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    Canvas of the misfortune

    wow your work is awesome !!!! gosh
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    Fate Points: Tutorial and Shop

    Character Name: Aya Isamu Shinigami: Current (56 000 Reiatsu) Fate Points: 3+3 from Resurge [1 POINT] 1 TIME REIATSU BOOST: Gain a 1 time Reiatsu Boost of 5K. Remaining Fate Points: 5
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    Aya Isamu

    a black butterfly sits on Ayas shoulder. Waiola sweeps the last bunch of dust and stones off the floor while Daisuke was drinking his tea. he had finished repairing the wall and also used a new color for the living room " light pink". he thought it would cheer up Nanako. Aya listened to the butterfly and it flew away from the window. Waiola notices the black butterfly and put the broom away. _a hell butterfly? Aya stood up : _ we need to go back to barracks immediately. captains straight order. Daisuke jumped out of his place and spilled all the tea on his kimono! _ oh hot! hot! hot! Waiola grabbed his arm: _ stop jumping around like that you don't wanna break another wall ! do you? _ wait! you said, CAPTAIN? the captain himself? are you sure? _yes I am sure. Nanako stood by the door when Daisuke asked : _ Is that all? did it mention any reason why we should leave now? _ no, just said we should immediately leave. Nanako there is enough food in the storage, keep on practicing. we are going to have another test next weekend ok? Nanako ran to Aya and grabbed her sleeve. _ why should you go so soon? I missed you. I thought you are going to stay the night with me. don't go Aya san! Aya sat on one knee, just like how her elder brother used to sit and talk to her eye to eye. _listen Nanako, you should be strong. only then we can be together in seireitei. can you be strong? Nanako wiped her tears and nodded with a determined look. Aya smiled softly and nodded back and pet her hair. Daisuke was panting by the time they reached the barracks. keeping up with those two in running was something out of his skills. as strong as he was they were swift and stealthy with their feet. without delaying any more time they went straight to the Captain's office. Aya knocks and with the captain's permission, they enter. _ ah, it's you. Welcome back. please have a sit. a cold sweat sits on Daisuke and Waiolas' forehead.they had left the city without permission. _ I know you probably have lots of questions, so without beating around the bushes, I go straight to the main point. Mr. Daisuke Gima and Miss. Waiola Seno, I have been informed that you have left the city without undergoing the official procedure, plus you have deceived the gate guardian with wrong information and I am aware that your practices with team leader Satow have not been very fruitful. I believe you know that your childish acts can not be left without appropriate punishment. he paused for the two comrades to analyze his words. they were frozen in their sits and dared not to speak a word. _in another hand, Miss. Aya Isamu, you have been chosen to transfer to squad 13th. do you agree? it was a shock for Aya as well as her new comrades who looked back at her in surprise : _ with all respect sir. may I ask for the reason and the purpose of this transfer? I just have been transferred from the Academy to 5th squad two weeks ago. _ as you must have been already informed, the strategy and the tactics of the squads are under a slight reform and for to reach the aim me and the Captain of the 13th squad found you serve better in their division. why? do you have any objections? _ oh... with a side of his eyes, he looked at the two shinigami who haven't talked a word since their entrance to the room. _or is it because you have made some friends? they all looked at each other for a moment, Aya looked back : _my comrades were very kind and helpful to me during my service in 5th squad of course. but I am here to serve and I do as my captain orders. waiola jumps out of his seat but captain interrupts : _MISS SENO! without raising his head, Captain shoots a dagger to Waiola with his threatening stare: _ please have your sit. Waiola sits with his face being red in rage. she bites her lip and stays quiet. _ so I believe Miss. Isamu you agree with the transfer? _ yes sir! Daisuke looks and Ayas eyes meet for a moment. the look in his eyes was cold and empty of any sadness or anger but she could easily read the disappointment. _In that case you are free to go to your dorm and pack your belongings to be transferred to 13th squads dorms. they will also send a member to guide you to your new dorm in two hours. any question? _ no sir. it was an honor to serve in 5th squad and especially being trained by team leader Satow. captain nods and Aya left the room. the process of gathering her stuff didn't take more than half an hour as she didn't have many belongings. she thought back to her time with team leader Satow, Waiola, Daisuke and especially the weekend. it was strange but it was also a bit sad for her to leave. she looked around the room for the last time and opened the door to leave. _ ah ... all girls are the same! Daisuke was leaning on the wall of her room. he was waiting for her to come out but he wasn't alone. _what do you mean by that ha? cant you at least TRY to be nicer at a time like this? Waiola punched his arm which made him smile but he didn't move at all. _ oh... guys I wanted to tell you that... Daisuke interrupted her and said : _nah!! we don't want to make a drama, just promise me that it's ok if we meet you and Nanaka on weekends, at least every now and then. Waiola put her hand on his shoulder and as she had a wide smirk said : _ I promise he will keep his shoulders under control or ... at least he will try! Daisuke shoved her hand off his shoulder and said : _what do you mean by that? are you jealous of my broad strong shoulders or what? _ huh! only those who are jealous of a buffalo can be jealous of you! _ now you are getting even more creepy you know! Aya laughed and they stopped arguing and all comrades laughed together. _ I will be beyond happy to see you guys around. by the way, before I go. the punishment captain talked about. it isn't that bad, is it? waiola rolled her eyes : _it cant be worse! Daisuke scratched back of his head : _well... some stuff is not that pleasant to talk about! _ oh! guys! you are making me worried. tell me what happens to you! Waiola hit Daisukes side with her elbow as she was looking at the ground and murmured: _ you tell her! he whispered : _why me? You tell her! _but I can not tell her! _then you think I CAN? _why not, you are the guy! _oh now you are all lady all of a sudden! _what do you mean by that I have always been a lady! _ oh hahaha that was hilarious! nice joke. _oh yeah? I will see WHO is hilarious when you start washing the dorm toilets! _oh yeah? it will be fun sharing it with you my lady! _ phew! good its nothing important! they both turned to Aya with red eyes: _what? what do you mean it's not important? do you LIKE to do such a thing? _Waiola, you better don't compare yourself with Aya, she is a lady! _thank you for coming guys. please say goodbye to team leader Satow for me. I do not think I have enough time to meet him personally. it was a relief to meet Waiola and Daisuke before I leave. soon the officer from the 13th squad arrived and I left the 5th squads barracks for another chapter of my future. WC:1331
  4. Aurora

    Fate Points: Tutorial and Shop

    Character Name: Aya Isamu Shinigami: Current (45 000 Reiatsu) After Fate Point boost (50 000) Fate Points: 3 [1 POINT] 1 TIME REIATSU BOOST: Gain a 1 time Reiatsu Boost of 5K. [1 POINT] All the Academy Kidos. Remaining Fate Points: 1
  5. Aurora

    Aya Isamu

    She was my twin sister her only difference with me in appearance was her hair color, it was brown while mine was raven black. Ayaka always used to act like an elder sister. or I used to be more childish and rebellious. at any case, she was the first one to rush to me when I fell and she would hug me and wipe my tears and tell me that I will be fine. her smile made me feel reassured and I always believed her. we loved to play with our elder brother Akio. he was only five years older than us still he was charismatic and strong in our eyes and we respected him so much. he spent most of his time with our father as he summoned him and wanted him to be as strong as him. but I knew my brother had so many differences with our father. he was harsh, bold and loud while Akio was gentle, reasonable and charismatic. To me, he could never be as scary as our father still he was nearly as strong as him. We knew it because father himself was the person who trained him in all the fighting styles of the Isamu clan. Since I remember they had training every morning. On the other hand, my sister and I had to spend most of our time with our mother. she was the most beautiful person I have ever seen. she was elegant and kind. Ayaka and I loved to sit with her on the balcony, she would sing to us and I would brush her long hair. Our time spent with our brother was not much but we were allowed to play every weekend for two hours in the garden. After that our heavy schedule as the clans, chief children would start again. We all had to learn the history of each noble family, politics, mathematics, and fighting style of Isamu clan. The only difference between my brother's program and ours was that we as girls had to learn singing, dance and playing a musical instrument called Koto which my mother used to teach us. Later when we were teenagers my sister could play it even better than my mom. We were all proud of her gift in music. Instead, our brother needed to attend even more fighting classes my father wanted him to learn all kind of sword art, ninjutsu, and martial arts. We were so close as siblings. They would share all their secrets with me and I would tell them all but one thing. One thing that I was afraid to share, but eventually, I had no choice but to reveal it. It was a Sunday and we met in the hallway. Ayaka was laughing and dragging my elder brother to the back door which leads to the yard. I stopped to fix my shoe and those two went ahead. Laughing and joking about me being the last one. I laughed and ran to the balcony but my legs froze when I saw it a few meters away between the trees. My siblings could read my fright in my colorless face, white lips and shivering shoulders. My brother stepped up the stairs and sat on one knee to look me in the eye : _ what is it Aya-chan? is something the matter? _ the..the... there! I said the words in a very low voice, fearing that it might hear us. _There? In the garden? What is there? I whispered in his ear: _There is a monster! it's like a huge octopus. _A monster? Is it a game? I started crying as the monster looked our way : _No it is real. A big monster is there. My sister who was in the yard took a few steps on the grass towards the trees and narrowed her eyes and said : _ I can not see anything, what is there? The monster moved slowly toward her as she was the closest person to it. I shouted: _GET BACK AYAKA! My voice triggered the hollow and it rushed toward us and broke the trees and bushes in its way. it was all happening in my mind like slow motion. how my brother jumped off the balcony to hold my sister and roll on the grass so that the tree won't fall on her. he draws his sword and luckily blocks the hollows claws attack .the world came back to its natural speed as my mind could not prosses my sister's death and now that she was safe I could think better. the guards with their swords drawn ran into the garden and looked around for intruders to fight and as they find no one, two of them rush toward my siblings to protect them but it was a huge mistake. they were running right to the monster. I shouted : _ DONT!! the guards looked at me in confusion and then suddenly their blood covered my siblings as the monster had thorn open their neck and stomach of each of them with a single move. I couldn't move in shock and as my body was paralyzed in front of my eyes I saw how the hollow devoured their souls and then turned to my siblings who were also in shock. I ran to them by instinct. I didn't think that I am so weak to fight such a monster or that I stand no chance to even get close to my siblings or the monster. but I had to run to them. I had to do something. the monster turned to me and I screamed and kept running that suddenly an arrow of light passed above my head and landed straight in the hollows eye and it disappeared. I looked back and saw my mother standing on the balcony with a bow of light blue light. she then ran to us and hugged us all in her arms and cried. none of us could say a word. I saw my father dismissed the two other guards and ordered them not to talk about what they saw in the garden or they would lose their heads. I looked at my mother to see her reaction. she had a frown and was looking at a man with black kimono above a tree in the far end of the garden a black butterfly sat on his shoulder and then he vanished. my mother looked at me and smiled : _you are safe my dear, your mother protect you. _ HANIKO. my father shouted. my mother looked at us and kissed each of our foreheads and told us: _I will be back soon my dears now go and change. she then walked to my father and together they went to his office and nurses took us to our rooms upstairs. we were not allowed to leave the room until a guard came to my room and took me to my fathers' office. without my sibilings, I felt scared and for some reasons, I felt guilty. when the guard opened the door I saw my father sitting on his chair and my mother is sitting in front of him behind the tea-table. my mother was looking at her knees as if she was thinking and my father had a big frown on his face which made him even scarier. he beckoned to me to go and sit with them and I obeyed. when my mother noticed me she turned to my father and said : _Not Aya! don't involve children in this. _they are already involved. now child. tell me what you saw. _she saw nothing more than others !! just that the trees moved and she was scared. _Is your mother tell the truth? I looked at my mother and she slightly nodded at me. it was not the truth but I was scared and it seemed that my mother needs me to lie to father. so I just looked at father and kept silent as tears fell down my cheeks. _what are you? a monster? kids are still in shock and YOU interrogate them? Aya go back to your room! _she stays till I dismiss her Haniko. my mother hugged me in her arms and said : _I told you whatever you wanted to hear. my kids, OUR kids had enough. leave them be. I do as you command. just let them be. _so you say this curse did not affect our children? _its just me, our children are pure. my father crossed his arms on his chest and gave me a look from the side of his eye. _tell me, child. do you see monsters? I was shaking now and looking between my mothers' worried eyes and my father scary frown. _dont look at your mother! answer me! _ye..yes! _I couldn't hear you louder! _yes I can! my mother pressed me harder on her chest. tears were falling down her eyes on my kimono. seeing my mother crying like that made me cry even more and still in silence. I feared my tears might upset him. my mother kissed me on top of my head and said : _thats the effect of MY curse. if I die the curse will be lifted. it's not her. it is ME! for a moment I thought I saw tears in my fathers' eyes but then it was gone and his cold look was still there. _you may go Aya. the guard came and took my hand and led me out of the room. I looked back at my mother still shaking and crying before he closes the door and... and it was the last time I saw my mother. the next morning our father asked me and my siblings to his office. he told us that mother was ill and had to go somewhere to get cured. he said she will be back when she is better and we should wait till then and we are not allowed to talk about her ever before she returns to us. after that black morning. I did saw monsters again but I never talked about it. in general, I became much quite and so introverted. I didn't even talk to my sister that much like before. my siblings, as well they changed in their own way. they stopped talking about that day. my sister became so workaholic, kept herself always busy she had a notebook and had a plan for her every single free hour. and still, I could hear her crying some nights from her room. she was lucky that she could cry her pain out. but for me, it was just a heavy pain on my heart that had dug its claws so deep in my soul which couldn't turn to soothing tears. my brother always kept his sword somewhere near the arms reach even at his bedside or at the dining table. he became a bit grumpy and bitter to servents but he was always kind toward me and my sister. but something about my father changed which I can not easily explain. he became even more bitter and scarier. somehow he completely stopped talking to me and my sister and the only time we had a short conversation was after dinner for a few minutes. he frequently asked the nobles of the Isamu clan to his office and they had long meetings. my brother was, even more, busier with the meetings, because he had to attend every single one of them. he never told us about them and when we asked he said its all confidential but it is nothing to be worried about. we didn't know back then that he only wanted to keep us from harm which my father was causing, but soon we found out the truth. my father as the head of Isamu clan had broken the peace treaty. he had started a fight with the neighboring clans. soon our garden was filled with soldiers our father and my brother was always in war uniform.the war started six months after my mothers' disappearance, and it was already fifteen years that we were constantly in war. I thought that it can not get any worse until one evening. Akio asked me and my sister to meet him in his room which by now was more like a war room. he poured us tea and asked us each that if we have all we need and if there is anything we might be in need of. it was suspicious more like a goodbye. I asked : _why do you talk like you are leaving? my sister added: _yes big brother. is something wrong? _oh... well...! he sighed and continued: _ as you know we have captured all the neighboring clans' lands. I crossed my arms and said : _which I am not proud of. he continued: _ the only clan which we couldn't capture yet is Zabatsu clan. my sister suddenly said: _isnt it our mothers' clan? a heavy silence fell on us. none of us ever mentioned the word " mother " in that long fifteen years. it was the forbidden word. elder brother nodded : _ there is something about this clan that they can block our attacks easily. like they already knew about our whereabouts. we need to in filter their base and find out if we have a spy. I leaned toward him a bit and asked: _ and don't tell me YOU are the one who is going to go on this mission? _ father can not trust anybody for this mission. I jumped out of my seat and shouted: _ I can not allow it!!! it is a suicide mission! you can not do that! you won't go! my siblings both stood up to calm me down but I didn't let them touch me. _ tell me elder brother! tell me you won't go! _ it is already decided! I do it for YOUR safety. if we have a spy no one is safe until we find him. _ I don't care !! I don't want to lose you too!! he looked at me in silent which I knew it means he has nothing to say but obeying my father. I left the room with rage. and didn't go downstairs to say goodbye to him the next morning either which I regretted very soon. WC: 2373
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    ORP COMMUNITY 500K EVENT: Info/Sign-Up/Questions

    Name: Aya Isamu Race: Shinigami Number: 1111
  7. the gate to the barracks is huge. the sign of the squad is written right at the top of the gate. as you enter you find yourself in a huge garden. in the middle of the garden is a lake and in the heart of the lake is a small tea house made on the island which connects with two elegant bridges to the north and south of the garden. beyond the garden is the office building. the first floor is made of offices for seated officers of the squad and on the second floor, you will find the captain office, lieutenant office, and the conference room. behind the building are the meditation and training ground with all the facilities for shinigami's to train. on the right side of the training ground are the laboratory and the library located in a huge building. these buildings are connected with a green area and a road with rows of cherry trees at each side to the dormitories. The dormitory building is a huge mansion with a great lobby on the ground floor which leads with a passage to the dining room. two staircases are located on the left and right side of the main lobby and one in the center. The left stairs go to the west wing with dorms of the unseated officers, the right-wing made for dorms of seated officers and the middle one goes to the captain and lieutenant quarters.
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    Aya Isamu

    Waiola puts her empty bowl of Ramen down on the small table. Daisuke was gazing at his untouched Ramen and was deep in thoughts as he had an arm on the chest and leaned his other elbow on it to rub his chin while thinking. Waiola points at his bow and says : _ don't you wanna eat that? Daisuke pushes the bowl at her and shouts: _ HOW CAN YOU THINK ABOUT EATING AT SUCH A SITUATION? she grabs the bowl with two hands like having a treasure : _its delicious! :3 Aya comes from the kitchen and puts the tray with kettle and cups on the table. she puts the cups in front of her guests and poured tea for each of them. they thanked her for her hospitality and drink. Daisuke looks through the broken wall at the little girl playing with butterflies in the backyard. he sighs and asks : _so You and that girl are the only souls who survived the hollow attack? and there was NO shinigami around? that's strange! it can not be! Aya looks down at her knees and fists her hands in pain, to know that all her family and friends and all people she grew up with are all devoured by a hollow made her angry but above that, it burned up her hatred for quinces. _our guests were quincies... by the huge amount of the hollows I am sure they used hollow baits to attract them to our village and while they were slaughtering my people they had the shinigami teams busy enough for hollows to kill everyone... ! the shinigami who saved me was also injured and he was all alone... I assume he had lost his team during the battle with our guests. she clunches her teeth and moves her chin even more into her collar so that her black hair would fall on her eyes. Waiola looks at her with sympathy and says: _I am sorry ... for ... everything you went through it is not easy. Daisuke adds : _you can count on me, I will help you and Nanako in any way I can... and ah... I am sorry about the wall, I can fix it for you in half a day or less. Aya collects herself and looks up with a smile : thank you for your kindness. Waiola elbows Daisukes side and says : _then what are you waiting for? move and fix it! as they both stand up Aya says : _oh! you don't need to do it now? you are my guests! Daisuke: _ and we have destroyed your wall! its all your fault Waiola if you hadn't told me to rush in it would not happen? Waiola : _oh? why me? its not my fault that you have a buffalo size shoulder which breaks everything! Daisuke:_ if it wasn't because of your brilliant plan, nothing of such would happen! Waiola: _its not like you begged me to stop ... they both turn to Aya with the sound of her elegant laughter : _ thank you guys ! WC: 500
  9. Aurora

    Aya Isamu

    Sunday morning before sunrise, a shadow walks down the stairs of the 5th division dormitory. Daisuke who was sitting by the wall and had held his knees between his huge arms wakes up with a kick he got from the tall girl standing beside him. before he can say anything Waiola put her hand on his mouth and with her head signed to the shadow who was walking toward the garden. she whispers : _shuuush!...I told you, she is up to something! ...move! they cautiously and slowly move behind the shadow, they didn't want it to notice them, though it was so hard for Daisuke to move his huge body in silence as good as Waiola. so she had to hold his arm constantly and move him right and left in order to prevent him from stepping on a branch or bush and make noises that could possibly reveal them. it was not fun for Daisuke to be ordered around by Waiola more than before but as he couldn't see well in the dark of the garden, he was happy enough that he haven't stumble on a stone or sth that could cause him to break a leg or an arm. he knew that when you have a massive body falling hurts more! by the time the shadow passed the main gate, it was almost down and Daisuke could see better in the twilight. dark blue sky open arms to more colors of violet which by every minute was turning lighter and lighter to lilac-pink and then little by little turning color to light soft blue of the early morning. now they could see the little figure of the mysterious person in a dark green cape. it was walking fast toward the main gate of the seireitei. _why is she going that way? there is nothing but the great gate? Daisuke tried to say the words in a low tone but it was hard for him to properly whisper as he was almost running behind the fast-moving shadow-like figure. as the figure goes to the gatekeeper Waiola puts a hand on Daisuke's chest and push him back on a wall and tries to hide behind a small edge of the alley. as she had her keen eyes on the figure in cape she answers : _she is leaving the city! it is getting better and better! right after their short chat, gatekeeper nods to the figure and opens the gate for her. he was keeping his huge axes up while eyeing the outer world sharply then he made sure that there is no threat and lets the figure pass. Waiola runs to the gatekeeper and drags Daisuke along. before he could put his axes down to close the gate she jumps in front of him holding Daisukes kimonos sleeve in hand . she laughs in a very low voice and gives him a big smile : _good morning ahaha ..haha! what a good day yeah? haha! haha! Waiola tried to eye on the figure every now and then and keep track of its movment direction while gatekeeper was looking at them with suspicion, and had his ax firm in hand. he asks : _goodmorning! Identify yourself, please? _oh yeah sure, I am Waiola Seno and this is Daisuke Gima we are on a mission from 5th Division. we need to pass... now! hehe! she forces a smile as the figure was getting too far to track. gatekeeper rubs his chin and looks at their kimonos sign. it was definitely the fifth division uniform. _if you are on a mission why are you only two? and who is the team leader? Waiola frons and her eyebrow jumps in anger. she was very angry as she couldn't see the figure anymore. she opens her mouth to shout at the keeper that Daisuke put a hand on her shoulder pulling her back and walks towards the gatekeeper. he had his eyes fixed on his and while he closes his distance with him more and more with each step he took as he was pressing his index finger on his chest pushing him backward. he said: _we can stay here all morning and talk and talk but we have a mission to do and if we fail the mission because of YOU being lonely and looking for a friendly chat, YOU are the one who has to answer the captain of the fifth division. now the choice is yours are we allowed to pass? the gatekeeper hesitates but for sure he didn't want to anger the fifth division's captain. plus if they were only two young shinigamis who are probably looking for some alone time in the weekend it wasn't a big deal. he didn't see this might bring any risk to Seireitei security and if they were really on a mission it didn't worth to anger a captain. so he smiled mischievously and let them pass wishing them a good time and happiness and that he hope to be invited to their wedding. which made two comrades so uncomfortable that they preferred to walk as fast as they can away from him though he was shouting his blessing still by the time they arrived in Rukongai. they stop when they were sure that the gatekeeper can not see them and they can not hear his nonsense blabbering about loyalty in marriage and the number of children. they found themselves in the middle of Rukongai in the early Sunday morning, there was no one in the alleys and if they could get rid of the gatekeeper sooner for sure they could track the figure easily. Daisuke punches a wall in anger : _cant believe we lost her, I cant feel her reiatsu at all! _not yet! Waiola smiles with self-appreciation as Daisuke looks at her puzzled. Waiola moves her hand into a small bag on her waist and kneels on the ground. she took her hand out and Daisuke notices black powder on her fingertips. she draws a circle, with the appropriate symbols set apart in four quadrants upon the ground, using the black powder, when she put her palms down under the circle and says the incantation of the kakushitsuijaku kido : _heart of the south, eye of the north, finger of the west, foot of the east, arrive with the wind and depart with the rain. Daisuke looks with wounder as the circle glows with a blue light and the symbols within the circle were animated, causing various numbers to appear within until the specific set is found. Waiola smiles big and laughs : _YES !!! it works ! it works ! youhooo hahaha here you are sir, her exact longitude and latitude! ... hmmm she is not that far either!! Daisuke blinks few times while he was gazing at the numbers before looking up at her with open mouth: _but how did you learn such a complex kido ???? its the kido number 58!!!! just how on earth you could DO THAT ???? _I have my own way to extend my abilities! ... ah.. enough chat, we have to find her NOW! I do not have enough reiatsu to do that all again !!! move !!! let's go !!! she walks ahead of him and ignores his constant questions. after a few minutes, they reach an old house. they hide behind a wall in the opposite alley and watch the house carefully. waiola rubs under her nose and whispers : _I go take a look, you stay here, if I didn't come back after five minutes you rush in. Daisuke opens his mouth to say something but before he can say anything she had already jumped on the roof of the neighboring building with her whip. he frowns and whispers to himself : _that stupid, stubborn girl! I hope she at least knows how to hide her reiatsu as good as her kido 58! Waiola lands gracefully in the backyard of the house and sneaks cautiously beside the window and carefully looks inside with one eye. but she couldn't believe her eyes. Aya Isamu was sitting beside a little girl and was laughing at her for her being silly with her Ramen noodles and making noodle mustache for herself. the little girl was trying to make funny faces and Aya was obviously happy and cheerful. Waiola thought to herself! _what!! what is she doing? Does she have a daughter? all these sneaking and stuff for THIS ?? Aya still had her smile on her face and without looking at the window she says : _you do not need to hide anymore Waiola, you can come in, the door is open. a cold sweat sat on her forehead as she opens the door with shame and lots of questions in her head. Aya smiles at her : come, sit with us at the table. Waiola obeys. the little girl who still had noodles on her face looks at her with shy eyes and leans toward Aya to ask with a low voice : _ who is she Aya san? waiola opens her mouth to ask a question but right then Aya moves the table to the sidewall and asks the little girl to sit there . she then moves to the front door and opens it when suddenly Daisuke immediately rushes in and hit the opposite wall with one shoulder which causes a huge crack on the wall. everybody look at the crack for a moment in silence and then half of the wall falls. the little girl cries and hides behind Aya: _who are they Aya san ? what do they want? WC: 1586
  10. Aurora

    Aya Isamu

    aya walked down the stairs with a letter in her hand. she hand found it that morning in her room. it was a special meeting with team leader and team members. it was a weekend so she didn't expect it. it was just a simple letter : Dear, Miss. Aya Isamu It would be a pleasure to have you in the weekly meeting at the tea house by 11:00 a.m. sincerely yours vadim satow she did not have to run because she had already received the letter pretty early in the morning. she walks to the dining room for breakfast and finds waiola there eating like a hungry lion. as she notices Aya she tries to chew slowly to act a bit more ladylike but the bite was so big that she had all her mouth full. just right then Daisuke enters. _ damn I am so hungry ! ... wait ... did YOU eat ALL these dishes ??? Waiola frons and make some noises with her mouth full. _aha... nonsense ! ... man! I can't believe you just left us some cereals !!! aya holds her letter up: _ did any of you get a letter for the meeting? Waiola makes some more noises as Daisuke starts eating his cereals but his words were more meaningful than hers : _ yeah we always get one of them once in a while, it is nothing that important! waiola frons and make some noises and push more bread in her mouth. they walk the road in the green garden to the bamboo trees, and there they find the lake. if it wasn't because of the constant arguing between Waiola and Daisuke it could be a very peaceful walk for Aya. lotus flowers were all around floating on the water as they crossed the bridge and sat around the tea-table. team leader arrives a few minutes later. they were all quiet. team leader pours tea for each of them and lets them all have a sip or two and then he begins. _as you all know we are on a different mission track... we strickly need teamwork. it is a very crucial part of our work. and YOU guys absolutely has NO positive teamwork. I want to listen to your reasons on this matter and if we can not solve it, we have to say goodbye to this team. the division needs fighters not kids to babysit. Miss. Seno you are fast with high perception but you get angry very fast, it stops you from understanding your differences with others and accepting them. MR. Gima you are strong with high stamina but your trust to your strength blinds you from your weaknesses and that makes you a target, plus your lack of concentration makes you weak in the teamwork. miss. Isamu I know you are new, but we have high expectations from you as the strategy of the division is changing. do not answer me with words now, show me that you can be a team ... you have only two weeks to work it out between yourself, I expect you to practice and spend time with each other. build your strategy to cover each other weaknesses not to bold them. then and only then you can be a team. in the way back to dorms they were all quiet. not even a single time any of them uttered a word. down the staircase Waiola turns to them : _as we all have straight orders... ahhh... I know it is not the most fun thing we can do in a weekend, but how about some practice tomorrow... together? Aya lingers... : I must appologize ... but.. I can not. I am sorry! she bows politly and walks the stairs up. Waiola frons again and looks at Daisuke : _something is fishy! W.C : 623
  11. Aurora

    Aya Isamu

    _when I first met Aya Isamu it was in kido class, she was way above all other students, I was impressed that I almost didn't notice that my tea is pouring down on my kimono! she learned all the Academy Kidos only in one week, I can surely say that she could learn them faster if some instructors were kinder to her ... I rarely may find a sharp student like her in all the years of my service in the Academy. the old man gazed at his tea as if he was reviewing all the centuries he had been teaching in the Academy. Vadim said nothing and let the old man survey his old memories in peace. after a few seconds, he came back to his time and sighed with a faint smile underneath his huge beard and mustache. he softly blew the hot steam of the tea and make it dance over in the light of the morning sun. drinks a sip and looks up at the young team leader of the 5th Division. _so why did you say you need my best of the best again satow kun? _with respect sir, it is confidential but the captain has new plans for the division. _If you need a genius then Isamu is the one you are looking for. _genius?... yes... yes genius. Vadim leans back on his seat with his arms crossed on his chest. he smiles softly and nods. WC: 241
  12. Aurora

    Aya Isamu

    _The attack on the village was horrible. lots of invisible monsters attacked everyone and slaughtered every soul. later in soul societies Academy, I learned the true story about Quincies and their abilities. they probably used lots of Hollow baits to attract so many hollows to our village. I still can clearly remember the fright I had when the Hollow shoved its claws in my belly and killed me. if it wasn't because of a soul reaper I would have been devoured by a hollow as well. I don't know how many souls he could save that night, but with what I witnessed that night, I don't think they could be much. I searched for survivor souls of my village in Rukongai and I couldn't find any but a little girl called Nanako. as the daughter of the Isamu clan chief, I took all the responsibilities to take care of her. but it wasn't that easy as a new soul in Rukongai. I took care of her but I had to left her behind and come to the academy when a soul reaper found out that I haven't eaten anything for two months and I still show no sign of fatigue. it was when I wanted to find a job in a construction site. they didn't want to give the job to a girl with such a little frame as mine. they thought I can not work. I explained that a little girl is staying with me and she is so weak as she didn't have anything to eat for a long time and I need the job desperately. they still refused but I didn't want to back down for the sake of Nanako so I went to the heaviest rock there and used my reiatsu to pull it and then made it fly to put it on the other floor. it was then when a guy in black kimono came from the shadows and asked me some questions, then told me that he thinks I am strong enough to enter Academy. he left and I got the job. that night I bought a portion of good food for Nanako as I didn't feel hungry at all I let her eat all her want. then I decided to enter the Academy. In Seireitei I could earn enough to make a good life for Nanako. so we started training but she failed the exam and I passed. it was hard for both of us when I left her alone at home but then we got used to it. I regularly met her on my off days and I could easily provide for her. and even now I keep on practicing with her and I hope she will soon join the Academy. I hope... WC : 461
  13. Aurora

    Aya Isamu

    that morning was like every other day, shiny and warm enough for birds to sing until a sound of an impact of a heavy object to the ground forced them to fly away from the branches of the trees around the training ground. as the dust sets down a tall girl with pink hair and a punky make up, puts her foot on the shoulder of the heavy built guy on the dusty ground : _ heh! it was easier than I expected! now who takes the first patrol Daisuke ? the guy tries to free his hand under her feet but she stumps on it harder, that pushes him back on the ground again. Daisuke frowns and gathers his energy on his massive arms to jumps up suddenly that throws the girl back but before she hits the tree line she throws her whip on a branch. with the help of the grip, she jumps up on the tree. the guy shakes the dust away from his red hair and points at the girl sitting on the branch : _ Waiola you gonna pay for this! he smashed his fists on each other causing the dust to fall from his shoulders and runs straight to the tree with full speed. Waiola throws her whip again but as she didn't expect him to run to the tree, she couldn't be as fast to relocate to another one before he punches the tree with full force. she slips from the branch and with an uncalculated angle swings down the falling-tree as a result, she kicks Daisukes wide jaw unintentionally before falling with all pieces of the tree on him. as they struggle in dust and broken pieces of the tree to stand, a shade of a man falls on them, they look up to see his figure standing in the sunlight, both raise their hands on their eyes to see better in the shade, but when they hear his calm and collected voice they had no doubt who was standing there: _ I thought my orders were clear "to practice with dummies" and what do we have here? .. two "dummies" fighting a tree? waiola blushes as she says: _team leader Satow! Daisuke stands while murmuring some words to himself with obvious irritation in his face, he turns to face his team leader : _I am tired of this Vad ! you should let me join the patrol, you know I am ready for this! instead, you shoot me to this spider-monkey who can't even jump on a tree properly! waiolas right eyebrow jumps in anger as she closes her eyes for a moment before presses her forehead on Daisuke and gazing into his eyes in a very threatening way: excuse me? who do you call "spider_monkey" you "guerilla_puff_meat"? do you want to be beaten up again? _you have a death wish Spider_monkey! _not in a million years after killing YOU puff_meat! _if you want to keep your bones healthy in your body you buzz off now! _you really feel like to be pilled like a rotten orange with my whip? _ STOP IT NOW! BOTH OF YOU! team leader pushes the two away standing between them to see a small framed girl with long black hair standing in front of them. she bows politely : _ good morning, my name is Aya Isamu, 20th seat of the Division, I have been assigned to the team under the responsibility of team leader Satow_sama! the two stops punching and kicking with the entrance of the new member. team leader greet her : _ good morning, I am Vadim Satow, seat 9th, welcome I was looking forward to meeting you. this is Waiola Seno seat 18th officer and Daisuke Gima seat 19th officer. Waiola nods with a suspicious frown and Daisuke steps forward looking at her top to toe : _I expected you to be bigger! Waiola smirks and folds her arms on her chest : _what? Do you think everybody should be a lump of puff meat like you? _ who did you call puff meat again? _ the one and only puff meat Daisuke! as they start arguing again, Vadim put a hand on Ayas shoulder and lead her a bit away : _ you should forgive their manners, they are good fighters but don't know anything about teamwork and without good teamwork, you are just as good as dead out of here. my duty is to train you both on your skills and teamwork. I heard about your achievements in the academy, I hope with you on our team we will have better results. _ thank you I am honored to be trained by you sir and be in your team. she bows again, as the team leader walks back to his seat and the voice of her new comrades fades in her thoughts : _this is nothing as I expected! WC : 799
  14. the heat of the burning roofs of the village and the smell of ashes of dead bodies mixed with blood moved on her burned nose bridge, cheeks and down on her injured ear with the wind which went right into her long black hair and lifted them up for her to hear the cries of small children being slaughtered by an invisible enemy. not for her of course, she could see the monsters devouring the souls of her own clan. but not even the strongest of the warriors could fight an invisible enemy. she clutched her teeth together and made her covered in blood hand squeezed in a tight fist. she looked up as the voice of an incoming arrow made her jump from the branch of the tree on the burning alley under her feed. she landed gracefully on a knee and kept her sword and dagger up for a defense that a familiar man landed on the roof of the same house right in front of her. a tall young man with green hair and piercing green eyes. he shot three more arrows fast. she had never seen an archer as swift as him with his hands and feet as he jumped around on the roofs following her. she kept dodging to reposition and blocking his attacks with her sword that she found herself in a dead-end alley with houses burning in fire. he had his bow aimed at her when she suddenly felt a pain in her ankle and sensed the blood running down her feet. she wasn't fast enough to avoid his last arrow. his smirk widened he knew he had his prey in his claws and she had no way to run. _Good evening. isn't it rude to keep your honored guests waiting for you to show up as a host to greet them properly? _Kakeru Zaibatsu! a cold sweat covered her body as his smirk fades away and a strong frown shadowed his face: _ Do you think you could easily disrespect Zabatsu family? what ? you think we are as dumb as YOUR pathetic human clan? Your spiritual pressure was totally different from your sister, even the dumbest Quency could feel that! now you thought only because you look like your sister you can trick us? Aurora gasps : - Quincy !? She wanted to stand up but she could n’t, it was like she was frozen on her place. He lowers his voice and as he was walking closer, continues and composing himself with another dreadful smirk : -Well yeah! Don’t tell me you didn’t know? we caught your brother spying on us, my father was so generous that didn’t kill the brat right away. he thought he could make an alliance so we kept him alive to gain what? he shouts: _Another lie!? he takes a deep breath: anyway … Isamu clan paid the price! but unfortunately, as father asked we had to let the hollows to do the job he bends to whisper in Aurora's ear : -I wish I could taste your sweet blood on my arrow after killing you by my own hands... Aya Isamu. _ AYA ISAMU!!! Aya jumps as the voice of the officer of 5th Division broke the chain of her thoughts. _why would I remember it now?! she thought to herself. the officer continued : _I asked if you have any objection to enter the 5th Divison, state it now? _no objection sir. _good, you have been chosen as the seated officer in the 20th seat of the 5th Divison. we are responsible for Karakura city's souls, your training starts tomorrow, there is the training field right behind the dorms, any questions? _no sir. _in that case, follow me I show you the dorm. the brakes were huge. after passing through the huge entrance gate, you find yourself in a Japanese garden that seems endless until you find the lake. the sign is the dense bamboo trees around it. if you see the bamboos you know the lake is close. right in the middle of the lake is the tea house. every meeting with the captain will be held there. at least it is what the officer told Aya. after walking for a while you will see a huge majestic architecture of the old Japanese castles. it is the offices of the Division, Captain and the Vice captains dorms are also located there. they do not use it as they have their own separate houses in the middle of the back garden behind the training fields but the dorms have been provided for them in case of emergency and constants meetings. soon the officer opens a huge door leading Aya to a shining living room made of marbles with a set of two staircases in the sides of the huge room. a few members were sitting on the couch and looked at Aya with interest and curiosity and whisper to each other. the officer points at the right side door beside the staircase. _this door leads to the dining room, breakfast at 5 am, lunch at 12 and dinner at 6 pm. it has a backdoor, to kitchen and storage rooms you will find the servents quarter behind them all. the staircase leads to the dorms for the 20th to 10th seat members... which makes the 20th room yours. he takes a deep breath like it was hard for him to continue talking. for some reason, Aya was not as interesting to him as the other members in the living room. _the left staircase is for 9th to 3rd seats. the door on the left side of the living room leads to the library. lab is just beside the library. any questions? _no sir. _good, you are free now. don't forget to be in the training field tomorrow at 6 am. _yes sir. she opens the curtain of her small room to see the view of the training ground, a small bathroom was right on her left side where her desk was beside its door. a closet right next to it and a bed on the other side of the room with a small table beside it. she sat on the bed, gazing to the moving clouds in the sky. she took a deep breath and lay on the bed. it was not more than 3 years that she entered the Soul Societies Academy and she could learn how to control and make use of her Reiatsu efficiently, as well as the four major shinigami combat forms: Hakuda, Hoho, Kido, and Zanjutsu. as she was a fast learner she also learned how to perform Soul Burials and how to communicate with the spirit of her Zanpakuto " Yukiko " . to her she was a particle of light in the dark world of hers. she still remembered her life as a human. and how she lost all her clan due to Quincy attack on her village. many felt jealous toward her because of her fast learning skills and also that she could finish the Academy way faster than others and also immediately got admission in the 5th Division by the Commander invitation, only in the third year of the Academy. she was even granted a seated position but it was nothing for her. she couldn't feel any happiness before she could get her revenge. soon she closes her eyes and drifts away to the nightmare she has every night which starts with a familiar party and the flying lanterns in the river which flow through their old garden. WC: 1,264
  15. Aurora

    Cell-2 Training Ground

    Aurora's shoulders shook in anger, she screamed and draw her blade as she jumped backward in a swift move. She shouts with a shaking voice : -You murderers killed innocent people! She attacks to him as he dodged and jumped over a burning roof. it was her old village in flames and she could hear screams with pain all around as her people were dying. -Can you hear it Aya? The symphony of revenge! He draw his bow and shooted three arrows of blue light to her which she dodged two of them and blocked one with the sword. she took her sword's handle tighter in hand : -I am going to bath in your blood Kakeru! “ In your mind the cleverest confusion: a slowly unfolding delusional illusion. “ her swords change into a red long sword -“ Senka! ( flash blossom ) . she appears behinds him and she wilds her sword right into his chest. But it had no effect on him like crossing your sword over a shadow! He laughed and draw his arrow on her forehead with his big threatening smile. -Farewell dead spirit! -Senka. (flash blossom ) Aurora appears on a tree branch beside the house. as his arrow hits a house and makes a huge explosion which caused all building to collapse. the dust and sand mix with the smoke and fire in the air! -Aya Isamu, is running away the only fighting technique your father thought you? -Shut your filthy mouth! “Onmitsu”(after image ) She rushes towards him and makes 3 after images around him attacking him at the same time. he smirks and jumps in the air easily . his bow glows brighter in blue light as he shoots. in a blink of an eye, all images get a powerful arrow in the chest which throws them all back in the air as they disappear. Aurora's dodge wasn’t fast enough to avoid the arrow so the arrow hits her left shoulder and throws her back on the ground with a strong force causing a deep hole on the ground around the point of impact. Aurora hardly stands. it felt like all her Reiatsu is draining into the arrow on her shoulder, she takes it out with a painful shout and it vanishes in the air as her blood jumps out. Kakeru lands on the roof of the opposite house, facing Aurora. -I am disappointed! I heard Isamu clan had the best warriors! “ he looks around “ -so is THIS how you fight? Screaming in fear and pain, “ his eyes fix on Aurora “ -covered in your own blood and dust of your own houses? Aurora breath deeply in rage, holds the handle of her sword with both hands, her reiatsu was moving around her like a huge purple fire it runes down on her sword made it glow in amethyst color. the amount of energy in the sword made it heavy and it was like the sword was alive and roaring. it was moving in the heavy waves of reiatsu! her zanpakuto had absorbed and condenses Auroras reiatsu at the tip of the blade in the shape of a strong amethyst light which made it difficult for people to see the sword or Aurora's arms. she shouts in anger : -I said SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Kakerus eyes go wide as she swang the sword down with all her power! the sword releases all the energy with great force in the shape of a purple boomerang or wave which turned in a high speed that creates a hollowed circle of amethyst light for the eye. Creates a large scale of damage and destruction and destroys everything in its way to reach Kakeru . all the houses fall into pieces and even the ground cracks open in its way. In the real world, a huge amount of amethyst reiatsu and energy burst out of Aurora causes the strong Ice around Dante and Aurora and a huge space around them in the training ground breaks and shatters into pieces. In the inner world, Aurora couldn’t move and her hands were shaking and she was breathing deeply . all the world around her disappears as they all turn into smoke and fade in the darkness and purple mist. Yukiko walks toward Aurora,: -my-my! you discovered Amejisutoburedo ( amethyst blade). Aurora stumbles and keeps herself from falling by her sword. The pictures of the fresh memories were still in her mind. she couldn’t collect herself yet! -hmmm, I train you, princess. You proved that you are worthy of my power. These words gave her slight relieving feelings which made her fall unconscious still holding on her sword. She wakes up in the real world, Dante was laying down on a crater covered in particles of shattered ice. Aurora wondered what happened to the stone and she was worried if she is responsible for all the destruction and if she had hurt Dante, she didn't want to hurt anybody else, especially not him. there was no sign of the storm of his spiritual energy. small little pieaces of ice were everywhere like a weird snow! She was breathing hardly and she couldn’t move or talk, just looking around at the frozen valley and the little diamond like small particles of ice all around. It was sundown and shattered ice reflected the golden rays of the sun in a mystical soothing way. The memories were still there and she didn’t know what should she do now with her new identity and the fact that she herself caused her whole clan to die ! the only thing she could understand was the painful feeling of guilt and revenge which made a heavy feeling on her chest.