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  1. The night in the forest Masato presided was deathly silent. The Fullbringer meditated near his shelter, while still maintaining a steadily leaking stream of Reiatsu. What little light the night’s stars and moon provided was obscured by the campfire’s, positioned just ahead of its creator. Masato had begun his meditation prior to the sun’s set. Had he bothered to peek at his surroundings, he would’ve noticed that save for what his fire’s light reached, he was in the eerie palms of complete darkness, and at the mercy of all they contained. But his oblivion didn’t protect him from his fear of the unknown, for he was deeply in tune with the nature he currently called home. Through all its entwining roots and the secrets the trunks kept, Masato soul perceived far and wide what his eyes couldn’t. Unfortunately, in the serene garden, lurked a serpent who stalked him since the morning. Its reluctance to make an appearance tested Masato’s patience, as he refused to sleep with such a threat nearby, but how long did he have to wait? The Fullbringer sighed as he abruptly stopped the leakage of his Reiatsu and stood from the ground; picking up a small pebble upon his ascension. “Come out already! I’m not sure what you are, but I’m shooting to kill regardless, if you don’t show yourself!” He exclaimed into the pitch black darkness, which slowly turned deep blue as his eyes adjusted to the natural light of the sky. He awaited a response or the emergence of his stalker, but the forest managed the impossible and grew even more silent. “Suit yourself” Masato murmured lowly while assuming a pitching pose. He then threw the pebble into the forest with a loud roar, in the direction he sensed his hidden company. The pebble, infused with its thrower’s Reiatsu, failed to pierce the trees as the wind pressure it generated obliterated everything in its path. “Ok, ok, I give!” a shrieking voice surrendered as its owner revealed itself. Unsurprisingly, it was a hollow. “Oh, sorry I missed.” Masato quickly retrieved another pebble from the ground and took aim. “Wait, have some mercy!” The green hollow pleaded. By now it was close enough to the campfire for Masato to make out its appearance clearly; essentially an anthropomorphic chameleon. “Why should I?” Masato raised a brow with confusion of the hollows audacity to plea to its prey to spare it. ”I came with a proposition. The last human that claimed this forest as his home was interested in challenging hollows. It was a mutually beneficial deal for both of us. You remind me of him. I wanted to ask if you were interested, since the previous human up and disappeared.” Masato’s expression accentuated his doubt in the hollow’s explanation. “I’ve been in this forest for months with the man you’re talking about and in all that time, I haven’t sensed your presence until now. How do you explain that?” The hollow scoffed as the tension in his shoulders let up, he was getting visibly more comfortable. Masato’s strings of questions showed his curiosity, and possible willingness to negotiate. “Oh, so you two were acquaintances? I was away, tempting fellow hollows looking for an easy meal. There is a good sized group of them expecting my return with your location. We can set up the ‘hunt’ elsewhere away from your camp. Though the guy before you didn’t seem to mind fighting where he slept.” Masato paused briefly before smirking. “Too late for that.” Suddenly a second hollow, dwarfing the first in size, emerged from the darkness. “Oh, you weren’t lying ‘bout a good meal in this nowhere forest. Just a shame you were rooting for his victory, instead of ours.” The giant hollow spoke with confidence as it looked down on his companion. The half chameleon attempted to feign ignorance. “What do you mean? I was just…” his sentence was cut short by a backhand twice the size of his head, swatting him to the side ground. “Don’t move, I’ll have you for dessert after I’m done with my main course.” The large hollow proclaimed as it cockily cracked its neck and knuckles. (This is bad. That human is strong, but no amount of pebbles will be enough to defeat Bajo. He’s has an extensive reputation for killing the most Shinigami in that group. What do I do, if this human dies, I’m next.) The brutish hollow gave his introduction briefly, before Masato's interruption. “My name is Bajo of the-“ “How many friends of yours should I be expecting?” He asked, still pitching for his pebble throw. But the hollow wouldn’t provide a clear answer. “Huh?” This led Masato to think of a way to frame his question that would make this buffoon of a hollow comfortable answering. “I want to know my odds of escaping this forest alive.” “Oh,” it paused to assume a charging stance. “There’s quite a lot of us. You don’t stand a chance against them, much less my death charge. I’ve sunken many Shinigami with this attack.” Masato chuckled at the thought of Tenzaimon and the other idiot, whose name he didn't bother to remember, being swept away by the winds of Tomoe. “That’s not a hard bar to pass.” However, rather than sharing a bond for their low opinions of Shinigami, the hollow grew furious of how lightly he was being taken, by a mere human of all creatures. His enraged growl came before his shouting roar, and charge at Masato. “Get lost.” Masato threw the pebble at the hollow’s center mass, and puff, just like that, the hollow disappeared, leaving only a large splatter of its blood as proof of its former existence. The chameleon hollow stood wide eyed and dumbfounded by this human’s strength, which far outclassed the previous. It took Masato addressing him directly to snap him out of it. “Hey! Are they all this weak?” “Uh… no there are some stronger ones, two Vasto Lordes” The hollow replied as it stood to its feet. “There aren’t any remains for me to eat.” Masato crouched over his campfire, and stoked its flame with twig. “my bad.” “No, no, it is my fault for bringing weaklings. But I couldn’t have possibly accounted for your monstrous strength. Who are you?” it diligently walked towards Masato, testing his boundaries. To its surprise, the Fullbringer had no reaction to the hollow’s approach. Hizorashi Masato. You?” “Oh, you’re both actually related?! What a coincidence” the hollow’s jaw dropped in disbelief. “Actually,” the half chameleon tilted its head contemplatively. “It makes perfect sense. So where did he go?” Masato’s answers remained nonchalant as he still tried to revive the flames. “I don’t know, but you never gave me a name. Pretty rude.” “I go by Melo.” Masato reached for the pike fillets he wrapped in large leaves to preserve. “You lost your Hollow meal, want some fish instead?” The chameleon hollow declined the offer with a shake of his head. “I’m fine. We’ll try again whenever you’re up for another one.” “Sounds fair. Have a seat. I want to hear about your relationship with my father.” “You’re really interested? it’s a pretty long story…” Masato's mouth said nothing, but his expression replied “I have all the time in the world.” Acknowledging this, the hollow took a seat across the fire and began his tales. “Well, it began eight years ago. Back then I was just a small hollow looking for a… For the next two weeks, the pair would cooperate to thin the numbers of the hollows Melo lured to the forest. On many occasions they shared a campfire and chatted about menial things. The experience provided Masato with a new insight into the hierarchy of Hueco Mundo, and behavioral tendencies of the hollows. For Melo, it was the constant stream of meals he would otherwise be unable to enjoy. But alas all things must come to an end. __________________________________________________________ Masato and Melo chatted after another successful victory over three hollows, who expected a free meal. “You’re battle instinct his still Improving. You really are a beast. Maybe you should handicap yourself and drop the pebbles, haha.” Melo jested with a light chuckle. “I’m already handicapped without my coat.” Masato’s muffled reply came through the sides of his mouth as it held a cooked rabbit. “Right, right, the magical coat capable of conjuring anything.” Melo responded sarcastically, voicing his doubt of his friend’s Fullbring. “C’mon, it can’t be that hard to believe. With all the stuff you witnessed, a magical coat sounds almost comical.” “From a Shinigami maybe, but a human, that’s just too bizarre.” “Maybe, but the running theory is that the source my power actually comes from your kind.” “Speaking of my kind, there’s only two left. I saved the strongest stubborn Vasto’s for last. After their defeat, I’ll search for even stronger ones for you to hone your skills.” “Well, I appreciate your hard work. Calling it a night. See ya.” Masato finished his rabbit before standing up from the camp fire and laying in his shelter. “Sleep well friend!” Melo called as he walked away. Though he couldn’t see, Masato raised a hand and waved him bye. The following morning, the Fullbringer was doing his early work out when a Senkaimon split, and opened the sky just above him. His persistent training, focusing on strengthening his senses, had sharpened his perception. He could easily discern who his visitor was. “Yuuto. Long time no see. What brings you here?” Masato asked while maintaining the pace of his pushups, weighed with a giant boulder. “Azami and Seito called in a favor, I’m to bring you back to Karakura.” The afro-ed Shinigami exclaimed high above Masato for him to hear. Upon hearing the news, the Fullbringer shifted to his left, allowing the boulder to roll off his back before standing straight. “Its about time.” He smirked gleefully before picking three pebbles from the ground, and throwing them with all his might into the thick trees of the forest. Yuuto watched, puzzled by the human’s action. “Are we going are what?” Masato asked with his hand suddenly on the shoulder of his Shinigami friend. “What were those rocks about?” Yuuto tried to keep his composure and hide his shock at Masato’s blurring display of speed. “Oh, it was nothing. Just some target practice.” WC: 1730 OOC: Melo's appeareance, only his face is covered with a hollow mask .
  2. The songs of insets and birds complemented Masato’s humming as he stood knee deep in the rocky, shallow river of the forest. In his right hand was a durable yet flexible twig, which he picked from one of the many trees he passed on his way. With it, he intended to catch some fish, in quite the unorthodox way. His aching bones and growling stomach hadn’t the patience to fish conventionally, rather, he planned to use the twig as a whip to swat any aquatic creature he deemed appetizing. It didn’t take long for his prey to present itself; a pike feeding close to the creek’s bank. With the twig raised over his left shoulder, readied to strike, Masato would walk diligently and cease his humming as to not scare off his breakfast. With a concentrated swing of the twig, he struck the pike just near its gills. Ideally, the fish’s meat would remain intact from the hit, but with a gross miscalculation of his own strength, Masato would accidentally whip his prey’s head clean off. His eyes halved with disappointment from his lack of control. “Of course.” He muttered before picking up what remained of his pike. He would resume his humming as he left the river and walked closer to his campsite. With each of Masato’s barefoot steps into the wet mossy ground, his new catch dangled slightly. Despite the toughness of Masato soles, there was still a painful discomfort of stepping onto the wrong object, perhaps a splinter or some thorns, so the majority of his attention was placed on the ground just ahead of him. “Hmm.” Masato would temporarily halt his humming again, as he noticed the sudden silence of the forest he sung with. He paused to observe his surroundings. And after a brief period of complete silence, the forest’s songs returned, and so too did his walking, At his new chosen campsite which, as of now, was merely some flatten dirt, Masato made a fire using the Ferro rod he brought in his backpack. He couldn’t find his father’s large bag with all their shared cooking tools, so he resorted to simple grill after filleting his pike. As he ate his breakfast, he contemplated the type of shelter he’d make. The thought of returning to Karakura had crossed his mind the moment he woke up, but if Azami and his father left him in here, he assumed there was at least a decent reason why. With that in mind, he prepared and planned for the long term, with the possibility that he might be staying in this forest for weeks, if not months. Despite the myriad of tasks he mentally listed for himself, Masato was of clear mind to break things into smaller manageable bites. This meant starting with a simple shelter, then building upon it later, as he saw fit. Masato tidied his campsite by clearing more of the debris in the flat areas he intended to sleep on. Then he ventured for wooden logs to serve as poles, rolled up bundles of moos, and dead tree branches nearby. The pole would make up the framing to his Wicki-up. The moos blocked the wind and rain, and formed a bedding. And the branches prevented the moos from sliding down the poles. By digging a hole nearby the river, the earth would naturally filter the water to make it drinkable, Though Masato still decided to boil the water and let it cool before consuming it. With those basic necessities covered, Masato could rest easy, and focus on the true reason he came to the forest. He resumed the consistent training regimen of his father, by steadily releasing a concentrated stream of his own Reiatsu to practice control. Meditating, working out, or hunting, he was always practicing control of his strength, rather than increasing it. To Be Continued WC: 640
  3. Upon receiving the answers Shizuka provided, Masato could tell that Arthur wasn't completely satisfied, and understandably so. After all they went through, half answers were unacceptable. What’s more, Shizuka's repulsive presence made even Masato feel unwelcome. "I guess that’s case closed? I’ll be leaving then." Arthur announced, his tone conveying little to no enthusiasm. Before demanding Shizuka to let him out, he would extend his help to Masato in the future. It wasn't an offer Masato sought to use, as he was comfortable managing his small team and working missions alone, but having access to some emergency backup never hurt. "Likewise, feel free to contact us if we're ever needed." "Speak for yourself." Shizuka quipped lowly to herself, but loud enough for others to hear. The same jaws that swallowed Arthur in the rest room would do the same here, only Arthur was less worried now as he understood their functions and purpose. Shizuka turned to and observed through her monitors, Arthur leaving the school through the bathroom’s window. She sighed with relief, knowing she could let her hair down now that only Masato and a, soon to be dead, hollow were in her presence. “Seems like that’s over with. You can stop playing Mr. goodie goodie and kill this hollow. We have no use for him.” Masato was observing the monitors surveilling the school himself, this distraction caused him to miss her comment. She elected to call for his name aloud in hopes of now catching his attention, “Ma~sato!” He faced her before replying plainly, “What is it?” Shizuka then extended her right hand outwards, palm side up, with the tip of her fingers pointing towards the parasite hollow, still in a takeout box. “Can you give me that hollow so we can be done with him?” “I was serious when I said I wouldn’t kill him.” Masato replied after he turned his back to her and began to walk away. "..." “Wha… Why?!” Shizuka was initially perplexed as to how her boss suddenly became compassionate towards the creatures he loathed. Rather than answering her, Masato remained silent and kept walking. Though their relationship was fairly new, Shizuka and Masato had an equal understanding of how to enrage one another; and seeing how her boss was ignoring her, she would resort to taunting him to force an answer. “I guess Tomoe must’ve turned you into a hollow sympathizer.” Just as Shizuka finished speaking, the air pressure in her pocket dimension suddenly grew heavy, forcing her flat to the ground. Subsequently, the various monitors she watched Karakura through began to crack, then shatter into small particles of Reiatsu. “Nooo, please stop!” Though Masato ceased his walking, he still kept his back to her, and allowed his spiritual pressure to destroy even more of her monitors. “PLEASE!” tears began to pour from the corners of her eyes, and formed a small puddle on the ground, where her face was firmly planted, despite her attempts to resist the pressure. She relied on those screens, conjured from her Fullbring, and the secret room she hid in to protect herself from what she feared the most, reality. Even while physically disconnected from the material world, she only felt secure being absolutely aware of her surroundings. And now, shatter after shatter, Masato was eliminating that security. Following a brief pause, he broke his silence with reply a to his subordinate. “If you’re supposed to be the smart one, Shizuka…” He turned his head back to eye her, gasping for air as he slowly let up his spiritual pressure. “Then get the hint that I’ve had enough of you for one night, and send me home.” A familiar mouth would emerge from beneath Masato and bring him into the ground, leaving Shizuka whimpering as she tried to collect the broken shards of her Fullbring. _____________________________________________________ In Masato’s apartment, the parasite hollow was finally released from the box Arthur placed him in… and put into a glass container. “Uh, is this really necessary?” the hollow questioned through the glass, as Masato was taking off his cyan coat, and hanging it behind his door. “For now. Just because you’re innocent, doesn’t mean I trust you. Prove to me that sealing the container isn’t necessary by being there when I wake up.” Masato replied as he switched the lights of his apartment off and laid on his futon. “Ahem, since you’re keeping me alive, I guess I should tell you my name, its Cagada. It was given to me by some Vasto lordes back in Hueco Mundo. Is it okay if I just call you Masato?” “Sure, just go to sleep. It’s already late.” “Actually, Hollows don't really need sleep.” “Well humans do. Please be quiet." “Right, sorry.” Later that night, Cagada stared at the blue night sky through the open window of the apartment. The act of staying put with nothing to do was as boring as it sounded, but as of current, Masato was the only reason he remained alive, Thus Cagada felt he owed it to the human to do as he was told. “So you’re really not going to escape? Lame.” A masculine voice spoke behind the wall which had the apartment’s only window. Upon hearing the voice, Cagada was overcome with panic as he recognized it as non-other than Arrancar spy Shizuka spoke of. Cagada contemplated running for his life, but there was no place safer than right next to Masato. Perhaps he should wake the human up for his protection. “Don’t even think about it. I’m not here to kill you, but if you wake my boss up, I might just snap!” The mysterious Arrancar paused his words with a snap of his left fingers, revealing their sharp black nails in the window frame. “…and kill the both of you.” “Its hard for me to take you word seriously, after you've gone back on it so many times already.” “That’s fair. Though since you’ll be working with us, I was hoping we could at least build a little trust.” “…” “You’ve proven to be quite resilient, and with the protection of our human friend there, you might prove to be more of an asset than liability.” “I don’t want anything to do with your operations” The Arrancar chuckled, “You don’t have a choice. You think he’s keeping you alive out of the goodness of his heart? Shizuka’s told me all about him. He’s going to use you…” The Arrancar’s head suddenly popped into the window frame, though the back light of a full moon managed to shade his facial features. “…most likely to enter Hueco Mundo. He has some personal business with Einarr.” “Why are you telling me this?” “Well, I want you to know that as long as you don’t transport him to Hueco Mundo, you’ll be safe from me and Shizuka.” “What if he forces me?” “Don’t ask questions you know the answers to. Say, do you think he’d ever protect me the same way he does you, if I end up getting chased out of Hueco Mundo?” “Maybe not, how many humans have you eaten to reach where you are?” “Oh… You’re probably right. I guess I should be making my way back, before my absence is noticed. For both our sake’s, let’s not meet ever again, Cagada.” Wc: 1210 OOC: Thread completed
  4. (Don't feel bad, no one does.) Shizuka thought proudly to herself upon hearing Arthur admit his organization's intel gathering was inferior to her own. The cocky grin she suddenly brandished caught Masato's attention. Nothing good comes out of her mouth, much more so if you stroke her ego. "Of cour..." Shizuka suddenly restrained herself from saying what was obviously going to be a snarky remark. Above her was a glaring Masato who had long since grown tired of hearing her speak. "Just, answer, his questions." He commanded her as a menacing aura emitted from his body, and he raised his right fist for her to clearly see. Beads of sweat began to drip from her forehead as she forcibly chuckled in fright. "ha ha, um..." She redirected her gaze towards Arthur, "I don't know much about the ongoing attack as its too far from Karakura High; out of my reach. The plan was to send him..." she quickly gestured to Masato with a nod of her head, "to resolve the problem. But he hasn't gotten used to his complete Fullbring. Killing your new hollow buddy should've been a great opportunity to warm Masato up, but it couldn't even pull the full potential of his coat out. Pathetic." "So there is an ongoing attack from hollows, and you sent me to catch a panty thief?" Shizuka turned to Masato as he spoke to her, only to notice the menacing aura's sudden increase in intensity. "eek!" she shrieked in terror. WC: 245
  5. The hollow would quickly reply once Arthur addressed him. “I don’t know what a Gigai is, but I’ve tried many objects. Humans and Hollows are the only beings I’m able to possess.” If Arthur bothered to notice, he would’ve found Shizuka staring at him, dumbfounded by his ignorance of the influence The Primera title possessed in Hueco Mundo, and by extension, the world they currently resided. “What makes him special? I don’t expect much from my boss here, but it appears that everyone out there is stupid.” She crossed her arms and sighed. “The Primera, or more broadly, the Espada they command, turns random and petty hollow attacks on our world into organized and well thought out massacres, sometimes killing hundreds in a single attack. So yeah, if we can have someone willing to leak those plans to us, and risk their life to take the most influential hollow in Hueco Mundo down, we’re gonna take their help, human or not. As for proof that he’s a real threat, have you read the news lately? ‘You never find the absurdly high amounts of natural disasters and terrorist attacks reported in the news odd? We are certain of 3 major incidents that occurred since Tsukishima has been in power. The attack in front of the general hospital, the conference massacre, and the third is actually ongoing.” wc: 225
  6. This is only rumor, but I hear that you, Isshin-sama, will be doing jack shit in the TYBW arc. Is this true?
  7. The hollow's gaze bounced from Arthur and Masato to Shizuka, as if asking for her approval to speak. Shizuka pondered briefly before coming to the conclusion that Masato knowing a secret existed, defeated the entire purpose of hiding it from him. Besides, she was confident in her ability to persuade others, especially those she deemed to be idiots, like Masato. She sighed a heavy breath of defeat before giving the hollow permission to tell his full story. “I can’t guarantee he won’t kill you, but you might as well talk, filth.” Shizuka remarked with a grin, still holding her pained stomach. “Bull shit! You’ve already tried to kill me twice. You never meant a word you’ve said to me.” “Well, obviously situation changed. You told us you wouldn’t be missed in Hueco Mundo. How were we supposed to know your hollow buddies would pursue you this much? If they force you to talk, the cover of our guy is blown. So yeah, you were a loose end that needed tying.” “That wasn’t the deal.” “No it wasn’t. The deal was we let you live, you keep your mouth such and stay out of Hueco Mundo.” “I haven’t broken it.” “YET! How long do you think you can evade Tsukishima’s lackeys?” Shizuka quickly shifted her attention to and addressed Masato. “You just met some of them not far from this piece of shit’s hideout. When they eventually find em, they’ll force em to talk, then kill em. He’s as good as dead, us doing the job saves years of planning and our element of surprise when the time comes to face the Primera.” WC: 270
  8. Masato listened to Arthur's answer with his gaze directed ahead, lest he crash into anything in his path. Initially, Arthur's words were humble, and illustrated how noble his sacrifice was; but his motives would take a quick 180, as did Masato's impression of him, when these words were uttered. "I don’t especially care for the individual people either. People die every day of various reasons" Masato perceived and took offense to Arthur's lackadaisical attitude towards the everyday victims of the terror brought on by hollows. Indeed, people do die every day, but none should have to suffer the fate Asuna did. Mankind, subconscious of this fact or not, naturally inherit a belief in karma. Good actions are rewarded, bad actions are punished. When observing the misfortunes of others, we are quick to justify it; only empathizing with their suffering once it befalls us. Masato was no different, he too believed in karma, but no matter how he contemplated, the fate of his wife was disproportionate to any sin humanity was capable of committing. How many lives like hers must end due to such a negligent mindset? The thought that someone as capable as Arthur could think such a way irked Masato to his core. The Quarterer dismembering Asuna, could that have been avoided if those capable of its prevention showed more initiative? "People die, so what"? Was the philosophy Masato derived from Arthur's words, and it undoubtedly boiled his blood the more thought he gave it. His deep seated anger swelled within, and quickly began to surface as his grip tightened around the food box holding the parasite, threatening to squash it should he let his anger fully consume him. "What about you?" Arthur's inquiry snapped Masato out of it, for which he was thankful, as he eased his hold of the parasite. However, even now recollected, Masato couldn't reply to the very same question he posed to Arthur with a thoughtful and honest answer. He feared the more complex his answer, the most likely it was to be malicious or combative with Arthur's view point, in effect, defeating his intentions of sparking a lighthearted conversation. Instead, he forced a faint smile and scoffed as he faced his company to reply, "Same", electing to compartmentalize his new judgments of Arthur with hopes that a bad misinterpretation was the cause of their new found differences. -Karakura High School Masato continued to guide Arthur, taking as many shortcuts he could to reach the female restroom of the second floor of the school. This included the destruction of a few door locks barring their entry. Upon reaching restroom, the parasite would finally comment. “This is definitely the same school I dropped the package at, but I don’t sense anyone but us here.” “That’s the point.” Masato addressed the hollow’s concern and proceeded through the restroom’s door. “Don’t panic, if she swallows you whole, you won’t get hurt.” In a dark room, lit only by a wall of white monitors, an orange haired girl bit her left nails in a panic, while simultaneously scratching her scalp in aggravation. She heard Masato’s command to grant them entry from one of the lower monitors that broadcasted the happenings of the bathroom her visitors resided. “Shit.” -Back in the bathroom “Uh, Who are you talking to?” the parasite asked. It tried to indirectly voice its skepticism regarding the presence of anyone within the school. But seeing as Masato seemingly missed the hint, he decided to air his doubts bluntly with a question. However, Masato wouldn’t provide an answer; partially due to his annoyance, and partially due to the self-evident answer that would arise as the ground beneath himself and Arthur softened. The square shaped, marble tiles of the bathroom’s bright blue floor quickly shifted color to a strong red. Large yellowish teeth circled Masato and his ally individually as they emerged from the ground. Suddenly, the teeth would rise even higher, now connected to black jaws the collapsed with the two humans, and hollow in them. Seconds later, the very same jaws emerged from the floor of the black room Shizuka sat in. “Oh, there she is,” the hollow quipped lowly as Masato began to walk towards her, as she spun her chair around to face him. She chuckled weakly before speaking just as he reached her. “Ha ha, how’s it going boss, what brings you-“Suddenly, before she could finish her final clause, her stomach was met with Masato’s left fist, which knocked the wind out of her. She gripped her stomach in pain and wheezed for breath as her Boss looked down on her. He would then face Arthur and offer him a chance to vent his frustration the orange haired Shizuka inflicted upon them both. “You’re welcome to take a few shots. It won’t make up for your injuries, nor time wasted. But it might be cathartic.” Wc: 800
  9. Masato was not surprised by Arthur’s desire to continue seeking answers; he didn’t seem the type to rest easy knowing a threat still loomed over Karakura. A threat that still struck fear in a hollow who accepted their death mere minutes ago. However, despite resolve in Arthur’s voice, Masato would inform his ally of their next destination, partially to prepare him to make the trip, but mostly to ascertain that he didn’t drag Arthur blindly to a place he didn’t want to go. "We are heading to Karakura High. She, the orange haired bitch, can most likely hear us right now. So there's no point in being discrete." Just as he spoke, several bandages emerged from his coat and wrapped around every wound visible on Arthur's body. The wrapping was tight enough to prevent the loss of blood, as Masato intended it to. Additionally, the bandages began to stitch the wounds together. Depending on Arthur's sensitivity to touch, he might’ve felt thin insertions into his skin from the miniscule threads that sew him up. "I hope that didn’t hurt too much.” Masato remarked as he tended to the wound on the hand he directly block Arthur's ferrule with. "Let’s go." Masato took off in a fast but comfortable speed for both himself and Arthur, who repurposed a takeaway box to carry the parasite. The prospect of which, the cyan clad Fullbringer found very humorous. But out of fear of being too insensitive, he would hold back his laughter, seeing the hollow's disgruntled face as it marinated in the residual food juices of whatever was served in the takeaway box. Instead, Masato would offer to hold the box before initiating a conversation with Arthur. “If you don’t mind me asking, what motivates you to do this?” wc: 295
  10. Masato wasn't particularly interested in the details of his teacher's panties, nor how the hollow managed to carry them. But as he did promise his partner answers, he elected to give the parasite the opportunity to reply to Arthur's perverted questions. "They were a black lingerie panties, not pants, and I wore them on my head until I made it to the orange haired girl. She never gave me a name. I thought I was trading them for my life and freedom, but she tried to kill me once I made the drop off, at Karakura high of all places." Masato cringed out how distastefully relaxed the hollow had become with regards to the shameful pantie theft it engaged in. "You're too carefree for a hollow trying to persuade us not to kill you." The hollows expression turned straight and serious. It would close its eyes and ponder briefly before brandishing a slight smirk while gazing towards the leafy ground and replying to Masato's remark. "There are 2 types of hollows that I know of. Those that try to survive at all cost; and those that make the most of the limited time they have before eaten by their peers, or slain by a Shinigami. Throughout my entire existence, up to that Halloween night I spent with Azami and that little girl, I lived to survive. But I'm tired of it. I've begged for my existence enough..." some tears would swell from the corners of the hollows eyes as it paused. *sniff* "If I have to do it again... after all I've risked to change, then what was the point of it all?!" Its face sharpened with determination as the flow of tears stopped. "Do what you have to do. I've lived my last moments to their fullest. Just tell Azami, I'm sorry I betrayed her trust!" "What do you want to do with him?" It was now Masato's time to silently ponder, but his answer would come much quicker, and less dramatic. "I don't buy that all of this happened for a pair of panties. Azami has the kind of temper to issue your death for something this petty. But Shizuka is too apathetic towards... anything that isn't peeping on kids, to spend the amount effort she did finding you. I also don't believe you're giving us the full story. I encountered hollows nearby that seemed just as eager to find you as I was. Wanna tell us about that?" The hollow's eyes shot open with surprise, but his lips remained sealed. "..." Masato would look down at the hollow with a mischievous smirk. "I thought so. If I were you, I would pray that whoever's secret you’re still keeping is worth it; for both our sakes.” He would then turn towards his next intended location before addressing Arthur. “I’m going to pay one of my employees a visit. You’re welcome to accompany me. I can tend to your wounds on our way.” Wc: 485
  11. Arthur demanded two names from the hollow while still pressing the tip of his umbrella against it. Though the questions were not directed to him, Masato still thought of the descriptions his ally used and wondered if he could've possibly knew one of them. "Number 1" was too vague for him to give much thought, but Orange hair... Arthur withdrew his umbrella from the hollows body, giving it a chance to answer. Masato would listen intently to all that the parasite had to say, as it did risk its life for him. Furthermore, of the only two humans with orange hair, Masato had a good reason to suspect one of them. "Number one-" The hollow's coughs of blood would interrupt before it continued, "The Primera Espada Tsukishima Higurashi, with all the havoc he's been making... I am surprised you haven’t heard of him." Masato was tired of getting blood on his coat, as such he created cyan bandages and wrapped them around the parasite as he asked for some elaboration. "What is his goal, and where do you come in the mix?" "I don't know what he wants exactly, but whatever it is, he's turning this world into hell to get it. I came here because under his leadership, Hueco Mundo was becoming more shitier than it already was. For 8 months, life in Karakura was easy. But everything changed during Halloween, when hollows suddenly flooded my hide out spots." (The increased Shinigami presence for the night of the wailing might be to blame for that) Masato hypothesized to himself before addressing the Hollow. "And this is when I get involved. Azami, the women dressed as a maid, spared your life that night. But you've done something to make her regret her decision. What did you do?" "..." The turned silent as panic engulfed his face. "Now's not the time to keep secrets." Masato's glare turned harsh as the bandages around the Hollow tightened. "I stole something from her, BUT I WAS FORCED TO, I DID'NT HAVE A CHOICE!" The Hollow confessed passionately. "Azami wants you dead badly.So whatever you stole, must have been important. what was it?" "Her pa... pa... I stole her panties." The hollow admitted lowly, though the presence of guilt or shame was missing from its tone. Masato squinched as he pitched the bridge of his nose with his right index and thumb fingers before making, what he assumed to be, the final connection in this puzzle of degeneracy. "This orange haired... woman, she wears large round glasses, quite short, and has a pretty squeaky voice?" The hollowed pondered briefly before confirming Masato's suspicions. "... It’s more nasally, but yeah that's her! After she threatened to kill me, I tried to hide, but she has eyes everywhere.” Masato would now address Arthur. The truth of their mission and current predicament was more humiliating to for himself, but after all he’d been through and invested, Arthur deserved the full truth. “I think I have the full picture of what’s going on. So I’ll fill you in if you’re still confused.” wc: 510
  12. The Hollow had already planned how to proceed after grabbing Arthur’s leg. (Time to abandon ship.) He decided since Masato sustained his first serious injury in his fight against their umbrella wielding opponent. As a vessel, Masato was one of a kind, and would’ve altered his life for the better. No longer would he be a bottom feeder, ass-kissing and begging to keep his own head. Masato’s strength was this pathetic hollow’s final beckon of hope, and like everyone else in his life, Masato rejected him; perpetually denying the hollow access to his full capabilities, even act the cost of both of their well beings. (Its fine, if I can lock this umbrella guy down, I should have enough time to run.) He thought as the cyan fingers of Masato’s coat successfully entrapped Arthur. The uppercut was a contingency in case the Fullbringer had any last tricks up his sleeves. Next he would turn around and detach himself from Masato, whose hood and body would provide enough cover to hide and flee under the bed of dead leaves, which covered this wood’s ground. But, in battle, nothing goes as planned. The interception of his uppercut was expected, but how quickly Arthur broke free from his grip wasn’t. (He can still move this fast with those injuries?!) The hollow thought as strands and ribbons shredded from Masato's coat where Arthur cut it. (Doesn’t matter, I can still turn around and-) Before he could finish the thought, he noticed a sudden stiffness in Masato’s body, signifying that his regaining of control was imminent. The parasite didn’t try much to break the paralysis, seeing it as too stiff to waste time on. (Shit!) The back of the hollow’s head pressed against the hard as steel interior of the coat; what once protected him from harm, now caged him in, actively participating in his demise. But there was a final option to explore, perhaps the only one left that would assure his safety from a certain Umbrella ferrule; moving from his current position, to behind Masato’s neck. Blood spattered within the confines of Masato’s coat as Arthur’s attack successfully reached its target. The hollow hacked blood onto the metal that punctured his center mass. He hadn’t any arms or legs to block, so using his body, the worm-like parasite stood between Masato’s neck and Arthur’s weapon. “D-damn. I guess this is it. It was fun while it lasted… right?” Masato glared in the direction of the hollow still tucked in his coats hood. Accompanying him, was the head of a beast attached to his coat, which looped above his right shoulder to stop the momentum of Arthur’s piercing strike. “No. it wasn’t.” Wc: 445
  13. “You’re too judgmental to understand.” The hollow murmured lowly as it observed Arthur’s attempts at blocking following the change in form of his umbrella. Every attack served its purpose of staving off Arthur so it could reclaim the amount of control it had at the start of their fight. Unfortunately, his efforts were futile and Arthur refused to give it more time, as he charged his left hand with the energy from the atmosphere before shooting a wind based gafu blast at Masato’s face. [*] The hollow raised the cyan hands it created before above his head and clasped their fingers before striking downward on Arthur’s projectile. Just as the wind shot was handled, the umbrella wielding Fullbringer would suddenly appear before Masato, thrusting the ferrule of his weapon towards his neck, where the hollow resided. [**] With little warning, it was forced to block the attack with Masato’s bear arms, as he curled them upwards, protecting himself and the hollow in the process. [1-2]the piercing of the umbrella into his left forearm was excruciatingly painful, compelling the to roar defiantly as Masato’s left cyan hand reached for Arthur’s right foot, and the right cyan swung upwards in hopes of upper cutting Arthur. WC: 200 ND: 445-77-150= 218
  14. [*] Seeing as Arthur approached and dropped to the floor sliding, the Hollow hardened the lower portions of Masato's coat to block whatever attacks his opponent made. The hits to Masato's calves, while not painful, still managed to break his balance, which was a great cause for concern to the parasite. Its vessel was barely injured and still full of energy, and yet, it didn’t have access to it. On the contrary, the longer the fight proceeded, the more uncertain the hollow became of his dominion over Masato's body. [**} A slight panic befell the hollow as it quickly twisted Masato's right arm backward, aiming to strike Arthur with backhanded punch. The back of his fist would instead slam into the side of his umbrella, knocking it aside to avoid getting tabbed into the back. [1] The hollow would follow up with a 360 degree horizontal whip of Masato’s tail to force Arthur away. “You having the luxury to sweat the semantics shows just how privileged and ungrateful you are to world you live in. For a hollow like me, born with this frail and useless body, in a merciless world with no support, or inherent strength to rely on, borrowing the strength of others is my only way to survive. I chose to flee that realm of savages and come here, but in your supposedly civil society, the treatment I’ve received is worse. Extorted and double crossed by that orange haired bitch! But things are different now that I have this body. I’m returning to Hueco Mundo and killing the ‘number 1’ and any of his lapdogs that get in my way. So leave me alone!” [2-3] Masato winded his bent arms back before punching them one after the other. Suddenly, two large cyan arms emerged from the scapula area of his coat and quickly stretched outwards in Arthur’s direction. The collective force of the attacks produced shockwaves that kicked up debris and dead leaves from the ground. WC: 330 ND: 950 - 255 - 175 - 75 = 445‬
  15. The parasitic hollow kept his eye's on, and saw through Arthur's fake, as since the beginning of the fight, the umbrella wielding human never misjudged the distance between himself and Masato this badly. Despite knowing the attack lacked intent, its true purpose was still unknown. As such, rushing an action in panic could've done more harm than good. Rather, he stayed alert with his tail on standby, still holding an umbrella after recovering from Arthur's interception. As the slash of Arthur's umbrella was nearing its end on Masato's left, its owner quickly reversed its trajectory, causing its ferrule to quickly stab at the hollow behind the cyan hood. Though the attack came close, Masato's tail was fast enough to pull his umbrella between his neck and Arthur's weapon. The hollow would command Masato to lean forward before it spoke, "‘Chūnibyō phase’? There’s no delusion here. With this body I AM-" it paused as a burgundy burst of reiatsu erupted from Masato's body, "INDESTRUCTIBLE!" its voice vibrated through the roars of its host's fluctuating energy. [*] The umbrella made as a joke merged back into Masato's coat after he used it one last time to push Arthur's umbrella away. [1] With this short window of opportunity, he charged his right hand in a fist before turning his legs, then hips, and lastly shoulders to deliver a powerful punch towards Arthur's chest. [2] As he pulled his arm back, his left side shifted into the lead. Naturally he would use his closes hand to continue his offense, as he wrapped his hand behind Arthur's head and pulled it down while simultaneously bringing his right leg up, to knee Arthur square in the face. [3] While Masato's right foot recovered from the knee strike he delivered, he was already synchronizing its landing with another attack. Just as his right foot touched the ground, Masato turned his left foot inward and completed a 360 degree spin with his right foot trailing behind slightly, before its heels met Arthur's right ribs in a wheel kick. WC: 340 ND: 1275 - 250 - 75 = 950
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