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    Name: Isabel Victoria Faust
    Gender: Female
    Age: 35
    Reiatsu: 10,000
    Race: Shinigami
    Rank: Academy Cadet
    Class: Tank / Brute
    Strength: 18 [17.5]
    Speed: 5
    Stamina: 20
    Reiryoku: 5
    Perception: 5
  1. kronosmancer

    Althalos's Rouge Army Bio's

    Guess I'll just post this here, note Shikai and Bankai are locked, that means that she can't use them right now Name: Evangeline Valencia Abbington Age: 19 (17 years living, 2 years in Soul Society) Gender: Female Race: Shinigami Height: 5' 4" Weight: 110 Pounds Personality: Stuck to a typical rebel teenager mentality until the age of 16 when she discovered Japanese culture oddly through the metal gear series. Eventually this led to her developing a crush on Raiden from the Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, even going so far as cosplaying as him at cons and dying her hair white. This fanaticism quickly escalated to all things Japan, especially games, and anime which she consumed ravenously in wide eyed excitement. Although her life was cut short at the age of 17 she still maintained her otaku like personality and shook off the initial shock of death, considering it like a game over in a video game. After being transported to Rukongai through Konso she couldn't have been happier to be surrounded by Japanese culture and once she learned about shinigami and Super powers as she called them she devoted her every waking moment to entering the academy. Full Description of Character: Although she was born with darker hair she died it silver after developing a crush on Raiden wanting to be more like him. After getting sucked further into japanese culture she ditched her short hair and punk clothes for a more moe appearance. Although at times her appearance can get messy when she devotes her attention to something she normally tries to keep her hair in good condition, even going as far as tying it up into a bun to keep it away from her week old shirt. Picture: Bio/History: Shikai Skills: Bankai Skills: Kido Skills: Hakuda Skills: Hoho Skills:
  2. kronosmancer

    Frost's First Light

    Isabel had only recently left the area around the Eleventh Division, it had been her first stop after recently graduating from the academy but when she considered her usage of Kido, or more specifically her minor skill with Kaido she realized that even with her focus on Hakudo they would likely turn her away. With modicum of annoyance she found herself heading towards the Seventh Division instead, it being her second choice. As she drew closer she could overhear the voice of a younger girl, it was vaguely familiar, probably one of those upper ranked graduates from the way she spoke. Isabel never hung out with those types instead preferring the more laidback crowds the ones that reminded her of her days back in the world of the living when life was a nonstop party. Those days however were long since past now she was surrounded not by parties and rock but instead with magical powers and monsters right out of a Saturday morning cartoon. Still there was no sense lingering on the past, taking a few steps forward she decided there was no sense looking for the entrance either. The wall isolating the Seventh Division from the street wasn't that high. So tensing her leg muscles she pushed off and launched into the air, landing on the tiles of the wall's slanted top and taking a seat to see what was going on exactly.