equipment. The woman had a cold attitude towards her most of the time, similar to her grandmother but with a slightly better sense of humor. There was definitely some about the teenager being an Echt that seemed to draw out the ire of the older Gemischt woman whenever she picked up on something rather quickly. This was more noticeable the other day when they were training on Blut Arterie, Blut Vene, Heilig Bogen, Heilig Pfeil, and Hirenkyaku. Each one of these skills were difficult in concept, but in reality she was able to pick up on them after a few tries. However, today’s tests with the equipment of Ginto and the Seele Schneider were much more difficult for Sibylle. The first day of training was just using her mother’s Quincy Cross to activate the Heilig Bogen and Heilig Pfeil a bunch of times. The reishi output was also helped through being out in the park. The Ginto required her to pull reishi together and liquify it into the silver tubes so that she could use the techniques associated with the tool. The process was not that difficult, but gathering reishi in an urban area was much more difficult. That very fact was something that Frieda had drilled into her head a bunch over the past few days. The Seele Schneider was a dual purpose weapon that she was excited to use as the thing was basically a lightsaber from Star Wars. The intensity of the reishi that formed on this blade was difficult to manage the first couple of times she swung the blade around, but then firing the blade like an arrow was even more difficult. “What the fuck am I doing with my life…” Sibylle let out a long drawn out whine of frustration as she rolled to her left as she grabbed one of her pillows pulling it close to her chest. I was just supposed to come to Japan for University. Now I am caught in this ridiculous training simulation preparing for spirits, demons, and death gods? There are so many moving parts and I have not even met my cousin yet! She thought to herself as he squeezed the pillow with a hug as her eyes looked to the window that was not blocked by the curtains currently, I wonder if my mom and dad knew about their Quincy blood? If they did… I wonder if they were stronger than Frieda? If not, I wonder why they did not acknowledge their heritage? There are too many questions and not enough answers here. Why did that old bat send me to Japan? The thoughts in Sibylle’s mind continued to circle around until she eventually passed out from the exhaustion of the day. [WC: 680] [Exit Thread]
  6. Updates: Legendary Tier Legend Tier - Split the Unfocused stat boosts between L1 and L3 instead of just L3. 1★ Legend - Added Stat Tier (161-180) unlocked for your Character's Unfocused Stats. 3★★★ Legend - Updated Stat Tier (181-200) unlocked for your Character's Unfocused Stats. New Perception Rule Clarification FULL BLOCK: [Strength VS Strength / Reiryoku VS Reiryoku] Full-blocking is the act of raising a defense against an attack that is not a part of your character's body. IE: Full Blocking is blocking with your weapon or another object. This can include materializing Reiryoku-based defenses etc. The Shinigami Spirit Tempest counts as a Full-Block. To perform a Full Block the action of blocking the attack needs to occur within reason of your character's Strength or Reiryoku must be within the 1-30 Stat Difference range of the reflective stat and Perception must be within the 1-20 Stat Difference range of the attack-speed, if your Strength or Reiryoku and Perception meet the requirements a Full Block is possible. In the event that the attack exceeds that limit but it is still within your character's means to mount a defense, it should be calculated as a Partial-Block. removed the 2 tier comments. PARTIAL- BLOCK: [Strength VS Strength / Reiryoku VS Reiryoku] In the event that the attack exceeds that limit but it is still within your character's means to mount a defense. Includes any form of blocking using your character's body (unless explicitly stated otherwise in the form of personal techniques or abilities.) removed the 2 tier comments. Fixed Full-Dodge to say full-dodge instead of full-block in block text. Added Perception/Attack-Speed relationship Rule under Alternative stats Reaction Time to be slowly phased out eventually for the new Perception rules. ------------------------------------ Upcoming updates: Clarification on Partial Dodge/Blocks and the Perception rules
  7. Leaning backwards slightly Sibylle tried to relieve some stress from her arms as she stretched them above her head. The damage to the southern wall seemed to stunt any further progress they were going to make today in her Quincy training. That was fine with her as all of the Ginto and Seele Schneider talk had her mind rolling from one thing to another. The continual processing of new information did not bother the teenager in the least, but there seemed to be no end to what she could learn under Frieda Thoumeaux. This was an exciting prospect as her life up until coming to Japan was pretty bland and repetitive. The Quincy lifestyle proposed a variable of danger that she was not quite used to and that excited her in ways that she could not yet express. The sounds of the conveyor line below could be heard starting up as Frieda had pushed the damaged pieces into the hole and was starting to clean up what she could of the area. “We are done for today,” Frieda stated the obvious as she walked over to black the empty damaged silver tubes and Seele Schneider back on the table, “While you are at class tomorrow a team will come in to clean this mess up and replace all the damaged units. All in all a pretty good first day with the Ginto and Seele Schneider. Your skill with the Seele Schneider’s blade form will be an asset moving forward I am sure of that. Does not give you an excuse to not practice your other skills. Over time you will get better at each and every one of your skills if you dedicate enough time into your Quincy training.” “Sure, sounds good,” Sibylle replied sarcastically as she mostly dismissed the usual banter of working hard would provide more opportunities. In her experience talent always outshined work ethic. If someone was capable of both they generally excelled even further in life. The teenager was not exactly sure where she fell in the grand scheme of talent versus work ethic, but she did not mind working hard if it was to achieve a goal in her life. “I feel gross,” she blurted out bluntly as she tossed her own Seele Schneider on the table, “I am going to take a shower and relax before getting some studying in. Try not to burn the place down.” The silver eyed girl was amused at her half attempt at humor as she walked to the doorway so that she could head into the main part of the house. Finding her way over to the staircase Sibylle walked up the stairs with some degree of difficulty as she was more fatigued than she had previously realized, but she made it to her room so that she could gather her stuff and head into the shower before getting on with the rest of her night. Hopefully the rest of her night would be Frieda-less, at least until dinner anyways. That was her hope as she closed the door to the bathroom. [WC: 514] [TWC: 1886]
  8. The holy arrow zips through the air directly at Frieda from Sibylle’s reishi longbow spiritual weapon attached to her left hand. Before the arrow of reishi could reach the woman however she makes an upward swing with the blade of the silver-colored thin weapon having the reishi blade cut the arrow in half before clearly absorbing the reishi into the blade’s edges. “This tool is a Seele Schneider, or Soul Cutter,” Frieda announces as she swings the blade around a few times as a display of skill, “This is the only Quincy weapon that has a blade. Since everything we use is based around bows and arrows.” “Making us more effective from long range with our Heilig Bogen and short range with the Seele Schneider?” The teenager surmises while she draws another arrow back to the fire again. “To understand what this tool is capable of you must first understand what the tool is doing,” Frieda states calmly as she stops moving the blade in front of her pointing it in the teenager’s direction, “First the Seele Schneider is a weapon similar to a chainsaw.” She turns the reishi blade horizontal as she points to the blade she continues, “The edge of the reishi blade makes three million round trips per second. These vibrations are not just used for cutting as the Seele Schneider loosens the bonds between the Reishi of whatever it cuts. This is so that the reishi being cut away can be captured. We Quincy fight by gathering the Reishi surrounding us, something that I taught you the first day of training. The Seele Schneider is the most powerful weapon to do that. Also, this is not a sword, but an arrow.” “Wait, what?” Sibylle asked as she was able to follow along with the woman’s words easily up until the end, “That is clearly a sword. You are even swinging it around like a sword.” “This can be used as a sword, correct. But notably this is stronger against someone physically strong when they physically attack than when using a spirit-energy-based attack. Normally high-speed physical attacks can be destroyed by high-speed spiritual attacks,” Freieda explains further about the silver-colored weapon, “However, you can do even more damage as an arrow. Fired as an arrow the power of this bladed edge increases to a lethal amount. Of course the full power depends on the arrow's trajectory. Where you aim can be far more deadly than a large amount of reishi gathered.” “Then how did you absorb my Heilig Pfeil?” Sibylle protested as she held her stance with the Heilig Bogen pointed at the blonde haired woman across from her. “That is the Seele Schneider’s second ability known as the Anhäufer, or Gatherer," Frieda explains to the teenager before continuing, "The Seele Schneider is able to collect Reishi during combat by absorbing your opponent's attacks. This effectively makes your opponent’s reishi your own and a Quincy able to absorb more spiritual particles is harder to defeat.” Thinking about these words the teenager lowers her reishi longbow to glance over at the table. Using the bow was awkward for her, but her fencing training could be put to use with the arrow sword that the Seele Schneider presented her with. Letting the Heilig Bogen disappears Sibylle walks over to pick up one of the thin, silver-colored weapons. There was an open square at the bottom, which looked to be a place to grip with her finger. Holding the silver-colored weapon in her right hand just above the open square she took a deep breath. Almost instantaneously the weapon activated into a glowing blue long blade. She could also feel the vibrations making her arm to shake back and forth making her have to grip it with her left hand as well. “Creating a blade out of nothingness is impressive, but you need to refine the blade so that you can use it as a sturdy arrow head,” Frieda states as she jumps forward clashing reishi blades with the teenager cutting the younger Quincy’s blade in half and absorbing the spirit particles, “The blade needs to be able to hardened and absorb reishi at the same time. Just because this is the most powerful tool in our arsenal, that also makes it one of our harder tools to learn how to use.” Over the next several hours they worked together to get Sibylle to be able to maintain the hardness of her Seele Schneider against Frieda’s own when they clashed blades time and time again. Once that was done, the teenager became a walking target as Frieda fired one Heilig Pfeil after another so that the silver-eyed teenager could practice the Anhäufer ability as well. Using one or the other was difficult within itself, but to use both at the same time took way more of the time. She was able to understand the intent of what they were trying to go over but struggled with the application of using both in tandem. Repeated use of the hardened reishi blade cutting at the reishi arrows that Frieda was firing allowed her to realize that the difference was not in her understanding, but her technique and angle at which she was trying to attack the arrows. Fencing was about flourishes, parries, and thrusts. This needed to be smoothing cutting motions this allowed her to maintain the hardened reishi blade through the cutting and absorbing processes. “Good,” Frieda states as she grabs up her own Seele Schneider off her belt once again with her right hand, “Now we will take target practice once again.” Reaching into her left pocket she pulls out the controller so that she could activate the system underneath to bring up another Puppe Zerlegen. Creating the solid longbow over her black glove on her left hand she draws the Seele Schneider back on the bowstring before letting go. The display of raw power was evident as the blade pierced right through the chest of the doll breaking through and puncturing the Schwarze Wanddue panels behind it. The flickering grib soon goes out after smoke billows up from the damage. The doll’s chest was completely caved into and had spider web-like cracks from where the Seele Schneider had pierced into its body. Dropping the Heilig Bogen once again Frieda pulls out the control again so that the damaged Puppe Zerlegen could drop down below again and a fresh doll could appear to the left of that one so that a different panel was behind this Puppe Zerlegen. Spinning the Seele Schneider by the squared opening on the bottom with her right index finger a few times Sibylle moved over into position while gripp the silver-colored weapon downward. The reishi blade soon formed while she lifted up her left hand so that the Quincy Cross necklace could create her Heilig Bogen once again. Rotating the reishi blade up against the solid reishi longbow she let out a deep breath as she struggled to draw the bowstring back. The struggle was keeping the Heilig Bogen’s reishi from being absorbed into the blade of the Seele Schneider. Withdrawing her right finger from the square grip of the silver-weapon the now arrow launched directly at the new Puppe Zerlegen. In a similar fashion the Seele Schneider stabbed into the chest of the doll, but did not go all the way through. Instead the arrow exploded into a wave of reishi that engulfed the whole southside of the room. Walking over to inspect the damage after the gripped panels shifted from bright blue down to obsidian black once again Frieda nodded her head a few times before saying, “That is one way to get the job done. Looks like you have quite the power packed behind each and everyone of your attacks. Pulling spiritual particles is one thing, but this stored power will only get sharper as you train more with the Seele Schneider. This is really promising turn of events then, as you are a lot stronger with reishi manipulation than I had originally thought.” Sibylle walked over soon after to see that the whole backside of the doll was gone and the panels had charred subsections of the panel that were shorting out. [WC: 1372/1350 (Spiritual Wit 10%)][Learned Seele Schneider]
  9. The long deep breaths continued for Sibylle as she prepared to draw another Heilig Pfeil with her Heilig Bogen. The crimson red veins on her forearms felt like fire as she was trying to keep what little reishi in the area that she had gathered together if she was going to need to make another attack. This hollow was so much different than the Fishbone D type that Frieda had destroyed the first day that she ever saw a hollow. Since that day the teenager had been put through trial after trial with the realization that she was a pure-blooded Quincy known as an Echt. The trails were not limited to her awakened blood or spiritual power, but also the abilities and weapons that Quincies used to fight these demonic souls. “ARRRAGGGHHHH!!!” The screams of agony from the now-broken masked hollowed before her punched the ground two times cracking the ground with the force. Turning around the full visage of the half-humanoid half-snake-like hollow that had no right arm, eye, or shoulder. Additionally half of its mask was destroyed from the onslaught from the teenager, but the evil spirit was still standing. Almost refusing to yield as it defiantly roared at her once again before pulling back while closing its mouth. Using the Hirenkyaku platforms under her feet once again she shot to her left so that when the hollow lunged forward with the mouth open once again letting out a stream of dark green acid she would be out of its line of sight. The acid landed on the ground where she previously was ruining the track. The rained beating out on her head and shoulders soaking Sibylle more in the progress as she slid to a stop with the holy longbow still prepared. She was only going to get one more shot on this hollow with Blut Arterie active, she could not risk staying in the offensive form of Blut for much longer if this hollow was going to continue to give her such fits. She only had three more gintos prepared today so another Heizen was out of the question. There was the option for Wolke or Gritz, but she did not want to use them unless she absolutely needed to make an escape. Which was not an option really in her mind, that would only further prove her teacher and her grandmother right. She wanted, no needed to take back a sliver of pride and independence back. That started today with this hollow. The raw power even a just transformed hollow possessed was insane to think about for Sibylle as she steadied herself with her left arm up pointing in the direction of the hollow as it spun and slithered around until it saw her once again. “To think there are those that are stronger than this and feed on the weaker souls such as you,” She spoke out this realization as if she was feigning pity for the creature though in reality she had no symbol for the soul that had turned into this abomination. “With most of your right side gone your range of vision and the balance is off,” she stated as she jumped once again sliding through the water to her left to keep the aim on the larger creature’s head as she let the holy arrow go. The Heilig Pfeil created a small shockwave as it impacted with the exposed right side of the head. Following that the hollow face planted into the ground before turning to dust and disappearing. Letting out several quick breaths the teenager tries to gather her composure in the rain. Blood dripped off her right hand from the fingers creating the holy arrows. She dropped down to her knees palms on the ground just in front of her trying not to dry heave as she released both the Blut Arterie and Heilig Bogen. Leaning back on her heels she brought her bloody right hand up first to her stomach, placing her left hand over that as she winced in pain. “Winning was the only option,” the silver-eyed teenager stated as the blue in her eyes faded away at the same time as the last of the hollow’s body dissolved to ashes, “I had to prove to myself that I could do this. You were not the first hollow that I encountered, nor will you be the last. You were my first kill however. And you know what? Removing your existence was oddly freeing.” A few chuckles escaped Sibylle as she slowly stood up before walking over to pick up her ruined jacket. “She is not going to be happy at all,” the damp white-haired teenager mused to herself as she used a small reishi blade to cut away the acid pieces, “And I could not care less about that. I wonder what other types of hollows exist?” Slinging the remains of the jacket over her head the teenager content with how her day had gone so far decided that it was best to head back home as she did not want to push her luck more today. [WC: 851] [Exit Thread] OCC: ------------------------------------ SO#4 [Super Sibylle (2): [Sibylle Opie Exclusive] - Obliterate a Hollow in Karakura (Minimum 2,000 WC/2011). [Expires: 05/01/2020][ACHIEVED]
  10. This weekend had brought her on a very long walk by the Karakura Town High School. Her teacher and roommate Frieda Thoumeaux had told her a lot of the hollows had appeared near here in the past. The teenager was told to steer clear of this area while she was still in trainee status. So naturally she wanted to do the opposite as she was in a new country, found out that she belonged to a superior race of humans known as Quincy, and she was quite tired of feeling helpless. There was so much new in her life now that she was in Japan and she did not want to lose this rush that she was feeling. Recalling what Frieda had told her the other day about the dark spirits known as hollows she just had to keep an eye out for any soul that clung to their previous life and the trauma that came with having lived at all. Any soul that becomes a Hollow is driven by an unrelenting hunger to devour other souls. This was regardless of the living or dead as they were in a way trying to fill the void that drove them to becoming this demonic creature in the first place. The descent into a mindless beast is fairly quick for most hollows. However, Frieda did warn of those that were crafier as they were strong hollows trying to rise in the ranks often by feeding on their own kind to reach this mountain top. This was a weekend plus the added fact that there was a dreary rain coming down around her. Sibylle walked along the sidewalk near Karakura High School. This school was located in the Gakuenchō area of Karakura Town surrounded by trees. The school complex consists of several buildings and open areas. Some of these buildings vary from one to four stories with flat rooftops encircled railings. The track out back has six lanes circling a court-like area. This was a pretty typical Japanese high school from what the teenager could tell. Pulling her hood down slightly as she stepped through the bushes Sibylle looked over to her left where the buildings were located. Even in the rain she could tell that they were structurally sound and well designed for a modern building. This whole town was a hotbed for high spiritual pressure people, the teenagers that attended this high school were no exception. Most of them had no idea that the Hollows would be coming for them if they were not careful, but Frieda explained that the Shinigami and Quincy while opposing forces did have one goal in common; to protect souls from being devoured. Their methods were the main difference; Quincies preferred to destroy the hollow’s soul outright, while the Shinigami tried to purify them so that something called the balance of souls could be maintained. Looking across the track Sibylle notices a ghost of a child walking across and stops in the middle to look into the sky. A chill soon followed as the sinister aura of a hollow could be felt nearby. Acting quickly the silver-eyed teenager activates her defensive Blut ability known as Blut Vene. Blood Vein technique, granted her inhuman durability as long as the faint dull blue pattern tracing the veins beneath the surface of her skin. Looking around she did not see any hollows coming, but the presence felt like it was nearby. She was struggling to match up to the spiritual power that the creature was putting out as the air felt like weighed down gravity. The boy soon drops to his knees in pain crying out in indistinguishable words. She goes to step forward, but stops immediately as the boy turns revealing a hole in his chest. In the next moment the boy’s body morphs into a hollow with a humanoid upper body with red arms, red eyes, a white mask, long black hair, and a snake-like lower body. “ARRRAGGGHHHH!!!” The creature screams out in rage as he recoils his body after the scream. Reaching forward with her left hand into the light rain Sibylle summons forth her Heilig Bogen from her mother’s Quincy cross necklace that was wrapped around her left wrist. The activation of the bright blue holy bow burning away the wetness on her hands as she shifted her body so that she could brace for firing one of her holy arrows. Drawing the bowstring back she creates a Heilig Pfeil aimed directly at the hollow’s mask. The holy arrow snaps from her figure bursting forward bashing the hollow directly in the forehead. An explosion follows launching the upper half of the hollow backwards into the ground. A sly smirk crosses Sibylle’s face as she thinks about how easy her first hollow after training was to fall so easily. That confidence soon wavered as she noticed the tail twitch then the upper half snapped back to being upright once again. The air was forceful enough to knock the creature backwards, but the white mask only had a scuff mark without any cracks at all. “Well that sucks,” the American teenager muttered to herself as she held the Heilig Bogen ready to draw another holy arrow. However, the hollow leaned back and spat out a stream of dark green liquid in her directly that she was only able to partially dodge out of the way thanks to Hirenkyaku. This liquid was like an acid burning away at the right side of her clothes so she quickly rips the hoodie off tossing it to the ground near her. Thanks to the Blut Vene she was unharmed by this attack, but she could tell that a strong dose or continued exposure could be detrimental to her health. “ARRRAGGGHHHH!!!” The creature yells once again as he launches towards her only for her to use the reishi platforms under her feet to use Hirenkyaku once again. Sliding to a stop she speaks out the incantation through the rain as she reaches for a silver tube on her right belt, "Tilt the goblet to the west - Wolke!" Spiking the ginto down in between them she creates a large blast. "Feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice - Heizen!" She speaks out another incantation as soon as the creature rips through the smoke tossing four more ginto into the air. This time she creates a transparent rectangular cube that slices through the right shoulder of the hollow. This destroys half the mask and removes the right arm as well. “Sorry for your luck,” Sibylle speaks aloud as she switches to Blut Arterie so that she can amplify the power of her Heilig Bogen, “But I am not going to lose to another fucking hollow.” The red veins appear on her forearms as she draws back another Heilig Pfeil firing it directly into the hollow’s right eye. Screeching back for a moment and wiggling around the creature lets out another scream, “ARRRAGGGHHHH!!!” [WC: 1160] OCC: ------------------------------------ SO#4 [Super Sibylle (2): [Sibylle Opie Exclusive] - Obliterate a Hollow in Karakura (Minimum 2,000 WC/1160). [Expires: 05/01/2020]
  11. Walking around the area Sibylle questioned herself internally while really thinking about all of the two ginto techniques she had learned so far in Wolke and Heizen. One was more of a support style and the other was an offensive style. Whatever was next she could tell would be along the same lines. Silver tubes with liquid reiryoku stored in them so that they can transform into powerful techniques capable of helping a Quincy take down a hollow. Between the techniques here and the other day she was starting to understand better how the Quincy race was able to survive against such terrifying foes. “Gritz, or Five-Pronged Restraint is the next Gintō technique I will be teaching you,” Frieda speaks up once again as she turns back to face the teenager that had walked away from where she was last standing. Using Hirenkyaku she closed the gap between the two of them while at the same time tossing out one of the silver tubes from her right hand towards Sibylle. "A silver rod strikes the five-fingered stone bed - Gritz!" The red-eyed woman speaks the incantation as she pulls her left hand forward with some reishi and then her right hand with reishi. This caused the silver tube to pause just before the teenager's heart transforming into a pentagonal Quincy cross which envelops Sibylle whole. “As you can tell Gritz creates a film of Reishi emitting from a thrown Ginto. This surrounds your intended target in a man-sized pentagonal Quincy cross,” Frieda explains through the restraining technique to the now-immobilized teenager, “Using this against other humans or smaller hollows is an effective way to separate your opponents if you run into more than one. Also, if you weaken them enough you are able to trap them with this providing you time to plan an attack or wait for backup. Of course like any other ginto technique the more you put into this the more powerful the restraint becomes. So keep that in mind when you are fighting stronger opponents.” Touching the inside of the Gritz walling Sibylle could feel a slight chill from the reiryoku used to create this ginto technique. First she pressed against the walls of the trap trying to test for any defenses that would harm her or react to her intentions from within. There were no reactions to her attempts to get free, other than the steel like barricading her within. She knew that she was being tested once again, to understand that which they were using. Knowing that she would not have been directly used as the target unless there was something to learn here. So she would raise up her left hand to let the necklace of her mother now working as a wrist bracelet dangling with the Quincy cross. Gathering enough reishi she is able to form a Heilig Bogen into her left hand. This also lights up the area within so that she can study the warped blades that entrap her. Drawing the bowstring back on her Heilig Bogen Sibylle creates a Heilig Pfeil that zips from her fingers with a snap towards one of the creases of the Quincy cross that formed the entrapment. A loud explosion can be heard within, followed by a bunch of coughing. “Come now,” The voice of Frieda can be heard dryly making claims about the Gritz walling, “Did you honestly think I was going to make a trap so weak that you could just blast your way out in one attack? We use this technique to seal away and trap our opponents. If simply using your spiritual power or techniques to blast your way out would not be a very effective snare now would they?” Holding the Heilig Bogen still in her left hand, Sibylle waved around her right arm to clear the smoke enough so that she could see the burn mark from where her holy arrow hit. Reaching down to grab another four ginto from her right jacket pocket while she walked to the far side of the dome like structure. This was not a lot of space, but she was just going to have to be fast with her movements. "Feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice - Heizen!" She called out as she tossed the four ginto forward making a cross with her left arm horizontal and her right arm vertical just in front immediately afterwards. Shifting her left hand up to the bridge of her nose, the four ginto activate altering themselves into a rectangular translucent cube of energy that crashes into the exact same spot dissolving the barrier from around her so that she can move around again. "A silver rod strikes the five-fingered stone bed - Gritz!" Sibylle states as he throws the last ginto she has on her person towards Frieda laced with reishi. Bringing her left hand forward and then her right hand forward both fused with reishi she activates the ginto to form a man-sized pentagonal Quincy cross enveloping the older woman right where she stood. Breathing heavily the teenager smirked for a moment looking back at the Gritz she just escaped that was still disappearing, while the one she just used had trapped her teacher for the moment. The smirk soon faded once she could hear what sounded like laughter from within the plated dome trap. Taking a step forward only for the ringing of a fierce bright blue blade stabbed through the front like butter before moving downward. Then, in a single-slashing motion cut through the dome’s bottom left side upward to the top right side. “Oh Opie-Chan,” Frieda spoke calmly after the upper half slid off opening up so that she could step out of the dissolving Gritz, “You just do not understand the difference in power between us. I can show you all of these techniques because I have mastered them. If I get caught by one of your slow techniques, that is because I wanted to teach you something.” In the woman’s right hand was one of the silver-colored thin weapons that she had seen on the table but now was activated showing off a glowing blue blade made of gathered reishi. “Anything you can use right now? So can I. Not to mention, I have mastered everything that I am showing you,” Frieda speaks with an increased chill to the area as she steps towards the teenager with the energy blade in hand. "Funny," Sibylle chirps back as the Quincy cross necklace activates into another Heilig Bogen over her left hand, "You keep having to use new tricks every time I am able to use the technique you are showing me. I do not know if you are really trying to show me our power differences or just trying to feed your superiority complex? From where I am standing, you must have taken a much longer amount of time to learn each one of these gintos and here I am seeing them down to the very movements you make, the energy you use, and the words you speak. Dissecting each moment and new piece of information without a blink of my eye. I wonder how strong that new toy of yours is?" Without another word the teenager draws back a Heilig Pfeil on the bowstring preparing to launch at the woman across from her at the first sign of movement. [WC: 1231/1035(Spiritual Wit 10%)][Learned Gintō: Gritz][TWC: 4833]
  12. “Perfect,” Frieda complimented Sibylle as the black panels near the teenager created a grid lining while the smoke cleared, “Wolke can get you out of a few sticky situations that you might find yourself in from time to time. However, a more effective use of these Ginto during combat specifically is the technique known as Heizen, or Heating.” Reaching down to the right side of her hip she removes four more silver tubes from her belt. With the smoke is gone and the black panels returned to their normal state she would walk over to the north wall near the younger woman. “Heizen destroys whatever passes within the four tossed ginto space as they create a rectangular transparent beam of spiritual energy. This is especially effective against larger hollows," Frieda adds as she fishes for something in her left pocket. Pressing a button on a remote she had just pulled from her pocket Frieda waits as the floor opens up near the southern wall giving way to a large doll-like figure. Putting the remote back in her pocket, she splits the four silver tubes so that two are in each hand. “Another Noir prototype?” Sibylle inquires as she rubs her hands together and looks at the new toy in the room. “Puppe Zerlegen, or Dismantling Dolls, are prototype targeting dummies. The purpose of them is to allow us to use our ginto techniques on them without the worry of mass destruction following the attacks. This prototype absorbs spiritual energy in the same way the black panels, or Schwarze Wanddue, do but their body structures do not allow for the same level of absorption. Instead the padding and internal engineering allow for impact resistance. Because this prototype is designed with the intent of being stationary and being used for target practice, we were back to remove any thoughts on mobility and focus that space on more material. Not the most glamorous of prototypes, but the effectiveness as a targeting dummy and repair after use is greatly reduced,” Frieda explains how the prototypes work in slightly greater details. Frieda then tosses the ginto into the air as she crosses her arms in front of her, left arm horizontally and the right arm just in front of that vertically. "Feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice - Heizen!" The older Quincy speaks the incantation as she switches her arms so that she can raise her left hand up with the index and middle fingers touching the bridge of her nose. The four tossed silver tubes light up blue before switching to a dull translucent gray as a rectangular cube jettisons over blasting off the left side of the doll’s body. The left arm and other fragments of the doll fall to the ground. “The destructive nature of this ginto is one to use with caution as the resources that you use are quickly depleted. Wolke uses one Ginto, while Heizen uses four. While in the middle of battle you will need to be constantly aware of how many ginto you have in your arsenal and the effectiveness at which you will want to use them,” Frieda explains while the black panels on the south wall block the continuing force of the ginto by the lighting grids appearing before the rectangular cube disappears and the reiryoku-less silver tubes fall to the ground. The grid eventually disappears, giving way to the black panel’s normal state once again. “As you use these techniques and further develop your skills, your speed will increase as well. The more you create the Ginto, the greater your control over spiritual particles and your own endurance will improve,” Frieda explains while pulling out the remote from her left pocket once again. She then presses the button again to lower the doll down into the ground leaving the left arm on the floor nearby. Pressing a different button the sounds of a conveyor belt could be heard moving something around below. Once the sounds stopped she pressed the first button again and another doll-like figure rose up from the ground. “Your turn to hit the Puppe Zerlegen,” the woman states as she makes a gesture with her free right hand in the direction of the large doll. Drawing in a deep breath Sibylle obliged by walking over to grab four more silver tubes from the table that she had filled earlier. Splitting the four into two groups of two in either hand, she walked back over by where Frieda was standing, spinning on her left heel to face the doll once again. Giving the silver tubes a jolt of energy she would toss them in the air before her in the direction of the doll while reciting the incantation, "Feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice - Heizen!" Instantaneously creates a rectangular translucent cube of energy from the thrown silver tubes which then slices through the doll midsection causing it to fold forward crashing to the floor. “Look at you go,” Frieda whistles out as she brings her right hand up to her forehead to make it look like she was trying to see at a great distance, “Quite the display of power and form for your first time using Heizen. You seem to be a natural with these ginto techniques.” The dust settles and the black panels dim after the grids absorb the remains of the Heizen that made it through the doll. Walking around the table the messy blonde-haired woman used her right foot to kick the upper half of the doll on the ground into the opening that the doll was standing up through with relative ease. She then walked over and kicked the previous doll’s arm into the hole as well. [WC: 957/765 (Spiritual Wit 10%)][Learned Gintō: Heizen][TWC: 3602]
  13. Returning to their house Sibylle waits for the car to be parked by Frieda so that she can get out and grab her bags out of the back seat of the car. “You will want to get into something more comfortable to work out in,” Frieda states as she locks the car behind them, “Going to be showing you some new stuff again today.” “Because yesterday and this morning were not enough?” Sibylle replies back with a sarcastic tone and a deadpan expression in the woman’s direction. “There is always more to learn. Once you stop learning the likeliness of your death only increases,” Frieda replies nonchalantly as she unlocks the door so that they may enter. The morbid sense of humor was appreciated slightly by the teenager as she closes the door behind her once they are both inside. Heading inside and upstairs after kicking off her shoes near the door Sibylle drops off her school stuff next to the desk. Sitting down on the edge of her bed for a moment she scrolls through her phone to read a few articles and check her social media apps. There was a whole lot of stuff she was still adjusting to being in a new country, new classes, and finding out she was a special class of human known as Quincy. The process of processing all of these changes in her life was becoming difficult in a weird way. The restraints were still there as she did not have complete freedom of her own life yet, but there was more freedom than she had before. Her entire life was micromanaged down to the ninth degree and she almost did not know what it was like to make a decision all on her own. This very fact drove a lot of her idiosyncrasies and internal conflicts as she has not learned to fully trust her own decisions. Making her way downstairs after changing into athletic wear about ten minutes later so that she could move around better Sibylle noticed that Frieda had done the same. “Good. Follow me into the gym,” the blonde-haired woman stated as she took the lead over to the door that led from under the stairs to the left stepping through passing under the steps they walked through a small hallway that led to the large section of the house that was dedicated to working out. However, there was a difference today as several black plates covered the walls and windows. “Those are reishi powered sound absorber prototypes developed by Noir. They will protect the room from getting damaged and from the sound of any explosions from getting out,” Frieda explained as she reached the center of the room where a table was set up with a few different items placed out. “Noir? That is my cousin’s company that I am going to start interning next month?” Sibylle asks as she swings her arms up and then lets them fall down so that she can start doing some arm warm ups as she looks over the several silver looking tubes and what looks to be a six inch long silver rectangular item. “Correct, Noir is that very company. They are a multi-billion dollar technology company that has been owned by the Kinoshita Clan for generations,” Frieda explains as she walks around to the other side of the table, “The technology they develop there is directly related to two things; furthering advancements in science and provide understanding of our Quincy heritage. There are a lot of relics from the past that we have excavated for research purposes. While the world at large only knows of the technology that we provide to help make everyone’s daily lives better, the other half spend their days trying to make everyone's afterlives better. That starts with eliminating the hollow threats out there.” “And these are Quincy Tools?” Sibylle speaks out an assumption as she tilts her head to look at the two sets of items. “Yes,” Frieda replies frankly as she picks up one of the five centimeter sized silver containers with her gloves right hand, “These are called Gintō, or as the name suggests Silver Tubes. They are small containers that we Quincies use to store our very own reiryoku in a liquefied state. The process takes a while to perfect but they allow a Quincy to perform special techniques powerful enough to subdue any hollow we run into. The effectiveness of each technique and Ginto depends on the user. Some of these techniques also require command words to activate.” Grabbing one of the silver tubes, Frieda walks away from the table near the far west wall before saying, “Such as Wolke, or Cloud, for which the incantation is Tilt the goblet to the west - Wolke! Short enough to remember, but in the heat of battle your mind will need to lock on the gathering of the spiritual energy from within the Ginto while reciting the incantation to trigger the full effect. This technique uses a silver tube to create a large blast of spiritual energy capable of cushioning the impact of a fall or creating a smokescreen to blind opponents from hitting you so easily.” With that the shaggy blonde-haired woman lifted up the silver tube in her hand causing it to light up with a blue glow before speaking the incantation, “Tilt the goblet to the west - Wolke!” Spiking the silver tube to the ground, the entire west side of the room is engulfed by gray smoke after a shockwave of reiryoku. As the smoke cleared up she could see that the black panels on that side of the room were shimmering with an odd looking silver grid-like light. Once the smoke was completely gone the panels returned to complete blackness. “These things sure pack a punch,” Sibylle muses aloud as she picks on one and realizes that it is empty. “Yeah, depending on the situation you could do some real damage,” Frieda replies with a nod as she reapproaches the table, “Like yesterday you need to gather enough spiritual energy to liquify for these to be truly effective. That spiritual energy found within you is known as reiryoku. Draw that spiritual energy out of you like you were drawing the reishi out of nature yesterday. Once you can manipulate that energy into the tube the silver tube would hold that condensed reiryoku until you push enough into it for the liquid state.” Taking those words into account Sibylle held her above the five centimeter silver tube in her right hand. Next she lifted her left hand over top of the empty container so that she could focus her mind on making her spiritual energy form into a drop of spiritual sweat. This process of dripping reiryoku would continue until she filled up a set of about eight different containers. “Excellent. You are a fast learner. Grab one of those and try to do a Wolke of your own,” Frieda directs the teenager to head over to the wall to the north side of the gym, “We do not want to overload the panels in one area faster than the others. So head over to that wall.” Giving her a glare as if to say she understood the first time Sibylle walked over to the northern wall taking in a deep breath before speaking out the incantation, “Tilt the goblet to the west - Wolke!” In the next moment she feels the reiryoku within the silver tube start to become active. She spikes the energized silver tube to the ground causing a small explosion followed by a wave of gray smoke. [WC: 1271/360 (Spiritual Wit 10%)][Learned Gintō: Wolke][TWC: 2645]
  14. Sibylle’s class schedule for the week was going to be packed. Frieda informed the teenager, “Many students load up in their first two years taking upwards of thirty-five hours and then coasting out in the latter two with a total of twenty-five. This is so that they can concentrate on finding a job or going on trips before they enter the real world. The most important part of each class was the final test which determined the overall grade. If someone ended up with a failing grade, some schools in Japan have up to three different opportunities for students to retake the test over and over again until they pass. However, very few students actually fail a class unless they are completely absent for the fifteen weeks or more. This is especially true for juniors and seniors.” Frieda would continue to explain on the car ride over to Tokyo University, “Other than some language and seminar classes, attending any lectures required almost no effort. Students could afford to miss up to fifteen classes and still pass as long as they did not fail the class. Thankfully an F would not be recorded on a transcript, meaning that she could repeat the class and only a passing grade would be recorded. This made a D much worse than a F in the grand scheme of things. However, if Ermelinda found out that she failed in any capacity the teenager would never hear the end of it. So she would continue her best to be in the top ten to fifteen in the class. So apply yourself like you have your entire life and you will get through university without much issue.” Geared up with all of this information Sibylle was able to go into her first lecture finding a spot once introductions were concluded. The dyed white haired pale skinned teenager stuck out like a sore thumb as most of the students here were Japanese. This only made sense as she was at Tokyo University in the heart of Japan. Taking her seat quickly she pulled out a notepad and started to take notes as the lecture continued. An hour or so later the class ended with the teacher asking her to stay over to get the material that they had week over the previous week while she was in the hospital. This process would continue for each class she had for the day until the time when Frieda would come to pick her up again. Waiting outside on a nearby bench Sibylle had her earbuds in as she listened to music. Her trance like expression broke when she saw that Frieda was pulling up in her black Toyota Prius. Getting up from the bench she grabbed all of her things walking over to the passenger side once the car was put into park. Opening the back door she tossed her bags into the back, closing the door afterwards. Reaching forward she opened the passenger front side door so that she could get in and close the door behind her. Once she was buckled into her seat Frieda started to drive down the road once more. “So...how was your first day of University?” the woman asked as she departed the school grounds. “It was a day like any other day of school,” Sibylle dismissed the conversation as she peered out the window to her left. “Did you make any new friends?” Frieda inquired further as she maneuvered through traffic. “No, I did not see the point to talk to anyone other than teachers today. I have four years to maybe find a friend. Making friends was never a priority when I lived with my grandmother,” the teenager replied stoically as she recalled just not having any time for friends outside of meeting people during clubs or classes. [WC: 636][TWC: 1374]
  15. Waking up the next morning to an early alarm set by Frieda Thoumeaux so that she would have time to get ready for university Sibylle Opie found herself still sore all over, particularly her feet and hands were not in the best of shape. Rolling over she decided that today was not going to be a get out of bed day. She hurt too much and did not want to do anything today. Her long hair was not pulled up into her usual hair style, because after she got out of the shower the previous night she was too exhausted to do anything special to prepare for the next day. Fixing her hair would take too much energy and in her mind there was no point wasting what energy she did have on something she did not want to do. This all stemmed from the airplane crash over a week ago for Sibylle. After that crash she started to see outlines of invisible creatures and then eventually ghosts themselves. While staying in the hospital she started to see and hear more of these ghosts. After leaving the hospital a few nights back she had her first encounter with an evil spirit with a white fish head mask and black humanoid body that she later learned was called a Hollow. The mortal enemies of the Quincy race to which the teenager was a pure-blood, or Echt. Frieda had appeared just in time to activate the silver-eyed teenager’s Quincy blood technique known as Blut. This was represented by the dull blue veins that appeared after the spiritual power awakening. Frieda quickly eliminated the hollow. Returning inside Frieda allowed Sibylle to ask a few questions before the teenager passed out on the couch. The next morning the two talked briefly before the red-eyed woman decided they were going to head out to a park not too far away. Upon reaching this park they found an area where they could train in peace near a river within a forested area. Frieda explains that the Quincies are a human race that has the ability to manipulate spiritual energy known as reishi. They wear the five point cross known as the Quincy Zeichen. After this the teenager then learns about the two different types of blut; the defensive Blut Vene and offensive Blut Arterie. The main weapon of a Quincy is a spiritual bow known as the Heilig Bogen that can fire holy arrows called Heilig Pfeil. The last of the techniques trained was the high speed movement Hirenkyaku, which allowed a Quincy to create platforms of reishi under their feet to get from one location to another. “And what do you think you are doing?” the chilling feminine voice of Frieda cut through the air to disrupt the teenager’s thoughts, “You are running out of time to get ready and I do not think you want your first day in university to be looking like a slob.” “I am not going today,” Sibylle protested with her back still facing the door. She could feel the temperature in the room drop by about thirty degrees creating goose bumps up her exposed right arm. She pulled her blanket up and over her shoulder as if to hide under them. “You decided this all on your own? That is fine, but if you are not going to university then you are making the choice to be sent back home and I am sure Ermelinda Opie-sama would be thrilled to see you again so soon. You are only here on the condition that you go to university. Anything else you happen to learn or deal with is just a bonus,” Frieda spoke with an eerie calm to her voice as the room seemed to get so cold for a moment that the white haired teenager could actually see her breath escaping her mouth while shivering. “Ffffinnne, fine… fine. I...I….I get...get your point,” SIbylle frustratingly tossed her covers off turning to actually look at the shaggy blonde haired woman with the temperature back to normal in an instant. “Good to see we have an understanding,” Frieda spoke as her red eyes locked onto the teenager for a moment before turning to head out of the room, “You might want to hurry since you wasted so much precious time.” The door to Sibylle’s room close with a thud as the teenager could be heard cursing the woman out. [WC: 738]
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