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  1. Ink Meister

    Canvas of the misfortune

    caught in the act #1 kaz.mp4
  2. Ink Meister

    Canvas of the misfortune

    WAIT YOUR TURN VERMIN!! Sorry, i shouldn't have said that. dealing with my true weakness, vague descriptions, can be liberating. but at the cost of the writers original vision, NEVER!. sir @Kaz your Jugo, and his bird man were fun to draw. may their sacrifice to the cause not be forgotten.
  3. Ink Meister

    Canvas of the misfortune

    Thank @Aurora for your kind comment. I will use the strength gives me to press on and draw for what I know is right! unfortunately for you @ChaosKaiz this means Aiden here: will be my next victim. ps: if this makes you uncomfortable, as it does me, just know that i try to faithfully adapt what you young writers write and this is 100% @ChaosKaiz's vision.
  4. Ink Meister

    Canvas of the misfortune

    oh a public admirer? I appreciation your support for the cause but should fate put you in my crosshairs I will not spare you. fret not however, my target now is @Baron Quadhorn While he's still alive and relevant that is. really, a kid with a baseball bat?
  5. Ink Meister

    Canvas of the misfortune

    Ladies and gentlemen, My name is the Ink Meister, vigilante artist and scholar of the pen. My ambition is to shed a light on the hidden Shakespeare's lurking in the deaths of the internet. In order to do that however sacrifices must be made. Unfortunately this site will be my starting grounds and base of operations. Where I will claim my first "victims". My 1st victim: @Res My 2nd victim: @Baron Quadhorn My 3rd victim: @ChaosKaiz My 4th victim(new): @Kaz