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  1. I hate Moving houses... So many boxes :(

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    All Raids

    I missed it I hate having limited access to internet. However I joined the next one. ^^
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    Michiyo did 104533.52 damage. The group of hollow have 49895466.48 hp left. The group hollows did 25000 damage. Michiyo has 1897364 left. Colorless Queen did 13622.01 damage. The group of hollow have 49881844.47 hp left. The group hollows did 25000 damage. Colorless Queen has 234333 left. Onishi Hoitsu did 1316619395.01 damage. The group of hollow have -1266737550.54 hp left. The group hollows did 25000 damage. Onishi Hoitsu has 24031906146 left. Congratulations, your group defeated the Hollows!
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    The Closest Villages

    It was a peaceful eternal night in one of the villages of hollows near Las Noches one which has been undisturbed for hundreds of years. Many hollows lived in this Village from small Lizard hollows to that of menos class hollows all coinciding with one another with no real fear of danger as most hollows wouldn't travel so close to Las Noches unless forced too. This prevented outside power hungry hollows from entering and disrupting the peace. The Village didn't look that amazing the homes were build into rocks none of which were fancy but it did have a homely and welcoming feeling to it. This is the story of how that all changed with the coming of The wanderer. During feasting hours a figure from outside the Village walks ever so closer till it reaches the edge of the Village the figure was illuminated from behind due to the light of the crescent moon. Shortly after the strange figure arrives a weak hollow noticed it from a distance while feasting on a human soul and notices that the figure wasn't very hollow like and had the same size as a human. Slowly as the moon reached around the light softly illuminated the figures mask it was that of hollows, however, it only covered the top of the figures face. The hollow nudged another hollow which was beside it and pointed to the figure which was now becoming more illuminated. The hollow froze as the figure started to walk down as the light revealed more of her identity. Long dark purple hair, the unusual dress, the lack of visibility of the hollow hole and the markings down her face under her mask. The hollow spoke with a frightened tone tells the unknowing hollow. "She's the one people have been calling The wanderer. Nothing ever ends well when she shows up" The hollow then ran to the eldest hollow. Shortly after every hollow in the village ran inside and the elder stood in the middle to speak to the wanderer. The Wanderer arrives in front of the elder then turning her head and looking around the Village to see if anyone else is her and senses that there is in the homes hiding from her. The wanderer let out a subtle sigh and whispers to herself soft enough so the elder can hear but not the rest of the Village. "Why am I never accepted anywhere I go..." The elder looks puzzled to what the wanderer had said, she wasn't anything like the stories he had heard she was only a hollow seeking acceptance in a world filled with violence. "Sorry to have bothered your Village. I'll be going now..." The wanderer turns around and starts to walk away with her eyes slowly starting to water. Suddenly the hollow elder reaches out to the to grab the wanderer to stop her from walking away however, this action was the beginning to the chain reaction of the horror which was now bestowed upon them. In the distance another hollow which was watching the meeting which was going down between the elder and the wanderer, however, he could not hear the conversation which was happening between them and had to guess what was happening and continued to watch on until the elder tried to grab the wanderer and mistook that as the elder going for an attack and started to raise his spiritual pressure while charging towards the Village center where the elder and wanderer were. The hollow reaches the center behind the elder and lunges towards the wanderer and attempts to cut her and succeeds in doing so landing in a kneeling position on the ground with the wanderer's blood dripping off one of his claws. Slowly the wanderers eyes slowly become dryer as they start filling up with rage and lifts up one of hands and threads which are wrapped around her fingers start appearing as this was happening the elder ran away in fear into one of the houses. "So was I pulled into a trap just to be killed?" rage rapidly filling up inside even more as it does the wanderer looks over to the house the elder ran into and sees him shivering in fear and then looks back to the one that attacked her and spoke while two others appeared next to the one on the ground. "So Seems like you were the only one who wanted to attack me." The hollow on the right of the hollow on the ground starts to talk to try and help calm down the wanderer while the one on the left tries to help the one the ground up. "Listen. He is new to the village he doesn't know how to control his anger and hunger properly please just forgiving him. If you are unable to and insist on killing him them I'm sorry but we would have to step in and hel-" Suddenly three thin purple thread shoot through the masks and out the other side and pierce and wrap around three rocks in the distance. "I'm sorry... But I don't forgive... Not in this hellish world." The strings start retracting and brings the rocks with them flying right through the heads of the three hollows. After the fight was over the wanderer tied the three hollows on her threads and started to drag them out of the village. Once the wanderer was far enough out of sight of the village the hollows start exiting their houses and look towards the moon knowing that they narrowly escaped death and began to start feasting again but on high alert in case the wanderer reappears. The wanderer hides behind a large rock and starts to untie the three hollows and starts to devour them. Once done she continues walking while licking the blood off her hands towards the next Village hoping to be accepted and finally have a place called home. OOC: The first post with my Arrancar it used to be longer but I lost all of it when it was almost done and forgot what I wrote so I only wrote this much afterwards.
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    I'm sorry but I can't agree with the stat system not because I wouldn't like one but because I don't believe it would work in the urp. Through boredom I read through all the proposed changes through the time of the urp mostly when it seemed most active. When I started reading the first thread I went to was Dandys stats cause I thought when I joined that we had to do stats but then I read more into it to find people arguing about it cause people abused it and was making themself stronger then the next person and no one using the system even when it was introduced. This was one of the major flaws next was the introduction of moderators for the urp that didn't work well ether as people didn't acknowledge them and used the system of if something was overpowered or BS then they would tell them. Personally I don't know I haven't been here long enough to really say anything but with what i read from past post from people I don't think it would work. Sorry....
  6. The Wanderer Name: Unknown Nickname: The Wanderer Gender: Female Race: Arrancar Rank: Not part of the Espada (maybe in the future? ) Age: Unknown Apparent Age: 24 Birth Date: 5th of September Hobby: Devouring lesser hollows and Traversing Hueco Mundo History: Not much is known about The wanderer one day she popped up out of nowhere some say she is a murderous beast who would devour whole hollow villages without a second notice to feed her unending hunger. Others say she just passes through towns searching for something then leaving those in the towns alive almost like she was never there. No one truly knows which of the rumors are true. The wanderer once becoming an Arrancar never lost the unyielding hunger for souls however she can still control when she eats and when she doesn't. The wanderer doesn't know where she belongs almost everytime she tries to join a village she gets attacked due to the spread of the rumors which then she fights back which causes the spread of rumors to spread even more that she is a murderous beast. The wanderer always eats those she kills when attacked to try and end her hunger. -Physical Description- Height: 5'5 Weight: 65kg Hair Style: Most of the time loose however sometimes she ties it up with a white ribbon Hair Color: Dark Purple Eye Color: Black sclera with Red iris Skin Color: Pale Marks/Scars/Tattoos: Marking under her mask Body Description: Her body is that of an athletic build Physical Condition: Healthy Mask Fragment: Over The top half of her face. Hollow Hole: In the middle of her right hand but keeps it covered with a glove -Personality- Likes: Eating, Traveling and puzzles. Dislikes: Spoiled brats Fears: Doesn't have any fears. Goals: She doesn't have goals she just likes doing whatever she thinks about at the time. Favorite food: Any soul. Least favorite food: Anything bitter Most prized possession: Her bracelet she wears on her right arm. -Powers- Reishi color: Light Purple Sonido: She instinctively learned Sonido as most hollows do when they transform into Arrancars Hierro: Pretty tough can withstand a few hits Physical strength: She is Surprisingly strong however she doesn't like using her physicals skills much because she doesn't feel comfortable doing so. Spiritual Strength: It's hard to gauge Her spiritual power as it always changes though her eating souls much more than the average Arrancar would. Basic Cero: She can fire of Ceros as like the Sonido she instinctively learned it while she was still a pure hollow and not an Arrancar. Cero Córnea: Able to shoot a cero out of her eye which is able to destroy large rocks. Spirit threads: The wanderers unique ability is to control threads made out of her own reishi. They are as sharp as a blade and is able to pierce objects using the tips of the threads. However while she is not in her resurreccion form she is only able to control one thread per finger. High-speed regeneration: Can regenerate at high-speeds however, can only do so out of battle as she needs to focus on healing or its speed is that of an average Arrancar. -Resurreccion- Name: (Still thinking up) Command: Torappu to kiru (Trap and kill) Reishi color: Dark Purple Abilities:(No description will be given as I don't want them planned against) o.o 1. Improved Spirit threads 2. Overall enhancement (speed, strength ect.) 3. Flight (Ties in with spirit threads) 4. Cero Supureddo
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    Kido Corps Training Grounds

    Luna Looks at the captain ans smiles before yelling out to him "Thanks captain don't train to hard !!" Luna then goes and opens a senkaimon while still holding Shiros hand and looks to Shiro "You ready?" Luna then let's go of Shiros hand and starts running through the Senkaimon towards the world of the living and turns around to yell at Shiro In a loud voice "Hurry up slowpoke! At this rate even a snail could beat you!" Ooc: I'll make a new thread Join there Shiro I'll send the link in Pm (Left thread)
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    Kido Corps Training Grounds

    Luna Blushes and smiles when shiro told her that he would like to go out with her. "Hey Shiro Lets go get something to eat I heard that the chefs of the world of the living and they make really good food" Luna then slowly stood up and waved to the captain And yelled out "Hey Captain Mind if me and Shiro can go to the world of the living?" Luna then laughed and turned around to Shiro and held out her hand towards him to grab a hold off "Let's go if you want too it's a good experience" Luna then slowly started walking out the Training grounds while waiting for the captains response and leaves a note for Ricard to find which reads. "When You have time feel free to join us. It'd be nice for you to try the food as well" Ooc: Sorry for the small post been really busy lately.
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    Kido Corps Training Grounds

    Luna Giggled as Shiro talked about how he didn't remember his name when he was alive and how he was given a new name by his friends Aoi and Kazuki and how they helped him keep his sanity and held out her hand and Flicked him across the forehead. "Silly they weren't the ones helping you stay sane, You helped yourself by staying sane for them. Think about it If you lost your sanity How would they react? You see you made yourself stay sane for them" Luna gives a warm smile to Shiro and laughs cheerfully. "It's always good to think about things more deeply then just the outer layer." Luna then watches Shiro stab his sword and told her it's name and how he hopes to learn shikai. "Shiro... You really are silly." Luna laughs again with tears forming in her eyes. Before Luna starts to talk again she rubs the tears out of her eyes and takes the sword out of the ground and places it on Shiro's lap "You should take more care of your sword, I apart of you every time it gets damaged the spirit inside feels pain just like we would if we got a cut." Luna then smiles towards both Shiro and his zanpakuto "Ookamikaze huh? Nice name." Luna then looks and Shiro "You know Shiro made a minor mistake in what you said about hoping to use their shikai soon. When a Zanpakuto tells you it's name you automatically gain the ability to use it though you still have to train to used it properly. Silly" Luna laughs again but this time a small chuckle with one of her hands covering her mouth. "Say... Shiro, Sorry about me correcting you a lot It's just a habit of mine since I used to help other students at the academy I just gained the habit of correcting people." Luna then looks and Shiro and starts fidgeting slightly embarrassed "Also you're the first person I've been this comfortable talking to It's strange... and for some reason it makes me really happy more then I've been in a very long long time and I have a slight tugging in my heart that won't go away so I was wondering before I lose the chance too or I am to late..." Luna then softly punches Shiro on his chest "So even though we just meet, Do you maybe want to go out with me?" Ooc: Just woke up + sick and just wrote it out sorry if it's bad xD
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    All Raids

    Michiyo did 68964.77 damage. The group of hollow have 49931035.23 hp left. The group hollows did 25000 damage. Michiyo has 1249945 left. Colorless Queen did 6447.01 damage. The group of hollow have 49924588.22 hp left. The group hollows did 25000 damage. Colorless Queen has 94446 left. Onishi Hoitsu did 578909818.19 damage. The group of hollow have -528985229.97 hp left. The group hollows did 25000 damage. Onishi Hoitsu has 10567078776 left. Congratulations, your group defeated the Hollows! <3
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    Kido Corps Training Grounds

    Luna smiled at Shiro and nodded to show she was interested and listening to his story. "It was a really interesting story. I Really liked it! sounds like you've been through a lot but that helps build character and personally after all" Luna laughed slightly and laid on her back and starts to stare upwards. "I don't have anything that amazing... Basically I still remember everything when I was still a human in the world of the living. My name hasn't changed however since coming to the soul society. My mum she was amazing She would do everything, No let me rephrase that she could do anything. I Also has a sister who was roughly 3 years younger than me at the time her name was Kira she was strange but in a good way. Finally I never knew my father so... yeah nothing on him." Luna giggled happily and continued with her story. "Then to skip a few parts I was murdered blah blah blah, I woke up in the Rukon district I can't remember which one though and I joined a family it was just me, Leo my little brother and our adoptive mother and father." Luna stretches and laughs as she was about to close of her story. "Other then I joined the Academy with Leo and I passed and here I am today" Luna giggled and smiled towards Shiro and softly punched him on the arm. "Sorry about blabbering about my story. I thought I'd just tell my side as well but of cause it wasn't as awesome as yours"
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    Kido Corps Training Grounds

    Luna laughed slightly at Shirotora's embarrassment. Luna found it funny and interesting that someone who was so excited about fighting the captain in a one on one fight could be so different outside of battle. Then she noticed Shirotora turn towards her and smiled while introducing himself. Luna replied smiled back "Hello Shirotora, I'm Luna Tsukimori" And did a jokingly pose with her hands raising in the air. Luna then thought to herself that Shirotora's name was too long to keep saying and laughed slightly before smiling at Shirotora. "Say Shirotora... Mind if I shorten your name down to Shiro?" Luna asked him inquisitively before turning her eyesight to Ricard who started to not be silent anymore. "Looks like Ricard finally wants to fight." Luna sighed as she is still slightly saddened that she couldn't train as well and turned back to Shirotora and smiled "So Shiro, what did you do before you became a shinigami? any awesome tales ?"
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    Kido Corps Training Grounds

    Luna nodded and looked away averting her gaze the other direction. "I-I guess I can forgive him..." Luna then Sighed and laughed slightly afterwards "He did change slightly afterwards anyway... I guess he feels guilty for what happened to me that night." Luna then looked at Ricard with a displeased look. "Might take a while though unless he stops with the nickname he gave me..." Luna then looked over to Shirotora and saw how peaceful he looked and was slightly tempted to draw on his face but took a second thought and decided not too. "So captain what did you do to him he was so fired up when the fighting started it like you had magical powers to stop him." Luna laughed and then looked over to Shirotora afterwards and noticed that her laugh made him start waking up and quickly covered her mouth. "I think laughed a little to loudly.." Ooc: I got permission to make Shiro's character wake up.
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    Kido Corps Training Grounds

    Luna was watching them fight and was slightly saddened that she couldn't join due to her arm being broken and being weakened because of it. Luna started to take notes in her mind while watching kinda like mental training for if she were to spar a little later when her arm is healed and she regained some of her strength. Luna noted that both of them were very capable fighters however she knew instinctively that the captain wasn't trying as hard as he could of and chuckled slightly noting how vastly different a captain was to a regular shinigami and that it was almost mythical. "I wonder if I could ever become that strong..." Luna held out her broken arm and laughed "Not if this happens over and over again" Luna chuckled again and continued to watch the fight and taking notes then noticed that the fight stopped suddenly "Huh? That was an abrupt stop." Luna listened in as well as she could and was taking pointers thinking the captain was going to pass down some words of 'Wisdom' "Right... Flame inside equals spiritual power. Power within core of one's spirit." Luna then notices Shirotora fall unconscious and looked strangely towards him. "Huh didn't expect that to happen" Luna then notice the captain slowly walk to her carrying Shirotora and wondered why he was coming over too her. "Hey captain." Luna then had a emotionless expression once the captain asked about her arm "Ricard was the one who caused me to break my arm because of his hard-headedness..." Luna then sighed "During the the new exam they did at the academy where you have to team up with people lower grade then you and you have to hunt a hollow. Ricard was in a lower grade then me but was pushed up later on but during the exam he's hard-headedness almost got him killed so I jumped in front of the hollow's attack by pushing Ricard away and was hit in the arm full force by the hollow needless to say I haven't forgiven him yet."
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    Squad 2 Attendance

    To make sense of what Sairento said here is a translation "Welcome back to the site, Talk to people around the place get to know people again and make friends and/or join the role-play or just stick to the rpg and just come her for friendly chats now and then." Cough now that I have translated what Sairento wrote Hi I'm Liz and welcome back to the site ^^ P.s I didn't bother translating what was in the Quotation marks it was untranslatable.