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  1. Kai Hunter

    Urp Updated Espada And Fraccion

    No problem.
  2. Set Goals for April Reach the top 10 Get the Others to hurry up and post Dance horribly Sleep
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    Urp Updated Espada And Fraccion

    Doesn't Numeros mean i would be a arrancar which i am currently not XD just putting that out there...
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    Squadless Urp Bio's

    (W.I.P) Name: Ray Archer Age: 158 Height: 6"1' Theme song: Apperance: Personality: Ray is a cold-hearted individual who is out there for his own personal gain and will even trick other people into thinking that he is their friend if he can have some profit out of it. Ray can also very hot-headed when something doesn't go his way and that he can't seem to think straight when he is in that state of mind however it doesn't happen very often. Ray is also one who loves the color red as seen by the appearance picture he doesn't go anywhere without wearing a single piece of red clothing as he believes that it is his lucky color. Shikai ( 死ストーカー, Shi sutÅkÄ) Death Stalker: Ace's shikai is Quite basic it's transforms into two swords and gives the general boost to speed and power p.s it's still one zanpakuto spirit Bankai: None at this current moment. Background information: coming soonish.
  5. Kai Hunter

    The Protector?

    Ace once down the stairs looked forward toward the sunset and laughs. Ace starts running down the lonely street that he was on in hopes to find something he would deem magical enough. Few minutes later he would find a run down looking store which looks like it was soon to be abandoned and walked carefully inside and looked around to see if there was anything of use, Suddenly he hears a voice from the distance. "Hello there how may i help you today little guy?" Ace was shocked there behind the store counter was a old woman who had her eyes shut. This made Ace tread more carefully around the store. "I know you are there... no need to be so silent, I may be blind but i have other ways of seeing as well." Ace eyes widened in disbelieve a human that could sense him it was unheard of. Ace slowly turned around to the counter and sat in front of it and the old woman smiled. "Well i'm guessing you are wondering how I know your there?" Ace silently nods. "Well it will be a long tale but i'm sure you'll understand." Ace and the old woman walk into the back room of the store and it down on a large pillow each. "Well here is the story make sure you keep your ears open." Ace jokingly uses his tall to pretend to take out ear wax and giggle a little bit while the would woman breaks down into laughter. "You remind me a lot of my son, Very sarcastic to my little jokes. I guess i should start the story now." The woman then takes a sip out of a cup of tea which Ace never noticed was there. "It started when my son died along with his father. My son and his father went out one night to get the shopping done, however on the way home from there trip the car hit a young boy on the road that was crossing the road and slammed into a nearby building and where both knocked out unconscious from the impact. Little did they know since you know unconscious and all that there car was leaking petrol and once the ambulance arrived the found the car had exploded because of that leak and the boy that was they hit also died the same day in hospital." The old woman took a deep breath which you could hear her sadness radiate from. "Now... You are wondering what does all have to do with this whole eye thing right ?" Ace nods slightly and the old woman nods back and starts to speak. "Well you see I lost my vision few years later, no-one knows why but it happened suddenly I was in hospital for a few days while they ran test on me trying to find the cause until they finally gave up and sent me home. However during that time when ever i was by myself I used to see even though I was blind small blue lights just floating around me. Once I got home through the help of the a caretaker I was given I stared to see more different colors around me some were red, some were gold. This Intrigued me greatly so i tried to focus on the lights as I also noticed when ever my caretaker was close to me she also had a aura.. yeah lets call it that from now on. So me being so into this i started to concentrate more and more on the aura's until one day i could see outlines of people and... other things..." The old woman then smiles. "So you could say that i'm still learning can that's as far as I've gotten with my personal training thanks for listening to my story..." Ace nods and then starts to speak towards the woman hoping not to startle her. "Say that was a nice tale... umm say do you sell any fireworks ?" The woman laughs loudly "Fireworks? Why would a blind old woman sell those for?" The suddenly went silent "Their in the back. take as much as you want." Ace quickly jumps up and open's the door the back room and sees a room full of illegal fireworks and turns around to thank the old lady but she was gone. Ace just shrugged it of as it was getting late and still had to find here the Kuroshi house was he didn't want to fail his first mission he gave himself. "Shit, shit, shit!" Ace starts sprinting down the roads upon roads in search of the Kuroshi house as it was getting darker and darker at night and it wasn't helping as he was carrying loads of fireworks with him. A hour later it was close to midnight and he ran down the final road in the whole town and found it right at the end "Well about Fucking time..." Ace looks up and spots that a young girl which looks like the shrine girl as standing out into the distance from a balcony but there was a slight difference between them, This young girl had a scare across her lip. "Looks like that's her now where can I set.." Ace looks and finds a hill just out side of town which her balcony was facing. "Perfect.." Ace ran over there and there was still a few more minutes before midnight quickly set up the fireworks and stood back and loaded one with the tag from the shrine. "Hope this works..." Ace was good at reading time from the natural positioning of the moon or the sun and smiled. "Right on time" Ace fired a very small a weak cero onto one of the fusses with he tied all of the together with and sat back to enjoy the show. The fireworks right at the tick of midnight fired off into many different colors into the air and the one with the sign shot the sign straight towards the Kurosai's house and landed right next to miza. Miza picked up the Tag and looked out to the fireworks and smiled happly and cried a little "Hopefully this mean I can meet my little sister again..." Miza then held the tag tightly to her chest and whispered softly. "Thank you." Meanwhile Ace had started walking back to the shrine and had eaten another lizard on the way. "A job well done". Ooc: Sorry for the large talking posts just wanting to introduce the character which will join up later throughout my role plays Picture of the fireworks:
  6. Kai Hunter

    The Forest Behind The Kido Corps

    Shortly the silence was broken by a soft violin playing in the back of the forest getting ever so closer, slowly a cello joins in making a beautiful melody. After a few seconds three people come out of the forest near the pond and slowly started to walk closer to Sayuri. The middle man of the band who was not playing anything keeled before Sayuri with a neon red rose but there was a note and a priceless ring around neck of the flower. "For you my lovely from a man named Meta" The band man then placed the rose down on the ground and started to walk away till he was no longer in viewing distance. The note reads: "My dearest love Sayuri, I have truly loved they days we have spent with one another, some days good others bad, you can still kick the shit out of my ass, Remind me never to make you mad, i will even do the chores, I love you with all my heart, Will you marry me? P.s This was not meant to rhyme"
  7. Kai Hunter

    The Protector?

    First ever Rp post hope I don't do to bad... -------------------------------------------------------------- In a small remote town of Lunaris, There was a large Crackling sound from the blue sky shortly after large cracks started appearing almost like a rip between dimensions. The crack grew large till you could see inside of it, it was pitch black like the eternal abyss.once there was a opening about 3 feet high a tiger like creature jumped through and grew black wings out of it's back and started to soar around in the sky almost as if it didn't have a care in the world. This creature's name is Ace Belmont a recently turned Adjuchas who as sole goal of keeping the town he grew up in save from any harm from other hollows like himself. Ace was a very caring tiger when it came to humans he wished to protect, When he was a human he had always dreamed of becoming a hero of some sort, Ace believed that this could be a way to make his dream come true. Ace after flying around for almost the whole day decided to made some place his new home. However Ace had no idea on where he should live then it hit him like a pile bricks, he could live in the shrine near the edge of town. Ace was very happy with coming back home, as he was able to see he's little sister Leia again. Midway walking towards the shrine Ace became worried, he knew for a fact that his home town had many ghost stories and wondered if any of them could be connected to hollows or just plain spirits. Ace arrives at the Shrine of Wishes a holy place. Ace walks around to the back of the shrine and finds a small hollow lizard laying on a rock sleeping and thinks to himself "Even eating a little guy like you should make it so i should be able to progress to the next level and not transform back into a Menos Grande for at least two days, Sorry little guy" Ace stick out his tongue and pushes down on the little lizard to make sure it was unable to escape then slowly moved his mouth closer to the body of the lizard and closes it around the lizard and when the lizard was in his mouth Ace waited for the lizard to mistakenly place it's head between his teeth and swiftly closes it giving the lizard hollow a quick death and swallows him. Ace then looks around and finds a soft piece of land covered by leaves and walks towards it and falls into the leaves and slowly falls asleep. The next day Ace wakes up to a large scream in front of him, Ace suddenly jumps up in fright and falls back onto his back and then he hears giggles from the same direction and sits up and looks at where it is coming from. In front of Ace was a young shrine girl giggling at him for falling over, Ace looked over at the girl strangely and tilts his head to one side out of confusion and the the girl who was about 15 years of age looks at Ace and thinks of him as no threat Ace thought it was weird or maybe it was him being scared at her scream that proved to the girl that he was indeed no threat towards her. The young girl starts speaking towards Ace thinking he was some kind of ghost to which Ace just laughed at "So... Big tiger thing... Are you?... You know... A spirit?" Ace just silently nodded and went to lay back down as the girl continued to talk " I was told a lot about spirits when i was younger, Want to know why I became a shrine maiden ?... I'll tell you anyways ready? Ever since i was a little girl i could see strange monsters there were 3 kinds I used to see but lately I've been seeing more I'll just stick to the..." Ace's eyes slowly start closing and then suddenly shot back up as he didn't want to fall asleep however without realizing it he had slept for 5 minutes and the young girl was almost done with her explanation "And you look like one of the Evil spirits that normally come around here. I'm normally locked up in a special room at night to prevent me from getting hurt from them... You aren't one of the one's that want to hurt me are you ?" Ace shakes his head no and signals with his eyes that someone was coming which then the girl ran away quickly and Ace stands up and goes to shines wish board which contained many wishes that he thought would be to much for a single god to do on his own so he randomly picks one and reads it "I which to have a magical night to know that it will be a great year- Miza kuroshi" Ace smirks and turn around towards the stares leading down from the shrine towards the town and laughs "Consider your wish granted."
  8. Kai Hunter

    Why Hello There!

    I Shall follow my destiny with pride. *Bows*
  9. Kai Hunter

    Notable Hollow/arrancar Characters

    Name: Ace Belmont Rank: Adjuachs class Appearance: Adjuches: (Yes i know it Grimmjow's re-skined couldn't find one I liked.) Vasto lorde: Arrancar: Released form: Bio: Ace Was a peaceful human while he was still alive. Not many people knew him as he stayed in his room for most of his life as he thought that the live he lived was a boring one so he would play online games to try and take his mind off that thought. Ace died at the age of 18 and became a spirit, he was hit by a car crossing the road. Ace shortly realized that his body he was standing over was his own and and that he was indeed dead. Ace wondered endlessly through the rural lands of the city in search for some answers not paying much attention to his soul chain and that it had slowly started vanishing. Few days had gone by and Ace had found no answers to his questions so he just thought of an answer for himself, That answer was the almighty number of 42. Shortly after saying that the final piece of soul chain fell off and Ace was crying in pain as a hole started opening in his chest. Few years later Ace stayed in the world of the living strangely enough protecting other humans, He did this by attacking other hollows and eating them when they tried to hurt other humans. Shortly after his hungry grew to insane levels which caused him to look for more food he did this by going to Hueco Mundo there he fused with many different hollows to great a Menos Grande. However he was strong enough to retain his mind and started to eat other Menos Grande and did so to power up even more to fill up his hunger. Another few years have passed and Ace transformed into an Adjuchas and traveled back to the world of the living to continue his task of protecting humans. Abilities: Flight: Due to wings on both his Adjuchas and Vasto Lorde forms he is able to fly great distances without getting tired. Cero: Ace is able to fire off a basic Cero towards his enemies Fast Regeneration: Ace is able to heal Wounds within a matter of minutes, Not instant Control: Is able to command Menos Grandes to help him if need be. After Transforming into Arrancar: Cero Córnea: Fires a small but powerful Cero from the pupil of his eye. The blast is powerful enough to destroy boulders. Talants: Master hand to hand fighter: Ace is a master at hand to hand fighting as he prefers it over using a sword Expert Swordsman: Ace is a expert at using swords however is no master as he still can make fatal mistakes once in a while Sonído User: Can use sonido.
  10. Kai Hunter

    Why Hello There!

    Good Morning, Day, Afternoon, Evening My Current name is Darkened... Yeah that's going to change. Anyways I've been stalking the site for some time now having fun reading the role play posts my favorites are the one's that end in arguments... That aside I hope to get to know you all, And Well I'll be joining the unofficial Roleplay Since me and working stats don't go hand in hand. Written by Darkened