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    Cycling, Football, Basketball, Anime, Manga, RolePlaying, LoL, Smite
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    Name: Kaizen
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  1. - ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ZanpakutÅ Name: Black Stinger (黑毒刺:Hēi dú cì) Bankai Name: Black Needler (黑色的縫衣針: Hēisè de fèng yī zhēn) Shikai: Bankai: - ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ZanpakutÅ Spirit Shikai Bankai Inner world - ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Misc Reiatsu appearance: Theme's Template Code
  2. Inazuma (Queen's Guard)

    Soul Burial

  3. Inazuma (Queen's Guard)

    Soul Burial

    Hey. Can I be buried please? I'm in Karakura Town District 1 (Agito) Thanks ~<3
  4. Inazuma (Queen's Guard)

    Looking For Some Anime

    You may wanna try Phantom World, It has more than one strong secondary female characters, with the main character being a sorta useless male.