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  1. Greetings Spirit People

    Can I use the ORP app to make my character for the URP? Or is there an app I can fill out. I definitely want to make a character that I can come back to if needed.
  2. Greetings Spirit People

    Thank you, both of you! I'm currently looking through the rules. I shall do a character app for the URP and hop in after that. Hmm...what to go with? So many options! And, Yoshirou (Kyōraku), I shutter every time I watch that episode of HxH. So good~!
  3. Greetings Spirit People

    Hello there, fellow Bleach fans and RPers. I just found the game not long ago, and today I decided to look into the forum and RP. I love role playing and Bleach, so this is perfect! And, I see that this RP is quite in-depth. Like my RPG character, Kotaro, I'm going to play as a Hollow first. But, I do have a couple questions for the character app. As I want to starts a Hollow, and later become an Arrancar, can I get help? Like, how much of it do I fill out, see as there is the Resurrección stuff and all. Do I stop at the class? And, where do I put my standard hollow powers? Thank you in advance!