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  1. Youta coughs as he couldnt swallow well when Dante mentioned his help ah... dont .... coughs .... mention it ! he blushes slightly as he felt kinda embarrassed that he noticed Auroras dagger gaze on him . couldnt let you catch a cold . he laughed with Dante and glanced to Aurora raising an eyebrow slightly , threatening her to stop looking at him like that.
  2. good morning Dan ... going somewhere? Youta and Alia enter the room seems they were walking in the garden before breakfast. as Youta walks a bit behind Alia having his shiny prestigious smile on his face and Alia had a bunch of flowers in hands .
  3. moonlight shined on his indigo hair as Youta tuck him in bed as he left his sword beside him . he then looked at him sleeping in his bed . You and your sister ARE monsters !!! in being freaking cute !! who said a guy should look that innocent while sleeping ! .... damn it Dante I choose to believe you , you better dont disappoint me . he then walked out of the door and closed it carefully . walking back to his room , he felt so weird that he had to curry Dante to bed like that. he sighs and move a hand into his shiny blond hair : I did whatever I could never imagine I would do , guess I am being punished for my sins !
  4. Youta tilts his head and looked at Dante . his face lighten up with the reflection of water as he was deep in dream lands like a baby . I was wrong he is not a politician to read body language that easily hmmm ... he looked around the spa to order someone but there were no butler at service and it was almost midnight . *sighs*... they are never around when you need them. he stood up still gazing at Dantes face , thinking about his story ... he walked back to closets and changed his clothes opened the door to leave the spa but he lingered , looked back at Dante sleeping like that and his sword left farther beside the spa . well... its more than an opening for a person in run ! he then folded his arms and leand by the door looking at Dante with a small smile : hmmm... these two siblings makes me confused ! I must admit his story is pretty convincing better than what those men told me . he then walked to the sword on the floor , put it on his shoulder before holding Dante in his arms and walk into garden . to be continued in the Cell 2 mansion page 6
  5. Youtas smile disappears as a frown runs on his forehead, he gazed down on the spas water , now steady and calm . the memories of men in the inn flashed in his mind and the moment one of them tried to cut his face with his own sword. They were more suspicious than convincing , in another hand Dante is admitting that they have something inside... can it be the monster they were talking about ? ... but then if HIS version is the truth then they ... dont cure ... they kill. hmmm.... maybe they kill them because they cant control them and if they are as dangerous as they say then... maybe they are right to kill them when they are the weakest ... at childhood. just then Alias face appeared in his mind dancing with him , with her innocent look in her eyes. and her gentle caress as she cured his wounds after the training. her kind smile as she closed her eyes telling him everything is fine and petting his head like he is a little boy . he shaked his head : It is not the time to be emotional , Dante is not revealing all these to me for nothing , it means he is probably going to take a serious action towards my stay . damn hanging out with his sister was a mistake , made him super protective. - so you say ... you are being hunted for being special ? you and your sister both ? wow thats... not what you hear everyday ! wow ... dont know what to say ! tried to keep eye contact with Dante not to reveal his story with people in the Inn and that he knew about them already. but then suddenly he lost his fake shocked look as Alias face took all corners of his mind for a moment , raising her chin waiting for a kiss and the feeling he had that moment ran into his chest , that he didnt want to hurt her in no way. to shake the thought away he moved his eyes on his glass grabbing it harder as he frowned. he felt so conflicted and troubled , few times in his life time he would feel like that , he was always sure of what he is doing and what he wants . he knew his reaction now would reveal his conflict as he was trained carefully on politics since childhood , this childish mistake was nothing he would have done ever. so he drank all his martini in one shot and waited for Dante to interrogate him .
  6. Youtas smiles changes to a happy chuckle as Dante gives him a nickname as well , he thought he kinda can be cool not just cold , the thought gave him a little laugh . yeah I think she is great , her reiatsu is nothing like I have ever seen anywhere . I mean all those white hair and glowing eyes are so sexy but ... still hard to take the storm you know haha ... today she made me fight in that storm , said she wanted to push me to my limits ... guess she was satisfied or I dont know said I dont have hollow stuff . its good right? he then leans a bit on the counter , waiting for Dante to reply eagerly .
  7. Youta suddenly appeared by the spa with his glass of martini and his towel wrapped around his hips . hey Dan! shines his perfect smile ... guess you are having fun ? mind if I join? he then moves a toe in water to check the temperature ! brrrrr ... wow ... its cold !!! how do you stand it there? my bathtub is warmer than that freezing pole puddle ! he then sits on the bar stool , drinking a sip of his drink . well I had a practice today with your sis , thought maybe you should know.
  8. Youtas smile changes sfotly to a rather cold gaze with a confusing drop of smile on the left corner of his lips , raising his chin in a superior body language as he steps slowly towards Aurora , keeping his chest front and walking with a dignity that one would think he is going to slap her any second. he gets too close to Aurora that when he put his hand on the meditations rooms pillar and bending on her she could feel her breath on his skin . he thought she is too stubborn and aggressive . any girl in her shoes would take a step or two back but she didnt and instead gazed in his eyes fiercely as she moved her hand on her sword . You can mock , Joke or even call me intruder ... but at least I DO my DUTY as it should be ! he stood up right , glanced at Dante now in an offensive pose , he knew he couldnt push it further so he just nods to Dante as he passes him by aiming for mansion door .
  9. As Youta and Alia were walking back to mansion from their training they found Dante and Aurora huging near the meditation room . Yout crosses his arms and with a soft mocking smile said loud enough for them to jump : Well .... Dante if you call THAT training ! ... I am happy I havent practice with YOU ! his smile goes bigger across his face as he tilts his head and waits to see Alias reaction .
  10. Youta enjoyed the dance more than he could imagine , the fact that Alia didnt know how to dance made it even more interesting for him . all the girls he have danced with were trying their best to perform as best as they can to impress him but this girl innocently looked down on her feet trying to follow his steps was too adorable to be ordinary for him. spining around slowly as the music was about to end , he pulls her closer like he always used to ... kept looking in Alias eyes and her cheeks going red with a blush as she closed her eyes waiting for a kiss .... It worked , she is under my spell ... he tried to move his victory smile on the lips but couldnt , something was different about her that Youta couldnt understand . he would have kissed any girl there as he was perfect in enjoying the nights and ghosting on girls and he loved to enjoy any opportunity he finds for fun . he never really felt the desire to stay longer than one night with a girl . they were all too shallow and too predictable for his ambitious character . but this girl with her little frame , were there so vulnerable in his arms , innocently closing her eyes like nothing happened a few minutes ago in the dinning room . her pained face with her white hair and glowing eyes was nothing to forget easily and now she looks like a fresh cherry blossom with pink cheeks waiting for him to give her his love. and she was not faking it . Youta could tell easily as he have seen enough of girls who tried to seduce him for his social stand. he smiles softly , stepping back slowly, monster or not ... she is not a girl I wanna hurt ... not yet at least ... moving his hand down gently on her injured arm to hold her hand and he bows courtly to put a small kiss on it . Thank you for the honor my lady . he smiles big to the shocked innocently beautiful brown eyes of Alia to make her feel less stressed in that awkward situation : I need to prepare for our first training today , how about 11 ? .... you choose the place! he jumps on the stairs then and walks up as confident as he stepped in the main hall for the dance , now leaving Alia like that standing in the middle of the Hall .
  11. Youta took her hand carefully leads her to the main hall , when they enter butler plays a courtly music , without saying anything , Youta confidently holds on her waist and move her hand up , keep his chin up and his scar on neck was visible even though he wore a necklace to cover it . his smile in that confident pose was even more vivid as he turns Alia in a slow gentle dance . I used to be good in making girls forget all around them , so lets try my magic on her a bit ... guess she needs it . Youta smiles bigger , holdes her and controls the dance with skills . he was careful not to move her injured arm and it gave him a sense of protecting . he have never tried to protect anyone other than himself. it was a new feeling he was experiencing with a simple dance that he had thousands of times before but yet so different .
  12. he softly opens his arms . confused of what he just did ... it was shocking even for him its not his usual self to hug random people . he calls the butler and asked for bandage stuff , but he cleaned and bandaged her arm himself as he was struggling in his mind over weather Alia is a monster like Dante or not ? they are siblings anyway . but she ... she doesnt look like a monster , if all her actions are under control of a demon , why is she ... so ... so emotional and sweet ? It gonna heal soon ! he smiles and fasten the bandage carefully . his smiles goes bright and big as an idea flashes in his mind , come with me , I wanna show you something. he whispered something to butler standing in service near the door , and then reached out his hand towards Alia asking her if she would go with him . his usual perfect smile sits on his face warmly .
  13. feeling the strong reiatsu moving in the room like a storm pushed him out of his thoughts . Youtas hair were moving in the strong storm of spritual energy . the room was filled with her emotions and Youta could feel her suffer in a strange way as he was drawned in her reiatsu . he tries to stand , holding the side of the table keeping himslef stable , and hardly walked to Alia , stands behind her chair and moved his arms around her , as one of his hands moves on her bloody hand grippin on the wound . lays his head on Aias head and just holds her small naive frame in his strong arms .
  14. Youta didnt expect such a story and also the fact that Alia was sharing it , gave him a sense of suspicion for a moment but her expression had no sign of a lie and everything matched with the stories he had heard before coming to cell 2. Youta puts down the wooden dirty cup, and spit the liquid he had just drank as the four men in black hoodies around the table laughter's melds in the noises of the women trying to please customers and drunk men laughing and telling stories of their fights. Smoke in the old inns dining room filled the air so thick that you couldn't even easily see the faces in the little dim light around. Youta took out his handkerchief from his kimono's pocket and dried off the little drops of the liquid on his lap. -Im sorry I shall refuse the drink for it is the worst I have ever tried in my entire life experience . shall we put the formalities away and go back to the business. Where is Dante Hirako? Says Youta with a frown and a serious expression. Men laughing again. Youta couldn't feel their reiatsu very well as he has skipped shinigami academy for it was boring and time consuming for him plus he didn't have much experience as a new member of soul society but still the spiritual energy was so weird and strong that it give him an uneasy feeling like his own life energy was drained by it. One on the left side of him was siting with his legs wide in confidence as his blade was the first thing one could notice and for Youta it was an obvious sign of threatening, said : - As we explained earlier , we don't know about number 99's were about's exactly, but we have a lead. We would share it in one condition. You should bring him here. - for what end? - its none of your business , you want him , you get his training and then bring him here. The contract is as simple as that. Youta stood up with such a force that his chair falls and gives a serious dagger eyes , looking straight into the guys eyes though they were hideous by the feeling of death . - Then we have. NO contract. The other three men draw their swords surrounding him as he just manage to move his hand on his sword in an defensive stand. The other three men drew their swords surrounding him as he just manage to move his hand on to his own sword in an defensive stand. A women screams , people scattered and left the inn , Youta draws his sword to defend from the attack of the guy who he was just talking to, he pushes him back to a wall and as he was pushing his sword on Youta's blade, forcing him to cut his own face with his very own sword laughed and said : - sometimes you cant cancel contracts that easily pretty boy! The sound of metal boots stepping in the inn , got the attention of the four swordsmen. - Stop! Right now! They stepped back as he steps closer to Youta. He had a big cloak on that made a big shadow over his face, covering it, hidden in darkness in the dim light and smoke all around. - Please forgive these foolish people. Sometimes they don't know how to keep a classified top secret order hidden without violence. Leave us! I want to speak with this young soul alone. Youta still holding his sword tight, scanning the room fast for a way to escape as the other four men leave. - I can answer all your questions about Dante Hirako ... but there is nothing left of him but a forgotten name, that's why we call him no. 99 so we wont neglect on our duty knowing his old self. Youta suspiciously asks : - What do you mean? - I mean he used to be Dante Hirako a good man, We all loved him but not anymore since his soul have been eaten up by a monster, and it is controlling his very actions. These kind of souls are rare, they do not turn into Hollows but something far worst. we are trying to save these souls and cure them. But unfortunately he ran away. We are looking for him but we cant make it public as a war is on the way... We do not take sides but we also don't want to let any side have such a weapon, It would end in disaster, destroy all you know that exists. He paused for Youta to ask if he had any questions and to study his reaction. Youta still on guard , raise an eyebrow asking immediately : - And what is it you want from me? He chuckles : - Ah you are smart. Haha. I like that, That can save your life. Well no.99 has a strong ability to detect and memorize reiatsu essence, like his brain can code them. so he can detect me and my employees easily from miles away so even if we know where he is we cant get close to him, So we need you to get close to him and bring him here, as this inn is made for this kind of situations. The walls can hold the reiatsu in so no one out can detect anyone inside. So we can come to help him get rid of the monster inside, before he destroys all we know along with what is left of Dante Hirako. - And you want an easy meat for your monster hunt ha? He laughs loud in the empty inn : - No my dear boy! This monster is wild yes, but it is so smart not to kill all around him, as he is gathering peoples to defend him or be sacrificed if needed, You need to be smart to gain his trust then you are safe, and if you need help we will be there, you can have my promise on that. Deal? He extends his arm for a handshake. Youta hesitates : - Why would I believe anything you said? He raises from his seated position : - You don't have to. Good luck finding your DANTE HIRAKO. Turns his back on Youta and walks to the door slowly. Youta puts his sword back in its scabbard frame. - So what is this lead of yours? Without turning to Youta he throws a folded paper to him. he opens the door as light moves in with such intensity that it almost made Youta's eyes hurt, and made it even harder for him to see the guys face. - See you here in one month, or... we will find you. He says that in a threatening tone that he has never heard before, he opened the folded paper to see Alia's picture fall from it.
  15. Youta put knife and fork down pick up his china cup to drink his hot tea that butler poured for him freshly as he has finished his meal and asked for it beforehand . a thoghtful expression covers her eyes for a moment before he smiles again to Alia : aw Alia you are so sweet , seeing your reiatsu yesterday makes me sure want to learn from you as well , thank you for the kind offer. hmm you know I have always been like your brother , never stay in one place though I had to state all the time where I am and where I go for security reasons but ... I understand him ... the thing I dont understand is ... last night when he saw you injured and poisoned he was like he is about to explode in tears ... but this morning he is just about training with this student girl of his. I mean he didnt even talk to you much as I believe you havent seen each other for sometime at least.
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