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  1. Name: Yasu, Kito Appearance: Yasu wears his hollow mask covering his face open showing his mouth. It looks like a snakes skeleton with bone armor down his neck, and he wears a black and white gi. Rank: Applying for Tercera Fraccion Bio:Yasu has a slight Trickster nature to him he makes jokes but works hard to gain power and strength. Yasu likes to make deals in turn for favors. He also sometimes likes to lie to get what he wants. As a human, Yasu was hit by a car and killed after running across the street from delinquents. He became a spirit who stood in denial of his death until he hollowfied. Yasu from then on was a small poisonous snake like hollow with two small blades for tails. He was quick he fought, killing and eating hollows untill he finally became a humanoid adjuchas. Ever since he gained his new form he got flash backs of his former human life, of being a martial artist and always lying to save himself. Hueco mundo is ruled by the strong. Yasus pursuit of strength brings him to the doorstep of the Fraccion ranks Abilities Strength:able to pick up cars and vans no problem. Tracking: being able to track by reading the smells in the air with his snake tongue Venom: He can shoot venom from his mouth that dulls the senses slowing down speed. A giant blade forearm. Basic Sonido: he's not a very quick hollow . Combat skills: skilled in martial arts. Hierro: average Cero: he fires them from the tips of his index and pinkey fingers. They then combine into an average sized cero.
  2. Thank you all of you for you kind greeting. I will check everything out and I'm sorry Good ol Yuro I actually was shooting for the Trecera Fraccion but I will take in consideration your offer, again thank you all.
  3. Hello guys the names Regellion I'm new to this forum and I wanted to try rping with you guys. This sight looks cool and I was curious if I could make faccion ranked hollow. I was also curious as to where I could check out the character application and even a link to some of your guys old applications to check out and give me an idea . I'm happy to have joined this forum I hope you guys take care of me lol.:
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