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  1. Senmaru Hoshino

    I miss you guys

    Lol sorry I was very drunk and was smokin on hash but for real I love and miss this place and it’s ppl very much I could be alone in feeling this way but I always get a second family vibe whenever I think of the memories here or come here and that’s not even from a lonely guy, I got really the best friends a man needs , and a wonderful life , this place is just special to me like that (I only say this cause I don’t want you thinking my feeling this way is a result of lacking in anything , always know I just simply love this place ) I have so much crazy ass shit I could tell you and want you to tell me, so if your ever out and about strolling the internet and you happen to be in the neighborhood check in w Ol Yuro
  2. Senmaru Hoshino

    I miss you guys

    I want nothing more right now than to just here that your all ok Monk and Kaycee and Emmell and Major and Aiden and angel and Sasuke and just literally everyone
  3. Senmaru Hoshino

    I miss you guys

    If your in please talk to me money isn’t everything guys I’m very drunk rn mans for real I think I’d give anything just have everyone on and talking again those simple times are what real life is all about
  4. Senmaru Hoshino

    I miss you guys

    Aw man, thank you for that, we were all great though, that window of time , where the rev division was established, the gotei was active in a good way again and the reich was new and buzzing, that was the best time to be alive on this site lol, so much went on , im gonna pm you I want your opinion on something
  5. OOC- fuck it Part 1, - Kichiro Tonight, as every night, she dreams in memory for hers was always advanced... ironic considering what came so easy to her in her young adult age, was what was practically killing her "father". Her minds eye focuses, and her dream settles in, That eerie, old timey mansion that looked so strikingly similar to a church or place of worship, concealed in those snow covered mountains overlooking some kind of city. She rests of Fionarros back, her arms around his neck as he slowly floats down towards the front yard from his ebony black garganta. They both sport a similar white uniform made to withstand the cold. She looks in awe at the old charming structure and its subtle beauty and thinks of how lovely its residence must be.... but then glances at the piercing eyes of her guardian that seem to hold an entirely different attitude toward this location, "Of course." She thinks to herself, a half frown forming across her face, "If they are one of our friends they cant be all that good of a person..." Through the overly exaggerated murky light of the dream sun, she can make out those wild blue eyes, spread so wide as if always in surprise. A man.. no... wrong spiritual pressure... but he looks to be a man. His complexion is fairly flush and normal considering where he lives and his lips are a deep red. His hair is practically bleach blonde and extremely unruly, fashioned into some kind of mohawk. He wears a black leather jacket and black pants, but a plain white shirt underneath. The door opens behind him and other people with his odd type of spiritual pressure come walking out as he stretches his arms out towards the two Arrancar. "My friend!" He states ecstatically, "Welcome!" Fionarro finally reaches the ground and they talk a moment, she cant really make out what they are saying other than the mans name, "Adriel." A woman grabs his arm and kisses his cheek, whispering something to him and pointing to the child Arrancar, "Oh wow! I didnt think about that, is that Kichiro?" To which Fionarro confirms, "Wow, i havent seen you since you were a baby, this one showed you off to all the important contacts." the man continued before giving news about some kind of incident with a special shinigami sent to find out whatever in that area, and then leading them inside. A flurry of blurred memories, that woman taking Kichiro briefly to watch her while Adriel and Fionarro went to question some purple haired shinigami stiff in a chair that his arms seemed to be stuck behind the back of. Her and that woman play with blocks and other toys, and before she knows it Kichiro finds herself at that large grand dinner table where all those strange people ate together, Fionaroo decided they should stay to further discuss what should be done about that Shinigami and "what his presence means". She remembers the meal being merry and talkitive, soon almost no conversation was about business. Kichiro looks to Fionaroo, "Did he consider Adriel... a true friend,,?" she wonders, "Like his Prime or some of the other Espada closer to his age?" The joyous meal continues until one of the less important peopl had made a rude remark either to Fionaroo or Adriel himself.. and that 'did' have to do with business. That black haired woman shouts dont before Adriel snatches that man up with robotic strength and puts his upper torso on the table.. everything is in such a fury and panic that it seems smeared, theres something shiny in Adriels hand and he repeatedly throws his arm onto the mans neck..that wild look in his eyes... that smile.. the red specks that slowly began to dot it..., crimson everywhere.. Fionaroos white gloved hand covering kichiros face before he shouts, "Adriel, enough!" The surge of fear wakes Kichiro from the dream, now a young adult in her current time. She takes a moment to catch her breath and settle down before jogging to Fionarros office. Once at the door she knocks three times gently, "Come in..." Fionarro says tiredly. Kichiro steps in to see the same scene from hours ago, photos of that Quincy litter the place, so many drawings of symbols and equations, so many paragraphs from his "sources, "Have you not taken a break?" she asks him worriedly, "I will soon" the elder arrancar replies, "Please grasp the gravity of how serious this is.." To this she sighs, "Anyways," She changes the subject to her reason for visiting, "I had a dream of some one from before your condition.. some one in the world of the living." She pauses, now remembering the end of her dream more clearly... "Would that man.. that Adriel, still be alive?" She asks. Fionaroo smiles and laughs lightly, "Wow i havent seen him in a long time... if some one hasnt finally killed that psychopath hes certainly still alive, Bounts live forever.. like cockroaches... " He pauses, "He did have a plan for something then, and.... i suppose he just may be of help in this. I dont now how much he will still love us though, i didnt exactly come to his aid when the mansion was raided." Kichiro nods, they would most likely be visiting the world of the living tomorrow.
  6. Hey guys its Yuroshima, Its been a while, I just wanted to come back and say thanks to all of you and this website, sometimes at night i really reflect deeply on all that happened here, all we said and talked about. I got on here as an early teenager, about 14, and stayed for years, , I don't want to get into the good stuff going for me as this isn't really a come back and shine kind of post, but do know I am doing very well in life and not to worry, im a 20 year old man now though, and idc if anyone thinks this is lame, but I still think back to this place a lot, I had a pretty average if not good social life during my time here and even still I consider the things that took place here to be some of the greatest memories of my young life. I truly consider you all friends and I make my name on every single internet or game thing I do Good Ol Yuro, just so youll recognize me one day maybe, and remember how special those times were. I always wanna come back and do a massive post I planned years ago that would sum up all my characters, even Yuro, but I just never seem to be able to /: I know I was a bit terrible many times, and I know some of you were too, but we were all going through our cringy phases and the changes of life and all that so I just don't even onsider those times relevant. From what many other people ive met in life who would tell me in times we would be alone that they also RP'd, apparently no where was as cool and cinematic as we were I love you guys I miss you guys Truly thank you for times of the highest fun in my young life and I hope you all come back one day and see this, so you know that I hope your all doing well.
  7. Hey guys its Yuroshima, Its been a while, I just wanted to come back and say thanks to all of you and this website, sometimes at night i really reflect deeply on all that happened here, all we said and talked about. I got on here as an early teenager, about 14, and stayed for years, , I don't want to get into the good stuff going for me as this isn't really a come back and shine kind of post, but do know I am doing very well in life and not to worry, im a 20 year old man now though, and idc if anyone thinks this is lame, but I still think back to this place a lot, I had a pretty average if not good social life during my time here and even still I consider the things that took place here to be some of the greatest memories of my young life. I truly consider you all friends and I make my name on every single internet or game thing I do Good Ol Yuro, just so youll recognize me one day maybe, and remember how special those times were. I always wanna come back and do a massive post I planned years ago that would sum up all my characters, even Yuro, but I just never seem to be able to /: I know I was a bit terrible many times, and I know some of you were too, but we were all going through our cringy phases and the changes of life and all that so I just don't even onsider those times relevant. From what many other people ive met in life who would tell me in times we would be alone that they also RP'd, apparently no where was as cool and cinematic as we were I love you guys I miss you guys Truly thank you for times of the highest fun in my young life and I hope you all come back one day and see this, so you know that I hope your all doing well.
  8. posted by me.. not sure why it did this weird mock profile thing but ya
  9. OOC- I realize that no one that hasn’t been here for some time won’t understand who these people are, But, idk how many stories I got left in me, and really how many this site does, so here it finally goes. What is possibly my final arc, an arc in which I will wrap up every character ive ever had. I will add more soon, I just wanted to start it today. The sky rests calmly above a large metropolitan city. Bright blue and gleaming with life, as if reflecting the habitat below it. However, this is all disturbed as a thin black line begins to materialize in the suspended air before beginning to open, forming a door way like portal to the unknown. Out of this, unnatural formation, steps a figure.. human in appearance. His skin, Caucasian and of a normal toned pigment. His hair, medium length, dark brown and rather wild. Eyes a dark green. His uniform was made of baggy bright white pants tucked into thick black combat boots, at present he is absent of a shirt revealing a strange, black, thickly lined tattoo of a crying half moon displayed large and prominent on the left side of his chest. His body is cruel, muscles formed from battle practice and practically made him look like he had been designed for combat. A more feminine young man exits next before the unholy door way flutters and disperses leaving the two stranded in mid air. The younger man had long blonde hair, baby blue eyes, soft pale skin and handed the first arrival a slim fit white jacket, buttoned by black in the front. “Did we find her at last Melsara?” The younger asks, to which the elder Arrancar replies, “Yes, now come Yoshinori, we have a lot of work to do. “
  10. Senmaru Hoshino

    To Achieve Ones Goal, The Life And Times Of Oliver Yin

    OOC- Time skip, after the events of the brief west festung battle. The former throne room to the now deceased queen seems to have been caught in polarization. Still dark, still silent.. still illuminated by the flood of moon light pouring in through the large section of the roof and right hand side that had been blown away. Alone at the mouth of this architectural wound stand the New Monarch Oliver Christophe Yin. His white gloved hands clasped behind his back as he stares out into the distance. The doors across the room behind the king open and in comes Oswald, face void of expression as his eyes fall upon his master, whom he begins to approach. “Your Majesty.” He calls. Oliver looks over his shoulder, viewing the subordinate with focused green eyes. “Oswald.” He greets the man with a kind half smile before returning its gaze to the wasteland of ice and snow before him. “Are you mourning?” Oswald asks as he takes his place to the Kings right. “Hardley.” Oliver replies. “Im plotting.” This intrigues the Royal guard whom inquires further by asking, “Plotting what?” To this, the last Yin Quincy states, “Plotting how I can rebuild the Reichs strength, and how far I can take this.” His eyes pan down toward the confused, dying souls wandering around in the tundra. “Ive begun to come to a realization Oswald….. A rather odd realization.” “And what is that sire?” “Youll find out sooner or later.”
  11. The White Wicker Dragon and the Approaching Inferno. Act 1- Exodus. He left.. without even visiting his former home once more. Trekking through the seemingly endless expanse of forest that Rukognai had to offer. Night had befallen the woods hours ago and the waning moon hung prominently in the sky. Senmaru rests with his back against a large but diminishing tree whose bark crumbled at even a mere touch. Blazing before him was a healthy orange fire of his construction. He stares at it and begins to ponder the events that had led him here, the rise and fall of an empire and his failure to be its phoenix…and so he had resolved that the only way to provide mitigation to this failure.. would be to disappear. Four days had passed since his journey into the heart of the old wood had begun and he was beginning to lose faith that this legend he sought after even existed. Supposedly, if you traveled deep enough through the forest you would come to an area where the natural beauty of thel and ceased and turned to a murky almost swamp like atmosphere.. and that is where “He” chose to reside. And he was an ancient man said to allow any soul with enough currency to pass from this realm to another, his benefits being a very masterfully crafted gigai and even currency conversion. “How far in could it possibly be..” The wandering soul murmurs, “For four entire days I’ve exhausted myself traveling primarily with constant shunpo.. the ground ive covered has been extensive.” He breathes a sighs and crawls over to the few cloth bags resting closer to the fire. The shinigami rests his head on one of the bags and begins to close his eyes, “How much more ground can I even cover tomorrow..” he wonders as he drifts into the realm of dream. Drearily, two crystal blue eyes awaken to find that a light fog had invaded their surroundings over night. Senmaru sits up slowly and stretches, a few leaves falling from his snow white hair as he blinks a few times and stands. He stretches, observes his surroundings, and continues on his journey. As he walks, he spots a shape out of the corner of his eye, hiding in the fog beside a tree. His Scimitar rings out softly as it is automatically unsheathed and Senmaru calls out to the figure, “Show yourself now.” He orders.. but the dark entity does not move. So far from any form of civilization.. the white haired Shinigami cannot allow himself to take any sort of risk for an injury of any sort out here could possibly mean death, he finds the shape disturbing, it seems humanoid but it has no spirit energy. He flies forward, his light body traveling faster than an average Shunpo user, his speed mixed with his use of a strong Sho spell forces the fog away from the area.. he is poised to strike before a frown befalls his face. There, leaning against the tree, was the lifeless corps of a man. Senmaru briefly checks his body over to find no wounds, and no food in his small pouch, just a few coins.. no doubt he was on the same journey Senmaru found himself on now. He thumbs through the man’s journal to read a sorrowful tale of a wife killed by his gambling troubles.. and with nowhere else to run.. he sought after a legend. The White haired Shinigami leaves the currency and lays the body down, placing two coins on his eyes before continuing onward. Two days had passed.. and finally he had found it. He approaches the edge of a hill like formation to see before him, a murky forgotten swamp that oozed a feeling of ancient trees and decay. It smelled of dying earth, not unpleasant but not welcoming. Through the marsh he could see what appeared to be a house of sorts built into the trunk of an almost unrealistically large tree, an orange glow in the window signified life. Senmarus crystal blue eyes widen, had he truly found it? He anxiously uses flash step to bolt tree to tree until finally he reaches the thin wooden door, as he outstretches his hand to knock, a jolt of electricity fills his stomach as if this is something he knows he is not supposed to be doing. But this does not stop him Knock Knock He firmly strikes the door twice and stands there in silence. Moments later the door opens to reveal a tall, rather slender and very aged soul wearing some sort of black suite and gold rimmed glasses. His gray hair is slicked back and his eyes briefly squint as they try to make sense of the youthful shinigami before them. Senmaru speaks first, “Ive travelled a great distance to meet you I think.” He states. The elder nods, “Yes yes…” he says in a low, thoughtful tone, “They all do, ….what is it your running from?” There is a pause, “Myself…” The Shinigami replies as the old soul invites him in … Act 2 – The Siring Senmaru is led to a shaky wooden table where he sits in a groaning chair that seems more and more unhappy with every guest it must sustain. The elder stares at him with large dull eyes, “Where is it you wanted to go then young man?” He asks, looking the youth up and down. Senmaru sniffles nervously and replies, “The world of the living.” The old man nods raising his eyebrows and pursing his lips thoughtfully, “That’s an expensive place for travelers to go.” He warns the boy before him who firmly reassures him that, “Money is no object.” He clears his throat a moment, “But I have questions.” The old man raises his hand and brow simultaneously in acceptance. “Is it true that you can supply me with a Gigai, that you can convert my currency to the currency used there.” The young soul eyes his elder who has begun to clean off his spectacles, “I can, for the right price. Let’s start with the gigai.” “How much” “10.000” Senmaru pulls a few slips of paper from his pouch and slides them over as if he were giving a commoner change. The aged soul simply folds them and places them in the inside pocket of his suite jacket. He stands and beckons for the shinigami to follow him, “Come boy” he calls, prompting the youth to follow him through his abode towards a cellar that would lead into a rusting yet sophisticated laboratory. The area is lit by candle light until he flips the switch of some sort of machine he refers to as a generator, and then everything becomes lit in the dull glow of overhanging florescent bulbs. “Disrobe for me.” The elder requests bluntly as he approaches the man. Senmaru blushes slightly, being the type to be embarrassed by situations such as this, but none the less does as he is instructed and removes his gray Revolutionary Robes. “Hah!” the man cackles, “So you are a boy.” He grips his client’s shoulders and spins him around, he begins using his finger tips to gently glide across and palpitate Senmarus pale, soft skin. “EctoMorphic body.. very bright pale skin shade, soft textured male…” He begins muttering notes to himself. He runs his hands through the Shinigamis curly white hair, “scalp placement roughly centered about....” Senmaru stands there, the weight of his discomfort with this situation digging deep into his mind before he finally and spastically blurts out, “Whats your name?!” “Ah! Damn it !” The elder jumps. “What?” He asks angrily, placing his hand on his chest. “Im Ossufir.. I made it myself, that name, don’t shout like that.. “ He pauses, catching his breath, “Ossufir.” Senmaru repeats quietly. “What is your name boy?” The elder inquires. “Im Senmaru.. and I’m sorry to ask, but is this really necessary..?” His body shrivels inward slightly, to cover a few areas as he asks. “Initially yes, I need a feel for your body type.. but the rest is done here..” he gestures for the White haired youth to follow him across the lab, where he is shown a bright egg like table with a metal covering, “When you lay here, you will be injected with a sleep agent, and for the next few days, I will have you fed through Iv’s, I will mimic your body perfectly, everything from your blood type to where your teeth are and their color, to how many hairs you have in your head and where they are placed…” he pauses, as if waiting for Senmaru to finish his sentence before he says, “Well.. go on lad.. sit down.” The shinigami nods and takes his seat, butterflies filling his being as the elder Ossufir rummages through supplies and approaches him with a needle containing a yellow liquid. His mind panics, he might not even be who he says he is! He could be a murderer! A rapist.. a..a .. He places an old hand on Senmaru’s shoulder, “Buck up lad.” He states, sensing the youths fear, “I’ll see you soon.” All is a sea of black, and Senmaru’s body, stripped of clothing seems to be falling through it effortlessly. Images of his life materialize all around him, he sees a beautiful woman in labor, beside a brutish man with hate in his eyes. Below him he sees that same beautiful woman in tears as that man throws glass wear about.. and strikes her with his hands while a small white haired child watches in horror from around a corner.. “mom…” Senmaru states as he watches the mirage, the title echoing through the black abyss as his body makes contact with this memory… it fades as if debris in water being scattered about. His hair flutters wildly as his body speeds downward even father into the infinite nothingness. He watches as he passes stills of an abused child with short.. curly white hair, his right eye stained pink around the blue center by blood seeping into it from a wound on his fore head. He tries to turn away from his life but cannot help but watch his mother hold him. Until finally, a large..pure white still of her is blown up to a larger size, she moves frame by frame towards a pure white still of Senmaru as a child, the word run on her lips echoes throughout the abyss as she forces him through a white lined black door.. the outline of a knife being forced into her back.. the child shrieks and screams as black blood rains around the white still of his mother who slowly fades to gray… the child in a panic runs into the wilderness in the distance. This image grows and grows, Senmarus body falling into the black pool of his mother’s blood before it clears and he is still falling through the abyss.. watching as the boy is found days later by a Soldier belonging to the Revolutionary Division. Time speeds up, to fast for his tear stricken eyes to follow before finally he simply stops moving.. he is standing upon solid ground but yet in all directions all he could see.. was unending black. “Where are you going Senmaru..” A low tone vice echoes as Les Anneux de Desespoir appears from the depths of the black. Senmaru’s pale skin, illuminated by a light he cannot see or find, appears to be glowing by contrast as he approaches his Zanpakuto Spirit. “Away..” He says with a sorrowful tone. “Why are you going.” The Spirit inquires further. “If I let my shock and shame consume me…. I’m afraid I’ll lose sight of myself.” The Shinigami replies. “That army doesn’t define your life.” Les Anneux de Desespoir states. “But it did..” Senmaru counters, “I was found by them when I was just past my toddler stage…. They were really all I knew outside of my abusive household and now that it’s over, I need to discover what I am.. and what ways I want to live the rest of my life.” The white haired youth becomes less and less apologetic as he speaks. Finally, the Zanpakuto spirit asks his real question. “Will you ignore me… will you be abandoning me..” The black robed entities voice held a tone of worriment that his master had, until this point, never heard from him. “Of course not….never” He says sweetly and truthfully before stepping towards the other half of his soul. But, the black sky begins to turn white.. the surroundings turn watery and distorted and before he knows it, he is looking at nothing but metal, he is laying down, still void of clothing. He blinks hard twice and makes two fists.. his body feels stuck or stiff or cramped. Ossufir looks down on the young man in the chamber he had crafted. “I mean this in the most professional way.” He states as Senmarus eyes squint harshly, he is so disorientated that he only slightly tilts his head in the old man’s direction, he looks so small and pouty. “But it was an honor to masterfully sire a Gigai for such a pretty soul.” He reaches out towards his client and gently grips his right hand and shoulder, “Come on boy, sit up.” He says as he begins pulling at the young man’s limb. Slowly and in a very tired fashion, Senmaru rises. He flutters his eye lids and looks at the old man. “How do you feel lad?” Ossufir asks. “Disorientated.” The pale Shinigami responds softly. “Well let’s get some real food in you, let you sit a while, and then I will show you my creation.” He helps Senmaru stand, and walks him up the stairs shakily. They sit across from each other at a wooden dining table where The Shinigami eats soup and bread and eyes this odd soul. He is an eccentric old man that enjoys dressing up and takes pride in his work. “So, how long have you been doing this?” He asks. Ossufir squints and adjusts his glasses before licking his lips and putting down his fork, which had some sort of pasta wrapped around it. “Id say roughly…437 years or so?” “Why do you do it?” “Because it pays extremely well and it is something I am passionate about, what more could you want from a job. It may be illegal and frowned on by the 13 squads, but it is my calling as you will soon see.” “Well, what do you think?” Ossufir asks after leading Senmaru to the large crate like hunk of metal in the center of the room, he lifts the lid to show the young White Haired soul his new Gigai. Senmaru’s eyes widen in shock. “It’s like looking at a mirror or floating above my body..” He replies softly. “Go on!” The elder encourages the young man enthusiastically.”Touch it!” Senmaru reaches his hand out and allows his finger tips to glide over the skin on the soulless bodies arm. “This is unreal.” He states, laughing slightly and turning his sights back to Ossufir who proudly explains that, “This was truly one of my masterpieces.” The shinigami nods, “It must be, this is.. its crazy haha.” He pauses and snaps back to business, “Whats the left now?” He asks. Ossufir squints and nods, “Well, before we go further into the business aspect of this arrangement I need to tell you that this Gigai is literally a human body. You need o eat, drink sleep and do all that often. Don’t go trying all this neat physical feats you could do as a Shinigami either. Now the currency conversion is free of charge and the portal use is going to run you an even 100,000.” Senmaru’s brow raises, “Man, I mean I can afford it, I just hope I have enough left over to live comfortably where I’m going.” The old man laughs, “It’s the world of the living! It comfortable to live anywhere there! I’m sure you’ll have enough lad, heres what’s going to happen, you’ll pay me the hundred thousand now, I’m going to take you to my vault and you will give me all the currency you will have, ill run some numbers and give you the exact amount for whatever country you’re going to.” The blue eyed Shinigami nods. “Alright.” He says. “That’s fair, I mean I think it’s fair haha, I wouldn’t really know,” To this Ossufir smiles, “I wouldn’t rip you off, I don’t need to this is a very well paying occupation.” Slowly, and in a shy manner, Senmaru walks around the corner, now wearing his gigai, a suite case with exactly 10 outfits made up of clothes from the area he is going to. Ossufir stands in front of two large, copper pillars, they are in a room at the very bottom of his underground two story and the lights in this space are very dim, and have a more prominent yellow tint causing everything to look even more aged, even more dusty. “Well…” Senmaru says, “What do you think?” The feelings Ossufir would get from looking at the boy were something Senmaru would not understand for a very long time, if ever. He fell in love with the image before him, he had no romantic feelings towards the Shinigami himself however, but towards his own work.. craftsmanship and expertise. His work truly was his soul. “You look lovely, as if you weren’t even wearing a Gigai.” The old man compliments his client. “The currency transfer is complete, I’m going to send you to America, the city I’m dropping you in, while big, has a bank that works with me and has your money in it already.” Senmaru nods. “Alright… do I have to go there to get the money?” he asks. “Of course not.” Ossufir replies handing him a small slip of plastic. “This is your bank or debit card, with this you have access to your funds, I have to say.. with the amount of money you have left over, your going to be living quite luxuriously..” Senmaru almost laughs, having spent his child hood in a broken home, the majority of his life in military barracks, and the last few years homeless, this was quite a refreshing statement “Now let’s get you dressed.” With out another word, the old man strolls over to a console in front of the two metal columns. He grips a slender metal switch and pulls it towards him. The pillars begin to crackle and spark with electricity. Senmaru’s nerves begin to get the best of him and he forces a question to break his own tension. “What is it like…?” He asks. “The world of the living I mean.” The fabled legend, turned real person in the eyes of his snow haired client licks his lips and walks towards the boy, the electricity surging between the columns begins to form a large circle. “It’s… different. There isn’t much green where you’re going. Their buildings are huge, and glass, their customs are different. The whole thing seems like one long dream.” Senmarus eyes glance at the almost formed portal, “Is it a good dream or bad dream..?” He asks, voice timid, soft and child like as the old man gently grabs his arm and looks the boy up and down. From his tan dress pants, to his silk black button up.. to his now afraid eyes. “That’s up to you..” He replies in a sympathetic voice, the two now standing before a blue lined circle containing an image of a field that leads to a cliff edge, many many lights in the distance. The elder taps the youths shoulder and begins to gently push him forward. Senmaru steps through the portal, one foot on the grass, one if Ossufirs lab before the old man grips his wrist. “But you, I can tell are a dreamer.” He whispers in the boys ear, “You can make this a good one..” Before the shinigami can reply, Ossufir releases his wrist and the boy falls forward slightly, now fully in the new realm, the portal, with in a second, closes behind him. And there he stood alone. In the silence, with a brief case of clothes, and the funds to do anything. Alone, in the silence. Act 3 - in development, I wont rush writing ever
  12. Earth Defense Squad Task Force Unit Group “A” In the dead of night, a lovely nature style park with many trails, fields, and forested areas, rests as it always does. Generally a place of wonder and fun, but on this night, a place of horror for one unfortunate woman. She sprints as fast as she can through one of the forested paths. Behind, an average sized.. lizard like hollow is in hot pursuit. The demon bounces tree to tree, gripping the branches with its hands, outfitted with gleaming sharp talons perfect for paring the flesh off the terrified human. Tears streaming down her face, she continues to sprint, finally reaching a large field, but alas, the large lizard like beast soars through the air and strike his tail deep into the ground behind her, causing her to fly forward and crash into the soft grass field. She looks over her shoulder at the monster approaching her, hungry and ready for the kill. With great speed and force, the devil lunges towards her… Suddenly, a voice shouts out, “Super, atomic, flawless, strong, expe-ala doscious hand smackety smack!” And with that, a large blue hand flies toward the lizard, its arm is disproportionately thin and leads back to its caster. The hand crashes into the hollow with tremendous force, sending it plummeting into the ground where it violently rolls a fair distance. And there, floating a few yards above the ground is a man with two companions behind him. He wears white bell bottom pants with gold stars all over their surface, a frilly white button up that shares the star pattern, and jet black hair spiked Johnny Bravo style. “Looks like your flights been..” he places a pair of thick framed sun glasses on his face. “Canceled!” He dramatically throws his hand in a point at the injured creature, “BOO-YAH!!!” The woman tries her hardest to not show the confusion she held as to what was going on. The man takes off his glasses and hangs them back on the collar of his shirt. He looks to the woman and smiles an awkwardly large smile. “What’s the ‘maybe’ baby.” He says with an unnatural amount of confidence. Her look only becomes more confused until it shifts back to fear as the hollow shakily begins to stand up. “Rutherford!” he shouts to one of the people behind him. A young man steps forth, determination burning in his eyes. He has thin glasses on his rounded pale face. His hair is very thin, messy and blonde, resting on his fore head and he wears a black suite. “Yes sir?” He replies. The man’s smile widens even more, “Make sure this rug rat doesn’t….” His shades return to his face, “Reach the kitchen!” He begins laughing as the third member, a girl, begins cheering. Rutherford sighs, rolls his eyes, and suddenly vanishes. He reappears in front of the hollow who is now finally standing upright. The young man simply raises his hand and quickly flings it towards the ground causing a large purple rune to materialize and smash into the demon, killing it on impact, its body turning to ash. “Your safe now, run along home.” Rutherford tells the woman. She stands and looks at the rabble. “Who are you??” She asks. To which the oddly dressed man flashes yet another large smile, “Charles Stanly and this is my team, we are… Earth Defense Squad Task Force Unit Group “A”… and we go where we are needed.” He looks to his companions, “Rutherford, Tracey… lets blow this popsicle stand.” And suddenly.. they are gone.. quickly as they came.. the new heroes of the world of the living. HEY KIDS Charles says, "Part 2, coming soon ! "
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    West Festung

    OOC- Ah right , ill leave the floor to you boys then. Oliver watches as his newly appointed Grand Master approaches the scene with such confidence and smiles, "How were he and I ever enemies." He thinks before bowing and returning to the ground where he begins to assess the damage and check for any possible survivors at all although this seemed to be an unlikely hood. Short but just figured id better get out the way , its in like a time lapse, supposed to take place during Aidens post
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    To unite an army, the meeting of Simon and Oliver.

    Its fine with me, if it doesn't end here will just end up awkwardly repeating ourselves This thread is Concluded
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    West Festung

    i don't have a robe? I have a sexy ass trench coat, and its the special kind that you can wear in public and NOT look like an ass hole. No the cloak is that technique everyone uses to hide their sprit energy, but aidens the one that really wants to fight you, I'm just gonna let this go, I'm not mad or nothing I said i love you Yoshi <3, love doesn't just break lol