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  1. Hueco Mundo is so damn big...it takes forever to get anywhere! Kotaro thought as he slowly gets better at his sonido. Another good while and the two get to the first rock trees of the forest. The hollow was still making some fumbles with his feet as he ran and almost tripped again. Kotaro followed close behind Lurker around trees and past the Menos. A little less than half an hour after entering the forest, Lurker stopped in front of a massive tree. The young Vasto Lorde was about to ask something but his guide spoke first. With an interested ear twitch, Kotaro answered, "Hmmm...I guess so? Yeah." Then, he watched the Adjuchas pushed on a spot. A couple seconds later, Kotaro's eyes widened in surprise as a door appears. "Wow~" He said in curious awe. Lurker began walking in and Kotaro followed. Soon after that, the Vasto Lorde's sensitive ears picked up the sound of sonido. What's going on? A few seconds more, Kotaro's spiritual senses were hit by thousands of Lurker reiatsu pressures. The scene before him continued to surprise him more and more as they went. It eventually turned into a huge open area that was filled with the Lurker clones he had felt. He stared in intense amazement. The little hollow was stunned into complete silence. His mind unable to generate verbal responses. Thus, he shook his head when he was asked for any inquiries.
  2. Kotaro followed close behind Lurker, watching his sonido. As they sped through the hell that was Hueco Mundo, the Vasto Lorde learned quickly. But, there were plenty of points where he stumbled slightly and had to regain his speed. He experimented with energy levels while running. This made him speed past Lurker at the high energy tests, but also loss his footing more often. And, the use of low energy was more controllable, but also had him almost drop out of sonido. With time, he found the range of both low and high speed which he could still control his movement. Lurker then told Kotaro he had to detour. The hollow nodded and followed his teammate to the rout. Hours later, the tall rock trees of the Menos Forest came into view. With that place in sight, it brought back memories. Why did I struggle against a low class Menos...? I know there is a reason, but I can't dig it out. As they entered the forest, Kotaro felt the energies of the Menos. However, he wasn't intimidated by them one bit. There was something else nagging his senses, something he couldn't pin down. But, for now, he ran on, following Lurker. His sonido was slowly growing better, but it still felt a bit strange.
  3. The first few sonido steps were clumsy and almost made the Vasto Lorde stumble. He had put to much power into it. This is going to take a while to get the hang of... He thought as he tried again. This time he focused a bit less energy into his legs and went slower. It was much faster than normal running, but now was at a manageable speed. Given a minute or so to get to Lurker, Kotaro came to a stop to fast. This caused him to uncontrollably jump with the left over energy. "Ooh! Damn!" He exclaimed as he launched himself. While in the air, he flipped and rolled to come down on his feet. He tried to stop to fast. With a few breaths, Kotaro listened to Lurker's praise and instruction of his sonido. He nodded his agreement, "Yeah. It feels kind of strange. And, stopping correctly is another thing I need to practice." Standing up, he sighed. Then, Lurker went on with time on his mind. So this time, Kotaro started with a basic run while building up the energy slowly. Soon, he broke into sonido, but even slower. He was trying to get used to the feeling and how to keep track of his surroundings.
  4. Kotaro nodded his agreement at Lurker's opinion of Monk. Then, the Vasto Lorde watched very closely as Lurker did a slow Sonido. The hollow focused some reiatsu into his eyes and saw the increased reiatsu in the Adjuchas' legs. Then, Lurker became a blur. Because of his controlled slower speed, Kotaro could see his teammate, somewhat. So, that's who its done? Makes sense, He thought still watching Lurker leave. The Vasto Lorde would catch up to him soon. Then, Kotaro felt the pull from the little orb that Draiden had given him as it was taken back. He turned to see the Arrancar's outstretched hand and one second later the orb floating to it. Oh? He probably has a good reas- his thought was interrupted by Draiden throwing the bomb away with great force. Then, came a huge green light that was followed by a loud bang and strong shock wave. The wave was strong enough to push Kotaro back several feet, even with his legs buried deep in the sand. He fortified his stance as he knew the shock wave would be powerful. But, it was much stronger than he thought. Had he not dug his legs in, he would have been blown back much farther. "Holy shit~" he exclaimed after the blast. Draiden had been right, those things were super dangerous! The surprised hollow stared at Draiden as he explained why he did that. "Yeah....I like staying alive. So, eh...thanks for taking it back. But, wow!" And with that, he turned to Absolon and nodded, "well, with that settled sir. I do believe I have a mission to attend to. Good day to you all." Once done, he pushed off strong with his legs, going backward, and spun in the air to face the immense gates. And, the fraction of a second after his legs touch the sand, he speeds off. He would try to mimic what he saw Lurker do later, first he had to catch up with him.
  5. The Vasto Lorde wanted help learning Sonido and since Lurker knew it and they'd be traveling together, he faced the Adjuchas, "While we do this mission, could I trouble you for help with that skill? I'd like to learn it, even just barely, before becoming an Arrancar." Then, Kotaro listened to Lurkers question. If the hollow hadn't asked for more info, he would have asked a similar question. The more information they knew now, the easier this mission would be. With that question in the air, Kotaro's fluffy tail wagged at a slow pace, passively. He looked to Absolon for his answer, hopefully, he knows something! And he did! Past the Menos Forest was their first direction. Would there be clues to go from there, who knows? Kotaro made a mental note of Monk's appearance and nodded as it stuck in his mind. So, he gave a short, but respectful bow to the Espada (both), and to the Privaron. Once he had done so, he thought of anything else he may need before going. But, couldn't come up with anything. Then, he turned to his teammate, and asked, "ready to go, or do you need something? I'm all set when you are."
  6. Kotaro watched as Lurker shot a large nearby boulder, and then it exploded with high force. But, due to his earlier experiences with it, plus knowing the pieces couldn't hurt him, the Vasto Lorde didn't do anything to block or dodge. Kota simply watched as the rocks dissolved and flew to Lurker, joining his body. Nice. Great way to show it, he thought. Then, he watched as Lurker split into complete clones of the four of them. He stared with a mix of interest, amazement, and anger. Kotaro didn't try to hide these emotions within his energy as he commented, "I'm not sure if I like that..." For someone else to be able to copy his form and energy signature,... was a bit off putting. After he said that, Kotaro heard the unique sound of someone's Sonido. It caught the hollow off guard as no one seemed to mov- Lurker then started to fade. His body is disap-?! - his thought was cut short by Lurker's sudden voice behind him. This surprise sent Kotaro into a semi-battle mode. The Vasto Lorde turned around very quickly. And as he spun, he drew his sword and swung a horizontal cut in one motion, aiming for Lurker's neck. The spin created a small circle in the sand where his feet moved, while the swing made a blast of wind of moderate strength. But, Kotaro brings the blade to a stop mere inches from where Lurker's neck would have been had the Adjuchas stayed. "Shit man! Don't do things like that~!" Kotaro exclaimed with annoyance. Then, he turned back around while sheathing his sword. As Draiden spoke, Kotaro took several calming breaths. Then, he nodded his understanding. Him, causing trouble would be a thing of low possibility. After the Privanon Espada drew interest to a spar in the future, Kotaro couldn't help but get a little excited, "Oh, for sure! Sounds like fun." When Absolon began speaking, Kotaro listened with curious silence. Sonido, so that's what's it's called. Cool. And, it comes to Arrancar naturally? That's good to know. But, I want to learn it before that though, at least a little. Then the Cero Espada came to them and started to explain a mission he had for the two. Kotaro's ears twitched a few times as he burned the info into his mind. He nodded his acceptance of the mission and listened to the description of Monk. "We shall do our best, sir."
  7. Kotaro was a member of Los Noches now, this realization brought new energy to his life and body. He nodded in response to Absolon's inquiry. The insane size of the place only seemed bigger inside. It would take 6 whole days to get from here to the other side?!...... He stood there speechless for a good bit just in amazement. Then, he collected himself. The size and the time it would take to travel around this place reminded the little hollow of his earlier question that he had forgotten to ask. He looked to Draiden, then to Absolon. Kota figured that if one knew, the others would too, considering that they were all Arrancar. "When Draiden helped us hunt those rouge Arrancar, I saw him disappear and reappear multiple times. I never got the chance to ask how? How did you move so fast, I couldn't even see you..." He asked with great interest. It seemed that there was one more thing Kotaro could learn. He had to train his swordsmanship a lot, he could always improve his martial arts, and now this new speed ability. After listening to Vatto, Kotaro agreed, "I concur completely. His way of eating is really unique."
  8. "Oh! Sorry, sir. I got ahead of myself. Kotaro, Kotaro Anubis" the hollow responded with the realization he had skipped over his name. Draiden thinks that highly of me? Wow. Guess I'll have to surpass that praise. Then he nodded on the proud comment. To be acknowledged by an Espada in his current state gave the young Vasto Lorde great pride in himself. Even with such praise from both of them, I have much to learn. And, Los Noches is the best place for that! Kotaro had been paying attention to the conversations and actions of those around him, instead of the different environment inside Los Noches through the open gates. Thus, as they began walking into the huge fortress, the Vasto Lorde had to squint his eyes against the 'sudden' change in light. The bright light from the fake sky caught Kotaro off guard, "W-What the hell~ is going ooooonn....?" His voice trails off as he looks around at the sun lit interior of the dome. The hollow saw a vast landscape of sand, like outside. But, this sand had several building of different sizes throughout it. Some of them were extremely tall and others smaller. The Vasto Lorde looked up at the sky again, curious as to why it looked like the World of the Living's sky, with light too. (OOC: The buildings (some anyway) should be the Espadas' personal residences. Going off the manga and anime.)
  9. To the Cero Espada's, "If its a fight you seek", and, "go home!!!" Kotaro answered when there was a pause and took a step forward, "we are not looking for a fight, nor are we leaving. Not yet." Then, within the next couple of minutes while the others spoke, Kotaro gathered his courage to face this legend. The hollow had taken several more steps to reduce the distance. The weight of Absolon's power was still there, but the Vasto Lorde was getting used to it, slowly. Then, it came to his turn to speak. The hollow lowered himself into a submissive position on one knee. Even one knee, Kotaro kept as steady stare into Absolon's eyes, with his own burning with passion, absent of fear. Then, he stood. And with said passion, Kotaro responded, "I'm not sure I can help with information as well as Lurker. But, manpower is a different story entirely. I will offer my strength and potential to you, Los Noches, and Hueco Mundo. All I request is training, and a place to belong. Though, there has been something bothering me for a long time...I don't know what it is. But, I know it has to do with my current level of power..."
  10. Kota watched to two continue to go at each other until the growing strength of Lurker's energy caught his attention. Then, came the small reiatsu explosion with his chosen word. The Vasto Lorde lightly braced himself with a foot against the ground, and then the wave hit him. It moved his upper body a tiny bit. Then, Lurker started to move towards the gate, quickly. This made Kotaro look between the two Arrancar and then Lurker. "Eh, Lurker, I don't think that's sma-" He was cut off by Draiden and Vatto. The hollow listened in awe to Draiden's battle descriptions and added it to the one he gave earlier. Their battle must of been intense, to fight with a broke leg and blocking cero and I assume so much more...wow! The four approached the huge gates and they began opening. And, even without seeing the one standing in the opening, Kotaro could feel the immense power. The base level of power this being gave off was enough to stop the Vasto Lorde in midstep, he instantly found it five times harder to breath. The hollow fought to stay standing, and this guy wasn't even releasing any real reiatsu. He has to....be the Cero Espada...if not.....
  11. Kotaro watched the verbal stabs and listened to their ideas on how to proceed. The idea of threatening the strongest espada was not on the top of his list and he shivered at Draiden's description. His eyes switching from Arrancar to Arrancar in nervous curiosity as to how this situation would change. It could get dangerous, and fast. Yeah, we're guests. ........What? Vatto just gave Draiden permission to.....Ooh, okay then... Kotaro was at a loss on what to do. The hollow shifted on his feet slowly as time went on. He stopped a few seconds later. Then, Kota looked at Lurker with interest to hear what he thought of all of this craziness.
  12. Kota watched as Lurker came to a stop and heard his answer and then questions. The questions were smart ones. The Vasto Lorde tilted his head and nodded. It was smart to ask for any other info before going farther. Kotaro's breath was fast and heavy from the running. But, his nerves kept it fast. Yeah, the hollow was nervous, and rightfully so. They were going to Los Noches. Then, at Vatto's comment about his human-like manner, Kotaro shrugged. It was how he'd always been once his intelligence woke up. But, he would be more careful. The Vasto Lorde listened to Vatto intensely, absorbing his words. Then, Kota felt a new source of energy coming, one that he kne- then Draiden appeared. Again, he appears out of nowhere! How does he do that? Well, that was for later. He hadn't had the enough time in order to fully recognize the reiatsu before Draiden had appeared right there. The hollow gave an small but interested nod at mention of his name. He listened to Vatto go at the other Arrancar and wondered the same thing, why had he come? But, for the time being, Kota stayed silent and just observed.
  13. As the mega sized palace came closer, Kotaro gasped at the insane size. He hadn't seen it until now. His mind was having trouble coming to terms with the structure and its magnitude. "Los Noches is incredible! I can't believe the size!" The small hollow uttered in amazement. Then, out of nowhere Vatto stopped dead. Seeing this, Kotaro had to jump and skip several times to stop given his speed. He turned around and ran back to their guide. He listened, nodding as he understood the risk. "I understand Lord Vatto. No way I'm turning back. I have much to learn, and this is the best place for that."
  14. He looked to Vatto and replied, "please, sir. Kotaro or Kota is fine. And, yeah....even a normal Arrancar could kill me with ease..." After that Kota watched as Lurker flew up and then felt the ground shake. It broke apart and he jumped back out of the way. He said as Lurker took his form, "You seriously never cease to amaze, Lurk! And, yeah. Only an idiot would decline this kind of offer." Then it seemed time to move on, on to Los Noches. With Vatto speeding away, Kotaro was quick to catch up. He took his position on the left, just a few feet behind Vatto. Then, he remembered how Draiden used a skill to when looked like disappear and reappear so fast. What was that? I gotta see if I can learn it! But for now, Kotaro just ran along side the other two towards the Espada's fortress.
  15. All of this was so much to take in. Lurker was indeed something else, hollow, but not hollow. And now, Kotaro had learned what Lurker was doing when he ate. No wonder his way of eating was different! He had eaten a Shinigami and became a - "Adjuchas? Already!?" Kotaro listened to the conversation and noted the information. Well, all in with the Espada made sense, and Kotaro was more than curious. If he could get help training, and be able to learn new things, he was all for it. But, that didn't mean he would drop his guard. So, he was constantly moderating the surroundings as he listened. He nodded his interest, "yeah. I'm more than interested. I don't care how many Espada there are. They are Espada for at least one reason, right? Thus, as a normal hollow each has my respect. However, even if I'm weak in comparison, if needed, I'll fight each. I hope that won't happen though." His thought continues that sentence, I like living so, fighting an Espada is one of the last things I want to do.
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