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  1. Name: Utohaku Razushi Appearance: I stand at five feet, nine inches tall. I have a scar under my left eye, that i recieved as a teenager, from a group of thugs that ambushed and robbed me. I normally wear my Shinigami uniform. I am close to 250 lbs (114 Kgs), but my size does not hinder my movement. Gender: Male Power: Shikai Personality: Calm, even in the most intense situations. Eye Color: Blue Skin Color: White, with light Tan Shikai Power Level: Unknown Upon hearing of the creation of a new army that had members from all races. I left the Gotei 13, in hopes of enlisting with this rouge army and gaining power as well as helping their army rise in power.
  2. I just created my game account but it won't let me login. I know the username and password is correct though.
  3. I got a new laptop today so I created an account on that.
  4. I have been trying to create an account but it has been saying that my IP Address is already associated with a RPG account, but I haven't been able to make one.
  5. I have been wanting to play this for a while now, but when I go to create a new character it says that my IP Address already has a character associated with it. I have never made a character before, so I am not sure why it would say that though.
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