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    Ganged Up

    On his quest to become stronger Cain went to a place familiar to him from his Gillian days, the forest of the menos."Huh..this place is as lively as I remember it to be" said Cain after he saw a swarm of menos charging towards him. With no special abilities yet Cain wanted to test his power now that he is an adjuchas. Several adjuchas are also near but they want to scout Cain. As one of the newly evolved Adjuchas they want to see his potential."1..2...5..10...shit, they are 25 gillians. Even with my adjuchas power I'm not sure if I can take on 25 gillians...and I still don't know how to activate my cero in this form.....this looks bad" after finishing his sentence 2 adjuchas approach him, "2 of my kind?...they don't seem as allies though". The 2 new faces introduce themselves to Cain."I am Soldoro" said the first one "And I am Chiron," said the second one."I haven't seen you, so you must be new. As you probably understand by now that Gillian group is impossible for a lone adjuchas to handle. So i have an off-" interrupted by Chiron, Soldoro stopped talking "SOLDORO...you don't think I'm just gonna let you increase your ranks without speaking first dont you?As i said...?" Chiron stops so Cain can introduce himself "It's Cain" Chiron continues "As I said, Cain, I am Chiron, I and Soldoro over here are the leaders in 2 different groups of adjuchas. Soldoro tried to persuade you to join his group in exchange of help for this group of gillians. So I'm going to do the same. Choose a group and that group is gonna help you with the gillians."they are trying to recruit me?tssk fools" Cain thought to himself but as the Gillian group was almost in range to fire their ceros Cain decided."Intead of making a decision to join a group that I don't know. I have a counter-offer for you. We 3 are gonna take on the Gillian group. And whoever seems the strongest to me, is going to be my new leader" said Cain."Seems fair" said Chiron "Yes i agree,since you are weaker than me Chiron" said Soldoro. Cain smirked when they agreed because little did they know Cain was planning on killing both of them and eating them to gain their power and the power of the gillians. The 3 adjuchas charged at the Gillian group and with the first charge each of them killed 1 Gillian. Cain continued to slash with his claws the gillians while being close to Chiron which seemed to be the weakest, struggling with 3 gillians Chiron called Cain for help since Soldoro was fighting with 5 gillians on his own. Cain immediately shouted to Chiron "I am on my way! YOU KILL THE ONE BEHIND YOU!" Chiron gasped because he didn't see any menos behind him.As soon as Chiron turned his back,Cain charged towards him and with his claws pierced his heart."AHHH! YOU BASTARD" Chiron Shouted as Cain kept his claws in his body.Cain whispered to the dying Chiron "You fool, why would I join a weakling like you." Finishing Chiron ,Cain kept fighting with the menos slowly moving towards Soldoro.Soldoro was a power type hollow and could fight the big menos easier than most adjuchas.From the 25 original Menos only 10 remained,Soldoro though seemed tired after fighting alone for so long.Cain noticed that and wanted to take advantage of it. So Cain shouted to Soldoro "There are only 10 left. CAN YOU HANDLE 6 ON YOUR OWN?".Soldoro answered, "Who do you think I am newbie!!" ,"I said that but fighting for so long got be tired...well if they are only 10 left we can do it " soldoro thought to himself.As the fighting continued a thought came up to Soldoro's mind "Wait...Cain is fighting alone? Where is Chiron?" as Soldoro thought that he saw Chiron's dead body lying on the floor some distance away from him."Ch-Chiron is dead?....I knew i was stronger than him but Chiron wasn't weak.How could he die when fighting with Cain?" as Soldoro was thinking,Cain, finished fighting the 4 menos he was fighting" and started approaching Soldoro's backside.Soldoro was still fighting with 3 Menos as he realized that the wound in Chiron's body was from something sharp and short. And Gillians are huge with no claws so there could be no way a Gillian killed him. As soon as Soldoro realized that ,he understood that Cain betrayed them.Cain finally reached his position and as he did with Chiron..Cain charged towards Soldoro and Pierced him with his claws. Unfortunately for Cain, Soldoro realized he got betrayed and moved a little so his vitals don't get damaged.Soldoro turned around and as he gasped in pain said "You..You son of a bitch...you killed Chiron and also tried to kill me....WHY?" Cain started laughing "..aha...aha....AHAHAHAHAHA WHY??? Because there was no reason for me to follow weaklings like you.You are a little stronger than the average adjuchas so you create a group?That is the ultimate Weakling move.It proves that you can't survive on your own.You need grunts who will do all the work for you,while you slowly surpass every adjuchas.I killed you 2 because I survived on my own so far so i can become a Vasto Lorde not to be a pawn to an idiot like you" as Cain finished his sentence he attacked Soldoro again and again until he fell to the ground..Soldoro was dead,Chiron was dead and all that was left was 2 menos that Soldoro didn't get to kill. Even though Cain was tired aswell he destroyed the 2 remaining menos and started eating every corpse that was left behind."This was a dangerous gamble...but I am so glad it worked.2 Adjuchas and 25 menos for me to eat...that's a nice step towards being a Vasto Lorde".Cain finished his meal...feeling stronger he left the area...he found a small cave near by and went to sleep.The fighting has made him weak and the eating has made him sleepy.After a succesful hunt...Cain was 1 step closer to his goal. (1018 Words)