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  1. Alia places the flowers in a vase on the table and pours some water into it. She then takes a seat next to Aurora on the table with a big smile on her face. Good morning, Aurora and little brother. Im happy to see he two of you having the most important meal of the day. Especially you little brother if my memory serves you dont do well with a drink at all. She giggled. I remember having to lecture you a few times in the past about it. Giggles again. How are you Aurora? You look as beautiful as the first time I saw you. No you look even more radiant today. Alia looks wide eyed at Aurora. She was very interested in her.
  2. Alia grabbed hold of Dante. You dummy its love. You need to tell her. I know you don't know much about love and well I am not really the person to give you advice on these things. But I am sure about it. I could tell the moment I saw the two of you. There was something more to it. You better look after her. I will beat you up if you don't. Now go get a bath you need one. And make sure to be true to yourself and tell her how you feel. She stopped hugging him and pointed her finger at Dante looking angry in a caring way while she gave him advice. Alia followed and headed towards her room to get some rest.
  3. Alia watched Aurora leave the room. She knew deep down that she was probably still shaken by what had happened and decided to just let her go. She looked over to Dante and moved closer to him sitting next to him. I like her, she seems like she has a strong will. I think she would be good to have around you. Now spill it. How long have you known her? Are you very close? Can I expect a wedding? She said teasingly before grabbing Dante's cheek and pulling on it. I'm so happy you finally opened up to someone. She looked on intently waiting for Dante's answer.
  4. Alia walks over having calmed down. She takes a seat behind Aurora and took a hold of Aurora's hair and moves her hand through it and straightening it. You have truly beautiful hair. I'm happy to meet you. I'm Alia, Dante's bigger sister. Alia smiles softly, moving both her hands through Aurora's hair. I must apologize for Youta's behavior, he seems to be a little on the edge for the moment. I don't think he meant anything by it. She moves closer and sits alongside Aurora before bowing slightly. She then sits upright and looks Aurora in the eyes. I hope we can be good friends from here on. You can even call me big sister She smiles, gently holding onto Aurora's hand.
  5. Alia jumps up and down looking at Dante and Aurora. She has a slight blush, both her hands on her face. I'm so happy, I cant believe this. Gosh little brother is finally a man. Dante you got to marry her. Giggles hysterically I cant believe this day has finally come. Alia keeps jumping not being able to contain here happiness.
  6. Alia was so surprised by Youta's actions she completely forgot to mention she never learned how to dance. She tries her best to focus on his face but kept looked down trying to avoid stepping on his toes. She was having fun for the the first time in many years as she smiled gently trying her best to focus on where her feet was and how she needed to move. Time seemed to have no meaning, Dancing was hard but she found it to be very fun. She glanced at Youta with his smile almost making her heart beat a little faster. She seemed to be caught up by it and stepped on his toes a few times during the dance, apologizing every time she did as she blushed ever so slightly. I never felt this way before. She felt strange and warm, she had no idea what was happening to her. The indescribable feeling pressed heavily on her chest as if it was hard to breathe. They seemed to be in their on world as they got closer and closer to each other. As she closes her eyes and awaits Youta's kiss the music stops as he stopped inches away from her.
  7. Alia feels at the bandage on her arm a painful reminder and realization of her current predicament of her past trying to catch up to her. She feels a bit faint as she stands up from the chair and takes Youta's hand. A feeling of uncertainty still clouding her mind. There is something about him. I cant understand what it is. Alia slowly walks forward with Youta in front of her pulling her along. A smile slowly forms on her face. She was not used to being pulled along always the one to do the pulling.
  8. Alia felt the strong embrace, for a moment she did not understand what was happening or why she was embraced before reality hit her. She felt Youta's warmth coming from his arms rapped around her and focused her mind on the feeling. Her eyes suddenly revert to its normal brown color. Her reiatsu suddenly stopped pouring out of her before her hair lost it's white color and returned to its shining brown strands over her shoulders. She reached for Youta's hand touching it gently as her other hand wiped a stray tear from her eye. I...I am fine now. Sorry I....Don't know what came over me there. I was just lost in thought. A small pool of blood spread out on the floor was the only evidence of what had taken place within the room. Alia remained seated as her cheeks slowly turned bright red, her eyes trying to find something to look at.
  9. Alia sits with her back turned to Youta. She gripped so hard on her arm that the wound had opened up again. The sound of blood dripping on the floor echoed in the room as she was not paying attention at how hard she was pressing her arm. She had now gone completely silent not saying a word. The memories replaying in her head over and over again like a record player bouncing over the same piece of music. She heard the screams and steel bars closing as if she was trapped in her cell again. The darkness slowly closing in deprived of light, the sound of her beating heart the only thing letting her hold on to the little sanity she had left. Lying on the cold wet floor riddled in pain by the effects of the drugs flowing through her veins, hungry, starved for disobeying orders. Alia was almost hunched over, her face a display of emotions. A few strands of hair started turning white as her reiatsu leaked out from her slowly filling the room. Her brown eyes changing to yellow, glowing as she was wrestling with her emotions and thoughts inside her. Her hair quickly turning complete white as she clenching and gritting her teeth together.
  10. Alia's smile fades a little as it seems she is deep in thought before she places the cup back down having finished it's contents. That is just like him. You see we have a difficult past and his manner of running off to train is his way of expressing his will to get stronger and protect those he cares for. Despite his appearance and confident attitude. He is still bound to the past and struggling against it. He has trouble with his emotions even though he would never admit it to anyone, including me. Her expression turned to sadness, memories seemed rushing through her mind as her eyes seemed to reflect the horrors and pain she had faced in her past. She griped at her arm as if the pain was closing in on her. You see the two of us had been abducted shortly after we entered the soul society. We had lost everything even our names only being referred to as numbers as each day past we where subjected to experiments and torture. Dante managed to escape but he could not save me at the time and some years past before he returned and freed me from the clutches of the organization. She seemed even more uncomfortable telling Youta about their past seeing as it was still a subject she her self had trouble coming to grips with. She gripped harder at her wound the more she spoke. She never told anyone about her past before and having just met Youta she was not sure why she even started telling him. Her heart just seemed to want to keep going, pushing her forwards. The experiments we had to endure, the pain and loss of the few friends we had made vanishing before us as the constant experiments and torture slowly ate away at them driving them mad or forever changing them into something unrecognizable left scars on both of us that might never go away. Even now we are hunted and exiled being declared traitors by those we know and bounties by those wanting us back to continue their research. A life of constant fear and endless running trying to escape. She turned away from Youta trying to keep her pained, lost expression hidden. She clawed at her wound the pain a comforting distraction keeping her from reliving the past. focused more on the here and now as she looked frail and broken to anyone who would look at her.
  11. I guess so. My bother probably has some form of training to do. He gets like this sometimes. She smiles softly. He has always been like this you know. Always running off without saying a word. Alia giggles a bit. How many times I had to run after him, trying to keep him out of trouble. she cuts into a cooked tomato slice and slowly brings it to her mouth as she eats it. She turns to Youta. I wonder. I feel some reiatsu from you. You must also want my brother to train you. I might also be of some use to you in that department. While I am not as skilled as him. I do have a good amount of training underfoot. She smiles brightly at Youta. She places down the fork and takes a sip from her cup.
  12. Alia smiles to Youta as she pulls at her hair not wanting to work with her this morning. Yes, I am fine really. She looks away as she hears someone coming down the stairs. I wonder who that can be the place was empty as far as I can remember. I wonder if brother is back yet. I need to find some time and talk to him.
  13. Alia comes walking into the room as she spots Youta in the corner of her eye as he sits at the table. Morning Youta. She says with a polite smile before bowing to him. Thank You for saving me yesterday. she remains bowed after saying the words before slowly rising. She was still in pain but felt a lot better and energetic while she made her way to her seat carefully pulling it from the table before taking a seat. I am so hungry after not being able to eat for a couple of days. The butler slowly makes his entrance from the kitchen still looking a bit worse for wear after the nights events. May I get our guest anything from the kitchen? He moves around the table with a cloth wiping at it before standing upright and at attention.
  14. Alia slowly sips at the strange colored liquid in the cup. Her hed held up by Youta really made it easier for her to drink. She drinks the final contents before taking a breath as her pained eyes slowly filled back with a small amount of life and her memories rushing back seemed to overcome her. Her hand moved and gripped weakly at Youta's kimono near his neck as she tried to get the words out. They... are ....Coming.. She let go as her hand fell down her eyes watered a little and she went into a deep restful sleep as pain slowly drained from her face.
  15. Alia slowly opens her eyes as pain still runs deep within her arm. She sees Youta sitting close to her as she tries her hardest to smile gently with her eyes close. I guess... You ....saved me she said almost as if with a whisper. She moved her small shaking hand slowly up and over her face placing her palm of her hand over her head. Can you please... look in my pocket for a folded paper... be careful to not let the contents fall out... pain could be felt coming from her voice as she spoke. I need to drink its contents with ....some water. Her eyes twitched as her pupils seemed to dilate almost as if she was in a dream struggling to wake up. She took huge breaths every few seconds to try and fight off the effect it had on her body trying to not give in to it.
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