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  1. Round 1: CONNOR vs. YAMASHIRO [Connor Goes First] ----- A clock ticked and tocked throughout the complete silence of a full theater as spectators looked down at the two stoic Nygams, seated on opposing sides of a checkered game board with two singular pieces on it. "Hmm." grunted the Nygam on the black side of the board as he looked down at his sentient king piece, Yamashiro. "Hmm." grunted back the white side Nygam as he studied his own king piece, Connor. "Ladies and gentlemen, we will now resume the match.", announced another Nygam from a judge panel of three other Nygams. The two Grandmaster Nygam's shook hands over the board and watched as their pieces proceeded to engage in combat.
  2. Round 1: RYŪNOSUKE vs. SAN [Ryūnosuke Goes First] ----- "I'll use my Commander San in the attack position!", announced Nygam as he slotted a small electronic chip that featured the visage of San Salvatore into a port on the side of a handheld device. The screen of the device lit up and again displayed a full imagine of San in an authoritative pose before igniting the cheers of millions of spectators in the stands surrounding a stadium as a holographic 3d imagine of San appeared on a rectangular platform in front of Nygam. This was answered with a smug grin from the other Nygam on the opposite side of the holographic platform, who let out a mocking laugh before reaching into his chest pocket. "Is that the best you can do, you two-bit hack?" He taunted as he extracted a similar chip held between just his index and middle fingers. "Congratulations, you've managed to actually make me me feel sorry for you, so here. Allow me to crush you with my strongest Chip Champion!" Nygam turned his wrist, and presented the sticker on the face of his chip to his opponent. "Ryūnuclear Warhead!" The declaration was coupled with the enthusiastic slotting of the chip into the second Nygam's device. A second explosion of deafening cheers followed as the holographic display of Ryūnosuke appeared. San and Ryūnosuke were suddenly both beamed into an endless digital plain. The ground beneath them was comprised of black cyber-panels through which streams of data continuously flowed as cascading lines of green zeros and ones. The two were beamed in exactly twenty meters apart, fully aware of the extent of their Expanse exclusive powers. "Your puny Commander San is no match for my Ryūnuclear Warhead, HAHAHAH! Ryūnuclear Warhead, ATTAAAACK!", shouted the second Nygam, his formless voice was heard through the emptiness of the cyberspace. "That's were you're mistaken! Commander San and I will win... With the power of Friendship! Commander San, GOOOOOOOO!", responded the other.
  3. Round 1: TSUKISHIMA vs. MASATO [Tsukishima Goes First] ----- DING! DING! DING! The bells rang in the ears of both Masato and Tsukishima, who each sat in stools on opposite corners of a boxing ring that was effectively the center of a solar system. Around them entire planets of crazed spectators cheered as they orbited the ring which was suspended in an endless stretch of starlit darkness. In Tsukishima's corner was his coach, Nygam; who vigorously wiped down the Primera Espada with a towel while offering words of encouragement. "You got this one, champ! You get in there and you put him on his ass!" Meanwhile, Masato was being equally prepped for the final round of their match by his own coach, also Nygam. "The old man is sweating, he's scared. Who's time is it? Its your Time! YOUR TIME!" Coach Nygam pulled Masato up from his stool just as the referee, a third Nygam, called the two fighters for the final round. DING! DING! DING! As the bells sounded off the start of the round Masato and Tsukishima would both suddenly realize the nature of their unique abilities within the expanse and the near limitless potential they both possessed.
  4. Nygam

    Nygam's Expansive Lobby

    Selection Battle Of Nygam's Expanse "Welcome To The Expanse!", announced a dramatic voice within an endless yet echo-less plain of white marble that stretched out infinitely in every direction. Nygam shook his head nervously. That take was no good, his pitch felt off, a little too dramatic, too desperate. He cleared his throat and tried again. "Welcome to the Expanse?!", why did it sound like he was asking a question now? He sucked his teeth in frustration as he faced his reflection in a square mirror that hovered, much like himself, several feet above the ground. Nygam sat atop his "throne"; a cushion actualized into existence by the power of his will and imagination (that levitated and transported him to any place within the Expanse that he desired while also being as soft as a cloud and also warmed just to his liking). It was by means of the very same will and imagination that his mirror was both conjured, levitated, and allowed the reflection to reach out to him through the glass panel, smack him across his left cheek and then berate him. "Get your shit together, man! We don't have time for this!" "Hey! I'm trying, guy! I'm under a lot of stress right now, you know that!" The actual Nygam replied defensively as he rubbed his smarted cheek. "Yeah yeah, you knew this day was coming, you've been at it for months can't get cold feet now. There is too much a stake!" "I know!" Nygam protested with a sigh. Staring back into the mirror he noted the darkened bags beneath his bloodshot eyes. The edges of his mustache had curled down over the sides of his lip, he could nearly nibble at them if he wanted. His dark brown hair was a tussles mess that framed his face like an old and tattered curtain. "You look like shit.", was the reflection's unflattering remark. Nygam tilted his head and pressed his lips. "That wasn't constructive all at." He retorted and then watched as the head of his reflection exploded with the blare of a party horn and a burst of confetti. "Asshole." Nygam muttered as he pulled his half mask down over his head. It covered the top half of his face and featured a glowing symbol of infinity on its front. Though he still felt insulted, Nygam had also come out of the short interaction more calm and leveled. He was focused again. Never mind the toxic manner in which he chose to express it, his reflection had made a valid point; there was no time to waste. There was no turning back now. Nygam had a task and he had to see it through til the very end. That was his purpose as the Overseer, and he'd finally reached the end of his journey. So close he could feel it. His freedom was just around the corner. "Now, then." Nygam cracked a wide grin from ear to ear. "Let's get this show on the road." ---------------------------------------- [Current Time] The Contestants "woke up" all at the same time; paired individually in completely unfamiliar environments with no knowledge of how they arrived there. The foreign settings were all various iterations of a battle arena complete with the cheers and jeers of countless faceless spectators. Not all fights took place in this kind of setting, but Nygam had intentionally designed these ones to put the contestants in the physiological mind frame of being the stars of competitive spectator sports. While they contestants themselves had no individual recollection of what was going on, they would likely surmise to some capacity that they were dreaming, which would make it easier for Nygam to explain things afterwards... again. For the time being, he offered them all but one hint of what they were intended to do through a formless voice that spoke directly into their minds; "Fight!" ----- [Don't reply here yet, go just go straight into your first fight] ----------
  5. Nygam

    The Forest Of Menos

    Noticing his ally standing roughly six feet above him he took note of the fact she didn't intend to descend. He could somewhat read her intentions by the flow of reiryoku around her. It wasn't possible to go as far as predictions or anything of the sort, but it was simple enough to see that she intended to remain in her position above for the time being. It was a reasonable decision as it would allow for one to observe the surroundings clearly. However, without a word of reason for her actions Zadkiel could only make simple assumptions. Chamuel was the most religious individual of the three. Even if only slightly he led Zadkiel to a slight awareness that there could be a god. However that thought wasn't something he could easily accept. With all that exists he couldn't imagine that there was truly an almighty being of creation, but at the same time his allies are enough to lead him to questioning that very thought. In the end all he could see was contradiction after contradiction unable to even consider pondering the subject anymore. One day he would find out if there was or wasn't any divine beings. Until then, he would continue on believing in himself more than anything else. The virtue of patience was the first to speak among the three after the initial. The reply brought it back to the subject of god as most things he said did. The person speaking was a priest, so such replies were expected. It seemed that he believed that it was some divine plan which lead Jophiel and Zadkiel to their ally. However, that wasn't the case. He knew from his experience that it had been due to Jophiel's power. Meaning that the virtue of diligence would be wielding god's very own power. That was unlikely, despite the fact there was a part of him which also question whether it was such a thing after witnessing it. Before the two who had came searching could reply to the red masked priest the very same priest dashed past the two. Something had captured his attention. Unsure of what may be to come Zadkiel prepared himself for battle if necessary. Before even turning he had extended his focus in that direction fixating on a single power. Something immediately caught his attention. The presence describable as blurry. Something or someone was affecting the surroundings partially disguising what he had sensed. Turning in order to see what Chamuel saw he noticed second person running alongside the one which he had sensed. The fact that he remained unaware of a second person until they entered his line of sight meant that that person was the one who had affected his senses. His ally shouting as he threw a bible towards the suspicious individuals was met by male opposition. The more mysterious of the two had escaped, but one remained catching the book with relative ease it seemed. Afterwards he could see that person's lips begin to move. Had he focused Zadkiel could have heard what was being said. However, he didn't care to listen to someone which had already been attacked by his comrade. All he chose to do was watch from afar in order to clearly observe the situation and the actions of the person currently speaking to Chamuel. He chose to observe in this situation in order to determine if that person was a threat or not.
  6. Nygam

    The Forest Of Menos

    Zadkiel passed steadily through the garganta followed Jophiel. Their goal in their expedition was to locate their ally Chamuel in order to return the Cathedral which acted as their base. Having passed through a Garganta before he noticed something odd. The path which was intended to lead them to his ally had suddenly taken a downward spike. It was as if the path itself moved reminding him of a slithering serpent as his footing left him to fall directly downward. A rip in space ahead of him could be seen directly below Zadkiel who was now caught in a nose dive aimed to pass through it. The process for their arrival being hastened leaving Zadkiel no other choice. In his fall he chose to awaken his fullbring partially. A sword appeared under his cloak strapped loosely on the right side of his waist closer to his back than the front. His cloak which reached midway down his calves was fluttering due to his descent. His cloak fight him loosely through the forearm area leaving him room to conceal his arms and any actions he may do with them. The top part of his cloak fit to him more like a pullover hooded sweatshirt splitting near his solar plexus downwards for mobility. The fit through his shoulders fitting snugly in order to not hinder him. His cloak being a midnight black caused his white undershirt to be more distinguished with his black pants. His shoes were of a white and black variant hidden partially by his pant legs. As he traveled downward his sleeves were blown up his arm resting at the bend of his elbow. The cloak still fluttering revealing his attire couldn't conceal the sword at his side similar to the one handed swords knights may have carried ages ago. He remained a nose dive without worry he became somewhat lost in thought. Humans seek to understand that which are a mystery to them. Zadkiel wasn't exempt from that fact full of curiosity towards the virtue of humility. His assumptions as to what his ally's power may be related to some form of divine intervention answering the user's request. It truly was a mystery which was left for any witness to only be able to make assumptions. However, nothing could explain the literal turn of events. A solid straight forward path suddenly became altered. 'God acts in mysterious ways.' It was a statement which thoroughly described the result they now faced. His ally following behind him was the least of of his worries not even attempting to look back confident in her safety as his body passed through the garganta quickly gathering momentum towards the ground. A sense of urgency overcame him. He would need to take action in order to stop his plunge to the ground below. Looking downward his attention was caught by a man standing still among the towering mineral formations. In the distance one couldn't enter this place without taking notice of the abundance of presences around them. The echoing roars, howls, and screeches of the creatures dwelling within. The feeling of being surrounded was absolute. However, fear was not something which he embraced as a member of The Contingent unsure of what dangers may lie before him. As easy as breathing Zadkiel used his inherited ability in order to counter balance the force which was drawing him downward. His momentum gradually decreased after activation coming to a full stop face to face with the person below. The sense of familiarity the person before him gave was impossible for him to mistake. Even before the red mask came in to his field of vision his senses already discerned who the person before him was. Twisting his body floating weightlessly before the virtue of patience Zadkiel turned himself upright from his previous descent. As his body reached the end of the rotation his ability faded allowing him to drop gracefully to the ground. Jophiel's power had answered her request. Indirect as it may have been their ally was before him pray with a cross in hand. Zadkiel having been a few steps ahead of Jophiel arrived on the ground first. Rather than immediately interrupting his ally's prayer he chose to wait for the virtue of humility to land before engaging in any conversation.
  7. Zadkiel understood little about Jophiel and her powers, however the opposite couldn't be said to be true. His powers were simple yet efficient, and his ability wasn't one to be trifled with. His confidence was always overflowing despite not revealing it outwardly. With Jophiel's agreement it was now time to begin the search. From his previous exploration of Hueco Mundo he had noticed slight traces of another virtue. At that time however he thought nothing of it. The fact that Chamuel had become lost within the endless wasteland was brought to his attention by his ally's absence at this very meeting being held. It wasn't a simple case of lateness either. Zadkiel would have sensed the approach of someone similar in nature to him. What truly alarmed him was that the trail lead downward deep within the white sands. His knowledge was limited of the land with endless night, however the thought that his fellow angel was unable to return raised caution flags of sorts. He knew that each virtue was an elite in their own right, however that didn't make them immune or invincible. This gave him all the more reason to search for his ally who he hoped to easily find due to their innate similarities. Jophiel seemed to agree on this point as well suggesting that Zadkiel may have an easier time locating Chamuel than her. At the same time he possessed a simple curiosity towards Jophiel who still somewhat remained shrouded in mystery. The power she used was different if nothing else. As if she was requesting to God himself to guide her. Zadkiel was limited in his belief of god or any almighty being, but the person before him was enough to make him question that belief wielding a power which he could only assume to be the path laid out by god. Personally, Zadkiel was lacking with information about his colleagues. The opposite was also likely true as they only knew the bare minimum about each other. There was no need for anything more out of any member. That fact was treated like an unspoken rule by the angel of diligence. "Since you insist I shall lead the way m'lady." Zadkiel spoke out in reply to Jophiel who throughout the entirety of the conversation had been quite humorous and playful. And so, his tone in reply was similar not reflecting any underlying worry he may have. Within the void he was stepping in to was a predetermined path formed in order to lead them to their destination. The power of his ally was one which could only increase his curiosity being something left to speculation. It was clearly not straight forward in the application, however his earlier thought was seeming more and more likely within his head. The only possibility which he considered at this point was some form of divine assistance. It truly was an ability shrouded in mystery. A mystery to be solved another time. At the present moment pushing forward and locating his ally took precedence. OOC: Leaving Thread
  8. Zadkiel had answered a calling which had been passed down through the ages. That was the reason he was here sitting around this table speaking to another person know as one of the seven heavenly virtues. Not long before this very day such a situation would have been unimaginable for him. But that was then and this is now. He was known as Zadkiel, the angel of forgiveness and mercy representing the virtue of diligence. Each virtue was anonymous not revealing their identity while retaining their full individuality. Zadkiel's personal traits however for the time being he chose to attempt to conceal behind the mask of diligence. This was due to the fact that his own goals were scarce. And so, rather than himself he chose upon becoming a virtue to be selfless assisting others to their goals. Jophiel's response was as expected, and so Zadkiel had an important piece of information to share. And so, he spoke out gently in a friendly tone of voice: "Each bird must shed their feathers completely once leaving the nest. However, our bird flew to the dark wastelands and I fear that for the time being he cannot return by his own power. That is why we must as fellow birds of a feather flock together in order to assist in the return to the nest." Zadkiel having gave his answer in code once more as his common belief was that the walls had ears. Meaning that you never know who is listening which makes it difficult to disclose information. All that was left was for him to hear Jophiel's opinion on the matter before any course of action could be decided. In order to make it known that he was indeed seeking his fellow virtues opinion he spoke out once more: "What are your thoughts angel of wisdom, Jophiel?" Zadkiel spoke with slight curiosity as well as kindness carried within his tone of voice.
  9. Zadkiel being a person who could easily get lost in a conversation had chosen to give his associate the right to speak first. Initially Jophiel made small talk jokingly as if to lighten the mood. The chuckle from his partner inadvertently cause Zadkiel to smile hidden behind his mask which reflected to virtue he represented. He was indeed the member representing diligence named after the angel of forgiveness. However the way these were expressed could be considered slightly different from the norm. The conversation continued onward and despite the humorous way of speaking the importance of what was being said was not missed. It was clearly code which only the Virtues would be able to understand at this point. To Zadkiel it felt as if the time for action was nearing due to what he had heard just moments ago. However that would only be the case should Jophiel also agree. As of now the gathering of seven was lacking with only two present, but even then that would be enough. With all options considered Zadkiel began to speak: "May the poor keep the key it is of no concern, the crown within the arches is ideal, and the true face of the world will shock the masses should it be discovered. Our little bird may need help in order to find the nest once more. Your opinion?" His tone remained calm, collected, and without worry as he replied to the person directly in front of him. Zadkiel valued the opinion of his comrade known as the angel of wisdom, and felt that acting on his decisions would be best for the time being.
  10. Zadkiel had arrived a short while before his fellow virtue. With the spare time he had the virtue of diligence, Zadkiel, chose to spend it in the courtyard directly connected to the southern part of the communal area where the a meeting would soon be held. Shrouded in mystery hidden behind the signature robe and mask specific to his own Virtue Zadkiel took in the beauty of his surroundings from the bench he found. Seated in the area flooded by sunlight. A slight breeze carried the scent of the surrounding ocean. It was by far an unparalleled soothing experience. However the time for relaxation was short. Jophiel had arrived within the room he just was and it was now time for him to return. With the virtues assembling the time for the meeting to began drew near. Standing to his feet he approached to door way still left open from his previous usage of the passage. Upon entering the room he saw Jophiel seated in one of the seven seats around the lone table. The room was spacious. Lonely one would say due to the empty space. However this wasn't anything of importance. Zadkiel had moved to a seat directly across from the virtue of humility who he was meeting with and took his seat in order to wait for what information Jophiel had to offer.