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  1. Aurora

    Aurora Picture Awesomeness

    I like all names , wow you have awesome words :3
  2. Aurora

    Aurora Picture Awesomeness

    Blushes!!!! X3
  3. Aurora

    Cell-2 Spa

    Aurora jumped as she was napping in hot water , it was so relaxing that she really fell asleep . she felt so refreshed and healthy. all her injuries were cured. of course commander . she then walked out of the water , and head to the changing room as she felt so shy with her clothes all wet sticking to her body shamefully . she blushed deep as she closed the door and changed into a clean Kimono .
  4. Aurora

    Cell-2 Spa

    Aurora took off her kimono , she could see all her body is injured and bruised. it was so uncomfortable for her to be in the spa and wear Yukata but couldnt disagree while it was an straight order. hmm ... he knows me well already ! the thought gave her a slight smile on the corner of her lips . she tried to cover her injuries , she didnt want to make Dante feel bad about the training . but still injuries on her feet and forearms were visible even a little on the back of her neck as she tied her her all up . she walked out of dressing room saw Dante relaxing in the water and have closed his eyes. even though his eyes were closed she blushed and felt so shy so tried to sit as far as possible . as hot water covered her body she felt relaxed immediately . her tense muscles could feel relax and she sighed in relaxation.
  5. Aurora

    Cell-2 Training Ground

    as Dante appeared in front of her she bowed with a gentle smile on her lips : Thank you for the training commander . Aurora didnt want to leave the training but Dantes serious look could convinced her to walk back home reluctantly . still she knew how hard the training could be for him , as she didnt show any sign of going hollow . it was about noon and they were walking together in silence . she looked at Dante from the corner of her eyes a feeling of safety and happiness warmed her heart that gave her a slight blush and a happy smile on her lips as she looked down on her feet again. to be continued in Cell 2 Spa page 14
  6. Aurora

    Cell-2 Training Ground

    This technique was so amazing that it left Auroras mouth wide open in shock. She felt confident a few minutes ago that she could learn how to control the amount of reiatsu and above all her bracelet was calm and easy and she haven’t provoked her hollow with her efforts even if she had flash backs of new memories streaming into her but now with Dante's performance on the Onmitsu (After Image) technique she lost a bit of her previous confidence. Apart from the fact that she got worried for him as she noticed the sweat on his forehead and she knew it is mostly because of Dante's control over her cycle of spiritual energy balance and the massive drain on his reiatsu caused by the using the technique. She could not imagine how hard it could be for him to handle it all while teaching her. You are going to do this Aurora… You have to. She closed her eyes once more and focused, feeling the reitsu cover and accumulate under her feet as much as she did for Flash Blossom technique and just kept adding more and more before she flash steps around the area disappearing and appearing everywhere but still it was not enough to make an after image of her self. She tried to add more reiatsu at first, the drain on her reiatsu took a huge toll on her each time she preformed the flash steps trying to make the technique come to life. She found herself shaking in pain, her knees and feet strained under the amount of pressure she was under over the use of the high speed flash steps. She lost control as she fell down on to the ground badly scraping her knees and elbows trying to lessen the fall as her speed was so high. She stood up and looked down to her knees, blood slowly dripping down it and her fingers as she had a cut on her right arm also. She takes her handkerchief out of her kimonos inner sleeve pocket she had made and bandages her arm with her other hand and gritted on her teeth. She looked back and saw Dante's worried expression on his face before she stood upright taking deep and heavy breaths trying to calm herself and focus her reiatsu. She took a few minutes gathering reiatsu under her feet again and concentrating on the feeling balancing it and moving it slowly trying to gain more control over her ability to control the output and density of her reiatsu. She leaps forward moving with a high speed again creating a shadow of her clothes colors behind her but not an After Image, not even close to it to the technique Dante displayed. She gets angry and adds a huge amount of reiatsu to her feet which was a huge mistake. She felt her muscles screaming and tearing before she stopped and stood still, rubbing her upper legs trying to massage them feeling the pain coursing through her body. She thought about the very first seconds she used the technique in trying to think about how to make it work. She flashsteps again and suddenly took off a very clear After Image appeared . it made her excited as she tried to keep control and make more she puts all her concentration on her body and feet to take the increasing amount of reiatsu pressure so it made her lose her focus on the technique and planned destination before she hit herself hard on the rock face in front of her. She could feel blood in her mouth. She stood up with her shaking knees and lots of bruises all over her body because of the impact. She knew if she showed any signs of pain Dante would stop the training. She swallowed the blood in her mouth tasting its texture made her angry and nauseous as she wanted to keep on going. She took off towards the open space in a flash leaving behind an after image then one more happy for the results she tries to push her self more but her energy is drained . stopping in the middle of the field out of breath made her even more angry . She glanced behind her as the last image disappeared and looked at Dante happy with her accomplishment at learning the technique. She then looked up at the blue sky. A golden eagle was flying high in the sky searching for pray. In the clear sky of the spring morning . I am can do it. She takes a deep breath as she closes her eyes. Yukiko puts a hand on her shoulder and whispers in her ear. First you just need to gather enough reiatsu and you could make an image like just a few seconds ago. You just need to add a bit more to make it clear and more practical. Second. Never lose focus on the destination, last but not least let your body flow with the movement don't fight it and let your reiatsu move through you like an eagle in the air. She opens her eyes while concentrating on a huge amount of reiatsu moving and gathering under her feet as she flash steps toward Dante… the wind moving in her hair in high speed as everything felt as if it slowed down in motion around her. Suddenly another flash back appears to her the memory of holding a burned corpse in her arms though she couldn’t tell who the persons body was, if it is male or female but she could feel clearly the sharp claws of sorrow digged deep in her heart . big tears were falling down her cheeks as She looks up into the sky and cries out. Nooooooooooo!!!!!! A mysterious feeling of revenge imprisoned her heart . her rage moved into her feet as she runs faster with a frown . she incredible speed made her image triples, one disappears in the mid movement just when she draws her sword, and the other two seemed as if they wanted to attack Dante as they swung down with their swords but before reaching him they disappeared. Small strings of Dante's hair moves as one of the images passing by him at speed looked as if it could touch his hair with it's sword. Aurora appears behind him back to back as she moves her head to her shoulder with a sad yet relieved smile on her face. Im here! She said out of breath and completely exhausted. The days training was some of the hardest she had ever done. Nothing like what she was used to when training at the academy. The days training was running through her mind with the lingering memories she had of past events. The scrapes and cuts on her body was evidence of her effort and determination to achieve her goals of getting stronger. It was like a badge of honor displaying just that and made her feel it was all worth it despite the surging and evident pain she was feeling in her heart and body.
  7. Aurora

    Cell-2 Training Ground

    Aurora aims for a tree ,gathers the reiatsu Yukiko granted her under her feet , flash steps towards the tree. Even though she was tired she persisted but it wasn’t as fast as it is supposed to be and made her disappear from the for a moment. It was more like multiple disappearances appearing in a line. She tries and tries but it seemed like she was just repeating her flash steps in a faster version but not fast enough for the Flash Blossom. Gahh… , it is harder than it looks! Takes a deep breath and looks over the field to Dante. His presence was more than a motivation for her, he was the one who knew all her weaknesses and was polishing her strength to be under her control for her benefit. I wont let you down Hirako Sama. She stood still for a moment closing her eyes and focusing on gathering more reiatsu. She could feel the pressure under her feet as she focused harder and harder, sweat pouring down her face as she slowly took big breaths. She moves forward at an incredible speed momentarily before she looses control over the pressure on her body and stumbles on the ground, dust and leaves covering her kimono. Damn … too much reiatsu! I need to focus harder on control. Pain was riddling her on her body, it was building and building throughout the days training as she had already taken lots of minor injures due to the earlier training she did. Yukiko could still provide her with good amount of reiatsu but as long as she didn’t know how to control her spirit power it was not much useful for her to prevent injuries. She kept running and falling. Going too slow or too fast and for no reason whatsoever anytime she fell down she had a glance over toward Dante. Trying to make it seem like she did not get hurt. She didn’t want him to see her fall for he was more than her mentor now he was her idol. His gentle attitude towards her and his friends was something Aurora lacked. He even watched on as she persisted and kept his patience with an encouraging look on his face while she kept going. She was always rushing in to everything with no patience and she knew it. She closed her eyes once more and gathered all the reiatsu she needed. She dashes forwards flying towards the fallen tree, then a picture appears to her … She was running, down the same hill it was dark and she was scared, … She could hear the screams behind her and smell of fire and burned bodies … She runs faster then suddenly she stumbles over a small rock hidden in the tall grass and she falls down the hill … She breathes deep and with haste as she appears near the tree… She was wet sweating profusely, her kimono feeling heavy on her body. Not only because her body was under pressure or her injuries and over use but also because of the flash of memories and the headache it caused! She knew she could do the Flash blossom, a small smile appeared on her lips, hiding her headache as she faced Dante.
  8. Aurora

    Urp Visoreds Info And Character App

    CHARACTER NAME: Aurora Race: Vizard Weapon name: Shikai name : Yukiko (Bravery) Affiliation: Cell 2 Position: Vice Commander of Cell 2 Back Story: Introduction: Appearance: Personality: General Breakdown of Abilities: Shikai: Hollow and Story: Unofficial Role Play: Cell 2 Insignia:
  9. Aurora

    Cell-2 Training Ground

    Auroa focuses on her feet and gathers reiatsu under. she could feel the pressure and the ease to move she aimed for the fallen tree at the far end of the , she thought it might be fun , wind moves into her hair as she flash steps to the tree but the air force is more than she could imagine and she loses balance ,stumbles and rolls on the ground , she stands up immediately can feel pain on her elbow and ankle .but she still gathers her reiatsu and aims for the rock, she then starts flash stepping and she manage to keep her control hardly but her shoulders were shaking still with pressure , as she ends the steps she feels tried and it is just her second step . she puts hands on knees and breath deeply , something in her way of flash stepping isn’t right . right then wind moves into her hair as it brushes the sweat off her cheek . she tries the steps over and over again but each time she falls , stumbles or cant stop in time , she hit badly to the rocks or trees at the far end of training ground . she stops as she is breathing deeply, puts hands on her knees , holding herself on feet hardly as her reiatsu is draining with each fashstep . I have no other way … I need your help …. Yukiko kaiho ( release ) ! her sword turns into a long red sword as her Zan gives her reiatsu to her and she hears her whisper on her ear : the wind … Got it … She flashsteps again with more reiatsu thanks to Yukiko giving her more spiritual energy , this time holds his body in a more aerodynamic style as head is a bit ahead of her body … she could move easier this time but it still has pressure on her her ankles… she stops , take a deep breath … Think Aurora , think …. That’s it … not only I should know when to avoid wind with aerodynamic body shape but also I have to know how to use it in my advantage … I should choose the best way to maneuver around the area with the help of wind she then take her position , gathers her reiatsu and runs with the force of wind as she moves further wind makes her steps faster and stronger also pretty easier and she manages to finish her flash steps more accurate . yes … this time the combination … she moves in flash steps combining her aerodynamic style and wind support techniques , it was amazing like she was flying , she could move very fast around the training ground without getting tired … then suddenly a memory shines in her mind … she was running on a green hill , running down , opened her arms , screaming in happiness : I am flyyyyying … She stops and gasps as the memory gave her a bad headache …. Her eyes were wide open in shock … breathed deeply as she looked back at Dante still watching her with his serious look .She gathers all the reiatsu she could and smiles: now I should show him… I know how to fly …. flash blossom !!
  10. Aurora

    Cell-2 Training Ground

    Aurora was ashamed that she left mansion like that , specially leaving Alia . it is not her nature to ignore people or disrespect them . but also cant stand people with no manners . Youta was too much for her to take. she was swinging her sword around and practicing basic attacks for her these are the most fundamental rules for a good swords mastery . no matter how many kido or techniques you learn , you can never apply them the best if you dont know how to swing your sword .
  11. Aurora

    Cell-2 Mansion

    Youtas behavior boiled Auroras blood , this guy just knew how to make her angry and if she would stay a bit longer with him at the same table , she would lose her control , she stands up suddenly bows to Alia and Dante : thank you for your kindness Mam but if you excuse me I would like to head to the training ground first . then she marched out of the door as a butler ran after her as vice commander to ask if they need anything for training , she just signed some papers fast and rushed out of the door.
  12. Aurora

    Cell-2 Mansion

    she raises and bows as Alia gets in the room . good morning Mam. Aurora frowns and gives Youta a dagger eye , obviously not happy with Youtas behavior as he didnt even say good morning to her . and the proposal of practicing together was impossible . not only he has no manner but also has no brain . Hirako Samas reiatsu is huge but controlling the practice for two people is too tiring . what a selfish person. when Dante mentioned drinking and that Youta helped him to his room , Aurora looked cross the table to Youta . it was shoking for her to see someone so selfish would help someone in anyway . he is so fishy , I have to keep an eye on him .
  13. Aurora

    Cell-2 Mansion

    Aurora drinks her tea and smiles as she put her cup down . it is always an honor to practice with you commander.